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Old October 4th, 2013 (8:15 AM). Edited October 5th, 2013 by Starlight Sprite.
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    Plasma Lugia ex is a card that's found its way as a tech into a lot of decks. Its function as a late game sweeper cannot be contested, but without the proper assistance it can be very tricky to use as a main attacker. I find this disappointing, especially when it has such a great ability that can potentially give you six prizes over the course of two turns. The fact that it can be your only basic in an opening hand while playing a more traditional Plasma deck (even if you're only running one) can make it a pain when you wish you could have drawn into Thundurus.

    This deck attempts to fix Lugia's problems by giving him two Pokemon that really meld well with his ability (one goes with any Plasma deck really), ensuring that no plasma energy goes to waste; you can scoop up prizes while your opponent is still setting up. This deck did very nicely online, and I'm planning to bring it to Cities in a few weeks.


    Pokemon (13):

    3x Lugia EX (PS/ Promo)
    4x Deoxys EX (PLF/ Promo)
    3x-3x Cofarigus (PLF - Six Feet Under one)


    4x Professor Juniper
    3x Bianca
    2x Colress
    3x Skyla
    1x Shadow Triad

    Items (20):

    4x Plasma Ball
    3x Ultra Ball
    4x Colress Machine
    3x Switch
    3x Pokemon Catcher
    2x Tool Scrapper
    1x Computer Search (Ace Spec)

    Stadiums (2):

    2x Frozen City

    Energy (12):

    4x Psychic
    4x Plasma
    4x Double Colorless


    The goal of this deck is to take six prizes by turn five or preferably sooner. Sadly the card this deck would benefit the most from is Tropical Beach, which I have no intention of purchasing. Everything is made to be played practically immediately from when it enters your hand. Deoxys' utility is obvious, and it can make a decent attacker in the event that all three of your Lugias are prized. I choose not to run quad Lugia because you'll only ever need one out at a time- it often helps to keep it benched until you have all your energy on it.

    Cofarigus is a normally mediocre card, but its ability Six Feet Under can be taken advantage of under the right conditions. With three Deoxys on the bench and Lugia hitting for 120, that's a total of 180 damage dealt in the turn- enough to KO EX's under normal circumstances. Giving up a prize is insignificant if you're going to take three. For reference Cofarigus' ability allows you to knock it out in order to place three damage counters on your opponent's Pokemon.

    The Supporter cards are all there to ensure everything falls into place as quickly as possible. This deck is all about speed, so supporters with heavy draw power is a must. Bianca has a nice slot in this deck because most cards are played quickly. so you'll generally have a small hand and thus be able to draw five or six most of the time. I chose Colress over N because you'll have fewer prizes than your opponent, meaning N will put you at a disadvantage most of the time. Skyla pulls the exact Trainer you need for the situation, and Shadow Triad will let you get back a Plasma Energy or perhaps a Colress Machine to get Lugia up and running again.

    Likewise the Trainers all ensure that you'll be set up in earnest by the third turn at worse. You want to get Lugia out on the first turn so you can start attaching energies, as well as at least one Yamask. By the time Lugia is ready to go you'll want at least one Cofarigus ready and 2-3 Deoxys on your bench. Plasma and Ultra Balls make that pretty easy. Colress Machine accelerates your energy. I run four for speed, though this can be risky. Pokemon Catcher lets you kill whatever you want, such as that EX your opponent just benched and is still attaching energy to. Frozen City is yet another way you can put "setup damage" on your opponen'ts Pokemon so Lugia can 1-shot them. I run two Tool Scrappers because this deck is especially vulnerable to Garbodor, which is seeing a lot of play these days. Even if you can't get a Catcher to finish Garbodor off that turn, Scrapper at least disables it until your opponent puts down another tool, letting you get your 2-3 prizes for the turn. Lastly, Switch might seem an odd choice, and usually it is. In this deck however I prefer it over Float Stone because it get a Hypnotoxiced, sleeping active out of the fray without a hitch. It also doesn't count as a retreat, so you can just do that (provided you can spare the energy) and get Lugia back into attack mode. A neat trick is to Switch in Cofarigus, then Six Feet Under to prep a Pokemon for knockout, and put Lugia back in. There simply isn't room or time to throw in Keldeo and a Stone.
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    Old November 16th, 2013 (7:34 PM).
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      I really love playing this deck, and I won a regionals with it. If you really want to play hardcore and take all prizes by turn three or four, here's what I'd do...

      -3 Bianca
      -2 Colress
      -3 Catcher (it's errata'd, and with Lugia rush you want to take pirzes on whatever you can get)
      -1 Switch
      -1 Frozen City

      +4 N
      +2 Shadow Triad
      +2 Random Receiver (helps with consistency)

      No need to worry about Tropical Beach. It got banned in Japan and will be banned here soon enough. Catcher now requires a coin flip, which imo is horrible. Kind of ruins everything. You can run it if you want because it does you good if you land heads, but I don't like using it anymore.
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        I think a fun Lugia deck is LugiKiss. Basically build lugia behind togekiss. Your opponent cant do anything to lugia and Togekiss helps set up with return. Its really scary to watch your opponent build up a Lugia while you have no response to it aside from trying to take down togekiss, which is really hard to do if you cant OHKO it and they just max potion all of the damage off.
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