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    Pokémon Game Design Contest

    Welcome to the PokéCommunity Get-Together 2013, and welcome to the Pokémon Game Design Contest! This event is your chance to come up with a great idea for a new Pokémon game. There are no limitations on what kind of game you can dream up, so long as it involves Pokémon in some way.

    This contest will last until the end of Wednesday 10th July.

    Hosted and judged by Maruno, Para-Dox and ZachLMedia.

    Rules and Guidelines
    • Game ideas go in this thread, and nowhere else. One idea per post. You can enter as many ideas as you want.
    • Be as descriptive as possible. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:
      • Name: (All games need a name!)
      • Platform: (Where you play the game, e.g. on a home console, on a hand-held console, on a PC, on a table...)
      • Genre: (Action-adventure, puzzle, MMORPG, whichever categories your game comes under)
      • Story and characters: (If your game has these, talk about them.)
      • Gameplay: (How the game is played, what modes of play there are, is there single-player and/or multiplayer and how they work, etc.)
    • Images are not required, but you can include some if you want to.
    • No bribing the judges with chocolate!

    These are the emblems that are up for grabs:

    Good luck!
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      Do we have to come up with a brand-new idea? Or can we use an existing one?
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        I for one prefer original ideas to sequels, but you can do anything you want. "No limitations."
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          Ok. I'm gonna update this as I find a bit more of my info I had stored:

          Name: Abimon (Ability Monsters, They're basically Pokemon that are specially designed to use their moves as abilities rather than attacks)

          Platform: It's a multi-platform game, Computer, DS, iOS, Android, and would have cross-communications, as well as being able to use external devices as additional features.

          Genre: Puzzle, Multiplayer (Not MMO, but features Multiplayer aspects), Adventure

          Story and characters: Main story -
          All around the world, there are little "flux orbs". In addition, there are little "cherrywood orbs". These orbs are responsible for maintaining the balance of right and wrong, good and evil, etc. But lately, the balance has been upset, and there appear to be more flux orbs than cherrywood ones. Your task, however possible, is to restore balance by obtaining the cherrywood orbs and returning them to their original places. Then, you must make the journey to The Place Between Worlds, a place that contains the precious Life Pool, a pool that contains the very essence of Life itself. Only those without doubt as to their purpose may enter. Once you are there, you must solve the final puzzle and restore each orb to it's rightful place. For, even though you returned the cherrywood orbs, they were muddled up, as were the flux ones. You must rearrange them the correct way.

          Characters -
          You're a simple teenager of non-special heritage. You've been offered a bunch of jobs recently - all resulting in the same task, but with different methods of completing it. You could be an assistant to the professor, you could be a contestant, or you could be a challenger, challenging others to tests of skill and creativity.

          He and Nina have been your best friends ever since you met each other in pre-school. Ray is funny, athletic and a loyal friend. He is always on time, appears organised, but whenever he's beaten in something, he can often enter 'moods' for long periods of time. His favourite Abimon type is Dragon.

          She and Ray have been your best friends ever since you met each other in pre-school, Nina is rash, nerdy and very picky about every single detail. She is often early, preferring to get somewhere nice and quick, so that she can rush back if she forgets something. She is not always organised, but always seems to find what she needs. She is a caring friend, willing to lose at something just to make the other person feel good. Her favourite Abimon type is Normal.

          Dad (Rory): Rory, your father, has had to deal with raising you as an only parent ever since you were 6, when your mother received an offer to work as an archaeologist in the main city. He's light-hearted, energetic, and is often seen either hanging around Professor Yanu or doing errands for people. He's very helpful, and has brought you up well. In his free time, Rory likes to help out at the lab, working with the professor or just randomly mixing chemicals when told to. He is a comforting person, and will always cheer up those who need it. His favourite Abimon type is Electric.

          Jaydon is the town bully. While the adults find no fault with him, whenever he can, he picks on you and your friends, trying to make your life miserable. You don't know why, but he may not be everything he appears to be... He's an arrogant person, and if he ever wins at anything, will boast about it for years to come. If he ever loses, he either says that you cheated or sends his grunts after you. His favourite Abimon hybrid is Fire/Dragon.

          Laslo & Ruby:
          Laslo and Ruby are Jaydon's grunts. They will do anything for him, regardless of how gross or immoral it is. Ruby's the clever one, and the outright leader of the two. Laslo pretty much does whatever Ruby says. Ruby has a tough personality and was brought up as an orphan. While her parentage is unknown, anyone who talks to her about it generally gets hit in the face. Laslo, on the other hand, has two over-adoring parents who refuse to believe anything anyone says about him. They believe he is this brilliant genius and that you and your friends bully him! He has a soft personality, and his view is often shaped by what people think of him. While he does bully you and your friends a fair bit, when he's not he can be a good friends. While not a reliable one, he can be quite fun and would never willingly put you in deaths way. His favourite Abimon type is water, while Ruby's is Ice.

          Professor Yanu:
          Professor Yanu is this towns professor. She is an expert on Psychic types and studies them most of all, but also studies the other types, especially the interaction between types. She has a supportive personality, and can be relied upon for various things, such as healing, temporary loans and just someone to talk to. She offers you a job in her lab, but you're not sure if you'll accept... Her favourite type is Psychic.

          Game play:

          Computer (Note: Configurable):
          UP/W: Move character up, view previous messages (Only in dialog), move selection up
          DOWN/S: Move character down, proceed to next message (Only in dialog), move selection down
          LEFT/A: Move character left, Record information (Only in dialog), move selection to top
          RIGHT/D: Move character right, instantly skip message/cut scene (Only in dialog/cut scenes), move selection to bottom
          ESC: Menu, pauses game
          SHIFT: Speed up (This could be in the form of running, surfing faster, riding faster, etc)
          ENTER: Next message (Only in dialog), select, talk
          SPACE (In field): Jump (If available, not always available)


          Touch: Move to location, talk (If selected talkable object), select, proceed to next message
          Jump Button (On Screen): Jump
          Menu Button (On Screen): Open menu, pauses game
          Record Info Button (On Screen during dialog): Opens Record Info screen

          In addition, you can pair an iOS/Android device with your computer to use it as a remote, a 'log book', an eternal menu, and some more, planned things.

          Trainers: Trainers are redesigned to be centred on your job of choice. While some will always be available (Eg, you can ALWAYS enter contests in towns), the vast majority will centre on your job. So, being a contestant will mean the majority of trainers will challenge you to a contest, trainers engage other trainers and gym leaders in battles, similar to the Orange Island league battles. Professor Assistants are a little different. As an assistant, instead of battles, your research will be examined, and, if it is good enough, you can pass.

          Research: While the main area this applies to is assistants, trainers and contestants can utilise research well too! Research generally increases the bond between you and your Abimon, increasing the trust between you two. Increased trust means that the moves are 'stronger', eg, vine whip reaches a bit further, your Abimon won't be shy, etc.

          How to get research: Research is obtained by befriending an Abimon. Once an Abimon is befriended, there are two modes of research: Passive and Active. Passive research is research that you obtain just by spending time with your Abimon. While this *generally* will make your Abimon more friendly, depending on how you do it, it might do the opposite! Active research is actually going to a laboratory and studying your Abimon. This has the opposite effect of Passive research, but gives a much higher research gain than passive.

          You will be notified in-game when your research has 'leveled up'

          Viewpoint: This WILL vary based on the console, and also is slightly configurable.

          Computer: FPS by default, may also be a top-down similar to the actual Pokemon games.
          Configurable options: Can the camera change angle in certain situations (Sky arrow bridge)?

          iOS/Android: Top-Down, cannot be a FPS due to memory.
          Configurable options: Same as Computer

          Graphics: While the top-down graphics are similar to Pokemon's, the FPS graphics are high-definition, similar to Portal 2's (First FPS game I could think of with that sorta graphics)

          Stamina/Transport: There are many forms of transport, the most common one is simply walking and running. Now, the system is slightly different in Abimon, where you are able to run straight from the start. HOWEVER, your original stamina is quite low. It costs 0.1 stamina per tile that you run, and 0.01 stamina for every tile that you walk. So, while running gets you there 2x as fast, it costs 10x the amount of stamina. Stamina regenerates slowly, approximately 0.1 stamina every regeneration cycle, which is about 5 seconds. So it does take a while. However, it is possible to 'speed up' regeneration by simply standing still. There are other ways to regain stamina more quickly, such as resting in a Healing Centre, or by consuming a stamina potion, which nets you 1/6 of your stamina instantly, at the cost of a slowness effect for 5 minutes.

          Transport (More in-depth):
          In addition to the good old running and walking system, for some reason the bicycle was never invented. No, instead you get a nifty motor-bike! Still at the all-so cheap price of $1 000 000, the motor-bike travels at 5x the speed of a regular, walking person!

          In addition, we still haven't talked about the Magnet Train! A marvel of ancient science, ye ol' scientists managed to get a train running just by using magnets! This thing travels between towns and cities at approximately 10x the speed of a walking protagonist, and there's lots of fun to be had on board! But we still haven't talked about the marvel of modern science, a mysterious green box that is everywhere and nowhere. The doors open into another dimension, one in which, while appearing small on the outside, is quite large on the inside! But, in addition to all this, it travels very slightly through time, allowing you to jump forwards through time by days at a time! Note that this box can only be found in possession of a strange man, who only goes by name of, 'Doctor'. His appearance is random at best, but whenever there's trouble, he's there. Always watching... The box's name appears to be something along the lines of Dimension In Space, but that's all we know about this mysterious form of travel.

          As always, though, we have boats! Ranging from small canoes to massive cruisers, you can find all sorts of boats in Abimon, all of which have varying speeds.

          And, finally, we have planes. That's right, planes. Solar planes. With these solar-powered planes, not only are you able to travel almost instantly to other cities, you can also fly to other continents!

          Virtual Realities: In gen 3 secret bases were added. These were marvelous new homes that you could hide out in. And now, with Abimon, we've expanded, adding Virtual Realities. These realities are fully customisable worlds built just for you. When you create a Virtual Reality, it is automatically anchored somewhere in the world. You are the only one that can see it in single-player, apart from Nina and Ray, but anyone can see it in multi-player. And when I say fully customisable, I mean it. It actually has a level editor built into it so that you can build your own world!

          Ok, more a little later
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            Name: Pokemon Fury (A reference to Fist of Fury, although the title screen will feature a Hitmonlee performing a Blaze Kick akin to Fei Long's kick moves in Street Fighter)

            Platform: Well if it's a 'hack', it can be played on whatever people can get emulators for, thereabouts.

            Genre: It's Pokemon. Kinda it's own genre really.

            The player is just some kid like in every game, pretty lucky that anyone even bothers with him/her.

            There is no scientist person like there usually is because instead we have a space travel research institute. Pokemon research didn't pay well after all the relevant Pokemon had been discovered.

            No rival either, who needs an arch-rival when everyone in the game hates you just the same?

            The Leaders will no longer be type restricted, instead they will have teams for you to beat set by tiers of difficulty. Badges become belts inspired by the grading systems in many martial arts forms.

            The Elite Four will be replaced by an elite trainer tournament which decides the champion, because there are too many people eligible for championship status these days.

            The bad guy team is actually somewhat helpful now, as the police can't really do much about them anymore they are free to do what they please in their own Black Market. They can get you anything from Magikarps to shiny legendaries, for a price of course. They even have their own underground battle league with some... disagreeable rules...

            Now this is the interesting bit. In the not so distant future, Pokemon starts to get 'too easy'. Being that Pokemon, items and TMs are much easier to get. There are many 'Champions' and the Leader system was reworked due to people sweeping them all the time.

            So... You're a kid. You do the usual kid things... or at least that's what you thought you'd be doing until your village suddenly gets overrun with wild Pokemon. The place quickly becomes a mess and your home is ruined, you gotta move out because of the damages and all you have is your conveniently untrained Tyrogue that fought for you against those bullies a couple years back at school (It didn't win).

            You now live in a caravan, your parents don't earn enough to fix the house up anytime soon and you have nothing to do. Well if you thought the next bit was gonna be about becoming a trainer... you were wrong! You don't even have the money to get yourself a trainer card, boohoo. Looks like you're out of luck loser.

            An old timer notices your terribly glum face, and questions why a kid who looks like he has good potential isn't taking on the world already. It just so happens that this guy was a champion a couple years back, albeit no one but him remembers, he gives you his trainer card stating that he had no use for it anymore. But what he wants in return is not something that will be easy to get: He wants you to become the greatest trainer ever! (Saw that coming didn't you?).

            That glum face turns to glee as you snatch the trainer card and run straight to the gate to get your face put onto it. Then you realize, you suck. Thus begins a training montage wherein trainers succumb to your new-found might, Pokemon are seized from fields with great haste and the dudes who call themselves leaders perish in the depths of your seemingly infinite skill. And with that you become an Elite trainer.

            Now you have to step it up to another level! Invitational tournaments will be dominated by your extreme force, the Regionals will crumble from your relentless stride, and most of all... the Nationals will have your face on it when you're done.

            Now then, you've beaten everyone you know. By the way, did you know that they host a no hold barred tournament in the Black Market? No? Well get over there then! You might even get to go home with some new Pokemon. Yep, these guys 'race for pinks' as it's called in street racing. You lose the fight, you lose the Pokemon too. So you'd better not put up a poor fight because it'll cost you dearly.

            By this point you should be National champ and Underground king. What's next I hear you ask? Well, someone told me that they're up to some crazy stuff on The Moon! And by crazy stuff I mean none other than... THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! Why are they on the moon though? Everyone is asking...

            You win, you take home the title, you da man, man. etc etc.

            I'll cut out what I pretty much explained in the above bit.
            It becomes easier to get Pokemon, the variety is much larger although each district (Areas before the respective leader) will have Pokemon suited for that part of the game e.g. the early areas will have low tier Pokemon.

            Items and TMs don't need to be won or found or anything, people have been doing that for so long that a lot of items have become worthless. Just take what you need a get out, we've got other customers to deal with kid.

            And most importantly: The difficulty will be ramped up, teams won't be daft like they are in the official games. People KNOW what they are doing now, even that dude Joey and his Ratatta ditched his ways for a competitive team. No more same type battles, they'll be coming at you with anything and everything, are you ready for them? I hope so.

            The only exceptions to this stuff will be in special battles set-up to see how well you know the game. Like: Do you know how to effectively deal with a Spiritomb that has Wonder Guard (Somehow)? Or are you able to rush a full team with one lone Pokemon? Stuff like that basically.

            Ok I think that's everything. It'll probably sound a little odd to most people, I want to throw most of the boring stuff out of the window with this. The story is usually pointless in the end, that or there isn't that much of it anyway. So who needs it? Let's just cut to the chase and become professional already ok?!
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              I might as well give this a shot :D

              Name: Pokemon Rumble Dungeon

              Platform: Best suited for home consoles, because of the controllers for many players!

              Genre: The genre is a mash-up of Pokemon Rumble and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon! So what will that be, Action Button Smashing Story-Driven Emotional Joyride?

              Story: Because I'm fond of simple and sweet stories, that eventually explode into a plethora of plot twists and tie-ins, the story begins within the ever-so-changing Marketall Town. This is a flourishing town, which gains most of its commerce by trade with passing by Pokemon! But that was a time when exploring was worth it...
              go forward almost a century, and now you'll see a town rife of riches! And this is where your story begins, to restore the glory that was once owned by this very town!

              Trivia Time!

              Like in all Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, or the classic ones at least, there was always that pesky questionnaire that gave you a list of pokemon to choose from. But now, this has been expanded upon completely!
              Not only do you have the option to choose their Pokemon, but the questionnaire is still there for anyone brave enough to let fate deicde who they are!
              But what's that? Only the starters and a few hand picked special ones?
              Now, the list expands to ALL first-stage Pokemon,(they have to at least have an evolution)! And even Magikarp is in there, because wynaut?
              So how does this work out?
              Well it starts with Instructor Aggron telling his students to fill a questionnaire about him/herself. Aggron will give an option right at the beginning of how many questionnares to be filled out, which is the amount of players who are playing. Then, the screen is focused on a long desk with a stack of papers with questions on them, with the number of stacks equal to the number of players. The player CAN NOT be seen, but instead a pen chooses options like, "Yes" and "No", to answer the questions. All the players answer on-screen at the same time, except every player has different questions. After about 20 questions are answered for every player, the screen shifts focus to all the players raising their questionaires up in the air, essentially revealing what Pokemon you guys are!
              At least this looked cooler in my head...

              Also, since you team is always defaulted at 4 members, any extra slots are filled by Cpu's, and when your Pokemon gets revealed, your Cpu members are just automatically randomized!

              The main focus in this game is the action oriented battles, which has mechanics from both Mystery Dungeon, like 4 total moves and dungeon generation, and Rumble, such as the button smashing fun and non-restricted movement.
              Also, all moves function like Pokemon Rumble, to where the moves have more ways to affect enemies, like Vinewhip hitting in a diagonal pattern and Surf affecting a room full of baddies! Movement is also non restricted now, so no more tile based movement! Instead you and your crew traverse floors either by yourself or in a pack, and you have to be ready when enemy Pokemon suddenly attack!
              The Dungeon system is revamped from Mystery Dungeon, to where there are now "layers", kind of like climbing a small step of stairs to reach a new height in the floor you are on. Many moves and abilities are now reworked to accompany this, like Levitate allowing the User go up layers and Surf effectively hitting things at lower layers. Move's like Dive can only be used on layers with water, and Fly can only be used in rooms where there is open sky, or openings in layers.
              In a way, I always found both to compliment each other quite well!

              You still travel dungeons and stuff from Mystery Dungeon games, with plot coming and going in intervals, going up stairs to reach new floors, and Marketall being the town you restock supplies at. There's really no other way to explain it, but its rather like an experience you get when you play a Mystery Dungeon game!

              Thanks for reading I guess. I've always wanted a Pokemon game which focused more on multiplayer aspects like Pokemon Rumble, yet retained the quality found in Mystery Dungeon games. Also, this sounds more fun with couch multiplayer, since you can always yell at each other when something goes bad
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                Name: Pokemon Sacred Emerald
                Platform: Nintendo DS and 3DS
                Genre: Action Adventure, Puzzle RPG
                Gameplay: Single-Player, Co-op, Multiplayer
                Hero(Brendan): (If Player)Brendan is a smart kid who moved into Hoenn recently.He saves Professor Birch and is now an official Pokemon trainer.At the end, he is the kid who becomes Cham

                Name: Pokemon Sacred Emerald
                Platform: Nintendo DS and 3DS
                Genre: Action Adventure, Puzzle RPG
                Gameplay: Single-Player, Co-op, Multiplayer
                Charactersame as Emerald
                Storyame as Emerald
                Pokemon Emerald Remake
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                Name: Pokemon Regular Version
                Platform: Emulators like VBA/No$gba
                Genre: Pokemon (Fiction; Fantasy)
                This game doesn’t only have one plot. It has many plots since it will be following the anime. There will be different plots to it so the adventure will be more fun. The main plot revolves around the Chaos Triforce. The Chaos Triforce was made when a big band happened in Chaos. An evil Team known as Team Depuity captured the Pokémon Arceus for their evil purposes. Arceus soon felt nothing but darkness and destroyed everything in its path including Team Depuity.
                Most of everything in Chaos was destroyed. Everyone thought that Arceus couldn’t be stopped. Suddenly Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom appear. They stop Arceus and everything went back to normal. The 3 trainers who controlled Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom took their Poke balls and mounted it into a triforce. The hid it in a certain place which can only be found by 3 chosen trainers. Chaos soon returned to normal.

                Main Characters :

                Dash: Mike is the main character of the game. He is 16 years old from the small town of Zaris. He is a really energetic guy and loves Pokémon. Mike, wanting to follow the footsteps of his dad (who is a gym leader in the region) will travel the region and explore brand new places. He has been helping Professor Pachy since the age of 8 and knows a lot about Pokémon and is now ready to go on a great adventure.

                Chloe : Chloe is the main rival of the game and is also 16 years old. She was your neighbor since you guys were only 3 years old and you guys know almost everything about each other. She has been studying everything about Chaos. She knows all the previous champions, all the Cities and Towns, and all the Gym Leaders. She is always curious to know about everything and exploring new places. She has always wanted to explore the Mountains, Forests, Cities, and other places in Chaos.

                Mike : A mysterious guy who claims to be one of the “chosen trainers”. He has a mysterious past and doesn’t like talking about himself that much. He says that he’s destined to save everyone from the great danger that’s approaching and he can’t do it alone. He says 2 other trainers are left to be found so he sets out on a journey to find them. Going further in your adventure, Mike starts opening up and tells you everything about him.

                Sabrina : A young looking woman who you first meet in Sparkinite City with her Arcanine. She tells you a bit about her past and that she’s the “Guardian” of Chaos. She tells you about her wonderful adventures she’s had and tells you that she was once the former champion of Chaos. When you tell your Chloe about her, they said she was never the champion of the region. Why did she lie about her being the champion and who is she really?

                Gameplay: (How the game is played, what modes of play there are, is there single-player and/or multiplayer and how they work, etc.)

                This is a single player game. You can only play as the hero, Dash. Your mission is to go through the region and collect all 12 badges and battle the Elite Four. But you don’t only do that. This game will have more than 1 plot so your only mission won’t be to be the Champion. There will also be a fair amount of mini games which will earn you prizes. Pokémon will also have better movepools to make it a bit more competitive and a bit more difficult. There will be 12 Gym Leaders + 4 Elite Four + 2 Mini bosses so that it can incorporate all the types. The Champion will be misc. so you don’t need to use one type for the champion.
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                  Name: Pokémon Dark Shadows
                  Console: WiiU
                  Genre: RPG
                  20 years since the events of Colosseum and XD:GoD have happened and the Orre Region has expanded to
                  new levels, having Colosseum tournaments all across the world, and battling the biggest and the greatest.
                  Any information and involvement with Project: Shadow and Project XD001 have been terminated and destroyed,
                  However many trainers have picked up on the events that happened, learning of the strengths of Shadow Pokémon
                  and wish to bring them back, to win the annual Sky Tower tournament where Wes, champion for 26 years now, waits.

                  However you, are a young boy from Feedleline Village, not far off from Prof. Pico's lab. You are his assistance since your parents
                  made you get a job, you do various chores for him, like capture pokemon that have broke out, and fetch food from the store, most
                  things an intern would do. However, for being a nice intern he allows you to play with your future partner pokemon, Eevee, since you're
                  not 14 yet, you can't keep him, Only 2 more years till you can have it.

                  One morning, upon going to work, you see the lab doors have been forced open, and a strange grey truck is awaiting outside. Your partner
                  Eevee is outside scared, something seems amiss, upon collecting Eevee and fighting bad guys inside, you soon learn, Team Snagem have Snagged
                  The Professor, and his prize invention, the Purify Mod. You try to stop them, but they drive off, in anger and vengeance you decide to follow them
                  and try to help get the Professor back.

                  Wes is the hero from Colloseum, he stopped Team Snagem and Team Cipher's Project: Shadow, from hitting worldwide
                  he now resides atop Mt. Battle, and takes part in the Sky Tower Challenge every year.

                  Micheal is another hero, but from XD, stopping Team Cipher's Project XD001 and capturing the newest release of shadows.
                  No one knows where Micheal resides anymore, and if he's even in Orre anymore.

                  Leader of Team Snagem, and inventor of the Snagem Machine, a Machine used to capture Pokémon from trainers, a very Illegal device.

                  Professor Pico:
                  A young Professor resided in Feedleline Village, and inventor of the Purify Mod, a hold item allowing shadow pokemon to not be affected by the shadows whilst holding.

                  Gameplay: The game itself will be singleplayer, while going through the main story. After completion of the main story, Link Up is unlocked, and the player
                  can link up to Pokémon X and Y to battle and trade pokemon. During single player there's an optional multiplayer where you can link to the 3DS and co-op mode in Mt Battle.

                  It would feature many features from the Shadow games from the GC. Such as catching shadow pokemon, purifying them, 3D overworlds, many evil teams, tournament fights, and the legendary 1 Vs 100 challenge

                  Just strollin' to my next destination...
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                    • Name: Pokemon Neo (Shin Poketto Monsuta)
                    • Platform: 3DS/Next-gen Nintendo handheld
                    • Genre: Action-RPG
                    • Main Objectives/Story Base (instead of Story and characters):

                    A trainer may end up with the following endings
                    • A Top Coordinator
                    • A Pokemon Master
                    • A Top-Class Pokemon Ranger (he still uses pokeballs, though)
                    • An Adventurer (read on for details)
                    These are some additional notes:
                    • Trainer starts as a Pokemon Ranger. During the first parts of the story, "missions" are his primary goals/duties; This makes him more of a police/environmentalist person. All missions come from the Ranger's Guild.
                    • Trainer may aim to become a Pokemon Master by challenging 8 Gyms of his region and the Elite Four. ALL Gyms are accessible at any point in the game.
                    • Trainer may also become top Contest Master by entering contests. Same thing with gyms, they're all accessible as well.
                    Mechanics of how "time progresses"
                    • Everytime you earn a badge, it adds +1 month to your time progress. Achieving all badges will yield a total of 8 months. You can do whatever, like one contest or some missions in between.
                    • Everytime you earn a contest ribbon, it adds +2 months to your time progress (since, well, practicing for contests will be quite hard - more details explained later). Achieving all contest ribbons will equate to a total of 10 months.
                    • Each Mission ranges from a few days to a full week on your time progress -- at least until you are able to "choose a path" in the game. That means that there ARE several missions in total (harder ones may even take longer), but again, they will all end up for a total of 10 months. The bigger missions are somewhat at the 7th or 8th month progress, don't worry.
                    This obviously means that you can't be everything within a year, and you will HAVE to choose what to be at a certain point. If you fail to "complete" badges, missions, or ribbons, you will automatically receive the "Adventurer" ending at the 12th month... No Pokemon League entrance for you, no Grand Festival for you, and most definitely no Top Ranger awarding for you. However, that's just for the "endings".

                    Yes, the "1 year adventure" ONLY applies for story mode. You can do everything else later on, but you aren't gonna see the other endings.

                    Post-game features:
                    • Global League
                    • Larger world to explore
                    • others; it can get creative from here onwards!
                    Definitely more details later on...

                    Gameplay & Mechanics



                    Bringing the game into the world of Action-RPGs, the player now controls the pokemon directly: as if commanding the pokemons to do exactly this and that! Like trainers do in the anime!

                    "Pikachu, evade and use iron tail!"

                    No more waiting for your opponent to hit you. No more accuracy checks and strength-based wins. It now involves reflexes, tactics, and skill! However that's all in battles, in the overworld, you're still a human who trains your pokemon to be the best. You still take care of your Pokemon like usual. Additionally, no more limitations to movesets! Sounds exciting, right? Then read more!

                    Controls (tentative)

                    In battles (customizable):

                    = moveset

                    Double-tap L/R = switch pokemon (multi-pokemon battles only -- e.g Duo Tag Battle)
                    L/R = cycle through pokemon
                    Analog/Dpad = movement
                    Double-tap Left/Right (Dpad) = evade/roll to the left/right
                    Double-tap Up/Down (Dpad) = Duck/Jump (hold UP for higher jumps)
                    Start = select chosen pokemon (to be used after cycling with with L/R)

                    Out of battles:

                    D-pad/Analog = movement
                    A = Interact/Accept
                    = Decline (for incoming battle invitations)
                    X = hold to run/dash

                    Y = Main Menu
                    L/R = items from bag (repel/key items)

                    Notable Changes from the Original Series' mechanics:

                    Your pokemon may have far more than 4 moves!

                    As the sentence above implies, you could now have more than 4 moves to juggle around with! However, a 4-move limit rule still is applied during battles.

                    "So what in the seven hells is this all about then!?"

                    It's about you being to learn moves, and "equip" them manually whenever you're not in battle. To put it simply, unlike before, this allows you to re-plan your strategies for long-term battles.... like the Pokemon League!


                    No more PP!
                    Your answer is either "YES!" or... "NO WAY!?". But to explain more into that, you'll now be using Stamina. Of course, this varies from Pokemon to Pokemon, and it will affect battles more than ever. So use your moves wisely! Essentially, this is to give the idea of "wearing out" and such.

                    It gradually regenerates (although very slowly), too, so an endless fight is possible (like...between two Metapods). A supplementary time-limit rule or accept-a-draw option will be added in the game for that matter.


                    No more levels! No more EVs/IVs!

                    What i'm saying here is that NFEs (not fully-evolved) DO have a chance against evolved forms now. However, there would be a different stat system for that matter. The new system will now only have maximum stat limits. For example, you may only have a maximum of 400 for each stat. However, there is a 1600 total stat limit. That said, you are forced to have a pokemon that falls short in one way or the other.

                    Additionally, like any other living creature, one Pokemon could/should be very unique and may or may not excel in one stat or another as you catch them. There could be naturally ninja-fast turtwigs, and there could be naturally uber-slow, uber-pathetic, uber-weak turtwigs. (AND SUPER MAGIKARPS!) *ahem*

                    But maybe an example would be better:

                    = NEW System =
                    Pikachu 1's stat values AT CAPTURE:
                    HP: 50
                    Att: 80
                    Def: 20
                    SpA: 50
                    SpD: 20
                    Spe: 100

                    Base stat total: 320
                    Maximum stat total: 1600 (trainer's choice of distribution via training)
                    Points left to allocate via training: 1280

                    Pikachu 2's stat values AT CAPTURE:
                    HP: 200
                    Att: 25
                    Def: 20
                    SpA: 320
                    SpD: 80
                    Spe: 30

                    Base stat total: 675
                    Maximum stat total: 1600
                    Points left to allocate via training: 925

                    tl;dr base stats are the stats you get as you capture a pokemon. Max stats are pretty much easy to figure out if you look at the examples above. Once you run out of points left to allocate, your Pokemon is basically a maxed-out fighter.

                    Moving further with natures, they still apply. So if a pokemon has 400 Att in the NEW system, having an ADAMANT nature will still further increase that to 440, while lowering down by 10%.

                    And no, stats cannot be seen. Why? This will allow people to stop worrying about stats and numbers, and develop more on their "skills" and "battle-creativeness/tactics" side. This is no longer a turn-based RPG -- it now involves action! A few stats lower could still be covered greatly by a skilled trainer. Accept that you can lose battles because a random trainer and his pokemon can be "much stronger". Don't be too confident to think that you could win every battle with the same tactics and pokemon. Instead, make every battle experience a reason to strive harder and keep polishing your moves!

                    But for humanity's (and sanity's) sake), there would be NPCs that would tell you about each of your stats' current condition. If they are far from max, if they are halfway to max, if they're close to max, and if everything's already maxed out. This prevents wasteful hours of grinding for no reason. Yeah, separate NPCs for each stat, I guess.

                    Trainer Battles


                    Trainers may choose to accept or decline incoming trainer battles. (except for story/canonical/forced battles)

                    There will also be an option in the menu to fully block any incoming battle requests. Invitations/Challenges will be automatically declined this way.

                    In the case when a trainer just finished a battle, to avoid spam and tiring requests, he will be given a popup option to decide for a 5-minute break. During that break, all challenges will be automatically declined.

                    When a battle occurs, it doesn't happen on the overworld map; instead, a "rectangular cage" will be generated between the players' locations. This may include water, rocks, etc, as long as it's in the cage. This allows players to theoretically battle in a crowded area. Spectators may also view your battle and "enter the cage" by interacting with your sprite.

                    Add an autolock feature so that battling won't be too hard (and ridiculously long or feel too punishing). It's still a pokemon game, after all - meant for both kids and adults to play.

                    Moves and Learning

                    First is learning:

                    Some pokemon may gain attacks naturally (randomized... to simulate "realism" and "nature) in the wild or in battle. There could also be an adaptation of some moveset mechanics from some Digimon games -- such as when taking a hit from an attack in one Pokemon's moveset, they will have a chance learn that move. (e.g if a Charmander is hit by an opponent's Flamethrower, there is a possibility for Charmander to learn that attack right on the spot).

                    There is also the most common and yet lovable ideas ever in RPG history: skill trees. For example, investing enough skill points in ember could unlock flamethrower and flame wheel. Investing more points into flamethrower and flamewheel will then unlock Fire Blast and Flare Blitz, respectively.

                    Outside of those, one should also imagine the trainer as a move tutor. There will be no TMs and HMs, instead, there will be Manuals. In order to learn these attacks, the trainer must make their pokemon "perform" specific movements in a battle (of course, you're controlling your pokemon, so that shouldn't be so tough) -- as per shown in the manual. Only then should the move be unlocked. There could be requirements (such as how many times you have to do it and whatnot, but those are minor details)

                    [FONT="]ome attacks could be combined (e.g Gust + Firespin = heatwave / mud slap + surf = muddy water / fire blast + water gun = scald / anything more reasonable than those). This could also contribute to contests in that case. Attacks like rock throw could leave rocks in the area, Surf filling an isolated field with water (thus allowing other non-footed water pokemon to come out) and so on...

                    Now, moving on to the Moves themselves:

                    As mentioned a lot of times by now, to make it more realistic, we now allow the trainer/player to MANUALLY control their pokemon (seriously, shouting orders and exchanging hits?! is classic). We're now onto a better playstyle based on Mystery Dungeon and Pokepark. Fast-paced Action. You can now control a pokemon to evade whenever you want them to evade. And depending on how you "train" yourself as a trainer, you could make fighting that dragon with a magikarp possible (oh right.. there's that realism on fighting with fish pokemon on land.. but i'm not going in-depth on that). That said, a highly skilled trainer -and not only the pokemon's stats itself- could make him a true, Pokemon League Champion. Theoretically.

                    For tag battles, it would most likely be more enjoyable to have 2/3 trainers. Rotation battle's simple and can be done by only one trainer... but for Duos and Trios, the least we could provide is a selection for AI settings. Of course, AI could range from smartest to dumbest. (In Mystery dungeon, they had similar stuff going on)... so I suppose there'd be separate "stats" for that... growth, perhaps, flowing along with the skill points system.

                    [FONT="][FONT="]Make attacks deal damage according to the situation as well.

                    - For example, Allow Ice Beam to freeze the ground, making it quite hard to turn/evade for non-ice pokemon passing that area. If you only get grazed* by a Fire Blast, then you should only take a small amount of damage and not the full attack damage itself. Hyperbeam? You can duck or evade it yourself (altho it should now be a spammable attack... do remember the new Stamina costs though).

                    • * Each Attack and Pokemon will have "hitzones" depending on where they are hit, and how they are hit, damage will be calculated.
                    • Counterattacks are considered as the critical attacks. A successful counterattack is when you hit an opponent's head or chest while his attack animation is still on.
                      • A successful CA deals double damage.
                    [FONT="][FONT="]Now for pokemon like Ninjask, or those with the moves like Agility and any others who have the ability to boost one's own speed. Speed will make your pokemon's movement much faster. Turning, evading, runnin. So naturally, a pokemon with low Speed would be very sluggish, while a fast pokemon can move instantly. Of course low speed doesn't mean their attacks are any lower. Earthquake, Magnitude, or even Iron Tail are still pretty darn "no need to be quick" attacks that will hit you nonetheless.

                    Now, for some hits that connect like Head Smash, a pokemon should be sent far back and would need some time to recover. This means that you can't immediately send a thunderbolt after falling down. There will be enough time for opponents to keep their attacks going.

                    Finally, make some attacks like whirlpool, synthesis and flamethrower last as long as they should. If it needs 3 full seconds to create a whirlpool or heal yourself, so be it. This allows vulnerability regardless of what Pokemon a trainer uses. If you manage to evade a flamethrower, then you may have 2 more seconds to approach that pokemon and hit it with your own attack - regardless of that pokemon's speed. Moves don't only have stamina costs, they also have durations on how long they would last or be cast.

                    [/FONT][/FONT][FONT="][FONT="]With these ideas going, we could come up with more creative ways in making moves be affected by the field. Let them bounce, fade, etc. If your Level 10 Iron Tail meets an enemy's Lv2 Focus Punch, then he obviously loses the clash due to your more-powerful attack. Too many to list, and too many to think of for now... but the possibilities are endless! (not to mention how they'd affect pokemon contests) [/FONT][/FONT]

                    Environmental Affinities:


                    Normal: None.

                    Grass: 5% stat boost during Daytime. Photosynthesis should allow them to naturally heal themselves (2.5% of HP gradually -- the rate of generation is tentative, since this is just a game design)

                    Fire: 10% stat boost in volcanoes or any generally heated or humid place. Grass too allows the same boost for only one fire attack. (if they attack a grassy area, it burns and turns into a normal dirt field.) Any fire type with flame body, magma armor, or blaze cannot cross water (the shallow ones, at the least... I mean, not other pokemon cannot surf the open sea as well, but they can cross/swim/tread shallow waters such as rivers and lakes).

                    Water: 10% boosts inlakes, seas, and underwater. Raining is a weather that already affects battles. It shouldn't make further boosts to a pokemon's stats X(

                    Electric: None. But they can take advantage of places where there are metal conductors... such as lamp posts and whatnot. This could allow their attacks to stretch/bounce/whatever. So I guess cities are their best bet.

                    Ice: None. They do not slip on frozen ground (e.g if they use ice beam, the ground it covers becomes frozen)

                    Fighting: Any room found indoors. (10% stat boost)

                    Psychic: None. But they can now use teleport to teleport to any designated area within the battlefield. (Like it is in the anime, takes like 1 second for the "dematerializing(not a word?) state" while lasts 2 seconds for the "materializing state")

                    Dematerializing(not a word) state - the moment when they vanish. Almost instantaneous, and can't be hit.

                    Materializing state - the moment when a pokemon appears. Instantaneous, but the user must concentrate until he fully materializes into his original form. This prevents the spamming use of teleport. Additionally, it allows other players to get attacks ready when the opponents appear. Of course, if it's far enough... then they may or may not reach it depending on the attacks (lightning attacks may travel faster than water/fire attacks)

                    Bug: Forests (10% stat boost)

                    Poison: None. But when there are fellow Poison-type pokemon in the field, they receive 10% stat bonuses and double poison damage.

                    Ground/Rock: Caves, Deserts, Dirt, Mountains. No stat bonus, but Pokemon with Dig can now create holes to use for hiding. It pretty much functions like teleport, but damage opponents as they appear from the ground. Like steel types, waters cannot be crossed (unless with levitate and the likes)

                    Rock attacks have more accuracy and deal more damage in mountains or caves

                    Ground attacks can lower accuracy when used in dirt or deserts.

                    Although Dig has an advantage because it can deal damage, it could only work in the said terrains. Teleport can be used anywhere.

                    Steel Types: None. But they can destroy any terrain not mentioned for Ground/Rock types. This includes frozen ground, and even random rocks placed by Rock Throw or Rock Slide. Water terrains cannot also be crossed (unless the user has levitate or is a psychic type).

                    Note: Other pokemon of course take damage from the said rocks, if they happen to bump in them after being attacked (e.g when an enemy uses double-edge, it can push a pokemon a bit backwards.. depending on weight maybe. If this "push" goes toward a rock, all non-steel type pokemon would receive more damage)

                    Flying/Dragon/Fairy(?): None. Flying alone already has elevation advantage. If this were a 3D game, hitting them with tackle is likely impossible (unless of course your poke can jump high...but let's not talk about jumping yet). Their elevation advantage is already more than enough

                    Dark: 5% stat boost during the night. Pokemon who could learn Moonlight also gain an equivalent of grass type's 2.5% gradual HP regeneration.

                    Ghost: 10% boost in any areas requiring flash or wherever there are graveyards.

                    Overworld notes


                    • Free-roam style. No place is completely blocked off (except for some buildings ofc). This will make progression in the game feel very dynamic.
                    • Some pokemon won't be allowed to be sent out in some locations. E.g fire pokemon in the middle of the ocean, or any non-water type under the ocean. For that matter, Flying types can cross/fight everywhere except for the underwater part. Steel/rock/etc, are stuck on the ground, while some grass, poison and other types may cross shallow waters.
                    • Pokemon "spawn" and "vanish" every now and then -- limiting your wild encounters, or even shiny encounters. I think shinies' chances should be increased for that matter though
                    • Capturing pokemon.... lol no idea. XDDD. Keep the traditional way? The touch screen could still be used the same way, anyway.
                    • In crowded places, to prevent players from being stuck, allow them to "ghost" through others. However, still allow them to interact in ghost mode. The interface and details could be thought up later on.
                    • Secret Bases!
                    • Allow some objects to be destroyed. bad idea, nvm
                    • Rideable pokemon? If it's too much to bother with, forget it.

                    Player Modes and details

                    Single-player mode features:
                    • Story Mode
                    • (post-game) Free-roam throughout the world
                    • Global League (AI-controlled) - After finishing the main story, Pokemon Leagues now only open once every 3 real-world months. Winning one of these allows you to join the next Champion League.
                    • PvP Contests (AI-controlled)
                    • Pokemon World Tournament
                    • Champion League (AI-controlled; once every 4 real-world months). This, however, doesn't earn you any title.

                    Local-Multiplayer Mode:

                    • Map Exploration with friend(s), participate in Duo and Trio battles together!
                    • In-game events (accessible in Online Multiplayer as well)

                    Online-Multiplayer Mode:

                    • Before anything else, there are two servers to choose from when selecting MMO-mode: Private and Global.
                      • Private only allows you to access the official events. (Tournaments, giveaways, etc)
                      • Global, allows you to fully participate in all other MMO-mode features. That includes duo'ing/trio'ing with people on the spot, the Global League, PvP Contests, and the gym battles vs real players.
                    Now, for the rest of the features:
                    • Duo and Trio battles
                    • Overworld exploration with real-time players! However the wild pokemon seen are different per player's screen. This prevents players from snatching that shiny right in front of your eyes.
                    • Global Leagues (again, this only occurs every 3 real-world months)
                    • Player-vs-Player Contests (Weekly, if it meets a 32-person quota)
                    • In-game and Official events. Unlike local connection, there could be giveaways for shinies and such, just like what they're doing now!
                    • Champion League (real players)
                    The Global League Champions and Elite Fours are real players. They CAN be replaced by that month's top players. If they don't show up during the event, they lose ALL of their battles by default.


                    • Registration happens 1 week before the event. The automated system then gives specific locations and times for when their participants should battle and come out on the stage. Like in the anime, participants will be separated into 4 blocks, and the winners in each block become the top 4.
                      • Viewers (or participants whose battles are not up yet) may spectate the battles in both Private and Global servers.
                    • (In each League, ) The top 4 participants, along with their current Elite Four, will battle in a round-robin format. The said 8 participants will be ranked accordingly, and the highest will take the spots for the new Elite Four. The top player among those 8 also gets a chance to battle the current Champion - the loser of that match becomes an Elite Four member, and the winner becomes Champion (this also means that if the current champion doesn’t show up, the top player automatically wins).
                      • In the case that all elite fours and the champion do not show up in the event, there will be only 3 Elite members for the next League, and 1 champion.
                      • In case of a draw, of course, a new tie-breaker will be implemented (another round-robin if there’s a draw between 3 or more participants).
                      • Any participant may also choose to forfeit at ANY time. If it’s one of the top 4 participants, they won’t be replaced by the following 5th or 6th places. Instead, the tournament will go on with only the top 3, plus the elite four --- for a total of 7 players fighting for the next Elite Four spots.
                    • Remember: There will be 6 Leagues to enter, and they can all be found in their respective regions. As long as you have that region’s 8 badges, you are very much welcome to enter.
                      • This region’s new Pokemon League
                      • Johto/Kanto League
                      • Hoenn League
                      • Sinnoh League
                      • Unova League
                      • Kalos League
                    • Champion Leagues are pretty much the same, but only the current Champions may participate and battle it out. If they do not show up in the event, they lose their Champion title. The title “League Master” is then awarded to them, and they will receive additional items/rewards for it.

                    For other non-League tournaments and whatnot

                    ...there will be brackets or benchmarks. For example, pokemon with 600-800 total stat values go to X bracket, those with 800-1200 go to Y bracket, and those with 1200 and above go to Z bracket. This could prevent "overpowered" pokemon from entering the same bracket but still allow fully-evolved and not-fully-evolved pokemon to compete with each other fair and square

                    Basically, the brackets' purpose is to allow pokemon of similar stats fight each other.

                    Now naturally, for strong pokemon like legendaries and dragons, what they can do is increase the stat limit for them. If the actual stat limit is 400 for all pokemon, dragons would be allowed to have up to 500, and legendaries for up to 600. This will allow them to retain their "powerful" reputation in the series. (but still, of course, the 1600 max stat limit still applies)

                    Of course, i'm not saying this is perfect. But at least it would be reasonable and enjoyable enough for a game like this.

                    thank you very much Cryptonix for our previous discussion
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                      PokéKart: ExtremeSpeed

                      Title: PokéKart

                      Platform: Nintendo Wii U and 3DS

                      Genre: Racing/Action-Adventure

                      This is not your typical racing game. There are many features including an actual storyline that coalesces casual gaming and serious gaming. On a lighter note, like the handheld games, your character is a trainer that seeks to reach the top of the pack of trainers, except you are a race kart trainer. Likewise, you will have to obtain 8 badges from the derby kings and derby queens in order to challenge the elite fleet, and claim the title of speedway champion.

                      However, you will experience some bumps on your journey.

                      Team Nitro:

                      The baddies of Pokekart, Team Nitro is an organization that works to inhibit drivers from obtaining success and supercharging the members within their own ranks in order to fix races for lucrative pursuits. Like other evil teams, it is not beneath Team Nitro to cheat, steal pokemon, and take hostages. Aside from other trainers, including the derby queens and kings, in the conventional competitions, Team Flash is determined to set some roadblocks in your plans to become speedway champion once you begin to garner more esteem as a trainer. The leader of team Nitro, Diesel Rhodes, has plans that far exceed the lucrative ones his minions are aware of.


                      You: There are customization features that will enable you the power to craft your own character. You may even customize your Pokemon with some accessories to form a cohesive team.

                      Diesel Rhodes: The CEO of Rhodes Corporation, an oil company, and, covertly, the leader of Team Flash.
                      Team: Steelix, Muk, Crobat, Darkrai
                      Areana: Underworld Arena

                      Before you can combat against him, you must complete a race against other Team Nitro henchmen whom are corrupted derby kings and queens. You can compete against them in a relay race after obtaining the championship title

                      1) Nasia - Poison - Arbok - Eve's Garden
                      2) Carson - Fire - Houndoom - Brimstone Canyon
                      3) Ebony - Dark - Liepard - Witch Hazel Forest
                      4) Core - Ground - Groudon - Perdition Gate

                      Derby Kings and Queens:

                      Each tournament will ask the trainer to compete in 4 races with the derby royalty as well as several other trainers whom specialize in the same type. You must receive the top cumulative score in order to contend in the one-on-one arena battle with the derby queen or king in order to obtain a badge (each of which named after the tournament title). The list of pokemon and courses follow accordingly to the four races. In the arena, each trainer uses the four pokemon that were used in the races; you may only use a single pokemon for one of the four races.

                      Frolic Tournament
                      Town: Pleasant Valley
                      Type: Normal
                      Team: Lillipup, Lopunny, Delcatty, Miltank
                      Course: Pet Park, Garden Patch, Yarn Room, Sweet Creme Meadow
                      Arena: Playground

                      Ignition Tournament
                      Town: Auburn City
                      Type: Fire
                      Team: Numel, Houndoom, Arcanine, Rapidash
                      Courses: Desert Oasis, Brimstone Canyon, Sun Burst Mountain, Wildfire Forest
                      Arena: Volcano Core

                      Afterlife Tournament
                      Town: Cadaverse Town
                      Type: Ghost
                      Courses: Haunted House, Witch Hazel Forest, Pitch-black Cemetary, Forbidden Peak
                      Team: Haunter, Misdreavus, Spiritomb, Froslass
                      Arena: Misty Labyrinth

                      Industrial Tournament
                      Town: Minerstown
                      Type: Steel
                      Course: Jet Stream, Convetor Belt, Toy Factory, Silver Mineshaft
                      Team: Skarmory, Magneton, Klingklang, Excadrill
                      Arena: The Construction Zone

                      Drone Tournament
                      Town: Pollenbloom Village
                      Type: Bug Pokemon
                      Team: Surskit, Volcarona, Scyther, Vespiquen
                      Courses: Skipstone Pond, Desert Volcano, Glass Glade Meadow, Honeytree Forest
                      Arena: The Beehive

                      And more!...

                      The Elite Fleet Relay Race:
                      Aspen, Robin, Elle, Vernon

                      1) Elle: Electric - Lanturn - Dark Glow Ocean
                      2) Robin: Flying - Altaria - Heaven Gate Passage
                      3) Aspen: Psychic - Starmie - Star-Blind Raceway
                      4) Vernon: Dragon - Dialga - The Celestial Expanse

                      The trainer must place first in each race consecutively in order to face the speedway champion in the arena. After defeating him, the trainer will obtain the world championship title.


                      D-pad - Steer
                      A - Accelerate
                      B - Break
                      Z - Item/Move
                      Shake controller - Ramp boost

                      Stats will be similar to Pokealthelon, where the base stats will be loosely based off the handheld games. Each score will be out of five.

                      For instance,
                      HP ☆☆
                      At ☆☆
                      Df ☆☆☆
                      S.A ☆☆☆☆
                      S.D ☆☆☆
                      Spd ☆☆☆☆

                      Additional Stats:

                      HP - Each race and arena battle, pokemon will have an HP bar. In a race, if you hit several traps and other pokemon use attacks on your pokemon you will lose HP. Once HP is fully depleted, there will be a re-spawn period, which allows for the trainer to make repairs to the kart and heal the pokemon, but costs the trainer a good deal of time. In the arena battle, once HP depletes, the pokemon faints. The arena battle ends when one trainer's entire team faints.

                      Both defense stats mark how vulnerable the pokemon is to either physical or special attacks. This also coordinates with the environmental traps. Zapped by lightening, then damage is calculated using the special defense stat. Hit by a gemstone, then the damage is calculated using the defense stat. Same goes for attack and special attack, if you use fire blast, the damage will be calculated by your pokemon's special attack stat.

                      Speed. Just because a pokemon has double the speed of the other, it doesn't mean that the stats in this game will be accordingly. Simply, if a pokemon has a one star and another has a two star stat. The acceleration and top speed will be slightly better in the latter rather than double the rate.

                      Like the handheld games, Pokemon can gain experience and evolve from winning races and battles. This will allow the player to increase stats and diversify the pokemon's moveset.

                      Each pokemon will have a moveset of four different moves. Each item may be used once obtaining an pokeball, that serves as the equivelent to the item blocks in Mario Kart, which will randomly select a move for the pokemon to use from his moveset.

                      These itemblocks don't just include one of the pokemon's four moves. They may also contain potions, berries, temporary stat modifiers, and even, yes, actual pokeballs.

                      Capturing Pokemon:
                      The pokeballs may be thrown at wild pokemon that are present in most race courses. Given that most of the courses are lapped, you may also attack wild pokemon, lower their HP, and save a pokeball to capture them the next lap around. Note: you may only keep captured pokemon if you place in the top three of that particular race.

                      Attacks from each pokemon's arsenal will also very in effectiveness depending upon the opponent's typing whether it is X4 damage or non-effective.

                      Purchasable Upgrades:
                      - TM's
                      - Evolutionary Stones
                      - Some Pokemon
                      - Held Items
                      - Pokemon Accessories
                      - Character Accessories

                      Kart Types:
                      Motor Bikes
                      Cycling Bikes
                      Hover Crafts
                      Space Crafts

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                        Name: Holomentos: Darkness Rising
                        Platform: PC (Game Boy Advance if made as a hack)
                        Genre: Adventure RPG
                        Story and characters:
                        Danny, a 16 year old boy from Alterniville, and his childhood friend, Jessica, embark on a journey throughout the world of Holomentos. Their goal is to defeat Nekros, a mad scientist who has fused himself with a dark and powerful Holomentos. On their journey Danny must fight and capture as many Holomentos as possible in order to put a stop to Nekros. However, the Holomentos Must Choose HIM!!!
                        Danny - This is the playable protagonist of the story. He has lived with both his parents for his whole life until his teacher, Mr. Sol, recognizes his skills of battling and handling Holomentos and sends him on this quest.
                        Jessica - This is the nonplayable protagonist. She has also lived her whole life with her family until Mr. Sol recognizes her genuine want to help others.
                        Nekros - This is the main antagonist who wishes to rule the world by force by fusing himself with a previously unknown and dark Holomentos. He does obtain his goal but is thwarted by Danny and his new friend Lun Chi.
                        Lun Chi - This is the most powerful Holomentos known to man. He controls the power of light.
                        Gameplay: Single Player, Unlike in traditional Pokémon games there is no league making this game primarily story driven, brand new country (no regions in this world), all creatures are new (not really Fakemon but a new grouping entirely called Holomentos).
                        Current Challenges

                        Ultimate Solo Challenge: Shuppet->Banette
                        FR: 1/8 HG: 0/8 Ruby: 0/8 Diamond: 0/8 Black 2: 0/8Y: 0/8
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                        Name: Pokémon Mini Mobile
                        Platform: Smartphone/Tablet
                        Genre: Party
                        Story and characters: The game has no story and is a series of minigames, with their own starring characters.

                        Similar to the original Pokémon Mini, Pokémon Mobile Mini is an app, split up into 25 different minigames, with the option of purchasing restored versions of the original Pokémon games. Some of the new minigames include a hide and seek game, starring a Skitty trying to find other Pokémon hiding, such as Sudowoodo, Roselia, Lotad, etc. Another mini game is a scavenger hunt game starring Spinda, Poliwhirl and a few other Pokémon. The goal of the game is to find Pokémon and items from riddles given to you at the start.

                        All the minigames have a leader board that can be updated online and can be compared to the world and friends. Some games include a local on online multiplayer function. The games are designed to be quick and fun to play by one's self or with friends.
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                        I've tried my best to come up with something interesting, and here's the result:
                        Name: Pokémon Lunar/ Solar Versions
                        Platform: Primarily 3DS games, although the Wii U would allow players to upload their Pokémon to a special app, in which players can train their Pokémon on the big screen, and battle with other players.
                        Genre: RPG.
                        Story and characters: Pokémon Solar takes place in the region of Soleil (which means sun in French). Soleil is usually a very peaceful region, although recently this villainous group who call themselves Team Sol. They believe that perpetual day would be fantastic, and so their ultimate goal is to control time itself, with the Time Sphere, found in the ancient Lunar Ruins. It's up to the player to stop them from fulfilling their evil goals. Pokémon Lunar, on the other hand, takes place in the Lune (again, meaning moon in French) region. The main problem here is with a nefarious group that call themselves Team Luna. They believe that getting rid of the sun and plunging the world into darkness would benefit people. They would fulfil their ambitions using the legendary water Pokémon, Soakarr. This mythical Pokémon is said to have the power to douse the sun, if its powers were used for evil. Again, the player's goal is to stop Team Luna carrying out their ambitions. Both regions/games share the same professor, Professor Meteor (close to the French word for weather, météo). This person will give the player one of six Pokémon, of which they can select one. Two rivals, both named by the player, will pick the other two Pokémon. These three trainers will eventually defeat the group (dependant on the game the player has) and save the world.
                        Gameplay: The game plays similarly to other Pokémon titles. However, full co-op play will be involved, so that people with one game can visit the other region for some exploration.

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                          Name: Pokemon Survivor

                          Platform: Home Console:

                          Genre: Adventure / Puzzle
                          Story: Bare Bones Survival. You are stranded in a level and have to find the exit before time runs out.

                          The player is stranded in a dessert and must escape within a time limit to win the game. He can only choose 1 pokemon to complete his journey. There would be 10 or so pokemon to choose from. Each pokemon would be as different from the other choices as possible in size, strength, and abilities.

                          You have to collect food to stay alive in addition to a hard time limit. Your pokemon is used to fight or forage for food. You control the pokemon and the trainer pretend to give you commands as you impute them in the controller. The pokemon and trainer have an HP bar. Even if you control the pokemon, both must stay alive.

                          The game would be comparable to Luigi's Mansion. A kind of game not meant to be long. It is meant to be shorter and replayed so you can do better each time. Replaying it to use different pokemon to solve puzzles in different ways.

                          There could be a desert level, a jungle level, a mountain / cave level.
                          The available pokemon would be Aggron, Jumpluff, Donphan, Primeape, Pikachu, Poliwhirl, Abra, Heracross, maybe up to 10 different choices. Or 1 of each 18 Types. But 18 sound like a lot. 10 sounds better.

                          Imagine being traped in a dessert with nothing but your trusted pal, Aggron. He protects you as you search for food and a way home. He stand infront of you, protecting you from sandstorms. (the player would be controlling the pokemon mostly. It might be possible to switch between them, but the focus would be on the pokemon exploring and solving puzzles.
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                          This was an idea I thought of a while back.

                          Title: Pokemon Roaring Heart
                          Platform: 3DS
                          Genre: Action-Adventure/RPG


                          Back Story:

                          The setting of Roaring Heart is that it takes place in a large crude circular shaped continent called Allania. Allania is special due to the fact that no humans inhabit the island, as Pokemon are it's only inhabitants (similar to Mystery Dungeon.)

                          To govern Allania, the Pokemon have created five Kingdoms to govern a specified region of Allania. To the North is the kingdom, Umbralos, ruled by Tyranitar. To the East is the kingdom, Wilderspark, ruled by Electivire. To the South is the kingdom, Dracunia, ruled by Salamence. To the West is the kingdom, Fontaina, ruled by Empoleon. And finally, in the center of Allania lies the last kingdom, Diversita, ruled by Alakazam.

                          Initially, when the kingdoms were formed a treaty of peace was formulated that decreed that there would only be positive interactions amongst the kingdoms, in theory, a united kingdom. Unfortunately, this treaty would not last as Umbralos decided to siege an attack against Wilderspark and Fontaina. This attack would lead to hostile relations towards Umbralos, however that's not the only thing that occurred, due to Umbralos' sudden betrayal, the five kingdoms became wary of each other and dissolved any public relations with each other. Thus, the once united kingdom became a sea of war as the five kingdoms would clash against one another.

                          Main Story:

                          The story begins with the protagonist (male or female) being sent to Allania, more specifically the continent Diversita through a mysterious dimensional portal through the sky as a human (not like Mystery Dungeon where you become a pokemon). When the protagonist arrives, they're encountered by a talking Pikachu that can be understood through human speech. Pikachu finds that the protagonist existence itself is a bit mysterious in Allania, and eventually takes the protagonist to see the leader of Diversita, Alakazam, to sort out the situation.

                          Alakazam is given the situation and agrees to spend resources to research a method to send the protagonist back to their home world, but not without a price. Alakazam recalls a prophecy that states "When the world is in turmoil, the hero of the unknown shall expel the turmoil, and lead the world to a new era of peace." Alakazam believes that hero is the protagonist. The protagonist naturally agrees to be that hero that will usher an era of peace, and thus becomes the ambassador of peace of Diversita in hopes to repair the relations between the five kingdoms.

                          The protagonist embarks on a journey throughout Allania, with Pikachu as their partner in hopes to restore the relations between the five kingdoms, and let Allania become a united kingdom once more. The protagonist will traverse many dungeons, battle many foes, recruit many allies, and learn the dark secrets that Allania may contain. The main story will end with the protagonist uniting all of Allania, by defeating the king of Umbralos, Tyranitar.

                          Post Game:

                          Post game is essentially full of side stories that deal with legendary pokemon (due to the fact that no legendary pokemon appears in the main story) that the player can accomplish, that allows them recruit and battle legendary pokemon.

                          An example of one of the side stories is the Regi's side story. The Regi's story will deal with Regigigas reawakening from it's slumber along with it's loyal followers (Regice, Regirock, Registeel) after hundreds of years. Regigigas declares war against the newly-united kingdom of Allania, as Regigigas who was once the king of all of Allania, seeks to reclaim it's title once more, since in the past he was sealed by an army of pokemon rebelling against Regigigas. As a result the protagonist must subdue the original king of Allania, Regigigas.

                          All legendary pokemon will be given side stories, with the exception of any legendaries belonging to a trio will clumped together with that trio for one side-story. But when the player finishes every single side-story, they will unlock one final side-story that will detail the protagonist's return to their own world. In other words, finishing all the side stories will lead you to the true ending of Roaring Heart.




                          The game will use an overhead style of view, the same found in the regular series and Mystery Dungeon series.


                          Unlike the grid style movement in the regular and Mystery Dungeon series, Roaring Heart uses an 8-directional style of movement like Pokemon Ranger.


                          So you play a human, how are you supposed to fight? Well, in Roaring Heart, the game uses something similar like the pokemon that follows you around in HG/SS. You control the protagonist, but alongside you is a pokemon that attacks for you.

                          Unlike in Pokemon where you have six pokemon in your party, in Roaring Heart you only have three pokemon present on you. In combat, you can immediately switch from any one of the three Pokemon in an instant to change your weaknesses, resistance, and moves. Also, whatever Pokemon you currently have equipped (or following) you inherit it's weaknesses and resistances. So for example, I have Pikachu following me, I will be susceptible to ground type attacks, but I can instantly switch to Swellow, now I'm immune to ground types but susceptible to electric type moves (similar to the Persona series system of Persona having weaknesses and resistances and you inherit them for whatever Persona you have equipped.)

                          The game's combat is real-time, so something more akin to Kingdom Hearts. The options in combat are "Attack" which is an generic attack with no elemental type that the pokemon launches (similar to the regular attack option in Mystery Dungeon). Your other options in combat are the four moves the pokemon you currently have equipped knows. How you use your pokemon moves is similar to Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Command Deck system, you scroll through a menu and select your desired attack. Just like the Command Deck, your moves have limited uses (or like in Pokemon, the PP system) and when you expend your uses for that move, the move is set on cooldown (similar to MMORPGS) for around 5-20 seconds before they can be used again, depending on the move. For example, low-level move like Tackle can be used 10 times before being put on cooldown for 5 seconds, in comparison to a high-level move like HyperBeam that can only be used once before being put on cooldown for 15 seconds.

                          Mechanically, critical hit work the same as in the regular pokemon games except your generic "Attack" command can not cause a critical hit. However, in Roaring Heart, you are actually able to ensure a critical hit. Whenever you use a pokemon move (i.e Quick Attack, String Shot, etc.) your pokemon will briefly spark a yellow glow, and if you time it correctly by pressing L or R at the same time of the glow, you will switch to one the three pokemon you have in your party that will come lunging out attacking. With your new pokemon out, they will be glowing with a teal glow, indicating that their next attack will be a critical for one attack. After doing a pokemon move, the teal glow will disappear and your moves will critical normally by percentage, however you can rinse-and-repeat the process to ensure a critical hit.

                          You can also equipped up to 5 items that will be situated on to the touchscreen (i.e potions, oran berries, full restores, etc.) that you can use instantly in combat.

                          There is also a lock-on system in this game to help you aim some of the more difficult moves like Flamethrower or Ice Beam, as they travel in a straight line.

                          Also, you have a dodge roll in this game. Overall, the battle system for Roaring Hearts is very similar to Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep except in an overhead perspective.


                          Since the 3DS is the main platform for Roaring Hearts, I will briefly go over the controls.

                          Circle Pad = Movement for the protagonist.
                          D-Pad = Scrolling through the menu for selecting one of your four moves for the pokemon currently out in battle.
                          Start = To pause the game when in combat, or bring up the menu screen when not in combat.
                          A = Attack/Talk
                          B = Dodge Roll
                          Y = One of the four pokemon moves currently selected.
                          X = Lock-on.
                          L = Switching to one of your three pokemon.
                          R = Switching to one of your three pokemon.
                          Touch screen = Will have the five items that you currently have equipped, on the screen as icons that you can tap to activate.

                          Leveling Up

                          Leveling up works the same as in the regular pokemon series with level 100 being the stopping point. However, one thing that changes is the EV system. Now it works much like a regular RPG with skill points to allocate to your stats, so each pokemon will give one EV point that you can allocate to any one of your stats of your choosing. But you still need 4 EV points in a stat to raise it's value. IV work the same, just now it's viewable. Evolving functions relatively the same as the regular pokemon series, once you reach the required level, your pokemon can evolve. However, some pokemon like Pikachu and a few other plot relevant pokemon that join your party, can not evolve until you reach a certain part of the story.


                          Roaring Heart's overworld is similar to the regular pokemon games and the Legend of Zelda games. You traverse through many areas that are connected to each other and entering dungeons to continue in the game's story. You will encounter towns, monuments, or even large cities throughout the game. In addition, many of the areas are elemental themed (i.e water area, fire area, grass area, cave areas, ice area, etc) depending on the kingdom you're currently visiting. Eventually, you do gain access a way to fast-travel to cities and towns in an instant.


                          The first time you visit a dungeon in Roaring Heart, is similar to the regular pokemon series and Legend of Zelda series, in that it's a large dungeon with puzzles to solve and enemies scattered around to defeat. However, the second and next subsequent times you visit the dungeon, you are given an option to randomize the dungeon. Meaning that you will crawl through 10-30 floors (depending on the dungeon.) of the dungeon full of traps, items, and pokemon to defeat (similar to the Mystery Dungeon series.)

                          Recruiting Pokemon:

                          Pokemon are recruited by defeating them, or by holding a special item while defeating them, and other conditions of the sort. You can swap out pokemon in your party for different pokemon by talking to an Abra that will be present in all of the towns, cities, and dungeons.

                          PVP Arena:

                          Like any of the regular pokemon games, fighting against other opponents is sometimes the thrill of the game, Roaring Heart is no different. The multiplayers modes in Roaring Heart are 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or capture the flag. You bring your best three pokemon and clash off against other players in these various multiplayers mode.
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                          Here's a WIP idea I've had in my head for like, the last forever.

                          Name: Pokémon: Chronicles of Time & Pokémon: Chronicles of Space (The differences between the two are storywise, but the changes are only minimal. Both follow the relative storyline outlined below.)
                          Genre: RPG

                          The game begins in the world of Kryn (Cry-n), with the main protagonist at home. All the kids play with their Pokémon in the parks nearby, and all is totally fine. One day, a scientific breakthrough is announced on TV, and it's detailing that "The future is now!" and that they have access to "The ultimate power source" to make such science reality. As more and more breakthroughs are being detailed by these scientists, they begin to have some power and influence in the world, as well as on the region's president. One particular day, the president gets booted out of office for almost no apparent reason, only for these scientists to emerge. Everyone thought nothing of it, as the media was sent on some wild goose chase as to a reason for his ousting. But from there, things only begin to go downhill. Schools are closed, curfews are placed on the citizens, and harsh penalties result for those that break rules. Fear and confusion soon settle in.

                          Then the game turns over to you. The game begins with you walking down the street, an hour and a half away from curfew. As you walk, you catch the attention of a man who peeks from side to side, then darts off into a dark alley. At first, you think nothing of it, then you get curious, and decide to pursue him. You follow him through dark alleys and abandoned markets until he carefully opens a door and walks in, only to close it behind him. And with no options, you turn around and a shaded man hits you in the head, to which you hit the floor. Real fast.

                          You come to in a small room, bound to a chair. And a man is sitting in a chair in front of you, facing you. He doesn't ask you any questions, however, a TV is wheeled into the room by an assistant. Only then, does he ask you what you were doing. After answering, he seems somewhat satisfied by what you had to say. Then, he turns the TV on. He pops a cassette into the attached VCR and the screen comes to life with video and sound. It takes a minute to register, but you then realize that all the disasters you see on screen were natural disasters. And the Government never disclosed them to the citizens of the capital. The man then mentions that all the technological "breakthroughs" are causing these disasters, and that not everything is as it seems. Compelled to find the truth, you set on an adventure with this revolt group, spanning the globe, to find out that not only are these disasters related to the science, but they've also set off a countdown of immense proportions that nobody would see coming.

                          • Kraus
                            Kraus is the main protagonist in these games, and is highly curious and observant of his surroundings. He once lived in a wealthy family, but after the president's ousting, the new governmental laws drained them of their wealth. They now live together with 3 other families under the same roof to make ends meet. However, after he learns of the events of the world the government is keeping from him, his family, and his country, and his decision to go and fight regardless of the fact that nobody knew where he was or what he was doing, everyone then thought of him to be either missing or dead.
                          • Richter
                            Richter is a long-lost childhood friend of Kraus'. He was presumed dead, but turns out that he was one of the founders of the revolt group. After learning of Kraus' arrival and his willingness to fight for their cause, he decides to step away from his position to travel with Kraus and fight.
                          • Scott
                            Scott, a middle-aged man is a man that Kraus and Richter meet along their journey. He becomes their eyes and ears on the government events while they're travelling, keeping in contact with a cellular device that Scott enlists to the two heroes. Scott even risks his life by entering the city once undercover to get a vital piece of information.
                          • Agent Lukka
                            Agent Lukka is a man working for the Government, and has been assigned to follow up on the revolt group. After learning that people managed to leave the city, he gets hot on their tails, to which he looses them. He makes it their mission to stop Kraus and Richter no matter what the cost. His eyes and ears extend beyond the capital though, with people stationed all over that keep an eye out for the two heroes, therefore he never has far to go before he finds them. Smart, agile, and able to think on the fly, he will certainly put a damper on Kraus and Richter's efforts.
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                          Name: Pokemon: Rolling Adventure
                          Platform: Tabletop
                          Genre: Racing board game
                          Story and characters: You are the characters! You have to make your way through the region, defeat Gym Leaders and the Elite Four to become the new champion! (The story is just the normal main series game in a simplified board game format.)

                          Gameplay: This is a simple race to the finish board game that involves cards and dice. Gameplay is pretty simple and mostly comes down to luck. Players take turns rolling the die and advancing along the board, encountering obstacles in the form of Gym and Elite Four battles on certain spaces of the board. A deck of Pokemon cards helps players pass through these obstacles more easily. Here is a mockup of the rules:

                          Game pieces: 1 Game Board, 4 Player Tokens, 40 Pokemon Cards, 1 6-sided die.

                          Set up: Lay out the board. Shuffle the Pokemon Cards and place them in a deck, face-down. Deal one card to each player. Players may keep their cards secret if they wish. Each player places their Player Token on the Start space.

                          How to play: Roll the die to determine who goes first. The first player rolls the die and moves their Token forward that number of spaces.

                          If your Token lands on an empty space, nothing happens and your turn ends.

                          If your Token lands on a Pokeball space roll the die. If you roll a 1, 2, 3, or 4 you may draw a Pokemon Card. You can keep the card secret if you want to. If you roll a 5 or 6 then nothing happens and your turn ends. Every player may have up to 6 Pokemon Cards. If a player already has six Cards and lands on a Pokeball space, nothing happens and the player's turn ends.


                          If your Token lands on a Gym space, stop and don't move the token forward any further. You are now challenging the Gym. Place one of your Pokemon cards on the table where everyone can see it. Roll the die once. If you roll a 5 or 6 you have defeated the Gym and may continue normally on your next turn. If your Pokemon card has a type that matches one of the Super Effective Types listed by the Gym you are challenging then you defeat the Gym if you roll a 4, 5, or 6. If you do not defeat the gym you must move your Token backwards a number of spaces equal to the die number you rolled. If your token lands on a Pokeball space after loosing a to a Gym you may attempt to draw a Pokemon Card before your turn ends.

                          The Elite Four

                          If your Token lands on the Indigo Plateau space, stop and don't move the token forward any further. You are now challenging the Elite Four. Move your Token to the first Elite Four space and treat it like a Gym space by placing one of your Pokemon cards on the table where everyone can see it and rolling the die once, taking the Super Effective Types into consideration. If you win, move your Token forward one space to the next Elite Four and repeat the process. If you lose a roll, instead of moving backwards keep your Token where it is and place a second Pokemon Card on top of the first Pokemon card you placed down. Roll the die again, taking the new Card's Super Effective Types into consideration. If you win, move your Token forward to the next Elite Four. Repeat the process of replacing Pokemon cards or advancing along the board until you have no more Pokemon Cards or you have advanced your Token to the Champion space. If you run out of Pokemon Cards before you reach the Champion space then move your token back to the Indigo Plateau space. Your turn ends. If you reach the Champion space then congratulations! You've won and become the new Pokemon Champion!

                          Optional Rule!

                          If you land on a space (other than Start, a Gym space, an Elite Four space, or the Indigo Plateau space) occupied by another player ignore normal rules for that space. You're having a Pokemon Battle instead. Both players roll the die. The player with the lower roll moves backward to the previous Gym space or Start.

                          Here is a quick mockup of what the board and cards could look like:


                          *I found the images for the types floating around the internet. I didn't make those.
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                          This is a disclosed idea for a project I had way long ago when I was a ROM hacker.

                          Name: Pokémon: Azure Melody

                          Platform: A handheld console

                          Genre: Turn-based RPG


                          This game takes place a few years after the events of Generation IV, most likely before the events of Generation V.

                          You play as Orpheus*, a Pokémon trainer in his late teens who lives in a small town near the Battle Zone sub-region of Sinnoh. A few months prior to the start of the game, he had lost his long-term girlfriend, Eurydice, who got trapped in Darkrai's Dark Void. For a long time he'd searched for Cresselia, just so she could drop her lunar wing. After it proved futile, Orpheus was trapped in solitude, searching for others ways to awaken his lost love. He finally found his way: revive the legendary god-Pokémon, Arceus, who has dominion over all Pokémon. Researching many legends and myths, he realized that the only way to revive it was to play its ancient melody with the long-lost Azure Flute. Orpheus finally decides to set on an adventure to search for the Flute.

                          With your only Pokémon, a Kricketune, you must venture throughout the Sinnoh region and meet new faces and familiar faces alike. When reaching Celestic Town, Cynthia (oblivious of your ambitions) tells you of the Champion and their encounters with the ancient legendaries at Spear Pillar. Realizing that the Champion never leaves the Lily of the Valley Island (home of the Elite Four), you set out to beat all the Gym Leaders of the Sinnoh League in order to meet this famous hero. Throughout your journey, you encounter your rival, Darkrai himself, who randomly attacks you on your pursuit. There is also evil brewing... Team Galactic is back, led by their new boss, Saturn. When you realize that their goal is to revive Arceus also, will you give in to your desperation and join this violent team just to meet with your love once again?

                          *I don't know if any of you guys know the Greek myth of Orpheus & Eurydice, do you? If you read it you'll see the connections from my story. Orpheus was a musician who opened up a path to the Underworld with the power of music, and my Orpheus plays the Azure Flute to open up a path to the Hall of Origin; Hades/Arceus grants him the power to bring back his beloved.


                          • Orpheus: The main protagonist
                          • Eurydice: The victim of the conflict
                          • Darkrai: Rival/antagonist/cause of the conflict
                          • Arceus: The solution to the conflict
                          • Cynthia: The deuteragonist
                          • Champion*: The path to the solution
                          • Saturn: The secondary supporting antagonist
                          *Either Lucas or Dawn, I never decided

                          Gameplay: Just like the other original handheld games, you play in a single-player mode throughout the whole story. Combat, controls, gameplay, and movement are all the same too.
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                            The Pokémon Game Design Contest has now ended.

                            Thanks to everyone for entering. We'll be announcing the winners soon.
                            Go to the Pokémon Essentials Wiki

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                              'Soon' he says.

                              I cannot wait DX
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                                ^ Ikr? I think this is the last event that I've entered that I don't know about DX Then again, didn't enter very many.... XD
                                Old July 15th, 2013 (4:41 AM).
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                                  Ugh, I just wanna stick it in Varion's face already! He wouldn't have entered if I hadn't bragged about the competition to him...
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                                    Damn it's over. Was about to sumbit one where you play the criminals (Team Galactic and whatnot)
                                    Old July 17th, 2013 (6:23 PM).
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                                      Okay its been a week from today since this ended. Come on and give us some answers please.
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