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View Poll Results: Birds or beasts!
Bird trio of Kanto 18 50.00%
Beast trio of Johto 18 50.00%
Voters: 36. You may not vote on this poll

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Old August 21st, 2013 (8:14 PM).
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I prefer the beasts. Mostly for their story, how they tie into the history of Johto, adding more depth to the world. They have that mystery behind them. Plus, their designs are pretty great.

Although Articuno is pretty. I'll give it that. It's just that all three of the beasts interest me compared to only one bird.

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Old August 21st, 2013 (8:34 PM).
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I prefer The Johto Beast. They look better, and I don't really like Birds.

Old August 21st, 2013 (8:34 PM).
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I am only a fan of Articuno as far as the birds go. It is beautiful and elegant and expresses ice in a more nuanced fashion. Also, just look at all of their tails, Articuno's is gorgeous, the others are just...there. Moltres, is just blah to me. It's just so literal, I am a fire-bird. Zapdos, I just feel ambivalent about it. It's just a bunch of generic lightening zigzags that form a bird. Though I prefer the beast, I did enjoy the Pokemon: 2000 better! But I would only attribute that enjoyment to Articuno and Lugia.

Suicune is just beautiful. Arguably one of my favorite Legendary's along with Cresselia, Mew, Reshiram, and Virizion. With flowing wisps, diamond accents, purple head piece and cape, it should equal a messy disaster, but Suicune looks flawless and tranquil. Entei is also a great pokemon, but he's not as perfected like Suicune, though I still love the handle-bar mustache, yellow crown, and red facial features against his brown coat. I am not terribly fond of Raikou, nor am I totally off put by it. The purple cape, blue tail, and grey face fur clash with the beautiful stripes, blue whiskers/gray headplate, and fangs. It doesn't feel cohesive. As a trio, the beasts seem better designed.
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Old August 26th, 2013 (3:45 PM).
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I went with the birds because collectively, I like that trio more than the entire beast trio. (I just love Raikou and don't really care for Entei/Suicune). Articuno & Zapdos are two of my favorite Pokemon ever, and Raikou is literally top 5 all time.
Old August 27th, 2013 (2:44 AM).
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Beast or Buzzard... beasts! They are just so awesome and the design usually rules all! Birds are fine but in the end, riding Entei would be better then riding Zapdos.
Old September 5th, 2013 (8:02 PM).
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On the whole, I prefer the designs of the Beasts over those of the Birds. I love Articuno but I think Moltres is really ugly and I've never been a fan of the black part of Zapdos's wings. When it comes to the Beasts, though, the only part of any of their designs that I dislike is that little dangling thingy under Suicune's chin. Aside from that, I think all of them look really interesting and cool.
Old September 6th, 2013 (10:35 AM).
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BIRDS. The only dog I like is suicune. the others are meh. But I jsut love th birds. especially the pheonix moltres. plus I like them for nostalgic reasons too lol finally I pick birds cuz I dontl like dogs to begin with.
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