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Old February 25th, 2014 (7:02 PM).
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Dream World is a feature exclusive to only generation five games--Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. With is, you were permitted to send Pokémon inside the web. Once you do, you would be given your own place to live, which, like secret bases and underground tunnels in R/S/E and D/P/Pt respectively, you were able to freely customize. You were also able to make friends with other Pokémon on here, as well as obtain items which you could later tranferred to your game. Unfortunately, though, the feature was shut down in January this year. Anywhoo, what did you all think about DW? Did you like it? How often did you find yourself using it? What were some of your favorite memories?
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Old February 25th, 2014 (8:28 PM).
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I have spent a few days getting my PGL account fixed, just to find out that the Dream World was shut down... very upset that I can't collect hidden ability Pokemon in my B/W and B/W 2 games. I beat my Black game a while back, but never did end-game content.

Now that I've beaten X&Y and am doing the end-game content for it, I found that I needed to go back to B/W to find a move tutor (for things like Knock Off and Hyper Voice), but what's the point if I can't get some HA pokes

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Old February 25th, 2014 (11:30 PM).
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Does anyone still have a Cotton Guard Banette? I REALLY want one XD
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