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Old September 28th, 2013 (11:31 AM).
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So we all know how easy it is to connect with pretty much any Pokemon Trainer in the world via all the WiFi features that gen 5 games has to offer, whether it's trading through the GTS and GTS negotiations, or battling in the GBU or Battle Subway. And I'm sure everybody has a story to tell about that one (or many!) WiFi encounter that made you burst into laughter or at least giggle a bit.

Please, do take battling discussion and trading discussion to their respective subforums, this thread is just for fun. Stuff to share: funny, cute or awesome nicknames, Trainer quotes, weird coincidences and pretty much any situation you've been though in WiFi connection that you think it's worth mentioning.

That being said, I'll start with my own; today I was battling in the WiFi train at the Subway. First battle, Garchomp, and bling!, stars twinkling all over. Huh, is that the shiny animation, I thought, but that Garchomp seems to have the usual colors. Oh wait, it's a Garchomp. The funniest part was that my next battle was with a a Trainer who had a shiny Tyranitar, a shiny Excadrill and you guessed it, or maybe not? A non-shiny Garchomp. Definitely didn't see that one coming.

So how about you guys? I bet everyone has a story to share

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Old September 28th, 2013 (9:37 PM).
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    I was doing Random Matchup once and fought someone whose team was all 3 Porygon evolutions. Literally had nothing else on his team. I honestly forget what they each did (I'm pretty sure Porygon and Porygon2 were just set up to be annoyances and cripple things), but I distinctly recall his Porygon Z using Agility and Last Resort as its only attacks, which I thought was pretty funny.
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    About a month and a half ago I faced some guy on Random Matchup whose team consisted of Togepi, Chingling, Cubone, and Clamperl. At first I was like okay whatever. Turns out, a Clamperl holding a Deepseatooth is about as strong as Palkia. I ended up winning, but boy was that Clamperl scary.

    Then, last week or so, I was browsing the Battle Video server and came across one of his (his team was too recognizable to miss). I watched what he had uploaded and he actually wins most of his matches. His team might seem silly at first, being all Pokemon with low BSTs, but they actually work really well together. Plus, its hilarious watching a Clamperl and Cubone destroy pseudo-legendaries and stuff in one shot.

    You can see his videos by searching for battles with Chingling.
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      had a wifi batte today and the person used
      gible, gabite and MegaGarchomp haha

      i wiped him/her out with only my normal Garchomp
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      Wow this thread is old. Posting in a thread that is over a month old is against our rules, and not only that but your story has nothing to do with the Fifth Generation, as Mega evolutions were introduced and are solely in the sixth generation.

      Closed due to thread revival.
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