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Old December 15th, 2013 (8:21 AM).
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What are some of your favorite interactions with your walking Pokemon? One of my favorite aspects of the walking Pokemon feature is that there's always an interesting response based on when and where you talk to them, and which Pokemon it is.

One of my favorite ones is after you delete a move with the Move Deleter, the Pokemon forgets that it was holding an item. Also, Celebi dances when you take it into the Ilex Forest. It's adorable What are some of your favorites?
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Old December 15th, 2013 (3:11 PM).
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In SoulSilver I have my prized and beholden level 83 flawless Noctowl, and whenever I'm flying cross-region and I stop at the Indigo Plateau, I talk to him and it says "Insomniac let out a battle cry!"

It's really cool considering his overworld sprite is gorgeous. :D
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Old December 16th, 2013 (4:36 AM).
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I had this unbeatable Blaziken who gave me a hug in the game.
That Blaziken was my most prized possession in HeartGold, not to mention that it was actually SHINY.

I also like my Magikarp's overworld, it was cool to observe how it flops on the ground.
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Old December 16th, 2013 (5:30 AM).
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That would be my bestfriend cyndaquail (lv 100) because he's so cute.
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Old December 19th, 2013 (3:06 PM).
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I was dissapointed to see Wailord (weirdly one of my favorite pokemon) being downsized....
However, the other sizes were nice, and I loved walking my Tyranitar to see the sights of Kanto at end game.
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Old December 19th, 2013 (4:13 PM).
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Lol Magikarp is very amusing. I like that Krabby and Kingler walk sideways. I really like that they have the shiny leaf thing, it's a cool way to make a pokemon more special.
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