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Old April 4th, 2013 (12:33 AM).
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What's a Canadian accent? When I was down in Kentucky, a whole lot of Americans from all over the country said we (we went for DECA) had a "Canadian" accent.

But I love the Cockney accent as well as the Quebecois accent.
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Old April 4th, 2013 (5:18 AM).
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I love British accents a ton, they're so enticing and sexy. I also like Australian, Scottish, Japanese, Irish, Italian, New York (specifically Staten Island accent) , Boston , Dutch, Swedish and Canadian.

I guess I have an accent, I'm sure we all do have some accent, I just don't noticed. Considering I'm from St.Louis I guessing a St Louis accent accent? I know some St.Louisians and Missourian say "warsh" instead of "wash" and "farty-far" (yes I know it sounds like fart.) instead of "forty-four" and I can find myself saying some of those words like that sometimes.
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Old April 4th, 2013 (6:02 AM).
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    @Somniac: That is just like the best accent ever. I mean EVER.

    But, in any case, I like English and Irish and Scottish accents and (Welsh and) the like. Although that's not to say there's an accent I don't like; I think it's all interesting.

    I kinda get annoyed when people say they don't have an accent. I mean, to ourselves that's true, but to other people it won't always be. That being said, I do have the Midwestern you-don't-have-an-accent accent, the one people usually look to TV newscasters or general American characters for. Although there are probably elements of others in there; I often dismember hard consonants like "t" and "g" from a word, like the strange "ne'ermine" instead of the actual word "nevermind." Words like "tantalizing" become "tannalizing," and "I can't even" becomes "I canneven."
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    Old April 4th, 2013 (8:25 AM).
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    British, but more specifically Manchester. I loooooove the Manchester accent. I want a Manchester accent. I need a Manchester accent!!!

    I don't know much about where these are from specifically, so they're pretty vague, but I also quite like Scottish, Australian, and Irish accents.
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    Old April 4th, 2013 (7:54 PM).
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    I pretty much have an obsession with Scottish accents. They're just so cool!
    British and Russian accents are pretty cool, too.

    I don't think of myself as having an accent, of course. I speak American English, with no special dialect. But then again, that's just to myself.
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    Old April 4th, 2013 (8:57 PM).
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      I have a Canadian accent?

      But when I speak French, people confuse me for Acadian, Russian or Belgium.

      It's funny 'cause people ask me where I'm from all the time lol most think Europe 'cause I'm so white XD

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      100% of English dialects, Irish, Polish, 90% of American dialects, pretty much anything European where they try to speak English and it comes out all broken. Except French, not really a huge fan of French accents when spoken in English.

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      Old April 8th, 2013 (8:45 AM).
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        Russian because that's my in born accent. Also I like the way the French and British speak. So regal.

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