Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black 2 & White 2.
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Old September 3rd, 2013 (1:35 AM). Edited September 3rd, 2013 by Jellicent♀.
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    Who is your favorite Fifth Generation Pokemon?
    Mine is Hydragon ♥

    The best starter ever <3.<3
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      mine is the OG Hexorus is my favorite Pokemon

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      Hydregion is my favorite as well. It's an amazing special-attacking Pokémon, who has the ability to knock out any Pokémon with just a single hit. It also has good defensive stats and quite a large movepool. The only thing that's holding this Pokémon back is its Speed stat, which is very low. If it wasn't for that, Hydregion would've been unstoppable. (: Minccino is my favorite, too, because it's fluffy and cute. Very cute. If it was a real-life animal, then I would always keep it in my arms.
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      If one knows by now, my fave Pokemon is obviously Oshawott. He's cute, he's awesome and an awesome evolution line themed around samurais. I never would have found so many fave things of mine in a Pokemon, and he's now my official mascot Pokemon and always will be.
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      As if my username doesn't give it away, it is Jellicent. I just love his design especially the male one and he has a fabulous typing. He is a great Pokemon to use defensively and just overall nearly perfect. With a generation like gen 5 that introduced so many amazing Pokemon it is really hard to pick a favorite, but Jellicent wins here! =D

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      Lampent has the best cry in all of Pokemon. The whole Litwick family is just awesome. First to be fire/ghost and they pull it off.
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      It's safe to say this little babe owns my heart.

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        It'll have to be Samurott, it's design and concept as well as it's ability to use it's swords which are sheathed in it's legs is really neat!
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          My all time favorite for Unova is non other than Kyurem in it's both forms.
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          My favorite Unova Pokemon is also my favorite Pokemon in the entire (Pokemon) world too.... and that honor goes to Watchog.

          It has never let me down (it helped me take down 2 of the 4, of the Elite4 in 3 different Unova games), with the right move set it's always going to be a companion of mine. Any of my games isn't complete (and I won't play it - unless I'm playing a specific challenge like my all water team) without Watchog.

          Really love it's fur markings (that illuminate) and color - brownish-red, the tuft, the eyes. I also liked his Japanese voice (compare to the English German or French).
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            My favourite Pokemon of Unova is none other than Volcarona!

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              my favorite Unova pokemon is the Rubbish bag pokemon Trubbish...
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              Old September 4th, 2013 (12:26 AM).
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                Mine is Eelektross because holy crap does it look awesome. It's also powerful from both sides(115 Atk/105 Sp.Atk), has zero weaknesses and pretty good defenses.
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                Vanilluxe cause' it's just so damn adorable, it may be an ice-cream cone but it's a cute one at that! It also has pretty decent stats paired with a nice movepool which definitely came in handy during my Pokémon White Playthrough.
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                  Mine is definitely Hydreigon, both for sentimental reasons and the fact that it's just a really cool Pokémon.
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                    zoroark for sure! actually really surprised to see the amount of different opinions in here. pleasantly surprised.
                    i just like how badass zoroark is. I almost like it as much as jolteon or arcanine.. almost
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                      Well, I think the looks of Bisharp is more badass than that of Zoroark. I like the radical design, even though it's not my favorite.

                      One of my personal favorites is the elegantly designed Swanna (As well as its cute pre-evolution Ducklett). My passion for water-types and birds shows why.
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                        My favorite 5th gen Pokemon is Zoroark. When paired with Cresselia in double battles it provides a decent defense for Cresselia. It also has the tricky Illusion ability, which is nice because the last Pokemon in my party is always Heracross.
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                          I like conkledurr the thing is a total bosssss
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                          Old September 4th, 2013 (8:43 AM).
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                            I think Haxorus would take the cake for me. I used one in my White 2 playthrough and I named him Kenneth. I think he was the first Pokémon on my team that I gave a headcanon personality (Being pretty much exactly like Kenneth from 30 Rock which is who he's named after). He made my playthrough glorious. He destroyed everything and every battle in our path, too.

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                            I may like grass-types, and Samurott, but I absolutely adore Mienshao. Not only because it's the most powerful Pokemon to use in battle, and the strongest fighting type, but its design reminds me of martial arts and I really like that. Mienshao will always hold a special place in my heart.

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                              I am going to say Ferrothorn here because he is one of my favorite walls to use. One time I was almost dead with my staller Ferrothorn being last up against a No Guard Golurk. He knocked me out with a Dynamic Punch BUT Iron Barbs and Ferros Rocky Helmet made him faint first! Damn I am lucky xD
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                                My favourite 5th Gen pokemon is Excadrill because of it`s amazing Attack and HP combined with it`s decent speed and the fact it can learn Swords Dance, which makes it the most fearsome non legendary Pokémon there is. It is also immune to Toxic and Stealth Rock adding a bonus as well.

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                                  Zekrom for sure, as soon as I saw him I was absolutely awestruck. It's my favorite Legend besides the 3 Wildcat Beasts. He was the gem in a pile of filthy slag (as far as Gen 5 Legendaries go) so he really stands out to me. Excluding this Legend, my favorite is probably...

                                  a tie between Mandibuzz and Sawsbuck.
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                                  Old September 4th, 2013 (7:52 PM).
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                                  lol Jellicent. The female, specifically. c:
                                  They're just so cute and squishy. <3
                                  Plus they have a lot of HP which I love in a Pokemon. <3
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