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Old August 1st, 2013 (7:27 AM).
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    Another Day in Equestria

    Pokécommunity's official My Little Pony Roleplaying game

    Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together, and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn; the younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects, all the different types of ponies. But as time went on, the younger sister became resentful. The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept through her beautiful night. One fateful day, the younger unicorn refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. The elder sister tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in the young one's heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon. She vowed that she would shroud the land in eternal night. Reluctantly, the elder sister harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom: the Elements of Harmony. Using the magic of the Elements of Harmony, she defeated her younger sister, and banished her permanently in the moon. The elder sister took on responsibility for both sun and moon, and harmony has been maintained in Equestria for generations since...

    You shall be taking on the role of one of the many ponies (or gryphons) in the land of Equestria. Whether you are a shopkeeper in Appleoosa, or a rich celebrity from Canterlot, that is your decision. Here are a few guidelines on some locations.

    [b[!NOTE:![/b] If a certain location is not listed, it has either not been discovered yet, or it does not have enough information to be considered canon. If you have any ideas about future locations, consult a GM.

    Map of Equestria:


    Ponyville: This large town is where a majority of the storyline will be taking place. While populated mainly by Earth Ponies, many others of the other races also call this their home. It is reccommended that you start the storyline here, or arrive shortly after.

    Canterlot: This large city is the nation's capital, and as such is populated by the more rich and famous ponies. Canterlot is mostly a Unicorn city, though it is not uncommon to see other races if you look. This is the other main location of the plot, though we will not be here as often.

    Cloudsdale: This floating cloud-city is the home to a majority of the Pegasus population. Due to its cloud-like state, not many ponies other than Pegasi can stay for more than a day or two, so it is rare that you will be seeing any other races here.

    Appleoosa: This western farm is like someone took a shot from a spaghetti western and threw it into Equestria. This settler town is mainly one of farming, and the ponies that live there often rely on crop yields to survive. Despite the harsh conditions, though, Appleoosa is still one of the most welcoming towns around. This town is mainly populated by Earth ponies, not a few of them being from the Apple family, though other races are by no means not welcome.

    1) All Pokécommunity forum-wide rules apply, no matter the circumstance.

    2) Spamming, hate messages, and the like WILL be reported to the mods.

    3) No bunnying, Godmodding, or otherwise messing with other's characters without explicit permission.

    4) We're a community based around friendship. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.

    5) All sign up forms will be in the OOC thread. Any in the IC thread will be ignored. I you think your form has been missed, PM one of the GM's. Mistakes happen.

    6) The accepted races are as follows: Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, or Gryphon. Alicorns and Changelings are a big no-no. Robotic wings count as real ones, so no unicorn with robotic wings. Jet packs, however...

    7) If you have any issues with another player, or you feel another player has been abusing the rules, contact one of the GM's. We'll take care of it.

    8) All NPC's (Royalty, Mane 6, CMC, or background 6) will only be controlled and interacted with through GM permission.

    9) Royalty and the Mane 6 will be played exclusively by the GM's. if you want to interact with one of more, ask a GM to play with you as that character.

    10) Please please PLEASE keep romance on a minimal level! I'm not saying that you're characters aren't allowed to love eachother, but detailing anything more than a kiss is considered out of this RP's age-range, which will cause me to ask you to delete your post.

    11) This roleplay is rated PG for cartoon violence, brief language, and intense amounts of ponies.

    12) There are an unlimited amount of open positions, so feel free to join in!

    13) The Roleplay Corner has a 100 word post minimum, so make sure you put some time into your posts.

    14) One more rule? HAVE FUN!!!

    15) The password is: "Friendship is Magic" Make sure you've read everything.

    Sign-up form:


    Age: (Anything from 9 to 90, which is the extreme ends of the age scale.)

    Race: (Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, or Gryphon)

    Appearance: (A picture is suggested here, but if one can't be provided, we require a 75 word paragraph)

    Cuie Mark: (Again, a picture is suggested. No word limit on this one, but that doesn't mean to fluke it.)

    Personality: (How does your character interact with others? Do they have any issues? What do they like to do? 50 word limit, but it's suggested that you go farther than that.)

    Bio: (Where were they born? What have they done? Where do they live? What are their talents?)

    Strengths: (at most 3)

    Weaknesses: (at least 4)

    Opening post: (This is so we can judge your writing ability. 100 word minimum, but try to write more than that.)

    Password: (Make sure you've read everything...)

    Accepted Characters:
    There are an unlimited amount of available positions, so don't worry, be happy!

    1) DJ IceFyr (IceFyr1928)

    Sample SU:
    Here's My Sign-up form, which you can use as a reference guide.

    Name: DJ IceFyr (Ice)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Race: Unicorn


    Cuie Mark:

    Personality: Ice is generally easygoing, and quite friendly. However, Ice is generally quiet and observant, only entering conversation if someone else starts it. He generally does not like interviews, and would rather stay home making music. However, Ice can often be seen walking around town if he is free. Ice loves logic puzzles, along with other mind games. When it comes to friends, Ice is a strong individual that stands by those he loves no matter what. It is not rare that Ice will ditch an appointment if there is something that his friends needs his help with. He is often cracking jokes among his friends, and many think that he is quite humerous.

    Bio: IceFyr lives and grew up in Ponyville, and had a fairly normal childhood. He was friends with the famous Vinyl Scratch from a young age, due to the fact that they were neighbors. Ice was often visiting the music store that Vinyl's father ran, and often played around with the various instruments that Vinyl's father stored in their upstairs apartment. It was one fateful day when Vinyl called Ice over; apparently her father had received an old set of turntables from an old friend in Canterlot. The two had fun playing with the equipment, Vinyl doing quite well for a first-timer. It was that day that she got her cutie mark, and knew precicely what she was going to do for her occupation.

    Ice, just a tad bit jelous, went home. The next day, his birthday, he recieved a laptop from his mom, and vinyl had brought him a program for making electronic music, her new obsession. That night, Ice downloaded the program that Vinyl had gotten him, and was making various techno and dubstep beats within hours. It was not until he awoke the next morning that he discovered his cutie mark, a pair of headphones.

    From there, he and Vinyl went on the fast track, DJing parties, hanging out, and making music. However, lately, they have been seeing eachother much less often; Vinyl preferred the more elaborate city of Canterlot to Ponyville. As such, the two fell out of touch. To the day, Ice continues his exciting life as a celebrity, although he is nowhere near as famous as most other artists.

    Strengths: Good at DJ'ing, amazing songwriter

    Weaknesses: Not very good at remembering appointments, slightly lazy, often hasty to make important decisions, can't swim very well, extremely afraid of heights

    Opening post: Ice looked out over the crowd, beats hangin through the extensive room of the club, lasers flickering across the many pumping and waving hooves, faces, and other assorted body parts. Ice returned his attention to the DJ setup in front of him, pressing a few keys on his computer, slightly changing a few levels on the turntables. He then began a series of complex maneuvers leading up to the bass drop. Once that hit, everything went crazy. People were jumping up and down, lightls were flaring up everywhere...

    This is where I feel the most alive, Ice thought as he switched the turntables to the next track. The night continued in this manner, the heavy beats pulsing through Ice's veins like a sort of liquid adrenaline.

    A few hours later, Ice was walking home. He still tingled from the excitement from his performance, and as such, found it hard to walk. Despite this, however, Ice made it to his home quite uneventfully, crashing on the couch as soon as he did. He fell asleep within minutes.

    Password: Figure it out for yourself!!

    Chapter directory:
    We will be continuing using a chapter system, each chapter containing different plot details and missions. Here's a directory!

    Chapter 0 - Another Day (continue everyday life)

    Chapter 0 - Another Day

    Plot: Yet another beautiful day dawns on Equestria. Continue your everyday life!

    •Make friends!
    •Go about daily activities.

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    Old August 18th, 2013 (6:36 AM).
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      Well then. Guess this isn't exactly getting any attention. Hm. I guess I'll just move it to my own Roleplaying forum, which can be found HERE, and be done with it.
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