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Anime & Manga Rules
Welcome to Anime & Manga, the place on PC where the western entertainment geeks can participate in embarrassing, fangirlish behavior of their favorite shounen and shoujo. Let's face it; that's all anyone will be talking about here, anyway. Below are this forum's rules that can be used a guide to ensure pleasurable posting within this forum.

All global PokeCommunity rules apply here!
This means everything from the 'four words, twenty-five character rule' to the 'no double posting' rule applies here. If you are unfamiliar with the PokeCommunity rules or just need a quick refresher, you can find them here. Make sure to give them a thorough look over!

→ Elaborate!
Make sure to give a full, fleshed out answer to threads that really answers the topic at hand and could possibly make people think and perhaps consider what you feel is quality entertainment!
  • Listing is still not OK! - You can choose to withhold some details from your post if you're just not the kind of person that elaborates a whole ton, but in topics such as a thread asking for your favorite of 'x,' listing your favorites/least favorites and leaving it with no further explanation, etc. is still not OK, and you are expected to give some sort of worthwhile response.
Keep Pokemon-related content elsewhere!
While this forum is dedicated to the discussion of anime and manga, hence the title, please do keep all Pokemon anime-related discussion to the Pokemon Anime forum and Pokemon manga-related discussion to Pokemon General. That said, just about any and everything else is fair game here!

→ Avoid sharing copyrighted media!
Under no circumstances are download/torrent links to be shared in any thread.

→ Character bashing threads are prohibited!
Threads or posts created with the purpose to intentionally flame/bash an anime/manga series or character are prohibited and will be closed immediately. Topics posted in this forum should be as positively-oriented as possible; threads that insist on doting upon a series or character should be done so respectfully.

→ Use the search feature before creating threads!
Use the search feature located in the top right corner of the forum section to search for a topic similar to the focal point of your thread idea. The thirty (30) day revival rule applies, so make sure that your thread - or one very similar - has not already been created. Duplicate threads will be closed.

→ Be nice, friendly and polite to others
This is more of a given than anything, but this is a nice forum and I’d like to keep it this way for as long as possible. If you have any problems with what certain members are doing/saying, please report the post or contact a higher staff member.

[Added February 2015] → Hide spoilers within spoiler tags
If you're discussing a newly-released episode, movie, and so on, please be respectful of other members and hide your post within spoiler tags. No one wants to be spoiled before they've watched an episode; that can ruin the experience for a lot of people.

Non-compliance with any of these rules will lead to delete posts, to warnings, which eventually leads to infractions, bans, etc, but I'm confident none of which will have to occur, because I know everyone will follow the rules like good little members! :] If you have any questions or concerns with any of these rules, please contact a higher staff member and we will assist you in any way possible.

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