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What do you do with your shinies?

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Old November 18th, 2013 (3:32 PM).
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    I found myself wondering, what do other people do with their shiny Pokemon? To be honest, since most of the time they're low level and don't have great stats, I almost never use them. But I always feel bad just keeping a bunch of really cool Pokemon in a box, so I normally trade them out for things I want, or can use, or need to fill out my Pokedex. Otherwise, they'd just sit around and do nothing in my PC boxes, and while it's fun to brag about, I prefer to give them to people who really want them and might use them.

    So, what do you guys do with your shiny Pokemon? Battle competitively? Use to barter in trades? Something else?

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    Old November 18th, 2013 (3:49 PM).
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      Mine just sit in box 14 which I renamed shiny box.
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      Old November 18th, 2013 (4:49 PM).
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      So far I only found 1 shiny in B2 - female Mienfoo, and I had to box her right away [she didn't fit in with the team I had]. Next day I bought a new White 2 [to play a Weasel Pokemon challenge]. I transfer her over to that game but had to wait a while [she was at level 39] to use her. Today she is a level 100 Mienshao.

      My only shiny I used in another team.
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      Old November 18th, 2013 (4:54 PM).
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        I like to use my shinies for trading for things that I couldnt normally get like legendaries.
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        Old November 18th, 2013 (5:02 PM).
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          I put them in my box of sparklies.
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          Old November 18th, 2013 (5:41 PM).
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            I box them, or trade them unless they have good Ivs.
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            Old November 18th, 2013 (5:51 PM).
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            I keep most of my shinies in PC. Y'know, just for collection purposes. Don't use any of them when it comes to battling, as they've got natures that don't necessarily fit them. They also have gibberish moves in their moveset. I know I could train them and make them better, but I just don't bother to. The shiny Pokémon I've ever used in a battle was Garchomp. It was able to defeat one of my opponent's Pokémon, but was then taken down with a single Ice Beam quite instantly. I haven't traded, because, well, I find them to be pretty special. If someone wanted a shiny from me, then they'd have to give another shiny in-return. Haha. It mustn't be hacked, though; it's gotta be legitimate. If it is hacked, I won't be accepting it. d:
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            Old November 18th, 2013 (11:09 PM).
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            I have two shinies in my awesome box in white, so those and my subsequent shinies are kept in a box inside my PC because I am afraid of losing them D:

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            Old November 18th, 2013 (11:39 PM).
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              I keep mine in a PC Box called Shinies. I'd love to use them but they're super squishy (the ones I found at least.) Hoping to use the shinies I breed using MM though.
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              Old November 19th, 2013 (1:31 AM).
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              I stuff them and sell them to the Pokemon Museum. I keep them in a box separate from the rest of my ordinary Pokemon. If it's a Pokemon that is usable, I'll use it in my team if possible.
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              Old November 19th, 2013 (1:36 AM).
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              I usually stuff them in the PC. I'm not really crazy about shinies unlike most people.
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              Old November 19th, 2013 (2:24 AM).
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              Angeline plushxKikaito plush
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                I put them in a pc box called shinies box, but if it's a pokemon I want to use it will stay in my party.
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                Old November 19th, 2013 (6:04 AM).
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                  I keep then in a game of the current generation. They're currently in White 2 and as soon as Pokemon Bank comes out, I'm going to transfer them all to Y version. I was originally going to keep ones I caught prior to gen 5 in my HeartGold game so I can see them follow me around, but now I'd rather see them in 3D in Gen 6.
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                  Old November 19th, 2013 (6:15 AM).
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                    The only shiny Pokemon I've used is the Red Gyarados. I've used them in Gold, Silver and Crystal.

                    Other then that I have a level 3 shiny Pidgey which I caught after 150 hours of playing FireRed. Someday I might use it and evolve it to a Pidgeot but right now it's in the PC.
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                    Old November 19th, 2013 (7:47 AM).
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                      If it's usable, I use it. If it isn't...I don't. Same as any Pokemon I guess.

                      Breeding for shinies is the best method if you would like to have one on your team though. You can control basically everything.
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                      Old November 19th, 2013 (10:05 AM).
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                        In Pearl I traded my way to about 6 shinies. One was already EV trained, and one was level 100, so my plan was to EV train the others, get them to 50 and trade them for even more. I never did.

                        Might EV train my current crop though, since it's easier to.
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                        Old November 19th, 2013 (10:43 AM).
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                          Originally Posted by Quinn... View Post
                          I box them, or trade them unless they have good Ivs.
                          This. Although if I run across one I really like, I might use it even if its stats aren't ideal. Like if I ever found a shiny Houndour, there wouldn't be a doubt in my mind that it would be in my party.

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                          Old November 19th, 2013 (11:57 AM).
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                          In the older games (Pearl and White), I had all of my shinies in a box. I used to be big into trading, so I would normally clone them and trade them with other trainers. That's really about all I would do with them. They were nice to look at. :p
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                          Old November 19th, 2013 (12:09 PM).
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                          I put them into a box specifically for shinies! Most of the time I won't use them unless they're a shiny I was specifically after, but they're really fun to collect. :3
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                          Old November 19th, 2013 (2:24 PM).
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                            Like many people, it seems, I stick them in a box where they can whither away for eternity! MWUHAHAA! Their shinyness does nothing to reflect the dark void of neglect!

                            *Aghem*, uh, yeah, I put them in a box. I haven't caught any shinies that were Pokémon I'd use on my team. Just keep them in box so that I remember I've actually caught the things.
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                            Old November 19th, 2013 (3:00 PM).
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                              I leave them in the PC to rot. And occasionally brag about them.

                              The shinies I get are usually Pokemon I don't really care for (except that one Scyther), and they're just...not that good. I still feel excited when I get them, but I wish that I got more Pokemon I actually like!
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                              Old November 19th, 2013 (4:22 PM).
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                                I box them with my legendaries and other special one-time Pokémon. Right now the only shinies I have are a Grimer caught in the Fiery Path in Emerald, and a shiny Leafeon that's part of my SoulSilver team. The Grimer collects dust while Leafeon is level 78 and an active party member, so I guess it all depends on whether the Pokémon is useful or not.
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                                Old November 19th, 2013 (5:16 PM).
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                                With my random shinies, I usually save them to send to another game to be a part of my team there. As for my RNG'd shinies, I swear I'll get around to EVing them all someday... :(

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                                Old November 19th, 2013 (6:14 PM).
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                                  I box them. I have one I found in the wild: my shiny Throh, and I have numerous starters that are shiny, but I traded to get those. I battle with those.
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                                  Old November 19th, 2013 (6:21 PM).
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                                  It depends on the shiny. Like a lot of you, I leave most of them sitting in my box (and occasionally take a few minutes to look through all of them and pat myself on the back). I don't like to trade shinies caught on my own OT, so they just stay there. Sometimes, if I like the shiny, I'll EV train it and add it to my usable group of Pokémon. There are also a lot of shinies that I would like to EV train, but haven't gotten around to training, and I don't generally feel like taking them out of my PC until I'm ready to EV train them.
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