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Old February 14th, 2014 (9:39 AM).
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Messop Village

"No.... noooo... I can't..." W muttered drowsily as he stumbled about, trying desperately to keep his footing. "Mustn't... go to...." His vision was becoming increasingly blurring, so that there was less and less to focus on. "No..." He could never fall asleep. He hadn't fallen asleep for four years, for fear of being trapped within his own mind. If it happened now, the consequences could be disastrous for both W and those surrounding him.

That's when he received a right royal slap to the face. W fell to the ground, clutching his cheek in pain as he moaned. "Come on, Knight! Now's no time to be falling asleep!" Shouted another Knight. "Get the hell up!"

W groaned and used Psychic to lift himself up, succeeding in doing so after a few failed attempts. He was relieved to find that some of his vision had returned thanks to the impact, though it was still too blurry to be able to see into the distance. He needed to find something to focus on before the drowsiness took over, and fast! It seemed that whatever Knight had awoken him had now gone off to fight more Mechanists, leaving him alone.

W saw the shot being fired at him just on time, using Psychic to suspend the strange clump of electrical matter in midair. He looked at it curiously for a moment, before diverting his attention to its source: a piece of tek of some sort - he had heard it was called a 'gun' - being held by a rather scrawny Tyrogue. Upon realizing the fact that his attack had failed miserably, the Tyrogue turned and ran like a scared Skitty.

W, lacking the coordination to do anything more effective at the moment, launched the fired shot of electricity back in the direction it came. It struck the Tyrogue right in the back, sending him tumbling to the ground. W clumsily floated to the scene, leaning in close to see a large burn mark on his opponent's back. The Tyrogue was not moving.

Shrugging and turning around, W tried to focus on something else. That's when he heard a growling from behind him, and whipped around to see the blurry image of an Arcanine.

"Great; not this guy again," Fang muttered, rolling his eyes. "Step aside, I need to dismantle this gun."

W shook his head. It seemed he'd found his new play thing. "Nope."

"Step. Aside," Fang ordered again. W playfully stuck his tongue out and just giggled giddily, prompting an even louder growl from the Arcanine.

"Eeew, I'm so scared!" The increasingly irritating Kirlia said in a falsetto voice, flailing his arms about to feign helplessness.

Fang decided to ignore W and push past him, walking over to the gun and placing a paw on it. That was when W reached down and snatched the gun from the Arcanine, waving it around as he continued his impression of a helpless person.

"Oooh! Help me, I'm an evil Mechanist getting cornered by the noble Knight!"

He waved the gun about in the air, his finger inadvertently wrapping around a small button underneath the object's barrel.

"Ooooh-" He was saying, when suddenly he felt a large paw smash into his chest. He reeled back a few feet through the air, moaning out "Owww!"

"I've had about enough of you, you insolent pest!" Fang boomed. "See how you like this!" The Arcanine opened his mouth, ready to release a Flamethrower.

But then, his eyes widened and his body became as stiff as a post. W looked quizzical as the demolisher fell to the ground, not dead but apparently disabled. He could make out a familiar black mark on the side of Fang's head.

"Hey there, friend!" Shouted another 'mon in the distance. W turned to the right to see a Mechanist holding a similar gun approaching. His hands instinctively balled into fists, causing him to clasp the gun even tighter.

"Stupid Knights," the Nuzleaf commented as he came closer. "Don't they know that their metal armor makes brilliant electrical conductors? Hehe." W had no idea what he was talking about, but judging from the fact that he was not attacking, he must not have realized that W was a knight.

"You know you're not that bright yourself if you're also wearing armor," said the Nuzleaf. "Hell, I'd think you were a knight if it weren't for that shocker you got there."

W glanced at the gun in his hand. What was it still doing there? The Nuzleaf, meanwhile, walked over to the fallen Tyrogue and took a look at his wound. "Wait a minute... this is a shock burn!" He cried out. His eyes widened in realization, but by that point it was too late. W was holding the gun right at his face.

"A knight with a gun? Heh, there's something you don't see every-" The Nuzleaf was not able to finish, as W squeezed the small button his finger had detected earlier, causing a bolt of electricity to shoot out at point blank range.

The Nuzleaf lay on the ground, as still as the other two 'mon lying around. W still held the gun in his hand, looking quizzical. "Uuuuh..." was all he could bring himself to say, before throwing the gun aside and shrugging.

"Well, that was weird," W muttered to himself after a few moments of silence. "Now, anyway... gotta... gotta focus..." His eyes were getting increasingly heavy. "Focus..." He saw a tree in the distance, and began to focus on its existence, attempting to use it as an anchor to the real world. "Fo... cus..." It was no use.

W's Psychic dissipated, dropping him onto the ground as his mind began to drift. His eyes fluttered closed, and W fell asleep.
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Old February 15th, 2014 (4:07 AM).
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Seven Hill - Saffron Enclave and Messop Village

Damn it! Just as Seven was about to deck out and head home, something seemed to be happening. In a matter of moments, activity was spread across at the sounds of the alarms, and the Sneasel was called to action along with the rest of them. Urta Runes ensured Seven did his part as well, so even if he didn't want to participate, or even if he did, the decision at that moment seemed no longer to be in his hands. Instead with a deep sigh, he followed the others, gathering the supplies he usually liked to travel with, and headed over to the transportation area.

While he gathered his necessary supplies and awaited teleportation, he wondered what, or more precisely who, he would discover there. Likely, there were probably knights. Maybe even some that he once knew. He wondered briefly how all of his friends were doing back with the Knights. He wondered if they had given him any thought since his abrupt disappearance. But all he did was wonder. He had no wish to actually find out. They were his friends, once, but that was in another life, one he never wanted to bring up, and never wanted to revisit. As far as he was concerned, they were dead to him, and he was dead to them. That was why he planned to stay as far away from the action as possible, hopefully avoiding any confrontations with any Knights if there were any.

As he went through and teleported with the others, Seven made his way up the path and to the village. Instantly, he saw the mayhem going on, including Knights battling Mechanists. His heartrate spiked in a matter of seconds, and he quickly broke off from the group and hid off to the side. He hid behind a tree, his chest tightening as he tried to breath short, sharp breaths. He tried to shake off these feelings, but seeing them brought up too many unwanted memories. Suddenly, he was interupted by the sound of fighting nearby. He looked from behind his tree to see the black Bisharp he had saw earlier squaring off against two knights. One was an Absol he had seen and known all too well: Knight-Commander Alice.

Damn it! He was surprised to see her so soon. The other was a Kirlia he didn't immediately recognize from the quick glance he had gotten from behind his tree. He observed their altercation for a bit, before realizing that the Bisharp was actually engaging the Knights head on, instead of fighting them Mechanist-style, or simply running away. Most of the others would likely have elected one of those two options. Seven found it strange, but he appeared to be holding off alright in the beginning. He debated internally as to whether he should assist him, as even with some strength, he might need help fighting the two of them. However, as he found the tree he was hiding behind slowly begin to rise and be pulled by the apparent Psychic energies of the Kirlia, Seven quickly darted away from the scene, instead deciding to go and find the rest of the Mechanists and get them out of here. The less he interacts with others here and the faster they leave, the better.

Seven proceeded instead to the main town, where multiple knights fought with Mechanists, most of which were being overpowered by the stronger Pokemon. Seven felt guilty not directly getting involved to help. But then again, the orders were to specifically not fight them directly, and instead rescue the other Mechanists. So in reality, Seven was just following orders. At least, that's how he was justifying it to himself in his head. He clasped the side of the wall of a building, Watching nearby Knights take down Mechanists. He rolled from the edge of one building to another, hugging the side to avoid being seen. As he neared the edge of one house, he saw a Cubone who was clearly a Mechanist right at the front of it. He was about to step out and address him, hopefully getting his attention so he could bring him back with him, and maybe that would be enough in his superiors' eyes that he did his job. However, out from above him, a Blaziken Knight suddenly jumped down and struck at him. The two quickly began to be entangled in a fight.

Damn it, Seven cursed in his mind, seeing his opportunity for a quick getaway spoiled by the...wait a minute! Seven took another look at the Knight who had jumped down. It's been years, but he recognized Felix Teufel as another knight he once knew. He stood there, watching the two fight in silence, before realizing he was lingering too long in one spot. As the two were facing a direction opposite his, he moved quickly to the edge of another building. Even though he had no desire to interact with him, it was actually nice to see Felix. He always did like him.

Seven moved again from building to building, whispering (hopefully) loud enough to try and get som Mechanists attention so that he could leave. Most of the houses he had gone through thus far either had civilians, or were empty. He moved to another one, clutching the side of the house to minimize the chances of getting caught. There was some commotion going on around the house, but he couldn't be sure it came from there. He tried to 'psst' the Pokemon inside, but no answer came. More commotion was heard, but Seven didn't quite make out the sounds in all of the action happening around. He tried to sneak a peak through the window, but didn't want to get spotted so he quickly ducked his head when he saw figured standing nearby on the inside. Then, he suddenly heard a loud slam, as if something, or maybe someone, was suddenly dropped on the ground. Seven debated again whether he should enter the house. He crept along the side of it, slowly moving toward the door. His heart was racing and his breathing was out of control. He was now only a few inches away from the doorknob. He eyed it intently, deciding what to do. For all he knew, a group of Mechanists were in there, either getting pummeled by knights or hiding. If he did enter and they were there, he could easily try to escape with them and be out of this town without any more problems. However, if there were others there, who knows what could happen? Seven breathed in deeply, reaching for the door with his hand. He was very close to it, about to open it up. when suddenly.

Damn it! The door flew open, and another knight he knew by name and face walked out. It was Caedmon. Seven held his breath. Luckily, the door opened outwards, and it managed to cover the hiding Seven just as the Lucario stepped out and proceeded back into the fray. He seemed to not get caught, at least immediately, and quickly tried tiptoeing away. He peered inside for a moment, seeing a family of citizens, as well as a knocked out Mechanist, presumably the work of Caedmon. He was about to exit the area and move on, but the downed Machoke suddenly gave him an idea. He was supposed to rescue Mechanists, right? Well, that Machoke Caedmon had just knocked out was clearly a Mechanist. He ultimately decided to proceed inside. He checked the side of his neck for vitals. A heartbeat! Seven grinned. This would work out perfectly! He could pick him up, carry him on his back out on the outskirts of the town, and then back to the Enclave. He would technically be doing his job, and he would be done with this place no problem, back to his sleeping post and out of the fighting. Sure, a Machoke would normally be tough to carry for Pokemon his size, but was once a Knight, so he believed he could manage. Seven proceeded to lift the unconscious Machoke by the arms, positioning most of his weight upon the center of his back and shoulder blades. It was fairly heavy at first, but he got used to it after a few seconds. So all he had to do was make it out of the house, off to the side or smaller roads, then back the path he came fro-

As Seven turned his body to the side as he proceeded to make his way out, he suddenly froze in place as he saw the Bellossom and two children right in front of him. He was so preoccupied with the Machoke and Caedmon, he had forgotten to check his surroundings for any other Pokemon, and ended up missing them entirely. Seven stood there silently and stupidly, with the large Machoke over his shoulders. The family and the Sneasel stared silently at each other, both parties seeming to be frozen in place. He had spent all that time specifically avoiding contact with others in the area, and he ended up being spotted quite easily by citizens. What a rookie move!

"Damn it..."

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Old February 15th, 2014 (8:28 PM).
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Felix Teufel
Messop Village

The flame-gun went quiet as Felix rolled on the ground after his kick to the Cubone's head. He jumped back to his feet and turned back to the Mechanist, who shook his head as he slowly got to his own feet. Impressive, that this Cubone wasn't knocked unconscious so soon. Felix didn't give it another thought - he lunged forward and swung an Uppercut into the Cubone's snout, knocking him backward onto his side.

As a pair of Demolishers rushed over to begin dismantling the flamethrower, Felix realized that these civilians were easy targets for the Mechanists. Sure, the Demolishers could've had combat training of some sort, but Felix was sure they were nowhere near a Knight's level of expertise. You could be wrong, for all you know. Shut up.

"You just standin' around for a reason?" Wedge asked, popping up out of nowhere. The Minun and Vicks had come to Felix's side, waiting for more Mechanists to come.

"Zese Demolishers are sitting ducks," Felix answered, ignoring the offended look that the two Demolishers nearby gave him. "Zee Mechanists are going to realize zat zeir veapons are being destroyed. How long before zey start targeting Demolishers, hm?"

"Got a point there," Vicks muttered. "Clumping together makes a bigger target, though."

"So don't. But if you find unprotected Demolishers, protect zem." Felix didn't watch the Plusle and Minun leave; he was watching for more Mechanists. The immediate area had become nearly deserted, though, after the first few minutes of fighting. When the two Demolishers, a Pikachu and a Krokorok, said that they'd dismantled the flamethrower, Felix said, "Stick vis me. Vee are going to attract more. I do my job, you do yours." With that, he turned and began heading down one street, with the two Demolishers following close behind.

After a minute or two, Felix stopped at a building that looked more like a business than a house and waved for the other two 'mon to stand back. He kicked the door open, revealing a Poliwhirl who was already pulling the trigger on the machine in her hand. Felix cried out as he got a face-full of 'boom', taking a few steps back from the force of the propelled air. The Poliwhirl stepped out, keeping the trigger pulled down as she kept her boom stick focused on Felix. Even if she'd said something, Felix wouldn't have heard it over the ringing in his head.

Thankfully, it stopped after only a few seconds. Felix looked up; the Poliwhirl was on the ground, twitching after an unexpected shock. The Pikachu said something to Felix, with a pretty snarky look on his face. Nothing but ringing. Felix shook his head and reached down to grab the Poliwhirl's arm. He then spun and threw her down the street while the two Demolishers went inside the door to the building. Felix stepped inside and stood guard at the doorway while they began searching for more machinery to destroy.
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Old February 18th, 2014 (12:10 PM).
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Messop Village: The Aftermath

Maverick watched on as the knights moved around in efficent fashion. The small village had soon become a battleground. Caedmon had already given orders to resist killing anyone, but that was proving a problem. Sure it was fine and dandy to try and prevent harming the mechanists too much, but the mechanists had no such restraints against THEM. These young mon were dashing about and were armed with all sorts of weapons. Such mon naturally would have been quickly rounded up in any other circumstances, but the use of pellets and weapons were not only driving a few knights back, but they were causing injuries to those who had never gone against such tactics before.

He could see some knights suddenly being engulfed by fire while others would fall to the ground, paralyzed, as electricity jumped about on their form. Despite the advantage these mechanists had in the beginning, the knights were quick to learn from mistakes and from the tactics an opponent used. They were able to figure out the range of certain weapons and learn some weaknesses that could be used, such as taking cover behind their rock types allies and then shooting out their own ranged attacks. That was all fine and well... until reinforcements came.

Maverick couldn't believe as more of these rebels rushed into the battle scene and took fire against them. The Grovyle dashed through the streets as various projectiles whizzed by his from. He keyed in on a Rhydon and slashed him with a Leaf Blade. As his foe fell he made a quick check around him to confirm his knights still holding up their positions. Well, at least they had no fallen warriors on their side yet. If anything these weapons were proving to be more of an annoyance than something that could take down a knight in one or two successful hits. Still, it was time to push them back. If they kept fighting in this village then more innocent souls would come in harm's way.

"Push them out knights!" Maverick shouted out. He was about to shout another order when a electrical bolt whizzed by him and he had to duck as another almost hit his chest. These mechanists weren't making it easy at all. He charged up another leaf blade and rushed to the side of a building. He caught sight of the Mismagius who once more shot out another electical bolt at him. He was quick to sidestep it and his blade swung at her, easily dropping her to the ground. He didn't stop there. He was quick to jump up the walls and soon landed on a rooftop and took note of the overall battle. Many mechanists were laying down on the ground with some no longer moving and some Knights likewise had fallen.

He once more raised his voice, "Push them out and take them alive!"


Damon could say that he had been in fire fights before... but it was nothing like this! Sure, every so often he would get into practice matches with some other DF for training, but to face a full regiment of knights! Now that was a whole other story. He had figured that at least a few hits on one would make them fall, but at the most they were only able to knock out a few, but that was it. If anything the knights were far faster and so strong that they were easily knocking out soldiers left and right! The knights had formal training and Damon's forces.... well, they knew how to navigate caves... which wasn't helping right now.

As the fight raged on, Damon realized that this was as best as it was going to get. Already the DF were carrying back wounded comrades and even retrieving unconscious mon that Damon didn't recognize. He assumed these were the mechanists that had signaled the beacon and so he too raised his voice. "DF! FALL BACK! BACK TO THE TELEPORTERS!"

He raised his boom stick and aimed down toward the ground. He held the trigger as DF rushed on by and released. A loud pocket of air shot out as it slammed into the ground and achieved the effect he desired. Clouds of dirt shot out and began to cover the area. He did it once more as other DF helped out. More and more thick clouds began obscuring the area. Eventually the sounds of the boom sticks ceased as Maverick and those remaining fled out of the cloud. It was some ways back to where the porters had dropped them off, now it was about buying time.

"Defensive positions!" He shouted out as a few mechanists positioned themsleves with boom sticks ready. If anything they could cause another dirt cloud to halt their persuers again. There were only so many teleporters active and only so many that could be ported at a time. He just hoped these knights could be distracted for long enough.


As the dirt clouds began forming Maverick watched as several mon fled from the scene. He frowned and lept down as he saw some Knights still trying to find the mechanists that had already fled. "Knights! Hear my voice! Follow it out of that cloud! The Mechanists are already retreating! Keep formation and use ranged attacks!" He cast a glance at the deprating foes, but was surprised as they stopped at a spot and pulled out their weapons. They were going to hold that spot? That was odd in Maverick's eyes, but if they truly wished to be captured then so be it.

He was already moving toward the group as his knights began exiting the dirt cloud and followed. Maverick couldn't help but chuckle as the group seemed to form a circle around a spot. The Grovyle let a smile grace his face as he strode forward and held out an arm to halt the other knights. "So... it has come to this. You infiltrate our villages and then decide to attack us when you are in the wrong? I must say, it was unexpected, but not surprising. I will only give you one chance, surrender here and now. We outnumber you and many of your allies are wounded already. Surrender and we will take you captive and no further harm shall come upon you."

Damon glanced over at Urta with a confused look. They... infiltrated? Okay, there were some soldiers in the city, but most likely they had been passing through. If that was the case... why attack the knights? Just as Damon was about to speak more beings popped into the scene. The psychics appeared in a flash and just like that the spot where the mechanists once stood was empty.

Maverick stared on, almost in disbelief at what happened before he quickly shook his head, "Knights.... head back to the city. There are still fallen mechanists there. Round them up. Demolishers you know what to do. We'll be making our return to Markus."

He waited there as the knights began to depart and when he was left alone he angrily kicked a few rocks to the side. The Grovyle made his way back to the town to see the knights already bringing prisoners to the entrace of the village. Hopefully they would get information out of these mechanists, but he knew he would also have to report what happened with the escaped mechanists. That wouldn't be the highlight of his day, that was for sure. At the end there was only a total of six prisoners with most of them being the young ones that had set the ambush for them.

Maverick glanced over at his knights once more and nodded, "We head back to Markus. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves on the road. When we arrive back in Markus be ready for any new assignments. It is highly likely that other knights have been ambushed as well." With that he set the pace as the prinsoers were pushed forth to walk along the knights.


As soon as they appeared back in Saffron Damon made sure to call for emergency assistance. Of the soldiers that came with him many suffered from broken bones or were bleeding from wounds. Those that they had been sent in to rescue seemed to be confused and dazed, so the medics took them in at least to have their brains checked out to see if they had suffered any concussions.

All the while the Linoone gathered those that had come (and weren't currently being treated) and nodded, "Well, we did as good as we could do. We lost some friends out there, but we also saved lives. The patrols will be put on hiatus as of now. We can't risk having any DF up top at the moment. For now, relax. Go get a drink at the bar, or go do something around town. You all are released from your normal duties for the day. The other DF can handle those responsiblities."

With that the Linoone began making his way down the street with Urta following alongside him.
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Krekker Shar
Messop Village

It became clear to Krekker shortly after the stand-off that the Mechanists were fighting a losing battle. It was a rescue mission, after all, he supposed, but there were very few knights incapacitated. In the long run, that was worrying. There seemed to be some civilians amongst the knights – not ones from the village, no; ones trained to dismantle weapons. Demolishers, if the Bisharp remembered correctly. The Mechanists still around appeared to be retreating, so perhaps it would be best if he did, too.

"DF! FALL BACK! BACK TO THE TELEPORTERS! Defensive positions!"

Well, that confirmed it, then. Krekker dashed around the back of a house for cover, trying to make his way back around to the wall he’d entered over. A boom came from his left, and an armoured Heracross rolled and came to a halt on the other side of the building. The Pokémon stood, shook his head and lowered it in Krekker’s direction.

Krekker held his ground, flexing as the charge neared him. The Bisharp’s blades glowed purple as the Megahorn attack was parried around to the side, flinging the surprised Heracross into the house with a sickening thwak. Krekker sliced the bug Pokémon across the back and pulled him around, delivering a quick Iron Head to the face to send him slumping to the floor. Seeing no reason to hang around, Krekker took off at a run to the wall and launched himself upwards, grabbing onto the top and hauling himself over to the other side.

He could hear orders to the knights being shouted behind him, and saw some fellow Mechanists making their way up and over the hill. He thought he could make out others through a cloud of dust, but it wasn’t clear. It didn’t take long for him to reach where they’d arrived, and when he did, psychics appeared and dealt with his return before he could even so much as check all of his surroundings.

The Saffron Enclave flashed into existence around the Bisharp, and with it came scenes of the battle’s aftermath – for the Mechanist side, at least. Krekker made no move, as Damon began to gather the Pokémon he’d taken with him. Urta Runes was there with him, which perturbed the Bisharp to some degree, but he ignored it for the most part as the Linoone spoke.

"Well, we did as good as we could do. We lost some friends out there, but we also saved lives. The patrols will be put on hiatus as of now. We can't risk having any DF up top at the moment. For now, relax. Go get a drink at the bar, or go do something around town. You all are released from your normal duties for the day. The other DF can handle those responsibilities."

Krekker was a little surprised at having been effectively given the day off, though he supposed it was a fairly Mechanist-style thing to do. He raised an eyebrow but said nothing, turning around and heading to the nearest bar. The Bisharp sat on a stool at one end and ordered some Sitrus juice. He could do with something nice after the little skirmish he’d had with the knights.
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