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Some help with my Blastoise (+Water Spout)?

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Old April 7th, 2013 (4:57 PM).
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Recently I've been using this current moveset for my (4 HP/252 Sp.Atk/252 Spd) Blastoise:
Water Spout
Ice Beam

Item: Choice Specs
Note: The two HMs are entirely for the overworld gameplay.

Blastoise can outspeed about half of his opponents I find, so the idea of Water Spout being in the moveset as a lead still sounds appealing to me. However, the Choice Specs isn't giving me the boost I was quite looking for. Choice Specs + Spout + Maxed Sp.Atk = OHKO most battles, but being locked into Water Spout sets me at a disadvantage due to the constant switching out, when the opponent outspeeds me or I'm against that evil Vaporeon that has Water Absorb.

So... any tips?
I'm open to anything really. I just like the idea of Water Spout.

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Old April 7th, 2013 (5:04 PM).
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:( Try Hidden Power Grass / Hidden Power Electric > Watefall? But that does mean you have to breed another. Otherwise the best choice is probably using a Life Orb.

Nevertheless, for future competitive-related questions (since Choice Specs/EVs fits more in competitive questions even if it's in-game as those who play in-game are less likely to know of that), use Competitive Team Questions. n_n

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