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Chapter 75
“Hey, Bi!” Shock greeted as the both of us reached our friends and the two legendary Pokémon.

Celebi was floating. She turned around and smiled at him. “Oh! There you two are! Hi, Shockie!”

Shock's ear twitched as he mumbled quietly.

Bi then smiled at me. “Hello, future mate!”

“You'll be charcoal if you say that again,” I grinned after I noticed Vixie's eye twitched from Bi's greeting.

Bi blinked, her smile gone. She didn't get it. Maybe she doesn't know yet.

I shook my head. “Never mind.” I then smiled hopefully at her. “So... Any news from Arceus?”

She suddenly huffed in anger as she floated and sat on Vixie's back, her arms crossed. “I tried, I really did, but he's!”

My smile and two ears drooped.

“Arceus is just busy, Bi,” Darkrai said, trying to calm the small green fairy thing.

“He's an old meanie! That's what he is!”

Darkrai sighed as he rubbed his head with one hand. He then turned to me. “Jay, right?”

I nodded, suddenly remembering about the topic of our first meeting. “Yeah. So, any news about the evolution problem?”

“Well,” he scratched his head. It's really, really freaking weird to see Darkrai acting like...that.

I noticed that my friends were already eating the berries that Shock and I brought. I waved a paw at them. “What some berries?”

Darkrai just calmly shook his head. “No thanks.” He then blinked at me. “I'd be honest. I've been curious as to what those taste like, but...” he then put a hand on where a mouth should have been.

My drooped ears drooped some more. “Oh, uh...s-sorry...”

“Jay,” Vixie called. “Bi just told us something about Krystal.”

“Oh?” I blinked at her. “Let's hear it, then.”

“Allow me,” Darkrai landed on the ground, the base of this floating shadowy body-thingy suddenly pushed out two pairs of thin black legs, and it was creepy to have seen it. “Krystal and her frie—”

“Krysie and her friends went to that biiig big old mountain where deep underground is where the evolution gem is located and Mew was there too and they found out that Krysie was the Espeon that came with the Umbreon that made the evolution gem go wonky and Krysie tried to escape but they managed to stop her and now they are questioning her about the Umbreon she called Shadow!”

...if a pair of blank eyes could burn, all of our eyes would have turned Fay into ashes by now. How she said all of those words in one breath was beyond understanding. And oh, she just went back to eating berries.

“R-r-right...” Darkrai stammered. “What she just said.”

Bi chuckled. “Never change, Fay.”

I shook my head to snap myself back. “O-okay, so wait...” I turned back to Darkrai. “Krystal's also a human, like me! How could an Espeon if she was turned into an Eevee like me?”

“Like you...” Darkrai echoed, staring at me. “Hm...”

I arched him an eyebrow. “What? So, I'm the Umbreon of the story, too?”

“...maybe?” Darkrai shook his head. “I wouldn't know.”

I sighed. “Well, if I am, then that might explain how I could evolve and devolve...”

“Really?” Darkrai and Celebi asked at the same time.

“Yep,” Shock answered. “I've seen it, but I still couldn't believe it.”

“We've seen it!” Fay chirped.

“I've only seen him turn back to an Eevee from being a Flareon,” Vixie smiled at me, and went back to eating as I rolled my eyes at her.

“Oh yeah,” Fay nodded. “You were inside a Pokéball almost the entire time.”

“W-what?!” Bi suddenly gasped, clasping Vixie's cheeks with both her hands and pulled the Vulpix's face closer to hers in a panic. “You've been caught?! When?! How?! Where's your human trainer?!”

A vine pulled Bi away from the choking Vulpix. Shock and Fay helped Vixie out as Saur told Bi about what happened.

I smirked at how silly the scene was. After a few moments, I turned back to Darkrai, who was still staring at me.

I awkwardly blinked. “Um...something wrong?”

“...this Krystal friend of yours was also able to evolve into different evolution forms of your species.”


Darkrai nodded.

I sat down in thought. “Huh, so...I guess I really am using the Umbreon's body then... But...why? And how?”

“Krystal is not telling us anything.” Darkrai shook his head. “She kept on demanding to see her mate, Shadow.”

Shadow? Well, that's a cool name for an Eevee, even cooler for an Umbreon. ...come to think of it, was that voice I heard long ago was Shadow's? What did it told me that time? Gah... I couldn't remember. Did Shadow say something important?

Wait... Wait wait... Maybe Shadow's an outlaw! Like in those mystery dungeon games, where there were also Pokémon doing bad stuff!

I yelped in surprised when I felt a poke on my side. I turned and saw Shock.

“Glad that you're back,” he snickered as he waved a paw at Darkrai. “He asked you a question.”

“Oh,” I turned to Darkrai. “Erm... Sorry... I wasn't paying attention. What was the question again?”

Darkrai nodded. “That is alright. Though it wasn't really a question. It was more of a request.”


“I'd like you to come with us to the evolution gem. That is, if it's okay with you.”

“Oh...” I blinked. “Um...”

...if it's okay with me? Like I have a choice of the matter! If I say no, then Darkrai try and get me.

Obviously, he really does think that I'm using the Umbreon's body. It would make sense for me to go there to ‘return’ the evolution power back to the gem.

I got a theory though. Maybe the power was too much for both the Espeon and the Umbreon to hold. Of course, they'll need to discharge that said power so they won't explode from the overcharge. That happened to my previous phone. It was hella expensive, too...

Anyway, maybe that discharge caused some sort of distortion that then pulled Krysie and I to this world.

That's just a theory though... A game theory...

But why was Krystal sent here first before me? And with a gap of a month! Maybe the Umbreon held onto it longer than the Espeon? Well, females are weaker than males.

Oh, hey... So I devolved into a sexist now, too?

I sighed and nodded. “Yeah. I'll go there.”


I ignored Vixie's sad call. I looked at Darkrai with a serious look.

Another theory... If I were to return the evolution power, then the original owner of this body I'm using might finally wake up and take over... What would happen to me?

“I need to know something,” I said. “What will I do when I get there?”

“You and Krystal will return the gem's power.” Darkrai then looked skyward. “Mew said that she knows how to return that power if either one of you, or both of you, will refuse to return it. Or...” Darkrai looked back at me with an awkward blink. “...if one or both of you don't know how to return it.”

I nodded. “I see...” I shook my head. “But after that, what happens then?”

Darkrai shrugged. “I don't know. Mew will maybe guard the gem more closely after. Or Arceus might assign someone else to watch over it, or he'll simply move it elsewhere, out of reach from any normal Pokémon.”

“That last part sounds the best option that he'll do.” Although that wasn't really the answer I was seeking. I once again shook my head. “But that really wasn't what I wanted to know.”

“Oh?” Darkrai blinked. “Apologies for assuming.”

“Meh, it's fine.” I turned at my friends, who were listening intently to my conversation with Darkrai. “I have a theory...”

“Which is...?” Shock pressed.

“I don't think I've told you guys this before, but I...think...that while I was out cold, I had a strange conversation with a voice in my head.”

Shock sighed and shook his head. “I think Jay's gone nuts.”

Saur though, arched an eyebrow. “When was this?”

I looked up in thought. “Erm...maybe...after Vixie was caught? Yeah, I think that was it.”

“And the voice?” Bi asked, completely curious. “What did it say?”

I sighed through my nostrils. “I...don't remember. theory is that...” I turned back to Darkrai, his white hair-like thingy swayed with the nonexistent wind. “...that voice belonged to someone.”

“And?” Saur asked.

I turned to him with a serious frown. “I...think that voice belonged to the original owner of this body I'm using. I don't remember rescuing Vixie from that trainer who caught her, so maybe...”

“...Shadow took over.” Darkrai finished with a nod. “That's a possible thing to happen. Mostly common to soul collectors like Spiritombs...”

“Eh?” Shock was surprised to hear that. “Really? There are Pokémon that collects souls?”

...I guess Spiritombs don't exist here. Then again, they are found in Sinnoh. I wonder what happens if trainers start dumping Spiritombs here from their many failed attempts of IV breeding. I wonder if IVs are even a thing here. Meh...

...I wonder if shinies are a thing here. I haven't seen one since I first came here. They're maybe very rare, or don't exist at all.

Ahem... “Anyway,” I turned back to Darkrai. “My theory is that maybe, just maybe, that after I return the evolution power thing, if I really do have it, then the owner of this body o'mine might regain control. W-what would happen to me?”

...I actually wasn't expecting us to go all quiet. I looked at my friends and the legendaries present, but all of their gazes were elsewhere, thinking about what my theory as they formulate a response.

“W-what's happening to Krystal now?” I mumbled the question, but the silence made it loud enough for everyone to hear. “The human Krystal, not Levie...”

“...Levie?” almost everyone asked in chorus.

I arched them an eyebrow. “Yeah. That's the Espeon's name, right?”

Darkrai shook his head. “Her friends claim that her name was Krystal. Assuming what you've said is true, then the Espeon's real owner has ‘regained control of her body.’”

I blinked...and blinked. “Uh... H-how'd I know her name?”

“Good question,” Shock said, crossing his arms. “I'm waiting for a good answer.”

I shook my head. “I...don't know. I just knew.”

“You are the Umbreon, then” Darkrai noted. “...minus your mind, or spirit...” He awkwardly scratched his head. “...this is confusing...”

“Tell me about it,” I sighed. I then lifted my gaze back up to him with a serious face. “Anyway, I'm sorry. Unless you can assure to me that I'll still stay conscious or still in control of this body after I give the gem's power back, then I'm not going.” I stomped a paw on the ground as emphasis. Why would I surrender myself to them just to restore evolution in this world? I'm a victim of this mess as well! I do NOT want to just...disappear inside the mind of this Eevee or Umbreon after whatever process is done! If ever I don't disappear, then I do NOT want to just be taking a backseat on the Umbreon's mind, watching every single Umbreon-ly things that he will do!

Darkrai simply nodded. “That's understandable.” He turned to Bi. “We should contact the Eons.”

“Huh?” Celebi suddenly blinked in surprise and turned to him. “Auntie Latias and Uncle Latios?”

...are all legendaries related?

Celebi smiled and nodded. “Sure! I haven't seen them in, like, forever!”

Darkrai nodded and turned to me. “They will be able to help you with your worries, Jay. So I ask that you and your friends to wait for us here.”

...okay... This world has solutions to all problems, it seems. Now where's the solution of me going back home... Anyway, I shook my head. “No. We're not waiting here.”


I turned to my friends with a smile. “What do you say, guys? One last adventure before I go ‘poof?’”

“Poof?” Saur tilted his head in confusion.

Vixie frowned.

Fay cheered.

Shock blinked.

I turned back to Darkrai with a serious look. “Just promise me two things.”

Darkrai nodded.

“...I haven't even said what they are yet...”

Darkrai blinked. “Sorry. Sometimes, a nod meant ‘I'm listening, so go on...’ That's what Mewtwo always does, at least...”

“Really?” I shrugged. “Anyway, for one, if I can't control this body, then at least find me a place where I could stay...” ...I wonder what being a soul would feel like...

Darkrai nodded. “The Eons can do both. But if only one of them is present, then he or she can only store you in a...sphere...” He shook his head. “I forgot what they call it...”

“The...Soul Dew?” I asked as I blinked.

“Ah, yes.” Darkrai nodded. “That's the one.”

“Huh...okay... Well, for the second one, I want Arceus to send me and Krystal back to our rightful worlds! Our families back home must have been worried sick!”

Darkrai just nodded. “Arceus will be pleased of your cooperation. I'm sure he'll help after everything is sorted out.”

“And oh...a third one.”

Darkrai blinked. “I thought there were only two...”

“Let Arceus move the damn evolution thing somewhere else so no other human or other creature accidentally gets here!”

“But there are humans here...” Fay said in confusion.

I shook my head. “You know what I mean.”

Fay frowned. She obviously didn't know what I meant.

“I understand.” Darkrai nodded. “However, if you and your friends are not to stay and wait for us here, then it'll take us a while to find you.”

I turned to him. “We're gonna head to the evolution gem. Just tell us where to go from here and we'll go there.”

“Or...” Celebi said in a happy tone as she floated above the curiously-blinking Saur. The said Bulbasaur yelped in surprise when Celebi pushed her hand inside the opening of Saur's bulb, and pulled out a black seed with a chuckle.

...yeah, at least I still have an annoying dirty mind that I'm turning off right now...

“Uncle Darkrai and I will put this seed by the cave so Saur can follow it.” ...legendaries are all related. It's confirmed!

Saur was cringing from where he stood. “I...I thought I told you not to do that...”

“Whoops,” Celebi giggled, and Saur gave her one of his rare glares.

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Chapter 76
We were heading north-east, with Saur leading us. The Bulbasaur explained that all plants are connected. He can sense every plant life by just standing on the ground. He could feel their roots, and he could feel the seed that Celebi has planted, which, sad to say, was very far away.

It made me remember about that night when we reached Pallet Town. Saur did the same thing as well. He planted a seed where I was before he ran off to call our other friends.

Anyway, it was close to nighttime now, and there really was nothing exciting that happened during our travels. I tried staying behind, but Vixie was walking way too slow that even my slow pace outsped her.

She was really troubled, I could tell, and so was Shock.

We camped by a small stream, the territory belonging to friendly Woopers. As long as we don't harm them, they won't give us any trouble, they said. There were a few berries around, since there were quite a lot of Pokémon living in the area. So, we just grabbed what we could and ate around a small bonfire, courtesy of me coughing a small ball of fire since Fay dared me that I couldn't do it as an Eevee.

If it weren't for Fay's and Saur's conversation, our entire dinner would have been dead quiet. While Saur and I enjoyed listening to Fay's crazy blabber, I can't help but feel a bit guilty for making both Vixie and Shock feel uncomfortable around each other.

I stayed awake, even after we called it a night two hours ago. Everyone were sound asleep, but I know one or two of them would still be wide awake. Well, I know one of them was still awake, at least, since the other one was peacefully sleeping beside me.

I sighed and slowly pushed myself up into a sitting position, careful not to disturb Vixie's slumber. On my other side was Saur, and beside him was Fay, and beside her was...

“Can't sleep?” said the voice I knew who wasn't asleep yet.

I slowly shook my head. “Eh... You could say that...” I turned and stared at Shock.

He was lying on his back, both arms behind his head. He was quietly staring at the sea of leaves above us, where the gentle rays of silver moonlight passed through the small gaps.

“What about you?” I asked as I scratched my ear with a front paw. My friends find it weird though, with me using a front paw to scratch an itch. Huh, I wonder if there are lice Pokémon that lives in furs.

“Couldn't sleep... I have a lot on my mind lately...”

“A lot?” I asked with a grin. “Or just one?”

I chuckled quietly as he glared at me. “This is your fault, you know.”

“Yeah...” I said, suddenly feeling not-so-happy anymore. I shifted from where I sat and slowly lied on my back, and stared at the leaves. “You're right on that one. And I'm sorry...but...” I took a breath, “'s also your fault that you kept quiet about how you really feel towards her, you know...”

We were quiet for a while. I know he was still wide awake. I could tell. We've been together for a long time now, and Shock snores when he sleeps, even though he doesn't believe it.

“Shock...” I said quietly, “will you do me a favor?”

“Depends on what that is...”

“It's nothing really big. Well, it may be, depending on how you look at it, but I—”

“Spit it out already. Sheesh...”

I sighed. “When I do get back home, to my real world...will you take care of Vixie for me?”


I sighed again and stared at the peaceful dance of the leaves with the gentle wind. “ much as I hate to admit it, Shock, but I've really grown to like Vixie. I know she'll get hurt when I leave, so...can I trust her to you when I'm gone?”

No answer... We were quiet... I sighed through my nostrils as I listened to the quiet and unrecognizable conversation of the nocturnal Pokémon in the area.

Vixie's ear twitched, and she mumbled something in her sleep as she slightly shifted, her paw now pinning my ear. “...I think she still has feelings for you, Shock. Little as it may be, but it's still there. If there was none, then she would have dismissed what you have said and will tell you directly that she's really all over me, but...she didn' uh...yeah...”

I heard a quiet sigh. I turned my head and saw him rubbing his head with a hand. After a few moments, he put his hand back behind his head and stared up. He was still quiet.

I sighed. I was about to say something when he suddenly spoke up.

“I'll do it.”


“That favor you asked. I'll do it,” he said in a quiet voice, but it brought a great amount of determination, and a pinch of doubt. “But...only as friends.” He sighed. “Jay... If you do leave us, she'll be a total wreck. I can only promise you that I'll be there for her, and to help her move on, but I can't promise you to keep an eye out for her forever...”

“...if you two won't be mates, you mean.” He didn't respond. Ouch... I guess my teasing was of bad timing? Heh, that rhymed, but anyway... “...sorry...”

“ know... Sometimes you confuse me if you are being serious or not...”

“You should know by now that I don't like being serious all the time,” I smiled. “It makes me look older than I should be...”

“Heh... So you mean to say that I'm older than my age, huh?”

“Eh... But anyway... Thanks, Shock.”

“Huh? For what?”

I shrugged, even though he wouldn't see me doing it. “For taking my favor.”

“I don't need to do you a favor when it comes to my friends,” he quickly replied. “...and I still don't believe that you're a human that just borrowed an Eevee body or whatcrap. But...”

Silence... We were quiet for a short while. “...but?”

He sighed. “If you do leave us one day, then...I...” He sighed again. “...just know that I'll miss you... Not that much...”

I closed my eyes and stopped myself from chuckling. “Heh. Thanks. It's nice to know that you care.”

“You're my friend, despite how much of an idiot you are.”

“Yeah, I hate you, too.”

He chuckled quietly.

“So...before I showed up... It was you and Vixie, huh?”

“A Raichu and a Ninetales. Yeah...”

I blinked at that. “Oh? You were a Raichu back then?”

“Yeah... When I first got to Ilex Forest, I was still a Pikachu, and she was already a Ninetales. I didn't like her personality, and neither did she liked mine. We kept on arguing and fighting back then, that even Bi couldn't stop us. But, of course, when we're fighting, she always beats me... Advantages of being an evolved Pokémon and all.”

I chuckled. “The more you hate, the more you love, it seems.”

Shock sighed, but it felt like he was smiling. “Yeah... We were like that for a month or two, I think. I couldn't remember. Last time we argued, Bi wasn't there, and Vixie made me so mad that I evolved, and I won that fight that we had. But... But I hurt her, badly. I didn't mean it. I was in a panic that I started yelling for help. That's when an Ivysaur stepped out to help me; Saur. But he made me promise not to cause any more trouble. I didn't care, so I accepted, and he helped. Damn, he was a great healer back then.”

“And I guess that's how the gang started?”

“Yeah... Good old times.”

“What about Fay?”

“Eh... She and Saur already knew each other back then.”

Huh... Go figure...

“Anyway, after Vixie was healed, I apologized to her, which, now that I think about it, was really funny, with the odd and confused look that she was giving me back then,” he chuckled.

And I listened and listened as Shock retold their little misadventures. Yeah, from what Shock was telling me, he really cherished his friends. He's very loyal, and he really cares for everyone that he loves. ...especially Vixie.

“Oh, but Arceus, she's so annoying when she's in love!” Shock groaned, and I chuckled wholeheartedly.

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Chapter 77
Another day went by without any exciting incident.

...well, there was that part where a trainer saw us and wanted to catch me just 'cause I'm an Eevee.

I easily knocked all of his six Pokémon though, and all the while, I made sure I shot venomous glares at my friends who decided that it'd be fun to watch me fight for once. Sigh...

Anyway, I honestly didn't expect that I had it in me. Then again, I was aware of what I was doing back in the ruins, so I guess it's about time for me to know how to fight and defend myself, without evolving of course. That might get the kid more reason to want me. Sigh...

...but of all times to learn these cool attacks, it's when we're having our last adventure together...

...well, I'm pretty certain that Shock and the gang will go on more and more adventures. It's just sad that this will be my last adventure with these four crazy Pokémon.

...and it's really sad. I'm sure going to miss them. But I must stay strong. Home is more important. Besides...I...don't belong here anyway. As cool as this place is, the reality is I belong in my home planet.

...I wonder if I would think and feel like this if I was instead just warped here. Unchanged and still a human. I might ditch my home and travel this world as a Pokémon trainer!

...yeah, keep dreaming, Jay. Even if I was still a human and was transported in this world, I would still try to figure out a way back home. But now that I think about it, traveling around to gather information would be SO MUCH FREAKING EASIER if I was a human! ...sigh...

“What are you thinking about?” asked a very happy voice from behind me. Fortunately for me, I already have gotten used to Fay and her strange ways. I would have yelped in surprise if I wasn't.

Still, I flinched a bit from supressed surprise, and I shot her a glare as she sat beside me. “I told you not to surprise me like that.”

“You didn't look like you were surprised though...”

“I was...” I deadpanned.

She tilted her head, and stared at me in confusion. “If you were, then wouldn't you be like...” she looked ahead, and suddenly jumped and shouted in surprise. “AHHH!” She then turned behind her, and glared at nothing in particular. “Fay! I told you not to surprise me like that!” She then turned to me, smiling. “Or something like that.”

I was still giving her a deadpanned expression. I sighed as I slightly shook my head, and turned my gaze ahead. We were on the edge of a not-so-tall cliff, and I stared at the landscape under the evening sky.

“Jay?” Fay called.

I took a breath and sighed through my nostrils. “Sorry... Was just...collecting my thoughts...”

“Really? That's a weird collection...”

I groaned. “Fay, are you really this...this...” I shook my head. “Never mind.” That's one of her uniqueness that I'm probably never gonna get used to. “I guess I was just...thinking...”

“Of what, exactly?”

I turned to her with an arched eyebrow. Why was she here all of a sudden anyway? “Shouldn't you be bugging Saur or Vixie instead of being here?”

She shook her head and stared ahead. “Nope... Saur didn't want me around while he talks with Shockie and Vixie...”

Oh yeah... I did ask our Bulbasaur friend if his calm and collective mind could help our two friends out. “I see...” I stared ahead.

We were quiet for a while. We were quiet for quite a while, and it was longer than I have expected with Fay around. Something must be on her mind if she hasn't broken the silence yet.

...she hasn't broken it yet...

...still nothing...


...I wonder if she's dead...

I turned, and saw her, still sitting there. “Fay?”

“Hm?” she blinked a few times before she turned to me. “Oh, hi Jay!”

My ears drooped as I deadpanned. “Don't ‘oh hai thar’ me, Fay.” I slightly shook my head. “So what's on your mind?” Full of crazy, I bet. “You're not usually this quiet,'s quite...scary, to be honest.”

I think it was my first time to see her giving me an arched eyebrow. “Well, duh! If a Pokémon is quiet, then they're probably dead, and you should stay alert, for you might be the next one to be dead!”

...full of crazy... “Seriously, Fay...”

“Well,” she frowned and looked down on the ground. “...I've been worried recently...and me being all happy isn't really helping me nor my friends to get rid of the bad bad feeling of worry...”

I blinked. “Worried of what?”

“You know...” she looked back at me. “Shockie and Vixie... They're like...not talking to each other anymore... M-maybe that's why Saur wanted to talk to them with me not being there...” She looked away. “Last time this happened, Shockie and Vixie almost broke their friendship... And I did little to no help at all! A-and I'm...scared if that were to happen.”

I took a very deep breath and sighed quietly. Never was I expecting to see and hear Fay like this... “Fay... You really, really love them, huh?”

“Of course!” she turned to me with a sad frown. “They're my friends! Bestest friends in the whole wide world! And it...” she looked down again. “...makes me so so sad to see my friends sad...” she sniffled.

...I couldn't take it. I took a quick breath and threw my paws around her, and pulled her into a hug. “There, there...” I patted her back. I really couldn't believe that Fay would be like this.

“Um...” Fay squirmed a bit, and wasn't returning the hug. “What are you doing?”

“” I broke the hug and chuckled awkwardly. “...I you a hug? You were really feeling so down that I felt like you could use one...”

She blinked. “...a hug?”




... “...don't tell me you don't know what a hug is...”

She shook her head with a growing smile. “Nope! Is that what humans do when the other feels down like I was?”

I blinked. “Well, yeah... It usually helps you feel better.” I shrugged. “It doesn't help solving the problem, but hey, a hug can really do wonders! It's like...telling your friend that you understand what they're going through and telling them that you love and support them, and some other sappy-sappy stuff like that...”

Fay was smiling now. Beaming, even. She then chuckled lightly. “Well, it was weird, but it's the thought that counts, right?”

I was about to reply, but her smile suddenly disappeared as she hummed in thought and looked elsewhere.

“...or maybe I should start practicing this ‘hug’ thing.”

I...was about to reply again, but she then turned to me with a sad frown.

“What about you, Jay?”

I blinked. “What...about me?”

“We're going to that place where you'll give back that evolution thingy back to the rock-thing, right?”

...and here I thought she wanted to ask if I needed a hug. I could actually use one though... “Well, that's the plan, yeah... Why?”

“What happens after that?”

I shrugged. “I guess the legendaries can take me to Arceus so I could...return...home...” My voice faded when I figured out what Fay was actually asking me. She was frowning, and so did I. “Fay...I...”

“I-It's okay,” she tried to smile, but her sad eyes and trembling voice betrayed her. “W-we knew your goal from the start. I...just didn't expect that it would be this soon... But we're really, really going to miss you, Jay.”

I took a breath and sighed through my nostrils. “I'm gonna miss you guys t—”

“Why do you have to go back?!” she suddenly snapped, a tear rolling down her face.

That caught me off guard.

“Don't you like it here? What about Vixie? Don't you like her? Don't you wanna be with her forever and start a family with her?”

...she was crying now...

“What about Shock? He's your best friend, right? And Saur? A-and me? W-we're your friends, r-right?”

I then remembered something... I never actually told them why I was so desperate of going back.

“I'm sorry, Jay...” she sniffled as she tried to calm herself down. “I... I just really don't like friends leaving friends without a good reason...”

I tried to smile, really, I did. But my eyes were stinging and I suddenly was having a runny nose. “Fay...” I slowly started patting her shoulder. “...I do have a reason why I need to go back...”

“...oh...” I waited for her sobs to stop. When she did, she looked up at me. “Can I...Can I st-start practicing that hug now?”

I gave her a small smile and a small nod before I hugged her.

She awkwardly moved her paws and slowly wormed their ways on my back.

“ don't have to reach my shoulder blades, Fay...”

She moved her paws lower.

I blushed. “Er...not too low, Fay...”



“...hugging is weird.”

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Chapter 78
Saur and the others quietly watched Fay leave, heading towards where Jay was at the moment. Once they were sure that the saddened Rattata was out of earshot, Saur exhaled through his nostrils as he turned to look at his two other friends: Shock and Vixie.

The two sat on the ground, with a very noticable gap between them. From Saur's analysis, a Venusaur would easily lie down and sleep from that big of a gap.

Nevertheless, he smiled and called their attention.

“Shock,” the Bulbasaur nodded at the Pikachu, before he turned and nodded at their Vulpix friend, “Vixie.”

“Glad to know that you still know our names, Saur,” Shock deadpanned at the grass-type.

Saur ignored his friend's sarcastic remark. He has gotten used to it already.

“That was mean thing to say, Shock,” Vixie shot him a side-way glare.

...well, only he and Fay were used to Shock's sarcastic remarks...and maybe Jay as well. Saur chuckled.

Shock just awkwardly scratched his neck.

Vixie then returned her attention at their Bulbasaur friend. “ wanted to talk to us?”

The Bulbasaur nodded. “By Jay's request.”

“Oh?” the Pikachu and the Vulpix said at the same time.

Saur nodded again. “The tension between the two of you are very worrisome...”

Shock frowned. “That's ridiculous! Jay and Vixie? Really?!”

Saur turned to him and frowned. “...I was talking about the two of you.”

The Pikachu blinked. “Me? And Jay? What?”

Saur deadpanned.

Shock's ears drooped as he sighed and looked away.

“Jay is worried about the two of you. Fay is as well. I am, too.”

Vixie was already looking elsewhere. She doesn't want to talk about this. “T-thanks for worrying about us, Saur, but we'll be fine...” She took a deep breath and quietly sighed to calm herself. “We'll sort this out...eventually...”

Saur nodded. “The question is, when?”


The Bulbasaur shook his head. “That's not a good answer, Vixie, and you know it.”

Vixie growled, clearly annoyed.

Shock stood up with a sigh. He turned, and slowly walked towards the Vulpix. Slowly...

Saur quietly watched him.

Vixie tensed up as she sensed him approaching.

Finally, with a sigh, Shock hung his head after he was a Pikachu's tail's length from the Vulpix. “Vixie,” he said quietly, barely managing to open his gritting teeth. He never liked apologizing for something as big as this one. Then again, he did promised Jay to look out for her. But how could he if they're avoiding each other? No, he's not doing this for Jay. “Even a Zubat can see the two of us avoiding each other...” He's going to do this for the sake of his friendship with Vixie. He took another breath and exhaled quietly as he turned to look at her.

She still had her head turned, staring at nothing.

“Look, I'm sorry about what I said,” whatever it was that he said. Now that he thought about it, what he said back then wasn't really that big of a deal. They were a thing before anyway... “...and you're one of my best friends, and it...” he looked down, and glared on the ground as he clenched his fists. “...i-it hurts me to a-avoid you, and you to avoid me, j-just because of what I said. I...I-I'm sorry if it made you feel awkward towards me.” He then looked at her. He needed to stop himself from being surprised after seeing her finally looking at him with teary-eyes. “I really, really, really am sorry, Vixie...”

Vixie sobbed, once at least, and hung her head. She lifted a paw to wipe her tears off of her eyes as she took a deep breath. She held her breath as she took a few more seconds to calm herself down. Finally, she looked at him with a small smile.

Shock's heart almost skipped a beat. Finally, they coul—

The Vulpix breathed a bright and powerful train of fire, swallowing the Pikachu's face completely. After a few seconds, she stopped and glared at his blackened face.

“Just a warning if you ever think that dream of yours is going to happen.”

Saur chuckled.

Shock coughed, twice. “...I'll...keep that in mind.”


“Huh,” I said as I walked alongside Saur. “So that's what happened?”

Saur just smiled as he walked, his gaze ahead where Fay, Shock and Vixie were having a lively chat. “Yes,” was his simple answer.

I smiled as I looked at our friends who were walking ahead of us. “Well, it's nice to have my crazy friends back.”

Saur nodded. “It's nice to see them back. Thanks, Jay.”

“Buh?” I turned and blinked at him. “Whatever did I do?”

“For that favor you asked me.”

I arched him an eyebrow. “You obviously will go and talk to them anyway.”

Saur just nodded. “Yes, that's true. If you didn't ask me to do that favor, then I would talk to them. But the question though, is when.”


He shook his head. “I don't like going head to head with trouble, Jay.” He turned and smiled at me. “If my friends are in danger, then I'll face it head on.” He looked ahead. “But if the trouble is something like they had, then...”

“Eh... You have Fay to push you to help them, in case I'm around to ask you anyway.”

“Maybe,” Saur shrugged.

I rolled my eyes. “Damn... You're a pretty good downer, you know that?” I smiled as I looked ahead. “We should be happy that we have Shock and Vixie back. Fay is extra happy to see them. We should, too, right?”

Saur nodded. “...but for how long?”

“What?” I frowned as I turned to him.

“You're leaving soon, yes?”

I inhaled, and sighed through my nostrils, carrying the happiness out of my system... “You really are a downer...”

Saur shook his head. “Sorry... I to look ahead. For preparation purposes...”

“Whatever...” I rolled my eyes and looked ahead. “I'm gonna concentrate on the present...for now, if you don't mind...”

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Chapter 79
We were standing on the edge of a small cliff. And we were all staring at a very simple yet magnificent city that was surrounded by tall mountains under the afternoon glow.

There was a lake at the northern part of the city, where a long building with dragon-like details stood by the bank.

Well, I am pretty sure that we're still in Johto, and that building-with-dragon-decos already made it obvious what this city is called.

“So,” I said, finally breaking the silence. “We're gonna go around it?”

Saur nodded.

Shock looked at him for a moment before he turned to me. “Well, obviously. Since we can't risk running into any humans down there.”

I noticed Vixie shivered a bit. Yeah, I still remember that weird yet comforting but still weird feeling inside a Pokéball...

I slightly shook my head. “Well, alrighty th—”

Even though it was far away, we still heard the faint explosion sound from the gym's now-smoking roof. A beam of light was heading to our direction, and as quick as a blink, the beam hit the face of the cliff, and obviously, it exploded upon impact.

The earth violently shook as a loud cracking noise pierced my ears. We lost our balance and I fell on my side, and gasped as a large crack on the ground appeared right in front of my face. As soon as the crack appeared, smoke covered my vision. I coughed.

I blinked as my ears registered the frightened cries and shouts of my friends. Instantly, I jumped up as the smoke thinned and began to clear, and I then looked over the new edge in panic.

I called out their names in a shout as I saw the ground they were lying on, well, slid down towards the base, as if like a sled.

I panicked, heart racing, as many thoughts clashed in my mind. Should I go after them? Should I? I gritted my teeth, I shouted ‘yolo’ in my head, and jumpe—

“Gah!” I yelped when I felt a sharp pain shot through my head as my tail got yanked back. I landed on the ground with a thud. “Oomf!”

“A-are you crazy?!” Vixie exclaimed after spitting my tail out of her mouth. She then ran to my side.

I stared at her in a daze, my mind suddenly blank.

She gave me a worried look before she turned ahead and walked on the edge of the cliff, leaning forward a bit as she looked down.

“That was fun!” Fay's voice echoed quietly down below. “Let's do it again! ...Ow!”

Vixie visibly sighed in relief. “You guys!” she shouted back at them, “we're gonna find a way down!” She then turned back to me, and helped me back up on all four. “You okay?”

“G-guess so...” I said as I pulled her head away from me. “I said I'm fine, so stop nuzzling me...”

She frowned as I looked around, searching for a way to get back to our friends down below. I walked towards the edge and looked down, seeing humans starting to increase in number, surrounding where our friends have landed.

“I sure hope that none of them got captured or anything...” I said before turning back to my Vulpix friend.

She shook her head. “I—”

Something popped out from the ground in between us, and I yelped in surprise, almost falling off the cliff.

“Hi!” Fay chirped brightly, the lower-half of her body still under the hole she made. She shook the dirt off of her fur and smiled at Vixie, and then at me.

I hit her head with a glare. “I almost fell!”

“Ow...” she rubbed her head, shook it, then smiled again at me. “Well, you didn't!”

“That's not the point!”

“Anyway,” she completely ignored me as she turned to Vixie. “Shockie said that we should regroup by the lake! Bye!” She took a deep breath and dove back inside the hole.

I blinked and looked down on the hole, but all I saw was darkness. I looked back down the cliff, and saw Fay emerged from the ground, and ran through the horde of people. None of them seemed to be interested in her.

...well, she is a Rattata, after all...

“Should we follow her through this hole?” Vixie ask.

I shook my head. “Nah. We might get captured right before we could resurface...” I turned to her. “Come on. There's probably a way for us to go down safely and without being noticed by people.”

Vixie just nodded and we both started walking. She was walking way to close on my side though, but I tried to ignore it. Despite my efforts, she still thinks that we're a thing. Sigh... I did give in a few times, but we didn't really officially became a thing... Pokémon need to be officially be a thing so they could be a thing?

I'm not really sure if we're already close to our destination. Not the lake, but where the evolution gem was located. We may still be very far, or we were already close. I dunno. I forgot to ask Saur about it for maybe two or three days now...

Still, I think it's about time Vixie and I had some alone t-talk about stuff!

“Something wrong?”

I shook my head to get rid of what my nasty brain just thought. I can't believe I actually thought of that! Gah... “N-nothing...”

I saw her frown at me from the corner of my eye. “Jay...why are you...?” she took a breath as she stopped walking with me.

I stopped as well and turned around to face her.

She sighed quietly, turning her gaze to the city.

I blinked. I then looked around.

...welp, things got awkward way too fast than I expected...

I sighed and faced her. “Vixie, we need to talk.”

She looked at me. I guess only humans know what that sentence actually meant. Bleah... “I...” gah... I just want this to be over with. Here goes nothing... “I don't want us to be mates.”

She quickly nodded with a neutral and unreadable expression. “I know...”

I blinked.

She took a breath. “B-but I want us to be...”

Oh, for the love of...! Not this again... “We're not gonna go there again, are we?”

She furrowed her brows. “No. I'm not letting you change the topic...”

“What I meant was...” ...I think I should stop talking like a human and start talking simple for this Pokémon right in front of me... “You know what? Never mind. Just...I don't want us to be mates anymore, okay? Okay! We're still friends right? Right! Okay!” I turned back and started walking. “Now let's g—gyah!”

I jumped to the side in panic when a bright and hot stream of fire passed me by. I quickly turned back and stared at her angry face. And oh, I don't know how, but I felt my two pupils shrunk into dots.

She took a step forward. I took a step back. “Er...”

She took another step. “Do humans end relationships in an uncaring and selfish manner like what you just did?”

...for a fire-type, she sure knows how to ask with a scary-icy tone... “N-no...! Of course not!”

“Lier,” she spat. “I went too low for a female just to get your attention, and you still rejected me. At least reject me nicely than what you just did!”

Er... “You know... To ber fair, I have already lost count of how many times I have told you about me not wanting to be your mate...”

She was still glaring at me, but she didn't respond. She breathed out fumes of fire towards me, and I gasped, but the flames only reached a few inches away from my nose before it faded in thin air. Still, the message was clear.

Also, Vixie was no longer where she stood a few seconds ago. I turned and saw her walking away, hopefully looking for a way down.

“H-hey! Wait up!” I ran after her.

“Go away!” she shouted back. She didn't even bother stopping nor looking at me.

Welp, I did it... I went to her bad side, and I doubt I'll like it. least we're no longer a thing, right?

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Chapter 80
“Vixie!” I called out as I ran after her.

She was still furious, for obvious reasons, even before we started this little chase of ours. I kept on apologizing as I tried to keep up with her speedy walk. She just kept on telling me to go away.

I think she finally had enough of me, and decided to run. I could just use a Quick Attack to catch up to her, or maybe even stop her, but eh, that might not be a good idea.

Even if I already knew how to defend myself, Vixie was still far more experienced that I am. I'd be dead already if she wanted to.

Fortunately for me, she doesn't want me dead yet. “Vixie! W-wait!” Running on four paws wasn't really an easy task. I just needed to remind myself not to put too much attention on my— “Oof!” I stepped on my own paws, lost my balance, fell face first, rolled twice or thrice, and skidded to a stop on my back.

I was...kinda stunned, that I didn't even bother to care about how painful my nose was. I was just...staring at the golden sky, while gasping for breath. My heart was still racing, and my paws were kinda numb. And oh...
“O-ow...” I winced as I finally felt how painful my nose was. “Ow ow owwwowowowow...” I tried to ease the pain by grabbing my nose with both paws. I dunno if it was helping or not, but at least it was making me feel as though I was making it stop feeling less...ouchy...

I heard a flapping noise from...somewhere. It was...kinda mixed with the sound of something metal... I dunno, but it was loud, so it was obviously close by. “Need help?” a female voice asked, followed by the sound of a soft touchdown on the ground.

I turned my head and saw a freakishly tall gray bird, its black and yellow eyes curiously blinking at me. “W-wow...” I breathed out in awe, almost forgetting that my nose was still throbbing with pain. I slowly rolled back on four paws and eyed the tall bird from its big talons up to its curiously blinking eyes. “...I-I've never seen a Skarmory before...”

“Oh? But there are many of us living here up in these mountains,” she said, finishing it up with a nod. “My name's Green Grey.”

I nodded. ...but what kind of a name is that? Anyway... “Name's Jay.”

“Odd name for an Eevee,” she said, tilting her head to the side.

Gee, thank you. Glad I also said the same about your name. Oh, wait...I didn't. I sighed internally... “Yeah, I've heard many say the same thing,” I shrugged. “Blame my parents for giving me that name.”

She chuckled. “I like you, already.”

She sighed. “If only you were a bird.”

...r-right. Lucky me...

She lightly shook her head. “Anyway, I cannot help but wonder why you were chasing after that Vulpix just now...”

“You...were watching us?”

She shrugged.

Wow, didn't see that coming. Actually, I wanna see her shrug again. I didn't understand how she did it... You know, metal wings and no shoulders?

“It's hard for us to miss what you two were doing...” she turned, facing the forest a few meters away from the edge of the cliff.

...there were lots of Skarmories by the tree roots...their metallic bodies reflecting the setting sun's golden rays.

She then turned back to me, blinking. “Has something happened between the two of you?”

I sighed. “Eh... you can say that. But nothing I couldn't handle.” I hope...

“Ah,” she said, eyes sparkling. “Courtship woes...”

... “...beg your pardon?”

She flashed me a gentle smile. “There's no need to feign ignorance, young Jay.”

...I'm twenty-freaking-three years old, you old bird! I hardly consider that as ‘young.’

She Yeah, I guess she sat, as she extended a wing over me, and pulled me to her side. I now know what a squished doll feels like... “It was clear that the two of you were quarrelling about something.”

...then why'd you ask in the first place? And I can hardly breathe!

“Ah, young love... Such a wonderful, and very vulnerable emotion...”

“...y-yeah, it'd be...lovely...for my vul...n-nerable lungs to get...s-some wonderful air...r-right about now...”

She suddenly released me. Thank god for inventing air! “S-sorry... I often times get carried away...”

I gasped for breath as I glared at her, who was trying to smile at me sheepishly.

“But you were chasing after her, even yelling that you were sorry.” She nodded. “That's one step closer of winning her back! Just keep at it!”

“...t-then I guess I'll take another course of action...”

She blinked. “...I beg your pardon?”

I shook my head. I sat down. I then sighed. “She likes me...a lot. I think. B-but...I just want us to be...friends,” I explained, complete with a paw making circle patterns in the air.

She blinked. “ broke up with her?”

I...slowly nodded. Honestly, I can hardly call it a ‘break up’ if she was the only one who thought that we were a thing, while I didn't. Bleah, I'm in no mood to explain my situation...

She took a breath and sighed through her nostrils. Skarmories even have nostrils? “Well, um...” She awkwardly looked eslewhere. “That's an entirely different thing than I thought... Usually, males would quickly take females who display interest.”

I sighed. “I know...” I turned and stared at the sunset, which was almost completely blocked by tall mountains. “I don't want us to be...mates...b-but I don't want her to hate me, either... It's...” I took a breath. “...complicated,” I breathed out.

We were quiet for a short while though. It was Green Gray who broke the silence. “Win her back.”

I turned back and arched her an eyebrow. “What?”

She smiled at me. “Show her that you mean what you say. She may not be able to accept your decision now, but once you show her that you really mean it, she'll slowly begin to understand and accept it, and she will be able to move on.” She then suddenly frowned at me. “But...I don't understand why you'd want to just be friends with her. I thought the males of the Eevee line hoard females...” I supposed to be a ‘collector’ like Lithe? I violently shook my head to get rid of the growing mental image of me and... I shook my head again.

The Skarmory chuckled lightly. “S-sorry. I shouldn't have thought of you being the same.”

I shivered. “J-just don't say things like that again.”

She nodded. That's good enough.

I took a breath and sighed. “So, uh... Any suggestions?”

She smiled. “It's kinda like winning her over to be your mate, but, make your intentions known to her first.”

...flirting her to just be friends? Yeah, that totally makes no sense... Still, I guess Pokémon ways are different than humans. And besides that, I don't have any other ideas to try and make up with her...

Winning back her friendship. Easier said than done. Then again, nothing has been really easy for me ever since I got here. Except for evolution, but eh, it's not technically mine.

Anyway, I smiled at her. “I guess I could try that.” I nodded my thanks.

She returned it with a nod of her own. “Now, go and get that runaway friend of yours back.”

I rolled my eyes with a smirk. “Eh, I'll do that.” I stood on all four. “Thanks again! And rock on, metal bird!” I ran to the direction where Vixie took off, leaving the Skarmory to wonder what my goodbye meant. I chuckled.

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Chapter 81
I saw Clair busily fixing her gym's roof, along with other people and Pokémon. Even though the sun had already slept under the oce—er, mountains, they still kept at it, with flashlights, torches, and a few Pokémon that were either fire-types or those who knew the move Flash.

...I don't understand why fire-types couldn't learn the move Flash. They have fire, a freaking source of light! And they—bleah, whatever.

At least I'm a Pokémon at the moment. Somehow, Pokémon have better vision at night than humans. At least, as far as I remember when I was still a human during a blackout in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I found a small path up the mountain that led me down here in the city. Aside from the approaching darkness of the evening, I could easily avoid anyone's attention just by traveling behind houses, back yards, bushes, rocks, and that pile of thrash that the city seriously needed to get rid of.

There were a few Pokémon that spotted me though, but none of them really bothered to bother me. Still, it was really nice and weird walking in Blackthorn City.

I still didn't fully understand what that Skarmory had told me earlier today. Green Grey, was it? I can't just keep quiet and pretend that nothing happened like what Shock and Vixie did. I need to confront her about this and ask for her forgiveness. But how? She won't accept it. She gets angry. She avoids me. I need to come up with something, and the sooner, the better.

The lake was already up ahead. I already want this over with already, so I quicken my pace and got there in a few minutes. I sat by the edge, close to the base of this tall and steep mountain. I could already notice the stars' reflection on the calm lake water as I looked around. I raised my nose up and sniffed the air. I got my friends' scents, though it was faint. Still, they were here.

I'm no dog, so I have no idea how to look for them. Maybe they were on the other side? The opposite edge of the lake was quite far, and it may take ten minutes or so of walking around the edge to get there. With a sigh, I stood up and began walking, all the while ignoring the faint swimming and gentle splashing noises from the lake. This is a city where the gym leader's a dragon-type user, so I wasn't really surprised to see silhouettes of Dratinis in the lake.

Now that I thought about it, I wonder why I was the only Pokémon here by the lake. Are Dratinis carnivours? Well, they are dragons after all. Just to be on the safe side, I distanced myself from the edge and continued my walk.

I'm starting to get nervous, and I could barely contain it. But I needed to calm myself if I want this issue to be resolved by the two of us, or with the help of our friends. I just hope their presence won't make me even more nervous than I already am.

Hm... I could try with a simple yet heartfelt apology...and then what? Sigh... I guess I'll just have to go with the flow of how things will work out. At least I know how to begin.

...suddenly, a Dratini crawled out of the water a few feet ahead. It crawled like a snake for a few seconds before it noticed my presence. It stopped, turned, and blinked at me. “...hello?” a female, if her calm and girly voice was of any indication.

“Er...hi?” I awkwardly replied back.

She crawled, or slithered, towards me, and stopped two feet or so in front of me. “Can I eat you?”

I blinked... “Er... Figuratively or literally speaking?” ...wait, what?! I violently shook my head. “No to both, sorry.”

A stomach growled, and it clearly wasn't mine. “Aw...” the Dratini squirmed, and sighed. “...berries for tonight again...”

I chuckled at my shy predator. “I don't like them either.” And then a thought. “Oh hey, before you go, have you seen a Rattata, a Pikachu, a Bulbasaur and possibly a Vulpix around here?”

The Dratini shook her head. “I don't know. I just woke up...”

“Ah...well, thanks anyway.”

And she slithered towards the city. Dragon types are rare 'mons, right? Well, I guess they're quite common in a dragon city. I wonder if that would make Fay a rare 'mon. Then again, no one paid her any attention when she ran through the many humans earlier.

I continued my walk, still busy with my thoughts, and soon enough, I saw my friends hidden behind a tall bush, near a tree, a few feet from both the lake and the base of the mountain. They sat in a circle, chatting and eating berries.

Fay was the first to notice my approach. “Oh! There's Jay!”

Vixie was the only one who didn't turn to see me.

Shock stood up and grinned. “We thought the Dratinis ate you already.”

“He might as well have been,” Vixie whispered all too loudly.

Saur sighed, while Shock sighed with rolling eyes. At least Fay found it funny.

“Whatever happened to the two of you up there, anyway?” Shock asked as I sat beside him. He sat and took a berry. “Vixie was crying us a river as soon as she got to us!”

“Huh,” I tilted my head to the side. “No wonder that Dratini I met early said that the lake got bitter...”

Vixie growled.

My ears drooped. “Sorry... Poor attempt at trying to lighten the mood.” ...and a poor attempt to start apologizing...again... Sigh...

“I'll light you up if I could...” Vixie sharply whispered back.

...she was getting annoying. I shook my head and turned to Shock again. I suppose there was no point in dancing around the issue. “We broke up.”

Shock rolled his eyes. “Obviously.”

I deadpanned. “Then why ask in the first place?”

He shrugged. “Just making sure.”

I nodded at him anyway, and then turned to Vixie. As I said, there was no point in dancing around the issue. “Vixie, I'm sorry, okay?” answer. Saur and Shock thought it might be best to not say anything. Even Fay stopped smiling, and just concentrate on staring at a berry.

“Look, I don't want us to have air between us.”

“You two forgot to take a bath?” ...lame joke, Fay. Saur sighed, Shock facepawed, and Vixie groaned.

I ignored our little rat friend. “Please, Vixie... I'm sorry. You of all peop—er, Pokémon know that I'm a human! Was, anyway, but I'm fixing that!”

“‘We're’...” Saur quietly corrected.

I rolled my eyes. “Sorry. Yes, we're fixing that! I kept on trying to tell you that I just want us to be friends! Just friends!” I stood up and approached her.

She wasn't facing me before, and she still wasn't, and she growled.

I didn't care. I stopped a few inches in front of her. “B-but...” I stared on the ground, fighting the nervousness away. “...things change...over time...” I took a deep breath and faced her. I said, there was no point dancing around I'm gonna say it. “Vixie, I l—”

“Fight me,” she faced me with a sharp glare.

I blinked. “W-what?”

And as sudden as she broke my train of thought, she broke the peaceful silence with a burst of flame.

I jumped back, barely dodging the fiery inferno. It only lasted for a second or two, and Vixie was gone!

I heard my other friends' late gasping reactions.

I turned... At least, I tried to, until something fast slammed against my side, throwing me at the roots of a tree. “Ack!” Skidding to a stop on my other side, I looked up and saw Vixie glaring at me. She attacked me? She just attacked me! And now she was running towards me!

I scrambled back to my feet...paws! Whatever! I couldn't think straight at the moment! I managed to jump away in time. If I didn't, then I'd instead be on the receiving end of a fiery wave of fire. The tree will survive that, hopefully.

“W-what the hell?! Vixie?!”

She vanished yet again.


She knocked me to my side, and quickly dove down and bit my neck from behind.

I felt her fangs dug under my skin, and felt something warm rolling from her bite down to my neck... I was about to black out then and there, but I took a sharp breath and blindly kicked my paws around. I think I kicked something.

She yelped and lost her grip and as well as her balance.

I jumped away and turned to her in panic. “W-were you trying to kill me?!” I asked that stupid question as I tried to ignore the numbing pain on my neck.

“That's the plan,” she snarled as she quickly got back on her paws, and then fired a thin yet fast wave of fire at me.

I jumped to the side and quickly dug both my front paws on the ground.

She breathed out fire at me again.

I threw both my paws up, creating a thin shield of earth. all honesty, it was easier to jump away than doing what I just did...

As soon as the earth and smoke settled, she was gone once again.

“Oh, for the love of—” I quickly pulled myself down against the earth, and just in time, too.

Vixie yelped as she stepped on my back. Obviously, she failed to anticipate what I just did. She slipped, and still having the speed, slammed face-first on the ground on my other side, and rolled all the way to the scorched tree.

I stood on all four and quickly ran towards her.

She quickly got up.

I jumped, landed on her back, and pinned her down. “Stop this!”

She struggled to get away. “Get off of me!”

I quickly forced her to roll on her back, so she could face me better. I quickly pinned her shoulders down before she could escape. “Vixie, listen to me!”

She breathed a thick streak of fire at my face, and she really let it all out and it lasted more than I thought. But she gasped when she finally stopped.

I deadpanned, my mouth starting to hurt as I kept it open to hold this water ball in front of my face. I dunno, but I guess I could use a few elemental moves even while being an Eevee. I managed to spit fire that one time from Fay's dare. I looked ahead and ‘willed’ the ball to fire itself, and it launched itself somewhere I didn't care. With that out of the way, I sighed, and slowly looked at Vixie again.

She was looking away, still angry, and breathing deep and fast.

I sighed yet again. “Vixie...” I closed my eyes as I suddenly felt how tired I was. Not just physically though... I slowly moved my head, and let it rest on her neck. “I...” point dancing around it anymore...

“ you...”

She stopped breathing hard. ...actually, it seemed like she stopped breathing at all.

“...and that's why I...I-I don't want us to be...mates...” ...that's the Pokémon equivalent of a boyfriend slash girlfriend, right?


“...I'm leaving soon, Vixie... You know that...” I sighed as I slowly move back so she could move again. Our position earlier was hella awkward, anyway. I sat down and sighed as she slowly sat up, shock and disbelief still painted clearly on her face. “I...don' hurt you...physically, or emotionally... T-that's why I—”

“...kept your distance?” she asked, her eyes started to water.

I hung my head, and nodded weakly.

“...kept on telling me that you're not interested? Kept on pushing me away? Kept on—”

“I get it, I get it,” I interrupted her through gritted teeth and with a slight tone of annoyance. “No need to make me feel even more guilty...”

I heard Shock chuckle from far away. Oh yeah...why didn't they stop us from fighting, anyway? I turned and shot the three of them a glare.

I took a breath and sighed through my nostrils, and turned back to the matter at hand.

Vixie already hung her head, sobbing quietly that even I didn't notice while I wasn't looking.

I took a sad breath and slowly approached her, and gently leaned my head on her. Cats do that all the time back at home. They even put rub their head on my bent knee for some strange reason. “I'm sorry,” I whispered.

She sniffed, audible this time. “...hate you...”

I sighed... “I know...”

She slowly moved her head back, and I pulled mine back as well. She wiped her eyes and sniffed. She took a breath, and sighed, and looked at me. “...c-can't you stay?”

I shook my head. “Believe me, I'd love to... I just...can't...”

“Why not?” Fay asked from behind as she and the rest of our friends finally reached us.

...I haven't told them yet, huh? Now that I thought about it, it kinda was unfair for them not to know... With a sigh, I looked at them with sad eyes as I gathered my thoughts about why I really need to return.

I was about to start when we heard faint yet fast footsteps that was getting louder and louder. We turned and saw humans rushing towards us, probably wondering what happened here. Shock and Saur led us somewhere, Fay followed them. I helped Vixie up on her paws and we then followed our friends.

When we find a good place to rest, I'm gonna tell them the reason why I need to return home. brother still needs me back home.

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Chapter 82
Before we went to sleep last night, I told my friends about me and my brother, and how he ended up in the hospital. I was really planning to have a long and sad tale to share with them, but after countless of questions about what a car was, why a door would slide by itself and why it was made out of glass, what were traffic lights, why do humans need jobs, what was money, currency, rent, tax, and some other simple yet annoying questions, I shouted for them to stop, and I then restarted and ended the story with, “we went to the city to find a job together, we got hit by a car, I was lucky, he wasn't, he was sent to the hospital, now in a coma. The freaking end!”

I quickly turned my back on them and lied down. I even ignored Vixie who was trying to calm me down by nuzzling on my neck.

...and then Fay suddenly asked, “ what's a hospital?”

I think I woke everyone in the city from that frustrated scream that I did. Whatever. At least I had a good night's rest.

We went inside the cave where many ice-types considered the dark dungeon as their home. Dragons are weak against ice, right? I wonder why they didn't just seal the cave up and just build another route for trainers to get to the city from Mahogany.

Eh, whatever.

Anyway, the cave is dark, but not too dark. There are ice crystals that are sticking out from the walls and ceiling of the cave. Saur's bulb is letting out a faint glow, and with the ice crystals around, well, the dark ice cave isn't so dark anymore. But it still is freaking cold in here.

There are a few ice-type Pokémon around. None of them seem to take any interest in us, which I am quite thankful for. Aside from the cold, battling and scaring any of them off would be annoying as heck.

...and I'm quite thankful that the Jynx here are now Smoochums. They are more bearable to look at than their evolved forms. For me, at least...

“Why are you guys shaking like that?”

Fay, Shock, Saur and I glare at our beloved fire-type companion, who is currently leading our little group. She chuckles lightly and continues walking. I can already guess that she is enjoying herself by watching us suffer in this goddamn freezer.

...or maybe she's waiting for me to ask for a cuddle?

“Hardi-har-har,” Shock shakes himself to get rid of the small ice particles that had formed on his fur. “Laugh it up, why don'cha?”

“This was your idea,” Saur sighs with a slow shake of his head. He then stops walking to shiver for a bit.

Fay is walking beside our Bulbasaur friend. She is also leaning on him, to share her body heat to him or something. I dunno.

Shock and I walk side by side as well, but we aren't leaning against each other. That would be awkward, and weird, and a hell lot of awkward. And awkward.

“Can't we just t-turn back and climb instead?” I ask for the hundredth time.

Shock shakes his head with a frown as he rubs his two paws together. “N-no. We asked a few Pokémon we met outside about i-it before you two showed up. They said that this was the quickest way to reach our dest-tination.”

“...which is...where?”

“T-that...” Saur stops and points with a foot, his bulb's light slowly fading.

...Bulbasaur's feet are called...feet, right? They're not paws, or hooves, or claws...

Even without the light from his bulb, the area around us is still illuminated enough for us to look around. I stop and take a look at where he is pointing. There was a ... big and frozen lake just a few meters ahead of us, and it is illuminated by light that was coming from above the ceiling. Only, there was no ceiling above the frozen lake.

“ long have we been walking in this cave again?” I ask to no one in particular.

Vixie turns to us with a frown. “A better question is... How are we going to get up all the way there?”

“We fly there, of course!” Fay chirps, quickly turning to me, and unknowingly pushing Saur aside with her bum. “Jay can evolve into a flying thingy! A Flyeon!”


...the silence is deafening...

I quietly decide to help Saur up. “Oh, if only I could,” I roll my eyes, “then we wouldn't have traveled on the ground for all this time!”
...huh, that makes me recall the Sylveon speculation. I really believed the little cutie was going to be a flying-type. Thinking back, Sylveon would be silly to be a flying-type. I mean, how would she even fly? Turn her feelers into propellers? Then again, Dodrio being able to learn Fly made no sense at all.

Fay frowns at me. “You mean you can but you decided not to?!” Either she feigned ignorance or she really doesn't know. I sometimes can't tell.

Shock sighs and walks ahead. “What Jay meant to say was he couldn't evolve into a flying-type because there's no flying-type evolution in the Eevee line. And that was a mouthful, so I'm not repeating that again.”

I chuckle. “Care to repeat that?” I receive a groan as a response. I chuckle again.

We continue our walk until we reach the edge of the frozen lake. I have never seen snow before, let alone a frozen lake, but according to my cartoon slash movie encyclopedia, it looks like the lake's frozen surface is thick and an ordinary adult human can walk on it without fearing for it to crack and give in.


...if they don't fall on their faces more often.

Fay tries to stand back up again, only to slip and slide a little further away from us.

With a sigh, Saur extends a vine and reels Fay in.

“You caught a big one, Saur!” I said.

He just rolls his eyes with a small smile as he sets Fay down beside him.

Vixie and Shock are already looking around, looking for a way to get up.

I look up and squint my eyes. The light is definitely from the sun, but either the cold atmosphere made the light not so warm, or there is no open hole up there.

“I don't see a way for us to get up there,” Vixie said.

Shock nods.

We continue to wonder how to get up there, until Fay suggests that we should ask the Pokémon around. Fay, Saur and Shock head that way, while Vixie and I head this way.

She is visibly happy for finally having a few precious minutes with me alone.

I roll my eyes and shake my head. “Focus, Vixie.”

She giggles. “I know.” She leans on me with a contented sigh, and I struggle not to slip. “I just still couldn't believe it.”

I groan. Even though I confessed, I still am standing true to what I have told them, that I still want to return home. Vixie knows, but she just doesn't care at the moment, I bet. “You know that I'm still leaving to get back home, right?”

“I don't care. The future sucks—” that made me blink. Blunt much? “—so I'm gonna cherish every minute of the present with you.”

“Oh, for the love of corny...”

“Hush, you!”

Well, at least she's warm.

She finally returns my personal space after we see a Swinub, who is lazily resting on a rock with its furry back on it. The Swinub keeps on mumbling about how much it misses doing what it was doing and says something about never evolving into a Piloswine ever again, with an emphasis on the ‘ever.’

I let Vixie do the talking as I take a few steps away from them. She's a fire-type, so the Swinub might feel the need to talk. Then again, Swinub is part-ground type, and I don't wanna know what a Magnitude or an Earthquake will be like inside an ice cave.

Anyway, the cave is beautiful, but the coldness ruins it for me, unfortunately. The ice shards and crystals are often times glittering in the darkness, like stars during night time.

It isn't really that dark in here. We aren't really that far from the frozen lake anyway.

My ears twitch when I hear a whistle. I turn and see my friends by the lake, Shock and Saur waving a paw at us while Fay jumped and jumped on the spot. Behind the three of them is a tall red-and-white bird.

“They found someone?” Vixie asks as she walks beside me.

I nod and start to walk towards them, Vixie following close behind...beside me...and annoyingly leans on me again. “I can easily push you away, you know.”

“Mmm...I'm glad you didn't.”

My eye starts to twitch. “I hate you.”

“Finally,” Shock rolls his eyes. “The love birds have arrived.”

Saur and the Delibird chuckles. I roll my eyes.

“They look even sweeter than love birds, and they're not even birds!” says the Delibird.

I'm not sure if there are Pokémon that is based on love birds. I don't even know where Skarmory was based from...

“Is this everyone?” the Delibird asks, looking at all of us.

Saur nodded with his signature neutral smile.

“Yep! Yep!” Fay hops in place.

I look at Shock. “Um...” well, the Delibird sounded like a female, so... “she'll fly us up there one by one?”

Shock turns to me with a confused blink. “What? No! That'll take a long time!”

I blink. “Then how with just one Delibird?”

Fay chuckles and pokes Shock on his side. “See? Told ya it's a Delibird! You owe me a shocked berry!”

Shock groans and rolls his eyes. “Eh, no. She'll carry all of us up there.”

I blink again. I still do not know how.

“I'm with Jay here, Shock,” Vixie pipes in, looking confused at our Pikachu friend. “Even if she can manage to carry all of us in one go, wouldn't that be tiring for her?”

Shock simply shrugs. “Hey, she volunteered.”

I deadpan.

The Delibird chuckles, catching our attention. “No need to worry, kiddies. It's a simple task that I'm used to do!” And she then magically pulls out a red santa-like bag from behind her feathers.

I take a step back. I'm starting to think that this is a bad idea. “Um... Is this kidnapping?”

Shock, Vixie and Saur quickly turn their heads to me.

Fay hops happily. “Oh! Oh! We're being kidnapped! Sounds like fun!” She stands up and turns to me. “What does that mean?”

The Delibird, wearing a big smile, swoops her bag on Fay, and the said rodent disappears. She then swoops a startled Saur into her bag. The said bag didn't seem like it is gaining any weight at all.

The three of us take a step back as the Delibird happily takes a step towards us, still with a happy smile. “Now, now, kiddies. No need to worry.”

...I don't think the three of us are fast enough to escape. At least our scream did.

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This is a well written story in my opinion. Can't wait to see what the delibird will do!
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I'm BACK people! It has been a long time since I've been on here.
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Chapter 83
I don't really understand what just happened. A second ago, the Delibird kidnapped us by putting us inside her bag. A second later, the darkness suddenly brightens up, revealing a snowy-white ground. And I am still screaming.

And oh, I am falling towards it. “Oof!” M-my nose...!

I hear other thudding noises around me, and then groaning noises.




“Wheee! That was fun! Let's do it again!”

“No...” I groan.

I hear a chuckle from behind us. “Whoops, sorry kiddos.”

I stand up, one paw rubbing my poor nose, and turn to see our kidnapper, smiling sheepishly and scratching her head.

“I sometimes forget what I'm carrying inside my bag...”

I am about to yell at her or maybe attack her, but I hold my breath when I notice the giant hole on the ground behind her. I blink. “Uh... Is that...?”

“Hm?” the Delibird turns around and looks at the hole. “Ah, yes,” she nods and turns to me. “Try not to fall over there. I don't think any wingless creatures can survive such a great height, especially non-evolved ones.”

“R-right... Wait, you flew us out?”

She nods with a proud smile, puffing her chest. “As your Pikachu friend instructed me to do!”

“It felt like we were teleported,” Vixie groans.

I still don't understand what just happened. Does time stop when we're inside a Delibird's bag? She doesn't look like she's tired from carrying all of us. Then again, her bag didn't seem to have gained any weight when she put Saur and Fay inside. I wonder if that's how Santa does his work back home.

...yeah, I'm losing my sense of reality...

After my friends got back on their feet, we said our thanks to the santa bird, albeit a bit awkwardly, and we watch her fly back down the hole, and Saur manages to catch Fay's tail with his vine before she could manage to leap after the bird. She earns a smack from all of us.

And with that out of the way, we continue our journey, Saur and Fay on the lead. It's still cold out here, but at least it's bearable now than inside the ice cave.

It looks like that we are traveling in a valley, surrounded by trees on both sides, and taller mountains beyond. If the area has snow, then we are probably on a very great height, or maybe we're already outside the border of Kanto and Johto? I do remember Arceus' temple located north from Johto, and the entrance is located in the Unown...ruins.

God freaking damnit!'s too late to go back now, I think...

The trees are all covered in snow, and the air is calm and gentle, and so are the Pokémon living around the area. They are mostly ice type, but there are also a few flying types like Pidgeys and Hoothoots, their nests and burrows near the trees. Sentrets, Stantlers and Tediursas. And I'm quite sure that I just saw an Absol running in the trees. Cool! I wish I got a better look at that cool-looking Pokémon. I look around, and up ahead is an angry Growlithe that is walking towards us.


We stop, almost immediately.

Shock sighs. “Here we go again...”

Lithe rolls his eyes and...walks past Saur and Fay...walks past Shock, though he gives him a very nasty glare...and then walks by Vixie and I...

I blink and turn around, and see Lithe keeps on walking away from us.

...what just happened?

“Oi!” Shock calls, and Lithe stops. “What's the matter? Afr—mmf!”

I kick my hind leg, throwing a thin layer of snow at his face. I hide my amazement from my lucky blind aim.

Saur gets the idea, and immediately wraps his vines around Shock's mouth before he gets the chance to say something else.

“Hi, Lithe!” ...unfortunately, that means he can't catch Fay, who is already running towards him.
Vixie and I run after her. Lithe turns and yelps when he suddenly sees our Rattata friend in front of him.

“How're you doing?” she asks oh so cheerfully.

Lithe blinks at her. “...good?”

Fay nods, and nods, and nods, while she's being dragged back by Vixie pulling her tail with her mouth. She finally notices. “H-hey! Let go!”

Vixie just rolls her eyes.

I sigh and turn to Lithe. “Sorry about that.”

He replies with a grunt. “What do you want?” he asks me nicely. And by nicely, I mean with a dangerous tone and an angry glare.
I arch an eyebrow. I shouldn't be near him though, but I don't feel like he's going to attack any of us, anyway. No harm in pushing my luck a little. “You're usually going after Vixie. Now you're not. I just wanna know why.”

He keeps on glaring at me for a few more seconds before he grunts at me again, turns around, and walks away.

“...that went well...” My ears droop. Then again, I'd rather have a leaving Lithe than a fighting one. I wonder what happened to him.

He suddenly stops walking. “I just wanna go home,” he suddenly says, his back still on me. “Let's just say that I now know what it feels like to be chased by someone I don't want to be with,” and he then continues to walk away.

“Chased by someone?” Vixie asks, standing beside me. She turns to me with an uncertain look. “Do you think he was talking about that human that caught the two of us back in the forest?”

I lightly shake my head. “Dunno... But at least we won't be worrying about him now.”

She nods, smiling gently. “There's no one who's gonna stop us from being mates now.”

“Don't push it, girl,” I glare at her.

She chuckles and gives me a lick on my cheek.

...I pretend to dislike it by wiping my paw on my wet cheek.
She rolls her eyes.

I turn around, and yelp when, from the distance, a familiar human trainer is running towards us. He looks like he is having a hard time running in the snow.
Vixie yelps beside me, making Saur and the others turn around. They let out a surprised gasp and quickly run to the trees before the human got them.

“Blaze! Wait!” the trainer shouts tiredly, and I hear a faint Lithe-like yelp from behind me. “Oh, cool! Another Vulpix!” he smiles at us as I growl at him. He then looks ahead, and gasps. “Blaze! No! Don't go!” and he quickly turns back to us. “You! Don't go anywhere! I'll be back to catch you! Blaze!” and he runs off, chasing after a much faster Growlithe.

I blink at his retreating form. “That was him, huh?”

Vixie shivers and nods beside me. “Y-yeah...”

“Should we wait for him?”

“Cresselia's poop, no!” she hisses and bites my tail, and rushes back towards the others.

I chuckle as I enjoy the slightly painful but free ride back towards our friends.

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Chapter 84
The fire is burning, its faint sparking and snapping noises echo around this small clearing we're in. My friends are already sound asleep around our little fire. Saur, Shock and Fay are sleeping side by side, while Vixie is snuggled-up beside me.

I can't sleep.

Ever since yesterday, when we came into this thick and snowy forest, I've felt really uneasy. Vixie made me feel worse by suggesting that we should find a den or something to ‘to help me relax’, saying that I ‘should leave her with something before I go away.’ Shock positively jumped in to tease me about it. I just kept on saying ‘no.’ As tempting as that sounds, I not...ugh...

Anyway, aside from that, this forest really... I dunno. But I don't like this forest. I could barely sleep the night before, so I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight...

I told my friends about it, but they shrugged it off. Although they did find it weird about the lack of wild Pokémon living in the area after I pointed it out to them yesterday. Still, they insisted of going through the forest.'s not like there are any other ways to reach our destination... We're in a snowy valley, and the mountains look too steep for us to climb.

I raise my head up, like how dogs do while still lying down, and I look around. I can't see anything beyond the darkness, where our little fire's light couldn't reach. I sigh and lie my head down on my paws, and I then close my eyes, hoping that I will fall to sleep. It's not really fun walking through the forest while yawning all the time.

...and speaking of...I open my mouth wide and let out a very long sig—

A bluish-white ball suddenly appears above our little fire, and it flashes in bright light that can blind me if I let my eyes open. I close my eyes. I'm not that stupid to let it ope—

“Whooo... Pretty!” ...and then there's Fay.


“What's going on?”

“...ngh...five more minutes...”

The light finally starts to dim, and when it seems like it is safe for my eyes, I open them both to take a look.

Fay chuckles. “I'm seeing black spots everywhere!”

I fight the urge to roll my eyes. Instead, I concentrate on the green little fairy that is still glowing above our little fire.

Vixie blinks. “Bi?”

When the glow around her body is gone, and our little fire is the only light source left, Bi wobbles from where she hovers, and immediately opens her eyes.

“Hot!” she screeches, and immediately lands on the cool snowy ground with a relieved smile. “Ah...much better.”

“Bi?” Shock finally wakes up, rubbing an eye with a paw. “What are you doi—GAH!”

The Celebi immediately shots herself towards Shock and locks herself on him with a hug. It looks like a very tight hug, judging from how Shock gasps the air out of his lungs.

“Oh my gosh! You guys are still alive!” Bi cries. Really, she sounds like she's crying. And she then begins to sob.

Shock grits his teeth, and starts to pull the little legendary off of him. He didn't need to, 'cause Bi immediately lets him go and hovers away to have a better look at all of us. She looks relieved, but it only lasts for a moment before she looks so worried, looking around the area.

“Y-you guys have to get outta here!”

“Nice to see you, too, Bi...” Shock rubs his neck.

Vixie looks at her with worry. “Bi, what's wrong?”

“This place...” Bi still is looking worried, glancing around and behind. “...t-this place killed all of you!”

I...arch an eyebrow. “What?”

Fay frowns and turns to Saur. “Saurie, are we dead?”

Saur frowns back. “I told you not to call me that...”

“You're not making any sense, Bi...” Vixie lightly shakes her head. “Please, calm down an—”

“N-no!” Bi shot her a glare. She then frowns. “I-I'm sorry... B-but there's no time! You guys have to get away from here befo—”

I feel the snowy ground shaking lightly, and as soon as it did, Shock yelps as the snowy ground beneath him erupts, throwing him back. Something sharp slices in the air. My friends gasp. Shock lands on the ground on his back. A dark figure jumps out from the still-settling snow and earth, towards the Pikachu. Celebi shouts. The figure was a Sneasel, its razor-sharp claws at the ready for—

A distorted air collides with the dark type, pushing him away from the startled Pikachu. The Sneasel slams itself on the ground, and rolls away in a very painful speed through the bushes.

Suddenly, small and snowy eruptions are everywhere, and immediately, the sounds of sharp claws follow.

“What in blazes—” I got cut off...

“Attack them!” a loud and commanding voice shouts, and immediately, the Sneasels rush towards us, claws ready. “While they're still startled and surprised!”

I grit my teeth as my ears twitch. There are sounds everywhere, but something inside me is telling me that something behind me is closer and... I jump forward, headbutting the frozen Vixie in the process. I hear slicing noises from behind me, and a ‘tsk.’

Electricity flies over both our heads. As Vixie gasps in surprise, I sharply turn and see both Fay and Saur evading our attackers' attacks.

“We're gonna die, huh?” Fay asks nonchalantly, tail glowing and using it to parry the Sneasels' attacks.

I quickly got back to my feet, and so did Vixie. We jump in different directions to avoid another Sneasel-sweep attack.

“Not,” Saur grunts, parrying the sharp attacks with his vines. “...a good joke, Fay...”

Fire immediately joins the electric attacks.

Most of the Sneasel suddenly got blown away, courtesy of an angry Celebi flying overhead.

I turn and jump in time to evade the slashing attacks from two Sneasels. I quickly charge up a shadow ball and fire it at them, but they easily manage to dodge it, to my annoyance.
The two suddenly got hit by a bolt of electricity.

How many Sneasels are there?! I'm guessing a dozen of them...

Everyone is busy dodging and attacking to notice a Sneasel putting out the fire. Bi fires a beam at it, throwing it away, but the fire was already out, dimming the area.

...does Bi's psychic attacks hurt them? Gah, whatever...

The air got colder, but I didn't care at the moment. I need to concentrate if I don't want to end up into a meal!

Shock's electric attacks, Vixie's fire attacks, Bi's psychic attacks, Fay's rare Swift attacks, and Saur's lighting bulb are the only sources of light we have now. It's difficult to see where the Sneasels are, but I need to concentrate.

“Ah!” Fay shouts in pain.

My heart stopsfor a moment.

“Get away from her!” Bi flies over, but I can't risk looking what is going on back there.

I grit my teeth as a rush of cold air passes me by, making me shiver and almost making me unable to jump in time to avoid the attacks. I quickly fire another shadow ball, this time managing to hit a yelping Sneasel.

But another one quickly rushes towards me. I charge another one, but my target suddenly finds itself being swallowed by thick waves of fire.

I turn in time to see Vixie disappear, tackling another Sneasel with a quick attack.

A quick attack... I can do that, can't I? I can vaguely remember Vixie teaching me how to do it...

I turn and growl at an approaching Sneasel. I duck in time, the Sneasel slashing nothing but air, and I quickly kick my hind legs, headbutting my attacker's belly, and throwing it back.

I shiver a bit when cold air passes by.

“Now would be,” Shock grunts, slamming his glowing tail on a thrown Sneasel from Vixie's quick attack, “...gkt, a good time to evolve, don't ya think?!”

I hear the Sneasel in front of me snicker, probably thinking that what Shock had said is absurd...

I fire a shadow ball, the Sneasel easily dodging it. I fire a quick yet small shadow ball again, startling it as I hit it, and I immediately follow it with a headbutt. “I-I'm trying, but I can't concentrate!”

“Use a fire move then!” Saur shouts, startling me bit.

I make a quick glance, following his voice, and see him and Bi fighting off a horde of Sneasels, while trying to protect Fay, who is lying down on the ground in between them.

“Fay?!” I shout, but quickly turn back when I hear Sneasels approaching me again.

My eye twitch as I take a gulp of air, and breathe out an ice beam, startling the two Sneasels, and freezing the feet of one of them.

I blink. “Um... Wrong move...”

“An ice beam?!” the other Sneasel yelp as a cold air rushes pass me.

I immediately take the opportunity to fire another attack at it, this time a white version of a shadow ball. I hit the Sneasel, and is thrown back from the explosion.

“W-what was that?!” the frozen one asks.

...I guess fairy moves wor— “gah!”


I kick my hind legs, hitting something, and pushing my attacker back enough for me to fire a desperate wave of fire. I wince as my brain tells me how deep and painful my wound is, and I shiver when the hot liquid that is oozing from my wound quickly gets cold.

Vixie tackles my attacker to the ground with a snarl, but suddenly, she screams in pain after she got hit by chunks of ice from somewhere. She runs away in time to dodge the pinned-down Sneasel's claws.

...and I suddenly notice the lack of electric attacks.

I see Vixie running back to our fallen Pikachu friend, firing waves of fire at the Sneasels who are approaching him.

“B-Bi?” I hear Saur's weak voice. I turn to see Bi lying on the ground, shivering.

...and then another cold air passes me by, and it feels like it was heading towards where Saur and Bi are.

Chunks of ice hit me on my side, and I cry in pain, the impact making me lose my balance and I fall on my side.

“Ack!” Vixie cries in pain as she desperately tries to pull herself away from the Sneasel that stabbed her from behind. Her captor yelps in pain when a sharp leaf stabs him from behind, freeing Vixie. She turn and spits a fume of fire, enough to startle the Sneasel and making him stumble back.

But another Sneasel tackles her down beside Shock.

...Saur hisses at the Sneasels that surrounds him, Fay and Bi.

...I ignore the Sneasels that are approaching me.

I hear a faint jumping noise from the branches, and something lands on the snowy ground a few feet in front of me, blocking my view of Vixie and Shock.

“Good job, boys!” the...Weavile...says, smiling as it looks around. “Dinner's served!”

...I forgot how scary and dark this world is...
...I snarl as I felt very hot, literally exhaling fumes of smoke and fire from my nostrils as I glare at an umimpressed Weavile.

The Sneasels gasps, and those who are approaching me are now distancing themselves away from me.

The Weavile turns to me with a glare. “...light's out.” He is suddenly gone..


...and so is my consciousness...

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Chapter 85


...I can hear...beeping... sounds...familiar...

...then again, I have heard a lot of beeping noises in the past...

...most of them, from movies in cinemas and on tv...

...the small, yet recent parts of my life...

...was and still is inside that small white the hospital where my brother lay asleep...

...but it doesn't make sense...

...why am I hearing it now...?

...I was...unconscious...wasn't I?

...not anymore, I guess... I mean, how can I have these thoughts at the moment if I am unconscious, right?

...yeah, I'm thinking to myself again...

...I always do...and I should have already gotten used to it...

...but I guess it's fun to notice myself thinking a lot to myself...

...well...I wonder what happened to me...

...let's see...

...what is the last thing that I remember...? was at the office...editing that website for a restaurant...

...they wanted their front page to have a small section for news or whatcrap...

...I don't actually care... I just follow their given instructions and I do it...

...I have read that jobs like those...anyone with the right knowledge can do it at home...

...but working in a company has a lot of

I feel myself mumble, which is really strange. I then feel how weak I am...but at least I can vaguely feel my body now...

Slowly, I open my eyes...

...I try to open my eyes...but either they're too heavy, or I'm too weak.

...well, the former sounds incredibly stupid, so it has to be the latter. Why am I in a hospital anyway? Surely, something happened, and leaving me weak and all...

...stop thinking and open your eyes...!

...slowly, slowly, slowly...I manage to slightly open my eyes, and the soft light hurts, and I mentally brace myself as I try to open my eyes further.

...what I am seeing is a white blur at the moment, but soon, my vision cleared, and from my half-opened eyes, I can see...white ceiling...

And the beeping noises...are still there... I'm in a hospital..?

...something must've happened to me...but I can't remember...

...sigh... What a cliché setting to wake up in... And then what? My brother or someone who has a crush on me is sitting or sleeping beside me?

...strange that I am even too weak to roll my eyes.

“Look who decided to wake up!”

If I wasn't too weak, I swear I would have jumped. At least my heart did that for me, so thank you so much, bro—


I turn. I didn't care how weak I am at the moment. I force my head to turn to the direction to where that voice has come from.

And there, right there, seated on a chair beside my bed, my brother is smiling at me like nothing ever happened to him!


“Shh, shh...” he leans forward a bit, and puts a palm on my forehead. “Don't push yourself. Not yet.” He pulls his hand back. Strange, I didn't feel his palm on my head. Must still be too weak to feel...

At least I am not weak enough to arch an eyebrow. “T...the...f*ck...bro...?”

He sighs. “You really need to control your cursing.”

I'm not really a fan of cursing...but sometimes, if events as crazy as THIS is happening, then I'm not sorry.

He looks at me and smiles gently. “'s my brother doing? Bet you've captured lots of Pokémon by now.”

... “W...what?”

He chuckles. “You're gonna have to tell me all about it, when you're done doing whatever in there.”

... “W-wha—”

“Shh... I told you... Don't wake up just yet.”

I am awake, you moron!

He frowns. “'re still not.”


He shrugs and turns to look at another bed. I can't see who he's looking at. He's blocking the way. “...and neither am I.”


He turns back to me. “Oh, you must be confused.”

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

He frowns. “Hey! No need to glare at me like that! But anyway...” He stands up, and moves aside.

...and I guess my surprised blink is enough for him to fill in the ‘what the f*ck is going on’ I am having.

“I'm not sure, but let's just say that we're spirits, for now.” He turns to me and smiles. “Isn't that great? We're spirits and can go wherever we want!”

I deadpan at him.

“Eheheh.. B-but I haven't tried yet. Guess I'm scared to try, but you've gone further!” He gives me the biggest grin I've ever seen him give me. “You're in the Pokémon world! And that's really, really amazing! You'll have to tell me all about it when you wake up!”

...I sure hope you forget about that when you do wake up from your coma. ...does this mean I'm in a coma as well? What the heck happened to me?

“You keep on mumbling about this Shock, and Fay, and Saur, and Vixie—”


“and about meeting Bill, Goldenrod, Pallet, Viridian... And I don't really think spirits can dream, so there was only one logical conclusion! You traveled to the Pokémon world!” seeing you as a spirit is beyond logic at the moment, kiddo...

“And that's why you shouldn't wake up yet! Before you got back here, you were talking about having this intense battle with your Pokémon! Sneasels and Weaviles, right?”


“And you brought out your four Pokémon! Shock the Pikachu, Saur the Bulbasaur, Fay the Rattata... Seriously, bro, a Rattata? Really?”


“But hey, at least you have an Eevee! But I don't understand why you nicknamed him with your own name, Jay—”


“and you only called him that once! And it's like...I dunno... But you were in this epic battle! And you can't just leave me hanging! Talk about a bad cliffhanger!”

...cold... It suddenly

“Oh! You're going back already?” My brother smiles, and pats my shoulder. “Don't let a bunch of dark-ice types stop your journey to restore evolution or whatever! I forgot the plot already, but eh, whatever. It's the action that counts! And that saucy romance between your Vulpix and Eev—er...”

...I glare at him.

“Uh... Damn, bro! You're freaking twenty-three years old! You shouldn't stop your Pokémon from banging themselves senseless! Seriously! I don't get you!”

“I'll...” I glare at him, but smile anyway.

He smiles, but he's already fading...

“I'll senseless...when I...”

...he's gone...

“...get back..!” I bark, spitting fire in the process, and feeling the fire swirl around me in a vortex.

I hear a yelp of pain, and something cold and sharp pulls out from the side of my neck.

I growl as I feel my mouth start to water...thickly...

...well, I was stabbed on the neck. What do I expect?

Whatever. I'm conscious, and currently not dying...yet. At least I could save my friends before I go byebye, and then I'll punch my bro.

“He evolved!”

“A Flareon?!”

“L-let's get outta here!”

“Fools!” the Weavile shouts, and I immediately turn to him. He is busy glaring at his army around the area. “He's wounded!” he turns to me with a glare. “Forget the other ones and concentrate on him!” And then he smiles. “And he's bigger now. Meaning...” he licks his lips. “...more meat.”

Voices of delicious realization echoes around as I roll my eyes. Doesn't evolution heal wounds? neck still feels painful and my mouth is still pooling with blood. And I'm starting to feel my lungs getting heavy. the fanfics who taught me that evolution can ‘instantly’ heal wounds, no matter how severe, well...

“SCREW YOU!” I shout, firing a hot streak of fire towards the startled Weavile, the swirling fire vortex I had flew towards him as well.

My attack was probably too quick, even for me to realize. Anyway, I hear the others scrambling while others are already rushing towards me. I dunno how, but I just willed my four paws to be hot, and the snow beneath me melts instantly. Eh, no time to appreciate that discovery though.

I jump forward, headbutting the burned Weavile in the process, and leaving the Sneasels almost hitting each other behind me. I quickly turn and see a few of them already slipped from the watery ground. Eh, I am not expecting them to slip, but whatever, bonus points, I guess.

I stomp my paw, and willed the small puddle of water to rise, summoning a Surf, and pushing it at the others, and washing them away and beyond to wherever.

I hear surprised gasps from those who are lucky enough to be away from the rapid water's path.

“Ggget him!” the Weavile snarls, rushing towards me.

I roll my eyes and slap my blue-fin tail on the ground behind me, enough to turn the snowy ground I struck into water, and pushing it towards the yelping Weavile.

I tap my hind hoof on the water, zapping it, electrocuting him and a few others.

...including a soaked Shock and Vixie.

“W-w-watch it!” she scolds me, and I wince.

“Eh... Sorry?” I apologize, while wondering how I am able to talk normally. I quickly turn to face the sounds of...fleeing noises.

The Sneasels have already retreated...

“...uh...daradan-dan, dah-dan, dan-dadan?” my poor attempt at a Final Fantasy victory fanfare.

I hear someone groaning. I turn, and see the Weavile a few meters behind Vixie and Shock. He is trying to get up, but I guess I paralyzed him, along with those two Sneasels...and one pissed-off Vulpix.

“Hey, I didn't mean to hurt you, okay? But could you give me a little credit?” I tell her, while holding myself from being startled at the sudden shift of viewpoint. I look at my paws and see my normal Eevee paws now. I lightly shake my head and smile at her. “I did save us, right?”

She was still glaring at me. “You could have done that much sooner...”

“Uh...better late than never?” And oh, I take back what I said about the fanfics and the evolution-heal-thingy...

Vixie finally drops her glare, and sighs instead. “B-but...” she looks at me, her eyes starting to water. “...Bi..?”

...oh...right... I was feeling happy and confident for seeing my brother again, that I forgot about—

“Oh my gosh! What happened here?!” ...Bi...asked?

Vixie, Saur and I quickly turn to the source of the voice, and there, floating by the treelines, is Bi, looking alive, and surprised, with both hands on her mouth.

I turn to Saur, and stare at the brown and clearly-dead Celebi on the ground, and then turn back to the green and obviously-alive Celebi, and blink. My ear twitch when I hear a noise. That can wait for a few seconds... “Uh... You died? And then you're alive? So you tell me!”

I then quickly turn and fire a shadow ball, passing the startled Vixie by a hair, and towards a startled Weavile, before he can land his claws on her. Vixie quickly turn as the Weavile roll back, and finally decides to go unconscious.

Vixie turns back and glares at me. “Are you trying to hurt me?!”

I roll my eyes. “Hey! At least I didn't hit you! Unlike you who really wanted me dead back in Blackthorn!”

“I'll shove a thorn down your throat if you do that again!” she glares.

I glare back.

Saur sighs. “...and we're back to normal...” he says with a roll of his eyes before turning his focus on a waking Fay.

“Ow...” Shock groans, finally waking up as well. “Keep it down, you two...”

“Seriously...” Bi says, floating closer and looking around. “What happened here?”

Vixie and I ignore her, as we continue our glaring contest.

Shock sits up, and stretches. “Just a severe case of lover's quarrel...”

I swipe my paw on the ground, throwing snow at him.

“...and we got in the middle of the cross-fire...” Shock rolls his eyes.

“Put a sock in it!”

“What's a sock?” Fay asks.

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Chapter 86
“Time travel,” Bi whispers as she gently lowers the dead Celebi with her psychic to a little grave we dug earlier today. “I sensed her presence when she appeared in our time.”

Well, that confirms my theory of a time-traveling Celebi, and getting rid of my other silly theories, like maybe it was just a Zorua or a Ditto. Anyway, “and that's why you came?” I ask as Shock and I start to bury the poor, dead legendary.

Bi nods.

“I'm...just glad that you're still okay, Bi,” Vixie smiles at her.

Bi turns to her with a frown. “I should be the one saying that.”

Saur chuckles.

Shock and I are done. He claps his paws together in an up-down manner to get rid of the dirt and snow. “She said that she was glad to see us alive...” he says as he approaches them, and sits down, joining their little circle of chatting. “Does that mean we died in the future and she just traveled back in time to save us?”

“Wouldn't that just...eliminate the already-existing future?” I ask as I turn to them.

Bi shakes her head. “I'm not sure. Time is constantly on the move, and there are many factors in life that can change the future. Every living creature makes choices, creating many threads of possible future outcomes... So there's really no definite future.”

“Uh...” I shake my head. “But there's a solid past, right?”

She nods. “The present creates a lot of ripples in time-space, threading to many possible futures. But every present and future times has only one past, and that is why it's easier to go back in time than going ahead...”

“Uh huh...” ...that's a lot to take. I better stop ahead before this small headache becomes a bigger one that a ‘future me’ is sure not going to like. As Bi and the rest of our friends resume their idle chat, I turn around and walk towards the trees.


“Hm?” I stop and look back.

Vixie frowns. “I-I'm sorry for getting angry at you earlier...”

I smile at her. “I'm not really upset about it.” I turn to the trees and continue walking. “I just need to get something for the...uh...grave...”

“Oh,” she says. “I'm coming wi—”

“No, you're not!” Bi scolds her. “You're not healed yet!”

“But it's taking too long!”

“Blame the lack of sunlight.”

I chuckle quietly as I reach the trees. I still don't understand how evolution can fix wounds.

...I still don't understand how my brother knows about my journey here. Do I mumble everything back on earth like a radio or something?

I look around, but I can't find any rocks that's good enough... I guess this twig will have to do...

I pick the thin twig on the snowy ground with my mouth. Try as I might, my tongue still touches it and it taste like...wood. Cold wood. Anyway, I look around and spot another one. I guess I'll only need two. I approach the twig and pick it up as well. Now to get back to my friends. I can faintly hear them, so I just need to follow their voices.

...I was...about to die when that Weavile struck me on the neck... I wonder if that proves my theory of me returning home if I do die here. But that's going to be an unpleasant and most especially, a very painful process if I'm not lucky.

...and to my brother who is listening in ways I still don't understand, the Sneasels came back to fetch their fallen comrades, and we let them, as long as they won't bother us. The Weavile was giving me a death glare as he was dragged away, but eh, hopefully, that was the last time we see each other.

...I wonder how that guy evolved. Maybe he wasn't affected? Or maybe the mountain is close by?
If Bi's here, then that means we're already close to where the gem is located. So I guess that's it...

“—and Latios is getting antsy...” I hear Bi's voice as I turn from a tall bush, and finally seeing them sitting around a small fire.

...they got twigs for those, I bet...

“Jay!” Fay chirps when she notices me. She frowns. “That's it? You can't start a fire with that too little twigs.”

I roll my eyes and spit out the twigs by the grave. I turn to our legendary friend. “Bi. You can manipulate plants, right?”

She blinks for a moment. “I can. Why?”

I gesture with my paw for her to get closer.

She floats and lands beside me, and stares at the twigs that I am now holding together with my paws.

“Can you grow a vine and wrap it around...” I lean and touch the part of the twig where the two touch each other with my nose. “”

“I guess I can...” she responds, a bit unsure.

I pull my nose back and nod.

She begins to wave a slightly glowing hand. Soon, a small and thin vine pops out from the ground and starts wrapping itself on the twigs, holding their position in place. I blink in awe. Wow. Never seen a growing vine grow that fast.

I nod. “I think that's good enough.” I pull a sharp nail out and cut the vine from the ground. I ignore Bi's sad frown as I pull the little cross up and stab it on the head of the grave, and then I push it further down a bit. I then let go and take a step back, staring at the sad scene.

“...I think it's one of those human things...” I hear Fay's poor attempt of a whisper behind me. And I swear I can almost feel Vixie's blank stare, Saur's quiet nod and Shock's eye roll.

I turn to them and flash them a sad smile. “Usually, we use grave stones, but I don't think there are any around here.” I shrug. “Nor are there any rocks that are good enough as a replacement.”

“Grave stones?” Saur asks, blinks, and then his eyes shine in realization. “Ah. I get it now... I think I've heard of those before... I think it's where humans write the dead's name on it...”

I nod. “Yeah. I wonder if that Absol foresaw this...”

“Absol?” Vixie blinks. “What's that?”

“It's a name of a Pokémon,” Bi explains. “I hear they have the ability to sense upcoming danger...”

“Oh?” Shock turns to her. “Are they four-legged and have black and white furs?”

I nod. “Yeah. But they're not supposed to be common here in Johto, nor in Kanto.”

Shock shrugs. “I remember seeing a weird Pokémon like that in Ilex Forest a few days before we all devolved...”

Ah... I nod. “I see...” Wait... “You didn't blame the guy, right?”

“That ‘guy’ was a ‘she’,” he smirks, “if Lithe trying to win her was an indication at that time.”

I groan...

Fay chuckles. “Oh! I remember that! Even as a mighty Arcanine, he got beaten!”

Saur smirks and shakes his head. “If I recall correctly, she was telling us that there's great danger coming.” He then rolls his eyes. “And then there was Lithe...”

Vixie groans. “Here was to hoping to never hear his name...”

I chuckle and carefully pat her shoulder. She has a wound there, and I'm not sure if Bi or Saur already patched her up with Synthesis or something... “I'm actually hoping to see him bring you flowers...”

She growls and bites my paw, but I am too quick to pull it back.

I stick my tongue out at her. I yelp in surprise when she headbutts me and pushes me on the ground on my back, pinning me down. “Ow...” I wince.

“He's not coming after me,” Vixie glares at me with a smile. “'cause I'm with you now, remember?”

“...overly attached matefriend...” I look to the side and sigh.

“They're mates now? Like, really?” I hear Bi ask.

“Yeah,” Shock chuckles. “You'll have grandkids soon enough.”

“Hey!” I shout. “I resent that!” I then glare at my pinner. “And could you please get off of me?”

“Grandkids?” Bi asks, and then gasps. “V-Vixie? You're pregnant?” she asks in a happy tone.

Vixie grins at me. “Soon...”

I glare at her.

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Chapter 87
Even though Bi had healed my friends up, exhaustion was still an issue, yet it was easily remedied by sleep. While my friends were all sound asleep around the small fire that was almost out, Bi was keeping an eye on us as she sat on a branch, hidden in the shadows.

As for me? Well, I was just lying on the ground, my head on Vixie's neck. I actually lost tracked of time. I think I've bee like this for two or so hours now...

...what? She's warm, and we're surrounded by snow, so I'm gonna need all of the heat I can get.

Evolution really healed my lethal injury though, and the adrenaline rush I had during the battle was yet to settle.

I sighed and quietly stared at the fire.

When that Weavile stabbed me on the neck, I slipped out from existing and went back to my world. I guess that proved the theory of mine that if I die here, I would wake up in my home world.

But eh, death doesn't sound fun. It sounds painful. And I don't want my brother to give me an earful if I die right now, ending the adventure. I rolled my eyes at that thought.

Hm... I wonder how many weeks have I been here. Months? I haven't spent a year here yet, and I don't plan to. I'm leaving, but I guess I can do every Pokémon here a favor and return the evolution power thingy to them before I go home.
Even if I was fighting to get back home, heh, I still enjoyed my time here. I mean, another world, where Pokémon exist? Hell, if only I didn't had any attachments back home, I sure as heck won't go back. My world sucked. Well, to be fair, this world wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be, but eh, I'll pick this over my world in a heartbeat, if only...

I sighed, and slowly rose up, careful not to wake Vixie or anyone up. I'm not sure if Bi was still awake, but eh... I quietly walked towards the trees, heading...nowhere. I guess I just felt like I needed a walk.

Back home, offline video games were the things that'd drain my energy so I could sleep during some sleepless nights I had in the city. Or I'll just visit 9gag. But recently, when I got here, I've been walking just to tire myself so I could sleep. Not walking far though, since I still need to return and sleep together with my friends. On the ground. Outside. Surrounded by things that could kill us. Sigh...

“Having trouble sleeping?”

I stopped and shrugged. “Eh,” I turned and sat down as Vixie approached me. “Yeah.”

She sat beside me and started licking her paw.

...and then it clicked on me. We're alone. Surrounded by trees and bushes. With no one else around.

...I'm doomed.

I gulped and slowly stood.

She stopped licking her paw and turned to me. “Hm? Where're you going?”

“Back,” I lied. “I'm feeling tired now...”

I turned my back on her and began my walk back.

She sighed, making me stop. “Jay... Can we talk?” or never? I can delay this, can't I? We're close to the mountain now. I wonder if that would make her even more desperate. With a sigh, I turned back and sat on the cold ground. “Okay. Shoot.”

“I'm not gonna shoot fire at you.”

...I closed my eyes...tightly. “...not what I meant.” I opened them and looked at her. “Whatever. Anyway, go on...”

She blinked. She looked elsewhere. “Well, you said that you like me, right?”

Stop being cute, goddamn it! “Er...yes?”

She slowly looked back at me. “And um... You know that I like you too, right?”

I nodded, and internally sighed.

She frowned. “A-and Bi's here... Meaning...”

“It means that the gem-thing is close by, and we're gonna be having less days together now.”

She hung her head, ears drooped.

“...t-that's assuming that they can really help me get back home.”

And then we went quiet.

“” I scratched my neck. “...b-but they can get me back home, right?”

She sighed and nodded.

I'll be back home. Back to my world. Back to work. Back to my brother.

...but I'll be leaving my friends here... I tried making my friends feel that I would always be with them even if I was already back home, like, during that time when Fay cried. Fay cried, and told me that she only wanted to see her friends to be happy. That was really unexpected, yet, I think I encouraged her to keep it up? I no longer remember...

...some friend I am. But anyway, that was my intention. Shock and I had a good talk during that sleepless night we both had.

...I'm not sure about Saur though. He's so quiet and calm, and has a good smile. I guess smiling back at him was enough, I hope.

...and then there's Vixie...

I sat beside her and patted her shoulder. “Vixie,” I said. I blinked. I wanted to say something, anything, but I was drawing a blank.

She shook her head. “I can't force you to stay, Jay... That'd be selfish.”

“Yeah, it does...” I earned a weak glare. “” Come on, brain! Think of something! “Uh...”

Vixie sighed and leaned her head on my shoulder. “I'll...miss you.”

I sighed. Damn, hearing that hurts...a lot more than I expected. I sighed again. I've been sighing a lot lately. Then again, that was the only thing that I could do at the moment...

No, that was a lie. I do like her, and she does like me, too, but...

With another sigh, I gently pushed her head off of my shoulder. She didn't fight it. I took a deep breath, and licked her cheeks.

...and wow, did she blush. I swore she'd turn into a living fireball if she kept it up. Or at least her head would be on fire, like that ghostrider movie. ...I don't want that mental image right now.

She turned to me, eyes wide and mouth hung agape.

I chuckled nervously. “S-stop being cute, 'xie...”

“J-Ja-b-but you-ah?”

I chuckled again and leaned close, our nose touching. I guess I'll just...let it flow? Yeah. Let it flow, let it flow~ Can't hold it back an—yeah, whatever. “I'm the selfish one, 'xie...”

She blinked, still blushing hard.

“You only wanted to show me how much you like me, yet I kept on pushing you away...” I leaned back and shook my head. “It wasn't fair, right?”

“I...” She was still a mess... Poor girl.

I shrugged. “I...guess...what I'm...trying to say is...that...” ...and then I'm a nervous wreck as well. Good job, me. I looked elsewhere. Her eyes were making me too freaking nervous. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea, but heck, I could at least...give her something, right? S-something to remember me by?


I gulped. “I...ah...” I looked back at her. “Would to girlfriend?”

Yes, or no. She'll be the one who'll decide. It's only fair, right? To me at least. She blinked, and blinked, probably thinking of an answer, yet if she really likes me, then the answer would have been pretty obvious. Then again, I kept on pushing her away, even after I told her that I liked her back at the lake.
Damn, the wait is killing me.

She opened her mouth, closed it. Opened, closed. “J-Jay?”

I gulped. I took a deep breath.

She blinked. “What's a girlfriend?”

...I fell on the ground on my side. Wow, that really ruined the moment. I chuckled quietly. “It means...mates, Vixie. I'm asking you if you wanted to be my mate...”

“Oh...” she blinked. “But we already are.”

That made me blink. “Wait, what?” I sat back up. “Since when?”

She smiled...cutely. “Since you told me that you like me, silly.”

I blinked. “ that how things work here?”

She blinked. “What work?”

I sighed. “Never mind...”

She suddenly started nuzzling my neck. “Mm... But it was really nice to hear you say it, Jay.”

Yeah, I bet it was.

She pulled back, and looked elsewhere with a shy smile. “D-does this mean...we can...”

I gulped. “”


“Vixie has a weird spring on her steps,” Shock noted as we continued walking, Vixie unusually leading us in front with Bi. He turned to look at me. “While you walk like a Slugma...”

I sighed, ears drooping. “Go away, Shock...” I still can't believe we did it.

Fay chuckled. “Vixie is super extra happy today.” She turned to me with a sly grin. “I wonder if something happened between you two last night,” she said, with emphasis on those two words...

I glared at her, blushing.

Shock immediately caught on. “Wait... No way!”

“Yes way!” Fay chirped, and dashed after Vixie before I could stop her. “And I wanna hear all about it!”

I blushed even further as I grumbled.

Shock snickered. “Does that mean you'll be making me your kids stepdad?”

“I'm gonna murder you...”

“No need to be ashamed, Jay,” Saur said. He was smiling ever so calmly. “You made her happy. And she's the happiest I've seen her yet.”

I sighed through my nostrils. “But I didn't do it so our goodbye wouldn't...hurt her.”

“Really?” Shock asked, looking skyward. “I find that hard to believe.”

“Shut up, Shock.”

“Still,” the Pikachu patted my shoulder with a smile. “I didn't know you had it in you.”

“Gee, thanks...” I sighed.

“It felt wonderful, right?”

“Yeah, it was, actually...” I sighed, a bit dreamily. I blinked back to reality, and turned, seeing Shock snickering. “I'm gonna freaking murder you,” I glared at him.

Saur shook his head with a smile.

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Chapter 88
I learned that it wasn't Vixie's first time know. Ahem, anyway, she and Shock were a couple before, so I guess there's that. But I couldn't get the nerve to ask either of them if they...mated before.

Anyway, the first few nights after what happened were severely awkward, with my friends teasing us and all. Well, most of their teasing were aimed at me, since Vixie didn't mind them. Blushing and glaring became tiring, so I started to zone them out and just...enjoyed Vixie's company, I guess.

There were a few nights where Vixie wanted to, again. And only a few of those few nights where I gave in. It still felt weird, but eh, I loved it, even though it was still awkward.

The days passed by like a blur, and the closer we got, the more Vixie stopped asking me to do our nightly activities and just wanted to...cuddle until sleep would embrace us. It was...sad... Just when I started to really like being like this, it was about to end.

Vixie tried to hide it though, but I guess, since we were mates now, I guess I could just...sense it, that she was...really sad. Not only her though. Even my friends were sad. Why wouldn't they?

I'm...also sad as well. Hurt, even. I'm the one who was leaving, after all. Our group became quieter and quieter the closer we were getting to our destination, and it was...sad...

We eventually reached a cliff. A very tall and steep one. Down below, we could see nothing but green, with a few streaks of blue that broke the sea of green.

It wasn't snowing down there, which was really wonderful to see. Shock, Saur and Fay were smiling, obviously glad to finally be out of this snow. Vixie didn't understand our joy of no-snow. Bi just giggled, and asked us to sit and wait as she went back to go and look for her friend.

Bi said that the previous days where we were going through the snowy forest, she didn't see nor sense her friend close by, so she wanted to head back. She already left before the question ‘why’ even popped in my head.

So, we waited. All of us sat in a circle, while Shock went and stood on the edge, looking around.

“Hm...” he said, scratching his head, “...I don't see a way for us to climb down...”

“Dig?” I suggested.

He turned and approached us. “No. That'd take a day, and Arceus bless us if Fay or I would have the energy to dig that long!”

“Jump?” Fay chirped cheerfully.

Shock glared at her as he sat down. “Ladies first, the humans always say.”

Fay nodded and scurried to the edge.

Vixie and I yelped and were about to chase after her, but a vine quickly shot out and wrapped around the fleeing rat's tail. With a sigh, Saur dragged the giggling Fay and lifted her up, her up-side-down face facing Saur's deadpan expression.

“I was only kidding, you know,” Fay chuckled.

“I sure hope so,” Saur replied.

“Can you put me down now?”

The Bulbasaur shook his head. “Not until you promise me not to scare us like that again.”

“Okay!” she chirped, although I saw her hiding a paw behind her back, crossing her small fingers. It was plainly visible from Vixie's, Shock's and my point of view.

Shock sighed as Saur put Fay back down on the ground.

“I can paralyze her, if you want me to,” the Pikachu offered.

Saur smiled at him. “Please.”

Fay gasped. “No! I won't be able to move if you do!”

“I think that's the point, Fay,” I grinned.

“I wonder...” Vixie mumbled, looking at me, and then looking away with a dreamy smile.

I glared at her. “...I don't like what you're thinking, 'xie...”

Shock grinned. “Say the word, and I'll gladly do it.”

I shot him a glare. “I should have murdered you in your sleep.”

“Too bad you didn't.”

“Can we come with you, Jay?”

Everyone turned to Fay, who just blinked as if the question was natural to ask.

She looked at us. “What? I was just asking.”

We were quiet for a while, where my friends occasionally switch their attention on her and on me. I considered the question, and an answer immediately popped into my head.

I shook my head. “Bad idea.”


I shook my head once more.

Shock scratched his head. “You...told us that there are no Pokémon back in your world, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah. None that breathes, at least.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hm...” How can I explain this properly... I turned to Saur. “Saur, you lived with the old human couple in a daycare, right?”

He nodded. “Yes. Why?”

“There were many trainers visiting the daycare, right?”

“Well, yes,” he blinked. “Young and old, wanting their Pokémon to be taken care of, a few want them to breed for eggs, a few want to help around, and a few want to get their Pokémon, and eggs, back.”

“Humans force their Pokémon to breed?” Vixie asked, surprised by this information.

“Yup,” Fay chirped. “Humans even do silly things, trying to see their Pokémon in action!” she giggled.

Shock and I just rolled our eyes.

“But they kept on getting disappointed for they can't see the action,” ...why does she add an emphasis on those?

“The...mating, or the egg-laying?” I asked carefully, glancing at Vixie from time to time.

“Both,” Fay chirped.

Well, call me lucky to ever witness and experience one of the Pokémon games' greatest mysteries. I sighed.

“Jay is a lucky human then,” Shock snickered.

I shot him a tired glare, and he snickered some more. I shook my head. “Whatever...”

“Wanna stay and see her lay eggs?” Shock teased.

I glared at him before turning to Vixie, who looked elsewhere with blushing cheeks. I still don't understand how mammals here lay eggs. There's even a theory that humans were a far-evolved branch from Pokémon. What set them apart was their great intellect...and probably their not-laying-egg ability?

Vixie placed a paw on my nose and pushed me to look elsewhere. “Stop staring at me like that,” she scolded me.

Fay giggled. “Looking at her won't make her lay eggs any faster, you know.”

...I'm gonna be a dad? A heartless dad who left his children? I wasn't ready to be a dad, and the first step I took was to abandon them. Good show, me...

My ears drooped as I sighed.

“What's wrong?” Fay asked, her voice full of concern.

I slightly shook my head. “I'm...leaving soon...”

“We already know that,” Shock said, trying to sound reassuring. “Don't worry! We understand, so try not to let us all go sappy again.”

I rolled my eyes. “That's...not really what I was worried about...” I frowned at him, before turning to Vixie.

She blinked, and her ears drooped. “The...eggs...?”

I sighed and nodded. “...I'm...sorry...”

She smiled a sad smile. “They'll be fine. I promise.”

I dunno what I was feeling at the moment. I felt like I don't want to leave anymore. I suddenly felt...attached... Attachment to the kids? The attachment of being a dad? I wonder if that was how my father felt when I was born. He stayed and watched me and my bro grow up.

...while I'm leaving and will not see any of them grow up.


I just realized I was crying. I quickly hung my head and wiped my eyes with my paws. “S-sorry...” Crying felt so foreign. When was the last time I cried? I couldn't really remember...

I felt a lick on my cheek, and followed by a nuzzle on my neck.

“Hey, hey...” Shock said, patting my shoulder. “What's wrong?”

I sniffled. “...I dunno...” I sniffled again. “I...I-I guess I'm...just sad that I'm leaving... Leaving you guys, and leaving...”

After a few moments of quiet, Vixie pulled away with a frown. “...I...see...”

Fay and Saur turned and looked at each other. Shock blinked, turned to Vixie, and his eyes then went wide, probably realizing what I meant.

I no longer remember why I asked Saur about him and the daycare... But I guess I could at least explain to Fay why going to my world was a bad idea. “Fay... You guys going with me to my world is a bad idea,” and it's a good way to change the topic, I guess... And I finally remembered why I asked Saur those questions. “S-Saur. Did any of those trainers who visited the daycare talked about games or anything like that?”

Saur blinked in confusion, but didn't ask about the sudden shift of topic. He instead scrunched his face, deep in thought. “Hm... I'm not certain, Jay...”

I wiped my eyes a few more times, and blinked, testing if they were clear now. I took a breath as I nodded. “Well... Does the daycare have any computers?”

“Ah! Those things,” he nodded. “Yes, I remember a few of those in the daycare. Why?”

“Any trainers mentioned about games inside those?”

“There are games inside those?!” Fay gasped. “What kind? I wanna try some!”

“Too late for that, don't you think?” Shock said, gesturing at our surroundings.

“Hm,” Saur hm'ed. “I remember a few younger humans talking about some game while they were using those machines.” He nodded. “I also remember that one stormy day, the old couple would let some of us play this weird game of boxes on the screen...”

I nodded. I guess that was all the info I need, although I'm curious about the games this world has. “Well, in my world, Pokémon are just that: games.”


“That's why I know a lot about you guys, and the world, this world, even though I told you that I'm a human-turned-Pokémon from another dimension. There's even a game about humans turning into Pokémon in my world. So yeah...”

I sighed. “The reason why I think it's a bad idea for you guys to come with me, if that's even possible, is because Pokémon, in my world, is a fantasy. If fantasy suddenly becomes real there, people from the government will do everything to get you and will experiment on you, understand you, and...just imagine them doing horrible things to you.”

“Why?” was their simple and innocent question.

“...for money? For power? Heck if I know,” I sighed. “I was just a regular guy who was working nine hours in a computer company.”

Shock shook his head. “I don't understand.”

Fay frowned. “Me either...”

Vixie shook her head. “I don't, either, but...”

“But?” I blinked at her.

She shook her head and just gave me a small smile. “No. Never mind...”

I frowned. I sighed, and lean my head on her shoulder. “I'm really sorry, Vixie...”

“For what?”

“...for leaving. I can't really imagine how you're going to raise the egglings all by yourself, telling them that their fatherless.”

“ that what you're so worried about?” Shock asked.

I pulled my head back and turned to him. “Well...yes.”

Shock sighed. “Lots of Pokémon are only raised by their mothers. Some even none. Wanna know why?”

The slight anger on his tone made me flinch. “N-no...?”

“Take Lithe as an example.”

...ah... I think I get it now. Weren't there animals back home who just...mate with the females in the alpha male's circle? I think there are... Wolves, maybe? Lions?

“I take it that you now know why.”

I slowly nodded. “I...think so...but,” I frowned, “that doesn't make me feel any better. In fact, it just made me feel even worse!”

Shock rolled his eyes.

“I'll be fine,” Vixie nuzzled my neck again. “And they'll be fine. I promise.”

“And I promised to watch them, remember?” Shock frowned. “So, thank you for limiting our adventuring days.”


Saur chuckled. “Humans really are weird...”

“Yup,” Fay chirped, and chuckled.

“Sorry for the wait,” Bi's voice echoed from the trees behind us. We all turned and saw her just floated out of the line of trees. She hovered in front of us and smiled tiredly. “Well, I found him.” She turned as something blue and large stepped out from the shadows of the trees.
I caught my breath. “...whoa!”

“Greetings,” Suicune said, with a voice so...legendary? I can't explain it very well, but his voice sounded awesome and definitely fitting for a Suicune! He looked at all of us after he stepped out from the tree lines, and his gaze suddenly locked on me.

I slightly flinched at the pressure I felt from his gaze.

“You're the other Eevee?”

“Saur,” I heard Fay whisper. “ that a Suicune?”

“Y-yes,” Saur stammered.

“Wow,” Fay wow'ed. “He doesn't look as awesome as in that book we saw!”

Suicune blinked at her, confused. “”

Saur slapped her with a vine.

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Chapter 89
Saur pulled his vines out and wrapped them around Fay, helping her up. With that done, we were now seated on Suicune's back, who now stood up on all four paws.

I grunted as I tried to get comfortable. By that, I mean I grabbed Suicune's annoying purple mane and pinned them down so I could breathe normally. Vixie and Shock helped me out as well. Suicune doesn't seem to mind, so we kept at it until the three of us completely pinned his mane under our bums.

Bi hovered around with a smile. “All right! Looks like everyone's ready!”

Suicune nodded, and turned, facing the mountains and the sea of green with blue veins down below.

We were still on the edge of the cliff, and we were too freaking high up if it was snowing here while it was all green down below.

I smiled as 'xie leaned her head on my shoulder, me leaning mine on her head. “Well, at least we'll be quicker this way.”

That didn't really sound uplifting. It wasn't a surprise to me now though. It only meant that I'll be leaving soon. Sigh...

“I still don't see a way for us to get down there,” Shock pointed out, shaking his head a bit. “Don't tell me that Suicune's going to jump all the way down! I know this guy's a legendary and all, but I don't think he'll survive such a height.”

“That's a really well-explained joke, Shock,” I said lamely.


Vixie sighed. “I just hope it won't be too quick.”

I was about to respond when we felt Suicune moving. I looked around and saw that he was taking a few steps back, still facing the edge of the cliff.

“” I er'ed.

Bi hovered in front, looking all worried at us. “Um... You guys might need to hold tight.” She slightly shook her head. “I don't wanna rescue any of you if we can help it.”
I blinked as Suicune stopped, and slowly leaned down, preparing to—

“Wait wait wait!” Shock exclaimed. “Y-you can't be serious!”

I heard Saur's vines wrapped around Suicune. I turned in time to see him already completed a loop around and wrapped itself around me, Vixie, Shock and Fay.

“But it'll be quicker this way,” Bi said, still wearing a worried expression for the wrong reason.

Shock's pupils shrunk. Vixie's as well. Fay giggled in excitement.

“Ready?” came Suicune's calm question.

“No!” I exclaimed, Vixie and I already hugging each other in fear.

Suicune nodded, and immediately rushed towards the edge in a second, and jumped.

Aside from the piercing whistle of the air and our screams, Fay's happy scream also reached my ears.


“We've arrived,” Suicune announced as he skidded to a stop, leaving trails behind the grassy green ground. After he stopped, he took a breath before he lied down on the ground on his belly.

With a groan, I fell off of his back, and landed on the grass with a soft ‘thud,’ my friends soon followed.

“See?” Bi hovered above us with a smile. “I told you it'll be quicker.”

“I feel like...m-my spirit was left behind...a-and still t-trying to catch up...” I wheezed.

Shock weakly managed to hold his breakfast. He burped in disgust. “Ugh... I think I prefer the slow Tauros ride...”

Fay giggled weakly. “Can we do that again?” I heard a vine making a slapping noise. “Ow...”

I slowly rolled to my stomach, and saw Vixie panting for breath, staring at the sky.

“You okay?” I asked.

She turned her head to face me, and smiled while still panting for breath. “Y-yes... Hah... That was...scary...”

I was about to say something when something pink floated a few meters ahead. Blinking, I saw the pink thing hovered in front of Darkrai. The pink thing nodded its head, and then it turned to look at us, and started floating closer.

“Hi,” Mew greeted us as she hovered in front of me. She looked at me, tilted her head, and blinked. “Is something wrong with your mouth?”

I just realized that I hung my mouth wide open. Oh. My. God! “MEW!” I jumped and hugged her and squee'd as I twirled on a hind paw. And I squee'd as I hugged her and rubbed my head on her...I dunno, chest or belly, I think. I didn't care! It's freaking Mew! The cutest thing ever existed!

My twirling slowed, and soon, I stopped, in front of an angry Vulpix. I blinked, and blushed as I let go of a dazed Mew, who fell on the ground beside me with a thud, complete with a foot twitch.


“Do you like her more?” came Vixie's quick and scary question.

I flinched, ears drooping. “...uh, n-no!”

Fay suddenly was beside her, leaning her snout to 'xie's ear. “He stammered,” she whispered.

I glared at her. “I did not!”

“And then in denial...”

“Fay, no!” I stomped a paw, accidentally stomping it on Mew's tail. “It's not like that!” I then removed my paw and turned to the legendary to apologize, but she seemed to be dizzy at the moment, Bi by her side, trying to help her.

Shock chuckled. “You're worse than Lithe.”

“Ahem,” a really, really deep and loud voice echoed from behind.

I saw my friends looking up and behind me, face paled. I gulped and slowly turned around, and saw a big...gray plate of some sort. It was a tall thing, so I looked up, and my mouth struck the ground.

Dialga's slightly-glowing red eyes were staring down at us, and I was mere inches away from his foot...or toenail. How a giant godzilla managed to sneak behind me without me noticing was beyond me.

I gulped, and involuntarily took a step back. “Um... W-we come in peace?”

Dialga closed its eyes as it nodded its large head. It then opened them before it replied. “I will hold you on that.”

He sounded male. At least, his telepathic voice sounded male. I carefully looked around, trying to find the other one. “Um... Where's Palkia?”

He actually scoffed and shook his head. “And why do you need to know?”

“You're not gonna ask her to be your mate, too, right?” Fay whispered beside me. She was gone when I was about to hit her head, leaving behind a faint trail of giggles.

Darkrai finally hovered to us, and then looked up to Dialga. “You can go and tell Arceus that the other Eevee's here now.”

Dialga sighed. “Can't Palkia tell dad that?”

“Just go and tell him,” Darkrai said calmly.

Dialga let out another sigh. “...fine.” A faint blue aura started to envelop the tall dragon, and he quietly hovered up, up, and with a white flash, he was gone.

I blinked. “Er... T-that was anti-climatic...”

Darkrai sighed. “My nephew and niece can be a handful at times...”

“You're nephew an—you know what? I'm not going to bother...” I shook my head, and just noticed a big entrance to a cave on the base of this tall mountain that Suicune had carried us to. “Um... So...that's where the evolution gem is located?”

Darkrai turned to me and—

“Yup!” Mew replied, hovering in front of me. “So, you're Shadow?”

Vixie growled at her as she stood beside me.

“Calm down, girl,” I patted her shoulder, but she ignored me and kept on glaring at the pink thing. I sighed and turned back to Mew, fighting the urge to squee again. “So uh... What about my shadow?”

Mew blinked at 'xie, and then floated back beside Darkrai. She giggled. “Hey! Your mate's the one who touched me first.”

Vixie growled. My friends behind me sighed. Darkrai actually rolled his eye.

Bi landed beside my angry mate. “She's just teasing.”

“He's really cute, by the way,” Mew winked at her. “Lucky catch.”

“Can we please just go to the gem already?” I groaned.

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Chapter 90
“'xie! Com'on...!” I cried in desperation as I walked after my fuming mate. “Don't be like this.”

She replied with a grunt and once again, picked up her pace.

I sighed. I've already spent the last twenty or so minutes trying to apologize to her. We were already inside the cave and were already heading towards the gem, where the trio of legendaries: Mew, Bi and Darkrai, were leading us there.

The cave was very dark, but Mew and Saur provided some light for us to see around. The cave held an old atmosphere, with stalactites and stalagmites all around. There were also cave-dwelling Pokémon living here, yet none of them bothered us.

...probably because I kept on breaking the silence with my apologies. “'xie, please...” I begged her again, but she just ignored me and marched on. If Mew wasn't a few meters ahead, I'd probably be on the receiving end of her glare. My two ears drooped as I sighed. This was one of the reasons why I was afraid of being in a relationship.

Mew occasionally looked back at us ever since we started traveling inside the cave. At first, she was teasing me and Vixie, but after a few minutes, she stopped, and looked like she wanted to apologize. But I think Vixie's glare was keeping her from trying.

Bi, at first, was scolding the pink legendary, and was convincing her to apologize. Now, she doesn't know what to do.

Darkrai probably thought that it was best not to say anything.

Behind 'xie and I were our friends. They've grown tired of hearing me apologizing to my stubborn mate. I wasn't sure if they were tired of hearing my apologies, or tired of 'xie ignoring me.

After another failed attempt, I sighed, walked after her, and jumped in front of her. She was quick to walk aside, but I grabbed her tail with both paws.

She growled and finally gave me a glare. “Let go,” she said quietly yet frighteningly.

“No,” I said, tightening my hold on her tail. I countered her glare with a tired stare. “Vixie... I'm sorry, okay?”

“I'm not angry at you, you dolt!”

I blinked.

She turned her head and glared at the three waiting legendaries. She let out a small growl.

I sighed. I let go of her tail, walked beside her, steeled myself, and licked her cheek.

She regarded me with a quick glance before glaring back at Mew.

I sighed again. “'xie, let it go. She was just teasing. And even if she wasn't, she won't take me...” I flashed her a tired yet hopeful smile. “Yes, I may like her—” that caught her attention, “—b-but that was just only me being a fan! Believe me.”

She kept on glaring at me.

“What's a fan?” I heard Fay's whispered question.

“You're asking the wrong guy,” Shock whispered back.

“It means someone who greatly idolizes a well-known person,” came Darkrai's calm reply. “Like Mew who idolizes—”

“Shh!” Mew glared at him, blushing.

Darkrai blinked, probably confused. I know I am.

Vixie's sigh caught my attention. She sat down and scratched her ear with a hind paw. After that, she stood back up, and looked tiredly at me. “...and me?”

I blinked. I smiled, and lightly touched her nose with my own. “...I thought it was obvious?”

She smiled. And then she quickly bit my nose.

I yelped in pain.

She growled at me. “That's a warning, Jay,” she glared at me with a smile.
I tearfully stared at my painful nose as I rubbed it with both paws. “...i-if—” I bit my tongue. There won't be a next time, right? I ignored Shock's chuckles as I stared back at my mate. I smiled. “A-at least I wont be leaving without you forgiving me...”

She immediately frowned at that.

Darkrai cleared his throat. “Ahem... About that,” he turned.

We turned, and I noticed a faint glow up ahead. I looked around and noticed that the cave now looked like some sort of tunnel.

“I'm sorry,” Mew whispered. I turned, and saw her floating a few feet in front of 'xie and I. I didn't even notice her approach, even though she was glowing to provide some light. “I was...just teasing you guys...” she chuckled nervously. “You can't blame me for being jealous, right?”

“Jealous?” I blinked.

She turned to me and nodded. “When I see couples, I get jealous for not being with any of my mates...”

“Oh...” Vixie said, her glare slowly fading. “Well, I guess I understand.”

“I'm curious,” I said, hoping that I just misread her. “Who's your mate?”

Mew's features brightened. “Oh! There's so many, I don't know where to begin!” She looked up and started saying names I don't recognize, and telling me where and how she met them in different parts of the globe, and how she fell in love with each one of them with their ‘peotic words’ of watchamacallit. Nope, I didn't mishear it...

After she told us a sixth name, I turned to Vixie, whom was now faking an interested smile.

“She's worse than Lithe,” Shock whispered behind me.

“Mew,” Bi groaned, thankfully catching her friend's attention. She was rubbing her forehead. “We have a job to do.”

“Oh, right!” She giggled and turned to us. “Sorry! I got carried away!” She then floated back to the two other legendaries, and we resumed our walk.
“From the sound of it, you really are easy to be ‘carried’...” I mumbled, earning a giggle from 'xie. I smiled at her, and she reflected it back. I noticed that there were a few Pokémon around the closer we got to the light.

When we got even closer, Saur and Mew stopped letting out light, and after my eyes adjusted, I finally could see a very big crystal-like base of a towering gem up ahead, which was fluctuating with light.

We walked out of the tunnel-like cave, and now found ourselves in a big dome-like part of the cave, where the center-most of the ceiling was pierced by the ever-so-big-and-ever-so-tall crystal gem. It looked purplish at first, but it faintly changed color to green and then to orange and to other colors. The giant base of the gem stood on a small island-like ground, which was surrounded by shallow waters.

My friends and I gasped when we saw familiar faces by the foot of the gem. A Surskit was on the back of a Chikorita. Both were looking worried over a struggling Eevee, whose paws and mouth were tied up with vines.

Hovering above them were the Eon legendaries: Latios and Latias. The two's ears twitched from our gasps, and turned to us.

Latios groaned. “Finally! About time you showed up!”

“Brother, relax,” Latias said, looking at him.

He gave her a glare. “I'll relax when that Arceus-forsaken Eevee returns the power back!” He then sharply turned back to us, and as soon as he did, his face was already inches away from mine.

I yelped, and stumbled back.

“Now give it back,” he snarled.

'xie growled and jumped in between us, glaring back at him. Shock, Fay and Saur stood by her, making a shield in front of me.

“Guys, guys!” Bi called out, hovering to us. “Let's not fight, please!”

Latios growled, and a faint blue aura surrounded him. He hovered higher, while kept that death-glare aimed at me. Suddenly, a reddish aura enveloped over the blue, and the legendary's features softened, for the tiniest bit.

“Brother, please,” Latias said quietly, floating beside him. “You're scaring them.”

“L-l-look,” I said, standing back up as my friends eased up. “I'm willing to” I actually don't remember what it was called. Evolution power? Evo-aura? Nen?

Latios was still glaring at me as he and his sister gently floated back down. “I sure hope so, for your sake.”

I winced, and 'xie growled.

“Then let's get this over with,” Latios announced, eyes glowing white.

I yelped after I was levitated up in the air. “Wait wait wa—”

“What?!” Latios snarled.

“C-can I ask a few questions first?”



“F-fine...” He dropped me back down. “What do you want to know?”

“C-can I ask your sister instead?” I quickly shot Fay a glare, stopping her giggles. “And zip it, Fay.”

“Killjoy,” she pouted.

Latios grunted and flew to Darkrai and Mew, hopefully to calm himself down.

Latias sighed while staring at her brother. “I apologize for my brother's behavior,” she said, turning to us with a small yet gentle smile. “He's just nervous and worried about me and our baby.”

... mind needed some time to reset itself. “W-wa-wait, what? You and him?” I finally noticed that her belly was slightly...bigger. I took a quick glance at xie's.

“Too bad. She's already taken,” Fay giggled.

I shot her a glare before turning back to Latias. I bit my tongue. What they...erm...did was kinda taboo back home, but who am I to judge them if things here are different, right? Right! “So...” I instead turned my curious eyes on Krystal, who was still struggling to set herself free. “W-what happened to Krystal?”

Shock nodded. “I've been wanting to ask that as well. Why's she all tied up?”

Latias took a breath and sighed. “She tried to flee, and attacked us even after we captured her.”

“That's not right,” Fay said. “That doesn't sound like Krysie at all.”

“Apologies to ask, but,” Latias said, “are...are you aware that she's...well...”

“A human?” I finished for her. “Yeah, we all knew. She was very willing to help the last time we saw her.”

Latias shook her head. “I'm not sure what happened to her, but from what Cyan told me, she suddenly had a change of heart and tried to get away, even managing to hurt him and his friends: Pyra and Scythe. And...she claims to be—”

“Levie?” I finished for her, while trying to kick this growing headache I was having.

My friends turned to me.

I shrugged. “Hey, I just know, okay?”

“Shadow's memory,” Latias whispered, catching our attentions again. “I'm worried that he might—”

I suddenly felt cold. Too cold. My vision of Latias zooming out, like a television screen being pulled away from me, and the surrounding areas of that vision was nothing but darkness. I shivered from the cold, but at the same time, I didn't. I can still feel my body, yet at the same time, I couldn't!

I began to panic, and tried to shout for help, yet I heard no voice come out from my mouth. I gasped and tried to touch my mouth with my paws, but I don't see anything. I couldn't feel anything.

...what's going on?

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Chapter 91
"Shadow's memory," Latias whispered with a visible frown. "I'm worried that he might take over this Eevee's body, as what had happened to the other one," she said, turning to look at the three Pokémon by the base of the evolution gem.

"Jay?" a familiar voice called. I turned, and found myself leaning on her. " okay?"

"Yes," I simply said, then pulled myself straight back up. I smiled at her. "...Vixie. Just...worried, I guess."

"Worried about what?" Yet another familiar voice asked from my other side. I turned, and saw Shock arching an eyebrow.

"If you feel anything," Latias said, "a...mental tug or anything, just let me know."

I nodded, suppressing a grin. Too late for that, don't you think? "I will." I then focused my attention at the...other Eevee. I faked a frown. "So, what happened to her, exactly?"

Latias turned, staring at her. "My brother and I already separated the human's spirit and the evolution aura from her." She turned again, staring at Latios and Darkrai on the far-side of the cave. "I gave the orb to him for safe-keeping."

"Orb?" Shock asked.

Celebi landed on the Vulpix's back, eliciting an annoyed grunt from the latter. "The orb is where they kept Krystal's spirit."

"The...soul dew, correct?" I asked.

Vixie arched me an eyebrow.

Celebi nodded. "Yep! I still find it weird that you know a lot, considering that you're a human from another world. A world without Pokémon!"

I simply smiled at her while Latias gasped from what the Celebi just said.

"...a world without Pokémon?" she asked. "Could such a world really exist?"

"Well, Jay's from there," Fay said happily. "Or so he claims."

Latios suddenly interrupted us by suddenly appearing beside Latias. "Are you done talking yet?" he asked with a glare that was fixed on me. I had to suppress a grin. "Any longer, and I might refuse to extract your soul, human."

"Sorry," I said, faking a nervous smile. I hate faking so much, it hurts... I looked at the Pokémon around me, still holding this smile. "Well, I guess we should be going."

I turned, ignored their responses, and started walking towards the gem. It felt so odd being so small again. It felt so odd being an Eevee once again. I was vaguely thankful that the water wasn't so high, even though it was shallow.

"Grah!" Latios screeched, and suddenly picked me up.

I honestly yelped in surprise as he did that, and flew me towards the gem, and unceremoniously dropped me by the base. The Chikorita had no choice but to yelp and jump back to avoid my cringing landing. I gritted my teeth and threw that annoying legendary a glare, countering his own.

"Now, touch the gem and be over with it!" he snarled.

I ignored him. Instead, I turned to the struggling Eevee, paws and mouth tied by vines, rendering her movement and speech. She was giving me that cute glare I always loved to see every time I teased her. The said glare slowly disappeared, replaced by confusion when she noticed my grin.

"Been a while, love," I whispered, still having that grin on me.

Her eyes grew wide, probably realizing who I am.

"I'll help you s—"


I sharply turned and glared at the hovering legendary.

"The human inside that thief's body is no longer there, and soon, yours. Now, hurry up or do you want me to slam you against the gem?"

"Don't be too harsh, brother," Latias scolded him, flying beside him.

Latios looked away and mumbled something.

Latias looked apologetic at me. "I'm sorry... He didn't mean what he just said."

"I know," I grinned as I changed into an Umbreon, ignoring their collected gasps. "But I'm not."

"You little—!" Latios flew in front of Latias.

'DEATH!' I thought with a growl, unleashing a powerful wave of dark aura in front of me. I sent the two legendaries and the unfortunate Chikorita flying, while the human's five followers soon followed when my attack reached them.

I quickly turned to my mate, still wearing that grin she always hated. "Now to—"

That ghost-like legendary suddenly appeared behind her, an arm glowing bright and immediately punched the air between us, launching a terrifying attack at me. I was too close, and was surprised, so it was impossible for me to dodge it.

"Stay down!" he commanded as smoke covered my sight.

I grinned. The smoke didn't block my mental sight. "Right back at ya," and I immediately launched an unknown moon-ball attack.

"Ughua...!" the ghost screeched in pain.

I immediately felt weird body extensions around me, so I used them to touch the gem and Levie's head. Closing my eyes, I concentrated, and made a silent apology as I transferred a few of the gem's power to my mate in a rush. If not for the vine that rendered her speech, she would have been screaming right about now.

"Okay," I breathed out, stopping the process. I looked at her and...uh...she's going to kill me as soon as the opportunity rises. "Um, sorry," I smiled nervously and immediately carried her with my new flexible arm-things. Hey, these are useful!

"Grrraaahhh!" Latios suddenly flew towards me.

I just smiled at him and launched another moon-ball. He went down, splashing water everywhere. I grinned. This weakness and resistance information from that human was really useful. I quickly made my escape, dodging the weaker Pokémon's attacks and ignoring their cries.

"You could have at least removed my bindings, you know!" Levie said. The vines probably lost their power the moment the Chikorita was no longer within range.

I jumped over a sleeping Golem, and landed...landed... I should be landing now... Why am I—

Celebi... Of course...! She's probably altering time!

"Shadow's memory," Latias whispered with a frown... "I'm worried that he might take over this Eevee's body, as what had happened to the other one," she said, turning. Guh...

"Jay?" The Vulpix called. " okay?"

"Bi?" the Pikachu's said. I turned, and saw the floating legendary's eyes were glowing, but slowly fading... "What's going on?"

I grinned, evolved into an Umbreon, and fired an aura around me, but mostly focused on that annoying green thing.

My vision suddenly blurred, a painful headache coursing through my head, and I landed and rolled on the ground. "Gah!"

"Shadow!" Levie called, immediately by my side. She's a lovely Espeon again. "W-what happened?!"

"Time travel," I groaned. I quickly stood back up, even though the headache was still present.

Levie assisted me...and we were suddenly outside the cave.

The teleport made my head even more painful. "Ouch... A l-little warning next time?"

She hit me on the head. "Now we're even."

Espeon's weren't supposed to learn Teleport, right? Wait... What do humans know, anyway? Despite my painful head, I looked at her, smiled at her, leaned forward to nuzzle her—

She growled. "You...! You mated with someone else?!"

I flinched and took a step back. "Hey now! It wasn't me! It was this human inside me, okay?! Honest!"

"Excuses!" she said. "I thought I was your only one!"

"That's why I got you out of there!"

I flinched, and so did she, when we felt an angry aura coming from inside the cave.

"We'll continue this later, okay?" I asked, nuzzling her. "Right now, I'm happy to be escaping with you."

She rolled her eyes with a glare, but failed to stop her smile.

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Chapter 92
I flinched, and so did she, when we felt an angry aura coming from inside the cave.

“We'll continue this later, okay?” I asked, nuzzling her. “Right now, I'm happy to be escaping with you.”

She rolled her eyes with a glare, but failed to stop her smile.

I smiled, then turned to—

I gasped, stepping back, when a fast and frosty beam of ice flew pass mere inches away from my face!

Levie cried in pain. I immediately turned, and saw her pained features frozen inside a chunk of ice!

“L-Levie!” I shouted, scratching the ice in a panic. I growled and limped back when one of my nails broke from the base. I ignored my bleeding paw and took a deep breath. Fire melts ic— “Gah!”

A strong water pressure struck me from behind, slamming me towards Levie, and pinned me there for a few seconds. When it was over, I coughed and shivered as I lied on the soaked and muddy ground.

“Graaah!” Latios suddenly flew out of the cave's mouth. He stopped, flew higher, and charged a beam while glaring at me. He fired, and I immediately channeled all of my willpower to protect Levie and I.

The impact was head-splitting powerful, but I managed to block it with Protect or whatever. A loud explosion shook the ground and smoke covered my vision. My mental vision is poor for being a Flareon, yet I was too weak to change into anything else. I could barely stand up, b-but I needed to!

I gritted my teeth and stared at Levie's frozen form. I took another breath, but coughed when I inhaled some of the smoke.

A big and blue paw suddenly emerged from the smoke, and I yelped and tried to back away, but it reached me, and pinned me down on my neck!

“I take it that you're Shadow?” a deep voice asked. When the smoke finally cleared a bit more, I saw the owner of the paw that was choking me: Suicune. Despite my attempts of pulling and clawing his paw off of me, Suicune looked as if my attempts meant nothing to the damn thing!

“Let him go!” Latios shouted, floating overhead. “He's mine! He hurt my sister, so I'll make sure to give him what he deserves!”
Suicune calmly closed his eyes. “I never thought you'd be that kind of Pokémon, Latios.”

“I don't know what you meant, yet I don't care!” Latios snarled, charging yet another beam, this time, in between his hands. “I'm warning you one last time. Move!”

Suicune slightly turned his head, enough to give the floating legendary a one-sided glare.

I calmly took a slow yet deep breath. I slowly turned my head, and violently let out a stream of fire towards my frozen mate. I grinned, while ignoring how painful to the lungs that was.

I was about to shout for Levie to immediately run away, but Suicune added more pressure on my neck. I could hardly breathe now.

The flames cleared, but Levie was still frozen solid! W-why?!

I...I tried looking around, but I couldn't find anyone who could be responsible for what just happened! Even Latios appeared to be surprised! No! H-how'd—

“Give. Jay. Back!” a Vulpix marched towards us from the cave, her eyes slightly glowing. Her fur had scratches and dirt all over. ...she dug her way up?!

I felt the paw on my neck slowly being lifted up. Suicune calmly stepped aside as I immediately gasped for air, ignoring my shrunken form...

A stomp on the muddy ground captured my attention, and I glared at the glaring Vulpix who now stood before me. “Give,” she hissed, “Jay. Back.”

I coughed when I took another attempt of a deep inhale. After that, I wheezed, yet grinned at her. “...I...I'd love to see you try.”

Her glare intensified, and she opened her mouth wide, immediately charging fire, yet she hesitated.

I grinned even further. “Y-your mate's not coming back. Wanna know why?” I prepared my paws. “'C-cause I killed his spirit before I took over!”

“Lies!” She blasted me with her raging fire, burning all over, but with gritted teeth, I immediately shot my paws up and grabbed her face, and turned it towards Levie. She immediately stopped after she realized what I just did, but it was enough. I couldn't see pretty well, yet I heard Levie's lovely gasp, and the sounds of broken ice.

“Levie! Leave!” I shouted blindly. “R-Run!”

I heard a snarl, and a painful claw that swiped my paws away from the Vulpix.

I heard sounds of attacks, followed by her pained cry. “S-Shadow?!”

“Run! J-just run away!”

I heard a powerful sound of some sort of attack, and it was followed by multiple voices of pain. Suddenly, I smelled a familiar scent from the one nuzzling my neck. “I...I can't leave you behind!”

“I-idiot!” I snarled as I felt her pushing me on my stomach, then biting behind my neck to carry me. “T-they might get back up and get you!”

“Indeed I will,” I blinked in time to see Darkrai appearing right before us, arms both outstretched.

I felt Levie tremble with a stifled yelp, and I saw the ground before us glowing in bright darkness.

“Goodnight,” was the last thing I heard before the darkness consumed us.

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Chapter 93

I've been here before, haven't I?

When was it, though? I couldn't remember...

But I'm sure that I've been here before...

The weird and cold feeling is definitely familiar...

...the sensation of feeling your body, yet at the same time, the absence of it...

...phantom feeling? I remember reading about it back home.

...I wonder what's going on...

...wait...weren't...weren't we supposed to return the evolution power? Y-yeah... We were supposed to do that. So what happened? Why am I here? Am I unconscious? Was the process of giving the evolution power back already over?

If it was already over, then maybe my spirit is already inside the Soul Dew. I guess that would make sense. Strange that I don't remember what happened though.

No... Not strange. Sad. It's sad that I don't remember any of it. It would have been pretty interesting. Or probably pretty boring.

...but the saddest part is that I don't remember saying goodbye to my friends, especially to Vixie...

Sigh... Well, my adventure kinda started like a Mystery Dungeon, so I hope that...I'll suddenly go back down and...wait... Won't that mean that I'll be staying forever? No idea about Gates to Infinity though. I haven't played that game yet, though I started watching playthroughs on YouTube. I think I'm still on that part where Hydreigon revealed itself as...not the bad guy. Plot twist!

... something burning? Why do I smell smoke all of a sudden?

I looked around and saw fire. There was fire everywhere. A burning forest. I looked around myself, and I was literally in the middle of a burning forest! What the he—

“Ma! Pa!” I...shouted? That voice sounded mine, but I didn't shout anything.

I looked at myself and found out that I was an Eevee again. Hooray for having a body once again, I guess?
“Cerulean! Ruby! Ack!”

Sounds of falling and crashing trees cut the voice off. There was a yelp, and sobs soon followed. My ears twitched as I tried to pinpoint where that voice was coming from.

The severe heat of the burning place is making my throat all watery... Furred creatures sweat through their noses and tongues, right? Right, whatever... I need to get outta here.

I yelped when I heard a loud cracking noise. Turning, I saw a burning tree slowly bending towards me. I kicked my hind paws and made a run for it. It crashed a few meters behind me, and I panted for breath as I looked at the spot where I stood a few seconds ago...

“M-ma! Pa!”

I turned and yelped when burning twigs fell around me. I jumped ahead and looked around myself. The sparking and splitting and burning noises were still ringing in my ears, yet the sobbing was clearer now. I can just run away, but gah, leaving behind whoever was crying for help will make my guilt kill me later, I'm sure of it... Sigh...

“H-hey!” I shouted, and ignored the fact that my voice sounded...not mine at the moment. Probably caused by the severe heat. “Hey! Where are you?!”

Creaking noises. I turned and saw another tree falling away from me. I cringed as it crashed over burning grass and bushes.

The fallen tree looked like a makeshift bridge now for me to cross over the burning debris of wood and leaves. I climbed up on its wooden trunk, wincing at how hot it felt on my paws.

After I crossed over the burning everything, I jumped down on the ground, ashes flying upon my landing, and yelped when burning twigs landed behind me. Shaking them off, I then looked around, and froze when I saw a burned...figure... The burned thing was pinned under a burned trunk of a tree, the ground underneath was covered with dried blood. I can't tell what the poor thing was, but it looked slightly bigger than me...

“'lean... R-ruby...” the sobbing snapped me back. “”

Through a burned bush, I saw a crying Eevee, lying on the ground in front of a burning tree, its trunk on a slight uphill of land, where a...den was slightly blocked by the said tree... The den itself was pitch-black...where a burned...paw...was sticking out from it...

The sobbing Eevee stood up, and then tried to push the trunk away. “” He pushed, and pushed, and his hind paws slipped, and he fell down on the ground with a thud.

A rather loud cracking noise snapped me back. I looked back and saw a rather large and burning tree slowly leaning towards me...and towards the Eevee.

“He-hey!” I looked back and ran towards the yelping Eevee. “We've gotta get outta here!”

He was surprised to see me for some strange reason, but his eyes then switched their focus on the creaking tree behind me. “N-no!” he cried, pushing the trunk yet again out of the den.

I bit his tail and pulled him away, but damn, I think we have equal strengths if I can't pull him away.

“L-let go of me!”

“You'll die if you stay here!”

“Let go!”


I gasped as I stared at the creaking tree falling towards us. I quickly pulled him away, managing to pull him—which surprised me—but the tree finally fell down on the ground with a loud crash, swallowing the both of us with its burning leaves and branches...

...and everything was darkness again...

...despite the darkness though, I could clearly see Darkrai floating in front of me. Although he wasn't really looking at me.

I felt like I was sitting. I blinked. Was it all just a dream? Have I fainted at some point? Wait, Darkrai's here, so what I saw was a nightmare, right? But, it didn't feel like one. Sure, everything was burning everywhere, but—

“I didn't want to be reminded of that,” said a familiar voice beside me.

I blinked, turned, and saw an Umbreon, who was looking away with gritting teeth.

“I was too weak to save my family, okay? I just wanted to be stronger so I can protect Levie...”

He threw a glare at Darkrai, but then he blinked, and finally took notice of me. He stared at me with wide and surprised eyes.

“...w-who are you?” he asked, dumbfounded.

I was about to answer when I felt weird about myself. I then looked at myself, and noticed that I was a human again. ...without clothes... I pulled my knees against my chest and wrapped my arms around to cover myself...

Darkrai cleared his throat, catching our attentions. He was looking at me. “Jay, Mew just finished returning the evolution's power from your...erm...shared body. So—”

“J-Jay?” Shadow interrupted him, looking at me in shock. “You're Jay?”

I frowned. “No. I'm Fred. It's nice to meet you.”

He growled and jumped at me, claws and fangs at the ready.

I yelped and raised my hands to shield myself. I felt his through me? It was quick, and was instantly followed by a weird and shivering feeling of something...weird...passing through me. I...cracked open an eye, and saw Shadow no longer there. I looked behind and saw him standing, his back on me.

“...what?” he growled, turning and glaring at me. “What trickery is this?! Humans can't do what you just did!”

“I don't even know what I just did!” I spat back, and flinched when he growled at me.

Someone sighed. I turned and saw Darkrai scratching his nape with an arm. “You both are...consciousness. I don't think consciousness can hurt each other...”

“Consciousness?” I blinked. “Wouldn't ‘spirit’ be a better word to use?”

“I guess so,” Darkrai shrugged, making me shiver internally. He really ruined the cool legendary that I pictured of him in my head. Sigh...

“Don't you ignore me!” Shadow growled, catching my attention. “We could have already gotten away if it weren't for your meddling!”

I blinked, enjoying the safety of untouchability. But it didn't save me from the irritation I felt. “Me? What did I ever do?! I was dragged into this world!”

He stomped his paw on the non-existent ground. “You controlled my body!”

“I see no reason why you couldn't just take it back! And it's not my fault that I was stuck inside your body!”

He opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out. He closed it and looked away. “...then again, it gave me the time to understand how to properly evolve into other evolutions...” He then glared back at me. “But how dare you use me to mate with someone I didn't even know?!”

My eye twitched, yet I took a deep breath to calm myself. I then turned to Darkrai. “ did I got here in the first place?”

The legendary blinked at me. “...I have no idea.”

I sighed, ignoring Shadow's angry snarl for being ignored again.

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Chapter 94
“You don't have to cry all the time, you know,” a female Eevee said, smiling a small smile at the quiet male Eevee, who was staring down at his reflection on the pond. “I'm sure they're all happy that you're alive and well.”

“I won't be, soon enough...” the other Eevee quietly replied.

I gasped, and turned to Shadow, who was sitting beside me. “You've thought of suicide?!”

He turned and threw me a glare. “I just lost my entire family in a flash! Plus, I was a cub back then! I didn't know any better!”


Earlier, we've been arguing and shouting at each other for god-knows how long. All the while, Darkrai just kept quiet, until he disappeared at some point. I don't know if that was a good choice, or that he just didn't know what to do with us during our yelling match. We got tired over time, and decided to, and we ended up sharing some of our memories, flashing them in front of us like we were in a cinema.

The female Eevee frowned. “I'm sorry about what happened to your family, but,” she smiled a small smile, “you're alive, right? And,” she looked back, staring at the many Pokémon living around the clearing. “ can live here!” She turned and smile at him. “The Pokémon here are really nice. Some are annoying, but it's nice to live here. No humans have ever come here!”

The male Eevee sighed yet again, staring at his rippling reflection with a lonely frown.

Shadow shook his head as the memory screen in front of us flickered, and soon disappeared. “I never managed to find out the reason of that fire... I've heard a number of rumors that humans set it on fire, either accidentally or not. Some say that it was from a fire-type, either from a battle or whatever...” He shook his head again and sighed. “Levie was the one who saved me back there in the burning forest... If it weren't for her, I doubt I'd be even alive today...”

“And the two of you have been together ever since?”

“Heh,” he smirked as the memory screen flashed, showing us a still-image of two Eevees. One of them was angrily shouting at a group of teasing Pokémon while the other one beside her was trying to hold his laughter. “Like two peas in a pod. We treated each other like a brother and sister though, but eh, she was right about the Pokémon living there being annoying,” he rolled his eyes.

I smirked. “Sounds like a good plot for an incest story...”

He blinked at me. “What does that mean?”

I shrugged. “Eh, don't worry about it. It's a human-only joke-thing, I suppose.”

He scoffed. “Whatever.” He smiled, staring at the image. “I guess her being constantly sticking with me made her.”

I rolled my eyes at how cheesy that sounded. But, hm... “What about her parents? Did they took you in?”

He shook his head. “She never knew her parents. All she ever knew was the Pokémon living there found her as a cub, and they took her in.”

I frowned. “That's...”

He smirked. “Eh, she's a tough gal. So don't worry about it.”

I nodded as the memory screen flickered and disappeared. “ say so.” I turned and stared at where the screen was flickering once again, and then it displayed another still-image, this time from one of my fond memories. “I woke up in the middle of a forest, where Shock and company found me.”

Shadow chuckled. “Judging from their looks, I'd say you gave them quite a scary look.”

“I was using your body, so you probably looked ugly.”

“Why you—”

I laughed, the memory screen flickered, and switched to another still-image, still from my memory, but this time, from my world. I stared at it for a long while before I sighed. “I wonder if she wondered what happened to me. I wonder if she even care. I wonder if she already found someone...”
“That', right?”


“...she's weird.”

“Oi,” I glared at him.

He shook his head. “Then again, all humans look weird.” He threw a smirk at me. “I guess weird goes well with weird.”

“If only I can punch you.”

“Too bad you can't.”


Darkrai suddenly appeared before the two of us. He blinked, shifting his gaze from Shadow and I. “I was...expecting the two of you to each other's throats still?”

Shadow rolled his eyes. “I got tired. He got tired.”

Darkrai nodded. “Oh, okay then.” He then looked at me. “Latias is ready to extract you now... Once that's done, I'll allow Shadow to wake up.”

“Whatever will happen to him after that?” I asked.

Darkrai blinked. “...I don't know. Arceus will judge his and his mate's punishment.”

Shadow's ears drooped.

I frowned, staring at him for a while before returning to Darkrai. “Well... C-can I ask for it to at least be not too harsh?”

“They disrupted the natural order of evolution and caused global pan—”

“I get it, I get it,” I cut him off. I don't want Shadow to feel too bad. “It's just that...well... It's kinda Arceus' fault for putting the gem in a very reachable place, no?”

Darkrai was quick to answer, with a slightly angry glow on his eye. “I'm...not going to talk about that anymore. Anyway, just...get yourself ready.” With that, he faded and disappeared.

Shadow sighed. “We kinda deserve it...”

I just smirked at him. “Yeah, you both do. But I can't blame the two of you for being adventurous and wild. That's how young couples tend to be, right?”

Shadow gave me a small smile. “I think so.”

“Hm...” I hm'ed as the memory screen flashed back again, this time showing a memory of mine back home when my bro and I were still kids, teasing each other as we battled against each other with our Pokémon on our GameBoy that was connected with a link cable. I smiled. “He always threatened to pull the cable off if I was about to win. Heh, the cheater...”

Shadow stared at the scene for a short while before sighing. “You're lucky, having a family waiting for you.”

I kept my smile, as my little bro cried as I teased him for losing, and then my mom came over our room. She carried him as she scolded me. “Yeah, I guess...” I shrugged and turned to him. “But you can have a family with your mate, you know.” Heh, look who's talking. It's not like I have any experience about that.

He turned and glared at me. “You made things complicated between us, if you have forgotten already.”

I blinked. “Wait... You mean Vixie?”

He rolled his eyes. “Who else would I be talking about?”

“Oi, oi. It was me, not you, okay?”

He shook his head. “No difference.”

“There was,” I said. “I chose her, and I love her. While you don't.”

He scoffed. “Tell that to Levie.”

I shook my head. “You know that Eevee better than I do. And you said so yourself that the two of you've been together for quite a long time now! I'm sure she'll understand.”

He sighed. “I sure hope so... For your Vulpix's sake.”

I blinked, and then glared at him. “Oi... If you hurt her, I swear, I'll break the world barrier and hunt you.”

He arched me an eyebrow. “...yeah, right.”

I pointed at him. “Never underestimate the power of love!”

He rolled his eyes. “That's the lamest thing I've ever heard in my entire life.”

I grinned, and was about to reply, but I suddenly found myself glowing in a faint white light. “Whoa...!”

“I guess this is goodbye,” he smirked. “And good riddance! Finally, I can have my body all to myself!”

“You know...” I said, smiling at him. “If things were a little different, we could probably have been friends.”

“Or enemies,” he shrugged. “But whatever. Have fun, and all that stuff.”

“Likewise, I guess?”

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Chapter 95
“Let's go and see the world together!”

Those words were the ones that changed my life forever.

I was nothing but a simple Bulbasaur. I hatched outside the human building known to many as the Daycare Center. There was no one who waited for me to hatch. I remember that I felt discouraged, but I continued to smash the shell that protected me. My soft paws and head made the task difficult, but I kept on going. Maybe, just maybe, that my parents were simply asleep, or weren't home yet. Imagine how disappointed I was when there was literally no one there. No one was around me. I didn't even had any siblings.

I was alone...

I guess I made myself deaf to my surroundings when I started crying. I didn't even notice the old human lady approaching, until her old yet gentle hands carried me off of the ground. I was surprised by the sudden motion, and when I saw her face, I was...happy. I wasn't alone.

There was someone there for me.

But gone were the days where she and her husband would feed me and help me fall asleep. Once I grew old enough to understand my surroundings, the parental feelings I had for them...simply began to neutrality...

I wasn't the only one hatching without a proper parent. They needed to split their attention to so many other hatchlings. After I realized that, I decided that I'd help them.

“You're no fun. You know that?”

I helped the old couple with their tasks in the daycare. But there were two of them, and only one of me, so I decided to always stay with the first face that I saw when I hatched. She didn't mind, which made me happy. She wasn't my real mother, that I knew, but I still felt the feeling of connection. And, I suppose helping around was my way of showing thanks?

“Why are you always so busy, anyway?”

It was but a simple lie to myself. I was trying to show them that I could be useful. My mind was still too young that time for me to completely understand what was truly going on around me.

I didn't want them to give me away to other humans.

That was why I kept myself busy with helping them around the best that I can. Was it fear that drove me to do so? They didn't give me away, so I supposed it worked. And I supposed that fear made my love for them dwindle and...disappear? No, not completely, just...less, I suppose.

A year or two later though, I finally understood how things truly work in the daycare. The fear of being given away was gone, after I learned that the trainer who owned my parents decided to leave me there. I was glad to hear that I wasn't going anywhere, and I was glad that I wasn't abandoned by my parents, but I was sad, hurt even, that I won't be able to see my parents... Because their human trainer forced them to abandon me...

...humans make the rules in this world...

“Yeah, right! You know that's not true!”

There was still a small flicker of hope that it wasn't true. Humans weren't really that superior to us Pokémon, that much I've learned. We were more powerful, yet, humans command us around. I never understood why. I never even questioned it... I just accepted it...without even realizing it. Do I hate it? I wasn't sure. I mean, the old couple command me around, but not in a harsh way. I understand that they were old and frail, that they find it difficult to do simple things with their age. But they took care of me. They fed me. They gave me shelter.

They helped an abandoned Pokémon.

“Not all of them are as kind as those old poops, you know.”

That was true. It was easy to tell from all of the old humans' ‘customers.’ Human trainers often leave one or two of their Pokémon for them to take care of, while the human trainer goes elsewhere.

The way they talked, and the way they acted. Humans were as different as there are different Pokémon in the world. While some are close to as kind as my human parents, most of them weren't. I suppose it was a good idea for me not to go near them and simply ignore them.

Unfortunately, I couldn't ignore the many Pokémon the trainers leave with us to take care of.

“Heheheh! This place is full of strange Pokémon!”

Strange were their behavior. It was as if they also had their human trainers' attitudes. And most of them were...really annoying, especially the female ones who kept on distracting me. But I tried to stretch my patience and smile at them, as I try to reason with them, or if that won't work, ignore them. Just like my human mother always does.

“Why don't you try and give them what they want? I know you know that it'll be easier if you give in! Ouch!”

That was the first time I ever hurt anyone with my vines, and truth be told, I wasn't sorry.

Fay was a strange Pokémon. She lived inside the forest nearby, but she kept on visiting the daycare, and she kept on stealing the food that we were giving to the Pokémon we were taking care of. But we're friends now, so gone were the days where my human mom and I would chase her away, and leaving the two of us with her giggles.

If we can't beat them, befriend them. That was what my human mom said from our last attempt of chasing her off. She slipped, and her back was really hurt, so I had to help her back to her bed. That was probably the longest time I have spent with her. She kept on telling me stuff she doesn't normally say as I kept a watchful eye on her. She told me her childhood experiences, the days when she was still a tough and rough trainer. The gym badges she earned. The leagues, contests, and villains that she conquered. She didn't win them all, but she enjoyed her journey.

And then she told me how sad she was for me. She told me that I would never experience how fun and dangerous the world would be if I stayed. Those words kept echoing inside my head since then.

“Well, why don't you come with me? It'll be fun!”

I have never felt so conflicted with my life. I've seen so many pictures in books. Pictures of many different places, both amazing and wonderful. I wanted to go out and see them one day. But when? I wasn't sure. I don't want to leave my human parents all alone. They were old, yes, and needed so much help with...stuff...

A few days after that, I woke up from a commotion. There was an angry human trainer in front of the counter, and she called out a large, blue, two-legged and intimidating Pokémon, and she threatened to destroy the place if...if... I don't remember what it was all about.

I never knew I would feel fear again. Time seemed to stand still after the large Pokémon rushed towards my human parents, with its big jaw wide open. Their cries of panic, as well as the Pokémon around me, rang in my ears, as my mind went blank. The next thing I knew, I already threw myself towards the large Pokémon, right before it could have hurt them. I pushed the monster to a wall, and it crashed. It quickly got back up and roared at me, and fear froze me into place. It rushed towards me, but I couldn't move to save myself.

But then, something happened.

The Pokémon we were taking care of attacked, and quickly overpowered the blue monster.

“Black clothes? I bet'cha it was those nasty group of humans. They do nothing but trouble, I hear. But it's really cool that you evolved to save those old poops!”

Evolution. One of the many great things that Pokémon can achieve. They say that it was a magical process of growth and maturity, and my human parents were very proud of me. But, it was also a sign, my human mother said, that I had so much potential, that I shouldn't waste it by staying there.

I told her that I didn't care. With evolution came new power! And I've never felt so strong like this before! And I was willing to learn to use it to help them more, and to protect them.

But she simply smiled at me. She stood up, and looked around. I didn't know what she was doing, until I looked around as well.

There were so many orphaned Pokémon around the place now, and I didn't even notice until now! And they were the ones who took down that giant Feraligatr. She told me that they'll be the ones who'll be helping them now, and protecting them, when it'll come to that. And, of course, when they're mature enough, they'll be letting them go to see the world, just like what she was doing to me.

...and she was too stubborn for not accepting ‘no’ for an answer.

“Heheheh! So, like, you were kicked out? Hahahah!”

Despite that though, I decided to accept it. It was my mom's wish for me to be happy. Elsewhere. She knew, probably, that I would never be truly happy if I stayed. She never said those words though, but I felt it, through our hearts, as we embraced each other for the first, and last time...

“So. Saur, right? Right! Well, you ready? Let's go and see the world together!”


I finally let out a breath as soon as Mew finally lets go of Jay. She was shining so bright now. She turned towards Darkrai, and nodded. He nodded back, and Mew then turned to the evolution gem. She slowly hovered towards the gem, and when she was finally within reach, she touched the surface with both hands, and closed her eyes.

She grew even brighter, as the gem hummed and started to glow as well.

“J-Jay?” Vixie called out, stepping closer.

I then looked back at Jay. He was lying on the ground, unconscious.


“He is still asleep,” Darkrai said, before closing his eye. “But with the extraction now complete, it's time for me to wake him up. Prepare yourselves, Latios and Latias.”

“I'll apologize in advance,” Latios said angrily, “but I'll kill him the very moment he tries something funny.”

Vixie turned to him with a sharp glare.

“Brother,” Latias tried to calm her brother, to no avail.

Latios growled, turning to his sister. “He hurt you! I may as well stop him before he'll get another chance of h-hurting you again!”

Latias simply smiled at him, and then hovered closer to nuzzle him. “He won't.”

“Y...y-you don't know that!”

“And you don't know if he'll attack us again or not.”

“And that's the point!” he snarled.

“You okay?” Fay suddenly asked me.

I blinked and turned to her, and smiled. “I will be.”

She frowned, but she nodded anyway, before turning back to Jay. “And...a-and Jay? Do you think he'll be okay?”

“We've seen him in worse conditions, yes?”

Fay's frown deepened as her ears drooped. “That's...not really reassuring, Saury...”

I slowly pulled out a vine and gently rubbed her back. “Have faith. He'll be fine.”

“I sure hope so,” Shock suddenly said, sitting beside me. “Else we'll be dealing with...”

I blinked at him, waiting for him to finish. But after I noticed his sad eyes lingered on something, I followed it, and saw Vixie, who was fighting the urge to sob as she sat beside Jay.

I frowned. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. After a few seconds, I opened my eyes again, and smiled. “He'll be fine.”

“How do you know that?”

I turned to Shock. “Because...”

...he'll never let his friends down? No...

...he'll never let Vixie worry? Hm... Maybe...

But... “I know for a fact that he'll never give up the chance of getting back home.”

“Oh, right,” Fay said, nodding. “I think that's true.”

Shock sighed. “I sure hope that you are right... For her sake...”

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Chapter 96
Fay frowned at Saur, her ears drooping. “That's...not really reassuring, Saury...”

Saur kept his smile as he pulled out a vine and rubbed Fay's back reassuringly. “Have faith. He'll be fine.”

“I sure hope so,” Shock quietly said as he sat beside the Bulbasaur, his eyes on Vixie. “Else we'll be dealing with...”

As Saur pulled his vine back, he and Fay followed Shock's gaze, and the Bulbasaur's smile vanished the instant they saw Vixie, who sat a few feet ahead of them. She slightly hung her head as she tearfully eyed the unconscious Eevee before her, fighting the urge to sob yet failing at it.

Saur closed his eyes, took a deep breath, held it in for a while, and exhaled quietly. Seconds later, he opened his eyes as he tried to smile, small as it may be. “He'll be fine,” he calmly said.

Shock looked at him, and whispered a reply: “How do you know that?”

Saur looked at him. “Because...” he paused for a short while as Fay looked at them both. He then continued, “I know for a fact that he'll never give up the chance of getting back home.”

“Oh, right,” Fay said quietly, nodding. “I think that's true.”

With drooping ears, Shock sighed. “I sure hope that you are right...” He looked back at their Vulpix friend. “...for her sake...”

“Just...think positive,” Fay mumbled to herself. “T-think positive...”

Saur frowned a worried frown at Fay. She always valued her friends, he knew. He only wished that he knew what to do or say that would help ease her mind.

Shock knew that Fay values her friends, but only vaguely. So he kept his focus on Vixie.

Fay kept mumbling to think positively, that Jay would be alright, and that Vixie would be fine. But she was having a hard time to believe that.

Vixie tried to be strong. She didn't want to cry. Not yet, at least. If she does, and Jay does wake up and attacks her...well... She wiped her eyes and took a breath. She'd rather stay alert, in case Jay, or Shadow does attack her. She wondered if she should ask Saur to bind the Eevee's feet, like what Dawn did to Krystal. She shook her head. No, that wouldn't be a good idea. She can pin Shadow down no problem. Besides, he no longer has the ability to evolve.

...and speaking of evolve...

She blinked, after she noticed her paws were glowing. So was Jay. She looked back, and saw her friends were faintly glowing in white and were looking both surprised and confused at the same time.

She heard a gasp, and turned to look. She saw Krystal and her friends were glowing as well.

“It's back,” Bi's voice echoed in the cavern as the evolution gem started to hum. The little green legendary Pokémon smiled brightly. “Evolution is back!” she couldn't hold back a cheer.

Even Latios managed to smile. He turned, and reflected his sister's smile.

“Phew...” Mew sighed in relief as she floated back, her glowing form dimming. She turned and slowly levitated towards Celebi. “I'm never doing that again,” she grunted, throwing an angry glare at the towering gemstone.

Bi only laughed in response.

“You might want to tell that to Arceus,” Latias teased her with a wink.

Mew only groaned some more.

Bi chuckled a few more times before she shifted her attention to her four friends. She slowly landed in between Vixie and the rest of her friends. “You guys are going to evolve again! Isn't it great?”

Shock blinked, staring dumbly at his glowing hands. “Uh... I-I guess so?” He tore his gaze off of his hands and studied his friends' reactions. He was supposed to worry about Vixie and Jay, but now he and the rest of his friends were going to deal with one same problem.

A Raichu, an Ivysaur, a Raticate, and a Ninetales... Will they go back to their previous forms?

Bi blinked at her friends, confused. “W-what's wrong? Don't you guys want to evolve?”

Fay and Saur looked at each other. Vixie was still staring at her own paws, dumbfounded.

Shock was about to reply, but Darkrai suddenly spoke.

“He is ready,” Darkrai said. He blinked, and flinched as he shielded his eye. “Augh! I take it t-that evolution is back?”

“Yes,” was Latios' simple answer as he and Latias hovered close to the unconscious Umbreon. He stared down at the dark-type, and wondered if it was safe enough to perform their task.

“Brother,” Latias called.

Latios grunted.

Vixie disregarded the evolution aura that surrounded her so she could concentrate on glaring at Latios.

Darkrai finally finished rubbing his eye with a sigh. “At least it's not as bright as Arceus' chamber...” The brightness of the Creator's chamber was the only reason why he doesn't visit Arceus often. He cleared his throat and turned to Latios. “Right. Don't worry, Latios. Shadow won't be waking up anytime soon.”

They heard a muffled gasp. They all turned and saw a tied-up Espeon, glaring daggers at them.

“She's a psychic type,” Latios noted. “That's going to be a prob—” He just then took notice of the Meganium who was quietly playing a tune with a leaf on her lips. Soon, the Espeon's eyes became drowsy, until they closed and the psychic was now fully asleep. “...or not.”

“Sorry,” Dawn quietly whispered as she sadly stared at their former friend, accepting the Masquerain's nuzzles.

“Right,” Latios sighed, and turned back to Shadow's sleeping form. He then turned to his sister, their eyes locked on each other, and nodded. “Let's get this over with...”

The two Eon siblings then turned their attention on Shadow. Closing their eyes, they concentrated their psychic powers, surrounding themselves with their respective auras.

Soon, a bright sphere appeared out of nowhere above the Umbreon. It grew in size until it was roughly the same size as a baseball. Its white glowing surface faded, revealing its ocean-blue color.

“Its always nice to see the Soul Dew...” Darkrai muttered to himself, staring in awe at the floating orb. “Kinda reminds me of my blue eyes...”

Shock actually rolled his eyes at that, but then blinked. “Wait, eyes?”

Bi just giggled and floated away, Mew following close behind. The two legendaries flew closer to the Eon siblings to get a better look, their eyes already well-adjusted to the brightness of everything.

After a few seconds, the brightness quickly faded, and the orb stopped glowing. It fell, until it was a hair away from hitting Shadow's slumbering form.

“S-sorry,” Latios said, looking away. “I-I always forget to catch it...”

Latias just chuckled as she levitated the Soul Dew towards Darkrai.

Darkrai carefully held it in his hands, and stared at it.

A voice quietly echoed from the orb, glowing in sync with each syllable. “Uh...h-hello?

“Jay?” Vixie gasped, running closer to the dark legendary, followed closely by her other friends.

“Strange,” Darkrai said as he gave the orb to the still-glowing Pikachu. “Krystal wasn't able to talk while inside the Soul Dew...”

W-what?” Jay's voice echoed out. “I'm inside the Soul Dew? Like, right now?


Oh, hey there, Vixie.

Vixie was smiling in relief. “T-thank goodness... Jay, d-don't scare us like that!”

Uh...scare you?” A pause. “Ah, right... Shadow mentioned that he attacked you guys... W-wait! You guys aren't hurt, right?

“Pfft! He didn't even left a scratch!” Shock said proudly.

“Actually, he did...” Latias whispered quietly, staring at the small cut on her arm.

S-sorry...” Jay said.

“Don't worry about it,” Shock said. “I bet it was from a rock or something.”

“If it weren't for him, she wouldn't be—”


Latios glared at his sister, and sighed, hanging his head. “Let's deliver the orbs to Arceus now and be done with it.”

“W-wait...” Vixie said, staring up at them. “Not yet, please? J-just give us a little time...”

“No,” Latios said sternly with a glare.


Latios gritted his teeth. “Fine...! Ten minutes.”

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96 chapters is a really big achievement. The chapters are short and sweet, and I found this really easy to read. I enjoyed it very much and I think you've got your own unique style of writing. Perhaps some of these chapters could be merged together, but it's up to you. I think you're doing fine at the moment.

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Chapter 97

It has always been my goal to always see my friends happy. But we couldn't avoid a time where we go into despair. And that is why I always try to help out my friends to see them smile again.

But this time though, I was clueless... I dunno how to help Vixie... A simple laugh from a joke or two might crack a smile, but that won't solve her problem. No. I knew how to help her, but the problem was, I did not know HOW to help her...

Jay... It was Jay that would make her happy. But it was also Jay that made her so sad...

B-but... I guess I should be happy now. Jay's back, and Vixie's happy, and the rest of us are happy, too! Jay's a friend, and his absence really made us all worry about him. But now, he's back! Well, s-sort of. He's inside that blue orb thing. What was it called again? Soul Boo? Eh, it doesn't matter. What matters is that Jay's back, and he sounds really happy to see— hear us, especially hearing Vixie with us. And Vixie's really happy, too.

...but...he's going soon. Very soon. When he leaves, I...don't know how to help Vixie... B-but Saur said to have some faith! So I should believe in myself! R-right! I'm sure I can think of something when the time comes. I hope.

Strange that a single person in one's life can both become someone's happiness and sadness... Kinda weird to think about it though. But, I guess that's how friendship works, too. There will always come a time when someone will leave to continue with their own lives... Like us! One day, we're gonna be having our own families, and we won't be seeing each other as frequent as we do now... It's...kinda sad...but I guess that's how life works... It still hurts to think with Jay leaving us soon... is full of meeting and more ways than one...

Well, I promised myself not to think about them anymore, but, I guess I couldn't help it... It was a silly promise to begin with.

“You're crying again...” Saur whispered, patting my shoulder.

I sat down as I sniffed, and wiped my eyes with my paws. “Eh...eheheh, sorry, Saury,” I chuckled poorly.

Saury only frowned on me. “I really hate that nickname, y'know...”

“I'm surprised you're still not used to it,” I stuck my tongue out at him, and sniffed again. I sighed and shook my head.

Saury just kept his frown. “You don't have to think about them...”

“I...I-I couldn't help it,” I squeaked. I turned, and stared at Vixie and Shockie, who were happily chatting with Jay The Orbie. “J-Jay's leaving... I-I don't like people leaving...”

“I know,” Saury nodded, staring at our other friends. He then looked back at me with that cute smile of his. “But that's part of life, isn't it?”

I pouted. “Well, that's one part of life that I don't like. And that time when I met Lithe. And that time when those baddies Rocket meanies killed my family. Oh! And that time you and that old human put poison on the food that one time.”

Saury frowned. “I told you that it was meant for the poison-types,” he closed his eyes and sighed. “But you didn't listen.”

I giggled. “Why should I? I was hungry that time!”

Saury rolled his eyes, “I was aware, yes...” He blinked, and looked at me. “You still didn't tell me how you got that out of your system.”

I winked at him. “A girl has her secrets, Saury!”

He rolled his eyes again.

“Oi,” Shockie called, looking at Saury and I. “You two have nothing to say to poor, little Jay?”

Shock,” Jay's voice sounded weird coming from that glowy orb thing. “Just so you know, I'm giving you a glare at the moment.

Shockie chuckled. “Oh? Hard to tell with you being an orb, Jay.”


“Just having some little fun, Vixie. Sheesh, no need to be so grumpy.”

I bet it's her hormones,” Jay said, chuckling.

Shockie blinked, and chuckled as well.

Vixie supressed a growl. Instead, she looked down on the ground. “...wonder what would happen if I drop the Soul Dew...”

Oi, oi, oi...” Jay said.

I chuckled. I guess I should count myself lucky to have friends like these. I could never ask for better friends than my friends! Because they're the best!

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