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Did you ever use strategy in your Pokemon Playthoughs?

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Old September 3rd, 2013 (3:13 PM).
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Well, I remember when I played Crystal and I entered MT.Moon. I captured the first Clefairy I saw and used the first Moon Stone I obtanied on it. It was like level 10 With Sing, Attract, Doubleslap and a move I didn't remember. I saw how easy was defeating Pokémons after sleeping him with sing, but Clefairy was so weak and I replaced it for a Poliwhirl (Hipnosis, Ice Wind, Surf, Headbutt).
So my main strategy was Sleeping the oponent and then using strong attacks.
I think my strategy hasn't changed a lot...
Well, In double battles I often use the combo Belly Drum and Heal Pulse to maximize a Pokémons attack. If the oponent don't kill it fast, the Pokémon becomes a really 1-hit Killer.
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Old September 3rd, 2013 (5:48 PM).
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My "strategy" takes types and abilities into consideration. Except when I face something I've never seen before, or something with an ability that nullifies my usual tactics. Then I just try until something works.

Doesn't work when an opponent uses an unexpected move though (psychic or ghost types with fighting type moves, anyone?).

It also involves items and healing and switching when needed. But if I have Future Sight/Doom Desire and Wish, I will spam them in this order: Future Sight/Doom Desire, Wish, any move (and that's when the damage + auto-heal takes effect).
What would I like to see in the future? A few things, actually.
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2) A demake of Heart Gold / Soul Silver. Possibly using Fire Red as a base.
3) An official Pokémon game, following the standard "gotta catch 'em all" format, but aimed more at the older players.
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Old September 5th, 2013 (9:53 PM).
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I always keep a couple of strategic Pokémon on my team because you never know when you're going to need them. It may be easy to defeat one gym leader, but the next gym leader could be much, much harder, which would require you to have a good strategy to fall back on. d:

In Pokémon Black, I used to have a Breloom with Spore, Leech Seed, Substitute, and Focus Punch. Spore was there to put your opponent's Pokémon into sleep and give you enough time to set up Leech Seed and Substitute. When everything was ready, you were able to Focus Punch your way to victory. In Platinum, I used to have a Togekiss, which was there to take advantage of its Serene Grace ability and make your opponent constantly flinch with Air Slash.
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Old September 5th, 2013 (10:28 PM).
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I never really had much strategy except moves that cover each Pokemon's individual weaknesses. No helping moves like Attract and Toxic either, save for Quiver Dance on Volcarona. I just use straight out brute strength coupled with type matchups to take down each and every opponent's Pokemon. Works like a charm every time.
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