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Old September 29th, 2013 (9:51 PM).
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    A pearl of sweat formed at her hairline. It continued to move down her forehead until being diverted by a slim brow, causing it to roll off and drip onto the cold tunnel floor. It could have turned night outside and it wouldn't have occurred to Gaea at all. Her muscles tensed as she slammed her palms together, making a clean cut about 6 feet straight into the solid rock in front of her. Then, after slowly inverting her hands until the backs touched each other, she grappled the air tightly with her fingers whilst taking a deep breath, planting her feet solidly on the ground. For a moment, the mines were filled with the sound of sheer nothingness as if the cold wall held its breath in anticipation. Without any notice, a deafening cracking sound filled the hollow tunnels as Gaea yanked her arms far apart as if tearing open a heavy gate, causing the stone ahead to split up on the middle and disappear into the sides of the tunnel, giving her an acceptable 3 feet wide, 6 feet long addition to her already existing workspace. It wasn't much, sure, but it had been a long day's work already and productivity had descended on her list of priorities for the time being. Occupation of the mind was the prime motivation at this point, and so Gaea stepped forward, resumed the stance and slammed her palms together anew, her thoughts in an entirely different place.

    The city? Republic City, even? I mean, I get that we need some new spare parts for the Sato-mobile, but for what purpose? The only reason we ever use the sato' is to go to town to get spare parts for the motor cycle. So stupid... Gaea wasn't usually prone to complain, but she failed to see the logic in a day-long trip with such a lack of purpose. And why are they sending ME? Another few feet of tunnel appeared with a resounding crunch. I would get lost within a couple of minutes. Besides, I'm of far more use here in the mine. Close to home. The expression on Gaea's face changed after a split second of replaying her last thoughts inside her head. ... Home! With a sudden realization of the concept of time, she turned tail and sprinted back through the tunnels that she knew so well and back towards home.

    By the time she arrived home, the sun had set and Gaea realized to her regret that it was long past the hour to which she was permitted outside. The boar-hounds in the area turned increasingly vicious prior to the moon's light breaching the clouds, even if it was only close to half full tonight, and so that would probably be her father's excuse for telling her straight. Sneaking through the village as silently as able, the confidence that she might get away with this grew as most of the cottages were blacked out. One of those that weren't, however, was her own home. You gotta be kidding me.

    "This has got to stop!" - A strong voice tore through the chilled evening air. Gaea had barely reached for the doorknob before her father had beat her to it. Now she stood just outside the door, one foot on the threshold, bowing her head submissively. She knew he was right. For the past couple weeks, she had returned home later and later yet almost every evening. "I... I didn't mean to worry you, Pa'. It's just th-",

    "It's just that NOTHING.", he interrupted. "Go to your room. It's the middle of the night and tomorrow is a big day.". Nodding her head in silence she stepped through the door and into the warmth of her home, although somehow she felt as if the cold air's grasp followed her inside as she opened the door to her room, closing it carefully behind her to not cause too much of a riot.

    The day before the Probending Arena was taken
    The sun high upon the sky, a quarter past noon on the day of her departure. Gaea had already said her goodbyes, packed a bag of necessities and kick started the engine on the old motorcycle which sputtered uncontrollably before settling into a deep, rumbling growl like a mad Boa-Bear. Her parents had kissed her on the forehead and wished her safe travels. They were all a bit nervous about the whole affair, seeing as how this was Gaea's first trip ever into town. But it was too late to turn back now. After a good hour and a half of driving, the landscape had turned even bulkier and rockier than back home, which, she had been told, was a good sign of being close to Republic City when approaching from the north-east, the tell-tale mountains reaching towards the sky surrounding the large city.

    Regardless of being used to the continues shaking of the years-old motorcycle, Gaea decided that her behind deserved a break sometime soon. Then, as if on cue, a nice looking spot of green appeared not too far away in front of her on her right. She shifted her weight and turned the bike in a wide curve, rolling a dozen feet onto the grass before coming to a stop and turning off the engine. She wiped the visor on her helmet off of bug-goo with a sleeve and a disgusted sigh before relieving herself of the coverup, freeing her loose hair for the first time in what had felt like HOURS! (Which, more or less, it was). The air was chilly as the day before but now as the sun was at its highest, the warmth of its rays compensated enough to make it a comfortable setting for a power-nap. She was now starting to feel the consequence of her late nights the last couple days, and every time she had blinked, her eyes had stayed close for just a split-second longer, hence the break. She fetched a blanked from one of the satchel-bags on the bike, which she then rolled up and placed behind her head as she laid down on the field. She was sound asleep within half a minute.

    Half an hour passed. The sun's rays touched Gaea's face and the warmth in her cheeks evoked a slight blush. But then; A snarl and the stench of a foul breath. At first they seemed to be just part of a bad dream, but Gaea quickly came to realize that that was not the case. She leapt up, pale-faced, and stared fearfully at the Badger-Hawk that had flown down and landed just a couple feet away from where she had slept.

    "Whoah there, girl. Eeeasy now. I don't know if you're nesting close by or what, but I'll just be on my way.", she tried her best, still groggy from the nap. Her pleads for peace, however, had no effect on the angered beast. Leaning slightly down on its front talons, the muscles in its rear legs tensed as it spread its fur-featherly wings widely, positioning itself for a charge. Oh no, you don't...

    But it did. And with a howling squeal it plunged itself forward, right towards Gaea, with a strong flap of its wings. She barely dodged the toothy beak but she was a tad too slow and was struck across the thigh with a sharp talon which drew a dark string of blood tailing the Badger-Hawk a few feet past her until it landed on the ground again.

    "DAMN you! Argh, you stupid creature! I'm going, I'm GOING!", she exclaimed angrily and naively turned her back to the creature to slowly make her way towards the motorcycle. She had just turned her back as the beast leapt at her again, which this time she completely avoided. Now there was just the issue that the path out of here was blocked by this winged pest.

    Running out of options, a heavy sigh escaped Gaea's lounges. "I'm really not in the mood anymore, Birdie." - She kneeled down, the badger-hawk blinked confusedly as Gaea slowly placed her open right palm on the ground. She inhaled deeply before shifting her weight onto her arm, pushing downwards in a sudden movement. All the muscles up her bare arm visibly flexing as she did so. The spectator flapped its wings as the ground by Gaea let out a loud crack as she pushed her hand 3-4 inches through the rock, leaving a crater in the shape of a hand. The rock then started to slide closed around Gaea's hand until it was sealed entirely.

    Patience had in the meantime ran out for the badger-hawk as it repeated the previous maneuver and lunged forward with open beak. Gaea looked up from the ground and fixed her gaze on the approaching target. When the distance between the two had been reduced enough, she swung her arm from the right and straight at the badger-hawk, pulling a rather large chunk of flat stone out of the ground as an addition to her own palm. The poor creature was hit square on the side of its head and the power of the impact smacked it several feet straight to the left and into the side of a sturdy tree, with the result of small branches and leaves drizzling down over the still figure in the shadow of the tree.

    Damn it... I didn't mean to... Damn. She got up and brushed her hair back with slightly shivering hands. Although the intention had been to inflict a bruise and a scare, she had in reality struck slightly harder than she had meant to. She couldn't dwell on this matter now though, as there was in fact business to attend to and she had already wasted too much time unproductively. She ripped a piece off of the blanket and tied it tightly around her wounded thigh as a temporary solution for covering up the cut. With a last glimpse in the direction of the tree, Gaea mounted the motorcycle once more and kick started it. The roaring sound of the old engine was the only thing interrupting the silence of nature and as she speeded uphill, Gaea felt like she had already experienced enough adventure for one day... And so far, she hadn't liked it one bit.
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    Old October 2nd, 2013 (1:47 PM).
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    Davian & Kalden

    Kalden and Davian had come to a stop after having run down a very narrow little side-corridor further down the hallway from where they had been hiding in the closet. Kalden took a breath of air as he leaned back against the wall, staring ahead of him with a thoughtfully worried look on his face. I really hope uncle Thok'll be alright... I'm sure he will, he's one of the most amazing benders alive. Having put his worries to rest, he stood up straight again, clapping his hands together and turning to Davian.

    "Alright! So, here's what we're going to do. We'll do what my uncle told us and go save the others. From what seems most likely, they're going to be in the gym," he raised a hand and gave the stone wall besides him a pat. "And the Equalists probably haven't figured out there's more ways than just the doors in there. It might get dangerous. -Really- dangerous in there. You still up for it?"

    Davian smirked at Kalden. "Oh I'm up for it, I didn't go through all that just to let the girl and the Avatar get taken away. If you can get me where I need to be I'll do my best." He patted the pouches that contained his Omni-Orbs. "I'm prepared for just about any job that needs doing."

    Kalden flashed Davian a bright grin and half-turned away before blinking in realization and turning back to him. "Oh! Almost completely forgot in the heat of things." He smiled, pressing his fist against his palm and bowing lightly. "I'm Kalden."

    Davian lightly thumped his own head. "Oh yeah, silly me. I'm Davian, it's nice to meet you. The most professional of benders. Too bad I can't be one." He looked around the room a bit more. "So Kalden, what's our secret way in?"

    A wry smile crept across Kalden's face, the sort of expression that says 'I know something you don't', as he turned and took another few steps down the narrow, one-person-wide hallway, before stopping, turning and pointing up at a metal grate near the ceiling.

    "That's our secret way in, my friend. Think you can bend that thing off, quietly?"

    After examining the grate for a moment Davian waved his hand dismissively. "Of course I can." He pointed one index finger at each screw on one side of the grate and made little spinning motions with them, the screws spun and fell into his hands. He repeated the process with the other two screws and used a quick bit of bending to make sure the grate gently floated to the floor. "After you, you're probably better at jumping than I am."

    "Actually, there's probably another grate on the inside of the gym, and we -definitely- don't want them to hear that one, so... I think you should go first. I'll give you a hand, though!" Kalden gave a smile and took a step back before lowering slightly down onto one knee, collecting both his hands together in preparation to give Davian a boost up to the grate.

    Davian's smile grew a bit distorted, he loved having an excuse to show off a bit for once. "Nah I can get up fine, look at this little trick I mastered." He pulled out his Omni-Orbs and formed them into the quarterstaff shape with one fluid motion. When it was ready he held one end to the ground and pushed up with his hands, using bending ot keep it upright. After boosting himself up he stood up on the other end of the staff and climbed into the vent. After he moved forward a bit he called back down to Kalden.

    "I'm ready, just make sure you give me directions after you get up here."

    Kalden let out an impressed little whistle. "Wow, not bad! Remind me to ask you about... uh, whatever those things are, when this is all over." He then bent his knees and leapt upwards, catching the very edge of the vent, which he then swiftly clambered into, making sure to keep a good bit of distance between himself and Davian's rear, lowering his voice in the echoey vents. "Alright... straight ahead, make a right, and then the second left, and we should be at the grate leading into the back end of the gym."

    "Got'cha." Davian crawled forward a ways until he saw a split and went right, forward until the next turn and finally they were at the grate. "I'm glad that wasn't too far, it's stuffy in here." He began the same process he had used to open the first grate, but it was a bit more complicated from the other side. After each screw came loose he had to slow their descent with bending so they wouldn't make any noise when they hit the floor. When he had finally set the grate as carefully as possible on the gym floor, Davian hopped down with a slight roll to lighten the impact.

    As Kalden quickly wriggled up to where Davian had been laying a moment before, he took a quick look around the gym, his eyes widening as he hurriedly slid out of the hole, landing lightly next to Davian before grabbing his collar, dragging him a few steps to the left, behind a wooden vault. Letting go of him, he pressed a finger to his lips and leaned to the side, peering around the vault. At the other side of the room, there were alot of kids and teens tied up two and two, as well as Ryan, Julienne, a person he didn't know, and... Xiu! All of them were cuffed, it looked like, and the area him and Davian were in, was where the thugs, currently standing near the double doors, had moved all of the equipment to.

    The guy that had surprised them and forced Thokmay into a duel was standing over a dishevelled-looking girl, and from what Kalden could hear, and much to his shock and despair, he had apparently dealt with Thokmay, in record time.Uncle... Pushing away the worry for his uncle for a moment, he surveyed the situation, biting onto his lower lip.

    "... Any ideas? I have a few, but they... aren't that good. We're kind of outnumbered here."

    Davian put two fingers to his chin as he tended to do when thinking hard. [i]I've never tried it before but... maybe if I flow my liquefied Orbs into a lock and then solidify them I can jury-rig a key. "I think I can free the others if big bad palooka over there doesn't smash my face in first, Airbenders seem to have a speed advantage, ya think you could distract him for a bit?"

    Kalden glanced over at the group of guards with the rather intimidating guy standing among all of them. That's probably the best plan we have, but... if he could take out uncle Thok in just a few moments... His fist clenched slightly and he took in a deep breath through his nose, turning to Davian again, nodding his head firmly while sending him a wry little grin. "Making distractions is a favourite passtime of mine. You can count on me. Wait until I give the signal and see what you can do."

    With the same grin, he gave Davian's arm a pat before sneaking around the vault, creeping along the various props and gym items that had been stacked up in this side of the room, keeping himself hidden. As he had nearly reached the wall with the double doors leading out, he peeked out behind a large mattress standing upright against the wall at the thugs that were standing slightly spread out, muttering to themselves, afraid their commander would hear them.

    A quick buzz of worry and a feeling that he should turn around and just make a run for it went through him, but he shook it off, gritting his teeth. He couldn't leave the others behind, least of all Xiu! With a final deep breath for preparation, he moved out from behind the mattress, hopping on top of it and taking a seat while placing two fingers in his mouth, letting out a sharp whistle.

    "Hey boys! If you'd have told me this was a costume party, I would've dressed up as well!"

    Davian risked a glance around his hiding spot to see what was up when he heard the shrill noise of Kalden's whistle assault everyone's ears. Many of the regular guards wasted no time in running straight at him, it didn't leave a lot of room to maneuver but they were getting in each other's way plenty. Alright, now if that boss guy will just go after him too I'll have a window... shouldn't be too long, he'll see how useless it is to go after Kalden all at once.

    Giving a grin as the guards scrambled to get after him, Kalden pressed his hands down against the top of the mattress, hauling himself over the back of it, using the momentum of his swinging legs and a bit of airbending to slam his feet against the back of the mattress, causing it to fly forwards at the thugs storming at him, the large mattress slamming into two of them as it toppled over with Kalden vaulting off of it, leaping to the other side of the room, landing square on his feet.

    "Come on guys, you have to be quicker than that if you're going to catch an airbender!" he taunted as he turned, raising his hands, flat-palmed, in front of him in his usual combat stance, flashing the lot a playful grin despite the sinking feeling in his chest as the commander turned to send him a piercing stare.

    His chance showed itself when the jerk in charge of the situation finally focused on Kalden, he'd have to be careful, that guy was too smart to let Kalden be his only concern. But Davian couldn't waste any time, as soon as the man's eyes locked onto Kalden he bolted from the hiding spot towards the mess of prisoners, hoping Kalden would make a bigger impression on the leader before he made any noise.

    While two of the thugs were squirming out from under the mattress, Kalden turned his attention to the commander still staring him down without any inclination to rush to attack him, as the guards were already on their way. So that's how it is, huh? He took in a deep breath before thrusting his right hand forwards, followed by his left, ending with a high, right kick, which both sent blasts of air darting towards the commander, while Kalden used the momentum to spin himself around and lean down, pushing his hands to the ground and lifting himself up in a handstand, ready to follow up on his attacks.

    The commander, however, wasn't impressed. He didn't even break a sweat as he swiftly stepped right, left and leaned slightly backwards, easily dodging all of Kalden's attacks. He gave his minions a sharp glance. "Must I do everything myself? -Get him-."

    Leader dude finally had more than a passing interest to keep him from noticing Davian, maybe they'd pull this off after all. He was already out of cover so he didn't have a lot of time to think, it looked like 4 guards had been smart enough to keep watch on the prisoners even in all the confusion. Luckily, the guards that were left had all focused intensely on the foolish bender their boss would surely defeat in moments. Davian pulled out his Omni-Orbs and crossed his arms in a sweeping motion to create two 3 1/2 foot long batons and kept running. Once he had closed enough distance he slammed the batons into the backs of the heads of the first pair of guards and dove for the second pair without checking to see if the first two went down. Davian pointed the ends of the batons directly at the guards' solar plexises and the momentum from his jump took them down hard.

    After catcing himself and avoiding a dangerous slide towards the fight, Davian looked back at the first pair of guards and smiled when he realized he had in fact knocked them out cold; he had scored direct hits on the second pair so if they were still awake they'd be too busy trying to breathe and not spill their guts out to do anything for a while. He went to Angelique first and began feeding a small amount of liquefied Omni-Orb into the locks on her cuffs, sparing a few words while he worked. "Don't get any ideas... but I'm glad to see you're alright, as soon as you're loose make a break for that stuff over there, we're pretty sure it's where everyone's weapons are." After the locks were full he solidified the metal and turned, popping the cuffs open.

    The second Angelique was free he went to Ryan, whatever the guy's problem was the combatants had to be freed first, and Davian didn't know which person was Xiu. He used his makeshift keys on the locks and had him loose quickly as with Angelique, pleased that it was working. "The second you're out of these follow Angelique to where everybody's stuff is." And once Ryan was free Davian finally got to Julienne. "Sorry about that, gotta get the people who can fight out first. I hope you never doubted me, can't go through all that jsut to ditch you can I? Once you're free please help the other people stay calm and keep them out of the way." His tone left no room for argument, it was not harsh but commanding, Davian was in crisis mode. Once Julienne was out he got the last girl free as quickly as possible and gave her the same advice as the other benders, adding in. "If you're who I think you are we could use your help too... but don't put yourself at too much risk." I can't really remember, but I think she looks like her... After finishing he returned the key to his orbs and formed his dual blades to cut the ropes around the citizens.

    With everyone finally free Davian had only one goal left. Victory. The other lackeys had most assuredly seen Davian getting everyone out and were storming towards him and the others. He put his left sword forward and facing to the right across the front of him, with the right blade behind him pointing over his shoulder at the guards in his preferred dual-wielding battel stance.

    At this point, Kalden had dealt with one of the two guards attacking him, just barely evading an attack by the remaining thug's baton, spinning off to the side while bending his knees. He brought both his hands up to his chest before thrusting them forwards against the guy, sending a blast of air square into his chest, launching him across the room and into a pile of dumbbells.

    Taking a breath of air, he swiftly turned around to have a look at Davian's progress. At first, he was happy as seemingly almost everybody had gotten freed, but the two guards he had seemingly knocked out earlier were slowly getting up, and the other benders were on their way over to get their weapons. He was just about to call out to Davian, but just as he opened his mouth, he noticed something moving just out the corner of his left eye. He threw his torso backwards as a blade came whizzing past his face, his eyes wide as he stumbled backwards, facing the large, intimidating man lowering the blade again while looking over Kalden rather condescendingly.

    "... Seems like you're more trouble than you're worth, unlike that other airbender."

    Kalden's hands clenched into fists at this obvious taunt, but before he could make a retort or even a move, the man swung his sword in a diagonal, upwards strike, which Kalden only managed to avoid by throwing himself onto the floor, proceeding to roll away as the guy tried to stomp on his chest.

    The young airbender pushed his hands to the floor when far enough away from the dangerous man, raising his legs up and swinging them around, rather swiftly gaining momentum enough to launch off the floor and land on his feet again, sending the commander a glare. "... You're going to pay." He then thrust a hand forwards to try and blast the guy backwards, but he had been just a bit too swift for Kalden, grasping his cloak, pulling it around to his front while pushing his shoulder against the attack as well, only causing him to get pushed back a few inches.

    "You bore me." The man growled as Kalden followed his attack up with raising his leg to try and kick another gust of air at him, but once again, the man was too quick, swinging his sword down towards his chest, which left Kalden no choice but to push his hands up and use a blast of air to push himself back, landing on the floor with a grunt. The sword, still outstretched in his hand was lowered to point at Kalden. "Time to see if youre friends are more entertaining."

    "No, do- yeaaaergh...!!" the boy cried out as a bolt of lightning was shot from the blade, electrocuting Kalden for a few seconds before disappearing again, leaving the young airbender slumped unconciously on the floor in front of him.

    Davian broke his stance when he heard a loud crackling noise and then what seemed to be some sort of snap. When he turned he saw Kalden on the floor and gasped. "Julienne, get everyone else to the other benders!" If I don't attack him now he might just decide to finish off Kalden before the rest of us can rally. After he barked the order he sprinted towards the leader in complete ignorance of the reawakened guards behind him.


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