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Survey Favorite Fakemon Hacks?

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Old December 3rd, 2013 (8:47 PM).
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I've actually only played a few fakemon hacks but so far I've loved pokemon Sienna.
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Old December 6th, 2013 (9:41 AM).
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Has anyone fully translated Pokemon Vega yet? Game looks sick from what I've seen

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Old December 10th, 2013 (3:03 AM).
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Light Platinum
The best hack ever
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Old December 11th, 2013 (4:49 AM).
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If is a game with fakemon, I would simply say Pokémon Vega. Normally, I don't really enjoy with fakemons in a whole Pokédex, but putting a small nummer of fakemons like in Ruby Destiny is okay.

But Vega is very different. Most of the fakemon looks nice, I liked the starters (especially the grass starters, they are cute) and the legendaries (they look majestic). Even it's Japenese, I have enjoyed the story and the many twists. The music was very good and fits the atmosphere und the region was really snowy. Team Dark Hole (D. H. for short) is a cool villain team and have very good battle themes. Some of the puzzles are, however, very difficult.

The same is with the predecssors and the successors, but I'm not thinking playing Altair/Sirius. I have tried Procyon/Deneb and they have a even better tileset. But again the battles are very difficult, so this ones are a worthly challenge.
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Old December 11th, 2013 (6:30 PM).
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When it comes to story line and event, I think Light Platinum and Victory Fire are the Best. Specially Victory Fire as it has Mega-Evolution in it. Besides those, Pokemon Ash Gray, Pokemon Shiny Gold or Pokemon Liquid Crystal and Pokemon Glazed version are pretty awesome hacks.
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Old January 1st, 2015 (3:50 PM).
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However, Pokemon Vega is quite challenging Especially the Gym Leaders even the first one was unexpectedly hard. I beat her with a Level 20 Faima and a Level 20 Freelulu because Grinding. Trust me everybody, If you don't mind with the Grindfest of this game, You'll enjoy the Best Fakemon hack ever. But it's hard as one of the challanging hack of other pokemon games such as Pokemon Omega Fire Red, Blaze Black, Volt White, and etc.
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Old January 11th, 2015 (9:23 AM).
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Kind of off-topic, but I tend to not like finding fakemon in the wild. I like them if they're legendaries, or even starters if done well, but honestly I want to know exactly what I'm getting when I go out into the tall grass. ROM hacks with awesome fake legendaries but vanilla wild pokemon are my favourite.

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