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Original description: Team up, start a formation of dedicated hackers and helpers. Here, you can discuss production of hacks with other groups, or make your own hacking group (through approval processes).

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Old January 4th, 2014 (11:38 AM). Edited January 6th, 2014 by StormVentus.
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Welcome to the Team Pokehax thread. I would like you all to please read carefully and if you're interested please do not be afraid to post.

Team Pokehax, a recently organized and small team. We focus on the hacking of 3rd Gen and normally come up with pretty interesting ideas. We are quite active(mostly on sykpe) but I will be on here frequently. I'm looking forward to you joining us and hopefully, working with us as well. I would welcome you to my team with open arms and an open mind. We do currently have an idea of a hack, and once completed hopefully more to follow. So thank you all for coming to our thread and make sure you continue to read. :3

What you will apply for:
Rate yourself:
Proof of Work:
How Long have you been doing what you're applying for?
Extra Comments:

Name: StormVentus
Contact: PM, Email, Skype
Skills: Mapping, Story and Writing

Name: Brendan
Contact: Skype
Skills: Spriting

Name: Stupidtigerz
Contact: Skype
Skills: A little bit of everything

Name: TheKiingSpike:
Contact: Skype
Skills: Little bit of everything

Contact: Skype
Skills: Story and writing

The Project

Base Rom: Fire Red
Title of Project: Pokemon Troll Grey Version
This game will be based on the webcomic, Homestuck. For more details either PM me or simply skype me @ StormVentus.

We need you in order to begin our project so here's a list of what we're currently still in need of.

ASM Hacker
Tile Inserters
Beta testers
OW Spriters
Trainer Spriters
Spriters in general
Title screen editor

Relevant Advertising!

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