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Old December 6th, 2013 (5:43 AM).
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I'm currently replaying Pt after some years pause. Can you help me improve my current team-to-be? Is there any pokemon you want to replace, how are the movesets, nature, whatever comes to mind.
My team-to-be is:

Luxray (Luxio atm)
Nature: Rash
Ability: Intimidate
Ice fang
Spark/thunder fang
*Some kind of special attack.*

Gallade (Not caught)
Nature: Adamant/lonely
Abilty: Steadfast
Psycho cut
Swords dance
Night slash/leaf blade

Gliscor (Not caught)
Nature: Adamant/Lax/Careful
Abilty: Hyper cutter
I have absolutely no idea what moves to give Gliscor

Vaporeon (Not caught)
Nature: modest/Timid/calm
Ability: water absorb
Ice beam
Aqua ring/acid armor/haze/protect
Hidden power/shadowball/waterfall

Staraptor (Currently Staravia)
Nature: Careful
Ability: Intimidate
Brave Bird

Roserade (not caught)
Nature: modest/timid
Ability: Natural cure/poison point
Energy Ball
Sludge bomb
Shadow ball

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Old December 6th, 2013 (2:37 PM).
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Hey there, unfortunately Fourth Generation Gaming is not for the discussion of competitive or in-game team building. If you're looking for assistance with building your team, check out the Battle Center. In particular for in-game team help, this thread.

Anyway, happy team building and good luck!

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