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Old January 19th, 2014 (9:53 AM).
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    I'll post chapter 01 as soon as it's finished. Hope you enjoy!

    Chapter 00-Prologue

    Curt and Erik were preparing to go to Saskatoon, when a lone man approaches through the only door to the warehouse. Curt had come across the old abandoned building a few months before, and about a week later Erik arrived bearing news of a meeting arranged by Adam.

    The man in the doorway was joined by four others, and they walked cautiously to where the assassins were hiding. Any second the men would be upon them. They had to act now!

    “Ready?” Erik asked.

    Curt nodded in response and they flew into action. Erik quickly disposed of the first man with a flick of his hidden blade. The others jumped back in surprise. Curt remained hidden and waited for a signal from Erik, who parried a knife slash and stepped back out of the fray. The two unarmed men dove at him, but he managed to subdue one with a kick to the side of the head.

    Erik was pinned and Curt wasn’t going to wait any longer. He tackled the unarmed man freeing Erik, who finished him off. They got up and turned towards the last attacker. Wait, they had only killed three… Weren’t there five? Time slowed to a crawl. Where was the fifth man?

    Crack! Erik grabbed at his chest as he fell to his knees, eyes wide open with shock. Curt scrambled for cover and the shooter wasted the rest of the clip. Before he could reload, Curt rushed him and knocked him down. Enraged he picked up the gun, put in a new clip, and emptied he entire thing into the man before dropping it and turning to the one armed with a steel combat knife. He slashed at Curt, who, to the man’s surprise, countered by grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back. With a push of the man’s arm, the knife plunged deep into his back.

    Just like that, it was over. Curt fell to his knees beside his friend’s body. Erik was gone, and Curt couldn’t leave his hidden blade here. Since Curt lost his at the farm, he needed a replacement and this was a good opportunity to get one. He said a silent farewell and left the building quickly.

    “Now to Saskatoon,” he thought aloud.
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    Old January 21st, 2014 (6:46 AM).
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      Chapter 01-Arrival

      Curt had been travelling for about a day when he finally arrived in Saskatoon. He got off the bus and stepped down onto the curb. There was a convenience store nearby, so Curt went to ask for directions. He was meeting Adam at a school called Victoria, and the woman behind the counter told him exactly how to get there. As he thanked her and was leaving, he noticed two men like the ones who attacked him and Erik.

      Quickly, he turned around and asked, “Is there a back way out?”

      With a nod from the lady, he sprinted towards the rear of the store. In the alley, he snuck around the side of the building and saw the men walk in. Knowing he didn’t have much time, Curt ran a few blocks before slowing to a fast walk. All he had to do now was find a payphone. Then he could call Adam, and they could meet up somewhere. It would be a lot safer with the two of them. If those Abstergo agents hadn’t shown up he could’ve used the phone outside the store. He headed down 8th street since there would be lots of places to hide in case the men came searching for him.

      When he got a few blocks down the street, he saw a mall. There would definitely be phones he could use in there. Crossing the street to the parking lot, he saw the two Abstergo agents walking out of a Tim Horton’s on the corner. They started towards their car, which happened to be in front of Curt. They noticed him and he sprinted down the sidewalk towards the mall entrance as they gave chase. Curt reached the doors and quickly went inside. The men got there less than ten seconds later, and followed him in. They split up and began to search the store methodically. Going back and forth, searching every aisle. After about five minutes, they met back up at the front of the store, and walked out into the rest of the mall. Curt was long gone by then.

      He had used those five minutes to his advantage, getting to the other side of the tunnel by the time the Abstergo agents had finished searching the store. He made his way through the food court and took the path to the right. There were payphones at the end of this path, just past another intersection. He walked quickly, trying to weave his way between people as they went about their business. The men should have reached the tunnel by now if they weren’t searching stores along the way, but Curt wasn’t going to take that risk. He got to the phones and grabbed the closest one, dialing Adam’s number as fast as his fingers would move. It rang once, twice, and then he heard Adam’s voice on the other side.

      “Hello?” Adam asked.

      “Adam, it’s Curt. I’m at Centre, and there are two agents searching for me.”

      “Go hide, I’ll be there as quick as I can.” Adam told him.

      Curt hung up the phone and backtracked to the last intersection. He turned right and ran towards Sport Chek. It had another entrance on the other side, so he could escape easier if needed. He ran to the middle of the store and ducked inside a shirt rack. This is where he would stay until Adam showed up. Or so he thought.
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        Sorry it's been a while, I've been busy with school. Chapter 03 is already about half done so it shouldn't be too long of a wait.

        Chapter 02-Rescue

        Adam hung up the phone and ran to the door. He picked up his hidden blade from the table as he went by. He ran down the stairs and out the front door of the apartment. Curt said he was at Centre mall, which was only a few blocks away. As Adam sprinted down the sidewalk, he put on his hidden blade. He turned the corner and ran into the parking lot, ducking around cars and people as he made his way to the doors.

        Adam opened the door and ran down the hall to the payphones. Looking around he thought to himself, “Where would I go…?” he walked down towards the food court, and stopped at a store that sold knives, swords, and other weapons. Adam walked up to the clerk, who was setting a sword back up on the wall. He turned and asked, “Can I help you?”

        “Yes actually, have you seen a man in a black hoodie go by here?”

        “Ah yes, he seemed like he was in a hurry. He went that way.”

        The clerk pointed to his left, “Towards the payphones.” Before he could ask why, Adam had already walked out of the store. Walking back the way he came, the assassin looked in stores trying to find places someone could hide. He didn’t find anywhere until he came to Sport Chek at the end of the hall. Adam began walking through the store, searching for Curt. As he passed a large clothes rack, an arm shot out and grabbed him.

        “Adam! It’s me!” a voice said.

        Curt stepped out of the rack and pointed to the door.

        “They’re here…”

        “We need to leave, now.” Adam replied.

        As the Abstergo men stepped through the entrance, Adam and Curt turned toward the other way out. They ducked behind shelves and made their way across the store. The men saw Curt going through the exit, and started running. When they got through the door the assassins were gone. The two agents walked down the path, and into a clothes store to search for Adam and Curt.

        Curt peeked out from where he was hiding and watched the men pass in front of him, before going into a store. He called out to Adam, “It’s clear, let’s go quick.” They ran towards the stairs, trying not to knock people over. Just before they got there, the Abstergo agents came out of the store. They saw Adam and Curt as they turned the corner, and began running after them. Adam jumped over the railing to the lower flight of stairs.

        The assassins ran out into the parking lot closely followed by their pursuers, who burst through the door seconds later. Curt was standing facing the door while the agents walked out towards him. The man on the left took out a gun and pointed it at Curt. Adam crept up behind the gunman and put his arm around the man’s neck. He dropped the gun and grabbed at Adam’s arms. Adam squeezed and the man went limp. The second agent turned and punched at him. Adam fell back and reached for a nearby pillar to hold himself up. Before the man could pull his arm back, Curt grabbed his wrist. He pulled on it and pushed his left arm forward at the man’s elbow, breaking his arm. Reaching around, Curt grabbed his other arm and pulled both behind him. Adam stood up, extended his hidden blade, and slid it into the man’s neck. As the life left his body Curt set the man on the ground.

        “Great work.” Adam said.

        “Thanks,” replied Curt, “should we hide the bodies?”

        “Of course, let’s put them in the corner over there.”

        The assassins picked up the bodies of their fallen enemies, and moved them into a dark corner next to the landing at the bottom of the stairs. Curt picked up the gun and put it in his bag as they walked across the underground parking lot. They went up a different set of stairs into the tunnel between sides of the mall. Going past movie theatres, they turned right and out into the lot behind the mall. Crossing a road, they sat down at the bus stop.

        “Nice to meet you by the way.” Curt said.

        “Same here.” Adam replied.
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