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Old August 22nd, 2013 (5:53 AM).
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The alley was dark as Raymond and Tesla walked in, the sun above them of the afternoon barely reaching the dirty ground. It was stinky here, just the way the Accelgor liked it. There was a dumpster in the street, and for all he knew, there could be bugs the Enforcers could have put for the security of the bank. Maybe he was just being paranoid, but considering everything was his part of the mission.

He didn't like to admit it, but he had enjoyed his walk with Tesla through the city, although he was constantly worried that they might get attacked
. The Weavile nurse was practicing her words for when she would come out of the bank with all the civilians... so devoted to the plan. Tesla would have to put up with a very special officer of the law that was called on duty only in events of emergency that threatened to compromise the state. A special task force would be dispatched, certainly, and they wouldn't be stupid. The chances her deception would fail were high. Then again, he was counting on that...

They met with Natalia, who was imitating Winston almost perfectly; Raymond would have also been fooled, if he hadn't known his butler for so long as to be able to tell the posture which Natalia had adopted as him was all wrong. But nobody would notice these things but him. "Good afternoon," he greeted her, choosing his words as to avoid any evidence for bugs around them, "shall we get going, then?"

Without expecting an answer, he turned towards the street and marched across it, looking at the glass building that was the National Bank of Newhaven. As his eyes locked onto a security camera, he flashed a sinister grin that would be passed as trivial. If any of those behind the cameras in the security vaults lived to tell they had seen him grin like that, all the better. That would spread some suspicions about who was behind the robbery, and the suspicions would bring terror.

The glass doors opened automatically, and they were greeted by a Quagsire who was holding a vertical object. Raymond knew what those were; they detected steel objects, that would include guns. He could imagine Natalia was carrying the bag full of the tools of her trade, behind her convincing illusion. Steel tools that would make the gadget beep like a frantic Tepig that was about to be slaughtered and eaten.

"Hello, Sir Raymond, and welcome to the National Bank of Newhaven," the Quagsire said formally, ignoring Raymond's followers. "This is a standard procedure, as you can understand."

"Of course," Sir Raymond said, turning to glance back at his butler reassuringly and reaching inside his membranes subtly. The Quagsire waved the bar around them, pressing the red button, but it made no sound whatsoever. He looked at it, confounded.

"It's not working," he said in a confused tone, examining it under Raymond's stare.

"Perhaps you should have read the instruction manual," he said coldly, with no hint of his hidden sarcastic smile. He got past the Quagsire, gesturing at Tesla and Natalia to follow.

"Wait a minute," the guard shouted.

"Not even a second," Raymond said decisively, without sparing him a glance. "I have a meeting with the president, and I wouldn't want to keep him waiting." Although that was exactly what he would do in any other situation. Arriving late gave him the upper hand, always.

The hall of the bank was just like the picture Winston had taken and showed them in the slide. The withdrawal and deposit counters were in the far end, and beyond them, the heavy electric doors to the main vault of the city. There were some Pokemon wanting to do business, sitting on nice cushions, sofas or straw or leaf beds, talking with the bank's employees. These Pokemon usually offered to start businesses; they would have to get a license from the National Bank, and pay a sum of their monthly profits, as well as increased taxes. They didn't seem very happy to be here...

Raymond turned to the left, headed for the elevator. The doors opened just when he was about to press the button. The Pokemon that came out quickly glanced at him, then retorted their eyes. He wasn't the right person to love in this city, what with all these friends he had. The Generals liked to remind the media they were friends with the Count. It only proved that they controlled even criminality in their city. Raymond didn't mind. Keep your enemies close, and your friends farther, his father would often say. He hadn't built the criminal Empire all by himself - his father was the one who had started it.

When the elevator was emptied, they entered. The three walls had mirrors he could look himself at. There was a hidden camera inside the light above them. The button to the top floor, where the President's offices were was pushed, and the elevator was shot up with the best speed the latest technology allowed.

The Accelgor kept staring up, trying to ignore the mirrors. The others saw his image in the mirror. He saw a shadow that was unclear, as if engulfed in a dark mist. A missing information, possibly erased, something that had gone wrong. 'The files... the files...' it was saying. Perhaps it was his psychosis. The headache had returned, and the elevator had started spinning. The dim light of his own room had returned to drown everything in its misery. He grasped the mirror as not to fall.

"I am fine," he said, more to Tesla than to himself.

The doors of the elevator opened. He jumped out and walked through the offices, a door by the end of the corridor with the tag, 'President Marcus Chesterfield'. Pressing the device on his ear as he walk to the door, Raymond whispered, "Update me on the situation in the sewers." None had heard him in the fuss.

Then he said to Natalia, "you like having fun, Winston? Stay hidden and follow. Tesla, stay put out here and wait till further notice. Felix, make sure our friends in the main vault remain silent." The cameras were fooled so far. Turning to the door of the president's office, he never saw his butler again. The undefined shadow was creeping on the glass walls that separated the corridor and the offices.


"Ahh, the Count," President Marcus exclaimed as he walked in. He was a Seismitoad that had a black mole on his nose, and was surprisingly more intelligent than the average of his species. That was why he was the president of the National Bank, of course. Marcus was a man of the government to the core, but that was to be expected, of course. He would do anything to serve the government, if there was a little profit for him there too. And there was.

"Marcus," Sir Raymond greeted him with a slight nod and sat across him in the desk. The Seismitoad had to sit on a rock with falling water all around him, an unnecessary expense of comfort the bank offered him.

"Where's Winston?" the president asked him with a small laugh. "You don't go out without him, do you?"

Raymond ignored the inquiries and regarded him coolly. "I've withdrawn all my credits from this bank. Now I want my accounts closed, and my shares sold. You run this bank now, I'll have no part in it."

The Seismitoad looked at him, wondering if he had gone nuts. But he wouldn't protest, of course. Getting Sir Raymond's shares of the National Bank would mean more shares for him. And more money of course. "I have to confess, I didn't expect the lord of criminals to show up here and give up everything," Marcus said slowly. Something rang from inside Raymond's membranes.

"I have to get this," he said curtly, "a thousand pardons."

Normally, this kind of interruption would be unforgivable in partnerships, but Raymond didn't care. While the President had spent time looking at him, dumbfounded by what he had said, the Accelgor had chosen the private number of the Castle of Acter the Generals had given him. He walked out of the President's office, where Tesla was. He stared at her as he initiated the phone call.

"The National Bank of Newhaven will be blown apart with Gigaton explosives. I give you ten minutes to remove everyone to safety, and I welcome you to send all the Enforcers you can mobilize."
His voice sounded metallic from the other side of the line, the same application he used for the message he had sent the Nightingales. Before they could answer, he hung up. This call was made from a brand new phone that he bought from a poor guy in the street who was stealing them.

A second later, all the phones in the bank started ringing like crazy. Raymond watched and listened all the offices of the top floor flipping out. "Tesla, escort our President and everyone else to safety. Winston, make sure 'he' gets to phone the Castle of Acter to confirm the attack."

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Old August 24th, 2013 (4:08 AM).
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Natalia Alden – National Bank of Newhaven

“Good afternoon, sir.” She replied to Raymond, in Winston’s deep voice, and soon after, she followed him and Tesla to the entrance of the bank. As they were about to enter and they were stopped by the Quagsire in front, Natalia invertly winced at the metal-detector, however, she didn’t even manage to think up a backup-plan, as Raymond sent her a calming glance, and within long, she’d realized he already had a plan for this.

As Raymond made his way into the bank itself, Natalia couldn’t help but smile to herself at the foresight of the ‘Mastermind’ of their little operation. So far, he was deserving of the title. Not that she was ever in any doubt. You don’t get to be a criminal lord of a giant city for no reason. Soon, they were heading up the elevator and Natalia quietly went through the plan in her head, as well as taking inventory in her mind, making sure she’d gotten everything she thought she’d need for the job. She did give a slight glance in Raymond’s direction as he was about to fall over, but he insisted he was fine.

Not long after, it stopped and they proceeded to the president’s office, where Raymond spoke quietly to her. She, as the large Dusknoir, bowed her head softly, speaking with the deep voice again, unable to hold back a smirk. “Immensely, sir.” Just before Raymond opened the door, she gave Tesla a glance and a little wink before the entire body of Winston disappeared from sight and, using the small moment she had, she snuck in through the door with Raymond, quietly stepping over to a corner, where she lowered herself down onto her haunches, her calm, red eyes scanning over the president sitting across from Raymond.

She stayed quiet, sitting completely still while her aura distorted everything around her, making her look completely invisible. It was a lot easier to look like something else, especially something roughly her size, but being ‘invisible’ was a skill of hers, although one that was very difficult to maintain, the more moments she made. If she sat or stood still, she could hold it for much longer, but she still hoped Raymond would finish the conversation soon.

Thankfully, Natalia didn’t have to wait long, as Raymond moved out of the office. A sly grin spread on her lips as she watched the Seismitoad answer the phone, his blue face quickly paling. Tesla hurried in and scurried him out of his office to safety, and as soon as the door was shut behind him, Natalia let the disguise fade, sighing softly, Raymond’s voice sounding in her earpiece. “Winston, make sure ‘he’ gets to phone the Castle of Acter to confirm the attack.”. Right. Time to get to work.

She stood up and, almost silently, stepped around the desk, making sure not to step in the rocks or the water, she cleared her throat quietly before picking up the phone, tapping in the number given to her by Raymond earlier on. The phone was answered by someone with a dainty voice and it was time for Natalia’s chameleon-like abilities to shine. She imitated the deep, slightly blubbering voice and made sure to add a bit of flusteredness to it as she spoke into the phone.

“T-this is president Marcus Chesterfield of the national bank! We’ve just received a threat that the bank will be blown up with bombs placed around the bank, and we’re only given ten minutes to evacuate! Send all the enforcers you can!”

And with that done, she hung up, satisfied with herself. Now, to wait for the signal to proceed to the vault. She thought, glancing around the office. Her eyes fell on a deposit-box secured in the wall and her head tilted a little to the side. “… Might as well get some practice in while waiting for the others.” She grinned slyly, flexing her claws softly as she stepped closer.

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    Dominic Harrison

    Dominic sat down against a wall, his face contorting in disgust at the putrid smell that reeked in the sewer. He took off the backpack he'd been wearing to carry his things and set it beside him. He knew it'd be a while before he had to set off the dynamite, so he decided to use this time to take a rest. Something bumped against his side and then scrambled away in shock. "Move, a**hole!" it said. A splash was heard followed by the swishing of water. Dominic glared in its general direction but said nothing. What, did you see my tail flame and just assume someone had casually left a torch here? Moron.

    "Update me on the situation in the sewers," a soft, muffled voice commanded. Dom looked in the bag's direction, looked away, then did a double take as he realized it was the radio he had been supplied with. He opened the bag and carefully lifted the radio out, pressing a button and speaking into it. He kept his response as informative yet brief as possible.

    "Explosives set up, not activated. Ready when you are." He put the radio back down on the bag and sighed. He was anxious to light the things right now, but seeing as he was not stupid he was going to wait till Raymond confirmed that they were ready for the explosion. Dom looked at his tail flame and started waving it around, the flame sailing through the air with the tip racing to catch up to the rest of it. It made a sort of trail of fire that looked particularly neat in the dark.


    Dominic was trying desperately to avoid falling asleep, his head nodding forward only for him to quickly lift it and then straighten his posture. There was no way he was this tired already. It had only been, what? Fifteen minutes at most? He shifted his eyes toward the ceiling, or ground, depending on how you looked at it. It sounded to him as if more people were now outside on the street. More voices. Had the warning been given already? Were people scrambling to escape what they thought would soon be the site of tragedy?

    Dominic smiled softly at the thought that the explosion would be happening soon. As far as he was concerned, this was the best part of the whole thing! Especially since this time the explosion was going to have a bigger effect. Not that the explosion itself was bigger in size, but bigger as in more people would be hearing about it on the news and more people would be trying to find those responsible. Dom stood up and walked around on the dry pavement of the sewer to warm up his stiff muscles. No use in getting cramps while running away from the explosion. Not planning to die or anything. He stopped walking and looked at his bag, hurrying over to it and picking up the radio in his hand. He then continued walking around with it so as to not let a message slip by unheard.
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    Commander Chleevas

    A Zangoose was leaning against the dirty wall of an alley with his arms crossed and his eyes shut. He was around thirty years old, with rough features and wild, spiky facial hair, of a lean but short build. A gun with a freeze mod was hanging from his black belt, which also carried bullets and the two other types of mods. Another belt secured the first one, running across his chest, in which he held his phone. He was also wearing a brace in the colors of the Enforcers, red and blue.

    He stayed like that for a while, before he decided to light up a fat cigar and put it in his mouth. He bit it and smirked, as if smiling, then puffed the smoke in front of him. The smoke billowing out, spreading to the alley. Somebody walked right in it, suddenly parting the smoke. It was a Simipour who wore a band in red and blue to signify she was an Enforcer.

    "Commander Chleevas," the Simipour said, waving her arms and coughing. "Commander, I'm concerned of your health, that thing doesn't do you good."

    Chleevas chuckled heartily, continuing his smoke. "Nothing in this city does you any good, so get back inside before you're robbed."

    "No, Commander, you weren't answering your phone, that's why I'm out here! The bank's under attack."

    The Zangoose chewed on his cigar, watching her suspiciously as if she was lying. After a moment, he grabbed his cigar and threw it on the ground, stepping on it as he left. "Alright, Martha. We're on it."


    More than half the Enforcers of the city had arrived in the street outside the bank, their weapon turned against the potential but invisible enemies. Four hundred Pokemon, ready to kill, and more were coming from the suburbs. It almost seemed like a riot to Chleevas, who was observing things from a fair distance, elevated in one of the platforms they had brought for the leaders. Indeed, behind him was the Chief of the Enforcers, a Druddigon named Grant, who was as furious as it got.

    "These morons couldn't find a trace around the bank," the Druddigon was saying, "there're no explosives. Someone's playing a prank on us. They're dead when I find them, I swear."

    "The President confirmed it," Chleevas reminded him patiently. "Play the message again," he said to Martha, who pressed a button on the laptop.

    "The National Bank of Newhaven will be blown apart with Gigaton explosives. I give you ten minutes to remove everyone to safety, and I welcome you to send all the Enforcers you can mobilize," the metallic voice said. Chleevas failed to recognize it.

    "It's no prank, but someone is playing with us," Chleevas agreed with the Chief. "We have to go in, Chief. I'll gather our best men--"

    "You're a damn fool, Chleevas," Chief Grant said, "you'll find nothing in there. The building's being evacuated as we speak and I don't suppose anyone could sneak in explosives enough to blow the whole damn thing apart."

    The Zangoose partly ignored what he said, as he almost always did. He didn't become Commander by sitting around and doing nothing. Whoever's behind this, they have a purpose. I wouldn't just blow the bank to bits with a threat. This show will be continued, I'm sure. He turned to Martha. "Play the President's phone call to the Castle of Acter."

    “T-this is president Marcus Chesterfield of the national bank! We’ve just received a threat that the bank will be blown up with bombs placed around the bank, and we’re only given ten minutes to evacuate! Send all the enforcers you can!”

    Chleevas's nostrils twitched in suspicion. He looking to catch a whiff that would send him after the perpetrators like a hound. The other Enforcers were worthless brutes, even their Chief, so he had to take action in this... but where to start from? "No explosives found around the bank," he muttered, his eyes on the glass building of the bank. People would start pouring out soon... he would have to start questioning them.

    "The job is made from the inside," Chleevas declared, "the people will give us all the information we need." He made his way to the bank, parting the quiet Enforcers.


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      Felix Teufel
      National Bank of Newhaven - Inner Ground Floor


      "...Felix, make sure our friends in the main vault remain silent."

      It was time, then. Being in charge of the other security guards in the inner ground floor, Felix was not confined to one position. The main reason on a normal day would be to check on each of the others in turn, but he'd be doing more than that now. The vault doors that led from the transaction hall to the inner floor were secure, made of thick steel that would resist a direct assault. Inside those doors was another security checkpoint, then the halls that led to another checkpoint and another vault door before the vaults themselves.

      Off to one side, close but out of sight to any Pokemon that would head directly to the vaults, was the database, which included the feeds of the security cameras and the security communication channels. Those needed to be shut down first.

      Felix was sure to walk in the usual manner as he headed for the database. He had yet to hear anything through the guards' radios, so he assumed nothing had come up yet. The Blaziken let himself in through the open doorway, noting the armored Hitmonlee that stood next to it. As if on cue, a phone in the database room began ringing. The Plusle in one chair kept his eyes on the camera feeds while the Minun in a chair next to him answered the phone.

      "Hey, Gabriel, we have a problem," the Minun stated as he hung up the phone without turning. "Someone said they're ready to blow up the bank with Gigaton explosives. I'm gonna contact Teufel." The Blaziken raised an eyebrow and watched as the Minun turned with one paw reaching for a comm-button that would connect with the guards' radios.

      "No unusual activity in that regard, David," the Plusle added, giving each camera feed a careful look. "Other than this one Accelgor that smiled at a camera, anyway." Neither Pokemon had given much notice to Felix's entrance; it was possible neither one had paid attention to his presence at all. Given their close proximity, it was easy for Felix to reach out and shove their heads together. He could decide later if the unconscious duo had seen anything that could count against him.

      The Blaziken reached out and flipped a switch on the panel, then another. The power supply to the security communications and outer vault door was cut; effectively, none of the inside guards could get out or talk to anyone outside. He had to turn to the left in order to reach the camera feeds, but the Hitmonlee had stepped inside the door by that time. "What are you doing?" he asked in surprise. By then, Felix was already pressing the button that ended the camera-recordings. Without pause, he pushed off and jumped at the Hitmonlee, Blaze Kick swinging down to meet him.

      The Kick knocked the Hitmonlee back a few steps, giving him room to kick twice at Felix, who blocked with a couple Slashes before hitting the guard's eyes with his fingers. Blinded momentarily, he didn't see Felix's Double Kick coming. The caved-in armor came off with another Blaze Kick from one side, followed by a Slash in his torso. Felix looked down at the Hitmonlee on the ground, watching as the life faded from his eyes. No choice with this one; he'd seen what had happened.

      Pressing the radio in his ear, Felix said, "Outer vault door and security communications are shut off, so are recordings. Tweet, you are free to come into the database now. If you need to delete any of zee camera feed, you might vant to delete zee same part for all zee cameras. Now I go to take care of zee rest of zee guards." They would be starting to realize that their radios didn't work, nor could they leave the inner ground floor through the door.

      Two on the inside of the outer door and two to four outside the inner vault door was standard. A few others at other doors and on patrol. Felix could take them out one by one. If he could help it, the less deaths, the better.
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