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Old September 12th, 2013 (1:44 AM).
pachthegiant's Avatar  
Join Date: Sep 2013
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I love pokemon so joining this site seemed like a no-brainer.
Hopefully you'll see me around!
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Old September 12th, 2013 (1:57 AM).
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Hi there pachthegiant. You have come to the right place to talk about Pokemon. By the way, are you in hype of Pokemon X and Y? In that section, you can discuss more, as X and Y's launch date is closer, so you can talk about many speculations there and all.

I'm glad if you'd like to talk to any of us btw, and I'm sure you're having fun! I hope to see you around, too.
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Old September 12th, 2013 (2:00 AM).
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Hello Pach, and welcome to PC!

I understand if you didn't write a lot in your intro, newbies can sometimes feel nervous when joining a community as big as ours. Why not tell us a bit more about yourself so we can show you around? Anyways, was there a reason why you joined? Most people join to talk about Pokemon, but we happen to be more than just a Pokemon forum, and also you'll meet loads of cool people here.

I do hope you have an awesome time here and maybe you'll find something you'll like, take some time and explore. The staff here are extremely helpful if you have a question, so don't hesitate to ask any of them who can be easily seen thanks to the blue, orange and red usernames. I'm always happy to meet new friends, so feel free to pop by my profile and leave a visitor message or friend request anytime. Have fun here at PC and I hope to see you around!

- Hikari10
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Old September 12th, 2013 (3:17 AM).
pachthegiant's Avatar  
Join Date: Sep 2013
Gender: Male
Posts: 13
Wind Heart: Oh of course I'm excited for X and Y! A month could not go by any slower :p

Hikari10: Sorry for my vagueness, I'm not very good at introducing myself. Let's see. As far as non-pokemon related interest go I'm a musician and graphic designer (more of the former than the latter). And as for my reason of joining, this seems like a place I could fit right in to.

Thanks for the warm welcomes!
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Old September 12th, 2013 (4:28 AM).
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I'm bringing in the Welcome Wagon.

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Old September 12th, 2013 (4:58 AM).
pachthegiant's Avatar  
Join Date: Sep 2013
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Haha thanks bloodfrost! 'tis clever of you
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Old September 13th, 2013 (7:22 AM).
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Hey and welcome to PC, pachthegiant! I'm so very excited for X and Y myself so hopefully this month flies by. Still contemplating if I should preorder or not since they won't be available in my local game store until November 1st. ;~~;

Ooh, a musician? That's so very neat. :) Maybe you'd be interested in showing us some of your musical talents in the Creative Media Showcase thread? I'm sure we'd all love to see what you can do and give you comments 'n feedback. What kinds of music do you make? One of these days, when I can afford it, I really want to get and learn how to play piano.. we used to have one when I still lived in Europe as a kid but sadly had to sell it. That is by far my favorite instrument!

Anyways, how have you been faring here so far? PC is a great place for Pokemon fans as well as people who prefer to discuss off-topic things like video games and movies, so you can do pretty much anything here. Lots of fun out there waiting for you! Have a great time here.
. pair family twin art thread mal .
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Old September 13th, 2013 (9:50 PM).
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Hey there welcome yeah if you like pokemon you will fit in obviously


// milo. //
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