Second Generation Following the success of Red, Blue and Yellow, Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal introduced fans to an exciting new world full of new Pokémon to find, catch and train. Reminisce about your favourite moments in the Johto region, share your adventures and argue about the Johto master race.
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Old February 26th, 2014 (3:17 PM).
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    For the first time I played Pokémon Crystal. I LOVED IT! There was just something about it that made me fall in love with it. What was it?

    What do you guys think?
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    Old February 27th, 2014 (9:33 AM).
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      I feel the same about Crystal. It was the first pokemon game that really belonged to me (shared red with my sister). It was very similar to Gen 1, graphic wise and gameplay wise, and it really felt like a sequel. Looking at 3rd Gen, those games weren't really sequels in my eyes because there were so many things that changed. In Gen 2 you still had familiar pokemon around you, and those few new ones kinda fit in. You had the same graphics, just with color. You had two new eeveelutions, you had new types of evolutions affecting old pokemon... you had events based on weekdays for the very first time. All fit so well together with the 1st Gen.

      I also can't tell why I like Gen 2 so much better than any other as well... but no pokemon game after 2nd Gen has surpassed G/S/C in my eyes. The only thing missing in Gen 2 is that the E4 gets stronger after getting beaten, and whole Kanto isn't really a challenge, but the game is still so good.
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      Old February 27th, 2014 (1:13 PM).
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        It's a travesty that Gen 2 is not as well-recognized and appreciated as Gen I was. For example, everyone "Pokemon fan" wears shirts with Pikachu or the three Kanto starters (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle). It's almost the "forgotten" gen, as it was the followup to what many still believe is the best gen.

        Take in the gorgeous Game Boy Color Pallette for this game. (Dragon's Den came to mind. Look at that glorious detail!)

        And the new designs:

        Not to mention, the music in G/S/C is arguably the best of any Pokemon game.
        Some of my favorite themes are the Surf Theme, The End Credits, New Bark Town and the Bike Theme. Always nostalgic to replay, and isn't in black and white like their previous gen. It's a shame that Gen 2 did not have forwards compatibility, because if we did, they could have been in our X and Y carts today.

        Gen 2 did a lot more for the Pokemon series than it is credited for, because if Gen 2 was a flop, Game Freak would have pulled the plug on Pokemon. We can all be thankful that they did not!
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        Old February 27th, 2014 (1:43 PM).
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          200% agree, it was the verry following of Gen I , with new color palet , that still have charm today, cool new pokemon , and epic battle , mostly the last one Versus Red... just the battle where you want to say "ho... hi old friend...let's go..."
          And your rival have so much charisma (in my opinion).
          Gen III was not bad but really less good than the other two.

          Today pokemon are just copy past of old one with arm or leg change, or just new color, creativity is dead... It's like if a bunch of 6y.o kid made these game ( "Distortion world" please the F- is that... )

          It's simple for me there is absolutly NO pokemon after R/S/E... the story end with Gen III nothing exist after except maybe some cool hack.
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          Old March 1st, 2014 (12:52 PM).
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            Crystal is absolutely gorgeous. The intro cutscene, the press start menu theme... It was (is) truly amazing. It was a really good upgrade compared to RBGY (Even compared with Gold/Silver, in my opinion). It was with Crystal when they started to evolve the plot of the Pokémon games.

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