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Who do you lead with?

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Old June 23rd, 2013 (7:50 PM).
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    Do you send out a specific type or a specific pokemon? Or is there more then one that does well?

    I play double battles and I am looking for ideas on how to redo my team entirely. Likely going with a Tailwind team think of having Zapdos as a lead. Would like some help please.
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    Old June 28th, 2013 (12:48 PM).
    Ryanthenoob Ryanthenoob is offline
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      I usually lead with a wall that can set up hazards and rapid spin the opponent's hazards away. It's important to set up hazards very early. I do little cup, so the best example of this is Ferroseed. In your case, I think the only pokemon that can do that and learn tailwind is Skarmory.
      Old June 28th, 2013 (12:55 PM).
      Seraphimon-sama Seraphimon-sama is offline
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        Personally, I always lead with Zangetsu, my Garchomp, simply because she is the main powerhouse of my team.
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        Old June 28th, 2013 (5:02 PM).
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          I lead w/ Tyranitar, because I run a TSS team. All that needs to be said.

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          Old June 30th, 2013 (1:43 PM).
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          I lead with Ferrothorn- one of my best Pokemon for competitive battling. Particularly useless against Grass/Poison Pokemon due to its moveset, though.
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          Old June 30th, 2013 (1:46 PM).
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          I mainly lead with Politoed using my rain team; when I'm up against opposing rain teams, I lead with Ferrothorn instead.

          With my Ubers team, I lead with Skarmory to get hazards up.

          Old June 30th, 2013 (3:16 PM).
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            Usually I lead with a sashed Kabutops. Weak armor boots its speed after the first hit, and from there I try to get a swords dance in. It oftentimes sweeps an entire team. It's either that or sashed Alakazam, even if it is beaten in terms of speed, it can eliminate much of the OU tier in one hit, especially since it can carry super effective moves to common openers.

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            Old June 30th, 2013 (4:45 PM).
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            For doubles, I have to see specifically what the opponent has in his party. If they're using a generic non-weather/TR/Tailwind team, I'll start off with Politoed/Abomasnow and Ludicolo, to take advantage of weather on the first turn. If they have a Fake Out user but no weather, I might start off with a weather inducer and Ludicolo because most of the time, the opponent will use Fake Out on Ludi and mine has Protect to laugh it off.

            If they have a weather inducer, then things get tricky. Against Tyranitar, I may send out 2 of my other pokemon OR Ludicolo and Abomasnow. It depends on if I want to cripple or kill as quickly as possible. Against Abomasnow, I'll take a teammate and maybe Ludicolo. Against Politoed, I'll take Ludicolo and a teammate.

            Why all the Ludicolo love? Because mine is set up to take advantage of hail, rain AND opposing Fake Out users. Versatility, yo!

            For singles... what does it matter? I'm almost always dead last in singles tournaments anyway! Hahahahaha yeah.
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            Old July 6th, 2013 (10:44 AM).
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              I lead with focus shashed Shedinja, because of all the hazards and stuff, like you call it. Usually the strategy for that is my usual; Get-As-Much-Damage-As-Possible.
              Old July 7th, 2013 (8:08 AM).
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                I lead with an Abomasnow since my team is a hail team. Besides, it actually works well as a set-up pokemon. Throwing Leech Seeds at everybody and all hehe.
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