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Old April 16th, 2013 (1:12 PM).
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    These are just some of my personal highlights from the Regional event on Sunday. My original round 1 opponent was against a guy that was 4th at nationals last year. My first thought when he told me that was "FML". He was trying to keep me in perspective and that Id would be ok, but when someone tells you that and its your very first competition of this nature what do you expect right? Lol. Then there was an announcement that there was a reshuffle and everyone needed to look at the new list. I was like "phew".

    My first round opponent was a nice guy named Andrew. He had kind of a standard set. With a Gyarados and Reunicous. I forgot the other two. I had Tornadus and Garchomp leading. I beat one of his then he took out Chomp and Torn. Arcanine was my third and Alakazam my fourth. Arcanine mounted a hell of a comeback but alakazam had its sash broken and He hit me with an earthquake and safe to say I lost. I was ok with that I had no expectation to do well. Was proud to make that comeback.

    Second opp was a chick. She ran a sandstorm team T-tar and Mandibuzz starters. That Mandibuzz was soo freaking bulky it was ridiculous . I know I had lost one poke dont remember who but it was Torn and Arcanine out and I wanted to focus on buzz with Wild charge (Arcanine) and Air Slash (torn) I had placed tailwind in place so speed wasnt an issue, but it would faint even on red and using a very hard hitting extremespeed. I was very fortunate that her Tyranitar was missing 4 consecutive stone edges and yes I said 4. She was pissed. I am sure that those misses are the reason I won that one. I remember my final move was against a Krookodile Tornadus used air slash and made it flinch where I think Rotom-W finished it with Hydro pump.

    Breaked for Lunch . Third match was another win for me. However he had a Stall and Wall set of Pokemon it was very hard to get thru even though I was winning and eventually won. Guy was telling me that it took almost take the entire time limit before he won and he was feeling beat. Our match took 11 minutes and I too was drained from that match. When the other matches take less the 5 minutes and also I was likely focusing too hard but it was fun. Was feeling really good thinking I can get somewhere today. Won 2 pokes to 0 against the other guy. Dont remember much of that one. Lol. Fourth one I got walled and creamed by a Mamoswine. Ohh i hated it. Was not feeling good after that. One would think 2-2 after 4 was pretty good. I was thinking "Ok guys we can do this lets get three straight. I knew they were good enough to do that.

    By this point It wasnt a surprised that I was using Torn as a lead for Tailwind. I was lucky I didnt go against any Trick Room teams though Torn and Rotom-W with trick was intended stop TR. Onward to Round 5. Got another Victory in round 5 winning 2-0. Tornadus and Arcanine were becoming staples in winning in attacks and Rotom-W was a great distrupter with a Choice Specs Trick. Sometimes I would just keep Specs which became especially useful in attacks. Its Thunderbolt and Hydro Pump were just beasts.

    Round 6 was a grinder. He would take one I would take one. Oddly enough Tornadus was my first one in and my last one out. I eventually lost to a substitute Ferrothorn. I was very disappointed. At that point I knew I was done but I was done with the second loss which was ok. The most important thing was to get that fourth win.

    On a side note. Im sorry I dont have any better details such as pokes and everything. Next year I can provide more details. I People were writing notes and such I will likely write just pokes and who went down and where.

    7th round came and it was another slug fest the first fourth pokes. He was running and Ice team which was great for arcanine and even torn. Torn took out Abomasnow in one turn with its air slash with flying gem and Arcanine took out two more of his pokes before being taken out himself. Chomp did clean up work. I won 3-0 I believe it could be 2-0 tho.

    Everyone I faced Sunday told me it was their first or 2nd experience and such an event. Which was reassuring. I learned that perhaps Wi-Fi people are stronger then going to the live event. The infered was very slow kinda redicously slow, but everything was still fun. Everyone was nice. I plan on returning next year. I have a devious team in mind of which I am getting the pieces together. Also I am shooting for Top 8 next year as well. With a 4-3 record its natural to think about top 8 right??? lol
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