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Old January 31st, 2014 (5:02 PM).
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    Hi I am Perseus and I am creating a team of EXPERIENCED Rom hackers to create multiple individual rom hacks. Each of these rom hacks are going to contain an original storyline and a unique feature that will help make it stand out. Unlike most teams each rom hack is going to be decided as a group and EVERYONE get's an equal say on everything that goes on inside this rom hack. Because of this there is going to be a higher requirement level than most other rom hacks.
    Previous work:
    Years of experience: (this will not be the biggest factor as you could be mapping for the past 4 years but still be bad at it)
    Access to Raidcall: This is a big one. As i said we need to find a way to communicate in an easy efficient way. I have had multiple problems when dealing with skypes notification and i want to be able to respond as quickly to as I possibly can to any of your questions or ideas. Raidcall is a free program that does not ask for any of your personal details other than a email to start communicating via chat. Type this into search to find our group :8050046

    Posts You Can Apply For

    Lead Scripter.
    Titlescreen Hacker.
    Music Editor/ Inserter.
    Item Editor(Someone Who knows How To Edit Item and Make new Items).
    ASM Hacker.
    OW Spriter.
    Someone Who Can Make A Trailer Video For My Hack.

    Application Form

    Name -
    Skill -
    Applying For -
    Proof of Work -
    TimeZone -
    Avalibility -

    Current Team

    Me - Spriting.

    Current Rom Hack Ideas: Pokémon Inferno Version-
    This Pokemon Game is going to be hack of Pokemon ruby.
    In the beautiful region of Mostro all is peaceful and calm. It was known as a place of beauty. That was until the elite four fell. 4 powerful trainers took there place. These four trainers ran the region with an iron fist. The reason the 4 were so powerful was because of the champion who was said to have the power of mindcontroling pokemon. No trainer in the land could harm them as they had controlled the 4 legendary pokemon of the region. That was until one brave man took a stand (the man characters father) He broke the seal of the legendary inferno pokemon and the 4 legendary pokemon fell along with the elite four. The power of the legendary pokemon was too great and cost the life of the hero. 9 years later the elite four once again rose to power but does 15 year old ______ have what it takes to finish what his dad started????

    Pokemon X and Y Firered version
    Pretty Self Explanatory

    Relevant Advertising!

    Old February 1st, 2014 (7:27 PM).
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      I love your ideas but sadly I don't have any amazing sprites laying around anymore due to a harddrive fail but best of luck in your rom hack team

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