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4th Gen Does anybody else think that Sinnoh was the best region?

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Old April 22nd, 2013 (6:41 AM).
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    I've played Pokémon since Red and Blue and I gotta say that out of all the regions, I loved Sinnoh most. Don't get me wrong, I like all of the regions but there's something about Sinnoh that I especially love.

    For one thing, I thought that the whole story about Dialga and Palkia was amazing and innovative. Also, I love the towns and landscapes etc. I feel the majority of 4th gen Pokémon were very nicely done as well.

    What are your thoughts? Is Sinnoh your favorite region as well? What aspects do you like best about the region? If you don't like it, why?

    Looking forward to your replies.
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    Old April 22nd, 2013 (9:21 AM).
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      Nah... I don't think Sinnoh is my favorite region. I don't know what I didn't really like about it. The storyline seemed too forced for me and some of the pokemon just seemed unnecessary. I still appreciate it as another Pokemon region, but I could just never get into it. I still haven't even finished a Sinnoh game. ._.
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      Old April 22nd, 2013 (10:26 AM).
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      It was certainly interesting, new and different but I wouldn't call it the best. IMO I don't have a favorite region. I like Sinnoh, however there are plenty of regions I've traversed that have surpassed it in design and atmosphere.

      Also Mt. Coronet was never fun. It was like this giant wall, between you and your goals. The entire game. Lol.

      If I had to rate between 1 and 5, one being the worst, five being the best? I'd give it a 3.5.
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      Old April 22nd, 2013 (10:36 AM).
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      It was very interesting but theres something i dont like in Sinnoh and i have no idea what is it. But its my 3rd fav region for having great characters, beautiful places and etc. ;)

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      Old April 22nd, 2013 (11:24 AM).
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        Shinoh was an great region, but the thing I found it's cons were the over use of HMs and being forced to catch the Dailga/Palkia/Giratina before the leugue. It had great pokemon Pachirisu,Shinx and many more.
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        Old April 22nd, 2013 (11:25 AM).
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          Uh, well, Sinnoh was my first region, and i'm sorry, but I think so.
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          Old April 22nd, 2013 (1:48 PM).
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            Well the thing is about the region is that the slow battle scenes were what really killed me and them forcing you to have at least 2 HM slaves. These two things are what really brought down my opinion of this game. But I will commend them for revamping the battling mechanics (making each move have its individual category of special or physical). And I will give them praise for creating great DS graphics at the early stages of the DS life cycle. I know this region will b fixed in the remakes many years from now :)
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            Old April 22nd, 2013 (2:55 PM).
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            Sinnoh was a great region, but I don't know if I would consider it to be the 'best'. For me the beginning seemed a bit plain and seemed to drag on forever, before it then started to get interesting and fun. The character designs and Pokemon introduced in this region were great, don't get me wrong but Sinnoh sort of lost a spark in some terms such as surfing speed and then the gigantic lack of fire-types in D/P. Although I still love this region, I wouldn't say it's my favourite, despite how interesting the storyline gets halfway through the game.
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            Old April 22nd, 2013 (10:43 PM).
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            Sinnoh was a pretty cool region, but it wasn't the best imo. The main problem being the slow battle scenes and surfing speed in Diamond & Pearl but thankfully Platinum fixed that up. Also, some of the Pokemon weren't that good in battle but at least the starters were all handy throughout the game thanks to all the secondary types they get when they evolve. There was also a heavy lack of Fire-types in Diamond & Pearl, in fact the only Fire-type available before E4 in those games (assuming you didn't start with Chimchar) was Ponyta. I didn't like Ponyta so I had to pick Chimchar in every Diamond/Pearl playthrough I did.

            Thankfully Sinnoh introduced some very cute Pokemon like Pachirisu and Happiny, which makes up for that and the graphics were not too bad.
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            Old April 22nd, 2013 (11:25 PM).
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            Sinnoh is easily my favorite out of all the regions- that is, if we're only talking about it's landscape and geography, and the not the games themselves (I found D/P/Pt average at best). There were beach resorts, rainy swamps, hidden lakes, snowy mountains, large cities and small village-like towns. If Sinnoh had graphics similar to those of the 5th gen games, I think it would've easily surpassed Unova in visuals.

            As for everything else, though, the storyline never really hooked me in, with Team Galactic's "goal" of creating a new universe seeming goofy, at best. I also have to agree with others that some of the flaws like surfing speed made D/P tough to play, especially one you've played Platinum. Also, I found that I did like some of the new Pokemon, but I really felt they went overboard with how many legendaries and tacked-on (pre)evolutions they added (45 of the 107 Pokemon fit this description).

            If we're looking at everything as a whole, I'd say that the Sinnoh region as a whole is alright, but I definitely wouldn't call it the best region.
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            Old April 23rd, 2013 (12:17 AM).
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            Sinnoh isn't my favouirte of regions, but it certainly isn't one that I consider the worst. It's got a variety of diverse landscapes as Brendino mentioned, sunny resorts, swamps, rocky mountain regions, tranquil rivers and creeks, vast lakes etc. It's a beautiful region no doubt, but Diamond and Pearl gameplay wise didn't offer as much as I had hoped. Despite this, Platinum took the two average games and turned them into games of formidable quality.
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            Old April 23rd, 2013 (6:48 AM).
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            Sinnoh is my least favorite region, to tell you the truth. I know those that like it a lot tend to be the adventurous ones and enjoy looking around it for new things and such, but when it comes to that, I felt that the heavy HM usage required to fully explore the region was tedious. Having to lug around different HM slaves was a pain, especially considering there are 8 HMs, and then remember there's Flash for some things. I won't deny the region has plenty to do and see, and it makes sense that it would have to use a lot of HMs, however thinking about it gameplay wise, it took the fun out of it for me.

            Also the grass is colored strangely. Yeah. Just thought I'd throw that in.

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            Old April 23rd, 2013 (7:54 AM).
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            Sinnoh is okay, but Johto will always be my favorite.
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            Old April 23rd, 2013 (10:04 AM).
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              me ,me i do. sinnoh is my favorite region both plotwise and geographically though i like all the other regions as well.
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              Old April 25th, 2013 (7:11 AM).
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                Of the main-series regions Sinnoh was probably my least favorite. The overworld's color palette felt bland and cold much unlike the much more vibrant and alive colors of HGSS. The design/layout of the route also felt somewhat artificial and forced which amplified the problem even more. I also have a particular disdain for most of the new designs which doesn't really help my opinion of the region in its entirety.
                Also, the slow pacing of battles that makes playing through the region again frustrating to me.
                I can understand why people like it, but for me it's definitely the least favorite by a huge margin.
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                Old April 25th, 2013 (7:36 AM).
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                  I really love Sinnoh. It definitely holds more nostalgia for me than Kanto does. I met so many people online when Diamond and Pearl came out and it really changed Pokemon completely for me. I think it's definitely close to the best for me.
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                  Old April 30th, 2013 (10:10 AM).
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                  Sinnoh is my most favorite region, thus D/P/Pt is my favorite Pokemon game.
                  The design of Pokemon and overworld is just too beautiful for me. Game itself isn't too easy and too hard.
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                  Old May 6th, 2013 (3:34 AM).
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                    Sinnoh is my least favorite region. It lacked fire types, got two snowy routes, some swamp areas and a huge mountain cavern in the center of the map that was a pain to be explored. That costed me tons of Repels.
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                    Old May 16th, 2013 (11:25 PM). Edited May 16th, 2013 by Liquid Halo.
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                      Sorry I must respectfully disagree. While Sinnoh is not my least favorite region (that would be Hoenn), it is not my favorite. It lacks in grass and fire types. My best friend and I recently discussed how the fire stone is common in this generation and yet the only pokemon it can be used on which is present is Eevee. I also find the pokemon contest to be quite ridiculous with the dancing and the dressing up. That is the ONE area where I prefer the third generation over the fourth. It's also a bit idiotic in my opinion that there is a bug trainer in the elite four.
                      There is also the less significant but displeasingly inefficient point of the two opposing doors inside the pokemon mansion being guarded by maids that if memory serves imply future access but never grant it.
                      Team Galactic while far more interesting and made much more sense than Teams Aqua and Magma still did not provide complete clarity on their purpose. Or perhaps I did not pay enough attention.

                      I will always be nostalgic for the first two generations, especially the second but as far as storylines go I find Black/White, particularly the Plasma story to be the most amazing and unique. It has the most depth, has the most interesting cause that for once is not some random nonsense and even has some heart in it. It was about time Pokemon did a villain who was merely a victim of his upbringing.

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                      Old May 16th, 2013 (11:45 PM).
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                        I really liked the Sinnoh region, infact I'm currently playing Pokemon Diamond. Sinnoh would probably be my third favorite region, it's a tie between Sinnoh and Johto. My favorite will always be Kanto. :D
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                        Old May 17th, 2013 (2:54 AM).
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                        I agree. Sinnoh is definitely up there tied with Hoenn as my favourite region, it was much different to the previous three regions and it seemed so much larger with much more places to explore through several different terrains.
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                        Old May 17th, 2013 (5:03 PM).
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                          I really have never and still cant get into sinnoh for some reason just seems forced and lacking something. I like the new pokes in it but the games didnt play as well as the others. My favorite would have to be either johto or hoenn.

                          To many HMS in sinnoh
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                          Old May 17th, 2013 (11:43 PM).
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                          Johto will forever remain my favorite region. Loved the terrain, music, everything there was about it. Sinnoh was definatly up there though. Probably my second favorite. Loved the music for the region, it made it immersive for me.
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                          Old May 18th, 2013 (6:29 AM).
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                          Yep! Sinnoh is my favourite region by far. Its varied climate, beautiful scenery (which was pretty good for its time) and diverse offering of Pokemon are particularly appealing features. Sure, it lacked Fire-types at first, but Platinum delivered them and just made Sinnoh all the more interesting. Sinnoh's music is catchy and fun to listen to, and the Poketch was a nifty feature which added depth to the game. The story was a little bit 'meh', but I don't find any of the stories particularly appealing, so that's a moot point.
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                            I always and will love Sinnoh because it was the first region I played in and something about it just... Stands out?

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