If Ash Dies..

Started by Uzumaki Naruto Jr. May 13th, 2013 4:21 PM
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If Ash dies in the anime, what would you do? Would a new character replace him? Would Pikachu live any longer? I wouldn't because of depression, I mean, for heavens sakes, they have been together for what.., 16 seasons. xD Explain all of your thoughtful thoughts here!
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As the series has a different approach than the original world i-e Ash always 10-11 when he sets out on a new journey, I hardly believe he will die. When they think they earned enough they will just cover the story for good. But seeing the karo region come along, Ash has still many breaths left. :)


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He's already died twice. Now that I think about it, Pikachu died once as well. But they came back.

I don't think he'll ever die for good however.



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He won't die for good...he's a protagonist. Protagonists don't die (I mean permanently)

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If Ash were to die for good, then it would mark the official end of the anime series altogether-going along with my theory that it will end with the main characters falling seriously ill and dying - a la preparing a soap opera for cancellation.


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That's pretty unreasonable, since the Pokemon anime doesn't even like to acknowledge death. I guess.. for one it would be pretty sad. The anime would end. Everyone that knew him would never be the same. omg. Also, millions of parents would be angry that their kids had to watch the death of the Pokemon protag.

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If Ash Dies, anime is over, simple as that.
Sorry, have to agree with this. If Ash dies that would be it for the anime. Eventually, whether we like it or not, the anime is going to end, but Ash isn't going to die onscreen.
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With Ash being a never aging kid, I highly doubt this being an issue.

If I had my way, the Ash anime would come to an end and an animated version of Pokemon Adventure would follow. The manga IMO is superior in every way to the Canon, and I feel an anime with a much more story rich and much more.. compelling protagonists would make for brilliant viewing.

That being said, Pkmn will undoubtedly never go down that route. The show is meant for kids, hence Ash being 10 forever.