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What other secret legendary are in X and Y?

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Old October 23rd, 2013 (6:03 PM).
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I'm been wondering about it, each pokemon gen has at least brought 5 legendaries ( gen 1: 5, gen 2: 6 gen 3: 10, gen 4: 13, gen 5: 13 and gen 6: 3) and gen 6 until now has brought only 3 new legends to the pokemon universe but, the increase of hints regarding an unknown part of Kalos region, the strange artifact, profesor Sycamore telling you about a secret place are 2 good examples of future dlc or WI-FI event. The postgame of X and Y lacks exploration and content but it is rich with its secrets, if there is more postgame we haven't seen or future events to come, what new legendaries may come or even new pokemon (i remember a ign interview with game freak that told them they are more than 100 new pokemon, maybe its false but it could be truth). Is there are more legendaries, what will they look like, are they part of a new trio or duo and what could there legends be about. I personally love to see a cooler looking grass type legend, having a resemblace of an elephant or something bigger (Celebi is awesome but very hard to obtain and shaymin is meh, virizion is weird) with a signature move called " solar drain", a mix of giga drain and solarbeam in which is required to charge up first and the the killing blow comes and at the same time drains health. What do you guys think and what are your own personal ideas for a new legendary? FC:3738-0585-5355
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Old October 23rd, 2013 (6:07 PM).
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As has been said a million times over: THERE WILL BE NO DLC.

And I honestly prefer this "lack" of Legendaries, because they usually are overpowered as hell, and now it doesn't feel like such a downgrade to use normal Pokémon.
Also, trios generally tend to have the same type, which I strongly dislike in my team. Think of Lake Spirit trio, Reggies, Zapdos and the likes, etc.
That said, Mega Evolutions does kind of resemble Legendary Pokémon stat wise, however I don't feel as obligated to use them as Legendaries.

There have also been four Pokémon confirmed to make an appearance soon, there's a post made about it on this forum as well.
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Old October 23rd, 2013 (6:13 PM).
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I want to clarify something: Sycamore's "secret" is actually a message carved by his younger self to his future self in one of the benches of Couriway Station.

In my opinion, there is more to see in X and Y. My guess is that we'll have to download something like a train ticket via Mystery Gift, which will give us access to a new location like the Sinjoh Ruins or other event locations, maybe a bit bigger than those, in which we could find new Pokémon, like the mysterious Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa.

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