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Old January 1st, 2014 (5:02 PM).
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Okay, the point of this deck is pull as many Altaria, and get as many damage out of Garchomp as you can. so using the Gabite you can search your deck for dragon Pokemon so it helps get the Altaria and Garchomp out.


#4 Gible
#3 Gabite
#3 Garchomp
#3 Swablu
#3 Altaria

#3 potion
#2 Hypnotoxic laser
#4 Snergy retrieval
#2 Energy search
#2 Silver bangle
#3 Pokemon catcher
#1 Eviolite
#1 Switch (all i could find )
#2 Pokemon communication


#2 N
#2 Skyla
#4 Cheren
#4 Professor Juniper

#3 Water energy.
#4 Fighting/rock Energy.
#4 Blend Energy.
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Old January 1st, 2014 (7:29 PM).
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Okay so you are choosing the classic Fluffchomp. Good choice imo. Though with the trend going from blend energy to regular energy it may not be as good as before. Still it can hit really hard for 1 energy.

Either way there are a few problems with this deck build.
-You need 4 garchomp Its your only attacker, and you need to get it out asap.
-You also need to put in 1 super rod. 2 is better. But you need at least 1. If an early gible goes down you are down a garchomp.
-You need to decide if you are going the altaria or bangle route. Dont do both. You cant fit it.
-Level Balls are almost required for this deck as well. 4 of them so you can grab the swablu and gible/gabite. Once you get those out its pretty much autopilot.

Deck suggestion:
Pokemon: 12
4-4-4 Garchomp

Supporters:12 (Use your line up if thats the best you got)
4 Juniper
4 N
3 Skyla
1 Bianca/Cheren/Colress

4 Level Balls
2 Super Rod
2 Rare Candy (From gible to garchomp if need be)
4 Silver Bangle
1 Dowsing Machine (preferred or w/e ace spec, comp search or life dew)
1 Tool Scrapper (Just always have at least 1)
1 Energy Search (you really only need 1 incase you are drawing dead)

Energy: 11 (Giving you 9 fighting and 6 water energy to draw into)
4 Blend
5 Fighting
2 Water

Suggestions: 10 cards left
Max potion (since it only uses 1 energy, 2 max)
Pokemon Catchers (Not as good but can still help)
Switch/Escape Rope (Only 1 energy requirement allows you to just switch to a new one easily)
More Supporters
Laser Bank (For hypnotoxics and 2 virbanks)

If you want to go altaria 3-3 is a good set. You dont need silver bangles. Consider 1 call for family emolga. to get benchs full. You need switches if you run altaria.

Things to consider while choosing bangles vs altaria. Altaria is kind of a big target and takes up dragon calls and takes longer to set up. But it can hit non exs for lots of damage. It also cant fit stuff like laser bank as the deck list is too tight.

While silver bangles can also add in hypnotoxics, max potions and what not, sets up a lot quicker and starts taking prizes much faster. Its also more consistent. It just relies on dragon blade more often to hit high damage to non exs, though lasers can add 30 more to the base 60 of the first attack. 90 damage is pretty strong hit to non exs, while it can do 120 with bangle to exs with only its first attack. It still hits for 160 with dragon blade with all 3 cards in play. Max potions also make a huge difference in the survivability of garchomp and can be almost as irritating as my beedrill deck. Which atm is still my best deck.

Though if you think about it. The only real difference in the 2 decks in terms of damage is 30 to non exs. Since with altaria, you only hit for 60 more with all 3 altaria.
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