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Old November 10th, 2013 (9:19 PM).
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    I was browsing Youtube and came across this:

    There is a teaser trailer for the XY movie already??? Or if not, what exactly is this??

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    Old November 10th, 2013 (11:36 PM).
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      Woh, a movie so soon after the release of the anime. Hopefully its good, when does it get released? Hopefully it gives us some time to get to know the cast since I am new to the whole X/Y stuff, I haven't even watched the first episode of X and Y since GUndam Build Fighters just came out and the new season of Magi did aswell.
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      Old November 10th, 2013 (11:46 PM).
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      Well... considering there's some "PokemonItaliano" and not official Pokemon.com logo I'm not sure...
      Not to mention only Pokemon are shown... and without Pikachu.
      Even in teaser, Satoshi should be at least present so... in my opinion it's a very well done fake.
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      Old November 11th, 2013 (1:10 AM).
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        Gotta agree with Ash on this one, can't find this trailer anywhere on JP Pokémon YouTube channel and also, the first clip of the starters reminds me of the XY anime's trailer somehow.
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        Old November 11th, 2013 (9:51 PM).
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          omg i would like if they didnt have a movie so early in the animie
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          Old November 12th, 2013 (1:56 AM).
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            Since the anime was my childhood, I freak out when a new movie trailer comes out. Cool man!
            The Anime was my childhood.

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            Old November 12th, 2013 (2:49 AM).
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              This trailer was at the end of the Genesect movie in Japan I do believe.
              But I may be wrong there.
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              Old November 14th, 2013 (4:37 PM).
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              Originally Posted by Gogoat Rocks! View Post
              This trailer was at the end of the Genesect movie in Japan I do believe.
              But I may be wrong there.
              If I remember correctly, I do sort of recall hearing about a X/Y movie teaser that was shown after the Genesect movie. This could be it.
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              Old November 14th, 2013 (5:29 PM).
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                This link talks about it somewhat and I guess it confirms that it is indeed the movie trailer.


                However, it just says 2014, so it could be a year before it comes out. I think it is a little early to bring it out, but maybe they are making the movies link together like they did in Sinnoh.
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                Old December 3rd, 2013 (8:39 AM).
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                  eh, I wouldn't say that it's a movie necessarily... it looks more like a trailer for the anime ( and the most likely reason why the legendaries popped up was most likely to hype the ad up )

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                  Old December 6th, 2013 (9:39 AM).
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                    An XY movie has been comfirmed. Pokémon Get☆TV will give us more details on Decemer 15th. I wonder what the movie will be about? Will XY only have one movie because of the small amount of legendaries?

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