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Good And Bad Looking Pokemon (imo).

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Old August 9th, 2013 (6:08 PM).
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Hello, the Unova pokemon has changed a lot, some good and some bad. I've played pokemon for years and here's what I think.

Some of the good looking ones I think are:

Zorua, Zoroark, Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus, Emolga, and Axew.

I also like Samurott, Scrafty, Haxorus, Golurk, Bisharp, Hydreigon, and Genesect, but tbh don't you think they look more digimon than pokemon? It's not a bad thing, but they seem more dark and more scary as opposed to most the original pokemon.

Now here are the ugly pokemons:

Druddigon - I mean come on.

Emboar - I think it's pretty fat and ugly.

Stoutland - Fat and ugly.

Ducklett and Swanna - It just looks like a colored bird, not very creative.

And so on. Of course every generation has their bad pokemon.

Also, do you guys think Unova pokemon have some bad coloring? Pokemon like Carracosta, Fraxure, Haxorus, Krookodile, and its evolutions would look a lot better if it wasn't as dark, or in a different color.

This is just my random opinion, thanks for reading .

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Old August 9th, 2013 (6:22 PM).
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We actually have a few other threads that discuss just these matters, actually. ;c

They are located here, here, and here.

Please be sure to check every thread to make sure your topic isn't already being discussed. You don't have to look through each one, but those are pretty similar in title, so it might be best to check similar sounding threads next time, too. c:
Good luck and have fun! Always be sure to read the rules of every section you go to!

Closed due to threads already existing.
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