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Blossom the Chikorita
Female - Level 8
Tackle/Growl/Refresh/Razor Leaf/-/-

Napoleon the Buizel
Male - Level 6
Sonic Boom/Growl/-/-/-/-





Melody Hughes

Chapter 2 - Route 31

The Journey Continues

After finishing her breakfast, Melody departed from the Pokemon Center and resumed her journey once more. Walking by her side were both of her Pokemon. Blossom seemed to keep close to Melody as she walked. Occasionally the little Chikorita would give a glance over towards the direction of her new teammate and traveling companion, Napoleon. The said Buizel would not even bother giving the Chikorita a second glance. Rather, he kept at a comfortable space as he walked with the duo. His eyes were focused on the route before them.

"Let's see... According to the map on my Pokegear, we should be coming to that fork in the road... right now," Melody said with a smile. Sure enough, the map was accurate in its directions. It was a bit of a shame that Melody had not paid any attention to the phone-like device earlier. Doing so might have actually helped her and Blossom from getting lost. Then again, that might have kept them from meeting Christina, Napoleon, and Blaine. "I guess in some regard it was a good idea I forgot about it!"

Napoleon glanced up at the trainer, letting out a small huff before the otter Pokemon resumed his walking, taking the right path. Melody and Blossom quickly followed, before the girl resumed her lead of the two Pokemon. Route 31 was quite different than the previous route that Melody had explored. As far as her eyes could see, farmlands stretched out before her. Men and women could be seen hard at work, tending to the fields and crops.

"It's almost like a different region or something..." Melody mused to her two Pokemon as they walked. The girl gave a friendly hello to some of those who she passed, when suddenly Napoleon let out a small growl, catching the girl's attention. Glancing over in his direction, Melody noticed the Buizel was focusing intently on some rustling bushes. Her eyes lit up as she knelt down to the otter Pokemon. "Good work, Napoleon... What do you think it is?"

Napoleon remained still. His small tail twitching as suddenly from out of the bushes hopped a wild Lillipup. The little dog Pokemon barked and growled at Melody and her Pokemon, trying its best to look as intimidating as possible. Melody quickly scrambled for her Pokedex, scanning the dog in an attempt to get more information about it.

"Lillipup, the Puppy Pokémon. The long hair covering Lillipup's face is an excellent radar, which senses conditions in the surrounding area."

"It definitely looks like a tough little thing..." Melody mused, as she glanced up from her Pokedex and back at the wild Pokemon. She nodded, glancing down at Blossom with a smile. "Alright, Blossom! I say we make another addition to the team! Let's show Napoleon how it's done, yeah?"

The Chikorita let out a happy chirp. Glancing proudly over towards Napoleon, Blossom began to make her way to take on the Lillipup as Melody said, only to be blocked as Napoleon dashed to take her spot instead. The Chikorita let out a surprised and somewhat annoyed chirp, glaring at the Buizel as fiercely as she could. Melody was quite surprised as well.

"Um... Well, I guess it's alright. He seems eager enough, so why not?" Melody said, scratching the back of her head slowly. "O-Okay then, Napoleon! It might be a bit stronger than you, so use Growl to take it's power down some!"

Napoleon nodded, growling fiercely at the Lillipup. The little puppy admittedly did shudder a bit from the Buizel's growl, but only for a moment before it began dashing towards Napoleon. The little dog quickly slammed into the Buizel, causing him to stagger backwards.

"Napoleon, are you okay?" Melody called out in concern. The Buizel only responded with a single nod before he began to run towards the wild Lillipup. Melody nodded, seeing the determination of the water Pokemon and resumed the battle. "Alright, Napoleon! Let it have a Sonic Boom!"

The Buizel followed through with Melody's command. He slapped his paws together, sending forth a shock wave of energy towards the Lillipup. The wave collided straight with the Lillipup, causing it to fall back and onto its side. Melody was in awe at the strength her Buizel seemed to show. She readied a Pokeball, sure that it would only be a matter of time before the dog was ripe for catching. Blossom remained silent, watching the battle intently as the wild Lillipup staggered back up to its feet.

"Good job, Napoleon! Let it have another Sonic Boom!" Melody ordered.

The Buizel nodded, preparing to use the attack once more. However, the wild Lillipup was not about to let that happen. Quickly, the dog dashed forward surprising the trainer and both her Pokemon at the moxie it seemed to have suddenly gained. The dog pinned Napoleon down and then chomped down on the otter Pokemon's right paw. The Buizel let out a loud howl of pain as Melody stood there, wide-eyed at the sight. It was Blossom's worried chirps that caused the girl to snap back to reality.

She quickly took Napoleon's Pokeball, aiming the device at the Buizel. "Napoleon! That's good come on back!"

A beam of red light shot out from the ball in her hand. Napoleon managed to glance up as the light came for him. He growled, quickly managing to use left paw to sock the Lillipup off of his right one and then roll out of the way from the light. Melody honestly did not know what to think of the display.

"He... refused...?"

Napoleon glanced over his shoulder, giving his trainer an annoyed glare before returning his attention back to the wild Lillipup. Melody stood speechless for a moment, before slowly nodding at the Buizel's determination to win this battle. Both Pokemon looked as if they were about ready to collapse from their little scuffle. Yet neither one looked as if they were going to back down. The wild Lillipup growled at Napoleon, before suddenly barking and charging at the Buizel once more. Napoleon remained focused on the charging Lillipup. Blossom could not take her eyes of the scene.

"...Now, Napoleon! Dodge to the side and use a Sonic Boom!" Melody suddenly ordered.

Napoleon nodded, the Buizel managing to dodge off to the side by rolling. Quickly, the otter Pokemon clapped his paws together, letting out another shock wave of energy towards the wild Lillipup. The small dog crashed right into the attack, falling to the ground as a result. It attempted to climb back up to its feet once more before falling back to the ground and fainting shortly after.

"Great job, Napoleon!" Melody cheered, clearly impressed with the Buizel's efforts. Blossom gave a cheerful chirp as well. Both the trainer and Chikorita ran over to meet the Buizel and congratulate his well fought battle. However, the Buizel only gave both of them a small glance before he resumed his walk down the main path of Route 31. Blossom and Melody both gave each other a small glance... although the Chikorita was clearly annoyed with the Buizel's behavior. "He's... different, that's all. He's just not used to us. Give him time, he'll warm up."

The Chikorita did not look too convinced. Still, she gave Melody a small nod before she and the trainer moved to catch up to Napoleon...

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    Blaine - Route 31 - A hidden darkness

    "-so, that's really it to be honest."

    Blaine frowned as he looked at the face of the plant, "Uh… you DO understand right?"

    The Bellsprout cocked his head and Blaine let his head bend down, "Well great. Just… great." He stood up and rubbed his forehead, "Another mon that doesn't understand… why me?" He knew that probably none of his mon cared if he was going through a stressful even right now as they stared on.

    Derpy had been standing off to the side and finally came up to the plant and began to jabber about while wildly waving his arms about. As was done with Blaine the plant just stared at the water type, almost as if it didn't understand what was being said to it. "Bell…" She said slowly as her eyes stayed trained right on the Totodile.

    Blaine groaned at the scene and turned away, "Okay… I need a moment you two. Just… yeah." He began to walk around and he put his hands on top of his head. He took in a few deep breaths to calm himself down as best as he could. He was already on this journey right? His parents had spent cash to get him here, and he didn't want to already give up now. Well, he would have to do his best he supposed. He had already won a battle, so maybe he had a bit of talent for this? It was that or he was lucky to run into that specific boy. In the end though he hadn't done anything. It had been Derpy who took initiative and dealt the last blow to that bird.

    Maybe Derpy would be a better trainer… oh dear had his thinking turned so quickly? Derpy being a better trainer! The blasted Totodile would eat all the pokeballs! He kept on rubbing his head forehead as he felt a headache coming on. Oh no, not now! He didn't want physical pain as well! He would just have to keep calm and take deep breaths. He paced back and forth all the while as his new headache throbbed in his skull.

    As Blaine was having his mini crisis Derpy looked over at the plant. It seemed in an instant his whole demeanor changed. He reached out with a hand and grabbed the green leaf of the Bellsprout and twisted the leaf. The Bellsprout cried out and tried to pull her leaf away, only for Derpy to twist it even harder. The Bellsprout soon found herself on the ground with the Totodile holding her down. "Toto…" He gurgled out as he twisted the leaf just a bit more, "Tot, totodile?"

    The Bellsprout whimpered and looked away from the water type, only to feel her leaf being twisted more and then she quickly nodded. Derpy held that grip for a bit and leaned in a bit closer as he whispered something to the grass type before he let go and pulled her up. He happily patted the grass type on the back just as Blaine turned back to them now that his headache was dying down.

    "Okay, that didn't help. Let's just get to the next town." He let out a sigh and looked at the two, "At least you two are getting along okay."

    The Bellsprout shivered as the water type patted her back and she slowly nodded while Derpy gave off his trademarked large smile. Blaine recalled the Bellsprout and looked at Derpy, "Will you stay in your ball or should I just not try?"

    The Totodile happily shook his head and Blaine sighed, "I thought so. Might as well get moving right?" He returned to the path with Derpy gurgling happily next to him and jumping about happily in the air.
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      Aberdeen, Christina, and Nathan

      "Come on, Chespin, it's getting away!"

      Aberdeen and his pokémon were running between trees and jumping over bushes to try and keep up with the Vivillon who actually floated forward pretty lazily; it just hadn't noticed the frantic trainer behind it.

      "Grab it with your Vine Whip!"

      Chespin jumped over a log and fired its vines to ensnare its opponent - but the butterfly sensed the vibrations in the air. In the nick of time, it dodged, and was now painstakingly aware of that it was being chased by a boy and his pet. Silly imbeciles. The butterfly merely sighed mentally, turned around and rose higher up into the sky where they, hopefully, couldn't disturb it.

      "Oh no, you're not getting away that easily!" Aberdeen said and quickly began climbing the tree closest to the rising bug. Chespin followed suit, passed his trainer easily with the help of his vines in the climbing and skittled out onto a tree branch that sat just where Vivillon was passing by, believing that it had shaken the followers off its tail.

      Chespin jumped, remembering how it had surprised Pidgey from above yesterday, hoping for a reprise of his success. Alas, again the Vivillon was too aware of the vibrations in the air around it, and dodged just in the nick of time. Chespin fell down and landed in a flowery bush near the road. Vivillon laughed at the sillyness, not bothering to rise or fly away for a moment.

      That was the moment Aberdeen needed.

      "AHA!" he cried as he leaped out from the same tree branch as Chespin had, arms spread wide and his lips wearing a huge smile of triumph. Why throw a pokéball from which an unharmed pokémon could escape, when you could throw yourself and grasp your victim tightly?

      Clearly, Ab had learned nothing over the past few minutes. This Vivillon couldn't be attacked physically easy. A little flutter to the right, and Aberdeen fell just as helplessly as his starter pokémon down towards the ground below. The difference now was that there wasn't a bush on the road where he landed. Instead, there was a girl.

      Approximately five minutes earlier, Chris had been wandering along the road with her hands folded up behind her, humming out a tune while glancing left and right for signs of any Pokémon or, hopefully, trainers to battle. Sindy waddled along happily next to her, seemingly making a lot of little noises herself, quite content with the bright sun shining down on them.

      "After that talk with Melody, I really feel like we should get another team mate..." Sindy glanced up at Chris, causing the girl to blink a little before smiling, waving her hand dismissively. "It's not like I don't think you're great, Sindy, because you are. But... we need some other types on our team, you know? Plus, making more friends never hurt anyone." The Cyndaquil gave out a little squeak and nodded, seemingly not having taken offense from Chris' comment. "We need to be sure they'd be a good addition to the team, though. Can't just have any old Pidgey joining us, you know? And we need to grow stronger too, so maybe we should get fighting against some trainers before we reach Violet..."

      The trees had started thinning out a bit, giving way for farmland, fields of flowers and generally flat land. Christina had just come to the edge of a slightly forested area, on the border of a farmer's field, when she heard a quiet little bleating off to the right. Coming to a stop, Chris turned to blink lightly at a small Skiddo laying in the shade of a large tree by the road, next to a bush. It was laying on top of its legs, looking up at Sindy and Chris rather calmly.

      "... Aaawh, look, it's a little Skiddo!" A bright smile quickly adorned the girl's lips as she took a few steps closer and knelt down, holding her hand out for the little goat to sniff. It was completely unafraid, which made her think that it probably belonged to the farmer that lived nearby. Sindy waddled a little closer and had a sniff of it as well, and the Skiddo was soon being happily petted by Chris, bleating out again.

      "Well, as adorable as you are, probably a good idea not to try and catch a Pokémon owned by someone already." She gave a little grin and gave the goat a final little pat on the head before standing up. "Alright Sindy, let-" Christina was suddenly cut off as... something came flying from the tree's branches above her, landing in the bush next to the Skiddo, who promptly lept to her feet and bounced away into the field behind her.

      "AHA!" was the only words she heard before she managed to glance upwards, startled as she saw a boy flying towards her. Unable to do anything to react, he slammed straight into her, sending the both of them to the ground with a loud "OOF!" of surprise and pain.

      After a bit of tumbling off the road and into the field, further startling the Skiddo, they came to a stop. Christina let out a quiet groan of pain after the rough tumble, slowly raising a hand to rub the top of her chest with a wince and her eyes shut tight. "Nngh... ow... what the hell was...?"

      Ab got up on his elbows and blinked. It took about two seconds of staring before his eyes widened and he realized what position they were in. Aberdeen practically laying on top of Christina, little straws of grass raining down on her face from his roughed up hair.
      She paused, suddenly feeling the added weight on top of her as she opened her eyes, blinking up at the boy laying on top of her, staring straight back at her.

      "Oops," was all Ab could think to say, and no reflexes made him immediately move.

      It took a few moments to register what had actually happened, from the crash, to the fall, to the tumble, to now laying there. Christina's face quickly grew red and her expression rapidly changed from confusion and pain, to shock, to anger, bordering on fury.

      "W... what the hell do you think you're doing?! G-get off of me!"

      "Wah! Sorry!" Aberdeen said, crawling back fast as lightning to sit on his butt in front of her instead. "I meant to catch a pokémon, not a girl. Eeeh, I mean, not that I'm trying to catch you, I just mean that I would never do it on purpose. Ah, no, I mean, not that you're ugly or anything, I just mean-!" He spoke very rapidly until the girl cut him short.

      "Shut up!" Christina shouted as she shuffled a little back, moving to sit up as well, with her hands resting on the ground behind her, her expression a mixture of anger and embarrassment. her face completely reddened by now. "What do you think you're doing, crashing into people like that?! Do I look like a Pokémon to you? I should- rrgh! What's wrong with you?!"

      "No, I just said I didn't mean to! I tried to catch... Oh no, it's gotten away," Aberdeen said with a sad face as the Vivillon just fluttered by them out over the field, many meters above their heads. "Pity."

      He got back up on his feet and reached out a hand to help the bothered girl up. "I'm really sorry, okay?" he added with what he hoped was an apologetic smile.

      Sending the guy another annoyed glare as he went on about something else, staring off into the distance, Chris was just about ready to go on another tirade, before his last comment, which visibly eased her up, if only a little bit, although she still looked rather angry.

      "... Fine." She took his hand and pulled herself to her feet, but quickly pulled her hand back as she began dusting herself off, making sure everything was as it should be in her bag and nothing had flown out during their tumble. "Just... be more careful about where you leap from, okay? I could've gotten really hurt! What -were- you doing up there anyway?"

      "I've told you, I was trying to catch a pokémon. But I guess I'll do without it." Ab suddenly leaned his head to the side and eyed Christina a bit more closely. "Say, you don't happen to be a trainer too, do you?"

      "... You were trying to catch a Pokémon -with your hands-?" Christina asked, a brow quirked and her arms folded across her chest, looking rather skeptical of his methods. "As a matter of fact, I am! Just started on m-" Suddenly, her face lit up in realization and she spun around, peering up the hill they had tumbled down, sighing in relief as she saw the Cyndaquil peeking down at the two of them with... some kind of rodent right next to her, his mouth open in a sort of O-shape with one, big tooth in the middle of the hole. "And... I'm guessing that's your Pokémon?"

      "Ah! Chespin! There you are," Ab laughed.

      "And another thing-" The voice of an old man echoed from a farmhouse directly North about 50 yards away from the two trainers. From out of the house, a teen stumbled backwards out the door, his Fennekin following similarly.

      Following him was a man in his late 40s or early 50s. He was bald except for some blonde hair on the sides of his head. He stood about 5 and a half feet tall. A Herdier was barking at the teen from the farmer's heels, and a Taillow on the farmer's shoulder glared ahead.

      As he waved his straw hat around at the teen, the farmer was yelling something about his crops and his property. The teen turned his head, then turned back to the farmer, then quickly back to Aberdeen, whose eyes and smile widened.

      "Hey, isn't that Nate?" he said, 48% to Chespin, 50% himself, and maybe 2 rather weird % to Christina.

      "How should I know...?" Christina muttered to herself as she watched the farmer dragging the other boy out from the house. Seemed to her like the both of them were as much trouble as the other.

      Nate had a look of shock on his face as he recognized the trainer he's just seen the day before. He showed an embarrassed smile before he turned back to the man that was scolding him. However, the farmer was silenced when he saw the other two trainers. The Herdier continued its barking, however.

      "My berries!" He yelled. Along the hill that the two trainers had just tumbled down, there were multiple young bushes that had been flattened. "Those were my Starf bushes ya little creeps! That was the only crop I planted! Now I've got to go out and get more Starf berries. Do ya have any idea how hard they are to get in your own hands? Pretty hard!"

      Chris blinked softly at the accusation, turning around to look at the devastated bushes along the hillside and around where Aberdeen and she were standing. Her eyes widened a little as she realized just how badly the crops had been trampled, quickly turning back to the farmer, calling out to him. "H-hey, no, it wasn't my fault! It was-" But she was cut off by the man.

      Nate was trying to back away, but the farmer noticed him. "You! Sit on the ground!" the man shouted. Nate obeyed. The farmer turned back to the two other trainers. "What's gonna happen now, hm? I've got a hill full of flattened berry bushes and no way to restock for at least a week!"

      "Maybe you can try eating something else for a while?" Aberdeen suggested with a huge, innocent smile, promptly landing him an elbow in his side from Christina, followed by a 'Not helping!' look.

      The face of the farmer turned redder, and Chespin facepalmed with Sindy shaking her head besides him.

      "You godawful rascals! I oughta let my pokémon whip the guts out of you!" he growled as the Herdier continued its yapping.

      "H-hey, look, there isn't any need for that!" Christina pleaded, sending the farmer an apologetic smile. "Maybe we can... uhm, work out some sort of deal? We could... I dunno, pay for the damages?"

      The farmer's face seemed to continue to grow redder by the minute, opening his mouth to shout out something at the three again as a voice was heard behind him. "Are you bullying some kids again? Oh Harold, I really don't know what to do with you."

      Out from behind the farm house, a short, somewhat stout little woman came walking up to the scene while the farmer flailed his arms, gesturing at the three. "They ruined our crops, Magda! I can't just let them walk off without some kind of punishment!" His wife smiled as she stepped up besides him, placing a hand on his arm to try to calm him a little down before looking to the kids. "Only a few of the bushes are gone as far as I can see. And, well, maybe we'll take the young lady up on her offer and make a deal of some kind. I'm sure you could use a farmhand or three for a couple of hours?"

      "Yeah, we can find new berries for you!" Aberdeen suggested eagerly. "If we find and pick berries from the same number of bushes we, uh, squashed, it should be okay, right?"

      "You think it's easy to find these berries out here?" the farmer grunted. "There's a reason we're growing them with care! And you, ya little creep," He turned to Nate, who was obediently sitting on the ground, with Fang-Lin in the same position. "Those berries are going to cost you too! And don't you say you'll just give them back; you got your grubby little paws on them already."

      "There, there," Magda said, pulling his arm a bit again, managing to pacify the farmer before he reddened up again. "There are some rare, odd, edible berries in the hills to the north where we don't really bother venturing too often. They would make up for the loss of Starf. The other can help them to make up as well."

      Nate nodded quickly. Fang-Lin nodded in sync as well. The farmer mumbled in agreement. Nate stood up and walked over to the two trainers.

      "There, now you three get to work, you hear? Herdy here will be watching you. Same with Low." She gestured towards the Herdier, then the Taillow. She then turned and nudged her husband to follow her into the house.
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      Aberdeen, Nathan, Christina
      chapter 2 : Route 31

      The three trainers walked on a dirt road leading north between fields and more fields, leaving the main road on Route 31 behind them for the time being. The first minutes, they walked in silence, unsure of what the Herdier trotting on a few meters behind them or the Taillow soaring in circles above them would think if they chatted "at work". But only a few minutes had passed before Aberdeen couldn't stand it anymore and broke the awkward silence.

      "So... Nate! It's nice to see you again," he therefore suddenly said, deciding to converse with the person he somewhat knew first. "Did you catch some more pokémon since yesterday?"

      "Uh, no..." Nate trailed off as he remembered the egg Pokemon in his pockets. He quickly reached down and pulled the two eggs out. They seemed groggy; they had fallen asleep.

      "Hah! That's adorable," Aberdeen commented.

      "Crud, I forgot about this. I found this Exeggcute in the barn. I meant to look for the other four parts." He bent down while he was walking to let the Pokemon bounce along beside Fang-Lin. The fox greeted the eggs questioningly, but cheerfully. "I hope I can find them when we get back to the farm. The one egg seems pretty frightened."

      "Okay. Don't worry, we'll help you look for them," Ab said with a quick pat on Nate's shoulder.

      Nate also remembered that he had put a Pecha Berry the same pocket; he liked snacking on them himself. He reached into his pocket to grab it. "What's happened on your journey since yesterday? I see you've bumped into another trainer." As he grabbed the Pecha berry, he realized that there was a second in his pocket. I could have sworn that I only took one of each berry...

      "'Bumped into', yeah, exactly..." Christina mumbled, walking on the other side of Nathan, still looking rather annoyed, with Sindy waddling happily along a little behind the trainers, seemingly engaged in a cheerful conversation with Chespin, regailing the story of her, Chris' and the others' adventure into the dark, spider-filled part of the forest.

      "Hehe... I guess I did," Aberdeen said and scratched his head somewhat nervously. Then he seemed to realize something and spun around to face Christina. "Oh, right, I don't even know your name! I'm Aberdeen. And yeah, this is Nate. We're both trainers travelling the region, I guess. What's bringing you to Route 31?"

      Meanwhile, Chespin was colorfully describing his part in battling the frightful Loudred yesterday for Sindy. He might have added a few parts that weren't really there in truth, but Sindy would never know, so.

      "Oh, uhm... my name's Christina. Hey there." She nodded at Nate before looking back to Aberdeen, lifting her left hand to scratch her cheek lightly. "And... I guess I'm travelling around too. I'm looking to become famous." Her face brightened a little bit at the mention of this, putting on a confident smile. Nate held back a scoff.

      "Famous?" Aberdeen said, as if tasting the word. "Good luck with that, there are so many trainers in the world so to become famous I guess you'd have to be really good. Or really odd!" He smiled widely.

      "Don't you worry." She replied, now grinning as she jabbed her thumb against the top of her chest. "When I say I'm going to do something, I'm not going to stop for anything, just you wait and see! In a few years, everyone'll know the name 'Christina Langley'!"

      "Langley?" Ab said, raising an eyebrow and waving his hand in the air as if he suddenly frantically tried to remember something that was on the tip of his tongue. "Ah, like that trainer guy from TV? You know, if you want to be famous, you should probably pick a name that isn't already well known."

      Chespin nearly facepalmed again, where he was walking slightly behind the trainers now, but Sindy gave him an understanding pat on the back instead.

      Christina's confident disposition disappeared quicker than the air from a ruptured balloon, her cheeks quickly reddening and her expression becoming annoyed once more as she gave Aberdeen a little semi-glare. "... Marcus is my brother."

      Nate didn't watch television, or even read newspapers, for that matter, so he didn't know much about what happened in the media. He didn't know anything about the name Langley, se he didn't comment, he just kept scanning the road for any rare-looking berries. Every once in a while, he looked down at Exeggcute to keep an eye on it.

      "Haha, ow, too bad then!" Ab laughed, but then realized that maybe he shouldn't push it after all. "Well, good luck. You don't seem like the person to just be a cute TV-face, I bet you have more smarts than your brother and will beat him soon enough!" He smiled towards the girl in an attempt to turn the convo around.

      Her semi-glare softened somewhat at his compliments, though it was clear that she was still a little iffy about him. She did, however, manage to force up a half-genuine smile at him. "... Thanks. By the way, Aberdeen is kind of... long to say, would you mind if I just called you Ab, or Deen?"

      "Um... I've never been called Deen before, I think," Aberdeen said, hesitantly.

      "Deen it is then!" Christina exclaimed, nodding her head before giving a little glance over her shoulder at the dog Pokémon following behind Sindy and Chespin. She wrinkled her nose a little, lowering her voice as she looked over to the two boys. "... And is it just me, or does being watched over like this make you feel a bit... cramped? I kinda feel we'd get done quicker if we didn't have a ball and chain with us..."

      Ab's... Deen's smile returned and he put his arms around the shoulders of the other two trainers as he walked in between them, earning himself a little sigh from Christina. "Exactly my thought," he said, also with a lowered voice. "So, how do we get rid of them?"

      Nate froze up when Ab's arm hit his neck, and he quickly slipped himself out from the grasp. When he stopped though, he realized something. Both Ab and Christina's eyes turned to Nate all of a sudden, as if he looked like someone with a plan.

      "First of all, don't do that." Nate stated plainly. "Second, I think..." Nate trailed off as he looked at a bare shrub within the row of Persim plants that the group was walking by. The blue shrub was a little bit shorter than most of the other plants. Exeggcute had bounced curiously towards the plant. For some reason, the two eggs were spinning, though they struggled to stay upright, as if they were excited.

      After a joyful cry, the larger of the two eggs somehow flipped a pink star-shaped berry up onto itself, turned to look at Nate, and give another joyful cry. Nate stooped down to grab the berry from the Pokemon and recognized it as a Lansat Berry. Fang-Lin sniffed the berry to inspect it and Nate had to swiftly stand up so that the Fennekin didn't gobble down the berry in his excitement.

      "This... is a Lansat Berry!" Nate exclaimed to the other trainers. "This is one of the best-tasting berries that exist! Someone must have accidentally gotten a Lansat berry mixed in with their Persim crop and planted it here. Harold will definitely want this!"

      "Really?" Chris asked, her brows widening as she stepped a little closer to look at the berry in question. "Oh, I've heard about these! My b- I've heard they're pretty rare and can actually be really expensive."

      "It's a pretty great berry. I ate a couple once when I was younger. I too-" Nate paused for a second. "I got some from some tenants in my family's building." Nate figured that only bringing this berry wouldn't be enough. "This won't satisfy him though. If we just bring him this, it'll take weeks for him to grow a crop as large as the Starf crop he had."

      Aberdeen smiled as he walked up to the others. So berries could make the quiet boy excited? Interesting to know!

      "Can your Exeggcute... eggs find more, you think? Maybe Chespin could search too! He's bound to be a berry eater. And I mean, if the farmers didn't mean to plant Lansat berries on their fields, they sure won't miss them if they're gone, right?"

      Christina nodded in agreement with Aberdeen, looking back to the Cyndaquil, who had hopped on over to squint up at Nathan, her long nose/snout wriggling into the air. "Good idea! Sindy's got a pretty keen sense of smell too, from what my Pokédex told me. So if we spread out around this area, we're bound to find a good amount of Lansat berries to bring back to the farmer!"

      Nate figured that it was just a lucky find for the Exeggcute. Fang-Lin might be a help, however. The fox Pokemon probably had a pretty good sense of smell. "Let's look around this area, then." Nate stated. "My Pokemon and I will search around one of the rows deeper into the field."

      "Will do! I'll go around the edge, in case we're lucky again," Ab said and motioned for Chespin to follow as he dove into the bushes but followed the road. "Meet here in a while, eh?" he called back.

      "Alright, Sindy and I'll look around this area, see if we can find anything. Good luck guys." She raised a hand to wave at the two as they headed off in seperate directions, smiling down at the Cyndaquil, now looking up at her. "Let's do this Sindy. The sooner we're done here, the sooner we'll get to Violet."

      Nate picked up Exeggcute and place it in his pockets again so that he wouldn't get lost in the vegetation. Nate then pushed through the first few rows of Persim plants with Fang-Lin following.

      "Alright, Fang-Lin. Sniff out any of those Lansat Berries that you can find. You remember how they smell, right?" Fang-Lin nodded. "Sweet. Let's look then." Nate crouched down and started looking under each berry plant for Lansat Berries. Fang-Lin walked farther down the row to start tracking.

      Christina was standing with her top half partially inside of a bush, the leaves and berries hanging off of the branches wriggling as she moved about. "Mrgh... this is harder than I thought. Are you finding anything, Sindy?" The Cyndaquil squeaked out quietly from a few bushes down the line, shuffling about the feet of the nearby bushes.

      Pulling herself out, she huffed a little and raised her hands to move a couple of leaves out of her hair, glancing over at Sindy to see how she was doing. Just as she did though, a Pokémon lept through the bush she was standing next to, causing the Cyndaquil to squeak out in surprise, toppling over onto her back. Chris' eyes widened as she saw a Rattata standing, staring up at her with not just one, but TWO Lansat berries hanging from his mouth. "... Sindy! Get him!"

      Meanwhile, Aberdeen and Chespin were running along the road in the bushes just at the edge of the field, looking hard for any bushes that seemed out of the ordinary and had been missed by the farmer for being so far out.

      Suddenly, Chespin gave up a squeak and Aberdeen came to a halt to look back at him. The rodent had been tackled by a tiny dog pokémon! Aberdeen got his pokédex up and identified it as a Lillipup. The pup growled at them as Chespin got back up and went to stand with his back against his trainer with an angered look.

      "Maybe it belongs to the owner of these fields," Ab theorized. "Hey you, we're not after the Persim plants. We'll only touch the berries that aren't meant to be here, yeah?"

      Lillipup's response was to jump forward in another Tackle, but Chespin dodged this time.

      "Alright then, your choice," Ab said with a bitter grin. "We'll do it the hard way."

      Nathan searched for about ten minutes before Fang-Lin appeared again, walking back towards Nathan while continuing to try to sniff for berries. As Fang-Lin walked past Nate, it yipped excitedly. Nate looked behind him to see the Fennekin skipping towards a Lansat Berry hanging from a bush.

      "Great find, Fang-Lin!" Nate started to reach for the berry, but Fang-Lin had already reached the berry and couldn't help himself from eating the delicious fruit.

      "No!" Nate fell over as he tried to grab the berry in vain. He should have remembered the fact that Fang-Lin tried to gobble down the last berry. "Dagnabbit, Fang-Lin!" The fire Pokemon just gazed back at Nate with a look of innocence. Nate put his hand on his face in frustration.

      "You... you can't do that again, buddy." He stood up and began to look over the bush. He found another Lansat Berry, so at least it wasn't a complete loss. He was about to put the berry back in his bag when Exeggcute started wiggling in his pocket and calling to him.

      Meanwhile, Chris' came to a skidding halt with her arms spread wide and a wicked grin on her lips as she cut off the escape route of the Rattata, the little rat-Pokémon slowly backing a little away before turning and starting to make a run for it again, only to be stopped by Sindy blocking his path.

      "We've got you now, you little-" The Rattata then made a break for it to the left, Chris quickly raising a hand to point at it while shouting out "Sindy, tackle him into the tree next to him!" The Cindaquil obeyed and since the Rattata was trying to run around her, she quickly managed to slam into him, sending him flying into the tree, emitting a yelp from the attack, which caused him to drop the berries.

      Realizing that he'd dropped them, the Rattata began making his way towards them, but Chris smirked. "Smokescreen, don't let him find the berries!" Sindy hunched over as, instead of flames emitting from her back, a thick, white smoke quickly billowed out, covering an area in the smog.

      Nate was about to take one of the two eggs out of his pockets when he felt something soft inside. He pulled it out and realized it was another Lansat Berry.

      "What? How did this get here?" Nate questioned. He figured that he must have accidentally pulled it off a berry shrub when his pocket snagged it. He proceeded to pull the Exeggcute egg out of his pocket, but it just looked at him contentedly, so he put it back and placed the berries in his bag. He coughed as he smelled smoke, then looked over the berry plants to see smoke rising about twenty feet away inside the berry patch.

      "Vine whip!" Ab shouted, jumping away from a Tackle directed at himself this time - this Lillipup really meant business in keeping intruders away, pokémon or not!

      Chespin sent out his vinest and smacked the pup hard, making it stop for a moment.

      "Now's our chance! Tackle!" Aberdeen exclaimed and ran alongside his pokémon between the bushes as it prepared a Tackle attack. Chespin slammed into the pup, making it roll several times on the ground before finally giving up a yelp and running away, leaving the berry thieves alone.

      "Phew. Lucky he didn't have a Herdier," Ab said, wiping his brow and patting Chespin on his head... Before he remembered something. "Herdier..." he mumbled and turned around slowly. Behind him, another growling dog stood. And even though this one belonged to another farmer, their employer, it clearly hadn't approved of Ab's beating its kin.


      Squinting into the white smoke, Christina wrinkled her nose a little. "Uhm... Sindy? Did you make it? Where's the Rattata and the berries?" Not long after, Sindy came waddling out of the smoke, carrying one berry in her little arms and another in her mouth. Just then, the smoke dispersed, revealing a Rattata that had definitely recieved at least one more tackle, looking confused as to what had happened. Noticing the two with the berries, it semi-hissed at them before running off.

      Chris smiled brightly and knelt down, patting Sindy on the head before gently taking the berries from her. "Well done! Awh, that Smokescreen is definitely going to come in handy. Need to figure out a way to see where you are though..." Shaking her head, she pocketed the berries, noticing Sindy's longing look. She smiled and pulled out a little treat from her pocket she'd gotten from the nurse at the center, winking and handing it to the Cindaquil, who happily devoured the snack. "For a job well done."

      Loud barks came from the other end of the field, audible to both Christina and Nate. Looking up, they spotted the Taillow that had been watching over them, flying away from above their heads where it had been for the last minutes, towards the source of the barking. Seems like one of the three trainers were in trouble.

      "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
      Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

      Discord Trainer Tournament
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      Melody and Hien
      Chapter 2: Route 31

      Hien stretched in the morning light, his red hair glinting as he moved. He'd never truly appriciated the service that Pokemon Centre's provided trainers before, as he'd never had a reason to use one. But, such a good night's sleep commanded his respect of the red roofed building. He raised a hand, cutting out the sun's light, to try and peer along Route 31, when something crashed into his leg, squeeing with joy.

      "Woah, slow down there Scout!" The teenage boy yelped, noticing the incredibly creatively named Sentret cuddling his leg. Maura hopped after the two of them, looking a little worse for wear. Hien thought this was slightly odd - he'd made sure that they'd all gotten healed, and had had plenty of rest, but then the thought occured to him - she probably wasn't a morning Pokemon, and seemed rather grumpy. Considering her personality, it would probably be best for him to tred lightly, as he did not wish to incure her wrath.

      Route 31, from what he could see, appeared to be picturesque farm land. The whole land just gave of this beautiful, calm ambience, and the air was wonderfully sweet, Hien noted, and he inhaled. He considered that, maybe instead of travelling to Violet Town, he could just stay here and sketch this lovely scene before him. Maybe even Maura could look somewhat cute if she was asleep in the su-

      Hien cried out in pain as his shiny Froakie punched him in the ribs, a somewhat murderous look in her eyes. Scout leapt behind the boy, cowering from their rather intimidating co-mate. Her expression seemed to read that she'd gotten up early for this - she didn't want to waste time she could have spent asleep just taking in the landscape around them.

      Not really wishing to spend the morning with a cranky Maura, Hien held out her Pokeball and withdrew her, saying that she could sleep as much as she wanted within there. Suddenly, the trek ahead seemed a lot more pleasant.

      A bit further down the road, Melody hummed a small tune as she continued her trek towards Violet City. After she had managed to catch up to Napoleon and heal him with a Potion, she recalled the Buizel into his Pokeball so he could get a bit of rest after the battle. Blossom seemed to be perfectly content with this decision on Melody's part. Melody did not know why, but she seemed to notice her Chikorita was always a bit on edge when Napoleon was about.

      "I guess she just needs to get used to having him around... I'll let him out of his ball for a bit once we get to Violet City and let 'em get some more time to get used to each other."

      Melody was suddenly snapped from her thoughts by the sound of someone calling for help. The girl and her Chikorita paused in their walking, taking a look about for the source of the sound. Her eyes widened as she spotted a middle-aged man standing on the side of the road and waving his arms as he shouted. He was a slightly heavier-set man. Melody was able to determine him to be a farmer of sorts based upon his attire of a red flannel shirt, brown work gloves and boots, and a pair of bib-overalls. He even completed the look by wearing slightly worn strawhat. A rather large, bushy, brown mustache rested under his nose.

      Melody immediately found herself curious about what the farmer could be in such a panic for. Glancing down at her Chikorita, she offered Blossom a somewhat impassive shrug before making her way over towards the man. Melody figured that since she and her Pokemon were making somewhat good time across Route 31, it probably would not hurt them to take a small break and see if there was a way that they could assist the man. Besides, it would be rude to just ignore him.

      "Gah, what a young hooligan!" The farmer muttered to himself, giving up waving his arms having noticed the young girl approaching, and crossing them over his chest. His eyes quickly focused upon the Chikorita by her side, rather than taking in Melody as a person. It would seem that the prescence of having a reasonably strong looking Pokemon was an important factor in his impression of her.

      "Hey, young lass!" He called out, with a slightly desperate edge to his tone. "You're a trainer right? You've gotta help me - some red haired lad just ran off with my prized Victreebel."

      Melody's eyes widened as the farmer spoke. She had heard about this sort of thing before, that is Pokemon thieves. Although she had never actually had personally dealt with this sort of matter before, just the thought of helping someone who was having a problem with them seemed to strike a chord within the girl. Her eyes began to shine with excitement as she tried to retain a serious expression... something that was sort of hard to do as an excited smile was starting to form across her lips to match her eyes.

      "That's absolutely terrible!" Melody exclaimed, stomping her left foot for emphasis. "Criminals like that need to be dealt with and punished as soon as possible, and I think that I'm totally the girl for the job!"

      Melody pumped her fist in the air as she spoke, causing Blossom to look up at the girl curiously. She gave a small squeak in response to the girl, deciding to try her best to muster up a rather determined looking face... which failed to do anything, but look absolutely adorable on the small grass Pokemon.

      "Can you tell me anything else about the guy? Was he tall? Short? Fat? Muscley? Bald? Ugly? Did he have a zit?" Melody replied, rambling off one question after another.

      Seemingly slightly overwhelemed, he took a small step back, and raised his hands defensively. "Hey, I didn't get that good of a look, lass. He seemed to be kinda young, wearing a fair bit of black as well." The farmer paused, and looked beyond where Melody was, "Sorta like that kid over there." He jabbed his finger towards a red haired boy who was walking along the Route, not far from them.

      From a little way away, Hien glanced to look at the farmer, and the brunette standing with him, then bit his lip, wondering why on earth this rather intimidating man was giving him such a murderous look. He couldn't recall having seen him before in his life, but his mind quickly started flicking through a large number of scenarios in which he could be blamed for something. He had accidently stepped on a few wheat crops earlier - perhaps this man had seen him do that, and wasn't overly impressed at the destruction. Or maybe he'd accidently wandered onto private property, although he'd never seen any signs or a fence indicating that he shouldn't be in here. Nevertheless, he sort of figured that judging by the farmer's expression, he really didn't want to be around here for much longer.

      He raised one hand in a sort of timid greeting, then quickly picked up the pace of which he was walking, hoping that that look had been come kind of accident, which wasn't aimed at him at all.

      Melody glanced over in the direction that the farmer pointed in, analyzing the features she could make out of the boy. Her eyes fell upon his red hair. She noticed the boy's mostly black attire. Then there was the way he suddenly began to quicken his pace, as if he was trying to get away from someone.

      "Guilty if I ever saw guilt!"

      Melody nodded, glancing down at her Chikorita. "That's him, alright! I can tell! Let's go, Blossom!" The Chikorita let out a chirp of anger and the two began to chase after the boy. Melody was glaring daggers at the boy as she sprinted. "Hold it right there, you thieving, running, cowardly... thief!"

      The teenager jumped in shock, upon seeing the girl and her Chikorita start to run after him. He'd never seen her before in his life! What possible reason could a random stranger have to chase after him, especially when he wasn't entirely sure what he'd done in the first place? Hien broke into a run, with Scout happily bouncing beside him, seeming to miss the notable threat of a rather angry teenage girl. He could feel the icy daggers of her stare stabbing through his back as he ran, and heard her yell out to him.

      Wait, a thief? He hadn't stolen anything, not that he could recall anyway. While he picked up his pace, he turned his head to try and speak a bit of reason into her, "H-Hey, wait, I'm not a thief! I didn't do anything!" Although, he didn't really think that would do much to change the situation, but stranger things had happened.

      "Ha! Rule number one of being a thief is never telling the truth!" Melody shouted at the boy, trying her best to quicken her own pace to match his. "Just give up now and return that farmer's Victreebell before I have to get really mad!" Blossom let out another angry chirp as she trailed a bit behind Melody. Her stubby little legs were not doing her any favors in trying to keep up with the chase that was playing out.

      Victreebell? Hien couldn't even picture what that Pokemon looked like - he couldn't recall reading about it at all. This girl seemed to have mistaken him from someone else, or he'd somehow stolen the Pokemon in his sleep, which frankly would have been a rather difficult feat to pull off, considering that he didn't sleepwalk at all.

      "I never took a Victreebell! Stop chasing me, its really weird!" He yelled back, trying to push his legs harder, all the while mentally cursing the fact that he was rather terrible at running. Hien wouldn't be able to keep up this pace for too much longer.

      "The farmer said it was stolen by a boy with red hair wearing mostly black! And you fit that description perf-ah!" Melody began, only to shout suddenly. As she running, the girl suddenly tripped over a rock on the path, causing her to faceplant directly onto the dirt path with a thud. Blossom screeched to a halt beside the girl, concern evident on the Chikorita's face. "Ow..."

      Hien glanced behind him, feeling himself slow down. His mind screamed at him to run now that he had his chance but he had a feeling that he could possibly clear his guilt in her mind another way. After all, she had seemed to react badly to him protesting his innocence - perhaps a gentler approach was needed. He spun on his heels, and walked back to her, holding out one hand to help her back up. Scout bounded up beside him, and sniffed the Chikorita curiously, before wiggling his ears happily.

      Blossom blinked slowly, staring at the Sentret as he began to sniff her curiously. A small blush made its way to the Chikorita's cheeks as she was being inspected, before she quickly backed away from Scout.

      "Hey, um, are you okay?" He asked, half expected her to resume her chase of him.

      "I-I'm fine..." Melody said quietly, her face flushed with embarrassment. Slowly, with Hien's aid, the girl climbed back up to her feet. She took a moment to brush some of the dirt off her clothes before suddenly realizing who it was that had helped her up in the first place. "Hey! Wait a minute!"

      "I didn't, um, steal that Victreebell," Hien told her, trying to sound as confident and calm as possible. He thought it was a reasonable attempt, his usual manner of speaking considered. "The only other Pokemon I have on me is a um Froakie."

      Blossom, who had been distracted by the Sentret up until now paused to glance up at the two trainers. Melody narrowed her eyes at the boy, as if thinking deeply about what he said. Suddenly, she smiled brightly at the boy... a facial expression that was quite different than the one she had just moments ago.

      "No doubt! There's no way a thief would come back to help me!" she exclaimed. "You're innocent alright... which means the real culprit is out there somewhere..."

      Hien blinked in surprise at the sudden change in the girl's attitude towards him, although he was kind of pleased that she seemed to believe him now. Perhaps running away from all of your problems wasn't the greatest idea all of the time. He moved his glasses back into place, having fallen down slightly during the chase.

      "Um, I take it that you're looking for a stolen Pokemon, and the thief, um, looks kind of like me?" He mused, the events of the situation slowly starting to make sense. It would explain why the farmer had seemed so angry at him, if the Pokemon belonged to him. "Sorry for ah, putting you off the trail then."

      "Mhm... The farmer said the thief was young, had red hair, and wore mostly black," Melody replied, glancing at the boy as she spoke. Suddenly, an idea sprang to her mind. "Hey, do you have a twin brother?!"

      "A twin?" He seemed slightly confused at how exactly she'd made that mental jump, but he wasn't her so he couldn't really comment. "I have brother's, but not a twin." The comment however, started Hien to mentally freak out a little bit - what if Xuan was the thief? He also had the red hair typical of his family, but he didn't tend to wear too much black. He shook his head slightly, feeling ashamed that he'd even considered for a minute that his own brother would fall so low, and so quickly.

      "Well, my brother is around here, although I doubt he would have anything to do with this..." He paused, again feeling a slight amount of guilt at having inconvienced the girl. "Um, how about I help you with this search of yours? I, um, my name is Hien."

      "Of course you can help! That would make things totally easier!" Melody replied with an excited tone in her voice. Putting her hand forward, the girl gave Hien a bright smile. "I'm Melody! And this Chikorita by my side is Blossom! It's nice to meet ya!"

      He couldn't help but smile a little at this girl's seemingly bright and cheerful nature. "Nice to um, meet you too. My er Sentret's name is Scout."

      Hien glanced around the group, taking note of the vastness of the Route they were standing on. They were looking for one person in this entire place? Where exactly would they start anyway? He supposed they could always go back and ask the farmer, but the more time they wasted, the further away the thief could run. However, was there something he could deduce from how the circumstances had played out so far? For one, there was the position of the farmer. Had he run after the thief, and thus was indicating the direction he had fled from the farm? Also, Hien was willing to bet that he would have headed towards Violet City - after all, it was a fair bit closer, plus heading past the Pokemon Centre could draw unwanted attention if he looked suspicious enough.

      Wondering if Melody had any ideas, he voiced his thoughts to her, and then added, "What do you think? You interacted with the, er, farmer, and um maybe you'd picked up on um something of note?"

      "Not really... I mean, once he saw you he pretty much thought that you were the thief..." Melody thought with a sigh. She glanced back in the direction that would lead them back to the farmer, slowly rubbing the back of her head. "I guess the only choice we have is to back track to him and see if he can tell us anythin' else... It's better than flyin' by the seat of our pants, you know?"

      The red haired boy nodded, understanding the obvious logic behind it. It was probably a better idea, really - perhaps there were some clues that Melody had missed in her haste to catch him. "That sounds probably like the um, best idea, I um guess." Hien noted, starting to walk back towards where the farm was, his eyes scanning the landscape around them for any sign of a red haired boy in black clothing, who may or may not look highly suspicious.
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      chapter 3; VIOLET CITY

      Violet City is just about the same size as Cherrygrove, but has some more special buildings. There is a Pokémon Academy, useful for trainers as well as people working with people in other ways. There is of course a Pokémon Center and there is the Gym. And there is Sprout Tower, where monks train hard and follow secret beliefs.

      In the PokéMart, there is a special item on sale: a super-foldable TENT that can fit in your pocket when not in use! You will only afford it if you chose the event in Chapter 1 where you were rewarded with the spare money from the siblings, though! So unless you did, you'll have to keep hurrying to Pokémon Centers or sleep under the stars. The latter which isn't really recommended in these shady days, thieves going around and all. This tent comes with an intruder alarm connected to the police, and route marauders usually know that. Usually...

      Weather - WINDY with a chance of CLOUDS

      Violet Gym:

      This isn't an "event", gyms are available for everyone, as long as you read other players' posts and make sure the leader isn't occupied when you want to challenge them. If you want to, the GM can play the gym leader in a JP, otherwise you can control them yourself.

      Falkner is an honorable young man who has inherited the role of the gym leader from his father. He uses flying type pokémon so the battle can be tricky, but he is ranked the lowest of the gym leaders in Johto so if you've trained well, you should be able to win.

      Falkner | Age 26

      Pokémon used in gym battle, any order:

      Pidgeotto | Lv 12 | Female
      Tackle | Sand-Attack | Gust | Quick Attack

      Wingull | Lv 11 | Female
      Growl | Water Gun | Supersonic | Wing Attack

      Murkrow | Lv 10 | Male
      Peck | Astonish | Pursuit | Feint Attack

      This time, you actually have to choose between these two events! However, you don't have to do it tightly together with another player unless you want to, since you could sit through the same meditation/lecture and battle monks/students alongside each other without interacting. Or at least without joint posting.

      NOTE: the odd/exotic "wild" pokémon here can be of nearly any existing species, but the monks/teachers won't allow you to capture them.


      1) Train in the Sprout Tower. If you agree to sit through a meditation and battle monks as you go through the floors up to the master on the top, the master will give you a QUICK CLAW to hang around a pokémon's neck, if he is pleased with your training. The Quick Claw will make your pokémon much faster with a mysterious power, and even other players have to recognize and put up with that when you battle them. Careful though, there are odd pokémon living in the tower, declared sacred by the monks...

      2) Train in the Pokémon Academy. If you sit through a lecture and manage to defeat some students, the principal will give you an ULTRA BALL if he is pleased with your performance. This ball is stronger than the ones sold around here and might come in handy in a close future. Careful though, the student battles are carried out in the large academy garden, where some strange exotic pokémon live, just to give the students more of a challenge as they move around...


      "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
      Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

      Discord Trainer Tournament
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      Christina, Aberdeen and Nathan – Route 31
      Chapter 2: A fistful of berries

      Taillow flew down from above, to Tackle Chespin, sending the rodent tumbling ahead of the running boy. Aberdeen grabbed Chespin's tail and just picked the pokémon up while he kept running.

      "That was unecessary!" he shouted back to his followers. "I said I'm sorry! We'll get your berries, okay?"

      The bird rose again, thankfully, but Herdier barked and didn't stop.

      "Chris! Nate!" Ab called, hoping that he was running towards the center of the field, where he had seen Nate go earlier.

      Nate turned toward the sound of Ab's voice as he heard his name. "What's going on?" He could see Harold's Taillow flying in and out of the crops as he heard the sound of barking. Both the bird and the bird and the noise were heading towards Nathan.

      "We might have to do some battling here..." Nate mumbled to Fang-Lin, who was looking up to him with curious eyes. "You probably shouldn't fight, buddy. We don't want to accidentally start a fire with these crops."

      Nate returned Fang-Lin to his Pokeball and called out Poliwag. "Better get ready to use Bubble." The tadpole nodded joyfully in return.

      Sindy pulled her head out of one of the bushes at the sound of the barking and Ab's cry for help, Christina looking down as she was in the middle of standing on her tip-toes with a stick in an attempt at poking at a berry that for some reason had grown on a tree. "... That sounded like Deen, didn't it?"

      Sindy gave a little nod, followed by Chris sighing, tossing away the stick. "What's he gotten himself into now...?" She looked down at the Cyndaquil who was already on her way towards the sound of the barking, causing a smile to light up her face for a moment before she grasped her bag's strap in order to keep it from flying all over the place, as she set off in a run, quickly followed by Sindy.

      Aberdeen kept running until he thought he saw bushes moving in front of him. Nate and Chris suddenly both turned up into the little clearing in the field, pokémon ready in front of them.

      "What should we do? I made Herdier angry!" he called out and finally came to a stop, panting. Chespin was still in his arms, but breathed quickly all the same.

      The dog jumped out into the clearing where Ab was standing, and growled menacingly before jumping towards him, teeth bared. A Bite attack! Aberdeen tossed Chespin one way and jumped the other way himself, and the Herdier landed in between them, chomping thin air instead.

      Just then, Christina came rushing out of the undergrowth between a couple of bushes, quickly followed by Sindy. Noticing Ab and Chespin lying on the ground and the Herdier turning around, growling angrily, Chris managed to quickly put together what the problem was. "Quick Sindy, try to calm down Herdier!"

      The Cyndaquil didn't look excited at the prospect of standing between Ab and an angry Pokémon, but she quickly ran over to stand in front of the downed Aberdeen, just as Herdier was ready to attack again. Sindy rose up on her hind legs, squeaking out while waving her arms all over the place in an attempt at calming down the dog, whom had stopped right in front of her, still growling angrily.

      As this was going on, Christina had been rummaging through her pack and managed to fish out the berries she and Sindy had found not long ago. Running up to the side of Herdier, she stopped a little ways away from him, kneeling down and holding out the berries in her palms, smiling. "Hey Herdier! Look what we found for your master!"

      Following Christina, Nate quickly rummaged through his backpack and then his pockets to find all of his Lansat Berries. One, two, three... four? He didn't realize that he had found so many. He held them out for the Herdier to see as well.

      The dog sniffed a bit, picking up the clear, sugary scent from the rare berries. It then backed down, finally, away from Sindy, and merely let out a huffing noise. Taillow came down from above and perched itself on Herdier's back.

      "They've calmed down..." Ab breathed. "So berries. Great. Can we go back now?"

      Taillow chirped with dark eyes and flapped its wings sort of menacingly towards the talking boy. As menacingly as swallow wings can flap, at least.

      "Okay, so that's a no then. More berries? How many did you guys find?" he asked, turning back to Christina and Nate. "I didn't find any yet... Hm."

      Suddenly, a squeak came from Chespin, making Ab spin around. His pokémon was pointing excitedly into a thick grove of bushes. Without another word, Aberdeen darted after the rodent, before Taillow or Herdier could understand what was going on.

      It turned out they had been running right past a bush with two large, colorful berries growing on them. They sure didn't match the rest of the berries growing in the field.

      "Great find, Chespin!" Ab said happily and picked the fruits hastily, barely managing to not squash them. Just a minute after dashing off, he arrived back at the scene, where Herdier had begun to growl at Chris and Nate again.

      "Here! This should be enough, no? Look, they're huge!" Ab said and held out the two new berries.

      Nate gestured towards Ab with a thumbs up as he grasped his berries with the other hand. "These will make a great replacement for the lost berries." Nate said to Harold's Pokemon.

      Taillow and Herdier shared a glance, then looked back at the kids and nodded. Then, they turned around and started walking out from the field again, Taillow perched on the back of the dog still.

      "Phew," Ab let out. "Pure luck. And a great nose," he added and gave Chespin a pet on the head. "You guys okay?" he asked the other two.

      Christina let out a sigh of relief as the wardens began heading back towards the farm, nodding her head lightly. Nate nodded as well. "Phew... yeah, I'm alright." Christina said. She then sent Ab a little semi-glare and raised her hand to punch his shoulder. "How in the world did you manage to piss off the Herdier?"

      "I, uh... Well, nevermind, we better hurry back, yeah?" Deen said with an overly excited voice and started walking briskly out from the field again.

      A while later, the three trainers and their guards were back at Harold's farm. They could hear some swearing from the barn and glanced at each other as to try to decide who would want to apprehend the grumpy man. Luckily, the wife emerged from the Torchichouse before anything was said.

      "Oh, that's lovely! Even Harold will smile at this," she said in delight as the trainers handed over the large berries. "Off you go," she added to Herdier and Taillow, who gave the troublemakers one last glance before running off to the barn at last.

      Magda glanced after the two Pokémon hurrying off to their master and gave a light smile before looking back to the kids. "I think it might be best if you kids just give me the berries. Harold's been in a foul mood all day." She held out a basket she was carrying for the three teens to put the berries into.

      After the basket was filled by the berries, Magda gave the three a bright smile. "Such helpful youngsters. It's nice to see young people actually taking responsibility for their actions. I think that deserves an extra reward." She rummaged around in the basket once again and after a short while, she pulled out three yellow-y crystal-shaped items and offered it to the three of them. "There you go kids, as a show of good faith. Keep your noses clean from now on, okay?" She added with a knowing smile and a wink.

      Christina's eyes widened as she took one of the small crystal-shaped items into her hands. "W... wow! This is a revive!" She looked from the item to the other two standing besides her, before smiling up at the woman. "This is a really rare item! Thank you ma'am!"

      Aberdeen's eyes glimmered as he looked at the item in his hand. "Revive," he tried the word. "Sounds useful. I'm gonna save it for some important situation. Thanks ma'am!"

      Turning her head to Aberdeen, Christina gave him another '-Really-?' look, though it was by far more overbearing than most of her other glances his direction. "It's an item you can use in combat on a fainted Pokémon, Deen. It'll give them another fighting chance."

      Nate looked down at the familiar item in his hand. "Yeah, thanks a lot. This will help in the future." Nate pocketed the healing item. His mind went back to the Exeggcute, though. I still need to find the other four eggs. I can't just leave these two here...

      As Magda went back to her farm business, Aberdeen turned to face his fellow trainers. "So what now?" he asked, cheerfully. "Violet City's pretty close, right?"

      Nate pulled the Exeggcute out of his pockets, kneeled down, and placed it on the grass. "I should look around the farm; the other four eggs should be around here somewhere. I can't leave this guy alone in this state." Nate stood back up. "You two should continue on while I'm here. We'll probably meet again somewhere along our journeys." Poliwag nodded agreeingly.

      Christina turned to Nate and offered him a smile, nodding her head. "Awh, that's really nice of you. I guess we might as well head to Violet together if we're both headed that way anyways." She added, glancing briefly at Aberdeen before turning back to Nathan. "See you around, Nate! And good luck!"

      "Yeah, that's really nice, Nate. Good luck!" Aberdeen said and then leaned his head a bit, studying Christina briefly while she was turned away.

      She reminded him of someone. Oh, she reminded him of Rachel. Or rather, how Rachel used to be like... When his sister, Anabel, was alive. Nowadays, Rachel was different. Christina still had her spirits up. If Ab couldn't travel with Rachel on this pokémon journey, Christina wasn't a bad second choice. Maybe she wouldn't even be a second choice, if he had that choice. Wait, what was he thinking now? And why was he even thinking? He didn't want to be the pondering kid anymore. He was a doer, not a dreamer. Now.

      Throwing all norms out the window, Ab reached out an open hand towards the girl standing beside him, as if urging her to take it.

      "Let's go, then?" he said with a bright smile.

      Christina turned to Aberdeen after Nate had left, looking a little surprised at him holding his hand out towards her, as if he was expecting her to walk hand in hand with him to Violet. Her cheeks flared a little up and she had a look of confusion in her eyes for a few moments, until she seemed to soften a little up and sent him a wry little smile. "... Alright. Let's do this, Deen." She reached out and took his hand, quickly focusing her direction down the road. Chespin and Sindy had already began walking ahead, seemingly getting along well, as Chris raised her left hand to point ahead of them, smiling brightly as she exclaimed.

      "To Violet!"

      Current Team:

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        Nate returned Poliwag to her Pokeball as he walked towards the barn that he had found the two Exeggcute eggs in. He hoped to find the rest of the pack inside somewhere.

        As Nate strolled across the field towards the large building, the two eggs bounced confidently by his heels. Nate was beginning to feel a connection with the Pokemon, but he knew that it had to belong to the farmer, so he only planned to help the Pokemon become whole again and was going to leave it on the farm.

        When he entered the barn, the band of Lillipup and their mother were nowhere to be found. The Gogoat was still laying in her stall, though. The hay strewn about the barn was untouched. Nate took about twenty minutes to look through the barn, keeping a close eye on Exeggcute so that it wouldn't wander off.

        Nate searched everywhere in the barn. He even searched the Gogoat's stall. He was somewhat afraid that the Pokemon would be angered by his approach, but she hardly paid him only attention, though she bleated affectionately when Nate patted her on the head as he left. He couldn't find the rest of Exeggcute anywhere.

        "Now yer lookin' around my barn as well?" shouted Harold, standing at the entrance to his barn.

        Nate stumbled as Harold entered; he had hoped to not run into the farmer again. He thinks that I'm trying to steal something! He raised his hands and replied. "No! I'm not looking for anything! I-I mean I'm not trying to steal anything! I'm trying to find the other four eggs for this Exeggcute!" The two eggs at his heels chanted in agreement.

        "Eh?" Harold looked down in surprise at the Pokemon with the intruder. "Oh, I was wonderin where the rest of my harvester went off to." He took a Nest Ball out of his pocket and shot out a red beam from it. The beam took the shape of four orbs and the remaining two thirds of Exeggcute appeared. The four eggs cried cheerfully and bounced towards the other two, and the reunited bundle happily bounced together as one entity, then marched a circle around Nate, cheerfully chanting at him.

        "You had them this whole time?" Nate said to Harold? "That's a relief." He looked down to the posse below him. "I guess it's time for us to part ways, then."

        Exeggcute responded by spinning around and looking intently at Nate, then it chanted cheerfully again. Nate shook his head. "No; you're Harold's Pokemon!"

        Harold walked up to Nate, watching his Pokemon with interest. "That there is my special Exeggcute. I received it from a professor. I saw it in a dream when I started my berry-growin farm. In the dream, Exeggcute helped me to multiply my berries to make me a good fortune! The professor helped me to get back to my dream and meet with my helper, and she helped me bring him to the real world. I ain't got a clue about the science and whatnot, but this here Pokemon can reproduce any berry I give him."

        That must be why I kept finding Lansat Berries in my pocket! Nate realized. The Exeggcute had been holding the original Lansat Berry, so it must have reproduced it while in Nate's pocket.

        "This un' has never taken a likin to me." Harold said. "He's given me a good crop, but it keep getting scattered around the farm. However, it seems to be content with you. The eggs have a mental connection with eachother, so the two you had must have communicated to the other four. Tell ya what, if you can beat me and my Pokemon in a double battle, I'll let you take the feller with you." Harold offered. "How's that sound?"

        Nate looked down at the eggs below him, which hadn't moved an inch and continued chanting in multiple, low, synchronized voices. Nate looked back to Harold. "Sure thing!" He pulled out his two Pokeballs.

        They moved out of the barn and into the open field by the farmhouse. The sky was just starting to change hues from blue to orange outside. After the two trainers took their battle positions, Nate called out Fang-Lin and Poliwag. The two Pokemon cried joyfully as they readied themselves for the fight. Harold called his two Pokemon, Herdier and Taillow. The Herdier came running from the house while the Taillow flew down from a tree that shaded the house.

        The Taillow came in fast, taking the first move with Quick Attack, knocking Poliwag back. "Fang-Lin! Strike back with Ember!" Nate called. The Fennekin struck the Taillow's tail feathers with searing bits of flame.

        "Herdier! Bite!" Herdier came up immediately, chomping down on Fennekin's tail. Poliwag shot out a stream of bubbles at the dog, coaxing it to let go by making it sneeze.

        The Pokemon went back and forth with physical attacks, except for Poliwag, who could only shoot bubbles at her opponents. Soon, both of Nate's Pokemon were looking weak, but Taillow was also pretty hurt. Nate called for Poliwag to finish off the bird Pokemon, and Taillow was soon laying on the ground, knocked out, with some bubbles still stuck to its feathers.

        Nate then realized the thin string around the Herdier's neck. It was holding an Oran Berry that was partly hidden by the Herdier's blue fur. Good tactic, but I've got a better one. Nate thought. "Fang-Lin! Use Thief!" Fang-Lin struck out at the Herdier with great speed, knocking his side into the dog, and chomping on the Oran Berry at the same time.

        Fang-Lin was looking healthier from eating the berry, but Poliwag was on her last breath. Harold called for Herdier to strike the Tadpole with Tackle. Nate was about the call for Fang-Lin to intercept, but the Pokemon were too spaced out for the tactic. Poliwag's Bubble wouldn't be strong enough to deflect the larger Pokemon's attack. Nate couldn't figure out the best strategy.

        Before he could choose the right attack, Poliwag's swirl started glowing pink and she started doing cartwheels, shooting out a swirling pink beam towards the incoming Herdier, which slowed it down until it eventually fell over in sleep. Fang-Lin finished off the opponent by shooting it with another round of Ember.

        Realizing his loss, Harold pulled out two Pokeballs and called back his Pokemon. He walked up to Nate, who was congratulating his Poliwag on her new Hypnosis attack.

        "You've got a solid team being made there." he commented. "My Exeggcute will certainly grow while he's with you." He smiled as he handed Nate the Nest Ball. "You should take this as well." He pulled out a Lansat Berry from his pocket. "I can spare one for you. You might want to save it for later, though. Exeggcute's ability doesn't always work the way you want it to."
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        Melody Hughes

        Chapter 2 - Route 31

        Chase Through The Fields! Melody Meets Team Rocket!

        As she had decided, Melody and Hien made their way back to the farmer to see if they could gather more information about the Pokemon thief. While the farmer did not have much more information about what he looked like, Melody was able to get the farmer to accept that Hien was not the the thief... or at the very least to doubt that he was. The problem was that now the duo still needed to locate him.

        "Anythin' you could tell us would be totally awesome," Melody told the man. "Do you remember which way you were chasin' him, maybe?"

        The farmer sighed, meaning that they were wasting time standing around, and pointed to the south. Into the tall corn fields. Chances were, the thief was still in there. It was more probable than him just walking around on the roads, the farmer said, admitting that Hien probably wasn't the one they were after. Unless he was really really clever. But it hurt his head to think about that, really.

        Melody nodded, thanking the man before leading Hien towards the field of corn. As the duo neared it, the girl frowned looking at just how tall and wide the field seemed to be. Splitting up seemed like it would be the best route. However at the same time Melody felt that making such a choice may not prove to be the best idea on her part, as it may have been easy for them to get lost in there.

        "I don't guess you got a Pidgey or some other bird on your team, huh?" the girl questioned, glancing over at Hien. A look of surprise took over her features as there was no sign of the boy anywhere. Melody frowned before turning back to face the cornfield. "How am I supposed to track down a person in this mess on my own...?"

        She stood there for a moment, thinking over just how to proceed in the hunt for the Pokémon thief. She glanced down at the ground, her eyes widening as she found a small, black scrap of cloth, one that looked as if it belonged to an article of clothing. Suddenly, an idea flashed in the girl's head. She quickly reached down on to her belt and took off Napoleon's Pokéball, letting the Buizel out of the capsule, much to Blossom's dismay. Napoleon glanced over his shoulder in a rather lazy fashion, glancing up at Melody.

        "Okay, Napoleon! I know you're totally not a tracking type Pokémon or anythin' like that... But here's the plan," Melody began. She knelt down close to the Buizel, beginning to talk in a much more quiet tone. "Somewhere in this cornfield, there's a jerk who thinks it's okay to go around stealin' Pokémon... We can't just wander around the field aimlessly lookin' for him! It'd take way too long. So, what I need ya to do is to try and sniff him out."

        Melody took the scrap of cloth she had found and held it out for Napoleon to sniff. The Buizel looked at the cloth slowly, as if he was thinking over whether to actually go along with the trainer's plan or not. Blossom took a nervous step towards the Buizel and suddenly began to chirp and cheep at him. Napoleon looked at the Chikorita as she spoke, before he let out a small grunt and then began to sniff the cloth as Melody had asked. The trainer was a bit curious as to what her Chikorita had said to Napoleon, but she did not have long to wonder before the otter Pokémon took off into the fields, hot on the trail. Melody quickly recalled Blossom into her ball up before chasing after the Buizel.

        Keeping track of Napoleon through the cornfields was even more tricky than Melody thought it was going to be. Pathways were narrow, with stalks of corn constantly at both of her sides to block her view of anything except for Napoleon who was dashing along right in front of her. Keeping up with Napoleon proved to be a bit tough as well. Whoever he was on the trail of had definitely worked their way deep into the cornfields. The Buizel would constantly turn to charge down a different path, causing his trainer to constantly have to be on her toes for any change in his direction.

        Eventually, Melody and Napoleon came to a small clearing in the middle of the cornfield. It was of a circular design, with tall stalks of corn surrounding it on all sides. There was no sign of any Pokémon to be seen... only a strange looking man in a solid black uniform with short, red hair. He wore a pair of gray boots and gloves with his uniform, along with a cap covering most of his hair. Melody stayed quiet as she watched the man from the edge of the cornfields, Napoleon standing close by and quiet as well.

        "Heh... I can't believe what an easy pick that was!" the uniformed man sneered. "That farmer didn't know what to think when I came charging by and swiped this Victreebel! This thing will make a great present for the boss to add to his arsenal, and it'll probably get me a juicy promotion to go with it!"

        "There's no doubt about it this time. He's definitely the guy I'm lookin' for!" Melody thought with a frown. Just listening to the man gloat and celebrate his victory made the trainer angrier by the second. Glaring daggers at the man, Melody boldly stepped out of the cornstalks and faced the thief head on. "Hold it right there, ya creep!"

        The man jumped at the sudden sound of her voice. He quickly spun around on his heels, turning to face the girl with shocked expression on his face. He had expected to find himself face to face with an officer of the law. The last thing he expected to see was a teenage girl that was a good two heads shorter than he was. A small smirk quickly made its way to his face as he started to laugh.

        "You're... you're just a kid!" the man exclaimed, laughing her off. "Do you know how much you just scared the crap out of me just now? Go on home kid, before you're late for dinner."

        The man waved Melody off, before turning to head on his way. Melody widened her eyes. She quickly grabbed a small rock she found on the ground and tossed it at the man, pelting him right behind the shoulder blades.

        "I said hold it! I'm not just some kid, either!" Melody exclaimed, glaring at the man in annoyance. "That Victreebel you stole! Gimme it so I can return it to its proper owner!"

        The man began to laugh again. "You? What could you possibly do against someone like me?! Don't you know who I am?!"

        Melody gave the man a blank look. "I know you're just a lowly thug of a thief..."

        The man sighed, rolling his eyes at the girl's lack of knowledge. He turned to face her once more, pointing to a rather large, red "R" that was stitched onto the front of his shirt. "I'm a member of Team Rocket, kid!"

        "Team... Rocket...?"

        The man sighed. "You gotta be kidding me, kid... Team Rocket! We're an organization devoted to obtaining rare Pokémon in order to strengthen our place in this world!"

        "So... you're a thief?" Melody asked.

        "N-No! I'm not just some thief!"

        "You stole that Victreebel, so that makes you a thief."

        The Rocket groaned in annoyance. Melody was quickly wearing his patience down, and he needed to deal with her quick. Taking one of the Pokéballs by his waist, he gave the girl the fiercest glare he could possibly muster.

        "Look kid, you're barking up the wrong tree if you think you can deal with me. If you back off now, I might be nice enough to let you leave unharmed," he threatened.

        Melody stood her ground. "I'm not leavin' without that Victreebel!"

        "Have it your way, kid... Don't say I didn't warn ya!" the Rocket declared.

        The man tossed the ball forward with a grunt. The ball snapped open, revealing a Meowth to be awaiting inside. The Meowth lurched forward on its paws, hissing at Melody and showing off its sharp claws in the process. Melody prepared to send Blossom out against the cat, but was stopped once again as Napoleon made his way forward with a rather unimpressed look in his eyes.

        "What a pathetically weak looking Buizel," the man sneered. "You better just do yourself a favor kid and give up now."

        "Not a chance!" Melody shouted. "Alright, Napoleon! Let's show this thug what ya got!"

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        GM: I'm finding it difficult to remember at what points I've given out levels, so I think from now on I'll make these posts in the IC instead of in the OOC. Might disturb the flow a bit, but I think we'll live.

        Greiger has already gotten his levels for Chapter 2 and Tixen and Alby haven't finished their event yet.
        Aberdeen (RHCP)
        Pidgey grew to Lv 8!
        Whismur grew to lv 7!
        Chespin grew to lv 8 and learned Rollout!

        Christina (Bastian)
        Sindy grew to lv 9!

        Nathan (Cooper)
        Fang-Lin grew to lv 10!
        Poliwag grew to lv 9 and learned Hypnosis!


        "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
        Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

        Discord Trainer Tournament
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        Melody Hughes

        Chapter 2 - Route 31

        Save Victreebel! Melody VS Team Rocket!

        "Alright, Meowth! Attack with scratch!"

        The Meowth charged forward. It's razor sharp claws taking a swipe at Napoleon, who just barely managed to dodge out of the way at the last moment. Melody quickly followed through with an order for the Buizel to attack with his Sonic Boom. The Buizel obeyed the command, slapping its fin-like paws together to send a quick energy wave at the Meowth. It slammed right into the cat, surprising both it and the member of Team Rocket.

        "Well... Looks like you're not just some little kid. At least, you seem to know what you're doing!" the Rocket jeered. "But it's you gotta do better than that!"

        Melody was starting to get somewhat angry with the man. "Napoleon, follow up with another Sonic Boom!"

        The Buizel grunted in response, preparing another round of essentially his only attack. However, the Rocket grunt was ready for this. He smirked as he waited for just the right moment, before suddenly shouting a new order at his Meowth.

        "Now, Meowth! Use Fake-Out!"

        The Meowth hissed and dashed straight for Napoleon. The energy wave of the Sonic Boom sailed right for the cat. However in a surprising turnabout, the Meowth completely jumped over the attack! It landed right on top of the Buizel, slapping both of its paws against the sides of his head before jumping back with a small hiss.

        "Now, give it a quick Bite attack!" the Rocket ordered.

        Meowth gave a nod, dashing forward at Napoleon as the Buizel was trying to regain his senses. Melody's eyes widened. She quickly gave orders for Napoleon to dodge the oncoming attack, but he just was not fast enough to do so. A small howl of pain echoed into the cornfield as the Meowth's sharp, fang-like teeth latched onto Napoleon's left arm. Melody watched as the Buizel managed to shake the cat Pokémon of his arm and then quickly jumped back to put some space between himself and his opponent.

        "That's enough, Napoleon! Come on back and let Blossom handle it from here!" Melody shouted, trying to recall the Buizel back into his Pokéball. Rather than return to the ball-like capsule as he was told, Napoleon ignored is trainer much like he had previously, giving her only a small glare before returning his attention to the Meowth. "Why won't he listen to me half the time?"

        "Heh... I think your Buizel could use a lot more training!" the Rocket grunt sneered. "Something you might wanna consider after I finish him off! Use Bite once more, Meowth!"

        Melody watched as the Meowth lunged for Napoleon once more. The trainer shouted for her Pokémon to do something, rather it was to come back or dodge out of the way. However, the Buizel simply watched as the Meowth got closer and closer. Suddenly, Napoleon unleashed a Sonic Boom attack right when the Meowth was at pointblank range. The Meowth released a loud, painful screech as it fell back, landing on his back and fainting on the spot.

        The Rocket grunt sighed as he recalled Meowth. "This is what I get for starting off with a weak piece of garbage like you..." He put Meowth's ball back on his belt before picking a second ball and tossing it forward. Much like before the ball bounced into the air, releasing another Pokémon with a flash of bright red light. "Alright, Sandshrew! Time to finish this runt off!"

        Melody bit her lip with apprehension. She knew that chances were that if she attempted to call back Napoleon, the Buizel would simply refuse much as he had before. With a sigh, she began the next phase of the battle.

        "Napoleon, give it a blast with your Sonic Boom!"

        The Buizel released yet another wave of energy towards the Rocket's Sandshrew. The Rocket only chuckled in response, eyeing his Sandshrew and Melody's Buizel with a smirk. "Counter with a Defense Curl!"

        The Sandshrew curled itself into a small ball as the Sonic Boom arrived to its destination. The wave of energy collided with the balled up Sandshrew doing very little, if any damage to it. As soon as the attack was over, the Sandshrew uncurled. The Rocket smirked as he gave the creature the next order.

        "Alright, Sandshrew! Smash it with Rollout!" he shouted.

        "Napoleon, blast it with another Sonic Boom!" Melody ordered.

        Napoleon gave a quick nod in response and released another Sonic Boom as he was commanded to. At that same time, the Rocket Grunt's Sandshrew curled up again and began to suddenly roll towards the Buizel. Napoleon's attack collided right into the rolling Sandshrew, doing little to impact the Pokémon. Napoleon was helpless as the Sandshrew slammed right into the Buizel, sending the otter Pokémon falling onto his back. Napoleon began to slowly stagger to his feet only for the Sandshrew to plow right into the Buizel once more.

        "Napoleon! Please, that's enough!" Melody shouted to her Buizel. The said Pokémon picked himself back off the ground again. Fatigue was evident on the creature's face, yet the little Buizel still refused to give up. Fearing for his safety at this point, Melody quickly took his Pokéball and forced the Buizel to return without a word. Thankfully, she had managed to pull him back before he fainted. "Sorry, Napoleon... There's just no way you can beat this one in your current shape..."

        "You might as well give it up, kid! My Sandshrew has never lost a fight yet!" the Rocket grunt taunted.

        Melody glared at the man. "Then you better get ready..." Taking the second Pokéball on her belt, Melody tossed it forward releasing Blossom from the capsule device. The Chikorita glanced over her shoulder, noticing the determined look on her trainer's face. "You can do it, Blossom. We have to win this! Napoleon would never forgive us if we lost after he fought so hard."

        The Chikorita chirped with a nod before turning to face her opponent in the Sandshrew. The Rocket grunt began to laugh, shaking his head at the girl's words. As if it had been rehearsed, the Sandshrew did the same.

        "That little weed? What's she gonna do, cute me to death?!" the Rocket grunt exclaimed. He shook his head with a sigh. "Whatever... Finish this thing quick, Sandshrew. Poison Sting!"

        The Sandshrew curled up into a ball and began to roll towards Blossom. Such an action confused Melody, as she was not expecting the Sandshrew to roll around like that again. At the last moment, the Sandshrew quickly turned, rolling behind the Chikorita and suddenly shooting a strange, needle-like object at her. Chikorita let out a small cry of pain as the needle was injected into her backside. The Chikortia staggered forward with a familiar, sick looking feature gracing her face.

        "B-Blossom!" Melody cried out.

        "Poisoned, just as planned..." The Rocket Grunt gloated.

        "Damn it, this sucks..." Melody thought with a sigh. "I don't have any Antidotes on me either... There's no way I can heal her... Unless..."

        The girl's eyes widened as she remembered something very important. Slowly smiling, Melody looked up at Blossom and the Rocket grunt's Sandshrew.

        "Blossom, Refresh!" Melody commanded.

        The Chikorita nodded and began to glow with a faint light. Slowly the light faded, and Blossom seemed to be feeling much better, as if she had never been poisoned to begin with. The Rocket grunt cursed his luck at this development, glaring fiercely at the girl.

        "Just because you could heal the poison from that weed doesn't mean you're going to win! Sandshrew, Rollout!" he commanded.

        The Sandshrew curled up into a ball and began to roll straight towards Blossom with incredible speed. Melody smiled, she had the ground type right where she wanted it.

        "Now Blossom, Razor Leaf!" she shouted. Blossom chirped as sharp, circling leaves began to fly in the direction of the spinning Sandshrew. Like razors, each leaf cut into the spinning Pokémon. Its spinning began to slow down, the leaves clearly having an effect against the Sandshrew. Melody was not about to let this opportunity slip by. "Quick, finish it off with Tackle!"

        Blossom dashed forward, slamming into the Sandshrew for all she was worth. The Pokémon fell back towards the grunt, attempting to pick itself off the ground. However, it had taken too much damage from the combined force of Blossom's Razor Leaf and Tackle. It fainted shortly afterwards, much to the Rocket grunt's dismay.

        "Are you done yet?" Melody asked, glaring at the man. "Or do you want more?"

        The Rocket grunt took a step back, calling his Sandshrew back to its Pokéball. "W-Whatever... Here, just take the damn Victreebel. They don't pay me enough for this anyways!"

        The Rocket grunt through a Great Ball on the ground before turning tail and running. Melody watched as the man fled, before sighing in relief. She congratulated Blossom for a job well done, the Pokémon chirping happily in response, before the trainer quickly made her way towards the Great Ball that was laying on the ground. She carefully reached out for the ball, checking it for any damage before releasing the Pokémon that had been resting inside. Much to the girl's relief, it was the farmer's Victreebel, alive and well.

        "That was such a rush... Still, we're not done just yet. I better make sure to get ya back to your trainer." Melody sighed in relief.

        She recalled the Victreebel back to its Great Ball, before making her way back towards the farmer. Blossom followed close behind the girl, staying on guard just in case the Rocket grunt came back for a round two. She did not make any stops along the way. It was more important to get the stolen Pokémon back to where it belonged. The farmer was absolutely overjoyed to get his prized Victreebel back. He took the Great Ball from melody with great haste upon its delivery, celebrating a happy reunion with the grass type Pokémon.

        "I'm happy I was able to help ya out, sir," Melody said with a smile. "I don't think you'll have to worry about that thief again, but it would probably be a good idea to let the police know about him."

        The farmer nodded in response. "You don't have to worry 'bout that. I have every intention of letting them know about that thug." Melody gave the man a smile and turned to leave. However, before she got far she was stopped by the farmer. "H-Hey, wait a second, girl!"

        "Hmm...? What is it?" the girl questioned.

        "You really did me a huge favor, helpin' me out like that. Truth be told, I'd feel lower than Skuntank with a gas problem if I let ya just leave empty-handed like this," the farmer answered.

        Melody offered him a smile. "Don't worry about it! I'm just glad I was able to help ya out!"

        The farmer shook his head. "I insist!" Melody watched as the man reached into his pocket, pulling out a small Pokéball. The older man smiled as he held it out for the girl. Melody offered him a somewhat confused look. "I want ya to have this Pokémon."

        "I... I couldn't possibly sir," Melody replied.

        "I insist!" the farmer replied. He tossed the Pokéball into the air, releasing a Tailow from inside of it. The bird Pokémon looked up at Melody, chirping as it began to peck at the ground some. "This here Tailow I hatched from an egg I found in my barn. Truth be told, I'm not much of a trainer. Fightin' really ain't my specialty. But my boy, Hawk, just loves to fight. Truth be told, I think he'd be much happier with you. He even knows a strange move that most don't know right away... Um, Steel Wing, I think it was?"

        Melody's eyes widened in surprise. "A-Are you sure?"

        "I am," the farmer replied. "Consider it a gift for all you did for me."

        Melody smiled, thanking the man in the process. She slowly made her way towards the Tailow. "Hey there, Hawk... I'm on my way to Violet City to become an amazin' Pokémon trainer. I don't have much expereince yet, but... Do ya wanna tag along with us?"

        The Tailow gave a questioning glance to Melody as she spoke. Hawk gave off a happy chirp, before he flapped up and took rest upon Melody's shoulder with glee.

        "Wow... He's really friendly, yeah?" Melody asked the farmer.

        He nodded. "I think he can tell what a great trainer you are. Take care of him for me. I'll be lookin' out to hear more news about you and your team, girl!"

        Melody thanked the man once more and bid him farewell, making her way towards Violet City once more. It had been quite an adventurous day. She tracked down a Pokémon thief, battled against him and won, saved a Victreebel, and made a new friend. Still, one thought still stirred in Melody's mind as she traveled. Just who was Team Rocket... And what did they actually want? For some reason, the girl had a feeling this was not the last she would see of them...

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        Nice conclusion of the event, Alby!
        Napoleon grew to lv 8 and learned Water Sport!
        Blossom grew to lv 9 and learned Poison Powder!
        Melody received a Taillow at lv 8!

        "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
        Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

        Discord Trainer Tournament
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          Blaine - Surrounded by education

          It was inevitable he assumed. It was why others caught pokemon anyway, to battle and challenge each other and just find another way to assure themselves that they were good at something. It was just how humans were, and he was human so of course he would be forced to eventually reach this route. He had walked into Violet City just a few minutes ago, but he had been essentially lectured by every single adult he came across to go to the academy since it was what every single trainer did. Even when he went into the pokemon center to heal up his mon the nurse herself asked if he had seen the academy and recommended that he go ahead and try it out before he had even responded to her question. He figured that he could skip the academy and find some trainers in the town instead. He could show he was a good trainer by beating some kids and that would be the end of it. He could only groan when he was told by one man that every single trainer in Violet City was in this academy. Great… just great.

          So here he was now with Derpy out and running around him happily. The Totodile was happy and Blaine wanted to keep him that way. At least in such a state he wouldn't try to bite off his hand again. Blaine made his way up to the front doors and went inside. There was a small desk set up with a girl stationed behind it who was busy with her phone. "Um… hello?" He asked.

          The girl put her phone down and smiled at him, "Hello, here to register for the academy?"

          He nodded, "It's just for a day right?" He asked warily, "I'm just passing through, not sure if I have to be here for a week or something."

          She shrugged, "It depends on you. You can leave whenever you want, but there are many experience teachers here too. It would be wise to listen to their wisdom. Name?"


          She tapped a few keys and handed him a laminated piece of paper, "That's your keycard to let you into the rooms. I hope you enjoy your stay here."

          He nodded and glanced down at the paper as Depry began to jump up and down next to him. Well… if there were experienced trainers here then he could give the place a try. Just for an hour or two really. As he walked along the halls he did pass some other trainers who stopped and stared at him, well at first he thought so. Then he realized most of them were looking right at Derpy. What was the matter? He was just a Totodile, nothing special. He did find some signs that pointed new students to a class and so he stepped in, having to reach down to try and get Derpy to be quiet. He rubbed his forehead and walked on in to see a man at a chalkboard.

          "Now, if such a status does happen what does that mean for the Marowak?"

          He waited for a bit as the room remained silent, "It means that it STILL won't be affected. No matter how much water is on it, a ground type cannot be affected by electric type moves, no matter how wet they are."

          Blaine picked up Derpy and moved in past some other students to find a seat. Derpy waved his arms as he was let down and Blaine pulled out the moving wooden slab to rest his elbows on only for Derpy to jump up and snap his jaws tightly around the edge of the slab. Blaine stared on as drool slowly began to drip from the wood as well as from Derpy's jaws. Just breathe Blaine, breathe.

          Some of the surrounding students stared as Derpy let out muffled gurgles and drooled even more while his jaws sunk deeper into the wood. A few soft chuckles were being stifled around Blaine as the teacher suddenly paused, "Young man, you DO have a reign on your Totodile do you not?"

          Blaine paled and looked over at Derpy, "Uh… I'm sorry sir." He tried to tug Derpy off but the Totodile just clamped his jaws together against the wood, almost as if it was but a game for the water type. Blaine gave another tug but Derpy just waved his arms about as he let out a muffled gurgle.

          "I would suggest recalling him. That is what pokeballs are for." The teacher advised as some students finally let out chuckles. Blaine pulled out the Totodile's ball and hit the button. For an instant he disappeared but he soon reappeared back on the desk as the ball opened once more. Derpy sat down and before Blaine could react his jaws opened and his tongue struck out to lick over his trainer's face. Blaine groaned as Derpy let his tail happily wag behind him and the teacher sighed as the class laughed some more, "Well, seems your mon has quite a lot of energy. I would suggest heading out to the gardens and draining that energy from him young man. Now, we shall discuss the effects of how covering a grass type with water-"

          Blaine picked up Derpy and did his best to lower the desk without touching the drool and he was soon out of the room. "You know, you're a burden." He said pointedly to the Totodile as he walked him out of the building. The Totodile just stared at him with those eyes and his wide smile. He set the water type down and shook his head, "What will I do with you?" He muttered. He caught sight of a sign and looked it over, "So… no catching? That's stupid." He saw other trainers out in the gardens, "So… what now?"

          Derpy jumped up and gurgled as he raced on out. "Hey come on! Not this again!" Blaine cried out as he chased his Totodile down the paths. He finally turned a corner and gasped as he saw that Derpy had stopped in front of some girl who was petting him. "H-Hey! He… bites!" Blaine gasped out.

          The girl looked up in confusion and happily resumed petting, "Doesn't seem to be getting bitey around me!" She said with a chuckle.

          Blaine quickly moved up and was about to Grab Derpy when the Totodile turned and gave him that stare. One move, and he knew his hand would be gone. He took a small step back and the Totodile turned back around and pressed his head against the girl's hand once more. The student smiled softly and soon stood up, "I take it this is your Totodile then? You must be lucky to have a shiny one!"

          "Shiny?" Blaine asked as Derpy came on over to his side once more. "What do you mean?"

          The girl frowned, "You… you haven't seen a regular Totodile before? Most Totodile are a deep blue color, you're is actually more greenish and that means he's a shiny version. Shiny pokemon is just a nickname for pokemon like your Totodile, but it really means that they have special genes. Your Totodile was born with such genes that affect the look of his skin so if you sent him into a swarm of other Totodile you could pick him out easily since he would be the only one that would be differently colored. It's something I learned last semester."

          "Uh huh…" Blaine looked down as Derpy suddenly raised his head and gained a proud smile.

          The girl nodded, "You should be careful though as well. I really don't know why, but lost of people like shiny pokemon. Some may be willing to trade for him simply based on that alone."

          Blaine snorted, "Then they don't know what kind of mon he is then. He's a heavy enough burden."

          She chuckled, "Totodile can be that way, you just have to raise him well. Raise him with love and you'll get a fine mon out of him. So, want to battle now?"

          The last question threw off Blaine, "Uh… what?"

          She smiled and held up a pokeball, "You DID come out here to train yes? Well let's train then. I want to see what that Totodile can do. Does a two versus two sound fine?"

          Blaine looked down at Derpy whose smile had only widened and he nodded, "Yeah. A teacher in there said I had to drain his energy or something?"

          The student tossed her ball up and down, "That is what battling is for. Pokemon live in the wild and live by instincts. If they are kept in a pokeball for too long or if they are bored then the energy usually expended by battling is contained in their bodies. They get energetic, can disobey commands when you DO send them out to battle, or they can just go wild trying to find a battle. I can see your own Totodile is a bit energetic. Have you battled with him often?"

          Blaine nodded, "Well, not every second… but I did get into some battles on the way here. He fought well enough, listened to me and such."

          The girl thought and smiled, "Well I have heard some species of pokemon are more energetic naturally. Could be that your Totodile is just one that is naturally energetic. I have heard though that if those pokemon do evolve they gain different mindsets after the evolution, their personality in a way becomes more mature. It could be you have to get him to the point where he'll evolve."

          Blaine nodded and looked down yet again, "Okay… I'll start off with Derpy here." The Totodile jabbed as he ran on up and the girl had to stifle a laugh, "D-Derpy?"

          He nodded, "He's a derp. You'll find the name suits him when you really see him in action."

          She sent out her own pokeball as a Buizel appeared. "I select my Buizel for this." The Buizel grinned as his two tails twitched behind him.

          Derpy just stared on with that vacant look in his eyes and after a while Blaine figured he was allowed to send out the first command. "Derpy use Leer!" The Totodile narrowed his eyes at the Buizel as they glowed a bright red. The otter like pokemon took a step back as a bit of sweat formed on his forehead, but the female trainer smirked, "Buizel you know what to do! SonicBoom!"

          The Buizel snapped out his fright and turned about and slapped his two tails out. A gust of wind flew out and slammed right into Derpy, causing the Totodile to be pushed back. "Derpy use a Scratch attack!" At the same time his opponent called out as well, "Buizel use Quick Attack!"

          Before Derpy could raise his clawed hand the Buizel dashed forward in a blur and punched Derpy in his gut. If anything that made Derpy even more angry and he slashed his claws along the Buizel's chest. The Buizel cried out and tried to pull away but Derpy still kept to his advantage. He moved his jaws forward and sealed his teeth into the Buizel's shoulder as the Buizel fell onto his back. He tried to push Derpy off but Derpy just reaffirmed his grip. Blaine looked at his dex and pointed it at Derpy, "Heh… guess he learned Rage some time ago."

          The two rolled about on the ground as Derpy gnawed on his furry shoulder. "Buizel use Growl! Get that attack down!" The Buizel snarled as loudly as he could at his opponent as the Totodile dug his teeth in, but his opponent was still conscious. "Buizel use a SonicBoom again!" The water type's tails flipped up and slapped against the Totodile's back. Derpy bit in deeper as his eyes glowed orange and thanks to the attack his attack only surged.

          The Buizel looked to be a bit desperate as the fangs dug in deeper and he let out a shocked cry of pain. A few tears formed at the corner of the Buizel's eyes and at the sight Derpy formed a smirk along his jaws. The Buizel gritted his own teeth and rolled about with the Totodile, trying to break the jaws off of his shoulder, but it only ended with Derpy on top of him once more as he rubbed his teeth against the Buizel's flesh. The otter like creature tried to push Derpy off one last time before he finally fell silent. Buizel was recalled and Derpy got up as he panted a bit.

          The female frowned and then threw out another ball, this one containing a Pidgey. Derpy snarled and snapped his jaws as his rage kept him going. He ran at the bird as the other trainer nodded, "Tackle!" The bird cried out as it flew forward and slammed into Derpy, knocking the water type over as swirls appeared in his eyes. Likewise Blaine recalled him and held out his other ball. From it the Bellsprout appeared whose eyes widened at the sight of the bird pokemon.

          "Tackle again!" The female called out as the Pidgey flew forth and hit into the Bellsprout's large yellow head." The plant wiggled about as it let out a small groan with the girl chuckling, "This will be easy that's for sure."

          Blaine frowned and looked down at his dex, "Okay, Bellsprout use Vine Whip!" The large plant sent out a extended root to slam into the Pidgey, but the bird barely budged in the air. "Again tackle!" His opponent called out and the Pidgey obliged, flying down low and slamming into the grass type.

          "Vine Whip!" Blaine cried out again but once more the Pidgey barely budged. His chuckled, "Use Gust now!" The Pidgey cried out as it began to quickly flap its wings to send out a gust of wind at the plant. Bellsprout cried out as the winds hit into it and sent it flying back a bit as it rested on the ground. Blaine recalled it as the female shook her head, "You need a bigger team in my opinion. though you can't catch any here and if you want to beat Falkner then you'll need to train up that Totdile."

          "Falkner?" He asked with a frown.

          The girl nodded, "Yeah, he's the gym leader here. I suggest getting that Totodile strong and then challenging him. He's no push over that's for sure."

          Blaine shrugged at that, "I suppose. So, what is a gym leader?"
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          Blossom the Chikorita
          Female - Level 9
          Tackle/Growl/Refresh/Razor Leaf/Poison Powder/-

          Napoleon the Buizel
          Male - Level 8
          Sonic Boom/Growl/Water Sport/-/-/-

          Hawk the Taillow
          Male - Level 8
          Peck/Growl/Focus Energy/Quick Attack/Steel Wing/-




          Melody Hughes

          Chapter 3 - Violet City

          Arrival In Violet City - Back To School!

          After all the excitement that Melody had faced along her travel across Route 31, the last stretch that led to Violet City felt like a much needed rest. The girl managed to avoid any trainers that might have been itching for a battle as well as any wild Pokémon encounters. Normally, Melody would not have gone through such great lengths to avoid these, but seeing as how Blossom and Napoleon had already had quite a busy morning, the last thing either one needed was another battle at the moment.

          Violet City had quite a different vibe to it compared to that of Cherrygrove. The buildings all had a much more olden times look to them. The paints used on the various buildings in the city were all that of a much more calm and somber color. Even the rooftops of the Pokémon Center, Gym, and Mart were painted with that in mind.

          Speaking of the Pokémon Center, it was this exact building that Melody made her way to as soon as she managed to arrive at Violet City. She was quite thankful that it happened to be one of the first buildings in the town.

          "It looks like your Pokémon have definitely been through a bit," the nurse said as she took the balls which held the creatures to treat them.

          "Somethin' like that, yeah," Melody replied, deciding to leave out any information about her encounter with the man from Team Rocket. "There were a lot of trainers on the route, plus the wild Pokémon."

          "I can imagine so," the nurse replied with a light giggle. "After all, Violet City is a popular first stop for those who decide to try their luck at the Johto Pokémon League."

          The mention of this caused Melody to perk up quickly. "Johto League...? Ya mean there's a gym here?"

          The nurse nodded in response. "Yes, it's run by Falkner. Many trainers consider his gym and his flying type Pokémon to be a good place to start climbing those steps to become the next champion of the region," She paused for a moment, taking the time to place Melody's Pokémon inside the device that was commonly used to heal whatever ailed them. The nurse glanced over her shoulder curiously at the trainer. "Are you thinking of taking on his gym by any chance?"

          "Of course!" Melody replied with with a bright smile. "Takin' on his gym would be a good way to see how strong my team has become so far!"

          "That's a lot of enthusiasm you have there," the nurse said with another giggle. "But if I may be so bold... Your team currently isn't ready to take on Falkner and his gym."

          "What do you mean?" Melody asked curiously. "We've been workin' really hard so far!"

          The nurse rubbed the back of her head slowly. "Hear me out... There's a school of sorts in the city, one that could probably help you get that last leg of training you could use to help defeat Falkner. I'm not saying you have to do it, but why not give it a visit at least?"

          Melody seemed hesitant for a moment. She personally did not think she really needed some form of extra training to handle the gym in this city. However, the nurse seemed to really recommend her at least giving it a quick check out. The girl slowly nodded in response. It probably would not hurt to at least give it a quick check out...

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            Blaine and some Derps

            Blaine was thankful enough that the the academy had a healer on the campus, it made sense in his mind at least, but that female was tagging along now. He tried to shake her off by asking if she had classes she needed to go to, but somehow she always managed to change the subject. It wasn't a simple 'oh how was the weather along the route' style change either. It was more along they would chat and somehow, Blaine still wasn't sure HOW, they would suddenly be on a different subject and he would realize five minutes in what they were talking about and he would have to reassert his previous question. After a few minutes about this he just gave up entirely. Fine, so this girl was interested in shiny pokemon and practically drooled over Derpy, so what? Well, he supposed if anything this was giving Derpy a bit of inflated ego as he was more inclined now to puff out his chest proudly and in the hallways it seemed that the other students were also drawn to him. Seriously he had just come out of the healing center and everyone was snapping a picture of him or were asking to hold the shiny mon and other ridiculous things. If he was getting this much attention was seriously considering an alternative. If STUDENTS got this worked up over a shiny pokemon how much would one sell for?

            On the one hand, it might work out flawlessly… on the other Derpy might just bite him all over. For some strange reason the Totodile wanted to always come back to him and lick him. It was this combination of Blaine shuddering and wishing that one of these other trainers would just take him. He could make it along with a flower on his travels, right? Well in any case by the time he was finally outside there was still a bit of a crowd following and now they were more than eager to battle. Blaine gave in finally and did one quick battle with a weaker Pidgey, but as soon as that ended there were others wanting to see his Totodile in action. Just who the hell obsessed over shiny pokemon so much!?

            Well he saw either one of two things that could happen. One, he gives in battles for the whole day and that would be it… or he could try running away. The problem with running away was NOT to be noticed, and unfortunately Derpy was doing EVERYTHING he could to be noticed. The Totodile was being more than overly energetic as he would pose with students or just be as wild and crazy as he could be should they request it. What did prove to be his saving grace was after a second battle, this time with a Caterpie, Derpy was showing a bit of weariness and so Blaine had to start holding him as the crowd began to disperse. As he did look down at Derpy again he saw the water type quickly give him a wink of sorts before he went to play acting tired. Wait… was Derpy being devious here? Okay, who the hell had taught this Totodile how to act? Some mastermind must have been training him before or something!

            As the crowds were finally gone Blaine let Derpy down once the coast was clear and immediately the Totodile burst into a dance of sorts. Blaine had to chuckle at the sight, "Man, you're devious aren't ya?" The Totodile gave him a wide grin and ran along the paths as Blaine followed along. He still only had one potion left, but those two previous battles hadn't really done that much to Derpy, the Caterpie had really only used String Shot after all.

            The Totodile ran on through, disappearing behind some plants before crying out and falling backwards. Blaine was quick to meet up with him and saw a Spinarak hanging from some string, laughing loudly at the effect it had on the Totodile. Derpy was quick to stand up and jabbered angrily at the bug. The Spinarak began to slowly rise up it's string, but Derpy moved his claws faster, slicing at the string as the bug fell onto the ground. It tried to crawl away but Derpy placed a foot and let out a growl as the bug began to shiver there.

            Derpy looked at Blaine and jabbered a bit as he jumped back and assumed a battle position. "Oh… uh, use Water Gun." Derpy jabbered and opened his jaws as a gush of water flowed out and hit into the spider, sending him spinning around. The spider at the point saw it was escaping and so sent out a String Shot that wrapped around Derpy's foot and stuck it to the ground. The Totodile growled and without Blaine's command he sent out more water at the bug. The insect was thoroughly drenched and shivering in the cold now. It tried to spray out another strand of silk but the silk drooped onto the ground thanks to the water. Derpy grunted as he pulled his foot free and soon was before the shivering but, his jaw forming into a curled smile. He opened his mouth to show off his teeth and finished off his opponent with one last Water Gun.

            Blaine stared as Derpy placed a foot on the unconscious but and held up a hand in the air, holding his head up high as well. Blaine frowned as Derpy got off and began to make his way along the sidewalk yet again. "Well feisty as always." Blaine commented.
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            Christina & Aberdeen – On the road to Violet
            Chapter 2: Tina VS Deen!

            The hand-holding didn't last for more than a minute, to both Ab's and Christina's relief. Chespin found another Vivillon to chase, which made Aberdeen run after him in order to stop what he now realized was a rather futile attempt at catching something that was quicker than they were. Plus, Christina didn't seem to like bugs. Didn't want to scare her away the first thing he did.

            As they walked due west, they soon felt like the ground was elevating, like they were going faintly uphill. The hill of Violet lay ahead, only a few fields of flowers, gleaming in the afternoon sunlight, sitting between the city and the trainers now.

            "So, are you gonna challenge the gym when we get there?" Aberdeen asked the girl.

            "Mmh, I think I will." She responded, looking ahead as she trekked up the road, having picked up Sindy in her arms as the Cyndaquil had seemed a bit tired. "It's a great way to prove yourself, show how strong you've become along the way." She looked to Ab curiously. "What about you? I haven't even seen Chespin in a fight yet, so I don't even know how good you two are."

            Ab smiled widely at that. "I'll definitely challenge the gym," he said. "I haven't been in many battles yet, but I will be. I'm traveling to experience a bigger life than the small world of Cherrygrove!"

            As he spoke he held out his arms as if trying to reach the sky, eyes glittering. But he also found himself swallowing hard all of a sudden, and a fleeting image of his dead sister came to his mind. He shook it away and lowered his arms. Pondering days were over.

            "Well, are you any good yourself, then?" he asked Christina, looking more closely at Sindy. "You're pretty new at this trainer thing too, am I right?"

            Christina had looked a little at Ab as the thoughtful look came across his expression, but as he turned to her again, she quickly nodded her head, giving a sheepish little smile.

            "Well... yeah, I'm pretty new to it. It's my second day, actually. But I've won every single battle I've been in so far!" She gave a bright smile, luckily neglecting to mention the fact that she hadn't had a single trainer battle so far. That said, she felt confident that her and Sindy could take on whoever they might run into as their first trainer battle.

            "Besides," she added, sending him a bright grin. "You can't become famous in this day and age without being at least pretty good with Pokémon, in one way or another, right?"

            Aberdeen shrugged and let some flowers by the road catch his eyes. "I don't know. There must be many who don't train pokémon. But I guess you can't live without meeting pokémon at least a little every day. Because they are everywhere."

            Should he pick the flowers and give to Christina? That's probably what he would have done if Rachel walked beside him now. No hidden intention, they were just flowers and she'd be a girl. Girls like flowers, maybe. Aberdeen liked flowers too. And he wasn't a girl. Okay, his thoughts were spinning in weird directions now and he didn't know why. He scratched his head and decided to leave the flowers unpicked.

            Looking ahead, he suddenly saw a tall tower coming into view. There was still a bit to go along the flowery fields, but he was pretty sure that the tower stood in Violet. They were there soon.

            But first...

            "Hey, by the way," Ab said. "Why don't you and I have a battle? Here and now! We'll reach Violet any minute now and can heal our pokémon there so it's a good time for it."

            Having been squinting into the distance at the tower, Chris suddenly turned to Ab at the suggestion of a battle. "Oh, uhm..." On one hand, she did really want to see just how good a trainer Ab was. And sort of secretly get back at him for landing on top of her earlier, but on the other hand, did she really want him to be her first trainer battle ever? After a short while of contemplation, she gave a little grin, coming to a stop in the middle of the road and looking down at the Cyndaquil who had now stopped along with Chespin.

            "What do you say Sindy? Wanna take on Deen and Chespin?" The Cyndaquil looked to Chespin for just a moment before the patches on its back burst into flame, letting out a challenging little squeak, followed by Christina giggling and looking to Ab with a wry smile. "Well, I guess that settles it. You're on, guys."

            "Great!" Ab said and put some distance between them on the road. "Let's say two pokémon each?" He wasn't stupid. If Sindy was sent into battle, the last pokémon he wanted to go against her with was the grass type Chespin.

            Chris hesitated for a moment, glancing down at the Pokéball housing the unnamed Spinnarak she unwillingly caught earlier. Not wanting to back down from the fight, she nodded her head and sent Ab a challenging smile, grabbing the Pokéball at her waist. "Deal. No healing items either." If she was going to go into a fight with a Pokémon she barely knew, she wanted at least some kind of edge on him. "Come on back Sindy, we'll save you for second."

            The Cyndaquil looked a little disheartened after having pumped herself up like that and waddled back over to Chris side where she sat down, ready to watch the fight unfold.

            No Sindy to begin with. Right, Chespin was up, then! "You ready, pal?" he asked his little pokémon, who replied with a cheerful squeak.

            "Choose your pokémon, Tina!" Ab then said in a challenging tone to the girl, but quickly regretted it. "Ugh, not sure I should call you that. Deen is one thing, but Tina... It's like a whole different name."

            The girl giggled as she picked out the Pokéball, shaking her head lightly. "Yeah, Tina's... not really what I'm hoping for in terms of nicknames. What about 'Chris'? Just go with what comes naturally. Anyways!"

            She took a deep breath, readying herself for the inevitable as she clicked the Pokéball's center, causing it to open and send out the white beam, quickly forming into a Spinarak, curiously looking around, and upon seeing Chris, it wriggled happily on the ground. Christina was much less happy to see the spider though, wincing a little and holding herself back from running over and kicking the thing. "... Eugh. Right, ready I suppose."

            Ab looked from the spider to the girl and a grin grew on his face again. "Haha, do I sense the perfect trainer-pokémon chemistry? Anyways, let's start then! I'm so not really sure about how this is really done," he laughed. "But Chespin, start with a Tackle!"

            Chespin sturdied its body before dashing forwards, about to slam its body into the spider on the dusty road.

            "Hit it with a String Shot, Spinarak!" Christina shouted, pointing at Chespin. The little spider managed to spit out a string of webbing aimed at Chespin's legs before the little rodent slammed into the spider, sending it tumbling to the ground. "Right, and then get it with a Poison Sting!" Christina had tried to recall what strengths and weaknesses bug types had, but she frankly couldn't remember it, despite the many times her brother had teased her with it.

            Spinarak easily stung Chespin with its little horn, making the rodent yelp and hop up in pain. The string shot around his legs luckily loosened up a bit at this, so that he could stand and move again.

            "Whoa, that was fast," Aberdeen commented. "Making your pokémon do a counter move and then retaliate just like that. You've got some reflexes."

            As Chespin got up and stared at its opponent, Ab tried to think quickly. Chespin didn't seem poisoned yet, thankfully. He might have misjudged Christina though, thinking she was just like any little bug catcher or youngster here. But the very first move she made showed that she was alert. He had to make an effort to be like that too. With less of a smile, and sharpened eyes, he continued the battle.

            "Chespin, be quick now. Lift it up with Vine Whip!"

            Chespin, feeling his trainer's resolve, sent out his vines and grabbed ahold of the jiggering spider.

            "Now, Tackle when you're holding it!" Ab called out as fast as he could, hoping to take a leaf out of Christina's book. If there was one thing Aberdeen was, it was an attentive learner.

            The grass type pulled in his vines and dashed forward again to Tackle the trapped bug.

            Christina cringed as the spider was lifted into the air, flailing its little legs around, seemingly too absorbed in the battle to throw around banter, at least for now. Despite not being a fan of the little thing, it was still her Pokémon. "Ngh..." She clenched her fists, desperate to try and come up with a tactic that'd help her against the rather strong Chespin. After a moment of wrecking her brain to come up with a strategy, only one thing seemed viable right now.

            "Spinarak, twist around and have Chespin charge right into your stinger in a Poison Sting!" The little spider twisted and squirmed in the vines in an attempt at turning to have the 'horn' facing Chespin's charge.

            Once again, Aberdeen was outsmarted. Chespin dashed into the Poison Sting and dropped the spider from his vines in shock at the impact. He staggered backwards with a sick look on his face. Ab quickly pulled up the pokédex to scan his pokémon; Chespin had been lightly poisoned this time.

            "Poison... Never liked that in battles," he muttered before clenching his fist and sending the grass type back into his pokéball. Then he smiled at Christina. "I'm not a sore loser!" he chuckled. "You won the first round, but now I'm using someone else. Whismur, go!"

            The pink bunny-like pokémon emerged from a second pokéball and stood on the road in front of the Spinarak, shuddering every so slightly.

            Christina let out a breath of relief as Ab pulled back Chespin, the look of relief on her face clearly stating how desperate she had been, and the fact that the little spider would have been knocked out if it was attacked just once more by Chespin. She sent him a wry little grin, lifting the Spinarak's Pokéball as she recalled it. "I didn't think you were. Alright Sindy, it's your time to shine!"

            The patches on the Cyndaquil's back flared up as it let out a challenging semi-growl that sounded more adorable than anything as it quickly waddled over to stand in front of Christina, facing the Whismur. At a closer inspection, she furrowed her brows and brought out her Pokédex, checking out the Whismur. "... Huh. I've never seen that Pokémon before." She snapped the 'dex shut and gave Ab a friendly smile as she packed it away. "I think it's only fair you go ahead and make the first move."

            "Suit yourself," Aberdeen smiled. "That mouse of yours has got great hearing, right?" He suddenly clapped his hands over his own ears. "Uproar, Whismur!"

            Whismur didn't waste any time. It took a deep breath and started yelling at an incredible level, all while jumping about as if it tried to let all its energy out into one wild attack spree. It was difficult to say if the attack was physical or not. Probably mostly sonic.

            Not understanding why Ab had put his hands over his ears, Christina opened her mouth to say something, just as the little, pink ball began shouting out at an incredible volume, Christina quickly wincing and moving her hands up to her ears to cover them up. Sindy was less fortunate, her little arms not long enough to reach up to her... ear holes?

            "What in Arceus' holy litter box...?!" she cried out, watching the thing continuing to bellow and scream. "I- ngh... smokescreen is no good... damnit, Sindy, hit it with a tackle, get it to shut up!" The Cyndaquil responded immediately, thankful to be able to get a chance at getting the Whismur to shut up, running forwards as she dove towards the pink ball in a furious shoulder-tackle.

            Whismur, wild in its sonic tantrum, whirled away from a direct hit but got hit in the side and tackled to fall down anyways. The Uproar ended.

            Chris groaned as the noise ended, lowering her hands from her ears with a sigh of relief. "That... was absolutely horrible."

            "Retaliate with Pound!" Aberdeen said, trying to be swift about it.

            Whismur bounced up and slapped its little hands forcefully at the fire type pokémon.

            Sindy, only just having relaxed from the pleasant silence after the Uproar's end, had no time to react as the little, pink ball ran up and smacked her over the head, sending the Cyndaquil stumbling backwards with a squeak.

            "W-whoa, careful Sindy! Uh, Smokescreen!"

            Sindy arched her back, thick smoke billowing from the patches on her back to envelop a large area between the boy and girl. Chris grinned at first, happy with the fact that the Whismur would have alot of trouble hitting Sindy... until she realized that Sindy probably couldn't see the Whismur either. "... Ack. Should've thought that one through."

            Whismur whirled around, unsure of what to do. But Aberdeen grinned widely. "Perfect!" he laughed. "Use Uproar again! Sound needs no eyes to hit its target."

            Holding his hands over his ears again, Ab watched as the bunny took a step into the smoke and disappeared, right before the hideous screaming noise from its Uproar attack came again, even making the smoke whirl faster from the vibrations in the air.

            Christina realized her mistake the minute Aberdeen shouted and her face immediately paled. She quickly lifted her hands to cover her ears again, wincing. She stared into the smoke, desperate to try and think of something. In the middle of the fog though, she saw a glimmer of flames, most likely from Sindy who was, understandably, getting both hurt and frustrated.

            "... Time to see if this'll work. Sindy! Use Extrasensory!" The Cyndaquil, flailing its tiny arms in the smoke squinted her eyes somewhat open, a firm, purple glow having taken over the usual sheen. After a splitsecond, the air to the right of Whismur shimmered for a brief moment before erupting in a fireless explosion, which startled the bunny a little, but wasn't close enough to actually hurt it.

            "... Damnit, it's still going! Once more Sindy, Extrasensory!"
            The little Cyndaquil squeaked out in exhaustion, mustering up the energy for another attack, the air near Whismur rippling again as another explosion ahppened, this time on its left. However, the attack still didn't connect. The smoke was slowly starting to clear out, and just as Christina got a glimpse of Sindy, the 'mon toppled over onto its side. Her eyes widened and she ran forwards, kneeling down next to it.

            "S-Sindy! Are you okay?" The Cyndaquil squirmed a little and let out a weak little groan. Chris smiled softly and lifted the Pokéball, recalling her. "It's alright. You did great, get yourself some rest." She stood up again, sighing as she sent Ab a smile. Not a wry, teasing or mocking one, but simply one of respect. And a little bit of annoyance, though not pointed at him, rather than herself.

            "... Whelp. I guess it's a draw. That... Smokescreen didn't do me any favors, but you were really great, Deen." She stood up and walked over, only to crouch again as she patted the thankfully quiet Whismur on the head with a bright smile. "And you were really cool too!" She rose up once more and offered a glove-clad hand to him with another smile.

            Ab looked at her thoughtfully for a moment. He was beginning to figure her out, he thought. Christina had been intuitively clever in battle to begin with, but when she tried to think harder later in the battle, she had been overwhelmed. His smile returned as he took her hand and shook it with one quick squeeze. It would be interesting to see how she developed as a trainer. Already from the start, he hadn't really cared much about becoming the very best himself, even if he told his family so. He just wanted to escape the town where bad memories lingered, and experience something else. Something exciting. There and then, he told himself that this wouldn't be the last time he battled Christina.

            He couldn't really tell her all this now though. That would be weird. Instead, he let go of the girl's hand and returned Whismur to its pokéball with a quick, affectionate rub of the ball against his cheek.

            "Draw, win, what does it matter really? You've got, um, great instincts I think. It's cool to see. And I had loads of fun. So thank you!" he said to Christina, then suddenly winked at her. "Violet City, then?"

            "Violet City." She replied with another, excited grin forming on her lips before the two began their journey towards the next town on their way.

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            Sindy grew to lv 10 and learned Ember!
            Spinarak grew to lv 7!

            Chespin grew to lv 9!
            Whismur grew to lv 8!

            "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
            Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

            Discord Trainer Tournament
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            Christina Langley – Violet City Gym
            Chapter 3: A desperate battle! Christina VS Falkner!

            “See you sometime soon!” Ab called out, waving his hand before turning and heading deeper into the city. Chris lowered her hand from returning the wave before taking herself a seat on the bench outside of the Pokécenter. She stretched her arms out over her head, sighing out quietly afterwards, leaning back in the seat, with Sindy taking herself a seat on the bench next to her.

            “Wow… what a day, huh Sindy? Made a farmer angry, met Deen and… Nate, was it? And we had our first trainer battle!” She smiled excitedly as her hand raised to tug lightly at the scarf wrapped around her neck, her expression slowly gliding into a more thoughtful look. “… We didn’t win though. I was so sure of it. I guess Deen was just pretty good too, huh sindy?”

            The Cyndaquil squeaked out in a non-committing manner before starting to nibble on one of the berries Chris had given her as a treat for fighting well during the battle a while back. “Mmmh. And you learned Ember! That’s –really- cool. I can’t wait to try it out in a fight. Speaking of…” She gave the little ‘mon by her side a wry grin. “… We’re still on for fighting Falkner, right?”

            Sindy paused mid-bite, looking thoughtful for a moment before lowering the berry in her little arms, letting out a little string of squeaks and murmurings up at Chris. She furrowed her brows, looking a little confused. It seemed like Sindy was a bit… hesitant with the idea of challenging the gym. “What’s wrong? I’m pretty sure we can take him on. I mean, he’s the weakest of all of the gym leaders! So he shouldn’t be that tough to crack, yeah? Just need a strategy against his birds and we’re all set!” She gave a bright, confident smile down at the Cyndaquil, who continued to look a little doubtful, but gave a nod, the patches on her back flaring a little up to show her support.

            Christina giggled and lowered a hand to affectionately pat her, smiling warmly. “Trust me, we’ll do great. And it’s going to feel so good when we get our first badge. It’ll just be the two of us though, I deposited the… bug, in the PC. Just you and me again, Sindy!” She paused, reaching into her bag to pull out a sandwich she had brought with her from the other center, back on the route, unwrapping it and chomping hungrily into it.

            “Though… I wouldn’t mind expanding the team. You’re awesome Sindy, but we kinda need… more. What if we were up against a water type? I’m pretty sure we’d get wrecked, then.” She gave a glance at Sindy, but the Cyndaquil was too busy devouring the second berry. “I guess we’ll see once we leave town. For now, let’s eat up and go fight Falkner!”

            Not long after, the red-haired girl stood in front of the gym’s large doors. From in front of the gym, the building seemed a lot more… imposing, than she’d imagined, but she waved it off as just nervousness for the coming fight. She looked down at Sindy and gave a warm smile. “You ready to do this?” The Cyndaquil looked at the gym, then up at Chris, unsure for a moment before matching her determination and nodding with a squeak.

            With that, they stepped forwards, the doors sliding aside. She was surprised to find several trainers in this large hall-esque building, with very big, open windows up under the ceiling, for bird Pokémon to fly in and out of, which they currently were. There were a lot of trainers simply… talking or battling against each other, seemingly just… hanging out. Chris was taken a little aback at first, but she managed to tap someone on the shoulder as he passed by.

            “Uhm… sorry, where do I go if I wanna challenge Falkner…?” The blonde-haired guy raised his brows before smiling and pointing down to the back of the gym where a large, raised podium stood with a short staircase leading up to a blue-haired, young man who was looking rather… impressive, actually. Christina smiled and thanked the guy before going straight for Falkner. She came to a stop not far from his podium, his one eye, not obscured by his blue hair staring down at her, like a Pidgeot awaiting a Caterpie’s next move.

            “… Greetings, young trainer. What may I aid you with?” He asked. Christina felt a surge moving through her stomach, but tried to supress the nervousness and the butterflies growing. The other trainers had stopped what they were doing and backed a little off. She cleared her throat and met his gaze, raising a hand to point up at him. “I’m here to challenge you to a battle, Falkner!”

            The trainers murmured amongst each other and the young man at the top of the podium offered a smile. “You’ve come here to challenge me and my bird Pokémon? Very well, I accept your challenge. We’ll each fight with a maximum of three Pokémon, no healing items. Before we begin, may I ask you why you have chosen to duel me?”

            Christina planted her hands solidly at her hips, smiling with determination up at him. “I want to become strong! Sindy and I are going to prove to everyone that we can take on even the best of them! Even if you –are- the lowest ranked gym in Johto!”

            Falkner cringed at the last part, his serious demeanor breaking apart as he raised a hand to brush his hair a little back, looking a tad bit annoyed. “… Do you really have to go around saying stuff like that…? It’s a huge honor to be one of the gym leaders!” Suddenly, the young man seemed a lot… younger, than before. “Oh, uh… sorry. I’m sure you’re still really strong!” Christina replied, trying to not be completely rude towards him.

            The young man huffed, but seemingly waved it off as he raised a hand in front of him, keeping eye contact with her. “Alright then, let’s get this battle started. Choose your first combatant.”

            “I only have one Pokémon, so my first and only combatant is going to be Sindy!” Christina thrust her arm forwards, prompting Sindy to quickly waddle in front of her, definitely not accustomed to things being this… showy. She let out a not-so-intimidating growl, the patches on her back flaring up as if challenging Falkner himself.

            The young man on the podium furrowed his brows before shaking his head lightly. “… Very well. If that’s your choice.” He placed two fingers in his mouth and let out a sharp whistle. Somewhere nearby, a bird’s cry was heard, and soon, a Pidgeotto darted through one of the open windows, flying down to hover in front of Falkner. It was just then that Christina realized that her and Falkner were actually standing on an arena, cut into the floor and Falkner was intending on staying up on the podium it seemed.

            “Not going to fight me face to face? That’s alright, I’m still planning on taking you down to my level.” Christina gave a wry little smile as she clenched her fists, readying herself for the fight. Falkner nodded, his arms folded across his chest once more. “Then let’s start. Pidgeotto, Quick Attack!” The bird cawed before shooting out of the air like a rocket, slamming into Sindy and flying up again before Chris could even register what happened.

            “W-whoa! Okay, this isn’t the time to get startled! Sindy, uh… Tackle when it gets close!” The Pidgeotto came around for another attack, but this time, Sindy was ready for her. As the bird was diving for another attack, the Cyndaquil lept forwards, underneath the bird before shooting up into its underside, sending it careening off to the side, though still in the air.

            “Hmh. Not bad. But it’s still not going to save you!” Falkner exclaimed. “Tackle!” The Pidgeotto made for another flight, but Chris was just a mite faster this time. “Sindy, Smokescreen!” The smog emitting from the Cyndaquil’s back quickly enveloped the middle portion of the arena, the Pidgeotto diving head-first into it, though from the sounds of things, it stopped mid-air before making contact with Sindy, seeming confused.

            “There! Good luck hitting Sindy now!” Christina called, grinning happily at her quick thinking. Falkner merely huffed and called out “Blow it away with a Gust!” The smog quickly dispersed as the Pidgeotto within the smoke swiftly batted her wings about, sending both the smokescreen and poor Sindy tumbling away.

            Christina clenched her hands into fists at her sides, gritting her teeth as she watched the fight. Damnit, this isn’t good! Come on Chris, think, think, think… what would Marcus do…? Without any great ideas coming to mind, she simply called out for Sindy to use an Ember. The Cyndaquil pulled in a sharp breath before spitting out several lumps of flame into the air. The Pidgeotto was hit, and from the looks of things, it hit it pretty hard, as it fluttered a little, having a hard time keeping itself in the air.

            Falkner had been watching in silence for a little and just then, he raised his hand, holding a Pokéball, which he used to recall Pidgeotto. “You did well, my friend. Rest for now.” Christina was surprised, having been ready to attack it once more to finish it off. She put on another challenging smile, though her confidence had clearly taken a blow, with Sindy panting for air from the fight. “Alright, one down. Two to go, Falkner.”

            The man pulled out another ball from the back of his belt, tossing it into the air as a Wingull came flying out with a happy squawk, lowering itself down close to the ground, eyeing over Sindy. “This is pointless, so I’m going to end this now.” He stated.

            “… W-what?” Chris stuttered. Her face flushed, an angrily annoyed expression taking over her features. “… If you think I’m going to just let you brush me off like that, you have another thing coming! Sindy, Ember!” The Cyndaquil pulled in another breath of air, followed by several lumps of flames spewing out, one of them hitting the Wingull. Chris let out a “Hah!” before widening her eyes a little in shock. The bird looked like it hadn’t even felt the attack!

            “… Wingull, use Supersonic.” The gull opened its beak and let out a weird, high-pitched noise, which caused Sindy to flail her arms about, the flames on her back erupting, then dying down and erupting once more, squeaking out in surprise at the attack, which quickly died down.

            Christina stared worriedly at Sindy, feeling her nails digging into the palms of her gloved hands. “S-Sindy! Hang in there! Use… use Tackle!” The Cyndaquil growled out as it flailed from left to right, clearly confused. It suddenly charged and threw itself forwards, only to completely miss the Wingull and slam into the ground hard, before slowly picking herself up. “Sindy!”

            “Finish it Wingull. Water gun.” The gull squawked out again before flying in close to the Cyndaquil, opening its beak and letting out a blast of water, which hit Sindy square in her face, sending her tumbling backwards, whereupon she lay on her side, not moving. “No! Sindy!” Christina rushed forwards to the downed Cyndaquil, falling to her knees as she picked up the little ‘mon in her arms, holding her tightly against her chest. “Are you okay? Sindy, say something!”

            Sindy gave off a weak little squeak, turning her head somewhat towards Christina, and the girl felt as if she was trying to apologize to her for losing. A few tears had formed in the corners of her eyes, as she noticed a voice speaking up, which belonged to Falkner.

            “… Your Cyndaquil is strong, but you’re obviously new to being a trainer. You lack proper teamwork and a strategy, you –have- no team aside from one Pokémon, and-“

            “Shut up! What makes you think you know so much about me and Sindy?! You have no idea what we’re going through!” Christina shouted up at him as she stood up, holding the Cyndaquil close. Falkner’s brow furrowed a little, compassion creeping into his otherwise stern expression. “… Did you ask if your Pokémon actually wanted to do this? To fight, to take on a gym challenge?”

            “Of course I did! And she-“ Christina hesitated, remembering back outside of the Pokécenter. Sindy had been unsure when she asked her, but Chris’ persistence had pressured her into agreeing. Silently, the girl looked down at the close-to-unconcious form of her friend in her arms, swallowing down to try and keep her tears at bay. Falkner sighed softly and nodded his head lightly. “… As I was saying. You need to listen to each other. Fix that and your other problems, and then come back.”

            The next ten minutes seemed to have happened in a blur. Christina didn’t even remember leaving the gym, or if she had said anything else to Falkner. She just suddenly found herself in a part of the city she didn’t recognize, crusted tears on her cheeks and the Cyndaquil still nestled in her arms.

            “… Excuse me, young miss.” Came a voice from her left. Christina turned, her eyes red after crying, as she looked at a bald man in a dark-blue robe, standing outside of the entrance to a rather large, very old-looking tower. He offered he a kind smile and bowed lightly to her. “Would it be wrong to assume that you have… challenged Falkner?” Christina gave a gentle nod of her head, any thoughts on her part having completely shut off.

            “Ah, I thought so. And… it didn’t go so well? Perhaps Falkner offered you some insight into what he believed you were lacking?” Again, the girl simply gave a gentle nod, confirming the man’s suspicions. The man nodded again, his hands hidden inside of his robe’s sleeves, which he kept collected in front of him. “Mmh, I thought so. Now, I need to know… do you wish to improve? Do you want both you and your Pokémon to become closer and more… whole?”

            Christina stared at the man, then back at the tower behind him. She’d heard of this place. Her bother had mentioned it when he was visiting a few months back. A tower where monks trained both their bodies, minds and their Pokémon. She turned her head to look down at the Cyndaquil in her arms, swallowing down hard again to prevent a new stream of tears from happening. With a slightly cracking voice, she looked up at the man again.

            “Y… yes. Please help me… p-please help Sindy. I… I-I didn’t mean for her to get hurt like this.” The man nodded in understanding, halfly turning and gesturing back at the tower. “Then please. Follow me, young miss. Me and my brethren will do what we can to aid you in your quest.” Christina nodded meekly, sniffling briefly as she followed the monk towards the tower, her ambitions crushed and her friend wounded. She didn’t have much hope that the monks would be able to help her and Sindy, but for her friend, she was willing to try.

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            Aberdeen Montany
            post 1 chapter 3 : Violet City

            After healing up at the pokémon center, Aberdeen and Christina had parted ways to pursue their own goals in the city. Aberdeen had never really planned to be traveling together with someone other than his pokémon on a permanent basis. But a part of him really wanted to meet Christina again. He didn't feel bad about splitting up though; if they kept traveling in the same direction, they would meet again at some point. He was sure of it.

            "Violet is a big place," Ab said thoughtfully, as he and his pokémon strolled through the place in the afternoon. "But it kind of feels smaller. Older." The buildings weren't as modern and shining as in Cherrygrove. There was an atmosphere here that was not present in Ab's hometown.

            Suddenly, he realized that they had reached the city's gym. Looking up at the imposing building, very traditional in design, except for a bright sign saying Violet Pokémon Gym at the front wall, Ab thought hard for a moment. He had meant to challenge the gyms, right? That was what every aspiring trainer did. Unless they were just kids with pets on the countryside. Ab wasn't a kid, not according to himself, and his pokémon partners weren't pets.

            He glanced down at them. Chespin, Whismur and Pidgey sitting beside each other on the ground, all following Ab's gaze up at the big building. Pidgey looked as stern as she always did. Whismur looked nervous. And Chespin looked expectant. The grass type noticed that their trainer was looking at them, and turned to blink at Ab with a smile. As if he knew what Ab was thinking about and wanted to tell him that he agreed. They should challenge the gym. Aberdeen smiled back. He bent down to pick up Whismur and pet its head to calm it down.

            "We won't go to the gym tonight," he said.

            Chespin looked a bit appalled. Pidgey raised her feathery eyebrow.

            "We nearly lost against other trainers," the trainer continued. "Christina, and that bug catcher. We're not challenging gyms yet. I want to experience things, I don't want to go the same way everyone else goes. That does us no good. Right?"

            He held out Whismur in his arms, as if asking the little fellow the question. Whismur squeaked, having no idea how his trainer wanted him to answer that question. Aberdeen just laughed a little and pulled the bunny pokémon into a hug again.

            They kept strolling, away from the gym, and only just missed a familiar redhead hurrying in, ready to challenge the leader herself...

            Instead, the quartet reached one of the oldest, and certainly the tallest building in the city: Sprout Tower. Like an old, friendly guard, it watched over the city with its ticking log and mysterious monks. The courtyard was empty this late in the evening, but as Ab stood there and looked up at the tower, one monk eventually came out from one of the smaller buildings near it and approached him.

            "Young boy," he said calmly. "You seem lost in thought. As if you are trying to make a decision."

            "Kind of," Ab answered with a sad smile. "But actually I've made my decision. I won't challenge the gym yet."

            The old monk looked at him with wise eyes for a moment. "And why not?"

            "Because I don't feel like it!" Ab exclaimed happily, putting Whismur down and waving goodbye to the monk before letting Pidgey land on his shoulder and making the other two pokémon chase after him back to the town centre.

            The monk's eyes followed the boy until he turned around a corner. Such a young soul. Yet weighted down by deep grief. Grief the boy wouldn't show or admit to anyone. One could only hope that he would dare to dig up what he had buried deep inside, one day.

            He remained in the courtyard, silently watching the stem of the tall tower tick back and forth where it could be seen through the openings in the walls of every floor. Soon enough, another young soul approached. Sad, lost. A different kind of grief, more shallow yet just as strong. The monk nodded to himself. She had chosen differently than the boy had.

            The old man gathered his blue robe tighter around his body in the chilly evening air, and walked up to the sobbing child.

            “… Excuse me, young miss," he said gently. "Would it be wrong to assume that you have… challenged Falkner?”

            "Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
            Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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            Introducing...Vincent Baker
            GUEST STARRING: Melody Hughes
            Violet City: Post 1

            "Look, kid. I didn't take your friend's lunch money," Vincent protested outside the academy.

            "I saw you take money out of her pocket and stuff into your bag!" One of the many schoolboys gathered in the schoolyard said, leading what appeared to a large group of 10 year old nerds surrounding the taller Vincent.

            "Sound a lot like your word versus mine, kid. And I'll have you know..." Vincent said with a scoff, lowering his voice deeper and deeper before getting right in the face of the leader. "I have some frightening friends in high places. I don't think you will want to call them on this little phone of mine. It may not end well for you." With a dead glare, the schoolboy gulped and ran inside, most of his posse following along with sweat dripping down to the ground. Vincent stood up straight and cracked his back. "Dumb kid," he chuckled as he counted the money he yoinked off the other kid's pocket. "I feel almost bad, but whatever." Vincent shrugged his shoulders and stuffed his own wallet with his newest acquisitions.

            Not too far away from Vincent, one Melody Hughes had made her way towards the academy. Although the girl was still not completely sold on the need to actually train there, she was still thinking under the mindset that giving the school a quick lookover would not hurt. Spotting Vincent standing outside the building, Melody assumed the boy to be a student of the school or something of the sort. She made her way towards him, putting on a bright smile in the process.

            "Excuse me," Melody called out. As she got closer to him, Melody realized just how much taller he was than her, not that that usually was a surprise for her. Still at times it she did find it a bit embarrassing. Forcing a quick blush down, the girl continued when she was closer. "Is this the Pokémon academy by any chance?"

            "Yeah what?" Vincent said at first, seeing a shorter girl pester him with dumb questions. Why do people always like to bother him. You would think with his punk clothes, long hair and constant grimace that most people, especially girls his age, would be more terrified of him than ask him innocent questions. He could only mentally sigh at the whole display. "Oh, yeah. It's full of nerds though. They will probably drool all over you." It was this moment that Vincent realized that he probably would need to step in. He had some experience battling, having watched battles on television and was sharp enough to figure out to make his way to Violet City and even managed to nab a Pidgey on the way. But, was that enough to beat Falkner? Probably. But if he wanted to make any of his dreams come true, he would sadly have to sit in a class. The thought sent a shiver down his spine. Without paying the girl much a thought, he walked through the front doors.

            "Drool on me...? But it's not like I'm gonna be close to their mouths or anything like th-" Melody began, only to quickly stop as she realized the boy was already heading inside. She smiled brightly, quickly making her way to follow behind him. The boy must have decided to show her the way to the registration area. It did not take long for Melody to reach the boy's side. Glancing up at him as they walked, Melody decided to spark a bit of conversation with Vincent, one that quickly turned into another of her ramblings. "You must be a student or something here, am I right? The nurse at the Pokémon Center suggested that I stop by here before I challenge Falkner. I wasn't all that sure about it, because me and my Pokémon have been through, like quite a few battles already! Just getting here from Cherrygrove was like an adventure all on its own, you know? But I guess that's what the whole point of training is supposed to be like... Oh! I'm Melody by the way!"

            "That's, Mary or whatever your name is. But I'm not a student. I'm just here for whatever free lesson they hand out," Vincent said, barely making eye contact with the girl. He walked faster, slamming his hand on the front desk hard enough that the phone perched on the woman's shoulder crashed to the desk. "Hi. I am here for some lessons or whatever. Where do I go?"

            "Um...well, I will give you a keycard and you c-c-can go wherever you want. There is plenty of experience to go around. C-c-can I get your name please?"

            "...Vincent Baker."

            She typed a bunch of keys on the computer, had Vincent a few documents (probably some waivers and then handed him the keycard. "It's a day pass, so enjoy your stay here and hope you sign up for more classes!"

            "Yeah, no," he said with a scoff and started to bolt around the visitor's floor for a map to get a feel for the campus.

            "I'm here to sign up for a class and stuff too! Melody Hughes!" the girl said in a much more pleasant manner.

            The receptionist seemed to take note of this, smiling a bit easier with the shorter girl's disposition. After getting her waivers, Melody quickly headed off to join Vincent as he looked around. She quickly retook her place by his side with a giggle.

            "I think you scared her a bit there, Vincent," she told the boy. "The look on her face was priceless! She must have been making a phone call or something that they're not supposed to make during business hours!"

            Greattttt. Now she knows my name, he mentally groaned to himself. I gotta find a way to ditch this chick and fast. Perhaps if I ignore her! Yeah, that may work! Vincent stared at a map, trying to soak in all the information of what classrooms were where. Knowing that breeding, contests and simple companionship were all terribly boring, Vincent locked in on battling and raising Pokemon. Though, Pokemon Philosophy sounded cool. If only because it was thought provoking. So he scanned the map for anything that gave him that information while paying no heed to Melody. I need to battle...battle...battle.

            "What classes are you gonna go to, Vinny?" Melody asked. "Any in particular you got an eye out for?"

            Hearing Vinny was like nails on a chalkboard. His teeth began to grind and his eyes darkened into shadows. Moments like this, Vincent would want to deck people in the face. And it would be so easy to do so. But no. He was better than that. Actually, he probably wasn't. But he wanted to do better than that. Without really realizing it, he traced a short path with his fingers to the hallways where the battle centric classrooms were at. Being the rebel that he was, he took out his skateboard and rode down the hallways, hoping to escape Melody's constant jabbering and get to the classroom quickly, so he wouldn't miss too much.

            Melody watched as Vincent took off down the halls on his skateboard. While the girl figured that such an activity probably was not something that was allowed in schools, she shrugged it off. After all, it could have been that the boy did not want to be late for a lesson... or maybe he needed to use the restroom before class. Turning her attention towards the map, Melody stood on her tip toes to reach the higher points as she began to try and trace a path for herself to take.

            {i]"Let's see here... Battling sounds like it would be fun..."[/i] Melody thought as she analyzed the map. "Philosophy sounds totally boring.. I'll probably skip on that one... Hmmm...? I wonder what sort of stuff they would teach in a companionship class? Napoleon might benefit from that one..."

            Deciding that she could put off other classes for later, Melody instead determined that a battling class or two would probably be the best way to determine just how prepared her team would be to challenge Falkner and his gym. After making out which path she would need to take for the class, the girl quickly spun around and began to make her way towards her destination. There was a light sprint in her step as she moved. It was already starting to get a bit late into the morning and the girl did not want to be late for the class. Luckily, she managed to reach the class just moments before the bell would ring.

            It seemed that she was not the only one to have an interest in the battling class. The room was full with many eager and budding trainers. There were hardly any seats left at all for the girl to take. The only empty one she found was right next to a rather familiar looking boy sitting in the back row of the room. Melody's eyes lit up as she quickly made her way towards the boy with a smile.

            "Vinny! I didn't know you were gonna be taking the same class as me!" Melody exclaimed as she took the seat beside the boy. "The way you took off, I thought you had to use the restroom or something! Looks like we're classmates for the time being, yeah?"

            "Yay..." he said sarcastically, before staring out the window. So ignoring her didn't work. Luckily we are in class, so maybe she'll shut up during that. Pretending to care about the class, Vincent pulled out his art notebook and pen and began to doodle, halfway paying attention to the professor when he went over the mechanics of what defined a Pokemon Battle, proper manners and code. All the boring stuff that he probably should care about as a newcomer to whole grander stage of things. He was already that guy, but he needed to at least try to shed that identity if he was to take on the gym leader challenge. Once battle theory and status conditions kicked in, he drew with a little more passion, occasionally glancing out the window.

            Melody seemed to be just as equally bored with the lesson as Vincent was. Although the girl did not have a real method of keeping herself entertained as the boy next to her did, she managed to keep herself awake by swinging her legs back and forth underneath her desk. At one point, Melody took a quick glance over in Vincent's direction and noticed that he was in fact drawing something. Reaching into her backpack, the girl found a notebook of her own and a pen. She quickly and quietly tore a page from the notebook, scrawling something down on the page she tore out before folding it up and quickly tossing it onto Vincent's desk.

            "Omg, this is so boring, am I right? The nurse said that they let us actually battle each other at one point, but this guy just keeps rambling on about stuff you can see on Professor Oak's old show reruns on PPBS! By the way, wha'cha drawing? :3"

            Vincent didn't know why he bothered to open the note. In fact, he really shouldn't have. His eyes twitched and beamed back at her filled with lasers. In his mind's eye, she was reduced to ash, he learned everything he needed to know and he was halfway to the gym. Yet, here he was stuck, reduced to passing notes. He wrote a little bit on the paper and tossed it back to her.


            Melody nodded as she read the note over, before she picked up her pen before she resumed her scribbled chatting.

            "Oh, I get ya! You don't like to show off your work before it's done! I can totally respect that! You should lemme see it when you finish then! So, what kinda Pokémon do you have?"

            This girl couldn't take a hint could she? Perhaps he had to be civil. Be nice and then let her go when he was all done with this school and city. Go their separate ways. A poetic end to such a relationship. He first revealed his sketch, which was a spitting image of their nerdy, overweight teacher with his receding hairline and sweater vest being mauled by a Salamence. He then scribbled a simple note. He wasn't going to bother with details, simply because he didn't care enough.

            Two guys. A Froakie and Pidgey.

            Melody giggled at the sight of the sketch Vincent had done. It was honestly one of the last things she had been expecting to see on paper. Thankfully, she had somehow managed to not get caught with her small giggle-fit. She took her paper back and began to scratch away again.

            "That picture is the best thing ever! I could totally see that happening, yeah? And your team sounds like a handy duo! I have a Chikorita, Buizel, and Taillow myself! One girl and two boys. ^_^"

            The note exchanging had wasted a fair amount of time, as the teacher suddenly raised his voice. Vincent, at first, thought he got caught. That never happened so he quickly exchanged the thought with another. It was announcement. "Now that you all know how battles work, we will have an example of a match for all you to view! You two in the back, you seem like two capable ones having passed notes around instead of listening to my lecture. Why don't you two battle...this two fine young children?"

            Vince shrugged his shoulders and slid over to the front of the room. "Aw, no way," he mumbled as he reached the teacher's side. It was the two kids from earlier, who only gawk at Vincent. "Really. You two want to battle? Teacher, I request a change in opponents."

            "You will get when I assign. You would know that if you didn't spend your time staring out the window." The teacher motioned for the whole class to follow him, with Vincent, Melody and their two opponents leading the pack.

            "Surprised you caught me, prof..." he mumbled under his breath, as they walked to a small courtyard near the middle of this wing of the school.

            "I'll get you back for stealing our lunch money, jerk!" One of the students said with glorious applause coming from his ragtag group of geeks, when they finally reached their positions for the battle.

            "You stole their lunch money...?" Melody questioned. She glanced over at Vincent and then back at the kid with a frown. "Vinny wouldn't do something like that! He's too nice!"

            The victim of the theft seemed to be unswayed by Melody's words however. "J-Just get your Pokémon out and let's battle already!"

            Melody watched as the boy and his teammate readied their first two Pokémon for battle. The one who had had his lunch money stolen quickly tossed out a Zigzagoon to battle. Meanwhile, his teammate, a small, blonde girl with a ponytail and a dress which resembled a school uniform quickly sent out a Psyduck to do battle.

            "Hmmm... Alright then, I think I'll let Hawk stretch his wings out for his first battle," Melody decided, sending out her Taillow as her first Pokémon. The little bird stretched his wings, letting out a loud chirp as he gazed happily at his opponents, the prospect of a battle easily exciting the Taillow.

            Vincent shrugged and tossed out his Froakie without as much as a word, who emerged from the bright lights with a grimace strangely similar to that of his master. Their stern eyes were nearly identical, suggesting either the two were close or concidence dictated that they were kindred spirits. Regardless, they were ready.

            Seeing as how all four of the trainers appeared to be ready, the professor of the classroom announced the start of the battle. Melody and her Taillow would find their opponent in the female student and her Psyduck. The girl had never seen such a clueless looking Pokémon before. It was almost as if the duck was completely unaware of what was going on around him. Still, Melody decided to remained focus for the battle, just in case the Psyduck happened to be putting on an act.

            "Alright, Hawk! Let's kick this off with a Quick Attack!" Melody commanded her Taillow.

            Hawk chirped in response and began to flap his wings, lifting up into the air. Then as soon as he had done that, the little bird dove straight for the Psyduck, with quick and blinding speed. The schoolgirl's eyes widened as she seemed hesitant of what to do.

            "Um... P-Psyduck, quick! Use Water Gun!" she told the duck Pokémon.

            The Psyduck let out a small, whimper of a quack. He opened his large bill and a small stream of water began to leak out in a rather pathetic display. It almost resembled someone trying to get the excess water out of a gardening hose after they had turned it off. It was during this time that Hawk had managed to plow straight into the Psyduck's head, causing the duck to quack and flail about in an attempt not to lose his balance.

            "Just what kinda Pokémon is this thing?" Melody thought, having to fight back a giggle at the Psyduck's rather animated flailing.

            "Well, I guess that means I get to fight you kid," Vincent said with a shrug. "How about we make this snappy? I got a badge to earn."

            "You mean steal, right?!"

            "Oh, Arceus. Drop it, kid. Hanzo, use Aerial Ace and knock out his...little thing already." Vincent wasn't particularly good at remembering what Pokemon were what, only really looking into Pokemon he thought looked cool and strong. So he thought little of Zigzagoon (and it extended to most normal types in general). He also learned most Pokemon weaknesses, but sadly Hanzo, his Froakie, lacked any good moves except Aerial Ace which came from...oh let's leave that story for another day, now shall we? The silent Froakie bowed Vincent, closed his eyes and in an instant seemed to vanish before striking the Zigzagoon from the air with elegant and deadly accuracy. It recoiled from the strike and slid back to the feet of his trainer.

            "Zigzagoon! Use Headbutt!" With a surprising dash of speed, the Zigzagoon charged forward and slammed Hanzo with a literal head-on strike. Hanzo did not make even a squeak or moan from the strike, holding his ground and standing tall following the retaliation from his opponent.

            "Surprised your Pokemon knows a decent move, honestly." Vincent could only nod and looked at his Pokemon, who replied with a nod of agreement in turn. "Not like it's going to matter though."

            Melody glanced over at Vincent and frowned. "Why does he keep saying you're gonna steal things? Saying stuff like that isn't very nice, ya know?"

            "Well, I may have stolen some of his money. On accident of course. I mean he didn't have his name on it," Vincent said. He sounded quite convincing as well as he waved his eyes in a motion pleading total innocence. "Oh, and Hanzo use another Aerial Ace." Hanzo nodded and once again, in complete silence and precision struck the Zigzagoon. It appeared to hit the Pokemon in the same spot as the previous attack. Though, Hanzo always sought a challenge in battle, constantly testing his own abilities and resolve. This time, the attack was aimed more downward, driving a webbed fist into the Pokemon's furred head. The Zigzagoon's head knocked back and was sent upward following the collision he made with the ground. It was a critical hit if there was one. The Pokemon went belly up, with a dizzy look in its eyes as it fainted.

            Melody processed what Vincent said before suddenly smiling brightly. "Oh, I get it! You mean like you found it or something and picked it up before he did! That's actually totally fair!" Melody returned her attention back to the schoolgirl. Her Taillow was waiting. He had a look on his face as if he was confused about what was taking so long for his trainer to issue out another command. "Sorry 'bout that, Hawk! Alright, let's see how strong you really are! Slam it with your Steel Wing attack!"

            Hawk chirpped in agreement and flew off towards the Psyduck quickly. The schoolgirl seemed to be at a loss of what to do she bit her bottom lip and seemed to shout out the first thing she could think of, ordering the duck to use... Water Sport. So, as he was told, the Psyduck began to douse the entire area of the classroom where the four trainers were battling. It was after that moment that Hawk's wing began to shine, almost as if it was made of metal itself, before he slammed it right into the Psyduck's head. A loud, painful quack was heard as the Psyduck stumbled backwards. It spun around in a rather dramatic fashion, before falling flat onto its stomach, fainting upon impact with the floor.

            "That... That's it...?" Melody asked, glancing over in the direction of the professor. "Um, 'scuse me, sir? Aren't these guys... well... they're kinda weak."

            "I still got another Pokemon!" The angry victim of Vincent's crimes.

            "Me too!" His (rather unskilled from what Vincent could tell) friend said. The two tossed their next Pokeballs and through the flashes of light, a Bellsprout and Ledyba. The Bellsprout stood seemingly proudly by the boy while the Ledyba flew cheerily beside the girl.

            Vincent remained unimpressed, scoffing at the two Pokemon. They seemed so...common. Vincent lost count at how many he ran away from beside of how annoying they were when they bumped into him during his training sessions. "Vine Whip!" The boy yelled at his grass type and a sharp vine slashed against Hanzo, knocking the frog Pokemon onto the ground with a light gasp of defeat leaving his lungs. Vincent returned the Pokemon to his ball, realizing it was a bad idea to not switch right away in hindsight. "I stand corrected," he was forced to admit, though his eyes sharped in anger. "I won't be making that mistake again." He immediately tossed out his next Pokemon. The bright light lasted only a moment as a small Pidgey perched itself on Vincent's shoulder. "Meet...well, his name is kind of lame. But I call him Brian. I only introduce him because he hates Bellsprouts more than I do."

            Meanwhile, Melody smiled at the familiar sight of a Ledyba. Seeing the bug Pokémon reminded her of the first trainer battle she had ever had with her Chikorita. Being that it was a bug Pokémon, the girl was not too concerned with how her Taillow would fair.

            "Alright, Hawk! Let's finish this off quick!" Melody announced. "Let's start this off by using Focus Energy!"

            Hawk landed in front of the girl, and began to stare down at the Ledyba in front of him. Closing his eyes, the bird Pokémon started to make a humming-like noise. The bird's eyes then suddenly snapped open, giving the Ledyba a fierce glare and spreading his wings. It was as if the Taillow had suddenly tapped into a hidden source of energy.

            "Ledyba, use Super Sonic!" the school girl cried out.

            The Ledyba buzzed up into the air, a strange sound being emitted from its antenna as it hovered in the air. Hawk began to look around, wondering where the sound was coming from. Melody noticed the look of confusion on Hawk's face.

            "Hawk...? Are you okay?" she questioned. The Taillow simply spread its wings and squaked in response. Melody bit her lip lightly. "O-Okay then... Use a Quick Attack on Ledyba, Hawk!"

            The Taillow squawked in response. The bird Pokémon spread his wings and took to the air, before suddenly diving forward and slamming itself into the ground. Melody did not know just what to think.

            "H-Hawk, what are you doing? I said to use Quick Attack on the Ledyba!" Melody shouted.

            The bird let out another chirp, quickly flapping its wings and lifting up into the air. The Taillow began to look around, spotting Vincent's Pidgey. It let out a series of chirps before suddenly diving towards the fellow bird Pokémon.

            "What th-" Vincent yelled outloud as Brian was suddenly tackled by Melody's Taillow. The two birds made a feather pile on the ground as Brian finally freed himself and flew back up to Vincent's shoulder. "Hey! Why don't you control your Pokemon?!"

            "I'm trying to!" Melody shouted back. "It's like he's totally forgetting what I tell him to!"

            Vincent sighed, mumbling curses under his breath. Great. Now I have to battle with a bit of a handicap. "Brian, use sand attack!" Chirping with a sense of arrogance about him, he filled the air not only with his own inflated ego but with dirt and sand of the small courtyard, causing the opposing two Pokemon to growl and cry as sand pierced their eyes while their trainers coughed their lungs out. A large vine cut through the cloud, but narrowly missed Brian's small wings as he flew passed it. With his keen eyes, he didn't need a command to know what to do next as he flew through the sand and tackled the Bellsprout with excellent accuracy, flying back to Vincent's shoulder.

            "Bellsprout, use Growth! We need to make our attacks matter it looks like!" The Bellsprout stood his ground this time, trying to gather his energy.

            "Use another tackle," he whispered to his bird Pokemon. Brian whistled this time and used his small, but powerful wings to hurl himself at the Bellsprout. This time the grass Pokemon was ready, and lifted one of its vines and struck the flying Pokemon with a thunderous strike, it caused Brian to be diverted off course, almost flying into a nearby tree. The Pidgey caught itself, and flew a lap around the field. It returned to its original course and delievered a strong tackle to the side of the Bellsprout, but the Pokemon stood its ground.

            As Vincent and his Pidgey continued their battle against the Bellsprout, Melody was in a delima of her own. It was clear that whatever was suddenly wrong with her Taillow was not getting any better for the time being. So, the girl called him back, returning Hawk to his ball for the time being. She seemed hesitant, looking at the school girl with her Ledyba. Melody noticed that the girl seemed to be a bit more confident with the bug than she had with her Psyduck.

            "Alright then... Napoleon, you're up!" Melody called out.

            From out of his pokéball came the familiar sight of her Buizel. The little otter Pokémon looked around, spotting his opponent in the Ledyba before grunting softly. Regardless of how Melody felt about the bug thus far, Napoleon seemed to be a bit more confident. Melody could only hope that the feeling was well founded.

            "Use a Super Sonic, just like before Ledyba!" the school girl called out.

            Much like before, the Ledyba began to emit a strange noise. The Buizel looked around for the source of the sound. A somewhat dazed look started to enter his eyes. However, it was only for a moment before the Buizel shook his head quickly, glaring at the bug Pokémon. Melody smiled as the attack that had managed to make Hawk so confused had failed to work on Napoleon.

            "Napoleon, Sonic Boom!" Melody shouted.

            The Buizel slammed his paws together, sending forth a blast of energy in the direction of the Ledyba. The school girl's eyes widened, and she quickly ordered the bug to try and dodge the attack. The Ledyba did her best to try and fly off towards the right, but she just was not fast enough to. The attack collided with the Ledyba, causing the bug Pokémon to slam right into the wall behind it and its trainer.

            "Good job, Napoleon!" Melody cheered. "Now let it have another!"

            Napoleon grunted, readying another Sonic Boom attack. However, the Ledyba and its trainer were not about to be defeated so easily. The Ledyba was already back up and flying towards the Buizel with an angry look in its eyes. The school girl smiled brightly as the bug was suddenly on top of Napoleon.

            "Ledyba, use Comet Punch now!" she ordered.

            Napoleon was surprised as he began to be pummeled by a series of quick and rapid punches. The Buizel grunted after the fourth set as he stumbled back, just barely managing to stay on his feet. A low, feral growl could be heard coming from the Buizel. However the school girl was not phased by the Buizel. Rather, she quickly ordered her Ledyba to deliver another Comet Punch.

            Melody's eyes widened. She knew she only had a little time to get Napoleon to pull of a successful attack. "Napoleon, quick jump back and blast it with another Sonic Boom!"

            Napoleon seemed to have another plan in mind, however. The Buizel instead ran forward, heading straight for the Ledyba. Melody sighed and bit her lip. Once more, the Buizel was following his own battle plan instead of listening to her orders. He stopped just short of the Ledyba, then suddenly slapped his paws together once more. This released a Sonic Boom straight at the Ledyba, colliding with the bug Pokémon. The bug flew back, crashing into the far wall once more and then fainting on impact.

            The Buizel glanced downward at his opponent, a rather proud look on his face as he struted back towards Melody.

            Meanwhile, Brian the Pidgey had pelted several sand attacks at the Bellsprout, pratically blinding the grass type. Vine Whip after Vine Whip flailed at the bird Pokemon. The sharp vines had ripped up the ground and walls, leaving craters and fault lines all over the ground. With the battleground torn up but Brian in almost pristine condition, the tides of battle appeared to be in Vincent's favor. Two more tackles ought to do it. Brian can probably take a few more attacks, but blinding him was a good idea. Now he can dive in without worry about another one of those vines hitting him.

            "Bellsprout! One more Vine Whip. Come on, hit him!" The schoolboy was getting visibly frustrated at his struggling Pokemon. The sand had cleared and with a once in a lifetime opportunity, Bellsprout launched another whip attack at Brian, striking the bird Pokemon on the wing. Like a shot down plane, the Pidgey crashed to the ground. It seemed to be a strong hit, with the Pidgey almost yelping in the pain. However, it had an image to maintain. Vincent could tell it was a Pokemon with aspirations. It's the only reason he would catch such a common Pokemon in the first place (he lived with the delusion that the rarer the Pokemon, the better it was).

            Brian flew up higher than usual, his small head scraping the ceiling, spread its wings with a loud whistle. A battle roar of sorts. "I got you, buddy," Vincent said with a smirk. "Deliever one last tackle!" It dove at the Bellsprout. It was a fercious tackle, as evidenced by the loud collision and pop the ground made as the bird Pokemon crashed ontop of the Bellsprout. Despite being so small and seemingly fragile, the Pidgey knew how to deliever a nasty strike to unsuspecting floral wildlife. Once the dust was settled, Brian crawled over to his master, chirping in victory as he lightly hopped back to Vincent, perching himself on his arm. The Bellsprout was clearly defeated, it's eyes glazed over in defeat as it lied in agony. His owner regretfully recalled the Pokemon, murmuring of how he hated losing but conceded defeat to Vincent and Melody.

            "Winners!" The teacher gestured towards Vincent and Melody. "Allow me to heal all your Pokemon."

            "Thank you, I guess," Vincent said, not wanting to admit he was actually grateful for the teacher's help.

            "Did you hear that, Vinny? We totally kicked their butts!" Melody cheered, grinning brightly at the boy by her side.

            "I recommend going to a few more lectures though," the teacher said, glaring more at Vincent than Melody, but matching each of their eyes. "You both have a lot to learn."

            "But we totally wiped the floor with those two!" Melody replied, giving the teacher a curious look. "I mean out of our four Pokémon they only managed to actually make one of them faint..."

            "While you did win, you failed to realize that your Pokemon was confused," the teacher talked down to Melody with some sense of caring. "And you placed your water type at odds with a grass type. You have to keep in mind types if you want to get anywhere in battles," he directed at Vincent. Vincent only scoffed, as he did not want to admit that he thought the Bellsprout wouldn't amount to anything and have a gang of 10 year olds swarm him.

            "Whatever," Vincent finally said, plowing through the teacher and stepping over the other students as stormed out of the courtyard, back into the hallways of the school slamming the door that led back inside.

            "V-Vinny! Wait a second!" Melody called out. She blushed, turning to the professor and excusing herself for a moment to chase out the door after him. Napoleon followed behind the girl, though not at as much of a hurried pace as she ran. Luckily, he had not managed to get far down the hallway when she popped her head out the door to look for him. The girl quickly ran to his side, looking at him curiously. "Vinny? What's wrong, are you okay?"

            "Why are you following me? Don't you have some other class to go to?" Vincent protested. "Or other friends of yours to bother?"

            "Well, I was wondering why you just took off like that," Melody admitted. "Did he say something that bothered you? He was just making a suggestion, really. I mean, he wasn't telling you how to battle, just more or less saying what he would do probably, right?"

            Vincent rolled his eyes. Who did this girl think she was? Again, he felt his teeth grind. "It's...nothing, okay?! Just leave me alone," Vincent said with a growl as he picked up his pace and looked around for somewhere to go. Anywhere to go. He heard that the main garden is where most of the battles were held. And that's where he was going to go.

            Melody seemed hesitant at first, but she ended up following behind the boy anyways. It seemed that his attitude had taken a complete, 180 degrees spin from what it had been when she first met him. She was also still curious about why the professor's suggestion had made him so mad to begin with.

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              Blaine - Reunions

              Blaine was already getting weary from walking around so much and thus he found a bench and had to sit on it. The downside was that Derpy was more interested in his shoe now and was gnawing on it lightly as he sat back. He had one psychic Totodile sure, but he hadn't yet gotten a great reading on how his Bellsprout was. He was afraid she was the same way… but maybe she wasn't. Blaine took out her ball and tossed it down as the leafy plant appeared. The Bellsprout was quickly assaulted by some hugs from Derpy who jabbered to her and patted her head as the plant seemed to smile weakly.

              "Okay… let's see." Blaine looked once more through her entry on his dex, "Growth and Vine Whip… I guess we can find some water types and you can practice against those."

              "Bell…" The Bellsprout said as Derpy kept up the happy patting, completely oblivious to the annoyed look the plant was soon getting. Blaine put his up his dex and nodded, "So… I think there are some Buizel around here. Probably Psyduck too. We can find some and we can get you strong like Derpy. That sound good?" He asked the grass type.

              The Bellsprout nodded slowly and drooped over just a bit. Blaine frowned and looked at the strange anatomy of the plant. "Well… you DO have no backbone, so I guess you'll droop a bit huh?"

              The Bellsprout stared up blankly at him and he began to walk along the path once more. With his back to them Derpy took the time to grab the Bellsprout's leaf and twist it a bit, gurgling softly into the grass type's ear before releasing her. The Bellsprout rubbed her leaf and quickly ran after Blaine as did Derpy. They saw many bugs, but it seemed water types were something to be desired here. Still, they searched and searched until finally they did catch sight of some yellow fur, which of course belonged to a wandering Psyduck.

              "There!" Blaine cried out. Derpy had already seen the duck but the Bellsprout was a bit slower as it waddled on in front of Blaine and held up its leafy arms. "Okay Bellsprout, start off with a Vine Whip!"

              The plant let out a loud 'Bell' as it's leafy appendage extended out and slapped into the Psyduck's head. The water type cried out as it rolled over and quickly staggered back up with a ditzy look on its face. "Again Bellsprout!"

              The grass type obliged as it sent out another leafy appendage just as the Psyduck spat out a load of water at the plant. It didn't really affect Bellsprout and the appendage ended up smacking into the gut of the water type. The Psyduck fell back again, but that didn't stop it from getting up and turning about as it wagged its tail back and forth at Bellsprout. The grass type flinched a bit, but with one last call from Blaine the duck soon fell down. The Bellsprout waited for a moment before she let her appendages wave about happily in the air. "Beeeellll!"

              Blaine nodded as Derpy did a happy dance. "Hm…" Blaine thought for a moment and looked back to the school. "Let's go and get some healing for you two. Then… we can find some opponents in the school." The walk to the center wasn't that bad, tough it seemed all the nurses had the same advice for any kid that walked in. Oh did you go to the academy yet? You really should they can offer some great advice! He got out as quick as he could and he felt even less declined to head to the academy again. Sure there were bound to be strong opponents there, but… at the same time he did have that garden to practice in. He made his way back in and as he turned a corner another boy went on by, but he saw a familiar face. That one in the forest… oh dear. Quickly Blaine turned from Melody and placed his back against the wall, maybe if she didn't see him-oh s**t.

              Derpy had of course escaped from his ball yet again and ran up to Melody as it jabbered on and on and finally Blaine had to turn the corner yet again, "Hey there…" He said unenthusiastically.
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              Melody Hughes

              Chapter 3 - Violet City

              An Old Friend

              The garden was absolutely abuzz with activity. Some of the regular students of the school were busy chatting with each other. Some of them were having battles, reviewing things they had learned from the professors back inside or maybe preparing for some sort of test. For some reason, Melody felt that she might actually be able to benefit a bit more from this section of the academy then she would back inside in the form of teachers and lectures. Even Napoleon seemed to perk up at the sight of what stretched out before them.

              Suddenly, both the Buizel and his trainer were snapped from their thoughts from the sound of a rather excited, jabbering Totodile. Melody glanced down at the Pokémon, noticing that it definitely had an air of familiarity to it. Her eyes widened as she heard a familiar voice greet her. Slowly, the girl looked up. A bright smile graced her lips.

              "Oh... my... GAWD! Blaine!" Melody exclaimed, running towards the boy with glee. She stopped right in front of the boy, grabbing his hands and jumping up and down with excitement. "I'm so happy to see ya! It feels like it's been forever since we all got separated while running from those spiders! Where have you been?! What have you been up to?!"

              Napoleon watched his trainer quietly. The Buizel grunted, rolling his eyes at the amount of pep that Melody seemed to show with this boy. The sound of a quick snapping caught the Buizel's attention. Napoleon quickly glanced over towards Derpy, noticing that the alligator Pokémon was attempting to take a chomp of one his tails. Giving the Totodile a rather annoyed glare and a low growl, Napoleon quickly bopped Derpy on his snout.

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              Christina Langley – Sprout Tower
              Chapter 3: Introspection in Sprout Tower

              Slowly in… slowly out… slowly in… slowly out. Christina continued her controlled breathing as she was instructed to by the monk who had led her into the massive first floor hall of Sprout Tower. She was sitting on a small mat on the floor off to the side along with several others, though mainly monks of various kinds. Her hands were resting on her thighs as she sat on her knees and her eyes were closed, with Sindy sitting beside her, going through exactly the same as her.

              The monk had told her that she had to calm herself, first and foremost. She had been in a state of complete emotional disarray and now, after about fifteen minutes of sitting here, she knew that she’d been acting erratically, although in her mind, it was justified, considering what had happened to both her and to Sindy. She peeked one of her eyes open, glancing down at the Syndaquil who continued breathing in and out slowly. The monk who led her inside had been so kind as to heal the little ‘mon, which had helped Chris a lot. But even now, with Sindy being healed and herself having calmed down, she still found herself disappointed and sad beyond anything else.

              Of course, she was relieved that Sindy hadn’t taken any permanent damage or, Arceus forbid, died, but she still felt both ashamed and guilty at leading her Pokémon into such an unwinnable situation. Or maybe it had been winnable, but she just hadn’t been able to see the strategy they needed to win? As doubts began filling her mind again, the monk from earlier came over, his hands still hidden within his sleeves. He offered Christina a smile as he lowered himself down to sit on his knees in front of the two, bowing his head lightly. Sindy opened her eyes to look up at him, both her and Chris bowing their heads slightly in return.

              “So, child, have you been meditating and thinking over your actions?” Christina lowered her gaze a little, staring at the wooden floorboards in front of the monk. “I… thought we could take on Falkner. We’ve been handling every other battle we’ve had with ease, so I thought… he- he beat me so effortlessly and then he started saying all these things that just made me… angry. And sad.”

              The monk nodded, moving one of his hands out from its sleeve, reaching down to softly scratch Sindy’s chin, which she seemed rather happy with, although the Cyndaquil was a lot quieter than usual. “I see. And why exactly did you become angry and sad at what he said? After all, as far as you told me, he only tried to give you advice.”

              Christina pressed her lips together, continuing to stare down at the floorboards with a helpless, confused expression. “I don’t… I don’t know. I was just… so surprised that I lost. He completely trounced me, and I was so confident that we could do it. Even if Sindy tried to warn me…” She looked down at the Cyndaquil who returned her look with a quiet little squeak.

              The monk smiled knowingly and nodded his head again, returning his hand to his sleeve before raising up to his feet once more. “It sounds like you have a lot more to think about. I will go to the top of the tower. I suggest you wait a few minutes, then make your way up as well. Meditate on what I asked you and what happened at the gym on the way, and once you reach the top, I will clarify everything for you.

              Christina watched as the monk made his way to the back of the hall, proceeding up a large staircase. She sighed out quietly, looking back down at Sindy, offering a faint smile as she reached out to gently stroke her hand over the back of the little ‘mon. She wasn’t completely sure how, but it seemed like the Cyndaquil was almost just as sad as her, almost apologetic towards Chris. She didn’t know how she could tell, but there was just something about the way she was squeaking and carrying herself after the gym battle. “… I guess we better make our way up there. Come on, Sindy.”

              She stood up, taking a deep breath as her usually cheerful disposition seemed to have been somewhat extinguished, at least to a certain degree. She didn’t exactly have the same spring in her step she had when she was travelling with Melody, Blaine or Aberdeen, and her mind was full of worry, hopelessness and fear that she had lost the trust of her friend. The two of them made their way across the hall of meditating and quietly chattering monks and visitors, making their way up the staircase.

              Once above the stairs, they had reached yet another large hall, although smaller than the main hall on the first floor. To both their surprises, this hall was almost full of Pokémon, mainly Bellsprout, but it had a couple of other Pokémon wandering around here and there. Dotted around the room, there were more monks and visitors, either training their bodies with various instruments, meditating again, or having actual Pokémon battles. The two walked past several Pokémon like Bellsprout, Nidoran, Sentrets and so on, the Pokémon not being as fearful or hostile as they usually were in the wild, but rather curious and… welcoming, some going as far as to sniff Sindy before waddling onwards.

              “This place is… special, huh Sindy?” The Cyndaquil squeaked, her eyes resting on a pair of monks fighting over near the wall. Chris caught her look and smiled, moving towards the two, closely followed by Sindy. They stopped near a pillar, Chris leaning on it as she watched the monks battling, one having a Bellsprout and the other having a Buizel. “Wow. They’re both pretty good.” She commented as she watched them. The monk with the bellsprout had the plant weave in and out of the Buizel’s attacks, dodging to the best of its ability, by giving clear, short orders that didn’t –seem- like orders. More like requests, really, which the Bellsprout seemed to pick up on instantly.

              “They’re really in sync…” She muttered, raising a hand to brush a strand of hair away from her eye, which widened a little as the Buizel was knocked down pretty hard. It looked pretty badly injured, but the owner barely flinched. He stepped over to the Buizel and leaned down, resting a hand on top of its head and mumbled out ‘You did well, my friend. Rest.’ Before recalling the otter. Chris was impressed at how calm he had been at seeing his Pokémon get beaten up like that, and decided to walk over to him, bowing her head quickly.

              “Uhm, excuse me.” She began, feeling her cheeks darkening a little. The monk turned to her with a surprised look in his eyes. “Yes, young miss?” He asked. “I… was watching your battle. Your Pokémon was really hurt. Didn’t it hurt to see him suffer like that?” She tried to phrase it so that it wouldn’t come off as her sounding like she was accusing him of not caring, but the look on his face made it certain he hadn’t taken it that way.

              “Oh, of course it did. I hate watching my friend suffer.” Chris’ brows furrowed in confusion, folding her arms across her chest. “But… why even fight then? Why should anyone fight if they don’t want their friends or allies to be hurt?” The monk chuckled, offering her a warm smile. “If you set a goal for yourself, would you give up at the slightest inconvenience? At the first obstacle? Or would you press on, knowing that overcoming your weaknesses will only make you stronger?”

              Chris was left blinking a little as the monk bowed his head and continued on his way. She was left thinking to herself as Sindy stepped up to her and gently nudged against her ankle, causing her to look down. The Cyndaquil squeaked out softly, raising one of her paws to rest on her foot, which caused her to smile. She then bent down and picked her up, holding her in her arms, against her chest.

              As she proceeded through the hall, she was stopped by the monk with the Bellsprout standing in front of the stairs, bowing his head lightly to her. “Greetings young miss. To proceed to the next floor, I’m afraid you will have to prove what you have learned and battle me.” Christian blinked, a smile gracing her lips as she was just about to open her mouth to accept the challenge, as she remembered back when she had entered the gym. Pausing for a moment, she looked down at Sindy. “… Are you up for this? I… don’t want to fight if you don’t want to.”

              The Cyndaquil looked up to meet her face, looking… thoughtful, for a few moments before nodding her head firmly, squeaking out in determination. Chris smiled and nodded down at her. “Right.” She then lowered Sindy down onto the ground and faced the monk. “Alright, you’re on.” The monk smiled and nodded again, calling out his Bellsprout. “Very well. Let us begin, then. Bellsprout, use Growth.”

              The Bellsprout seemed to hunker up as it glowed a firm green for just a moment, which surprised Chris somewhat. “Mrh, right. Sindy, use Tackle!” The Cyndaquil charged forwards, leaping off the ground as it neared the Bellsprout, but the plant, thanks to its slim body, simply weaved out of the way. “Good job Bellsprout, now use Vine Whip.” The plant spun around without even changing its footing before swiping one of the branches across Sindy’s back. Chris grit her teeth at the small outcry of her friend, but remember the earlier monk’s advice. She took a deep breath of air to calm herself as Sindy turned around to face her foe again.

              Come on Chris, you need to think about this strategically! Okay… he uses Growth to increase its power and uses its bodily advantage to avoid most physical attacks. So I need to use a non-physical- that’s it! “Sindy, use Ember, aim for its roots!” The Cyndaquil took in a breath of air and spewed out several lumps of flame. Instead of aiming for the body like the attack would normally, the flames clumped around the floor, where the Bellsprout quickly was burned as it stumbled away from the attack, flailing about.

              “Mrrh… Bellsprout, use Vine Whip again, try to hold the Cyndaquil.” The Bellsprout’s branches reached out to try and grab Cyndaquil, but Chris wasn’t having any of that. “Oh no you don’t, I’ve had someone do that to me before, and I’m not letting that happen again! Sindy, use ember on the floor around you!” Knowing that the fires still clinging to the Bellsprout would probably deal a lot of damage on its own, Chris just had to keep the Bellsprout off of Sindy for the remainder of the time. As the Cyndaquil spat the flames onto the floor around her, the Bellsprout yelped out as the reaching branches and vines were burned by the sudden fires all around it, which far from hurt Sindy. Rather, they were protecting her.

              The Bellsprout began panicking, flailing its roots around in an attempt at trying to put out the fires. The monk called out to it, but it seemed that the plant was rather distraught with being set on fire, and couldn’t focus on his orders. The monk sighed quietly and returned the Bellsprout to its Pokéball, offering Chris a smile. “You did well. Good job.”

              Chris pumped her hands into the air with a bright smile, Sindy happily running over to leap into her arms. “Nicely done, Sindy! Awh man, you were so great out there!” The Cyndaquil squeaked out happily, nuzzling against Chris’ chest, which caused her to smile warmly down at her friend. She suddenly felt a lot more confident and she sort of felt that Sindy was… relieved.

              After being reassured by the monk that Sprout Tower was built out of a type of wood that was extremely hard to permanently set on fire, Chris and Sindy proceeded up through the tower. They battled another two monks, the fights starting out a little bumpy, but smoothing out by the end of the third battle. Soon, she made it to the top of the tower, actually feeling it swaying a little bit in the wind blowing past outside. She noticed her monk friend sitting to the side and proceeded over to him. He looked up, opening his eyes with a warm smile gracing his lips. “Ah, child, I’m happy to see you made it up here. Did you get through the fights well enough?” he asked. “Sindy didn’t get by unscathed, but we managed to take on all of your friends pretty well, I think.”

              The monk nodded, furrowing his brows. “And have you been thinking about what I asked of you and what happened at the gym?”

              Christina paused, looking down at Sindy in her arms. She took a deep breath of air and slowly nodded her head. Having fought the monks and watched both the Pokémon and the duelling monks from the second floor, Christina had slowly started thinking less about why or how she could have lost to Falkner and more about… why, in general.

              “I… mentioned I was sad and angry at Falkner. I think… it’s because I knew what he was saying. I knew, deep down what I’d done wrong, and I… couldn’t take him telling me right to my face. I didn’t listen when Sindy tried to tell me we might not have been ready. I was overconfident and… I rushed. I need to think things through, and as much as I love Sindy, we need more than just the two of us. I… also need to learn not to be as emotional if I lose a battle. It’ll only make Sindy disappointed in herself and make us both more worried for one another. We have to trust each other.” She paused, looking down at the Cyndaquil who returned her gaze. “… There’s something else. I… don’t know for sure, but… it sort of feels like I can… read, what Sindy feels. I think she’s… sorry. She wants to apologize for not being able to beat Falkner with me.” The monk looked surprised at this, but stayed quiet as he listened. “We need to learn to work together, more than just on the battlefield. Listen to each other, know when to back each other up, and when to let each other know when enough’s enough.”

              She swallowed down, looking a little up to meet the gaze of the monk. She wasn’t sure if the conclusions she had come to was right, but she felt it was. Eventually, the monk smiled and bowed his head lightly. “Very good, child. You’ve only been here for a few hours, but… you have learned a lot. When you began your journey, you bonded with your Cyndaquil. That bond needs to be strengthened, by diversity, by fighting, both physically and mentally, in battles and out of battles. Will you go back and challenge Falkner with this knowledge?”

              Chris looked unsure for a moment before shaking her head. “No. I… we need to work, both of us, on everything. We’re definitely going to fight him, and I know for a fact that Sindy’s really strong. But… we have our work cut out for us.” She smiled down at the Cyndaquil, who let out a cheery little squeak, wriggling happily back against her chest. The monk smiled brightly. “… You’ve grown a lot during your time here. I want to tell you something. When Falkner’s father ran the gym, Falkner challenged him and lost. He then came here to meditate and train. He was able to tell exactly what was wrong with your fight, because he had been in that situation himself.”

              Christina’s eyes were wide at this realization. It made perfect sense to her, how he’d been able to exactly pinpoint everything she had unconsciously been worrying about, and that… look in his eyes. She snapped back to reality as the monk pulled out what looked to be a small, white tooth on a leather cord. “I want you to have this. It’s a Quick Claw. If your Cyndaquil wears this, her speed will increase immensely. I’m sure it will help you in your journey.”

              “W-wow. Uhm… thank you.” She paused before bowing down deeply, smiling warmly at the monk. “Thank you so much. For everything. It… really opened my eyes, coming here.” He bowed his head in return, reaching a hand out to gently pat Sindy after Chris had taken the Quick Claw and pocketed it. “It was the least I could do. We monks of Sprout Tower are here to guide lost trainers back onto the path they seek to tread. Now, it’s late, so you should go rest. Remember to think about what we’ve talked about.”

              Chris continued smiling widely, bowing her head again before turning, heading towards the staircase. She looked down at Sindy, exchanging another glance with her. It had been… quite the exciting day. So many things had happened, and in the end, despite her severe loss against Falkner and the emotional rollercoaster she had been on, she felt calm and a lot closer connected to Sindy than ever before. And she got the feeling that Sindy felt happier than she had been so far, both with herself, and with her trainer’s progression. As the two reached the bottom floor and headed out into the town once more, the sky having grown a lot darker than before with the wind blowing through the treetops, tugging slightly at her hair, she took in a deep breath of air and squeezed Sindy softly. “I promise to become the best trainer for you, Sindy. You’re my best friend, and I want to do as good a job training with you as I can.” The Cyndaquil squeaked out again, as if promising to do her very best as well.
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              Vincent Baker
              Violet City: Post 2

              “So much for being in the top percent, eh?” Vincent proudly proclaimed as another Rattata’s body collapsed to the ground in the main garden as Brian the Pidgey flew back to his master, perching himself on Vincent’s shoulder. “Any other takers? I’ve beaten just about all of you. Someone else has to be around. Come on, anyone? Anyone?!” He posed to the group of students. A group of a three just stood there defeated, kneeling in the dirt with tears in their eyes. Most of the others took a step back as sweat fell from their brow. There was an aura of apprehension coming from all of them. Vincent only returned their weak glances with a narrow stare of his own. Wimps, he thought. I may be able to keep up with Falkner at this rate, but that would be relying on some dumb luck. I need to be stronger. No. The strongest. He would admit that beating up a couple of youngsters was fairly satisfying. All the fumes that built up in his short time in the walls of the Academy had to be unleashed on someone. That teacher got under his skin all too well and Melody’s chattering gnawed at his side. These youngsters just happened to become the pillow he needed to punch. But it was hardly satisfying. Bullying was a novelty that easily runs its course. It does little to calm an angry soul. If anything, it made him feel worse. Like nothing mattered.

              “There he is!” A familiar voice said; it’s little echo being carried by the light breeze.

              “Don’t go picking out random strangers, now.”

              “No. That’s the guy who bullied me earlier. I wouldn’t lie to you!”

              “Alright, I got you. Now let me take care of it. You stand over there.” A trainer who was clearly older than the others Vincent had thoroughly beaten came into view and slowly approached Vincent with an aura of confidence. He was only a few inches shorter and had a stockier build than the lankier Vincent. He dressed relatively well, a far cry from Vincent’s more punkish attire. “So you are the big guy that my little brother was complaining about. Name’s Evan.”

              “What do you want? Evan,” Vincent replied, turning to face his newfound “friend.”

              “Well, a lot of that depends on you. You see you bullied my little brother earlier today. Something about taking his lunch money or something. Then he goes on and complains that you rubbed his face in it after beating him in a battle earlier today,” Evan said, sounding as if his brother does this whole complaining thing a lot. “He wants me to beat you up and take his money back. His words, not mine. But really, something tells me that isn’t going to happen. You look like you have been in a lot more fights than me.”

              “Get to the point,” Vincent cut to the chase.

              Evan cracked a smile and sighed. “How about this? Battle me,” Evan said tossing a handful of potions to Vincent. “A fair fight. You vs. Me. I win, you hand me my brother’s money and you leave the city so you can’t mess with anyone else. You win, I put in a good word with the Principal about you. How’s that sound?”

              Vincent stared down at the potions and back at Evan. The deal was relatively simple. And a good bet was always fun. He smirked. “Fine. You’re on.” Vincent used the potions on both Hanzo and Brian and faced Evan. The other trainer seemed far more confident, seeing Vincent only healing up two Pokemon. Vincent looked closer at his opponent, particularly at his belt and noticed three Pokeballs were hooked on his side. Oh, that explains everything. I knew I should have caught another one. Oh well. Rather have two decent Pokemon than two good ones and a crappy one. Without waiting another moment, Vincent ordered Brian to take center stage, the bird Pokemon flying to the middle of the garden. Evan parked himself on the other side of the garden and tossed out a Pokeball. Flying out of the light was a Pidgey, soaring high to the air before standing close to Vincent’s. The battle was about to begin.

              “Brian, Sand Attack!” Vincent ordered.

              “Pidgey, use Gust!” Evan shouted in response. Brian was a second quicker, kicking a wave of sand and dirt into the other Pidgey’s direction. The massive cloud covered the battlefield, making it impossible much to see of anything. Brian flew away from the immediate area, using the Sand Attack as a diversion. The other Pidgey’s Gust cleared the area as flapped its wings to create a bold wind. The mass of sand and dirt flew in every direction, but the other Pidgey looked confused, as if some sand was still stuck its eyes as it lost track of his opponent. Brian dove down and tackled the other Pidgey, causing the opponent to slide across the ground from the momentum. The opposing Pidgey retaliated with its own tackle. Brian flew away after the other one’s tackle, but the other was on the Pidgey’s tail. A sky battle soon took place with the Pidgeys slamming each other tackle after tackle. Evan’s Pidgey soon missed an attack and Brian seized the opportunity, slamming the other Pidgey with a hard tackle. Evan’s bird Pokemon crashed to the ground, suffering an injury that no Pokemon could come back from.

              One down.

              Evan returned Pidgey to his Pokeball with a disappointed sigh, confident that his Pidgey could of taken the weaker one. Without any boasts, Evan tossed out his next Pokemon. From the light, a Drowzee stepped out. Brian stood it’s ground, looking back at Vincent with eyes beaming with a fire competitive fire. Vincent didn’t need to give him any orders for Brian knew what to do. It followed the same game plan as before, flying back with another Sand Attack. “Use another one, Brian!” Vincent resolved, wanting to avoid any more damage coming to Brian’s already injured self.

              “Not so fast,” Evan said with a chuckle. “Drowzee, use Disable!”

              Suddenly, Brian couldn’t use Sand Attack, flying down to the ground in an overwhelmed, confused state. Drowzee rushed at Brian, slamming the bird with a stiff Pound attack. Vincent grinded his teeth, but Brian knew what to do. The bird flew up, avoiding Drowzee’s second wave of Pounding and circled back with a tackle to the back of the Psychic type. The Drowzee’s eyes narrowed in anger. As Brian was flying around for a second round of attack, a wave of psychic energy hit Brian and the bird Pokemon fell to the ground, with a gasp of air leaving the lungs as he fainted.

              “That was Confusion. Bet you didn’t that one coming,” Evan said. “One down. One to go.”

              “Stole my line,” Vincent replied, with anger seething in his voice. He silently returned Brian to his Pokeball and pulled out his other, tossing it out to the battlefield. Hanzo the Froakie merely bowed as the light of the Pokeball released him. He was ready for the battle, having learned a few new tricks. “If you don’t mind, I’m just going to end this battle rather quickly,” Vincent said, mixing arrogance and frustration. “Hanzo, use Lick.” The long tongue of Hanzo smeared itself across Drowzee’s face. The Psychic type could barely take the impact of the attack, losing its footing.

              “Drowzee. Use Hyponsis!” Drowzee didn’t move. It was paralyzed. “What the—oh god,” Evan said, his mouth open.

              “Hanzo! Do that again,” Vincent snickered. Another long tongue smacked the Drowzee across the face, causing the fat Psychic type to crumble to the ground, seemingly traumatized by the swarm of Licks that violated its body.

              Last one, Vincent told himself.

              “Go! Diglett!” Evan said as he threw out his Pokemon. But the bold proclamation didn’t convince Vincent that Evan believed for one moment in his last Pokemon. He was supposed to. He had to at this point. Diglett was his last ditch effort. The Pokemon he needed to trust to get himself out of this situation. There was doubt in his voice; hidden deep beneath all that swagger Evan carried himself with. That would be his downfall. Vincent caught the best he could find so that wouldn’t happen. He believed in his companions because he saw a fire in them. Confidence matched only by Vincent’s own competitive fire. Vincent didn’t tolerate inner weakness. He didn’t tolerate doubt. He would believe in a Pokemon if he saw it could believe in itself. Any lack of trust, any lack of connection between a Pokemon and its master would douse that fire. It would make the team weak. Vincent was now going to prove that to Evan. Weakness is fatal.

              It would only take a moment. “Hanzo. Bubble.” The two words cause Evan to swallow down any pride he had left. A barrage of bubbles overwhelmed the Diglett, practically drowning it in water particles. The Diglett barely withstood the attack, only slashing the Froakie with any remnants of strength it had left. Hanzo unleashed one last attack, its personal favorite, an Aerial Ace. The Diglett sunk back into the ground, thoroughly defeated. Evan dropped his head in defeat, returning the Diglett to its Pokeball. Vincent did the same, standing tall in comparison. As Vincent approached, the differences in height were further emphasized in how the two differing trainers carried themselves. What Evan hoped to be a ground roaring in victory and praise of their hero was mute; silent as the night. There were murmurs, whispers of what terrible fate Vincent planned to do all the school children now that he defeated their hero.

              Vincent was about to open his mouth as he was within earshot of Evan. “Don’t bother,” he said. “I remember. Follow me. I…I’ll bring you to him.”

              “You better sound happier than that when you speak to him,” Vincent taunted. “I want a good reward now.”


              The walk to the principal’s office was a quiet one. Vincent was beaming with pride as Evan was slowly transitioning from solemn to disappointed. Most of the trainers and individuals moved to the side as the two walked through the hallways. It seemed rumors traveled quickly through the halls of the Academy. That or the context clues were that easy to read. A punk trainer thoroughly beat the confident Evan. That thought would comfort Vincent tonight.

              “He’s right beyond on this door. I guess you can come in with me,” Evan weakly said with a sigh. “Just don’t say much. I don’t want you disrespecting him.”

              “Fine. Whatever,” Vincent said, rolling his eyes.

              Evan knocked and then let himself in. “Hello, sir,” he said with false cheer swarming his voice.

              “Ah! Evan! Long time no see! How’s the journey coming along?” The Principal said, rising from his chair and shaking his hand.

              “Not so well, so far. Still training a bit before I fight Falkner,” Evan said, embarrassed.

              “I’m surprised. You were one of our best students.” The Principal sounded disappointed, but Vincent was hardly surprised at Evan’s lack of success. If he had the same teacher, he would have gotten the same scolding that Vincent had gotten.

              “Anyway, sir. I wanted to introduce you to…um…”

              “Vincent Baker, sir,” he offered a handshake of which the Principal accepted.

              “Yes, uh, Vincent. He just beat me and a number of other trainers today,” Evan said, his eyes wide at Vincent’s façade of polite manners. “He, uh, well,” he paused. “I think he will go places. I figured you want to meet such, uh, a potential great trainer. So you know, erm, say you helped him on his journey,” Evan finished, trying to sell a story in a terrible manner. Vincent was wondering how the hell this counted as a good word.

              “Oh really?” The Principal was taken aback. “Tell me, Vincent, why do you want to become a Pokemon trainer?”

              Vincent looked down at the ground before matching the Principal’s eyes. “So I can make something of myself. Sir.”

              “Sounds a bit selfish,” Evan said under his breath.

              “You would be surprised,” Vincent quickly fired back.

              The Principal could only laugh. “You remind me a bit of myself when I was your age, Vincent.” This caught the young trainer off-guard. The Principal shuffled back to behind his desk and he tore apart some drawers before returning to Vincent. “Here you go, son. Take this.” In his hand was a Pokeball, different in design to the regular one that Vincent had grew so accustomed to. “It’s an Ultra Ball. Right now, it’s probably the best one you can get in stores. Violet City doesn’t have any of them though. Consider it a good luck gift.”

              “Uh, thanks,” Vincent said, stuffing the ball into his bag. He made his way to the door, assuming the conversation was just about over. Evan just stood beside by the principal, appearing to want to talk to the man a bit more. With that being said, Vincent bowed and opened the door slowly.

              “One more thing, Vincent,” the principal said, getting his attention easily. “If you are anything like me, you are taking this whole thing a bit too seriously. Just remember you are doing something few people get to do.”

              “Right,” Vincent said. And with that, he was on his way out of the Academy.

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              Christina & Vincent – Northern Violet/Pokémon Center
              Chapter 3: An evening swim

              After such a long day, full of happenings, Chris and Sindy alike were starting to feel rather exhausted. After they exited into the cool evening air of Violet City, Chris let Sindy onto the ground and stretched her arms out over her head, letting out a yawn. "Wow... what a day, huh? I can't wait to get to the center and get a nice bit of rest." The Cyndaquil by her feet squeaked out quietly, letting out a yawn as well before the two moved away from the large tower. They crossed the first bridge to the little semi-island within the lake of the northern part of the city before beginning to cross the second one, leading back to the 'main' part of town, her head full of thoughts and memories from during the day, trying to process everything, which left her a bit unaware of her surroundings.

              Vincent, however, had a completely different way of viewing things. To him, the day had just begun and time was a wasting away. As long as he could remain conscious, he could do something productive. However, racing forward on his skateboard carried its risks. Vincent, though he woud never say it outright, was still a beginner at the whole skateboarding thing. Trying to weave through the people leaving and heading to the Sprout Tower, Vincent was clearly barely avoiding the passerbys as he was heading to the tower to hopefully battle some more veteran trainers for quick experience. Shouting "out of the way" a handful of times certainly helped. Until one girl didn't listen. "Yo! Move!" He yelled again. But it was far too late, the next thing he knew he collided into the girl. His board went flying forwards, and him backwards. Her? Well she flew into the lake.

              "Ungh?!" Christina grunted in a mixture of pain and surprise as something slammed into her from the direction she hadn't been looking. Everything seemed to go in slow-motion as half flew and half stumbled backwards, arms flailing. Her eyes went wide and her expression went from shock and surprise to complete terror just before colliding with the water's surface. After a brief moment of being underwater, she broke the surface, gasping for air, spluttering and coughing while swinging her arms around wildly and kicking her legs in a panicked attempt at staying afloat. "H-help! Someone!" She spluttered, crying out at the top of her voice in between spraying water all over the place in her panicked state. "H-HELP!"

              Vincent was shaking his disorientated state of his head. "Damn, where did my board go?" He complained under his breath. "And what the hell did I hit...?" However, the yells of a girl flailing like a Magikarp soon answered his question. "Right...her." Vincent picked himself off the ground and walked over to the edge of the bridge. "Hey! Why don't you just swim back? It's not that hard!" He yelled over her screams for help. However, Vincent wasn't completely stupid or ignorant. He frequently went to the beach in Olivine City with his brother and sister when they were younger, having taught them how to swim. The girl wasn't swimming. "Oh great," Vincent groaned. Without as much as a second thought, Vincent dove into the water and grabbed the potential drowning victim. He struggled to heave her to shore, as their wet clothes weighed them down significantly. However, with one last pull, he succeeded and threw her to shore. Vincent crawled to safety after he made sure she was clear of any water. He practically hacked up a lung as water fileld his lungs, but it sounded a lot worse than it was.

              After being basically tossed halfyway onto ground again, Christina scrambled further up, making sure she was well away from the water before laying on all four, coughing and spluttering up some of the water she'd managed to swallow during her dip. Sindy stood next to her, looking very worried, squeaking out softly to her. After a few moments of mentally calming herself down from her panic attack, she turned around and sat firmly on the ground, panting for air with her drenched, red hair flat against her shoulders and back and partially covering her face as she glared at the boy near her. "Wh... wh-what the hell's the matter with you?! Why'd you knock me into the water like that?!"

              "Better question is why you were in my way to begin with?! I said move if you were paying attention!" Vincent protested. "Oh, and a 'thank you' would be nice!" Vincent often wonder why women were never grateful for much of anything. At least all the ones he had bumped into.

              "Oh, of course!" She practically shouted, her face growing redder by the second. "Thank you -so- much for not killing me! You can't just ride around a city and expect people to get out of the way when you're bumbling by! You could've seriously injured someone!" She continued panting as she pushed herself off the ground, trying to dust herself off from crawling around in the dirt, but the wet clothes she was now wearing didn't exactly help the situation.

              "Everyone else moved," Vincent said with a pout. He walked around and fetched his board, placing into his bag with a mean stuff, as he was venting his frustrations out of some inanimate objects instead of the girl's face. Oh slugging her would be so satsifying. "Well, you are -so- very welcome. I'll keep this whole thing in mind next time I decide to save someone," Vincent said as he walked away from the tower, making sure to mock her tone of voice. Which will probably never now. Ungrateful little witch.

              Christina huffed quietly and angrily as she walked over to almost violently pick up her dropped pack, slinging it over her shoulder. She paused, looking back at the equally drenched guy walking away, closing her eyes for a few moments before letting out an exhasperated sigh, her boots making a rather soggy noise as she semi-ran after him. "... Hey, hold up, guy! Wait!"

              Not again, he said to himself. Vincent sighed, knowing full well he was going to regret turning around and saying anything. "Yeah, what do you want?"

              She came to a stop, folding her arms across her chest, looking rather reluctant and off to the side for a few moments before looking up at him. "... Look, I- ... I've had a long day. Sorry I didn't get out of your way. And... I guess, thanks for helping me. It's not that I can't swim, I just... I get a bit panick-y when I fall into water, is all."

              Vincent nodded at her and raised his eyebrow at her strange quirk. "If you can swim, there shouldn't be any more issue with water you know?" He found himself saying. "You should probably get that checked or something," Vincent continued. "You train Pokemon and stuff right? You do know you have to go over water and stuff to get places. You better get over it fast if you expect to get anywhere. Just a word of advice," he finished. Truthfully, that was more talking than he normally intended to do, but maybe he did feel a bit bad about knocking her into a body of water with reckless abandon. That and she did squeeze out a thank you. That certainly put him in a better mood.

              "I know, I know." She sighed, lowering her arms from the crossed position, planting her hands on her hips while looking back out at the lake with a frown. "I mean... it doesn't make sense. I can swim, but I'm still... terrified, if I'm on a boat or... a bridge that's just kind of unstable. It's not like I -want- to be scared." She paused, looking him over again, quiet for a few moments while she raised her hands to try and sort out her messy hair and equally messy clothes. "... Don't see alot of guys skateboarding around these days."

              "Oh, yeah," Vincent said as she mentioned the board. He wasn't sure where she was going with it and was entirely sure if he wanted to even mention the story behind it. He then tried to remember the Principal's words. "I...had my bike stolen by some dude back home. So I stole his skateboard before I left. Been trying to learn ever since," he finally said with a shrug.

              Chris looked somewhat surprised at the fact that he'd stolen the skateboard, but after realizing who it was she was talking to, she simply shrugged her shoulders as well. "Well, if he stole your bike, I guess he had it coming. And I think practicing in a less populated area might be a better way to go about it." She added, unable to hold back a bit of a wry smile, more playful than malicious.

              "There isn't much fun in that, you know?" Vincent said. "Plus, I need that kind of practice. Only way to ditch people you really don't wanna talk to in cities." And Arceus knows I have way too many people like that on my list. Vincent went back to walking, but now realizing how drenched he was, he was making far too much noise with his shoes spewing water in every direction and his dark pants sticking to his body. He mouthed an "ewww" and let out an audible groan as he was making his way back to the Pokemon Center.

              Christina couldn't help but let out a snicker at his disgust with being soaked, whereas she had been drenched from head to toe before herself, although the wind made the situation just a little more uncomfortable due to the sudden chill in the air. She caught up with him, noticing the way he was going was straight to the Pokémon center like she had planned as well. "By the way, my name's Christina Langley. I'd say 'nice to meet you', but... well." She patted down the sides of her shirt, creating a 'sploosh' noise each time she did. "... I think we'll save that for another day."

              " you have brother named Mark or something?" Vincent said. He vaguely remembered his brother always talking about some trainer that was on TV that was accomplished battler and what not. Vincent never paid much attention. He paid only enough to humor his brother and keep spirits up. "I.." he hesistated, not wanting to be too nice. After all, this is the second person he had too long of a conversation with. But she was clearly heading to the Center like he was. "I'm Vincent. Vincent Baker."

              The red-haired girl currently squeezing water out of her hair winced a little, nodding her head lightly while keeping her eyes on the road ahead. "Uh... yeah, but his name is Marcus. And before you ask, yes, he's the guy from television, no, I haven't been on television with him and just in case you were wondering, no, I probably can't get you an autograph. I barely see him these days."

              "It would be more for my brother than me," Vincent admitted. They were just entering the Pokemon Center now, dragging muddy feet through the relatively quiet lobby. "I never actually watched the show, but he loved it. Gave him something to do, I guess." Vincent knew the real reason he watched it, but Christina didn't need to know more than she already did about his life. He made his way to the front desk, handed the nurse his Pokemon and waited for them to be healed, without as much as saying a word.

              "Oh... right. Mrh." She cleared her throat quietly while recalling Sindy, placing the Pokéball on the counter while waiting for the nurse to get to her. "Sorry, I just..." she sighed, shaking her head. "Lots of people recognize my name, especially back in my home town. It just gets really annoying really quickly with how... fanboy-y they seem about him." She shook her head, turning a little to lean on the counter. "I doubt you'd understand that though."

              Vincent nodded in agreement as he leaned on the desk. She's right. He wouldn't understand. Where he came from, fame and money were only dreams. Little fantasies that the kids in stories enjoyed. The nurse came back with his Pokemon and he made his way to a nearby seat, where he leaned back and relaxed. At this point, he would kill for a fire, shivering at how cold he was. The drenched clothes and strong AC in the building was a poor combination. He did what he could to hide it, but in hindsight, he almost regretted diving in and saving her rich butt. Shame Hanzo was still only a Froakie.

              After waiting for the nurse to heal up Sindy as well, Christina decided to join Vincent, taking a seat opposite the little table he had sat at, pulling the bag off of her shoulder and placing it on the ground in front of her. She was quiet for a few moments before glancing over at him again, her brows furrowing a little. "Hey, uh... I didn't mean to gush like that back there. It's just that... everybody looks up to my brother, which has kind of... left me a little in the shadow of him, you know? He's off being on television, super talented with everything he does and... everything, while I've only just started off on my Pokémon journey." She paused, shaking her head lightly with a little huff. "I'm doing it again. I'll stop."

              "Good," he said bluntly. "Must be real hard for you. Rich, famous, talented brother. I mean, any time you really need help, you can just call him and bam! All is taken care of. I mean, really. You are like the personfication of a first world problem," Vincent was getting pretty frustrated and took a breath. "Try thinking of what it would be like to not have any of that. Then you can come back to me," he finished. Crossing his arms, he turned away from her. Hopefully she'll take the hint and leave.

              Christina blinked in surprise at first at the sudden hostility in his voice, her cheeks quickly starting to redden as he continued to insult her, eventually just turning away from her. She sat in stunned silence for a moment before clenching her fist tightly. "... Yeah, because you really want to rely on someone who's already getting everything while you're completely ignored. If you can just grab onto someone else and get dragged along in life, that'd solve -all- of your problems." She huffed and planted her hand firmly against the table, standing up, picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. "And FYI, I -don't- have any of that. My brother is keeping everything to himself. The only money I have is a bit of pocket change my mom gave me. So thanks for the 'conversation' Vincent." Fuming, she then promptly stormed over to the counter and was directed to one of the upstairs room offered to passing trainers, which she almost ran towards without even looking back.

              "At least you got money from your mom," he said when she was gone. He sat at the table alone, continuing to shiver a bit. He held himself tight and leaned back more. A small nap might do him some good.

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