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Old September 2nd, 2013 (7:13 AM).
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Have you ever attempted any?
If so, which ones?
And did you complete them?

Btw by challenges I mainly mean the sort found here. But if you set yourself any personal challenges, you can post about those too.

Personally as far as I can remember I've only attempted (and completed) on challenge - a monotype on LeafGreen. I chose the Flying-type, but once I got fed up of Pidgeotto it basically turned into a dragon run - I had Charizard, Gyarados, Aerodactyl, Dragonite, then started to train another Magikarp up to be a Gyarados and bred another Charmander post-Elite Four.
I've often been tempted to do some, for example the "Christian Challenge" but I often find some of the constraints would hinder my game experience, for example if I took part in the aforementioned challenge on LeafGreen I wouldn't have been able to use Butterfree's Confusion against Brock, and would've had to grind Charmander to around lv. 18 to get the first badge - not fun.

I also sometimes set myself personal challenges, such as only using ordinary Poké Balls and those introduced in that region (so for Johto, the Apricorn ones, Hoenn had Repeat / Timer / Luxury / Nest / Net / Dive, but Unova only had Poké Balls and any pokémon found in the Dream World).
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Old September 2nd, 2013 (7:40 AM).
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I have tried to do many challenges but I don't really find myself being motivated enough to do them. I even tried doing a few over the summer holidays but I got sidetracked.
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Old September 2nd, 2013 (12:36 PM).
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Me? Play challenges? Pff. As if. I heard the moderator of the challenge forum plays too many though. What a nerd.
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Old September 2nd, 2013 (4:00 PM).
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I didn't get into them until very recently.. but lately I feel like I haven't been playing enough. There are some really fun ones available but I've played the generation 1-3 games soo often that I sometimes burn myself out. Generations 4 and beyond are out of the question since I don't want to erase my save files nor buy another copy. The ones I remember completing are monotype, Valentine's day challenge, and maybe one other.

Definitely going to try some more ASAP, though! :D

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Old September 2nd, 2013 (4:05 PM).
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I do challenges quite a bit, but I am not great about updating my posts so I usually just do personal challenges. I've completed a few nuzlockes and monotype challenges in the past, but my favorite type is the solo challenge. I love using just a Castform to complete an entire game =D

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Old September 2nd, 2013 (4:12 PM).
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I've tried a few in the past, like the username, random and mono type challenges. I'd get lazy halfway through though! ...
My own little challenge in game is to catch legendary Pokemon in Pokeballs that suit them best.
For example, I'd catch Uxie in an Ultra Ball, Mesprit in a Master Ball and Azelf in a Great Ball for example. Moltres in a Pokeball took forever!
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Old September 2nd, 2013 (5:33 PM).
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I tried to do a Nuzlocke run on Pokémon Emerald before, but by the time I got to the third gym, I lost most of my strongest Pokémon (Combuskin, Swellow, etc.) I've kind of just given up after that. xD Nuzlocke challenges are very hard to do. They could be fun to some people, but to me, they're definitely not. I don't know if I like monotype challenges or not because I've never tried them, but I will at some point.
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Old September 2nd, 2013 (6:37 PM).
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I got hit by a horde of Rattata in my FR Nuzlocke. Needless to say I quit pretty soon.
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Old September 14th, 2013 (8:45 AM). Edited September 14th, 2013 by SUPPAFREAKY.
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i have invented a challenged based of of pokemon gen.0 you are a rising pokemon professor. early in the pokemon world. the rules are followed
-cant use a starter(you dont have a professor to give you one!)
-every pokemon you catch you must draw that pokemon and describe it (dont use pokedex)
-can only buy -4+ pokeballs at each town
-you have to catch the first pokemon on each route (dupes clause is acceptable)
-if you have any pokeballs leftover you can catch whatever you want(if you fail to catch the first pokemon you cant catch anymore pokemon on that route.
-you cant buy healing items only the ones you find.
-apricorn balls dont count as buying balls

additional rule- cannot use the internet to look up information
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Old September 14th, 2013 (9:11 AM).
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^ Hey you there, kitten. There's a thread in the challenge forum where you can post that idea. This thread is about whether or not you do challenges. :P
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Old September 14th, 2013 (10:55 AM).
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Yeah i completed a few Nuzlockes, one Monotype challenge and one Solo challenge (i think thats it).

I have a VERY high motivation, my PC is full with roms and hacks and in my handled i have 99.99999 percent pokemon games and maybe a few others like Spyro, Spore and Avatar-the last airbender... (i hate that game GOD).

If you want some of my personal advice i suggest you try a Nuzlocke challege in a rom hack. They are usually more challenging and because the programmer often changes pokemon encountred and even entire cities i can honestly tell you its more fun to run blined.

Some of my favourites are Sacred Gold and Storm Silver and Blaze Black and Volt White-who were created by a wonderful, wonderful person that i cannot remember his name, and AshGray who follows the anime and gives you bonuses and benefits if you complete it with ash's team (who are encountred via events so if you see a pokemon in the wild who shouldnt be there-catch it, just do it) a-who was created by Metapod23.

For any more questions you can PM me, its always fun to help people freshen up their gaming experience.
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