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Android WiFi battle test?

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Old June 25th, 2013 (6:18 PM). Edited June 25th, 2013 by br00talb.
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hey I purchased My Boy! GBA Emulator on my android purchased like I've said a few times already. but I'm trying to find someone who's purchased the app or has it to test out the battle or trades in Pokemon Emerald or FireRed or LeafGreen

I'm personally gonna use Pokemon Emerald it's less a headache to play back and forth cause I haven't gotten anywhere in FireRed ctfu

hopefully soon this could be as big as the PC battles considering it's on your phone. you could do it anywhere as if it was a gameboy.

Edit: I just thought about it but I'm not sure if this should be moved to the RSE advanced section but it was a battle request so I'm not sure I'm plain confused lol

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Old June 25th, 2013 (9:45 PM).
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I have the free version, not sure it would work.

My Black 2 FC: 4213 5165 5318

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Old June 26th, 2013 (7:10 AM).
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me again id be willing to help u i wanna see if it works
Old June 26th, 2013 (8:22 AM).
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Please use the Quick Battle Requests thread for battle requests.
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