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Old August 19th, 2005 (3:17 PM).
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    Notes: This fanfiction is based on the Forbidden Doors Book Series.

    Rated: PG13

    Summary: Becka and her friends from school end up falling into another world. But is this all? Powerful creatures, magical powers, and many mysteries and legends expect them on this adventure that may just slove everything they wanted to know.


    10:00 PM

    Hes been in this world only a day now. Who knows what these evil beings want. I think I'm about to find out whats been going on for the past year.

    10:59 PM

    We have just entered a temple. What do they want that could be in there. This is turning out stranger then I thought.

    11:30 PM

    I have only one chance to contact Becka. She is his only hope. His power is only good till Midnight and then the forces of Darkness will have taken over. This is my only hope...our only hope. I don't know what we have to do. But what I do know is that we must save....Z.


    End Of: Prologue
    Coming Next: Chapter 1


    This is my first time doing a story based on the book series Forbidden Doors. I have a Fanfiction in the Pokemon series that is a Pokemon version of the series but this one I think I'll work the most on. Please tell me what you think. The story really starts in Chapter 1. The Prologue was a small intro from the POV from one of my made up characters. You will find out more when the story begins. ^_~
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    Old August 19th, 2005 (5:25 PM).
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      Posts: 14
      ~Chapter 1~

      Becka could not forget the dream she had the night before. It felt so real. The dream said that there was another world and that someone was in trouble. Becka knew that is was something more then a dream...but what? "I don't know what I means," she told four of her friends later that day. Her friends Ryan, Krissi, Juile, and Philip always worked together on things like this.

      "So," Ryan started. "What do you think it means?"

      "I don't know," Becka said. But then she saw Krissi jump back in fright and pointed behind Becka.

      "Look!" she yelled. They all turned to see a portal opening. I was pink, yellow, and blue. The colors mixed together in the middle.

      "My dream also mentioned a portal," Becka said. "That is was the enterance to the other world." She turned to his friends. "I have to go."

      Ryan walked over. "Not with out me."

      "And me," Juile said.

      Becka turned to Krissi and Philip. "Will you two be coming?"

      "No," Krissi said shaking her head. "But we will pray for your mission or what ever it is to go good."

      Becka nodded and turned to Juile and Ryan. "Ready."

      Juile and Ryan looked at each other and then back to Becka. "Ready," they said.

      "Then lets go!" Becka yelled and ran to the portal. She noticed then that the portal was not just blue, yellow, and pink. She thought she saw purple as well but it vanished. She jumped into the portal and was gone. The yellow on the portal vanished. After Ryan and Juile jumped in the blue and pink vanished as well. The portal then vanished.


      The portal re-opened in a desert area of another world. A sand storm was blowing. "Whats going on?" Juile said over the roar of the wind.

      "I don't know," Becka said. Then she notcied the three stones lined in the sand. The middle one was pink. The one to the left was blue. The one to the left was yellow.

      Ryan picked up the blue one. "What are these?" It then glowed blue and vanished. In its place was a necklace with the blue stone tied at the bottom.

      Becka came over. "I think these are ment for us?" She picked up the yellow and it did the same as it did with Ryan. Except the stone tied at the bottom of her necklace was yellow.

      "I'll get the last one," Juile said and picked up the pink stone. "Now lets get out of..." she paused and seemed to look into the distance. "Someone is coming."

      Becka and Ryan came over and looked over to where Juile was pointing. Someone was indeed coming over to them and Becka knew who it was. "Maxwell Hunter!"

      End of: Chapter 1
      Next up: Chapter 2

      The first chapter done. More will come tomorrow.
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