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Avril Meads - Barreling Towards Adventure!

Darkness... All she saw around her was darkness as she waited inside her hiding spot. It was an idea of pure genius, one that she'd have to pat herself on the back for... once she had fully regained the ability to move her arm that far, anyways. Avril Meads had to admit though, she was pretty damn clever for coming up with that idea to hide inside a barrel on a ship that was bound for Duke Island... Even better was the fact that she had managed to hide inside of one that had plently of bananas for her to snack on for the ride. Yes, all in all it was a very well thought out plan. There was only two small problems at this point.

First, Avril had no idea where the ship she had actually managed to stowaway on was.... And most importantly, she really needed to visit a restroom.

"Well... It was a good ride, but I guess it's time to see just where I'm at..." the girl mused quietly.

Lifting the lid of the barrel just enough to get a better view of ship's galley, Avril took quick look around. It was quiet. Not so much as a single peep could be heard within the room. Carefully, the girl climbed out from the barrel and stretched. It felt good to finally be able to really move around a bit. She had been stuck in that barrel for some time, only really being able to come out at night to move around some... and only then for a bit, as there was always at least one or two watchmen on the ship. Even then, it was not has quiet has it was now... something that Avril found to be quite odd indeed.

Reaching into the barrel next to her, Avril smiled as she pulled out her trusty sledgehammer, strapping it across her back as she usually carried it. She then reached back into the barrel that she herself had been hiding in and grabbed another banana from it. The girl peeled it as she made her way to the galley door and peered out the porthole that served as its window. A wide smile graced her lips as she noticed that the ship was not out at sea anylonger. Rather, it was docked at a harbor instead. In an excited hurry, the girl dropped the banana she was munching on, choosing instead to rummage about in her pockets for a small scrap of paper. Her eyes beamed as she looked at the paper and then back out the porthole.

"This is it! This is totally it!" the girl exclaimed excitedly."I finally made it to Duke Island after being all crammified inside that barrel for weeks! But I'm finally here! And soon the treasure is gonna totally be mine!"

Unfortunately, Avril's celebration did not get to last long. No sooner had she began shout did the door to the galley swing open to reveal a rather intimdating pirate man standing in the door way. He was large and well muscled. He was clad in a pair of white pants, black boots and a black vest that revealed his rather sculpted body. He had a red sash tied around his waist, which held a somewhat deadly sword by his side. The man was bald, but a rather scraggly beard which made him look as if he had not shaved for years. A surprised look was on his face as he looked down upon Avril, who had an equally surprised look on her face, stared into the man's eyes. The two stood there in silence for what felt like hours before the man finally broke the silence.

"Just who the hell are you...?!" the man growled, taking hold of the handle of his sword and drawing it slowly.

A nervous giggle escaped Avril's lips as she took a step back. "I'm the um... You know, the kitchen inspector! Your captain, he hired me to take a look at it. And boy was it a good idea! It's totally all confungled up, you know!"

Another moment of silence entered the galley. The man clearly did not believe the girl, nor was he amused as he swung his sword down in the direction of Avril. She barely had a moment to react as she rolled out of the way. She quickly rose to her feet to see the man walking towards her. A smirk on his lips as he held the sword up into the light for Avril to see.

"We don't take too kindly to stowaways on this ship, lady..." the man cackled. "By the time I'm through with you, you're gonna be wishing you stayed in whatever rat nest you crawled out of!"

He continued to back Avril into a corner. The girl looked around, her eyes searching for something, anything she could use to get herself out of this mess. Her eyes widened as she looked over to her side, finding the barrel that she had hidden in on the way to Duke Island within an arm's reach. A mischevious grin suddenly stretched across her lips as she reached into the barrel and grabbed two bananas.

"Eat fruit, buddy!" Avril shouted, squeezing down on the fruits and sending the bananas within the peels shooting out and right into the man's eyes.

A surprised grunt escaped the man's mouth as he put his hands over his eyes, trying to wipe the smashed bananas out of them. Avril seized this moment to her advantage. She took hold of her sledgehammer and slammed it forward, having the tool slam right into the man's stomach. A loud, painful groan echoed into the room as he fell back onto the floor, holding in his stomach in pain.

"D-Damn it... You..." he managed to wheeze out.

Needless to say, Avril did not waste a single moment from there. The girl quickly took off running, leaping over the downed man with haste and running outside of the galley and onto the deck of the ship. She looked around, smiling as she spotted the dock and quickly made to escape the ship. Right as she debarked from the ship, the door to the galley swung open and the man stormed out onto the deck. If he looked mad before, than he was positively fuming at this point. Avril could see the veins in his forehead throbbing as he spotted her on the docks.

"You are so dead, woman!" the man shouted, as he ran to disembark from the ship.

"Aw, crap!" Avril cursed in dismay. She turned on heel and began to run as fast as her legs would carry her. "This is totally bummerific!"
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    Bass and Vance - Forming Friendships

    Bass' question was soon answered by Vance and he even had the luck of seeing pose itself! It looked odd to say the least and Bass had never seen anything like it before, so of course he was standing on his tippy toes to try and catch glimpses of it here and there. No doubt the others knew what this pose really could do. He was interested in it, but at the same time he knew he probably could never figure it out. He just laid on back and did his best not to get too close to this new crew. Yeah, they were a bit... weird, but at the same time he was far weirder. It might have been good for him to just head down below and to the room he had marked out. He could just hang out there and perhaps get a little bit of sleep in, besides, who wanted to hang out with a bat right? Bass made his way to the door and quietly went down. It was quiet, that was for sure and it was a bit nice, he just hoped they would get to this new island soon.

    Vance was so preoccupied with strapping the new log pose to his wrist, happy that they wouldn't just drift around on the Grand Line until they reached the Calm Belt or something much worse, that he nearly didn't notice the bat-man slinking off again, heading downstairs. Glancing over at the helm, Vance shook his head and decided to let the other crew's navigator take them towards their destination.

    Heading down the stairs from the slightly elevated part of the ship, Vance then headed downstairs, finding the bat still proceeding down the hallway. He quickened his pace a bit to walk up by his side, sending the odd-looking man a little smile.

    "Uh, hey! You kind of ran off before I got to say anything else. I saw you were pretty interested in the log pose, and I just... well, wondered if you wanted to know anything else about it?"

    Bass flinched up as he heard a voice and turned about, rubbing the back of his neck and mostly avoiding eye contact. "O-Oh?" He croaked out, "Uh... well, I mean, I don't know much about them... but that's okay!" He chuckled a bit, "I mean, most try to avoid me, so I'm quite alright right now." He said with a few nods. He rubbed his thumb hooks together and looked on down, "You don't have to feel anything for me, it's quite alright. I'll just be around here and there. So... yeah..." He quickly turned and began to make his way down the hall yet again.

    "H-hey now, I don't at all think of it like that!" Vance reached out to place a hand on Bass' shoulder, walking up besides him again, looking a little more serious now. "It doesn't matter what you look like. We're all a part of the same crew now, right? So... we need to stick together. If we don't stick together, we'd end up like... well, that other crew out there." He sent the bat in front of him a bright smile, clearly confident of his words as he removed the hand from his shoulder again. "I'm Vance. It's nice to meet you."

    Bass blinked a bit and smiled a bit, "Uh... t-thank you. Uh, I'm Bass." He held out his thumb hook, "This is how others greet each other right? I... I don't tend to meet others often this way. It's mostly get the torches and pitchforks!" He chuckled lightly there.

    Chuckling quietly, Vance semi-awkwardly took the thumb-hook and gave it a little shake, his smile as bright as ever. "Yeah, it is. Uh, if you didn't know, it's called a handshake. I -was- kind of avoiding it just because... well, you know, but hey, if you're up for it, I don't mind." Vance was actually happy to have made a proper friend in the crew, aside from Lotte and Kuzo. Even if he was a little weirded out by the bat-man at first, he seemingly got over it rather quickly, treating him as an equal. "Say Bass, how come you joined up with a pirate crew? I mean... you've got wings, so couldn't you just fly wherever you wanted to go? And, uhm... this might sound a bit rude, but... why do you stay in that form? I mean, I assume you've eaten a devil fruit, heh."

    Bass blinked, "Eh... what now?" He blinked for a bit and then realization hit him, "You mean that red fruit I found? It was very bitter!" He nodded at that, "It was disgusting! It was an accident mostly..." He pulled out of the handshake and tapped his hooks together, "I was trying to bit into prey... and I ended up biting that fruit instead. Is that what caused this?" He asked as he looked down at his body, "I thought it was something special...." He frowned a bit, "Uh... and for flying... I can't fly for long and not for long periods of time. Kind of like running I guess. You can't run for two days right?" He asked as he cocked his head.

    "Well... can humans run for that long? I've never seen one that can do that yet, but I guess some can eh?" He chuckled a bit, "I've never been off of the island so I wouldn't know. Truth be told I heard of other lands and I... sort of wanted to go there, to find new places where I could just be there by myself, you know?" He gave a modest shrug.

    Now it was Vance's turn to blink, surprise evident in his expression. "You mean... you're a bat who ate a... human-fruit? Not a human who ate a bat-fruit? Well, that explains alot of things!" He raised a hand and slapped his forehead before nodding quickly. "Yeah, the fruit did it. That's called a 'Devil fruit'. It gives someone some kind of ability, depending on the fruit, and it also disables them from swimming, forever. So... heh, don't get near water." He gave a sheepish little smile, raising a hand to rub the back of his neck.

    Bass nodded, "I couldn't swim before anyways. I... well, bats aren't made to swim." He flapped his wings a bit, 'It's still a death curse then... alright. Uh... so... uh, am I common? Like, I've seen others here with odd abilities... so are there others like me around?" He asked as he cocked his head.

    "Well... there's definitely alot more fruit-users in the Grand Line than in the Blue seas... but I'd still say devil fruit-users are uncommon to the most part." He moved his arms to cross them over his chest, furrowing his brows a little. "Still though, animal fruit-users are supposed to be able to change between at least their original and new form... so you -should- be able to turn completely human... I think."

    "Uh..." Bass closed his eyes and began to concentrate. He grunted and furrowed his brows a bit. He concentrated more and more... and nothing came from it. He then opened his eyes and shrugged, "I guess that it isn't true then. Oh well." He shrugged. "So... what now though? We wait to get to the island and such?"

    "I guess not. Then again, I haven't heard of animals turning human, so... there must be special 'rules' about that." He then nodded and gave a little smile. "Yep, we just wait. The weather on the Grand Line is alot more hazardous than in the normal seas, so we need to be extra careful about sailing here, but apparently we're going to find treasure! Pretty exciting, huh?"

    Bass nodded happily, "Yeah! I've never seen a treasure before!" He then paused and cocked his head, "What IS a treasure anyway?"


    Bass and Vance spent most of the trip talking together, though Vance occasionally went upstairs to make sure they were still on the right course. The chatted about how their lives had been before arriving in the town where they all met up, what finding treasure was going to be like, favourite foods and the like.

    Likewise on the trip back Bass had mostly spoken of his own family and had eagerly absorbed all the knowledge that Vance gave him regarding treasure and what not. He talked of the few times he interacted witih the humans and more along exposed his own lack of knowledge regarding pirates and their soceity.

    Eventually, however, the ship came to a stop in the harbor and dropped anchor, and it took no more than ten seconds after Vance had peeked over the railing at the city before someone shouted "MURDER!" at the top of their lungs. This was followed by the, apparently, usual noise around the island; Gunshots, people yelling, shouting, cannonfire and swords being drawn.

    Vance let out a little whimper at the sight of the town, raising a hand to rub the top of his head, murmuring out loud enough just for Bass next to him to hear. "What've I gotten myself into...?" Taking a deep breath of air, he looked to Bass, thoughtful for a moment before letting out a little chuckle. "Eheh, I'm sure the... others'll be able to find some information on the treasure. We should just stay here, in safety! Right Bass?"

    Bass rubbed his thumb hooks together, "Uh... well I do have to go." He said, "It's mostly for... personal reasons, yeah personal and all!" He nodded his head, "Just stuff I have to do here and there to make sure things go smoother and all." He frowned, "I'll try to be quick, but it really depends on what I find here and there." He shrugged, "But... I'll be back you know. This just but one part of the world, I wouldn't want to stop exploring with everyone you know!" He chuckled a bit, "No worries Vance, you're like super smart and all! You can handle anything!" Bass pulled his hood down and jumped into the air, flapping his wings and called down, "I'll meet you guys later so no worries. Just look for me in the sky!" With that he flew up higher and past the town below.

    "O-oh, uh... okay! See you later, Bass!" Vance called out, raising a hand to wave at him. He was happy that Bass was more his type than most of the other pirates on here, like Leon and the creepy doctor. But now that Bass had left the ship...

    Vance blinked and looked around himself, now left utterly alone on the ship with only the sounds of fighting and screaming around on the docks and inside of the town. He stood still for a moment before jumping down onto the pier, darting after the rest of the crew, having proceeded into the town. "W-wait for me! I'm not staying back there on my own!"
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    Bridges L. Skellen

    The Taipan

    Skellen had spent much of the trip aimlessly wandering the ship and double checking peoples’ wounds. In all honesty he had been quite bored and other than contemplating how he could get at the marines next he hadn’t really done much. He talked to the rest of the crew sometimes, but it seemed as though a couple of them – especially Vance and Bass – found him somewhat… creepy.
    Which works for me I guess Skellen chuckled to himself, stepping out onto the deck just as the Sky Pirates they had been towing ran off in a hurry.
    “At least we seem to be rid of those idiots”

    “Well, our best bet is the town. The locals probably know more about this treasure than the pirates around, and something tells me none of them are going to share anything they know anyway” Skellen heard their captain muse out loud as the majority of the crew began to move off of the ship.
    “Well no kidding” Skellen said, not particularly interested whether Kuzo actually heard or not “they want it themselves after all. Why’d they help any of us? Either way, I’m not that fussed about the treasure so I’m going to look for supplies in the town and the forest around it. I’ll let you know if I hear anything though, you are the captain after all.” With that brief bit of conversation over Skellen proceeded to head into the town, his watchful eye open for both useful supplies as well as attacks from other pirates or marines.

    “So, Kuzo is leading everyone on a wild goose chase for treasure that may or may not exist… well I guess that makes sense since he is probably out here looking for One Piece.” Skellen spoke to himself, walking around the shoddy little town… and seeing very little of interest.
    “Honestly, the port was bigger than this dump and in better condition too. I’m not going to find anything of interest here at all. At least that was what he thought until a woman ran straight into him.
    Picking himself off the ground he looked at his “attacker” quizzically
    “In a rush, miss?”

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    Lotte: The Grand Line | Duke Island

    Adventure was a lot more tiring than Lotte had ever expected it to be. Sure she'd made a trip from her home kingdom to see the execution, preparing her for what was supposed to be ahead-- but after the rollercoaster entrance to the Grand Line that had left her heart leaping out of her chest and hair completely frazzled from both nerves and awe, she had quickly taken to hiding behind the door to the cabins. The Sky Pirates-- whom they had teamed up with? She wasn't quite clear how these things worked amongst pirates. She would've said they were friends, but maybe they were just business partners. In any case, the Sky Pirates seemed nice enough, but the calm seas of East Blue had not prepared the little princess for the waters of the Grand Line.

    Rough waves, unexpected storms rocking the boat back and forth-- The majority of Lotte's trip was spent either adjusting to life onboard a pirate ship, or miserably rolled up in her blankets, waiting for a momentary reprieve from the dizziness of being shaken up by the rolling waves. Certainly not the glamorous adventure she'd been expecting. As time had passed however, she'd gotten better at handling the seasickness however- headaches only occurred periodically, and if she sat quietly then it would simply pass like a flickering candle being blown out in one breath. During the lulls, she put her skills of learning to the test.

    For many years, she'd been diligent in her studies- in language, music, art, and all the things appropriate for a young lady of her stature. But now she had to be diligent in learning how to clean, do laundry, and generally be useful. It hadn't come easy- she'd certainly not expected that an entire box of powdered soap was too much for one load of wash, and she'd definitely not expected her hands to turn raw and red as they did after enduring the hot water. And then the floors! There were so many to sweep and mop! It would've been nice if she'd thought to drag a maid or two along with her on this adventure. Or so such thoughts had frequently crossed her mind.

    But insistent on being at least partially cultured, she'd brow beaten any crew member willing to set aside some time in the afternoon to sitting to a cup of tea with her- a set of ceramics pilfered from the Marine officers' dining cabin. Making a decent cup of tea, at the very least, she already knew how to do quite well. It was while she was in the middle of brewing a teapot that their destination was spotted on the horizon.

    Hurrying to the deck with all her discomfort from the voyage and the half-soaked tea forgotten, she'd leaned on the railing and made a big fuss over her first island on the Grand Line- the real start of the adventure in her opinion, now that she'd gotten used to her sea legs- and admittedly been quite keen on being one of the first to jump off the ship as soon as they dropped anchor.

    "Ahhh!" Lotte stretched her arms up into the air, twirling around happily as she pranced across the dock, "Land is a great thing after all!" The landlubber was on her one-way-ticket to getting lost had it not been for the sight of the town, which brightened her eyes. Violence, drinking, debauchery-- all in broad daylight for the public to see, and not a soul seemed to care one bit. In fact, she could've been counted amongst those who didn't seem to care what others thought, as she ignored the glares the pirates who had long set up camp gave her and the other newcomers.

    "Oh it's like a scene out of a book!" She looked over her shoulder at Captain Kuzo and the others, "Are we going to town? Will there be dresses I wonder- I'd like a new one- or two or three, since I didn't get to pack many clothes with me and all the clothes already on board are for men!" Babbling away about nothing as she skipped just a few paces ahead, she was clearly oblivious to the state of the town that could hardly support the shopping spree she was expecting, "I mean not that it's a big deal- but I mean, since we're headed there anyway might as well, right?"
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    Avril Meads - The Convenient Run-In

    The towering, hulking swordsman chased Avril with haste, feeling absolute hate rising up in the pit of his stomach with every passing second. The girl looked over shoulder, her eyes widening as she noticed the bulging man was quickly gaining ground in his pursuit. The tension of this chase was quickly building up. She turned to look up just in time... to plow straight into another tall man. Avril began to worry that the man was going to much like the large man that was chasing after her. However, as he picked himself off the ground, she noticed that he had a much more polite air about him. An idea totally sparked off in her head. A small smirk graced her lips. She spun around, hiding behind the man she had bumped into just as her pursuer had managed to catch up to her.

    "B-Boss! I've been lookin' all over for ya!" Avril exclaimed, pushing the man forward an ever so slight amount. "I went to do that inspection, just like I was supposed to. But somehow the notice that I was comin' must've gotten all combobbled up in the mail. Can you please sort this whole garubbled mess of a situation out for me! Our business depends on it!"

    The hulking pirate glared as he looked down at the duo, clearly having already made up his mind that both were guilty of a plot to trespass upon his crew's ship. The man held his sword forward, his angry look still just as strong as before as the veins in his forehead throbbed.

    "So... Ya the scoundrel that sent that wench onto our ship..." he growled, running a finger along his blade. "I don't care if she was the one on the ship or not... Ya both are guilty and yer both gonna get the blade run through ya both!"

    Avril's eyes widened at this declaration. She was not honestly expecting that the situation would play out in this manner. Of course, there was a small twinge of guilt that she had planned to use this stranger to help get this giant of a pirate off her trail in the first place, but Avril was sure that she could have probably dealt with the guilt of this innocent man taking her punishment for her in the long run... Regardless, both of them were sort of in trouble now... and it looked like running away was not not going to be an option much longer. After all, it was probably only a matter of time before the rest of the towering swordsman's crew discovered what he was up to or passed by... Something Avril did not want to do in the slightest bit was run from an entire crew.

    "I don't guess you're one of those rough-em-uppers, are ya?" she asked in a whisper to the stranger she was currently hiding behind.
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    By the time the sedative wore off, we were at the island, and I was glad to be near land again. I hopped off the ship and headed into town. No kids were going to stop me from getting a good drink, any trouble they get in could be held off until I came back. I also needed to find information on my target. The nearest bar was far and like usual, I was kicked out for lack of money. "Damn it!" I roared, baring my teeth at anyone who caught my eye.

    "Calm down Leon!" I heard from a familiar voice.

    "Lin?" I asked turning around, "Lin! My friend, I knew you were near."

    "Oh yes of course I am."

    "How did you get to the grand line?"

    "I snuck on a boat of course!" He said happily.

    "How did you manage to stow away on a boat? The pirates here aren't exactly forgiving and generous." I said.

    He laughed, "Give me a little credit, it isn't like I'm a hulking mammoth of a man."

    "You implying something?" I growled.

    "No no!" He said, "Though I do have to admit, getting off the ship was hard. Luckily some girl made a big scene and distracted them long enough for me to dive off the side."

    "As lucky as ever." I muttered.

    "How did you manage to get here?"

    "I joined another crew."

    "Sounds fun, did you find the man you are looking for?"

    "I have not heard from him, but I'm sure he will be looking for the treasure."

    "A hulk of a man with a darkened tan, sails the seas for revenge!" He sang. Even I had to admit his voice was better than most instruments. "Everything lost, and no repent, his quest will end in death!"

    I sighed, "Trying to talk me out of it?"

    "Trying to sing you out of it." He said, "Those who seek to kill seek to die as well."

    "He already killed me Lin." I growled.

    "You look pretty lively for a ghost then!"

    "Shut up!" I roared.

    "Ok, ok." He said defensively, "Why don't we go to your ship to hang out?"

    "Or we can wait here."

    "Whatever you say friend."
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    Marineford - Marine Headquarters

    Passed the Gates of Justice on the crescent moon-shaped island of Marineford lay the Marine Headquarters, the center for the calls of justice sent out by the World Government through the Marines. Along with being one of the most secure locations in the world, it is also home to many of the top ranked officers assigned to the base, including many Vice Admirals, the 3 Admirals, and Fleet Admiral Bronso Kanaru. In particular, Kanaru spends most of his days now governing and commanding the rest of the Marine body from his office in the Marineford Tower. He has a deep pride in the Marines and in justice, and seeks to instill it in the best way he can, but sometimes, he thinks of his days out in the field, especially during the first year of the War against the King Pirates.

    He understood, however, where he was most needed. The Marines needed the strong face of justice in their center of power. They needed his leadership here. But it was infuriating sometimes to have to sit back and watch as events he felt he could have prevented transpired under his watch. In this case, he referred to the information he received by Transponder Snail from Loguetown.

    "I don't believe this!" He bellowed, making his displeasure known to the others inside of his office. "It was a brand new ship, completely state of the art. One of the fastest our shipwrights have designed, and we let it out of our grasp." Kanaru slammed the papers onto his desk, which among them, included pictures of the individual crew members who were seen aboard the Grand Justice. "By Pirates no less!" He yelled. He was as tense as ever, but tried to contain himself and calm down. He looked over the pictures again, then moved them over to the edge of his desk. "And this is hardly the first set of events like this that has transpired. There's multiple accounts of increased piracy across the seas."

    "When we executed 'Throne' pubicly, we expected there to be some sort of reaction," A voice remarked toward the Fleet Admiral. His was a raspy, dry and deep voice compared to Kanaru's, hinting away at his possible advanced age. "The Kings left a large hole to fill, and these young pirates are intent on filling it."

    "I don't think any of us could of predicted this kind of reaction," a melancholic voice quietly added. The man was tall and well built yet his presence was somber and unassuming almost as if he could easily be overlooked for someone of lesser authority. "These young pirates are not to be underestimated."

    "And that's why we should take them out now!" Another far more young and aggressive voice called out. "Kill them all before they get any bright ideas of following in their King's footsteps. Rumors say they are gathering at Duke Island. Seems like a perfect way to end this 'Golden Age' in one swift strike."

    "Not every man who sails under a flag deserves to die, Akasame," The first, older voice responded after a deep sigh and a clearing of his voice. "We represent justice, not tyranny."

    "They knew the risks when they chose to brandish a flag, Shirotora," Akasame fired back. "Your delusions of justice allowed men like the King Pirates to roam the seas in the first place! Perhaps it is tyranny that will finally end this war."

    "The war is finished!" Shirotora shot back, his tone tingling with annoyance at his fellow Marine. "You only seek to create a new one from its ashes." He stood up, walking over to the Fleet Admiral's desk, his face shrouded in mystery and darkness. He picked up one of the pictures from the pirate group that was at Loguetown. It was a photo of a young girl, with long blonde hair and bright, carefree eyes. "Behold the terrifying face of piracy!" He declared, as he dropped the photo next to Akasame. "Do not be so quick to condemn all to die by a simple title."

    Quietly, another picture covered up the one of the seemingly innocent girl. It was one of intimidating figure, with white hair and a battle scarred face and no shirt. "Witness another face of piracy," the unassuming voice perked up. "Shirotora does have a point, but so does Akasame. But at the end of the day, a pirate is a pirate. And we are marines. They have to be stopped. One way or another."

    Kanaru placed his hands upon his chin as he pondered the positions of his subordinates. Examining the information and pictures supplemented by the intelligence division of the Marines, he sighed deeply and looked at the three men. "I am inclined to agree with Ginokami. They knew the risks when they bore the flag." His eyes set on the second Marine to speak. "We do not stand for justice if we do not eliminate every pirate threat which presents itself. It makes it that much easier to decide since those pirates from Loguetown are going to Duke Island as well," Kanaru sighed again, grabbing a set of wanted posters from the pile of information, belonging to Reaper K. Leon, Bridges L. Skellen and Wright D. Morgan. His eyes went from each wanted poster, then back to the second Marine. "What do you have in mind, Akasame?"

    "Simple, sir. Authorize me to send the White Knight to Duke Island to ensure that justice will be served."

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    Wright D. Morgan and Tristan D. Kuzo- Duke Island

    Duke Island was not exactly what Morgan was expecting when they docked. In fact, it was a bit sad. With such a regal name, Morgan expected riches. What he got was crowds of pirates making a dead town alive. Of course, they were all here for the treasure. He couldn't imagine that Edward's information was true, but the rumors had substance to them. Sadly, this meant competition. This normally didn't bother Morgan, but who knew what the Grand Line could muster? Morgan wanted this to be easy, if only because the treasure would be nice to have. He didn't want to actually have to fight for it. Especially considering Kuzo's deal involved one fight already. Which reminded him.

    Morgan leapt off the ship, slightly jogging till he caught to Kuzo. He could feel the stares from the surrounding populace of pirates and townspeople. The murmurs grew louder as Morgan crept ever closer to Kuzo. "Probably not the best idea to wander off...Captain. Or should I stop calling you that now that we finally found land?" Morgan emphasized the final words hoping that Kuzo would catch on.

    Kuzo nodded over to Lotte, who was asking him about potential clothing she might need to buy. "If you'd like, now might be a good time to pick up a few spares change of clothes. Since we're on land anyway." He remarked, adding a bright smile to her as they proceeded further into the town. He then turned to face Morgan, giving him a quizzical look followed by a chuckle. "No, you could still call me Captain on land too." Kuzo answered cheerfully to which Morgan only sighed at Kuzo's oblivious nature. He looked around at the town which they were now entering. The citizenry were busy trying to sell anything they could to their pirate guests, many electing to go about it through stalls on the streets. In fact, most of the main road was riddled and cramped with stalls selling food, clothing and trinkets, with broken, ruined, or destroyed house behind them.

    "Not a bad selection around here," He remarked, examining the large amount of items for sale. It wasn't all the best of quality, but he did notice a large abundance of some fine things, which was a bit of a surprise given the state of the town. He supposed it had something to do with ties to the Kings which they might have had not too long ago. "Let's see if we can barter for information though."

    "We had a deal, Kuzo," Morgan said with his arms crossed. "I got you this far. Now it's time for you to pay up."

    Kuzo, who was busy examining all the neat and interesting wares at a specific stall, only partially heard what Morgan said through the crowd of people in the main street, most of them pirates. "Eh? Pay up? Morgan, we need the money for information on the treasure!"

    Morgan began to fume. "How dense are you?"

    "I think so too!" Kuzo shouted back, and not clearly hearing what Morgan said. He was looking over a richly-colored talisman he picked up from the vendor, examining it to see that it was quite heavy for its size, but intriguing to look at. The shop was selling them as good luck charms on the seas. "Do you want one too? You'll have to pay up for them!" He asked Morgan.

    Teeth clenched and muscles tight, Morgan couldn't take it anymore. The stupidity that was Kuzo was becoming too much to bear and if Morgan by some chance of fate had become saint, he would sooner relinquish such a distinction if he had to deal with Kuzo any longer. "Perhaps this will remind you..." he said under his breath. With a heavy hand, Morgan launched a single fireball in Kuzo's direction hoping that the fire of battle would remind Kuzo of the words he so proudly uttered less than a day ago.

    The fireball hit a target...but not the one it intended to hit. Through the crowd of people stumbling across the street, a pirate with long dark-brown hair, a rather large, pointed nose, and a cheerless and agitated expression walked right by at the precise moment when Morgan chose to release the fire, and thereby hitting him squarely on his butt. The flames erupted on his rear, and the man began to e man began to yell and howl in pain, running in a circle across the market street. The pirates beside him, a large and muscular Okama with dark skin and dark purple hair and eyebrows, as well as a man with an oddly shaved black head of hair, a dab of red on either side of his cheeks, and a noticeable missing tooth, frantically began to try to put it out.

    "Captain!" The Okama alarmingly shouted, trying to pat down his apparent Captain's behind. The other man tried to do the same. A rather large crowd was beginning to develop around the area, with several pirates laughing and hollering at the man's misery. Another pirate, a girl who apparently was also with this crew, came running in as well. She had long, blue hair and a rather large mallet in her hands. The mallet seemed to be something too large for her to carry, but she managed wielding it alright.

    "Hold still, boss man, I got this!" She declared, lifting up her enormous hammer, and aiming for her captain's buttocks.

    "Eh?! What the heck are you planning to do with that, Sena!?" He yelled, and watched as the mallet collided with his rear, and sent him flying toward a nearby pond. He yelped in pain, and collided with the water, thereby putting out the flames sent on his body, but also leaving him wet and in pain. The three crew-mates quickly ran over to his Captain's side.

    "Are you alright, Cap?!" The man missing a tooth asked, trying to help his Captain out of the water. He was drenched, with his pants now containing holes which smoke still traveled out of, and also a noticeable large red mark where the mallet had impacted his body. He violently waved all of the help of his crew away, instead electing to stand himself, before turning toward the direction of the man who had lit him on fire.

    "Who the hell do you think you are?!" The man fumed, visibly turning red with rage.

    "Do you really want to mess with the guy who set you on fire?" Morgan asked with a smirk. "I could do a lot worse if I wanted to."

    "You damn bastard," The man with the missing tooth began to curse. He took a step forward, prepared to jump Morgan. "I'll kill ya for messsin' with my captain!"

    The Captain, however, held the man back. "Hold it, Mansikuze." He declared. "He obviously doesn't know who he's dealing with, so I'll clue him in. Then you can beg for your life." He stepped out of the pond, and placed his fists on his hips. "Strays, introductions!"

    The Okama stepped forward, striking a slightly seductive (but for her size, somewhat silly) pose which flaunted her muscly figure. "I am Marcello Ladorra, known as 'Beauty'"! First mate of the Stray Pirates! I have a bounty of 12,000,000!"

    The man with the missing tooth stepped forward afterward, holding down a 'thumbs down' sign to Morgan. "I'm 'Broccoli' Mansikuze, the great fighter of East Blue. I have a 8,000,000 berri bounty!"

    "Heya!" The girl with blue hair exclaimed excitedly. The other three of the crew gave her a nasty look, not pleased with the way she introduced herself, so she quickly changed up. "Uhm...I mean...puny human! I am Sena Albert, the bludgeoner of the crew! I...don't really have a bounty yet, but I like traveling the seas! And-" Another glare came from her crew-mates. "I'll knock you out! Yeah!"

    The Captain then rubbed his nose with his hand, as he announced himself. "And I am Adams "Stray" Kondo, Captain of the Stray Pirates!" He laughed in his most maniacal sense possible, but it sounded too comically like a donkey's screeching to be frightening. "I have a bounty of 20,000,000! Now do you understand what you're dealing with? We're big time!"

    "You're cute," Morgan said with a yawn and a stretch. "Especially you," he said pointing at Sena with a wink. "Name's Wright D. Morgan. But you may know me as 'The Burning King.' Bounty 48,000,000." Morgan allowed a small fickle of fire emit from his hands to further prove his identity, before simply glaring at Kondo and his crew, though he softened his expression a little when his eyes met Sena's.

    Sena blushed a bit as she averted her eyes, while Kondo's mouth dropped at the man's identity Broccoli quickly approached the Captain to confirm this. "Cap, ain't he that Super Rookie? The one who burns everything he touches?"

    "I hear he took on an entire ship of Marines all by himself without getting a scratch on him." Beauty added. "Oooh~! His muscles are almost as big as mine!~"

    "Idiots! Shut up!" Kondo barked, a noticeable sweat mark pouring down the side of his face. "This guy talks big, but he's nothing! Last I heard, Morgan got himself caught by Kiba the Predator! This guy's clearly an impostor!"

    "But...but cap," Broccoli began, anxiously, "The flames."

    "Just a trick!" He quickly shot back. At this moment, Kuzo, who had been busy at one of the stalls and who didn't pay attention to what had just happened, chose to approach Morgan from the side.

    "Hey, Morgan," He began, in his hands was two bags filled with the talisman that he was showing off earlier. "I wasn't sure if you wanted one of the talismans so I went ahead and bought one or two. We can take it out of your cut of the treasure later," He said, though the amount he was carrying inside the bags looked more like twenty or thirty. Kuzo then noticed Kondo and the rest of the Strays in front of him. "Oh, hey. Did you make some new friends, Morgan?"

    "Yeah, err, no," Morgan said, though he threw a smile at Sena again. Then the rest of Kuzo's appearance processed. "Wait, what?! I didn't want one, much less two bags worth of them! And don't go spending other people's money!" Morgan spat back, with flames spewing from his mouth.

    "Calm down, it was only about fifty belly!"

    "Knowing your ability to count, I highly doubt that..."

    "You know this guy?!" Kondo quickly asked Kuzo.

    Kuzo smiled cheerfully and nodded. "Sure do. I'm his Captain. I'm also the Captain of Tunnak, Vance, Lotte, Mason, Leon, Skellen, Bass..." He began to say, trying to point out each of his crew members individually located throughout the town.

    "See?! The Burning King is rumored to travel alone! This guy's got crew-mates. He's a fake!" Kondo interrupted. Along with the three crew-mates of the Stray previously announced, about twenty or so other crew-mates of the Strays suddenly made themselves known around Kondo, running to his side. "Since you're all together, you'll all share in the blame! Stray Pirates, TAKE 'EM DOWN!!"

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    Bridges L. Skellen

    The Taipan

    Skellen had barely been standing for a second when a rotund sword-wielding pirate had appeared before him brandishing his weapon at the girl he had run into – who was now hiding behind him clutching his side.
    Seriously… how the hell do I manage to get myself into these situations?

    Skellen looked to the silver-haired young woman, raising an eyebrow as she begun spurting a bunch of lies
    “B-Boss! I've been lookin' all over for ya!" Avril exclaimed, pushing the man forward an ever so slight amount. "I went to do that inspection, just like I was supposed to. But somehow the notice that I was comin' must've gotten all combobbled up in the mail. Can you please sort this whole garubbled mess of a situation out for me! Our business depends on it!"
    Skellen merely looked from her to the angry pirate, rather amused by the strange turn of events that had befallen him, although he couldn’t shake an exasperated feeling at his knack for getting into trouble either
    Why do I get the feeling that this is going to end with a sword being violently thrust at me?

    The large, evidently aggressive, man standing before Skellen and the cowering woman gritted his teeth, roaring at the pair
    “So... Ya the scoundrel that sent that wench onto our ship..." he growled, running a finger along his blade. "I don't care if she was the one on the ship or not... Ya both are guilty and yer both gonna get the blade run through ya both!"

    This is definitely going to end with him trying to impale me. Skellen sighed to himself before turning his head back to the woman
    “A little advice, if you’re going to lie don’t make it one that is just going to result in both you and someone else getting killed.” The woman responded with a rather frightened look
    “I don't guess you're one of those rough-em-uppers, are ya?” she queried, her voice no more than a whisper. Skellen laughed, and not just at her weird way of speaking
    “Well I don’t know if that’s the correct word – but clearly when I said “you and someone else” getting killed I meant you and him. You for – “ the pirate moved to swing his sword at Skellen “-HOLD ON A MINUTE WOULD YOU!!!”
    The pirate halted in shock, his sword held aloft in mid-air a look of utter confusion plastered on his face, clearly he’d never been ordered to stop by his intended victim mid-attack before.
    “Now as I was saying” Skellen continued “You for dragging me into this mess – unless you find a really good way of repaying me” he added before looking back at the enraged pirate who was still frozen in shock with his weapon above his head “this idiot for picking a fight with me.”

    The insult seemed to spurn the man back into action, causing a smirk to form on the Taipan’s snakelike face he once again moved to cleave Skellen’s head screaming
    Skellen blocked the downward swing, deflecting the arm of his assailant with his own before grabbing it with both of his hands and flipping the aggressive pirate onto his back.
    “You know you’re just too much of a cliché, you really are” Skellen said, sounding somewhat bored now. The larger man went to stand up once again, only to have Skellen kick the back of one of his knees, causing him to stumble. Skellen then delivered a sharp elbow to the man’s head dropping him back to the ground.

    “Now” he said, punctuating his sentence by kicking the downed pirate in the ribs “leave the lady alone and sure as hell don’t try picking a fight with me again or I’m going to feed you cyanide. Got that?” another kick to the groaning man’s side making his point clear Skellen then turned back to silver-haired woman – who now that he got a proper look at, was probably not as young as he thought.
    Hell she might be a few years older than me actually… she’s basically Lotte in her twenties though. I guess that means she’s stupid but at least amusingly stupid not “The Taipan just kicked your teeth in” stupid
    “Why the hell did you drag me into this, and how are you going to repay me? Oh, and don’t even think about running because of this lump of lard caught you I definitely will.”

    Skellen bent down to the still groaning man he’d just pummelled, taking his sword and a small sack of coins from him before looking back at Lotte 2.0.
    “I’m listening.”

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    Avril Meads - Saved By A Stranger

    Avril watched the entire skirmish between her accidental savior and the pirate who was out for her blood take place. She had to admit, she was quite surprised it had ended the way it had. She could have sworn that he was doomed to have a sword in his stomach when the hulking pirate had decided not to fully fall for her little exaggeration. It was not that Avril fully doubted the stranger's abilities... He just did not strike her as one who would be able to handle one who was much broader and even taller than he was. Still, the whole situation was not a terrible event. The whole mess did at least manage to confirm that she was in the Grand Line, and more importantly, Duke's Island. After all, one did not normally see people this strong hanging around the East Blue.

    "I don't guess you'd believe that you were just such a strappin' young man that I knew ya would be one to risk everythin' to save me?" she asked the stranger, watching as he looted the down pirate. Not really waiting for him to respond, the woman continued. "I dunno, really. I was just tryin' to see if he'd buy it in the end and kinda just wander off. I had no idea he had that much lard flubbered on up on his as he did in his gut."

    She placed her hands behind her head, slowly beginning to rock back and forth on her heels. She adjusted her sights from the man who saved her to the downed pirate.

    "Normally, I wouldn't of had to find someone to get a scoop of the blame, but... Well, I'd been stowing away on that bulker's ship so long that I really hadn't the time to tune up my hammer... much less restock on my other things..."

    She muttered that last part, looking away from the men for a moment. This was not what she was expecting to get stuck with now. Avril was grateful that the man had managed to help her out of this situation. That said, she did not exactly have the means to pay him anything for his quick actions. It was starting to get a bit depressing, really. So far her trip to the Grand Line and Duke Island had just been one mess after another. Avril glanced back over at the younger man. The gears in her head were already turning as she sized him up from what she had seen of him so far.

    "Still... this guy doesn't seem as hardheaded as the other guy... I might be able to play this off to my advantage."

    "You're right, though... After ya totally busterated this guy, I should give ya some form of payment... But not here. I'd rather get away from our buddy in case he wakes up or his friends happen to come by, ya know?" Avril began. "Unless ya got an objection to that or anythin'. It wouldn't be too nice to upset my hero, after all."
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    Hayden Vance | Duke Island Town Square

    As the group travelled further inland, they soon went away from the docks and came into a slightly more pleasant atmosphere. As they came into the town itself, there were stalls littered everywhere with people trying to make a profit off of whatever they might have had laying around, or in some cases, offering food, drinks, and Vance even saw someone offering a tour of the island somewhere. It was by a guy with an eyepatch, a scowl on his face and a sword at his belt though, so he quickly shuffled along, keeping near Kuzo and Morgan while glancing around the market.

    He peered over at Lotte who began to skip along, happily chirping away about buying dresses and all kinds of nonsense. Vance couldn't help but smile a little at her innocence, but he hurried up next to her to lightly pat her on the shoulder, not wanting to grab onto her in case she started shouting at him.

    "Hey, Lotte, be careful, okay? Don't wander too far off, this is a -really- dangerous town. There's alot of bad guys around, so be sure to stay somewhere near us." He muttered under his breath, so that none of the supposed 'bad guys' would hear him and be offended. He perked a little up as he heard shouting behind him and turned around to see Morgan looking... rather angry, and Kuzo just messing about with a stall.

    Uh-oh... He proceeded over to the two, standing near Kuzo while glancing between the two. Apparently Morgan wanted that fight Kuzo had promised him, and Kuzo was... not getting a hint at all. Vance was surprised Morgan even -tried- to make it a hint and not just outright saying it to him. His eyes widened a little as Morgan conjured up a fireball which he threw towards Kuzo, but Vance had seen the man stepping into the line of fire (Literally!) before then.

    Deciding to leave the making-up with the firey-butt-pirate to Kuzo and Morgan, Vance turned around again to watch Lotte once more just skipping happily away, headed deeper into town. He winced and stepped forwards while raising his voice. "Lotte, wait! Don't go anywhere, please!" His voice was more pleading than demanding, he wasn't the type to be demanding things off of others, he was just hoping she'd listen.

    However, as fate would have it, she apparently didn't hear him over the ruckus now going on, so he picked up speed as she shuffled in between the crowd that had gathered around the small town square-type area. Just as Vance was about to squirm between the people in the crowd to catch up with her, he heard Kuzo behind him. "Sure do. I'm his Captain. I'm also the Captain of Tunnak, Vance, Lotte, Mason, Leon, Skellen, Bass..."

    Turning around, he saw Kuzo pointing towards him, Vance's face quickly paling as the pirates in question had now turned to look at him, looking particularly angry, or well, at least some of them did. "... Eh? Eh?!" With his eyes wide in realization of what was happening, he quickly spun around again, sprinting for the crowd to try and go after Lotte. However, a pair of men, a few heads taller than Vance, placed their hands on his shoulders and shoved him backwards. Both of them were wielding weapons in their hands, one had a large club and the other a sword.

    Vance stumbled a little backwards, arching his neck as he peered after Lotte, who'd now been lost out of sight. He didn't even see if any pirates had followed her. He turned his attention back to the two in front of him, taking a step or two back. "H-hey now, let's all calm down here! It was just a simple misunderstanding, right? We can talk this out! Right? ... Right?"

    The man with the club took at step forward, grinning down with malicious intent at the smaller Vance. He raised his club above his head. "No chance! This is what ya get for messin' with the Cap!" He cried out, wildly swinging down his club with the intent to fatally harm Vance. The other man with the sword, who was missing most of his teeth, elected to charge in as well, wildly flinging his swords as well, trying to slice him up.

    "I didn't mess with anyone!" Vance yelped as he hopped backwards, the club flying down, slamming into the ground which Vance could feel through his feet. As the other guy began swinging his sword around in an attempt at hitting him, Vance was forced to duck, roll, tumble and generally keep moving to avoid being sliced up by the aggressive man.

    "Liar!" The man with the club roared, grunting as he tried to remove the club from the hole in the ground he created with his slam. After pulling on the weapon a few times, he finally managed to pull if out and raise it over his head victoriously. His vision returned to the evading Vance as he glared the man down. "No one messes with the Strays!" He announced, and ran back in to try and swing the club at Vance's head in the hopes of removing it. The sword swinger in the meantime began growing bold with his cuts, wildly swiping from one side of his body to the other, extending his cuts to a wider range.

    Unfortunately, both the club pirate and the swordsman now came in range of each other with their own attacks without realizing it. While the man with the club now prepared to hit Vance in the head, a huge motion of the sword struck at him on his side of his torso, causing him to yelp in pain and flail. As a reaction to the hit, the clubbed man swung his weapon wildly from the pain, and accidentally hit his comrade on the back of the head. The sword man's teeth smashed together and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his body, before he fell forward, presumably knocked out. The clubbed man, meanwhile, fell to the ground and clutched his side.

    Sena Albert, who had been deciding who she should take a smack at, saw two of her nakama fall to her side by the 'evil' pirate they were facing. Having not seen the two take each other out before, she angrily approached Vance.

    "Vino! Shek!" She cried out her comrades' names. Her eyes were worried and sympathetic, but as they turned to Vance, they became enraged. "You're heartless! Those were my friends, my nakama!" She yelled, bringing her giant mallet from down at her side to over her shoulder, ready to swing the heavily dense object toward her new opponent.

    Vance had come to a stop as the pirates began wrecking each other rather than himself, just watching the two collapse into a heap with his mouth hanging slightly open. L... lucky. How stupid can you be to knock each other out like that?!

    Just then, his eyes turned to the woman storming towards him, grasping the large hammer with both of her hands, Vance's eyes quickly widening as he turned towards the rapidly approaching girl, bringing up his hands in front of him in a vain attempt at trying to calm her down. "W-whoa, hey hey hey, no! I didn't do anything, they hit each other!"

    Vance's words didn't seem to register with Sena, who rushed forward, trying to slam her hammer right over the head of her opponent. She took another step forward, but had somehow slipped her foot along the body of her comrade that she somehow managed to avoid seeing during her tirade, and barely managed to avoid hitting Vance in front of her. The hammer instead slammed down at the ground right before him, but it quickly showed the intensity at which this woman was somehow capable of wielding such a large weapon in her form.

    The ground broke apart instantly and collapsed, cracks forming around the place of impact before it broke down and sank below. A sizeable hole of about a meter wide now encompassed the area of impact. "'re fast!"

    After having jumped back from the attack that, thanks to her slipping, he saw coming a mile away, Vance stared at the massive impact the hammer-wielding girl had made on the ground in front of her. "But you-" he started, but quickly shut up, clenching his jaw. There's no way around it. These guys only see what they want to see, and if I get hit by that thing... He swallowed down and brought his hands up in front of himself, one hand slightly in front of the other with his fingers seeming ready to grab an invisble ball being thrown at him, taking a deep breath. If you want to be a pirate, you have to act like a pirate! And acting like a pirate means fighting other pirates. No matter how innocent they look.

    Sena grunted and lifted the hammer above her head again, charging forward while screaming something along the lines of a war cry. She began to bring her weapon down, trying to hit her opponent from above. This time, she didn't slip, her hit becoming more precise and sharp, and her hammer came down much swiftly.

    As the girl raised her hammer again, Vance spread his legs slightly apart, one being further in front of the other, and his breath became more controlled, looking less panicky in general. He watched her as she charged towards her, the hammer moving quickly through the air. As it made it's way down towards him, he exclaimed "Soru!" and disappeared in a blur of motion, the hammer crashing onto the ground where he had been standing a moment ago, creating another heavy impact.

    Before Sena could even register what had happened, Vance appeared again off to her right in mid-air with his leg drawn back, swinging it through the air while shouting "Rankyaku!" which sent a semi-transparent, dull blade of 'force' flying towards the girl, the kick causing Vance to spin around himself once, before landing on the ground, ready to resume his attack.

    Sena found herself in shock as Vance appeared to have disappeared in front of her, before reappearing and sending some sort of attack which swept her off her feet, and flung her down. She crashed onto the ground, her hammer flinging further away from her to the right, out of her reach.

    "Oww," She groaned, unable to fully comprehend what had just happened to her. She pushed herself off the ground with a bit of trouble, but soon found herself facing her opponent again. Reluctance set in as she found herself against someone she didn't quite know how to beat, or how to fight. All she ever knew was how to handle her hammer, and he seemed to fight it off rather successfully. She tried to put all of that out of her head, and strike again.

    She shook her head, and ran forward, charging in at Vance again with her arms raised above her head, prepared to hit him again...before she realized, as she brought down her hands toward the man's head, that she forgot to pick up her hammer again.

    Giving a confused blink, Vance didn't quite know what to expect from the girl running at him with her hands raised as if she was still wielding her hammer. Her hand flew through the air, and even though she wasn't wielding the hammer, the stunned Vance simply watched her as her bunched-up hands was brought down on top of his head, which prompted him to duck a little before raising his hands to rub his head where she'd hit him.

    "Gh! Ow! Look, I don't want to fight you! And you've lost your weapon! So... so just give up already!" He said, still rubbing the top of his head.

    "Eh? What the..." She looked around for her weapon, but through the other fights and crowd of people around, she couldn't spot it anywhere. "Oh man..." She turned her gaze straight to Vance's eyes, and fell onto her knees. "Alright, then, just make it quick," She said, presenting her neck to him.

    "Wha-" Vince started, his eyes widened a little as the girl fell to her knees and bared her neck, apparently ready to die at a moment's notice. Vance felt conflicted. On one hand, he wanted to prove to the others of his crew that he was truly a pirate and ready to commit to this new way of life. On the other hand... he wasn't ready to take another's life. Especially over such a stupid thing!

    Looking uncertain for another few moments, Vance finally raised his right arm without a word
    and jabbed his hand swiftly downwards, two fingers stretched out. His fingers jabbed Sena in the neck, knocking Sena unconcious, leaving her toppled over on the ground. He placed his hands at his sides and took a deep breath, having forgot he was still in the middle of a battlefield. I can't believe that just happened... are we going to meet alot of... weirdos like these guys further on? He glanced down at the downed girl again, raising a hand to brush his fingers through his hair. At least she'll get to keep going. Maybe we'll even meet again at some point. Turning away from the downed people, dashing off towards the crowd watching on, in an attempt at finding Lotte.

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    Tristan D. Kuzo - Duke Island

    While the others began attacking other member's of the supposedly fake Morgan's crew, the Stray pirate known as 'Broccoli' Mansizuke set his sights on the man who identified himself as the Captain. He grinned at Kuzo, showing off his missing tooth in the process. "Well, normally the Cap would deal with Captains of other crews, but since he's busy with showing your man the consequences of his actions, I'll have to deal with you! I'm 'Broccoli', of the East Blue! We're the Stray Pirates!" He hollered, expecting some sort of reaction from Kuzo, who silently stared at him. Broccoli glared back at him, then continued talking.

    "I guess you're just shaking in your boots, so I'll show you how terrifying we really are! The Strays were the outcasts and undesirables of wherever we hailed from. But we all knew that even if we didn't belong where we came from, we were still better than all the rest, so we decided to go prove it! Thus, the outcasts banded together and the Stray Pirates were formed!"

    He grinned his toothless grin at Kuzo again, but got no response again. Getting slightly frustrated by the lack of audience, Broccoli extended his arms and yelled. "Our limit is the sky itself! There's nothing and no one the Strays can't overcome! That includes you!" He proclaimed, pointing his finger right at Kuzo. Kuzo cocked his head.

    "So does this mean you want to fight?" He finally asked. Broccoli, in his growing frustration, began to charge forward at Kuzo, raising his fists in preparation of smashing Kuzo's face in. A smile swept Kuzo's face, as he dropped the bags of talismans on the ground and outstretched his arms. "Tank Mode," He called out just as Broccoli was coming upon him. With a clenching of his fists, Kuzo's body reacted and instantly bulked up in size and width. His now wider, larger arms covered his face just as Broccoli came in to attack him. The punch landed right on his arm, and it took Broccoli a moment to register the immense pain that suddenly shot through the arm. He felt something crack in his fingers, and began to scream and holler from the pain. He held his hand with his other hand, and jumped around in agony.

    "WHAT THE HELL?!" He cried out, bringing his near tear-filled eyes at Kuzo. "What is your body made out of, metal!?" He screamed, and continued to jump around. His hand was throbbing and read, as he tried to blow on it in the hopes that it would help cease the pain.

    Kuzo merely continued to smile. "Not metal," He began, bringing his arms down to the side of his body. "Bone. I ate the Hone Hone no Mi Fruit a while ago, and now I'm a bone man, able to manipulate and generate bones." He looked down at his fist, clenching it and suddenly, his body altered from the large size of his named 'Tank Mode' to his normal size body. "Normally, that would mean that I would be able to create and alter my bone shape, except the main problem with that is if I do that, my skin would tear itself apart. Instead...I figured out a way not to alter my bone shape or size, but instead the bone density." He clenched his fists, again, and whispered 'Lightning Mode' under his breath, which altered his body to a smaller, skinnier shape. "I could make them hollow and light, so I could jump higher and run faster," He said, demonstrating by taking off and running straight over to where Broccoli was standing and cursing. The sudden improvement of speed caught Broccoli off guard, who staggered back as Kuzo changed from his 'Lightning Mode' form back to his normal one, before changing again. "Or I could make them dense and tough," He state, once again muttering 'Tank Mode' under his breath, and reverting to the larger, denser form he was in moments before.

    "Here, my bones are strong, weight more, hit harder," He stated with a smile. Broccoli back up a few more steps.

    "W-who the hell are you guys?"

    Kuzo was quick to reply back. "The names Tristan D. Kuzo, and this is my pirate crew," He lifted up a fist, and threw a punch right onto Broccoli's face. The punch impacted directly on his mouth, causing a few teeth to spill out instantly, his face to swell up and contort, and him to suddenly be flung off from right in front of Kuzo to being sent through the air right at a nearby abandoned house. Broccoli crashed right through the house, coming out from the opposite end, before coming to a halt outside in a forested area behind the house. He was covered in bits and piece of wood, being completely knocked out, with his foot twitching every so often, and a large, red, fist-shaped mark where Kuzo had hit him.

    After seeing that his opponent was finished off, and that the other lesser crewmates didn't seem to want to deal with him anymore, Kuzo reverted back to his normal form with a simple clenching of his fists. He picked up the bags of talismans, and checked over to see how the rest of his crew was doing.

    A Legend once told me that roleplaying is about bringing people together and celebrating creative vision.
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    Lotte | Duke Island

    Spotting a colorful storefront, Lotte took a step forward with the full intent of darting over. But a hand on her shoulder interuppted her with some words of wisdom from it's owner. She stared at Vance for a second before glancing down at his hand with a sort of disapproving look before flashing a smile at him. "Okay!" She replied, though rather than her sticking close to them, she was more thinking it would be his job to stick close to her. But-- not this close. She'd certainly been getting used to living with the common folks- and the scum of society as she supposed some of the crew members would have been classified by her peers at home- but some things she still had trouble accepting. A man like him touching her without her explicit permission could land him with a hefty fine at home! And it was hard to bite her tongue about it- because as it was apparent around her, it was perfectly normal in this social class.

    "Oh my gosh!" Immediately throwing Vance's warning to the wind, Lotte bubbled over to a storefront past the milling crowd of shady characters, seeing a ruby red kirtle in the dusty window display. Sparing only a glance over her shoulder to see that the rest of the crew was busy, she waved her hand as if to dismiss their troubles with the Stray Pirates and proceeded to inquire after the kirtle and various other articles of clothing she felt would be needed. It was apparent that the store catered to a different kind of lady than Lotte, as most of the colors were bright and saturated, designs elaborate and flashy while Lotte had always preferred the delicate whites and subtleties of simple cuts. In the time it took her to strike a balance between the two and trade her silver ring for the goods, the overeager boys had seemingly wrapped up their playtime. And so with instructions to the store keeper to deliver the goods to their ship by the end of the night, she stepped out of the shop feeling quite content.

    "Are you guys finished playing yet?" She asked, expecting to see at least Vance and maybe the Captain outside. But blinking when she saw neither- and only the same dirty crowd of pirates and vagabonds, she heaved a pouty sigh, folding her arms. "Are they lost??" Huffing and shaking her head, she supposed it couldn't be helped. Tapping her chin, she stared in the direction she came from, thinking to herself. No, she was quite sure they'd certainly have had the sense to come after her-- so then they must have already passed this store by? How silly of them, she shrugged as a smile unfolded on her face and she hummed to herself, heading towards the edge of town and towards the desolation of the rest of the island...
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    Bridges L. Skellen & Avril Meads – The Strangest of Meetings

    I should be careful with following her around blindly, since she's obviously a conman... uh conwoman of some sort. But I don't think she's going to be much of a threat if she does try to pull a fast one on... what the hell is Busterated? As was becoming something of a habit Skellen cut himself off mid thought as a result of a companion's irregular manerisms. It was evident that he had managed to find himself in the company of yet another unusual individual.
    "Right... busterated" Skellen repeated the made-up word in disbelief before adding "Hero might be a bit much for beating up an idiot like that but I do want to be repaid for the trouble you cost... make that two reasons I'm not a hero... so sure I'll follow you. Where are we headed? Do you have anywhere in mind?" Skellen raided an eyebrow at the woman, practically daring her to try and screw him over somehow.
    "I'm Skellen by the way, and you are?"

    "No where in particular. Just anywhere is better than here, I'm sure you understand," Avril replied, giving the young man a warm smile. Glancing around, the woman noticed a small path that looked like it led to some sort of alleyway. There was most likely a building the two could duck in for a bit, at the very least to lay low for a moment or two. "Follow me."

    Avril led the man down the path she had spotted. It was a bit narrow, the buildings or what remained of a few of them were all somewhat close together. Avril glanced over her shoulder at the man who had just introduced himself and nodded.

    "Oh, right. I should probably stop being a complete and total rudeboot and introduce myself too," the woman said. "You can call me Avril."

    Spotting a nearby building that looked abandoned, but at the same time a bit more sturdy than some of the others in the alley, Avril made her way towards the door and opened it slowly. The interior looked to be some sort of old tavern of sorts. The counters and tables were covered in dust and dirt, with bottles of booze behind the counter that looked as if the had not been touched in years. One of the tables had been crushed by a hanging chandelier that looked as if the ceiliing beam which held it up had given way a long time ago. Still, it was nice place to duck out for the moment. Avril shut the door behind the duo and then made her way towards the bar counter, taking a seat in one of the more sturdy looking stools.

    "So... A repayment, hmm?" the woman asked. "Well, I guess that is fair since I did get ya into a bit of a hard spot back there... So is there something in particular you want? Money, bananas... or maybe me...?" she winked at that last statement, giving Skellen a sly smirk.

    Skellen moved to the otherside of the bar and promptly began to remove bottles from the shelves, stacking them on the counter between Avril and himself.
    "Avril you said your name is? That's quite the pretty name - and I must admit you're not bad yourself. But I think I'm going to have to take that last offer of yours under a different context for the time being."

    Skellen looked around in search of a bag or crate, but was unable to find any. He'd doubted he'd find anything of the sort in the run down tavern really - but that didn't matter since he'd just found himself an extra pair of arms and an excellent opportunity to annoy Leon.
    "But, I think I might just have a job opening for an assitant. The pay is terrible - being none - but since you owe me your life I think that's reasonable." Skellen laughed, pulling out a surprisingly clean glass from below the bar and pouring a hearty measure of booze from one of the many bottles he had just collected into it. Taking a large swig he then added
    "That sound agreeable to y - wow this is good. Want some?"

    Avril nodded, allowing the man to pour her a glass as well. She watched as he filled up her glass almost as much as his own. While Avril hersef was not one to normally drink so much at once, especially with one whom she had just met, she did not exactly turn him down. Rather, she took the glass with a smile and a nod, before taking a small sip herself.

    "Assistant, hmm?" the woman questioned. She placed her glass on the counter, running a single finger along the rim of the glass. "Can't say that's a title I've been given before... So what exactly do ya need assisterising with? I'm not much of a cook if that's your sort of thing."

    Avril took another sip of the wine. It did have a strangely pleasant taste to have come from a bottle so old. She began to wonder if there was another bottle of it behind the counter. It could make a nice souvenier after all.

    Skellen laughed, chugging more of the alcoholic beverage he'd stolen from the bar.
    "Cook? Do I really look like a cook to you? Nah, I'm a doctor - well, when I'm not killing people anyway." Skellen laughed again, emptying the glass and puring himself another round
    "As for what I need assisteris - I mean assisting - with. the honest answer is nothing in the slightest. I'm a perfectly competent doctor, not that you look like the medical type anyway. I've just always wanted a personal assistant to do my bidding." Skellen grinned at Avril "besides, I'm going to need another pair of hands to carry all these bottles."

    "A doctor...?" Avril questioned, giving the man a lookover. He certainly did not look much like your usual doctor. Not to mention the way he handled the pirate from before. "Hope ya don't find me being a bit of a nosey-Rosey, but I do have to ask what a doctor is doing here of all places. It's not the normal hangout for the white coat types..."

    "Be as nosey as you want, I've got nothing to hide - although I'm not sure if that's just me or if it's me rapidly losing inhibitions" he chuckled, indicating the almost empty second glass of wine "As for what I'm doing here, I tend to make it my business to make as much trouble for the marines as I can. I even earned myself the nickname "The Taipan" because I like to poison people I don't like - don't worry your safe" Skellen added, noticing the horrified glance at the glass in front of Avril. "-anyway, as a result of my tendency to make the marines rather unhappy I ended up on a pirate ship, and if you had met this crew you would understand why there is a doctor with them. Besides, do I seem like the type who has to worry about places like this to you?"

    Skellen was still on the lookout for any foul play on Avril's part, but he couldn't help but admit he quite liked the woman. She seemed like fun... and he was even fairly certain that wasn't just because he was drinking.

    Avril sighed in relief to learn that her glass was not tainted. Still, she raised an eyebrow as she watched Skellen carefully. She would not go as far to say as the fact about himself surprised her. After all, this place was known to be quite the gatherng place for them. Of course, with Skellen being a pirate, that put worry into her head that the man and his crew may have been here for the very treasure that she herself had been hoping to get her hands on.

    Avril did not really care much for the idea of splitting her treasure in such a way.

    Taking another sip of wine, the woman slowly slipped her hand into a pocket on her pants. Skellen seemed to be well on his way to putting himself under a table, so all the woman had to do was just wait for the proper moment to set her escape into action.

    "So... You're a pirate..." Avril mused. A small giggle escaped her lips as she rested her chin on her other hand, leaning forward a bit on the counter. "I gotta say, the last thing one expects is to be saved from a pirate by another pirate... So what brings your crew to Duke Island?"

    Skellen couldn't help but notice the slight change in demeanour that Avril was displaying, it was kind of subtle and he wasn't sure what it meant at all, but generally speaking when he noticed things like that it meant that his knack for finding trouble was about to kick in.
    All I ask is that this time I don't get stabbed or shot at. I did a good deed din't I? Skellen finished off his glass, tossing it behind him as a method of reminding himself that he didn't need any more alcohol in his system when dealing with a liar as good as Avril - after all the goofy pirate from before had certainly fallen for her ploy. Regardless, he figured he may as well play things casually - she [b]was[b/] very interesting and entertaining after all.
    "Same thing as the rest of the pirate swarm on this island. My captain is interested in the treasure that is apparently on this island. Personally I'm not interested in it so long as I get to make life a living hell for the marines at some point, and I have a feeling following Kuzo around will probably give me plenty of chances for that since we're currently using a shipt we uh... borrowed from them. I've taken to calling it Poseidon's Pony simply to mock them although it seems like everyone on our ship has a different name for the thing." Skellen rested his head in his own hand yawning before adding on
    "What's such a lovely lady such as yourself doing here amongst all of us big, nasty... rough em' uppers you called us?"

    Avril nodded quietly in response. Well, her fears were confirmed in the very least. Now it was time more or less to try and make her exit. It was clear from the way that Skellen had thrown his glass quite suddenly, he had no intention of having any more of the wine. All she had to count on now was hope he had drank just enough to give her a moment's time to slip out. Still, she had to play it cool for just a moment or two longer.

    "Just passing through, really," Avril lied, taking another sip of wine. She slowly took her hand out from her pocket. "I don't have a ship of my own... and don't really care much for the whole... crew thing, be it Marine or pirate. So I just sort of hitch a ride or stowaway as I go from island. I guess ya could sort of say I'm on my own, go-at-your-own-pace vacation."

    Standing up from her seat, Avril stretched and made her way towards one of the windows in the abandoned bar that had not yet been boarded up. If all the pirates on the island were in fact after the treasure here, then she really did have little time to work with if she wanted to claim it for her own. Taking a small breath, Avril turned to face Skellen and smiled.

    "Well, this has been a lovely little time, but I think I best be on my way..." she began, taking a moment to lower her goggles from her hat to cover her eyes. She held out her hand with a grin, slowly opening the fist allowing two, small, silver balls to fall out of it and bounce against the ground.

    Here we go... Skellen sighed to himself

    The two balls broke open, as a sharp, bright blast of light broke out into the bar, almost as if the sun itself had stopped in for a drink. Quickly, Avril stepped outside and waved before taking off down the alley.

    "See ya 'round, Skelly!"

    "Damn it!" Skellen cried out as the intense light lit up the bar. He waited for a few seconds before stumbling out of the bar - although not without blindly grabbing one of the bottles he had stacked on the counter, knocking several other over covering him in various drinks. Skellen ran down the alley in what he felt was the most logical direction, but his eyes still hadn't fully recovered and he could barely see any details at all let alone one conwoman in the crowd.


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      Bass - Red wine anyone?

      Bass flew up higher and higher, seeing the last of his crew mates and soon they blended in with the rest of the now small figures. He turned his gaze away and let out a weak sigh as he flew further and further from the town, mostly riding the wind currents to prevent himself from tiring out too quickly. He soon managed to make it to the wilderness and he glanced down on the ground, making sure that no one was around and he flew down to a tree, flipping in midair to let his feet grip onto the branch and he hung down, letting his wings spread out and stretch a bit. To get his prey he would have to make sure he wasn't tense and his whole body was relaxed. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath and for a second he didn't move, then his eye snapped open. He took in another deep breath, this time to smell for prey and he flapped off of the tree and high up into the air again. He gazed down at the ground and flew down a bit lower to look for any stragglers or sole predators.

      He did manage to find a lone wolf, no doubt one that had been kicked out of its pack and that meant lunch for him. He swooped down low and began to follow the wolf. His prey began to run when it sensed him, but he had the wind on his side. He had the advantage of height. He had the advantage of being REALLY hungry. He found it odd early on that whenever he would get into hunting mode and would catch sight of some prey he would feel his hunger suddenly swelling, so much so that if he stopped hunting he would experience stomach pains. He knew at this point he HAD to catch his prey and feed.

      His eyes keyed in on the area ahead and he glanced back down at the running wolf. A forest was coming up. It might be a big sloppy, but he had to get onto his prey now! He flapped his wings a bit faster, then tucked them in as he quickly descended. The wolf let out a surprised bark as he crashed into the beast. He had done this song and dance so many times that his body moved without conscious thought. He wrapped his legs around the wolf's lower body to keep it from squirming too much. The main problem with feeding from a conscious being was the fact that they would kick and scream and thrash about. If they thrashed too much however his fangs wouldn't slip out like they were designed to do. They would end up being ripped out of the skin and cause massive blood loss which would end up killing his prey. Such action would end up with his stomach still empty and he would have to use more energy to find new prey.

      He was quick to lean down and hiss as loudly as he could. He even squeezed his legs a bit tighter around the wolf's body to get the message into its head that it wasn't going anywhere and that there was nothing it could do to escape. The wolf kept on snarling and foaming at his mouth so Bass had to take action. He waited until the wolf had arched his head to the right and he let his face move forth. He dug his sharp teeth deep into the neck and he heard the wolf's startled yelp. The world seemed to fade away from Bass as he sunk his teeth deeper and deeper until he could feel that glorious liquid seeping into his mouth.

      He drank.

      He could feel his tension slowly fading as the blood quenched his throat, though whenever the wolf squirmed he would squeeze tighter until the struggling ceased. All the while he drank down the precious red liquid. He kept on drinking as the wolf remained still. Bass knew the wolf was getting weaker and weaker the more blood he drank, but he didn't care about that now. He kept on drinking until he felt his stomach was full and he opened his jaws slowly and let his fangs slide out. Without missing a beat his tongue dashed out and licked along where he had bitten. His saliva would stop any blood from flowing out and keep the wolf alive. He finished his licking and patted the now weary wolf on the head and flew back up into the air. He closed his eyes and licked some remaining blood from his fangs as he flew back to where the town was. Hopefully no blood had gotten on his fur or else he would have to spend quite a while trying to ensure the others he wasn't gong to be drinking their blood. That was a mess he didn't want to get into.
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      Avril Meads, Hayden Vance, & Bridges L.Skellen
      The Strange Conartist Girl: Friend Or Annoyance?

      After Vance's bout with the hammer-wielding girl, he raced past Kuzo who'd seemingly also just finished beating someone up. "I'm going to look for Lotte, Kuzo!" He called over his shoulder as he ran past, gritting his teeth somewhat as he approached the crowd of people. Raising his arm, he pulled it back and just as he was about to crash into the crowd, he flung his arm forwards, sending the rope hidden within his sleeve flying up to a sign hanging out from a shop, the rope curling around the pole and knotting itself off, as Vance gave it a pull and lept, causing him to soar over the gaping crowd of people.

      At the peak of his jump and swing, the rope, seemingly by itself, unknotted and slipped back into Vance's sleeve, leaving him to land firmly on his feet behind the crowd. Without taking another moment to think, he continued dashing down the main road of the town, looking left and right as he went. She can't have gotten far, I need to-

      "You're not going anywhere, chump!" he heard a voice call out from behind him. He gave a glance over his shoulder and saw to his dismay that three pirates had watched him beat up one of their officers and had now pushed themselves through the crowd and were dashing after him, two of them wielding swords and the last one swinging a ball on a chain over his head. Vance paled a little and turned forwards again, continuing to dash through the streets. Can't I ever catch a break?!

      Meanwhile, one woman in particular was somewhat oblivious to the whole situation that was occuring as the two groups of pirates fought. Rather, Avril was busy enjoying the fact that she had managed to get the slip on the pirate she had blinded and abandoned back at the bar. While she did feel a small twinge of guilt for enacting such a method on the man who had risked himself to save her, despite how easy it was for him to do so, Avril simply could not risk the chance of having to split her treasure with him... let alone his entire crew.

      "I guess at the very least if I ever see him again after I find it, I could apologize," Avril thought aloud as she walked through the streets of the mostly ruined city. "Yeah, I'm sure that would make him not such grumpy gomber with me."

      Thinking of the treasure made Avril realize just how tricky finding it and getting off the island with it would probably be. She did not exactly have a ship of her own to get off the island with if she did find it. That would mean she would have to lug it around with her until she found another ship to hide away with it on, along with it being one going in the direction she would want to go. There was the rarer event, in which she could possibly convince someone to let her ride on their ship to where she wanted to go... but the odds of that happening on this island probably stood a snowball's chance in Alabasta. There was also still the matter of finding the treasure itself too. Avril really had no idea where to even start looking on the island for it, something that was bound to impede her progress sooner or later.

      Avril was suddenly jarred from her thoughts when she heard a grunt followed by one of her own. A strong force bumped right into her, causing the woman to lose balance and quickly fall back, landing on her behind. She looked up, spotting a man she had not seen before sitting a little bit away from her, clearly marking him as the culprit who had plowed into her with great force.

      Vance winced as he sat up, rubbing his forehead after the bump that had caused the two to topple over. He'd been looking back at the pirates following him and hadn't noticed the girl who'd just so happened to cross his path. "Ngh... sor-" Before he could apologize, he heard the battlecries of the pirates behind him, his eyes shooting open as he spun around, still on the ground. He only just managed to get on his feet and stumble backwards as the heavy iron ball slammed into the ground where he'd been kneeling a moment ago, the sword-wielding pirates moving up on either side of the two while the third, ball-swinging man stood between the two, opposite the wall which Vance and Avril had their backs to.

      "We've got you now, bastards! Ain't no more runnin' around for you! We'll get you for hurting our crew!" The ball-man growled, grinning at them as he began swinging the ball again, though seemingly wanting to leave the two up to his comrades. Vance glanced between the three, backing a little up as he peered to Avril, who'd managed to get to her feet as well. "... Uh. Sorry?" He gave her a somewhat sheepish smile, embarrassed over having accidentally involved her in the fight.

      "Friends of yours...?" Avril asked the stranger, watching as the men began to close in on them. She was not fully sure what was going on at the moment. Somehow this whole scene seemed slightly familiar to her. A weak smile gaced her lips as she took a small step back, trying to put a some distance, even if it was just a step, between herself and the rather angry looking trio. "My... Duke Island really is quite the poppening place, huh?"

      "Not by a long shot." Vance replied, turning slightly to better face the swordsman on his right, as Avril turned more towards the guy opposite him, the two now more or less having their backs to one another. "I... don't suppose I could count on you to give a hand with these guys?"

      "I don't think ya really gave me much of a choice in the matter," Avril sighed. She reached behind her back, taking her hammer into her hands before giving the stranger a brief nod. "Alright then, let's try not to get deatherated!"

      The swordsman which faced Avril gave her a strange look, as if trying to figure out what in the world "deatherated" meant. Quickly growing frustrated with trying to find the logic of the word, the swordsman instead setteled for trying to take a quick slice of Avril, swinging his sword downward at the woman as quickly as he good. Avril widened her eyes in surprise, barely managing to raise her hammer in time, blocking the attack just in time with the steel of the handle. Avril quickly countered his attack by kicking the man as hard as she could right between his legs. This caused him to release a loud, sharp, painful yelp. With the man distracted, Avril took her hammer, slamming it right into the man's gut and sending him falling back onto the ground with a wheeze.

      Seeing his comrade battling against the girl, the one facing Vance decided to take action as well, swiping his sword in a wide, horizontal arc in front of him. With wide eyes, Vance thrust an arm upwards, the rope shooting out of his sleeve, wrapping around a lamp post above them and quickly pulled himself up far enough to avoid being cut in half by the sword, which then got stuck in a barrel to his right. While the pirate was trying to pull his sword free, Vance flung his body backwards, giving him momentum as the rope released itself, leaving Vance to fly forwards, his knee slamming into the chest of the large man, causing him to stumble back.

      He wasn't done however, because as he flew forwards, after the stumbling pirate, Vance guided his torso forwards, landing on the ground with his hands, his lower body continuing, bending his legs down towards his chest before kicking them both upwards into the man's jaw, sending him slightly off the ground before crashing onto his back.

      Vance landed on his feet with a huff, turning to give Avril a thumbs-up, followed by a grin. "Nicely done!"

      "I don't think we're finished just yet..." Avril said, eyeing the man with the ball and chain. Her eyes widened as sudden the ball swung down at the duo, Vance and Avril quickly rolling out of the way just in time to watch it crash into a wooden crate that had been sitting behind them.

      "... That thing packs a punch! How is he even lifting it, let alone swinging it around?!" Vance called as he got to his feet after the roll. He watched the large man, his grin having turned to an angry frown after his comrades had been so easily beat. "YOU BASTARDS! I'm going to enjoy pummelling the living crap out of you!" he roared, swinging the ball towards Vance again, this time causing him to leap upwards, grabbing onto the low-hanging bottom of a small balcony, the ball crashing into the wall below him, creating a somewhat deep hole. "Crap, don't get hit by that thing!"

      "Ya don't have to tell me twice about that," Avril replied, watching as the man swung the ball again and slammed it towards her. Avril ducked, the ball just narrowly missing her as it slammed into the wall of a building. The woman looked back towards the man just in time to get a quick, sharp kick to the stomach, causing her to stumble backwards and fall on her behind. She winced, holding her stomach with a small moan. "Ouch... guess he doesn't mind usin' other things besides the ball..."

      The man tugged on the chain, prying the ball free from the wall which held it as he began to swing it about again. Avril slowly managed to climb to her feet still looking a bit winded from the kick to the gut she received. The man swung the ball forward once more, Avril quickly managing to run as the ball crashed right where she was standing.

      "Ya got any ideas?" she called out to her new friend.

      Having tried to make his way around the large man, Vance was quickly cut off by the ball flying past him, resulting in him skidding to a stop before moving the opposite direction. He was desperately trying to think of a way to get close to the guy without getting squashed by the beachball-size iron ball. Suddenly, his eyes widened.

      "... I've got it!"

      Skidding to a stop he faced the pirate, swallowing a little as the man eyed him over with a bloodthirsty grin on his lips. "Gotcha now, squirt!" He bellowed as he threw the ball forwards again. Vance only barely managed to hop to the side, but as soon as the ball slammed into the ground, he threw his arms forwards, two ropes shooting out of his sleeves, wrapping around the chain at the ball's base. He then dug his heels into the ground as the pirate tried pulling it back with a stunned look on his face, basically having a tug of war with Vance, who then called out to Avril. "He's left open now, get him!"

      Avril nodded in response. The woman ran towards the man raising her hammer over her head as she moved. She slammed her hammer as hard as she could into the man's side, causing him to release a loud, painful shout. He glared over in Avril's direction, growling as he slowly staggered towards her.

      As the hammer slammed into the man's side and he wobbled after the girl with grit teeth, he growled out "I'll... gnnh, get you for that you little...!", letting go of the chain as he pulled back to swing at her. At that time, Vance pulled the ropes back into his sleeves and ran forwards, pulling his arm back.

      "I don't think you will!" Vance shouted, much to the pirate's surprise as he turned to Vance, who came to a skidding stop in front of him. "Impact..." Just as he halted in his advance, his arm thrust forwards, almost too quick for the eye to see, with one finger extended, which slammed into the man's nose with the speed of a bullet, causing a nasty crack to be heard. "... Bullet!"

      The large pirate's eyes rolled back into his head as he toppled over with a thump, leaving Vance panting for air, bending a little over with his hands on his thighs. "Hff... I can't believe they followed me here! Thanks for the help!" He looked up and sent Avril a bright smile.

      "It was no problem, even if it was an unexpected happenin'," Avril replied, sighing in relief that the situation was over. She honestly was not fully prepared to deal with their attackers. She was lucky that the man with whom she battled with was useful for the scrape they had gotten into. "Still, what were they chasin' ya for?"

      "Well, uh... this is going to sound stupid, but it was kind of a misunderstanding." Vance admitted, raising a hand to rub the back of his head as he straightened out again. "Had to deal with some of their crew, and they kind of just... took offense, I guess." He glanced down at the fallen pirates before looking up at Avril once more. "... Sorry again."

      "More pirates... This place is certainly overflowin' with them..." Avril sighed. "This is the third group I ran into since I've got here. It's like they're quadrupiplyin' or somethin'..."

      Quadrupiplying...? Vance shook his head a little, ignoring the odd word she used. "Yeah, Duke Island's kind of infamous for it. Surprised you didn't notice when you came ashore." He paused before sending her another smile, jabbing his thumb against his chest. "I'm Vance, by the way. Nice to meet you."

      Avril smiled warmly. "Avril. And it's a pleasure to meet you as well." She returned her hammer back to its normal resting spot and nodded. "I'm beginn' to see that it is a rather large gatherin' place for them. I was chased by one with a sword shortly after arrivin' here... Then I met another one after that and then those three... It's startin' to get a bit annoyin' to deal with, know what I mean?"

      "Heh, I can imagine. At least you didn't accidentally piss off an entire crew. But, uh... why exactly are you here? You don't sound like you're a pirate yourself."

      "That would be correct," Avril replied, crossing her arms over her chest. "I just came here to do a little sight-seein', really. I had no idea it was gonna lead to all this hazy-craziness though... Makes it hard to enjoy this little vacation..."

      Skellen walked briskly down the crowded street, the bottle he had stolen as he had run out of the tavern now open and cluched tightly in his left hand.
      "Unbelievable, who the hell carries things like that anyway? I've been stabbed at, set on fire and shot at before but that's the first time anyone brought a freaking star to Earth in front of me!" Some of the crowed scattered as Skelln continued down the street, staying out the way of the seemingly derranged man as he strode amongst them occassionally taking a swig from the bottle he carried.

      Soon, Skellen reached a "T-Junction" in the street, and turning down it promptly dropped the bottle on the ground ignoring the sound of the glass shattering. She was standing right there. Right. There. He didn't even notice Vance nor the three unconcious Stray Pirates lying around he and Avril. He just saw a woman who had blinded him and made an attempt to skip out on a debt.

      Fuming, he reached into his coat producing one of his many razors and hurling it just past the woman's head - close enough to shave a few stray hairs.
      "YOU!!!" he yelled, rabid with anger.

      Avril stared with wide eyes as Skellen had appeared. He was angry, not that she could blame him exactly. Still, the woman had to act quick. She quickly ran behind Vance, cowering behind him. A sly smile graced her lips, one that went unnoticed by the man since she was hiding behing his back.

      "Vance, please! Ya have to help me!" the woman pleaded. "This guy! He's one of those pirates I talked about earlier! He's tryin' to kidnap me and sell me off as some sort of slave! I'm beggin' ya, please save me!"

      Startled by the projectile whizzing by him and the girl now hiding behind him, Vance's brows raised at the sudden danger, quickly spinning around as he brought his hands up, ready to fight whatever was coming his way. Or at least stall them, so Avril could get away. However, at the sight of Skellen storming towards them, Vance only blinked in confusion at the sight of his crew-mate. "... Skellen? What're you doing here?"

      Skellen froze in surprise, his eyes widening with surprise. He had not expected Vance to be standing their with that particular woman - hell he'd not expected to find any of his crew had been so unlucky.
      "I was about to ask you the same question" Skellen replied, his surprised evident "but more importantly, what the hell are you doing here with that lying con artist - she just tried to skip out on her debt to me!"

      Avril slowly began to back away as the two men began to talk. Judging from how surprised Skellen seemed to be to find Vance with her, the woman was able to piece together that the two clearly knew each other. Most likely, the two were on the same pirate crew. Regardless, the last thing that Avril wanted to do was get tied even further into the prospect of possibly having to split that treasure, something that was probably bound to happen the longer she stayed around both of these men. Quickening her pace, Avril quickly ducked around the corner of a building, before breaking into a full sprint and making her way down yet another alleyway.

      "... Con artist? Avril?" Vance asked, clearly puzzled. "What're you talking about? She just helped me fend off these guys." He gestured around at the knocked-out pirates.

      "- then why the hell did she need me to pummel that other guy?!"

      "I don't know what you're talking about! Avril, why didn't you tell-" Vance started as he turned around to look at Avril, only to find himself completely alone with Skellen, leaving him blinking in surprise. "... Huh. She's pretty quiet, I'll give her that." After a moment of raising a hand to scratch the back of his head, he turned back to Skellen. "So... what exactly happened between you and her?"

      "Yes... well." Skellen said, going to take a drink out of the bottle he had been carrying before realizing he dropped it in his shock at seeing Avril. "Right... no bottle. Anyway, I was just walking along looking for supplies and information when out of nowhere she dives behind me to hide from this big oaf of a pirate and forced me into a fight... well I use the word fight loosely... then I made a deal with her that since she owed me her life she could repay me my being my assistant - not that I actually need one of course, but who doesn't want a minion to do their bidding? Anyway, we sat down and were drinking when we had this discussion, and the next thing you know she drops flash-bombs as bright as the sun, burns out my retinas and runs off. Oh yeah, and she tried to seduce me before doing that too." Skellen sighed at his own weird luck.
      "I think that about sums up how my life works. Why was she with you, and what's with these unconcious guys?"

      Vance nodded lightly at the story, giving a sheepish sort of smile. "Well, uh... I guess she at least didn't steal anything from you, right? So you haven't really -lost- anything as such." Glancing down at the pirates, he sighed a little.

      "Well, we'd barely gotten into town before Kuzo and Morgan picked a fight with a crew called the 'Stray Pirates', and before you knew it, this girl with a giant hammer starts swinging at me. Didn't take alot to beat her, but Lotte disappeared, so I went looking for her, but... these guys followed me. And then I ran into Avril and we fought them off together."

      He glanced around himself and sighed quietly, folding his arms across his chest with a frown. "Lotte's completely gone though... I guess I'll just have to keep looking for her." After a moment, he tilted his head a little. "Say, do you need any help with information-gathering and supplies? I think it'd be safer to go around the two of us, plus, I might be able to spot Lotte while we're going around, asking for information."

      "Supplies? Information?! Lotte?!?!" Skellen looked at Vance as though he was shocked and offended "Why on God's Earth would I have interest in any of those things? Do you not get it? That woman owes me - I vote we hunt her down and tie her upside down to the top of our mast!" Skellen got louder and louder, his mood not improving with Avril's disappearance.

      "W-whoa, calm down!" Vance replied, raising his hands in front of him as if to try and calm the raging doctor down, a nervous look crossing his face.

      "Or I'll cut her arms open and drop hydrochloric acid into them! Let's see her use her fancy flash bombs then!"


      "Or I could dose her up with cyanide!"

      "I'm not sure-"

      "Or I could lock her in a room full of mustard gas! - " Skellen continued to rage, pretty much oblivious to Vance's attempt to calm him down.

      Vance then reached out to grab Skellen's shoulders, giving them a firm little squeeze to try and snap him out of it. "Skellen, calm down! You're getting all worked up over a girl who used you a little! You said it yourself, you barely did anything to beat the guy, right? Plus, she's probably already miles away."

      Skellen sighed, he couldn't deny the navigator's logic. His finding Avril was purely a coincidence, if Vance and his pursuers hadn't run into her she'd have already been long gone when he had rounded that corner.
      "She made me drop the wine too... and it was some seriously good stuff! But alas you're probably right... I guess we should continue to look around. Do you think there is anywhere around here that sells snakes?"

      Letting out a relieved sigh of his own, Vance let go of the doctor, placing a hand on his hip, the other raising up to ruffle his short hair. Disaster averted. "I haven't seen any, but if any town would be, it's probably this one. Might need to go further away from the harbor though."

      "Lead the way navigator" Skellen gestured ahead of him "I figure if I follow you, well something will probably still go wrong but then it's your fault at least."

      "Thanks for the vote of confidence." Vance muttered, although he was happy to at least be around one of his crew members. Glancing around the street, he decided to head up the way he had already been going, further away from the harbor and deeper into the progressively shadier-looking town.
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      Beauty vs. Leon

      We leaned against the wall of the bar. "You know what I just remembered?"

      "No, what?"

      "I'm supposed to be pissed off at the ship's Ass."

      "Odd thing to remember my friend." He said laughing, "What did he do?"

      "Sedated me before I told him to." I growled. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got.

      "You should rough him up."
      "Aren't you the nice one?" I asked confused.

      "Nothing wrong with a friendly brawl!" I nodded and I led him toward the ship. "So it was your crew that stole that
      "It was too easy." I replied, "Marines are trash."

      "Are those fellows crew members?" Lin asked.

      "No.". "

      "They look hostile." He said, pulling out his violin.

      "Good." I looked at him surprised, "What the hell is that for?"

      "Don't mind me," He yelled suddenly to the pirates, "I'm just a lowly violinist. But Leon here, he's a real life demon! Show them your shadow demon."

      "I'll kill you." I growled.

      "Shouldn't you be helping your captain?" He asked while tuning his instrument, "I'll play a lovely song while you fight."

      I growled, but gave him no words. I charged up to the nearest shipmate and knocked him out of my way like he was an empty box. "I'm not going to kill you all." I roared, "So why doesn't the strongest one step forward and take me on in a duel?!" After sleeping for so long, my muscles were aching for a good fight, and I was much stronger than when I fought those pitiful marines. "Then again, all off you look like store clerks to me.
      "Oooh, and I thought the fake Morgan had the nice, strong muscles~," Marcello 'Beauty' Ladorra quickly answered in reply, stepping forward by strutting one foot diagonally in front of the next, with both of his hands flamboyantly positioned on his hips. "But you've got some great ones on you as well. You're a pretty thing!~" He added with a wink. He then took his hands off of his hips, and lay them down on his sides. He clenched his fists, his well-toned body tightening at his command and showing what appeared to be quite the physical form.

      "It's a shame I'll have to kill you now, but when someone messes with the Strays, they get aaaaall that's comin' their way!" Marcello rushed his body forward, intent on using his superior strength to hammer right into Leon. Even though Leon too was large, Marcello was just about his equal in terms of size.

      Leon shivered in disgust at who stepped forward. He planted his feet on the ground and prepared for impact. Although he didn't deny the person was large, he was the demon here, so there was no way he was going to lose. Right before they made contact, Leon altered his stance slightly, lowered myself, and used his momentum to slam him into the ground next to him.

      Beauty collided into Leon, but held himself well enough to avoid any tossing of strength from one party or another. He purposefully got close and right up into Leon's space, trying to make him as uncomfortable as possible. It was one of the tactic Beauty had relied on. Along with his strong physical form, Beauty also made the opponent leave their comfort zone with comments he'd be uttering throughout the fight. Generally, they had an impact.

      "Ooh~" Beauty began, as the two monsters held each other off with their shows of strength. "Such rough skin you have. You must have been in a lot of fights through your life. I generally keep my skin nice and moooist.~" He began slightly rubbing his body against Leon's at their collision point, hoping it would throw him off a bit. "Here, have a feel!~"

      Leon's blood began to boil. He didn't like people touching him like that, and went into a fury. Leon hammered his head down on the man's shoulder, loosening his grip, and then Leon pushed him away. "I'm going to kill you, and then your entire crew!" He roared, "Then We'll see what feels rough."

      Beauty grunted from the impact, forcing him to remove his arm off of Leon. He took a step back, rubbing his shoulder carefully and softly, taking his time with it. "Oh, that hurt~" He whined, pouting at Leon. "Alright then, if you want to play rough, we can play rough~," Beauty placed both of his hands down at his waist, then rushed forward, lifting the arms above his head and trying to slam them both on Leon with tremendous force.

      Leon growled and made a fist. With Beauty holding both of his arms above his head, Leon had a clear shot for his stomach. He roared and with surprising speed, shot his fist so hard at the man's stomach that he would have collapsed.

      Before Beauty could hit the man with his fists, the power blow to the stomach completely halted his attack. His knees shook, and his face began to register the punch to his abdomins. He fell to his knees, and clutched his stomach, beginning to scream in pain and confusion. "P-powerful....AROAAORH!~" Beauty yelped in pain. Apparently, size wasn't everything. All across, pirates witnessed this single punch taking down the formidable appearing Beauty, and some began to notice and recognize who Leon was.

      "Isn't that...the White Haired Demon?!" Once asked a fellow crewmate.

      "Damn, it is! And he is as strong and big as they say!"

      "I'm getting off this island!" He concluded, and some of the crowd of people began heading for the docks away. Apparently size sometimes was everything.

      Leon roared, still wanting to fight. He was about to charge at the fleeing pirates, but he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Good fight, good fight." Lin congratulated.

      "Would've been better if the rest of the crew had joined in." Leon growled.

      "Well I think they made the right choice." Lin put his instrument back in its case. "I'm going to go and find an inn to stay at, have fun." He waved and walked off.

      Leon sighed, slowly regaining his nerves. He walked toward Morgan and sighed, "Where the hell is the rest of our crew?"
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      Wright D. Morgan vs. Adams "Stray" Kondo

      As the rest of the Stray Pirates spread out to fight the other named crew members with Morgan, Captain Stray glared down the pirate who identified himself as the 'Burning King', Wright D. Morgan. Two other crew members also faced him down and prepared to strike at him, but Stray held up his hand to stop him.

      "Hold on!" He commanded, and the two instantly stopped and looked back at the Captain. "You guys take on someone else. This faker's mine!" He declared, gritting his teeth and feeling for a moment his rear end, which still stung.

      "Aye, Cap!" One of the two said with a salute, heading off to fight one of the others. Along the way, they could be heard saying how great Kondo was, and how dead Morgan was.

      "Come on, then, punk. If you wanna beg for your life, now's the time!"

      A ring of fire emerged around Kondo, erupting into walls of flame. He was now oblivious to the outside world as the heat strained his eyes and coated his body in a drenching sweat. "Still think I am fake now?" Morgan shouted through the fire. He slowly stepped through the walls of fire, his body half of flame, half of human. A twisted grin stretched across his face and a single eye leered at Kondo. "I worked up my reputation to stir fear in people! To make them freeze in terror when my name is even whispered. I can't have people like you walking around laughing at it." The flames began to close in on Kondo, inch by inch with Morgan sitting back watching from the front row.

      Kondo was sweating bullets. He had a huge lump in his throat upon the realization that there was likely no possible way his opponent could have faked this, and he was in fact the Burning King. "S-so then you're really..." He began, being cut off as the flams grew in closer and closer. It was now or never. Stray had to make his escape. He quickly activation his Devil Fruit ability, which suddenly caused him to disappear out of sight as the flames engulfed the area.

      "Seereereeree..." The soft cackling of Stray began around the area, but didn't seem to begin from any one area. "So what if you're him? I still have my ability, and I'll take you out regardless!" Stray suddenly emerged from a door he fashioned out of apparently nothing. He stood behind Morgan now, holding a flintlock pistol in his hand. He fired multiple shots at Morgan, then disappeared back into the door he created.

      "Seereereeree!" He laughed again, before returning from another door he created to the right of Morgan. "You see, I ate the Doa Doa no Mi Fruit, the Door-Door Fruit!" He began to explain, appearing out of the other door he made and fired more shots from his pistol at Morgan, before once more disappearing. "With it, I could create doors through anything I touch! It could be the ground below..." He said, just as he popped out from a door he fashioned from the ground, opening it up and taking a few more shots at Morgan. "Or it could be from a wall!" He yelled, appearing out of the nearby wall of a home not too far away from the battlefield. Kondo stepped through and fired again, before disappearing through the doorway. "I could even appear through a door!" He appeared once more, this time through one of the doors leading to an abandoned home next to the plaza, and once more fired at Morgan. "SEEREEREE! With this ability, I'm invincible!" He laughed maniacally, hiding away in his doorway, and once more appearing from out of the ground, this time right behind Morgan.

      "Time to die!" He cried, pulling out his gun right behind the head of Morgan, and firing away. As the bullet was fired, Morgan's head vanished into a sputtering flame. However before Kondo could spout another laugh, flames regathered forming Morgan's head. "No, no. I'm invincible," Morgan said, cracking his neck. "I mean, did you really not notice how every bullet went through me?" Morgan said throwing his arms up and sighing. He turned around to face the Stray captain. "Now, you are just good at running away. That's the difference between you and me," he continued with a smile. Morgan decked Kondo in the face with a straight punch.

      The punch landed right between his eyes on the bridge of his nose. Instantly, Kondo fell to the ground clutching his nose, as blood flowed freely from it. "Aah!" he cried in pain. "My beautiful face! You wrecked it!" He yelled. He back away a little bit on the ground, then turned to try to make a break for it and disappeared behind one of his doors he would manufacture.

      But a solid foot knocked all the air out of his lungs. "Tsk, tsk. Don't leave already, my friend," Morgan pleaded. He conjured a stream of fire from his hand. "You gotta a lot of explainin' to do."

      "P-please, don't hurt me!" He said, turning over onto his back and placing up his hands in protest. He began to laugh nervously. "Seereeree! I was just kidding around, I wasn't going to hurt you! Seeree! I was just...just introducing you to the guys. Welcome to the island! See...ree...ree? Please, please don't kill me! I'll do anything!"

      "Now that's what I like to hear."

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        Bass - The return!

        As he flew about Bass felt a bit more energized. He knew that being at sea and mostly stuck on deck hadn't done any good for his wings, and now that he was flying around here and there he could only smile. He hadn't felt this good in a while! He was off that boring island, he was full, and he was seeing the world! Heh, this was about the best his life was going to get! He swooped on down and tucked his wings against his sides. He did a quick spin and then righted himself just as he was about to hit into the ground. HIs wings spread out once more and he angled himself up, chuckling as he had to flap his arms a bit to get to the necessary elevation.

        The sun felt good against his fur and everything was alright. He did another small spin in the air and in the distance he could see the town that he had departed from earlier. Well, it had been some time since he left. No doubt the others had already started asking around for clues here and there and probably already got some bearings of the land. The thing he didn't want now was too much trouble. He knew that Leon guy could cause quite a lot of devastation, but as he came in closer he didn't see any large files nor notice every single building crushed into rubble so that had to be a good sign.

        He knew well enought that appearances could be deceiving, and that was what was happening here. He flapped in the air for a while, flabbergasted as he saw the others fighting against other pirates and then he hung his head and let out a groan. Was this going to be his life now? They go into a port and immediately start causing a ruckus within what? An hour's time? He shook his head as he saw a load of people fleeing Leon battling... wait, who was he fighting!? If anything, the female looked like a gender swapped Leon!

        He was entirely baffled as to how there could be another as strong as Leon, but he tried not to dwell on it. He knew that he didn't want to get in the middle of that fight, so he keyed in on Kuzo's position and flapped above him, "Hey Kuzo!" He shouted on down, "Uh... I'm not sure how this stuff works so do I help fight or something?" He asked as he cocked his head.
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        Duke Island - The Competition!

        Captain Stray sat uncomfortably on the ground, cross-legged, as he checked his nose to see the extent of the damage. He tried moving it a bit to the left, but was met with a sharp pain. He cursed under his breath, deciding to leave it alone for now. "So, what do you wanna know, fire man?"

        "Let's start with the treasure," Morgan began, keeping a little fireball in the palm of his hand as he enjoyed the constant shifting of Kondo. "Tell me everything you know about it. What it is. Where it is. Everything." Morgan inched in closer, getting closer to the shattered nose. "And don't even think of trying to lie to me."

        "R-right," Stray stammered, as he eyed the fireball in Morgan's hand, which made him even more uncomfortable than he already was. Stray crossed his arms. "Well, I dunno much more than you probably do," He began, looking up at the sky as he thought, hoping it would take his mind of Morgan before him. "There's a treasure on this island that belonged to the Kings. Except nobody knows where it is. Some people say that we should ask the locals, which is why we went into town, but everyone here's keepin' their damn mouth shut!" Stray looked down angrily around at the villagers who passed by, and the ones who managed the stalls along the market street. "But they know. The trick is gettin' them to talk." He stared from the villagers around to Morgan in front of him. "That's all I know." He looked at Morgan for a moment longer, then added, "H-honest!"

        Morgan sighed to himself, disheartened at Kondo's lack of information. The only conclusion he could reach is that it was probably very well hidden. And if the rumors have been around for a while, the townspeople probably already tore their town apart looking for it. Though, that was just a guess. "Who else is after the treasure? I highly doubt you bottom feeders are the only ones after it. So what other crews are tearing apart the island?"

        "Tch," Stray looked away from Morgan, then shook his head. "The better question to ask is who isn't lookin' for the treasure on this island?" He looked across the town plaza and the wide array of people passing through. "Most of the people here are pirates or treasure hunters or something like that. If you're asking about your competition, it's all of them," He declared, with a large grin forming on his face. At this point, Kuzo, who had just finished his fight and had nodded off to Vance about looking for Lotte, had walked up behind Morgan and listened to watch Stray was saying. He motioned for Bass to come follow him. "But I had Broccoli and Sena look in more closely at the big fish. And if you think you're the baddest man on the island, think again," Kondo's grin seemed to transform into a more mischievous one. Kondo lifted his hands up, holding up four fingers in his left hand, and three in his right. "There's four pirate crews you should be worried about. They all have pirates with bounties over 30 million belli. But there are three pirates with bounties higher than you, Burning King!"


        In the opposite side of town, a trio of pirates walked through the center. An older man with a jolly roger bandanna, a white beard, and a fairly large sword walked on the right, with a younger man with medium-length black hair on the right. The man on the right also carried with him a ridiculously long musket-like gun, which he slung over his own shoulder. In the center, a girl brimming with confidence strut down the street as if she owned it. She wore a red captain's coat over a white top, with a red matching hat covering her blond hair. She had an expensive looking skull insignia on this hat. Her mischievous eyes were a hazel grey, and on her face she held a smug look of superiority and wickedness.

        The girl looked left and right at all of the other pirates along the road, and furrow her brows in outrage. "There's too many people along my path! Cut them down!" She commanded.

        "Or we could just, you know, ask them to move aside," The younger man with the long gun commented.

        "Quiet, Ronaldo, don't question the Captain's orders!" The older man with the sword shot back.

        "Captain? She's your daughter for pete's sake..." Ronaldo began saying, just as the older man began to swing his sword and cut everyone in the girl's path out of the way. Screams and shouts of pain erupted around as the girl looked on with disinterest and apathy.

        The older man returned panting, leaving a bloodpath of carnage in front of him. "Is that better, Captain?" he asked, hoping she would be pleased.

        "Well, the vermin are out of the way, but now their blood will get my boots all dirty. You'll have to carry me across now!"


        Tensen Pirates

        Mina Tensen, Captain of the Tensen Pirates 38,000,000 belli.

        Warp Tensen (Father, left pictured), First Mate of the Tensen Pirates, 27,000,000 belli.

        Ronaldo Tensen (brother, right pictured), Sharpshooter of the Tensen Pirates, 23,000,000 belli.

        A bit further into the center of Regal Town was a diner. The diner was heavily damaged and had little lighting. Whether this damage was a result of the commotion inside or from long ago during the War against the King Pirates was unclear. However, inside, a large man hidden from complete sight due to the limited brightness, held the owner of the diner above his head by the neck.

        "Come on, that's not oka-cool," He said to him, while the owner struggled and gasped for breath. "Just tell me where the oka-treasure is, and I'll let you go,"

        "I-I told you," The owner managed to get out, "I d-d-don't know anything..."

        "Hehehe....not oka-good for you, man!" He pushed on his neck further, positioning the man towards the edge of the window, thereby shining a bit of light on his attacker. He wore what appeared to be a maid uniform over his large body, with his face eyes covered by a part of the maid uniform fashioned into a mask. His sharp fingernails were long and pointy, as were his teeth.


        Elric the "Okama Hero", Captain of the Okama Pirates. 44,000,000

        "It's obvious that he doesn't know anything," A voice said, originating from the back of the diner. There, a man with long black hair and a matching beard sat and drank some alcoholic beverage. His outfit too was black, with a long overcoat and black pants. Clasped along the side of his pants was a holster with a rather unique-appearing flintlock pistol. Elric looked over at the man, who continued to talk. "If he would have known something, he would have told you rather than dying. My guess is that the townspeople either don't know anything, or are too loyal to their King Pirates to say anything. Either way, you won't get an answer. It's probably up at the Royal Peak. It's what I've gathered from piecing my info together."

        "Eh?" Elric began to say, cocking an eyebrow (from behind his mask) at the man in the corner. He then grinned his sharp, toothy smile at him, dropping the owner of the diner from his hand and onto the floor. He instantly began to gasp for air as he held his neck. "Thanks oka-guy! But why tell me all of this?"

        The dark-haired man casually picked up his glass, downing the contents and then gazing his eyes at Elric with an expression of seriousness and gravity that matched his attire. He exhaled and placed the glass on the table. "I have no idea."


        Santiago "Gun Saint" Dominique, Sharpshooter of the Akahige Pirates. 36,000,000 belli.

        Close to the edge of an island, a large pirate ship was docked a little bit off the coast, with pirates jumping to and from the ship with miraculous speed and strength. Upon closer inspection, one would see that the crew mates were all fishmen of some sort. One of the fishmen, jumped onto the boat and approached another toward the edge of the ship, looking onward at Duke Island in front of him.

        "We've looked all under the island, Captain. The sea floor, the roots of the island. If the King Pirates hid treasure here, it's not there."

        The Captain to which he was referring to was a sea creature breed of fishman with blue skin, piercing gold eyes, and no apparent mouth. He had tentacles which came out from his head across his back, and a sharp, fancy pirate's overcoat on his body. "Then it's somewhere on the island," He commented. He pointed to Duke Island. "Send everyone in. I don't care if you have to destroy the entire island looking for it. Find me the King's treasure!"

        Jishi Jeremoh "Plague of the Ocean", Captain of the Fishman Pirates. 50,000,000 belli.

        Right in the middle of the plaza, not far from where Stray explained to Morgan and Kuzo about the other pirates on the island, a man with a partially shaved head, a cigarette in his mouth, a camouflage-style jacket on and a towel over his shoulder stood in place, looking up at the Royal Peak in front of him. He sighed deeply, the cigarette lighting up in his mouth, then breathed out and allowed the smoke to escape. He was the only man who stood in place as countless other pirates moved passed him in the crowded plaza.

        "I'm bored," He muttered to himself.

        Shin Koku, First Mate of the Akahige Pirates. 53,000,000 belli.

        "Now what's a little thing like yourself traveling all alone?" A voice asked right in front of Lotte. It was a man, relatively tall with a red and black overcoat, over a red-brown shirt, and black pants. He had relatively short, red hair which traveled from the top of his head across his face to form a large, red beard. "It's a dangerous island you've chosen. Or maybe you're a ferocious fighter in disguise, and you take this form to trick your enemies? Or maybe you're here with others? Demons of pirates who're also here for the treasure! If that's the case...that makes you my competition!" He declared with a grin.

        Rackham D. John "Akahige" (Redbeard), Captain of the Akahige Pirates. 75,000,000 belli.


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        Avril Meads, Santiago Dominique and Elric - Duke Island, Diner

        Avril sighed as she leaned against a wall. The trip to Duke Island had certainly been quite an eventful one. It seemed like no matter where she turned, the woman just kept getting involved with pirate after pirate. At least for the time being it seemed like she had managed to get away from them. That said, Avril did not really have any idea just where in the town she had wandered off to.

        "Good thing for me that pirates aren't all that bright in the noggin department," Avril sighed. "I really don't wanna think 'bout what may have happened if that one wouldn't have been there to distract that doctor long enough..."

        A small gurgle escaped into the air, causing the woman to look down with a frown. All this running around had made her forget that she had yet to eat anything actually halfway decent since she got off the ship she had stowed away on. Looking around, Avril decided it would probably be a good idea to check into getting something to eat. While she did not really have much in the way of money, if the people who lived on Duke Island were even half as dim as the pirates she had dealt with had been so far, it probably would not be that hard to get a free meal out of someone.

        Spotting a sign hanging from a building that had a picture the traditional fork and knife crossing an empty plate on it, Avril smiled and decided to check out what was inside. With any luck, it would not be one of the abandoned buildings of the island and actually have some form of life inside. Without waiting another moment, the woman made her way to the building and pushed open the door with ease. A warm, unassuming smile graced her lips as she stepped inside.

        "Good afternoon! I was hopin' that you might... have some..." Avril began, only to trail off as she actually took a good look at what was going on inside.

        Immediately, her eyes fell upon two men who did not exactly have a pleasant vibe radiating from them. Another man, one who looked rather roughed up and bruised, was sitting on the floor. Many of the tables and stools in the establishment were either flipped over, broken, smashed, or some sort of combination of the three. Avril's eyes happened to fall upon the man who just happened to be wearing a strange mask of sorts on the upper half of his face. Just looking at him sent a shiver running down the woman's back.

        "Is... this a bad time? I could come back later," she suggested, slowly backing away towards the door.

        "I was just leavin', oka-girl," The masked man began to say, his eyes trailing from the dark man who sat calmly drinking his tea to the girl who had just entered. He spoke now at Santiago once more. "Thanks again, oka-guy. You be oka-good and don't go after my treasure anymore, okay?"

        "I'm probably gonna go look for it when I'm done eating here," He replied quickly without a second thought. He picked up his glass and drunk from it again, before placing it down and sighing. "But...I probably shouldn't have told you that."

        "If I see you again, you're oka-dead, man!" Elric stated plainly to Santiago, and proceeded to leave. Along the way out, he stopped in front of Avril, placing his hand on his hips and looking down at her. "Say, you're not an oka-pirate are ya?"

        Avril seemed a bit hesitant to reply to the question. Suddenly, that hungry feeling she had in her stomach was being replaced by one that made her feel a bit nervous. Something about this guy, whether he was a pirate or not, just did not set well with her. Not to mention there was also the fact that he and the dark man had both said that they were looking for the treasure... Her treasure, to be exact.

        Slowly the woman shook her head in response to the Elric's question. "No, just someone who decided to stop here for a rest durin' their journey across the sea," Avril said, deciding to leave out the bit where she was at the island in the first place looking for the same treasure as these two. "I don't really think I'd fit the whole sailin'-pillagin'-pirate namey-game. Sounds too messy."

        Elric grinned widely at the girl, and nodded. "'Kay. You keep journeying and stay away from my treasure. Or I'll oka-kill you too, got it?" He asked, as he headed for the exit, opening the door, taking a look back inside at Santiago and then Avril, before leaving to the outside.

        "What a mess..." Santiago was heard muttering under his breath. The owner, meanwhile, collected himself enough to approach Avril.

        "Y-you can have a seat anywhere you like, ma'am. I-I-I still have plenty of food to sell. G-g-g-g-g-g-good food!"

        Avril glanced over at the stammering owner of the diner. She sort of felt sorry for the man, who was clearly shaken up by all that had happened in here. Slowly the woman nodded in response with a small smile.

        "That sounds nice, I will take ya up on your offer, sir," the woman replied. Slowly, she made her way further inside the diner, taking a seat close by to where the other man who had been calmly drinking his tea was sitting. There were not really many other places one could choose from at the moment. "So... Did a tornado pass through here, or just bad housekeepin'?"

        The owner smiled brightly, thrilled that the newest guest into his diner was nothing like the last. He would have had to expect that with an island crawling with pirates, but it was still nice to see not everyone was a psychopath. "Yes, ma'am!" He said, gathering a menu from the far table (one of the few not damaged beyond repair), and handing it to her. All this time while she made her way to the seat, Santiago eyed the girl curiously, but silently.

        "Ah yes," The owner said, handing her a menu as he observed the damage around his diner. "I guess you could call it a tornado...a tornado of Marine canonfire and gunpowder!" He snarled, clearly getting upset at the mere mention of the Marines. "Err...sorry ma'am, here's your menu."

        Avril thanked the owner for the menu, taking a look a look at the other occupant of the diner before taking a glance inside of the menu. She only glanced at it for a moment, before deciding to settle on some tea and a bowl of the grilled flounder stew that the menu seemed to boast about so vividly. After placing her order with the owner, Avril glanced back once more at Santiago once more.

        "Either this guy or the one that left earlier clearly know 'bout MY treasure... Think it's time to do some tourist-dumb-playin' and get the inside scooples..."

        "So... I hope ya don't find me rude for askin', but what's all this talk 'bout treasure I keep hearin'?" Avril asked. "Everywhere I go it's booty-this, treasure-that, gotta find it... It all seems so silly to me."

        Santiago chuckled, but quickly tried to subdue his soft laughter as he straightened his face up. He brought his drink to his lips and took a slow, but large gulp of it, before setting it down softly on the table. The owner brought his his hand to the back of his head and began to scratch it furiously. "Well...apparently, as the rumors go, the King Pirates hid treasure here before they broke apart." He shrugged, and continued, "I don't have any idea where the rumors started from, to be honest. Maybe there's treasure here, maybe there isn't...."

        "King Pirates... Well, that does explain what so many are doing here," Avril mused aloud. "Kinda makes it hard to get around when ya gotta keep worryin' about stuff like that..." Avril leaned back in her seat a bit, glancing up at the ceiling with a frown. "Still, if it is a lot of 'em out there for it to be just a rumor, don't ya think? Unless they're all just a bunch of gullible Georges or somethin'... Then again, who am I to question it?"

        She glanced over at the tea-drinking pirate, as if she was directly talking to him. A curious look graced her features before she offered him a small smile, wondering just how much the man would give up about it.

        The owner sighed and was about to reply, but Santiago beat him to it."Depends on where the rumors come from," He stated, bringing his drink once again to his mouth and finishing the remainder of it. "I'll have another there," He stated to the owner, holding up his mug for the owner to take.

        "Ah, right!" The owner replied. He looked over at Avril for a moment. "I'll have your order ready in a minute!" He said, before traveling over to collect Santiago's drink and proceeding to the kitchen to fix the orders.

        "Rumors could be true, or they could be false, but one way to tell just how accurate they could be is trailing it to the source. The higher the source, the more likely it would be true," He continued, gazing right at Avril as he explained. "That's what our first mate Shin Koku did. He looked for the source, and he found one that could have been a possibility. It didn't have a name attached, but it had a title."

        His gaze went from a calm, casual on to one which was more serious. "Warlord," He declared, just as the owner came back with his mug filled to the brim. He accepted it politely with a nod, and then spoke once more. The owner meanwhile traveled over to Avril with her own order. "Ah, but I probably shouldn't have said anything to you..."

        Avril's eyes widened a bit at that. A small look of disbelief graced her features as she looked over at Santiago, not quite sure of just what to say. She was not honestly expecting the information about the treasure to have originated from a Warlord. She always figured that they would have been one of the last groups of people to want a mess such as the one currently happening on Duke Island to happen. Regaining her composure, the girl turned away from her acquaintance.

        "There's nothin' to worry 'bout," Avril lied, rubbing the back of her neck slowly. "I already told ya, I'm not here lookin' for all that sort of a thing, just curious about what all the ruckus was."

        "Right," Santiago remarked. "Then forget everything I said. I was just talking to myself." He declared, picking up his drinking and bringing it to his lips. He took a satisfying drink of the contents, and place it back down onto the table. "But if you were interested in getting it, I'd say sticking around town wouldn't be too bad of an idea. Something's bound to happen."

        "Well... I didn't really plan on leavin' for a bit, anyways..." Avril replied. The man she had been talking to was certainly proving to be a bit of a mystery. If he was trying not to reveal anything or be mysterious about it, then he was doing a bad job. Then again, it was almost as if he was dropping all these hints and tidbits on purpose. "All the more reason I better get movin'..."
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        Wilhelm Crew - Recon Squad
        Duke Island

        The stagnant air of the dilapidated house stirred amongst the rotting foundations. It was a place that no sane person would enter for fear of collapse. It was perfect. Thin streams of light cascaded in through the roof, barely held together by old, rusty nails.

        "Do you think she's here?" Came a quick, raspy voice from the darkness. The light fell upon a rough face.

        "Our informant said the ship carrying the deserter was heading this way." A different, deeper voice. Something sounding off with experience. "He'd be a fool to lie to the 'White Cannon'."

        A third figure slithered in, carrying the mannerisms of a rat living off the filth of society. "Well if he is lying, it only means we get to have more fun torturing him for information, shishishishi!"

        One man sat in the remains of the kitchen, silent and still for the conversation. "Your torture is unjustified, 'Rodent'."

        "YOU CALL ME THAT AGAIN, GRAVES! SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU!" The Rodent shrieked. "My name is Rodney! I will not take crap from you just because you got a stupid promotion!"

        "Keep your voice down, you rat. This house may be abandoned, but that doesn't mean that the whole island is." This final voice, the voice of the man sitting in the kitchen, belonged to Graves "Deadeye" Markus, Ensign of the Marines, and Marksman of "White Cannon" Wilhelm's crew. He leaned forward revealing himself to the light, wearing a white vest over a black dress shirt. On the back, 正義 (Justice) was stitched in black.

        Suddenly, a man of ragged clothes came bursting through the front door of the house, falling to the ground. Looking up at Markus, he told them, "I saw her! The girl in the picture you gave me! She's here on the island. She was chased off a ship docked in the bay, and then she made friendly with some newcomers." Graves stood up from his seat, and approached the ragged man.

        Holding out the Bounty, Graves asked one time for confirmation, "This is who you saw?"

        Avril Meads

        10,000,000 Berries
        Theft of Marine/Government Property
        Desertion of the Marines
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        Tristan D. Kuzo, Wright D. Morgan, Bass, Reaper K. Leon, and Avril Meads- Duke Island

        Morgan stared down at Stray as he told him about the various pirate crews that gathered on Duke Island. Three with higher bounties than me, eh? Morgan tried to make himself worried. He tried to convince himself that the treasure wasn't worth it. He tried to convince himself that survival was more important and that he should run away. But he couldn't. All he got was more excited. Duke Island suddenly became an opportunity to prove that "The Burning King" was a name to be feared. Morgan smirked at Stray as he continued to loom above the shaking Captain. "Thanks, buddy," he said with a smile, tapping Kondo on the shoulder. "You get all that, Kuzo?" Morgan hollared across the burnt field to his "Captain."

        Kuzo nodded, handing one of the bags of talismans to Morgan. "Three bounties higher than you. You're going to need these," He declared, dropping the bag in his hands. "The merchant who sold them to me said they were good luck, after all. You can never discount luck on the seas. Have you ever heard of any of these guys before?" Kuzo asked both Bass and Morgan.

        Morgan just blinked at Kuzo and sighed as Kuzo dropped the bag. "I already have a good luck charm," Morgan said flatly holding up his wrist where his charm dangled. Though Morgan enjoyed the thought, admiring Kuzo's stance on luck. It reminded me of his own, but he didn't want to admit that Kuzo was right. Or that they were bonding. After all, he was still planning on stealing his ship. "And no, not really. A few names sound familiar, but I can't say I know any of them personally or anything."

        Bass himself just listened on as these talks of bounties were thrown around. Bass personally didn't care about who had what bounty nor how high it was. He had a bounty, yet he had done nothing to harm anyone really! He just looked menancing when seen in the night and was that REALLY any reason to demand someone dead? He shook his head and folded his wings around his body, "So... how about we just fly over them?" He asked as he cocked his head, "I have good eyes, I can just fly around the island over them and we can find this treasure that way. We don't have to go and find them and fight them."

        Kuzo grinned at his bat-like companion and shook his head. "Now that wouldn't be any fun, would it? What's the point of a treasure hunt without a little excitement mixed in?" He asked, his eyes gazing upon Bass, and then Morgan.

        Morgan smiled at Kuzo, realizing he and Kuzo were on the same page. "Sorry to disagree with ya, Bass, but Kuzo's got the right idea. Your plan ruins all the fun." He turned back to Kuzo, throwing him a nod.

        Bass' ears drooped and he cocked his head, "So... we're looking to harm others..." He frowned and rubbed his head, "Ow, my head. I'm so confused here."

        Kuzo walked over to Bass and placed a hand on his shoulder. "No one's looking to harm anyone," Kuzo said with a reassuring smile. "But the path is half the adventure. How you take it is just as important as how it ends." He pointed down the road, toward the crowded streets of Regal Town. "Let's see where it leads us," He declared, walking toward town once more in search of the unnamed treasure. In truth, he wasn't sure where he was going, but that might been just the way he liked it.

        "I'd say the path is best when its red and broken." Leon growled cynically, "Preferably with as much breaking as possible." He stretched his massive arms and cracked his neck, "I think the bat is too soft to be a pirate."

        Bass blinked and quickly shuffed away from the big scary man, "Uh... I'll be up in the sky if you need me Kuzo." He said quickly as he began to flap his wings, "I'll be the eye in the sky, anything coming at ya and I'll let you all know." With that he quickly ascended up, his shivering dying down the further he got away from Leon.

        "Hey!" Leon roared, "Where are you going?!" He watched the boy fly up, "I woulda helped him toughen up if he stayed." He said.

        "Perhaps you should growl less next time," Morgan said with a smirk, glancing at Leon. "It's not too attractive. Or charming. Want me to give you lessons in that?" Though after Morgan said that, he realized that Leon would be a very difficult student. Perhaps, he would need to charge him for lessons.

        "Watch it kid, I was married once when I was about your age." He growled.

        Meanwhile, Avril had long since finished her meal, and had managed to talk down the owner of the diner into giving her a small discount in the process. It was a small victory, but now with her belly full it was time to resume what she had come to Duke Island for in the first place: finding that treasure. That said, it was starting to look like completing such a task was not going to be easy... especially if there were going to be more dangerous pirates around like that masked weirdo she bumped into when she went to the diner.

        "Hmm... If I'm gonna manage to pull this treasure hunt off, I'm gonna really need to probably get some help with it," Avril said to herself with a sigh as she walked down the road. "Or at least a group of dimmers to be like body guards or meat bags or somethin'..."

        "Did you get divo- Oh hello~" Morgan whistled. He dashed over to the girl who stepped out of the diner, placing himself in front of her, leaning on the nearest object. She immediately captivated Morgan, a rare treat. "And who do I owe the pleasure to?"

        Avril glanced up, looking at Morgan with a curious glance. She was not sure where he had just managed to pop out of, but judging from her previous experiences in the town so far, it was not really too surprising. The woman offered a small smile to the man, sizing him up for a moment as she did so. It was probably safe to say this man was a pirate, since everyone else she had met here was.

        "I guess ya would probably owe it to luck..." Avril replied. "But you can call me Avril. And you would be...?"

        At the mention of luck, Kuzo suddenly brightened up, reaching into his bag of talismans and throwing it over to Morgan for him to catch. He knew they would come in handy!

        Yet Morgan was far too enamored by Avril that the tailsman smacked him in the face waking the pirate from his heavenly dream. As the tailsman fell to the ground, Morgan grunted, stomping the trinket. "My name is Morgan," he said with a smile. "What is a beautiful girl like yourself doing here?"

        Leon sighed and looked to Kuzo, "The kid's an idiot." Kuzo chuckled in response, merely offering a shrug of his shoulders to Leon. "You got some sort of plan, or are we all just going to cluck around this town like a bunch of chickens?"

        Again, Kuzo gave Leon a simple smile and a shrug of his shoulders. "Let's see what happens." Leon shook his head dissapointingly.

        Avril gave Morgan an curious glance, before looking down at what remained from his forehead assailant. The woman was not really sure why the one of the two men close by had thrown it at his head. It was probably safe to assume that they were friends of his. If so, they definitely fit the pirate bill, seeing as how one of them looked like he was about ready to rip the arms from someone's sockets for no actual reason.

        "The hell are you lookin at girl?!" Leon barked, "Go back to the lover kid!"

        Focusing her attention back to Morgan, Avril answered. "Well, I came here to do a little sight seein'... Next thing I know, I keep runnin' into pirates everywhere I look. Some of them aren't exactly a friendly-lookin' group, so it's makin' my little get away a bit of head cramper, ya know?"

        "Yeah, my...friend...over there is not helping any. I must apologize. Someone forgot to take their meds this mornin'," Morgan said, trying to ease the situation. "That aside. Would you like some help on your little get away? Of course, that is if you don't mind taking a little detour with me," he finished with a wink.

        "Detour?" Avril questioned. This guy was trying a bit too hard, but she had to give him points for effort. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

        "Treasure hunting," he said flatly.

        "Treasure huntin', hmmm?" Avril questioned, crossing her arms and closing her eyes for a moment as if she was deep in thought. The woman did not really have much longer to play around with finding the treasure, especially with all this craziness going on around her. It was probably for the best to take the man up on his offer for now. While the thought of splitting her treasure up amongst others did not sit well with her... well, she knew she would probably be able to figure out something by that point.

        Nodding, the woman opened her eyes and smiled up at Morgan. "Sure, why not? I've been hearin' a lot 'bout this treasure, so I am gettin' a bit perpuzzled 'bout what all the commotion of it is for. Besides, it could be fun."

        "Excellent! Glad to have you along. Just stick close to my friends and I. After all, we are hunting the treasure of the Pirate King and every pirate and their mother wants a piece of it," Morgan said. He turned to his crewmates and motioned them over. "The big angry guy is Leon and the other guy is my...'captain'...Kuzo," Morgan had to force the last words out, swallowing his pride.

        Kuzo was silent the entire time that Morgan shamelessly flirted with the girl who introduced herself as Avril, but at the mention of his name, he stepped forward and smiled at her. "Nice to meet you. I'm Kuzo. Welcome to the crew."

        "Crew...?" Avril questioned, tilting her head as she questioned the boy named Kuzo. "I don't remember ever bein' invited to join one."

        Kuzo continued to smile, crossing his arms as he replied. "No, but watching you talk with Morgan, I decided already that you're going to join us. So, welcome aboard!"

        "He does that," Morgan said.

        "It feels more like a kidnappin' then an invintation," Avril replied with a small giggle. "How 'bout we just leave at that I'll think 'bout it for the time bein', yeah? Anyways, it's nice to meet ya both."

        "She is probably part of another crew and is trying to scout us." Leon growled, calling his shadow for his scythe, "I would suggest we kill her now, just in case."

        "Whoa, whoa," Morgan said. "Let's not jump to conclusions. Unless you want to get into a scrap. Cuz then I am more than willing to oblige."

        "Lets go candlelight!" Leon growled, leaning in, "I bet you will burn up."

        "Not until after I light ya'll up!" Morgan said placing his face right into Leon's.

        "For a flame, you aren't very bright." Leon said, "How do you think she even got here? Obviously she isn't a local. One does not simply swim through the Grand Line."

        "Hey now, let's not get too fired up," Kuzo suggested, lifting his hands up to try to calm his two crew members down. However, he had to admit that Leon had a point. "But I am curious. How did you get here?"

        Avril smiled, watching Morgan and Leon argue with each other. For a group claiming to be a pirate crew, she did not really feel a strong sense of unity amongst them. Glancing over at Kuzo as he asked his question, the woman smiled.

        "I hitched a ride," Avril began. "Well... not so much hitched. I outright decided to stowaway. I don't have a ship or a boat of my own, so doin' that is the only way to get anywhere. It doesn't always end pretty, and the trips can be a bit rough, but I do manage to get around, so I can't really get all squally 'bout it."

        "Well, there's plenty of room on our ship. So now that you're with us, you won't have anymore problems," Kuzo commented, returning the woman's smile.

        "An inviting offer... I'll keep it in mind," Avril replied. "I think we're dealin' with very selective hearin' here... Oh, well..."

        "I don't buy it." Leon growled, "We should just take her as a prisoner and see if the Marines have a bounty on her."

        "But aren't you pirates?" Avril asked. "If so you'd also have a bounty on your own heads..."

        "Yeah, that probably won't be the best solution, since you've got a pretty high bounty yourself," Kuzo remarked, offering Leon a smile.

        "Well even better, why don't we just lock her up ourselves?"

        Kuzo chuckled, approaching Leon and patting him on his massive back. "Hey, cheer up! What's the worst that could happen?"

        "She goes to a different crew and then they murder us in our sleep."

        "And what's the best that could happen? We gain a nakama for life!"

        "The hell's a nekama?" Leon asked.

        Kuzo continued to smile as he explained. "A nakama. A crewmate. A friend. A comrade by your side, but closer than that. Family."

        "So shes either a nakema or a prisoner?"

        Kuzo chuckled, gazing at Avril. "I guess we'll see what she turns out to be."

        A Legend once told me that roleplaying is about bringing people together and celebrating creative vision.
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        Lotte & Rackham D. John "Akahige" | Duke Island

        Stepping along cheerfully, Lotte hummed to herself a light tune popular amongst the young ladies of her home island, largely ignorant or perhaps conciously ignoring the chaos and mayhem around her. Very much the unusual eye of the storm, she swung her arms by her side as bright eyes searched the crowds for a familiar face- and occasionally skimmed across the tops of everyone's heads for a glimpse of snow white hair. (This was indeed the perfect opportunity for Leon's monstrous height to make itself useful, but alas.)

        It was at the moment she spun about on her black flats to glance behind her that a voice sounded in the direction she'd just been facing- there weren't many 'little things' other than her in the vicinity after all. She turned to peer up at the man standing imperiously over her, impressive beard and funny eyebrows and all. Perhaps one smarter and more versed in worldly matters would have been shaking in their boots at the sight of this man, but as far as Lotte was concerned, he was merely offering a jesting conversation to pass the time until her crewmates un-lostified themselves.

        "An island with a selection of dresses like this?" She grinned at the laughability of it all, "I wouldn't choose this island if it were up to me Mister!" Turning to face him she folded her arms to mimic his imperious pose, drawing up to her full height while still maintaining her smile, undeterred by his intimidations, "Don't worry though, I'm not looking for treasure- I'm looking for my friends! They've gone and gotten lost, you see. Soooooo yes to me having come with others-- but no to the ferocious fighter and competition part!" Lotte glanced around beside and behind the man, before looking back up to meet his cocky grin, "Did your friends get lost too?"

        "Ah, then it's your crew that's the tough ones," Akahige remarked, crossing his arms and nodding to his affirmation. "And everyone's lost but you, eh? HAHAHAHAHAHA!" He laughed merrily, stirred by her oblivious nature. Most others would either be shaking in their boots and running away or foolishly seeking to collect on his bounty. He found the anonymity he had with her strangely refreshing.

        Slowly, he began to calm down from his hearty laughter and address her other question. "Oh, as for my crew, they're right here," He replied, pointing behind him. "Right behind m-"

        As Akahige turned to address the rest of his crewmates, who he assumed had been following behind him since he left their ship, he found himself standing alone. He looked behind him silently for a full ten seconds. A comical gust of wind decided to pass through the area during his silent stare into nothingness.

        Akahige quickly turned around and began conversing with Lotte again. "The names John. Rackham D. John. You can just call me John, though. What's your name, lass?"

        "Maybe!" She replied, not really quite sure of just how tough her crew was anyway. She knew Vance could hold his own in the face of a number of foes, but that was one crew member out of quite a few. Leon seemed rather intimidating, but he didn't seem too smart- and Skellen seemed to be the very opposite... It was hard to tell whether they were really a formidible force or not. "Yep, that sounds about right!" She confirmed, smiling when he burst into booming laughter. Now this was a pirate's laugh, just like she'd imagined out of the books and stories! Feeling quite confident now that he had failed to take a swipe at her on first glance, she peered around, blinking at the empty space behind him where a crew should've been, patiently waiting for him to process their absence by also staring for 10 seconds. "...." The well timed gust of wind prompted an amused giggle, but she accepted his decision to move on from the topic and neatly curtsied in response to his introduction.

        "A pleasure to make your acquaintence, John. My name is Lotte! -- So are all the pirates here looking for treasure, or is it just you and your..." She tilted to the side for a moment, observing the empty space before glancing up at him with an innocent smile, "... crew?"

        "Probably every pirate here is out for the treasure," He began, gazing on many of the pirates who walked by. He turned his eyes from each of them with the fiery spirit of a driven man. He glanced from the pirates back to Lotte. "Maybe your friends too! But I'm counting on it being more than just King Pirates treasure! I think it might be the treasure of treasures!" He stuck out his hands to the air. "ONE PIECE!" He screamed, his expression one of pure joy and excitement. Some of the pirates around started staring and murmuring at the man. Some laughed as they commented on his actions. Others simply shook their heads as they passed by Keeping his hands in the air, he looked up into the sky as he continued. "If that's the case, no one will stop me from getting it! That's why everyone here is competition! I'll take down every last one of them if I have to!"

        Akahige looked back down to Lotte, and slowly lowered his hands. "You're a strange one to find on the road to my dreams, but I like you Lotte! You should join my crew! We can go find One Piece together!"

        "Ohh," Her eyes lit up at the exclamation- even she knew what One Piece was, though she'd had about as much desire for it as any other treasure. She was in no need of riches, after all. "That would explain why there are so many pirates here! I thought it was kind of funny to be fighting each other all on the same island when there are so many others with treasure on them too!" Also ignoring the staring pirates in the vicinity, she clapped at his speech, feeling it appropriate to do so at his dramatic pose and declaration of- well, war, in a sense.

        "I'm strange? I think everyone here is a little strange! I like you too John, but I'm already a part of a crew, and I don't want to find One Piece! I can't just be in two crews--" She laughed, "That's silly!" She held up her hands, striking the same pose as he had before, "But since I'm not competition, let's be friends!"

        "That's a shame," Akahige frowned for a moment, a gloomy disposition clearing the grin he had moments earlier. However, he quickly shrugged it off and once again smiled at Lotte. "Friends it is!" He declared, striding up to her and offering his hand to shake hers. As he approached Lotte, the size differential between them became more and more apparently. He was a good foot taller than her, at the very least.

        Lotte peered curiously at his outstretched hand- very few people ever went to shake her hand, as if she were some kind of man doing business and sealing a deal. But it seemed kind of fun to try out, so she smiled brightly and confidently let his hand envelope her own considerably smaller and more delicate one. "Deal!" Lotte exclaimed.

        "But as your friend, let me give you a warning. Your first and last one," His tone was serious, but his face still held the smile. "Take your ship and crew and leave Duke Island now. If any one of them get in my way, I won't hold back. One on one, all on one, any way they come at me. Even if you're there watching. I'll take them down without a second thought," Akahige patted her on her head, continuing to smile. "I'm sure you don't want them hurt...or worse. So please do as I say."

        Listening to his warning with a dimmed smile, hands laced behind her as he did what pirates do, Lotte let out a dramatic sigh and let her shoulders slump. "Oh John~ I would actually lo~ve to find a different island- maybe one with more shopping, better food, cleaner people- but that's not up to me!" She chimed, raising one of her arms to indicate behind her towards town, "That's up to Mister Captain, you see- so unless you want to try convincing him, there's not much use telling that to little old me!"

        Akahige grinned down at Lotte. He found her quite amusing. While many others would stare petrified at his form, she stood blissfully ignorant, and thus completely without fear. He burst out once more into his loud, hearty laughter. "HAHAHAHAHA! I guess you're right," He shrugged his shoulders. "Nothing I can do about that. Well, I'd better see what my crew is up to, but I'd hate to leave you all alone. Do you need help finding your crew, Lotte?"

        She brightened at his offer and stood on her tip toes, though hardly even came to his signature red beard despite this. "Just a little! I can't see over all these pirates- they're all so tall! I'm looking for- ummm, well... I think the easiest one to find would be Leon- he's really tall- maybe even taller than you! Maybe part giant? Do those exist? Anyway! He has bright white hair that's long and spiky-- Oh but maybe he's asleep, so what about- oh but Vance is so plain he looks like everybody else... Hmm....." She mused to herself, putting the heel of her palm against her cheek as she mused over who would be the most recognizable, in her books. Had she any sense, perhaps asking him to find the Burning King would've been easiest, but bounties and things like that didn't make any sense to her... yet. "Oh! Skellen? He's got this funny snake-like face...."

        Akahige cocked an eyebrow at the mention of Leon and Skellen. Though he didn't mention it, these were names he had heard of briefly among wanted pirates. But he chuckled lightly at Lotte's description of her friends. "Giants do exist, though I would think he'd be easy to spot if he were that! And a snake man too, eh? What interesting companions you keep! I'll tell you what. Let's walk together and try to find them. If you see any one of them, point them out!" He grinned and ushered her forward with him down the street. All who were on that path slowly moved to the side not to get in their way. "Now tell me more about your friends!"
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          Blake Kara - Two Seconds Notice

          "I quit!" She declared, throwing the pan down and stumbling backwards a step. She wasn't entirely drunk, just quite tipsy, which meant the food today was at least passable. It hadn't taken long for the owner to figure out asking her to work sober was a recipe for disaster, but letting her get roaring drunk meant between service she would start... talking... with the customers. It wasn't the first time she'd quit, she would storm off for the rest of the day and be back tomorrow. The sous chef could take over for the rest of the day, but still...

          "Kara, I don't need this again!" He hollered back. "If you can't work a full day I'll have to find someone else!"
          "Ffff, fine!" She sneered, yanking the apron off over the top of her head. The strings tied around her waist meant it stayed on though. "Just here cause so many pirates pass through anyway..." She muttered, grabbing the bottle of cooking sherry she'd been... using for her cooking... and marched out of the kitchen. "I don't want to work in your crapsack diner anyway."
          "Kara!" He hissed, glancing at the customers observing the scene now occurring in the diner proper. "Not in front of the clientele!"
          "HA! Clientele! You've got a bunch of washed up, soaked out, fifth rate jokes lookin' for a treasure that might not even exist, and if it does they don't know what it is! Your clientele is the hull rot on a bilge ridden island! And you overprice. HE OVERPRICES!"

          She took a swig of the powerful sherry and swayed, glaring at everyone in the room and daring them to say anything. None of them seemed to want to tangle with the drunk red head. Nodding firmly with self satisfaction - that showed 'em! - she spun unsteadily on her heel and lurched through the diner door, nearly bumping into Avril and Morgan as they blocked the door.

          She stood there, blinking at them, very clearly the chef of the establishment by the apron hanging at her waist.

          "I wouldn't go in. Their chef just quit. And it's overpriced anyway."

          Well, that was her good deed for the day done. It was nice to be nice.
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