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Old December 3rd, 2013 (7:36 PM).
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Killed Palkia in DP without saving when I was like...7? Yeah 7 or 8.
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Old December 3rd, 2013 (8:48 PM).
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Not my fail, but a friend's. The most recent Pokemon game she had played was Platinum, and she really knew nothing about Generations V and VI. But after hearing about how awesome X and Y are, she decided to borrow another friend's copy of X last week. She was having a blast, especially since like, a third of the Pokemon she was encountering were completely new to her.

She was playing and Skyping with me at the same time, so she was a little distracted when she found a wild Swirlix. She told me how cute she thought it was, and I replied that I was planning to shiny hunt one. She asked what the shiny looked like, and by this time the wild Swirlix was long gone. I sent her a picture. She responded with profanity and tears, upon realizing that the one she just killed had been shiny.
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Old December 20th, 2013 (6:19 AM).
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I kept looking for a pokemon (forgot which exactly) in my Diamond game. I had been doing this for a while so i just mainly looked at whatever pokemon before fleeing.

Then suddenly, a shiny budew appeared. I clicked run and that's when I fully processed that it was a shiny!
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Old December 22nd, 2013 (11:23 PM).
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I remembered having to knockout the three lake guardians back in Platinum cause I need their seen Pokedex to go to the rest of the Battle areas. I knocked out both Uxie and Azelf but Mesprit was roaming so I could get it's seen without knocking it. After soem time I realized that I could have caught them w/o a Master Ball by using Dusk Balls. I felt very upset, and you know what I did, upon encountering Mesprit again, I decided to knock it out to put it out of it's misery (and also mine DX) I never managed to get my hands on any of the Lake Guardians up until B2W2.
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Old December 23rd, 2013 (11:22 PM).
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Originally Posted by Talli View Post
When first played pokemon Yellow I could not get out of the house in pallet town.
I am SO glad that I am not the only person in the world to not be able to find their way out of the house. xD My first game was yellow, and I swear I was in that house forever trying to find a way out, I finally went and asked my older sister, who got Silver, how she got out of the house. xD I guess that is my biggest fail, I was 8 at the time.

Another fail wasn't really my fail, well I guess kind of, but I had let my little sister play on my pokemon game for a few minutes, I told her specifically "do not use my master ball, and do not save my game". That was on emerald. Guess what happens? She used my master ball on a freaking rattata, and then proceeds to save the game. So later on in the game, I'm not even exaggerating, I spent 2-3 weeks trying to catch Rayquaza. He would just break out of every ball I threw at him, I'd have to restart, try again, he would not stay in there. Finally caught him on vacation and screamed really loud. (I was around 11-12 at that time)

Those are the only ones I can really think of at the time, my memory does not serve me well.


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Old December 24th, 2013 (3:00 AM).
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My biggest fail is in Y wherein I was walking in Terminus Cave coz I thought you had to go through there to reach Couriway Town and I got lost twice that I had to walk back to the entrance coz I dont have Escape Ropes and when I walk south of the cave in that Route, BAM, Couriway was there.

I literally facepalmed after that.
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Old December 24th, 2013 (9:38 AM).
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I left an Abra at the Day Care in Yellow so I wouldn't have to level it up. I completely forgot about it and ended up leaving it there until I went to put a Ponyta in. It grew sixty-eight levels while in the Day Care and I didn't have the money to take it back, so I just left it there and went to train Ponyta somewhere else.

More recently, I was playing X and was hatching Tyrunts so I could chain breed the Fang moves onto it. After almost thirty males, I finally got a female. I Wonder Traded away all thirty of my males, including an Adamant natured male that I really wanted to keep. To make matters worse, I got a crudely nicknamed Scatterbug in exchange for it that I released because of its nickname. It's against the rules to say the Scatterbug's nickname on this forum. I want my Tyrunt back...
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