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Old June 18th, 2013 (2:07 PM).
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The Monotheme League

Here's how this works. You choose a theme for your party for the list below, and your party members must have that theme. One somebody chooses a theme, nobody else can choose it.

  1. Bird Pokémon: GoldenRayquaza
  2. Reptilian Pokémon: (Open)
  3. Starter Pokémon: (Open)
  4. Red Pokémon: (Open)
  5. Blue Pokémon: (Open)
  6. Yellow Pokémon: (Open)
  7. Green Pokémon: (Open)
  8. Orange Pokémon: (Open)
  9. Pink Pokémon: (Open)
  10. Purple Pokémon: (Open)
  11. Brown Pokémon: (Open)
  12. White Pokémon: (Open)
  13. Black Pokémon: (Open)
  14. Fossil Pokémon: (Open)
  15. Pokémon with HP as their best stat: (Open)
  16. Pokémon with Attack as their best stat: (Open)
  17. Pokémon with Defense as their best stat: (Open)
  18. Pokémon with Sp. Attack as their best stat: (Open
  19. Pokémon with Sp. Defense as their best stat: (Open)
  20. Pokémon with Speed as their best stat: (Open)
  21. Normal type Pokémon: (Open)
  22. Grass type Pokémon: (Open)
  23. Fire type Pokémon: (Open)
  24. Water type Pokémon: (Open)
  25. Electric type Pokémon: (Open)
Red: Eliminated

Get your spot before they're all taken.

As soon as all the spots are filled, the first round will begin. You may freely battle everyone else in the tourney. PM me all the battle logs. Whoever has the worst win-loss ratio will be eliminated. Then the second round will begin, and the cycle continues until there is only one participant left. That participant will be crowned champion. Rounds last 7 days.

  • Follow all of PC's General Battle Rules.
  • No Ubers.
  • All of your Pokémon MUST follow your theme.
This tournament is currently in: Signup Stage

Sign up while you can!
pokemon lazuli • coming soon

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