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Old January 28th, 2017 (11:05 PM).
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    I've been binge watching the DP series of the anime over the past month and I swear its so good that I get withdrawal symptoms when I go for too long without watching it. Everything from the characters, the story, the music (ESPECIALLY THE MUSIC FAM), its all great. There's never been a series in the anime besides this where I've been able to sit through, and enjoy EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. If you have anything you wanted to say about the series please go ahead , I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts. I love Dawn as well
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    Old January 29th, 2017 (4:59 AM).
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      I appreciate Dawn, Paul and Infernape's story, as well as the past Pokémon returning for the league.

      That's all. I like it but not from a critical perspective, rather a nostalgic perspective.
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      Old January 29th, 2017 (7:45 AM).
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        Yeah DP and AG were by far the best in my opinion.
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        Old January 29th, 2017 (9:35 AM).
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          I started watching AG a few months ago but couldn't bear it for more than 20 episodes. But DP is many times better. Although they took too much time reaching hearthome city, all episodes were enjoyable and didn't even bore me for a minute
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          Old January 29th, 2017 (12:36 PM).
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            I'm halfway through watching DP myself and I have pretty mixed feelings. I like Dawn more than May and I like the story with Chimchar, but otherwise I'm not overly into it. Most of the recurring and one-time characters aren't that great. I don't like how they randomly put Paul in some episodes for little reason and that they never give him any heart, and Barry is really annoying. Zoey, Nando, and Kenny are good characters though. I don't really like Professor Rowan either, I miss Burch. The characters in general are just pretty bland and Ash, Brock, and Team Rocket are getting stale. Team Galactic isn't as interesting as Team Magma and Aqua although having Cyrus end up being the leader was an interesting twist, and the Pokémon Hunter J episodes are just alright. There's also been way too many episodes between gym battles, with less interesting fillers than AG. I think the best thing about the series is using some of the old music again, the gym battles, and seeing Gary again.
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