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Old October 2nd, 2013 (10:04 PM).
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    Don't use the Mystery Dungeon quiz to answer this, because that quiz doesn't give consistent results. Decide based off of your personality/which one you look a lot like.

    I'd be a Bulbasaur! :D

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    Old October 2nd, 2013 (10:59 PM).
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    Still thinking about my own answer to this, but in the meantime I'll move this over to Pokémon Voting Polls, as it is a perfect thread for that subsection!

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    Old October 2nd, 2013 (11:25 PM).
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    I'd most likely be a Torchic. Torchic are usually very shy, cheerful, protective, and easy to befriend, just like me! Speed Boost would the ability that I would have. With Speed Boost, I would always be able to outspeed my opponent and strike the first hit. My moveset would probably consist of Fire Blast, Hidden Power (grass), Substitute, and Rock Slide. Fire Blast would make it an easy task for me to defeat opposing grass-types. With Rock Slide, I'd be able to take out other fire-type Pokémon, since they're super-effective to it. Substitute would allow me to hide behind a doll and not take any damage at all. Finally, with Hidden Power, I would have the chance to make any water Pokémon faint. All of this would make me an extremely important asset to my trainer's team, haha. (:
    Old October 3rd, 2013 (1:08 AM).
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    Originally Posted by Sapphire Pokedex
    Give it a hug - it will be glowing with warmth
    I would be a Torchic as well. Not only is it my favorite starter of all time, but that Pokedex description describes me a lot. I love receiving hugs and when I do, I fell all warn inside just like a Torchic.

    Not to mention that I would make one hell of a cute little starter Pokemon:


    Old October 3rd, 2013 (6:19 PM).
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      Treeko, because I can kind of relate to it's Sapphire description. I am relaxed, and unafraid of threats.
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      Old October 4th, 2013 (11:39 PM).
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      If I had to choose one starter that I could be, I think I'd be a Bulbasaur. It isn't that popular compared to the other Pokemon, and is a better Pokemon than many give it credit for, which would be similar characteristics I'd attribute to myself. Plus, I always like the personality that Ash's Bulbasaur had in the anime, and I think I'd act very similar if I were a Pokemon myself.


      Old October 11th, 2013 (5:17 AM).
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        I think would Chimchar like Paul/Ash's one in the anime. When I am hurt I can cause a lot of damage like when Chimchar's Blaze ability.
        Old October 11th, 2013 (6:51 AM).
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          It depends, if I didn't have to evolve then Squirtle. If I did, I would be Chimchar.
          Old October 12th, 2013 (7:04 AM).
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            I'd either be a Torchic or a Totodile
            Torchic because of speed boost and their personality (friendly, etc)


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            Old October 16th, 2013 (2:34 AM).
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              Charmander. I think I'm a Charmeleon at heart. I feel like I'm similarly confrontational, a loner, and difficult to please, but genuinely passionate about the things I fight about.
              Old October 26th, 2013 (5:49 AM).
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                Cyndaquil because when I get in danger the danger will be absorbed to me then I'll be more dangerous. (lol geddit?) (you know self-defense)
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                Old October 26th, 2013 (12:49 PM).
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                Probably a slightly clumsy and naive yet friendly and energetic Totodile! Not because I like Totodile in particular, but because I can totally relate to its, hm, smile somehow. xD And being over the top loud and talky.
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                Old October 26th, 2013 (7:31 PM).
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                  I guess a quiet and shy Squirtle, who ends up hiding in his shell a lot if there are too many people he does not know in an area. I don't know why I think I would be a Squirtle, it could be my massive love for the cute little guy. But maybe cause it would be nice to hide in a shell sometimes. ; n ;

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                  Old October 28th, 2013 (3:57 PM).
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                  I would be Torchic because we're both socially awkward and have no arms.
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                  Old November 1st, 2013 (7:33 AM).
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                  I would be Chimchar, because I find myself similar to him (as in the Pokémon anime) at some point, experiencing sad things, wanting to prove self and was out of control at some point and all.
                  Old November 1st, 2013 (8:28 AM).
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                    I don't know what I would be, but I know I would like to be a Bulbasaur, which I like. Also, I would like to be a geodude if possible, because it eventually evolves into Golem, which is my favorite pokemon.
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                    Old November 1st, 2013 (8:33 AM).
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                      I would be a Cyndaquil. I am normally shy and quiet, especially around new people/people I don't know very well. Around friends, I am a completely different person; my flame lights up and I become energetic and free-spirited.
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                      Old November 3rd, 2013 (7:26 PM).
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                        I would be a Fennekin. I love it's aesthetics and I can see myself as a Delphox if fully evolved. Fire and Psychic. Not the most fitting of all type combos, but out of the starters.
                        Old November 5th, 2013 (9:06 PM).
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                          I'd definitely be Totodile, because:
                          1.Carefree, laid-back attitude
                          2.Somewhat spontaneous when riled up
                          3. EAT ALL THE THINGS!!!!

                          Pink Moon is on its way.

                          Old November 5th, 2013 (9:16 PM).
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                            If we're going in game with Mystery Dungeon, I would say Tepig. We both have strong hearts and want to protect who we love and won't give up so easily. I wouldn't want to evolve, though. If not, then I would want to be a Fennekin.
                            Old November 5th, 2013 (10:19 PM).
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                              I'd want to be a Treeko, and eventually a Sceptile. Sorry Serperior, you may be my favorite, but I like having arms.
                              PairPC sister
                              Old November 5th, 2013 (10:29 PM).
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                                I guess I'd be a Totodile. It's a wild, interesting pokemon, and I'm the most interesting man in the world.
                                Old November 5th, 2013 (11:25 PM).
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                                I would be Oshawott! For starters I love mustelids (otters are aquatic mustelids) - strong love for eating fish and any other meats, always curious, I like to play a lot when I'm not sleeping, very quiet, I sleep a lot, I don't mind the water, I'm very nocturnal too (I'm more alert at nights than during the day) - at times I do feel like I'm mustelid trapped in a human body.

                                almost forgot - Dewott is my 6th favorite Pokemon in the world
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                                Old November 10th, 2013 (5:20 AM).
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                                  I like Grass so in each region I will be Bulbasaur,Chikorita ( Chikoritius ),Treecko,Turtwig,Snivy,Chespin.

                                  But overall - Bulbasaur - Adorable,joyfull,powerfull.
                                  Hacks I support :

                                  Old November 10th, 2013 (1:53 PM).
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                                    I think I'm definitely a Chimchar, because I am VERY impish. I am a very naughty person and I will do bad things just for the fun of it.
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