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Old December 2nd, 2013 (11:33 PM). Edited December 2nd, 2013 by scottklbrw.
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The idea here is to lead with Uxie and spread damage as fast as i can to as many pokemon as i can, then either retreat ( switch or escape rope) and clean house with Mandibuzz. but the trick comes in with catcher and vullaby is i fight who i want to fight by using the Ropes catchers and whilrwinds going for the easy kills. Mew EX is there to copy Uxie to spread damage if they drop, or to mirror Mandibuzz and hit the weak ones hard. If i cant kill it.....Shifty will just have it shuffeld back into the deck and with rare candy great ball he can come out quick... by using devo spray/ recycle he can come out often. Basicly through damage spread and manipulating your active pokemon im attempting to get inside your head and force you to make mistakes.

Ok so here are the cards:

3 Shiftry (ND72)
3 Nuzleaf (ND71)
4 seedot (ND2)
4 Vullaby (DE 73)
4 Mandibuzz (BW73)
4 Uxie (PB36)
3 Mew EX (DR46)

2 Catchers
3 Escape Ropes
3 Switch
3 Devo Spray
3 Recycle
2 Great balls
3 Rare Candy

6 Psychic energy
10 darkness energy

looking for advice on how to replace the Mandibuzz line since BW base set is not "legal" anymore, I was thining of going with Braviary from PS with his poke power to keep the other players active moving but it lacks the bench reach for the easy kills that Mandibuzz has
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Old December 3rd, 2013 (1:32 AM). Edited December 3rd, 2013 by Profen.
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What is your plan against Mr Mime? Because against mr mime your deck does basically nothing.

Either way you have way too many pokemon. At most i would say 20. 25 is just too many cards.

Uxie can place counters on anything even with mr mime so thats good. Though Chandelure ex drops 4 damage counters for 1 energy. This might be a better choice. I also suggest dropping Shiftry. I get it, it can be helpful. But flippy is bad.

Also maybe try adding in weezing for some spread damage. It does 20 to each of your opponents pokemon.

Pokemon: 13 (add more if you like, though probably not any more 1 or 2 step pokemon.
3 Chandelure Ex LT (4 damage counter for 1 energy)
3-3 Weezing PLS (20 Spread damage)
2-0-2 Dusknoir BCR (Moves damage counters around and can help knock out mr mime)

Trainers you need
4 max potion (Heals chandelure ex and only discards 1 energy)
2 Rare candy (maybe more idk)
4 Laser (Can provide sleep)
2 Virbank (Your pokemon dont hit hard enough and need to add more damage)
1/2 Super Rod (Get back those lost pokemon and energy)
2 Level Ball (Get those 90 hp or less basics)
3 Ultra Ball (Get everything)

Energy count
Start at 12 and work your way down. I think 10 is enough energy since your pokemon only use 1-2 energy each.

Supporters: You have none... You need them. Drawing cards is important.
4 Juniper (Best draw support, 7 cards)
4 N (Second best, and hand disruption)
2/3 Skyla (Grab trainers you need)
2 Bianca/Colress/Cheren (additional draw power)

Ace Spec: Dowsing Machine (Get more use out of your good trainer cards.)
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Old December 27th, 2013 (10:57 AM).
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Yeah I see no supporters, gotta get that supporters! For some reason, seeing the recycle card feels out of place, but maybe thats just me. but what Profen said/mentioned looks good too
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