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Old October 17th, 2013 (8:23 PM).
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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
That's cute.

I'd love to tell you how many times I've played each gen III game, but I honestly have lost count. The best I can give you are some crappy estimates. RSE is at least 50. FRLG is probably 20, though none of those are recent. I know right? I used to actually REALLY like those games!
I guess it doesn't just depend on how much you play, but also how you play it. For the original gold, for example (not gen III but just as an example fitting for me), I've played through it... I guess just once. However, I had three shinies (other than Gyarados): Crobat, Seaking and Hypno, and I had a full box (20 pk) of pokemon on level 100. If you don't play much post-game, you play through the game more often.

As for the question in this thread, I honestly wouldn't know. But an estimation then:

R: 3-6
S: 1-2
E: 0 (the bl**dy rom didn't work right)
FR: 1-2
LG: 2-5

I am finally in a financial position to buy legit versions of the games, so with my DS lite (can't play X & Y), I can play emerald once I've bought it. And I will, as soon as I've finished HG, Pt and White.
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