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Old July 30th, 2013 (3:28 AM).
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    Okay, So these two Gen I fire types are a good matchup. There is slight differences between them, There both really cool looking Pokemon. So, If you had to choose between for a permanent spot on your party.. Which would it be?

    So, Here are the numbers.


    Learnset By Level Up:

    (I would include the level learnt, But varies from game to game)

    Base Stats:
    HP: 90
    Attack: 110
    Defense: 80
    Sp.Atk: 100
    Sp.Def: 80
    Speed: 95

    Damaged normally by:
    Normal 1×
    Fighting 1×
    Flying 1×
    Poison 1×
    Ghost 1×
    Electric 1×
    Psychic 1×
    Dragon 1×
    Dark 1×

    Weak to:
    Ground 2×
    Rock 2×
    Water 2×

    Immune to:

    Resistant to:
    Bug ½×
    Steel ½×
    Fire ½×
    Grass ½×
    Ice ½×


    Learnset By Level Up:

    7 Ember
    10 SmokeScreen
    17 Dragon Rage
    21 Scary Face
    28 Fire Fang
    32 Flame Burst
    36 Wing Attack
    41 Slash
    47 Flamethrower
    56 Fire Spin
    62 Inferno
    71 Heat Wave
    77 Flare Blitz

    Base Stats:
    HP: 78
    Attack: 84
    Defense: 78
    Sp.Atk: 109
    Sp.Def: 85
    Speed: 100

    Damaged normally by:
    Normal 1×
    Flying 1×
    Poison 1×
    Ghost 1×
    Psychic 1×
    Ice 1×
    Dragon 1×
    Dark 1×

    Weak to:
    Rock 4×
    Water 2×
    Electric 2×

    Immune to:

    Ground 0×

    Resistant to:
    Fighting ½×
    Bug ¼×
    Steel ½×
    Fire ½×
    Grass ¼×

    Pros & Cons
    Arcanine has a very decent base HP at 90, While Charizards is at 78.
    Arcanines base Attack level is at 110 & Sp. Attack at 100. Charizards base attack for a second evolution is so so at 78.
    There are 2 points between Arcanine & Charizard regarding defence, 80 & 78 respectively.
    Charizard has 5 points on Arcanine in both Sp. Defence & Speed.
    Charizard has an expansive movepool compared to Arcanine.
    Arcanine needs to be trained well, & kept as Growlithe until quite an advanced level to actually be rewarded & be a real contender.
    Charizard has an immunity to ground type attacks, Arcanine does not.
    Charizard is highly vulnerable to rock type attacks. Such as stone edge. Which would be more or less be KO.


    Personally, I would take Arcanine. As she has a much higher HP base, A higher base Defence, Attack. Special Attack. So i think that she would be more versatile in battle. Considering you can mix up the attacks, Example Using physical & Special moves. Arcanine is much harder to train however. As it is not recommended to evolve until Growlithe has moved all the moves that it will need.
    Yes, Charizard has a higher Sp. Defence & Speed. But you would need more than that to be a serious contender. (personally i don't think Charizard OR Arcanine are serious contenders as i only battle in game, so this doesn't really apply to myself)
    Yes, Charizard may look cooler. But still, The "legendary" canine has been a favourite of mine from the very beginning.

    SO GUIZ.
    If you had to have one of the two on your party, Which would it be?! MAYBE BOTH!

    Discuss below. Feel free to add any relevant information.

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    Old July 30th, 2013 (4:37 AM).
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      I would choose Charizard because is my favourite pokémon.

      But Arcanine is not bad at all, I always think of him as a very cool pokémon, the only reason he is not in my team, well, is because of Charizard.

      So they are both great pokémon but i'll stick with my ever loyal Charizard.
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      Old July 30th, 2013 (5:35 AM).
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        Yes that is why alot of people choose charizard over arcanine. Charizard is really awesome also, and i love the character of ash's one in the cartoon.
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          Arcanine of course. I do love Charzard as Charmander was my first starter pokemon I ever chose but I still like Arcanine's design a lot more and its a bit stronger than Charizard aswell imo.
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          Old July 30th, 2013 (7:50 AM).
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            I think Arcanine is better. Charizard is mostly physically based but his unboosted Attack stat is bad. But generally both can power through the game easily. Charmander is very decent in FRLG as a starter and the fact it learns Flamethrower early means it's generally more useful than the other starters.

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            I like Arcanine more, mainly due to it's better design. It's also just more fun to use in battle, and it has no x4 stealth rock weakness.

            I think Charizard is a really lazily designed Pokémon.
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              Aranine of course as it was meant to be a legend as the pokedex says so.
              It isn't as over rated as Charizard and that is another point.
              Old July 30th, 2013 (11:39 AM).
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                In-game, Charizard. No contest. Since Stealth Rock isn't an issue and switching is pretty much painless, Fire/Flying is an extremely useful typing, and it has a great natural movepool.

                Arcanine on the other hand is a bit limited in-game by its pure Fire typing, and while it does learn some decent moves, it's an enormous pain in the butt to get them, since you have to keep it a Growlithe for a tediously long time to get the best moves.

                Competitively though, exactly the opposite. Arcanine has the better moveset and Charizard has too many weaknesses.
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                  This choice is pretty difficult, as both Fire types can learn Dragon moves for coverage against the dominant type prior to possibly Gen VI's metagame. Both also have unique movesets for being either a physical sweeper or a special sweeper. While both Pokemon are low tier Pokemon, I have to go with Charizard due to being more underrated Fire type than Arcanine because of the sheer amount of hate he's gotten in the fandom, especially at /vp/, no thanks to those sneaky pebbles.
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                    Charizard , Charizard all the way Charizard... I like it more than any fire type as well as I only once used Arcanine and did not liked it much. Maybe because I played it in Gen 3 games
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                    I think anyone who knows me well enough will clearly know my answer to this. Arcanine has always been one of my favourite Pokemon and always will be. My first PC username was inspired by it, its been on my party in every game possible, its always been one of the higher leveled Pokemon in my party. Arcanine is by far my favourite over anything really. I really like it for its majestic look, its great movepool and diversity and much more. While its generally overshadowed by Ninetales due to Drought, I still think its incredibly powerful. To answer the question, if we compare the two physically, while Charizard is a beast and can pack a punch, I kind of prefer Arcanine. And no its not me being biased, I feel like Arcanine has access to more moves, it doesn't have any crippling hazard weaknesses compared to Charizard, it can hit incredibly hard and I'd easily make it a party member any day over Charizard. Charizard is cool though, don't get me wrong. If you couldn't be bothered to read all of that, my point is: Arcanine > Charizard
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                    Hmmm. This is difficult. I honestly don't know which one I prefer to battle with, though I've had a Charizard on my in-game teams much more often than I've had Arcanine. I do like that Charizard's move pool is a lot wider, but like someone said, you'll simply have to be patient with Growlithe to get a good Arcanine. Charizard evolves relatively quickly.

                    In terms of design, I can't choose there either! Arcanine is a tiger and she is therefore awesome. But Charizard is the original dragon-like pokémon and he was great in the anime, so he's special to me. I honestly can't decide haha.

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                      Charizard, all the way, forever!!!
                      Old July 31st, 2013 (1:01 PM).
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                        Arcanine. It has a much better movepool which includes moves like Close Combat, ExtremeSpeed and Wild Charge, as well as the attack stat to use them. Plus Charizard is just plain overrated.
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                        Arcanine because of the better movepool and design. Charizard is great but I'm not really a fan of the overrated fire dragon. :(
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                        While Charizard's dragon-like appearance seems tempting, I'm going with Arcanine, mainly because of how it improved over the generations, starting from Gen IV, when it got a physical STAB in Flare Blitz, then gaining more coverage moves in Close Combat and Wild Charge in Gen V..

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                        10 year old me and present day me are having an argument over which is better right now, haha.

                        Growing up, I was easily one of those kids that thought Charizard was the coolest Pokemon, from being a Fire type that looked like a Dragon, having a fun personality in the anime and even the elusive holographic card in the TCG made it an awesome Pokemon. In the more recent years, though, I've really started to enjoy using Arcanine in the games, making it a main Pokemon in my party for both Platinum and White 2. Plus, it's the "Legendary" Pokemon, which automatically makes it better than Charizard, right?

                        So I guess I'd have to say Arcanine is my favorite of the two, even though I've really liked both at different points.
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                        Arcanine for me. I have always been a fan of Arcanine since the original games and that will never change. It is such a powerful Pokemon with decent speed and an amazing design. I almost always use an Arcanine if I can and will always pick it over Charizard when making my teams.
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                        I love Arcanine. Charizard is my favorite Kanto Starter but I just love Arcanine a bit more. Since it can learn Moves like Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed, and even healing moves like Moonlight, it can be op. Charizard on the other hand losses 50% of it's hp through stealth rock so If I were to choose One Pokemon to be in my team it would definitely be Arcanine.
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                          I honestly like these pokemon equally. I guess I would slightly choose Arcanine, because it isn't limited to being a starter choice, and because ExtremeSpeed is pretty cool.
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