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Old June 23rd, 2013 (3:12 AM).
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I haven't been on for so so long. Haha i guess life gets in the way

So anyway, the Pokeathlon.

It is, and always will be, my favourite mini-game in all of Pokemon.
There is so much to do in it, and its so much better than Contests of
previous games. I love how its so competitive, between NPCs and friends,
challenging once you unlock the Supreme Cup, and also a welcome
break from all the training and travelling across Johto.

I have spent a good hundred hours plus in the Poke Dome, and im slowly seeing
my time pay off. I currently have 34 of 40 trophies, and 250+ medalist Pokemon.
(wow, i have no social life XD )

I have found that Stamina is my course of choice, with my team of Tyranitar,
Meganium and Dugtrio scoring an average of 550+ points.

I was just wondering, how many trophies and medalist Pokemon you have?
And what course(s) do you find easier/more fun than others? And do you
have a specialised team for each course? (such as my Speed team consisting
of Celebi, Dugtrio and Linoone)

Best of luck in your next Pokeathlon challenge my fellow Pokeathletes,
and may Arceus ever be in your favour :D
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