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Negima and all of it's characters and references belong to Ken Akamatsu

Random Author’s Notes:

• “text here” denotes spoken words or thoughts to oneself
• *text here* denotes words spoken through telepathy
• I apologize for the Courier New font, it's my favorite at the moment.
• I may edit older chapters as I see fit as I am never satisfied with what I write.
• Slayr, I hope this fits in all the rules as I compared this with the rules thread as I typed this.

Warnings and such:

• Age 13+ should be fine
• There will be romance, fighting, and violence but nothing excessive.
• There will be words, phrases, and sentences used that will not be in English, I suppose Google Translate is your friend.
• If the depiction of young men and women in relationships disturbs you, or if you hate Negima, this fanfic is not for you.
• There will be mild swearing, but nothing the censor filters I think. I dunno, I've never set them off before.
• There will be angst, sadness, etc. somewhere.
• I do not plan to update this list due to coming chapters, but that may change. Who knows where my crazy mind will take this story.

Directory and Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15

Yay, a "foreword"

Anyhoo, before we get into the story, I would just like to let you know I am a horribly inexperienced writer. I can't really see this story I've already partially written and am currently writing to be anything but a bit crap. Pointers and corrections would be greatly appreciated if you have any for me. But without further ado, the first 3 chapters of this strange story (subsequent chapters in my queue will be released at my discretion):


I sighed and stared up at the grey sky. Seemed like a nice day to have been assaulted and left for death in the snow. Actually it was so cold I barely noticed that I was bleeding out. Have some decency to leave a blanket over a dying guy, scumbag took my rare books. Then again, if someone did the cold wouldn’t be dulling the pain. At least I don’t have to worry about hiding them in my coat all the time anymore. Heh, what a way to go out… alone. My vision started to blur as I continued ranting to myself when suddenly a girl knelt down beside me. Well now, dying with a pretty little girl next to me didn’t seem too bad to me.

“Hey mister, you want a second lease on life?”

I groaned a little and opened my mouth to speak, albeit very painfully.

“Excuse me?”

“I asked do you want to live.”

“I…I guess, I mean, I mean, I’ve still got things I want to do.”

“Very well then, if I save your life, you will be my servant until I grow bored of you, agreed?”

“…I suppose.”

“I’ll need a definite answer please.”

“Fine, very well, I’ll be your servant or whatever.” She beamed and leaned in and whispered seductively into my ear,

“Good, now hold still. This will only hurt for a moment…”

“Hey! Wait, what are you…” At this point I felt an intense pain in my neck before I blacked out. Later I woke up in a warm cabin with this strange urge to drink something thick. In hindsight this was the first and obvious sign of what I had become.

Chapter 1

“Oh crap, I’ll be late for the first day of school… and I’m the teacher!” I wailed to myself. I happened to be on a subway full of female students who were all eyeing me with vigour. I wished someone would have told me I was going to go work at an all-female school. Sheesh, what was a single physically 21 year old guy to do? They’re all jailbait for crying out loud.

My train of thought was interrupted when the train stopped and the door opened. I tried to leave but I only ended up being run over by a mass of students trying to get to class on time. I got up and dusted myself off as I set off with a sigh, somehow it felt like today would be a long day.

A paper airplane sailed through the air and hit a girl on the head. A red haired girl sprang out of her seat and looked around the classroom.

“Ow! Who the hell threw that?”

“Nyah, take that you ape.”

“What did you call me?!”

“Pfft, an ape, cuz that’s what you are.”

“Bring it on you little hussy.” The class proceeded to gather around the two fighting girls. With money in hand, they eagerly started placing bets on the two girls.

“I bet 500 Yen Asuna will win!”

“Then I’ll bet 500 on Setsuna!” A quiet girl stared at the two and seemed to ponder for a moment before speaking up,

“…I bet 1000 yen on neither.”

“Ooooh, the gambler has spoken, I guess neither will win!” As if on cue, the door flew open and an angry middle aged man in a suit burst in.

“What in tarnation is going on? I can hear this class from outside! Everyone calm down and sit down or I’ll make you sit seiza out in the hallway again!”

As soon as he said this everyone quickly rushed to their desks and sat down. However Asuna and Setsuna continued to glare at each other until the man suddenly appeared next to their adjacent desks. The man towered over them and had a frightening look on his face that could kill,
“I. Said. Calm. Down. Understood?”

The two girls hurriedly nodded and stared straight down.
“Now, as we all know, Springfield-sensei is retiring.”

There were cheers heard around the room. Apparently this “Springfield” wasn’t very well liked. The man glared at the class again, shutting them all up immediately. “You are getting a new teacher today, who should be talking to the headmaster right now if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately, I could not be you teacher as I am the dean of discipline here. I would have very much liked to whip you all into shape and make you into a rule abiding class.”

A girl in the back sighed in relief and everyone else stared at her as she clamped her hand over her mouth.
“Ahem, please go out into the hallway and do seiza Fuka-san.”

He looked at the class again and sweeped his eyes over them.
“Well, I’m going to take my leave now, your new teacher should be here in a few minutes. Behave yourselves, or you’ll be having fun out in the hallway like Fuka-san.”

He stepped out of the classroom and closed the door behind him as he left.

I looked at the map in my hand and scratch my head with the other.

“This is such a huge campus” I lamented,
“How am I supposed to find the headmaster’s office like this?”

*Ugh, you are so hopeless sometimes. I’ll direct you there, send me a mental image of the map.*

*I’m sorry Mistress, I can’t make heads or tails of maps. I went off of instinct when we traveled.*

After about 5 minutes of walking (and nagging) I reached a large set of double doors. After I knocked on them a voice from inside beckoned me inside.
“I’m sorry for being late, I got a little lost on the way here”

“It’s no problem, most people get lost the first time they are here, we do have a fairly large campus after all.”

Fairly large? It was practically the size of a small city! They even had a supermarket here on the middle school campus for crying out loud. What happened to civilization these past hundred years?

“You are… Hiro Yokishima correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well then, welcome aboard Hiro-sensei, I’m afraid we’ll have to leave introductions for later as you will be running late for class if you stay any longer.”

“It’s no problem… er, which class do I have?”

“You will be teaching class 3-A. Here, let me mark it off for you on your map.”

“Thank you sir, I’ll be heading off now.”

As soon as I walked out of the room and I started sprinting towards the classroom. There was no way in hell I’d be late for class as the teacher, much less on the first day. I ran past a surprised middle aged man in the hallway who I left in the dust.

Chapter 2

I opened the door hurriedly and dashed into the classroom just as the bell rang. Phew, I was safe.

I walked up to the podium and bowed to the students,
“Hello, I am Yokishima-sensei and I will be your new teacher for the next two years.”

I looked up nervously as there was not a single response from the class. Several seconds had passed when suddenly the class erupted in my face,
“Aaah, he’s so cute!! Can I keep him?”

“Oy hands off, I saw him first.”

In the midst of the chaos my mistress decided to interrupt,
*Heh, you like what’s happening don’t you?*

I blushed deeply as the girls attempted to fondle me,
*Sh…shut up… Mistress.*

*I’ll let that one slide for today*

As sudden as the explosion had happened, two strong arms lifted me out of the crowd of girls and put me behind the podium.
“Aww, iincho, why are you ruining our fun?”

A tall blonde girl crossed her arms and huffed,
“Because it isn’t very fun for him. He was obviously in a lot of discomfort.”

“You’re so boring iincho, loosen up every once in a while.”

“I’d need to see vampires and wizards on campus first before that happens” she deadpanned.

“Soo… never.”



I slammed my fist onto the table and immediately regretted doing so. I inwardly groaned to myself,
“Ahem, I’ll need to call roll now, so could all of you sit down at your desks please.”

The class shuffled on back to their desks obediently and waited for me to start.

As I called roll, I noticed some notes scrawled near the names and portraits. I noticed a particular girl, Anastaisa Zykov. Her first name was pretty similar to my mistresses and judging by her name, she appeared to be a Russian transfer student. Her blazing red hair was quite unnatural. But hey, we’re in Japan. So anything was possible right?

To the students I looked like I was struggling with a particular name, but I quickly recovered. Deciding to try something, I spoke in Russian.

“Анастасия Зыков?”

She looked up at me in surprise as I spoke in her native tongue.

“Вы можете говорить на русском языке?” she asked curiously.

As the rest of class sat at their desks confused, I responded simply.


She stared at me for a few moments before turning away from me blushing. I gave her a quizzical look and went back to calling out roll. Seemed we had a few other transfer students from Asia and Europe too. Intriguing considering most people opt to transfer to America from what I understand.

“Hmm, since it’s the first day of school and I’m a new teacher, I guess we can have a Question and Answer sort of thing right now.”

The girls didn’t even pause for a few seconds before they started to flood me with questions,
“What’s your full name?”

“Where do you come from?”

“What language was that earlier?”

A busty girl with large glasses named Haruna jumped out in front of the other students,
“Do you read hentai?” she yelled boisterously.

The girl in glasses sitting beside her; whose name was Chisame; grabbed her and pulled her back onto her chair,

“Don’t try and drag people into your weird hobby you moron.”

The girl just calmly shrugged her off,
“Hey, I was just asking if he did.”

I sweatdropped as I tried to answer some of the questions as I made a few notes of my own on the roster.

“My full name is Hiro Yokishima, but you can just call me Hiro-sensei instead of Yokishima-sensei. I was born in Japan, but my parents moved to America shortly after. Also that was Russian, I’ve picked up some different languages while studying abroad which is pretty helpful as you can see. Uh, I’m not sure what this “hentai” is though, care to explain?”

Chisame immediately clapped her hand over Haruna’s as she began to speak,
“No, she wouldn’t like to explain so please go on with the questions and answers session.”

“What kind of women do you like?”

Boy, these girls were pretty straightforward weren’t they? And I thought Japanese people were supposed to be reserved. Must come from being a teenager. Ah to be young again. I put on a thoughtful look before continuing,
“Well, I don’t really know, I’ve always been too busy to notice women I guess. Maybe someone who is strong and independent, but at the same time still kind and compassionate .”

I flinched as I suddenly found myself being stared at by most of the girls in class. I just smiled nervously as they continued to scrutinize my physical appearance closely. What normal 21 year old in his right mind would be going out with a 14 year old anyways. I ain’t out to break the law.

Suddenly the bell rang and almost everyone jumped up and ran out of the room towards freedom. That is, everyone except Anastasia. She continued to sit at her table and scrawl on a scrap of paper with her pencil as if she didn’t notice the change in her surroundings. I eyed her again curiously as she wrote but turned away as soon as she looked up.

She must have realized that I was looking at her just now since she blushed and went back to writing furiously. She looked at her work and shoved it into her bag and marched up to me still blushing,
“Ты мне нравишься …”

As soon as she said that she grabbed her bag and dashed out of the rom. I just stood there open mouthed at what she had just said, she sure was bold wasn’t she? Though also a little foolish I’d suppose, she didn’t even know I existed an hour ago. But a confession happening already? Not that was hoping for any of course.

As I gathered my own belongings, realization hit me.

“Aw crap, I didn’t have arrangements to stay somewhere for the night” I said aloud to myself.

I promptly walked myself over to the headmaster’s office and knocked on the door again. Once again his voice told me to come in and I walked in only to find Anastatsia standing next the headmaster’s desk. This time around I had more time to get a good look at all the papers stacked around the room. What kind of masochist takes on this much work everyday? The headmaster noticed my wandering eyes and cleared his throat.

“Ah! Uh, Konoemon-sama, she didn’t get in trouble or anything did she?”

“Oh no, far from that, we were just discussing your living quarters problem.”

“I don’t understand, why with her?”

She suddenly blushed and turned away,
“Because the teacher’s quarters are under construction and she is the only student who is rooming one her own,” the headmaster said with a faint smile.

“Wh…what? I can’t be rooming with a student! It’s indecent!”

I flailed my arms around and glanced at Anastasia. Konoemon raised a bushy eyebrow at this,
“Oh? Are you implying you would do something to her?”

“N…no! I would never do that to anyone-“

“Then good, you’ll be rooming with Anastasia-san for the year,” the headmaster exclaimed with a clear smile on his face.

I just stood there in disbelief as the smiling headmaster continued on,
“Anastasia-san, please show Hiro-sensei to your room. And do try not to abuse his good intentions.”

She just blushed and walked out of the room at a brisk pace.

“Ah, hold a moent Anastasia-san, I’d like to talk to Hiro-sensei for a moment first.”

She nodded at him, stood just outside the door, and closed it.

“Now then Hiro-sensei, I understand you are a mage as well as a vampire.”

“Yes headmaster.”

The older looking man looked at him sternly,
“If something happens and it is obvious that you were the perpatrator, I will personally hunt you down. Do you understand?”

“Crystal headmaster” I said as I bowed.

“Oh? Served in the military at one point did you?”

“Something like that. It’s how I faked my death and took on the name Hiro Yokishima. It’s caused me to become fairly interested in the modern military.”

“I see, well just a fair warning. Anastasia-san is also a mage and can hold her own quite well, so I wouldn’t try anything if I were you.”

“I won’t headmaster.”

“Well I’d hate to keep Anastasia waiting, so off you go.”

“It was nice talking to you headmaster, good bye.” I bowed to him again and walked out of the room. I waved an arm to signal to Anastasia that I was ready to head off.

Chapter 3

Anastasia led me to what looked like small two story apartment, which turned out to be dormitories. Despite the dull grey color of the paint, the seemingly random but well placed cracks and choking ivy seemed to over compensate for it. It made it obvious that it was just well designed. This school just continued to amaze me every step of the way with its grandeur.

As soon she unlocked the door and walked in she suddenly pulled me inside, slammed the door shut, and pasted a talisman on my forehead.

I was powerful enough to resist these things, but I decided to humor her and suddenly froze in place.

“Uh, Anastasia-san, what’s this for?”

“I’m just going to make sure you’re trustworthy.”

“Um, okay I guess. Uh, how do you plan to do that?”

Suddenly she forced a pill into my mouth and stood looking at me triumphantly.

“Yuck! That tasted like crap.”

I quickly clapped my hand over my mouth. How did I let something like that slip? Unless…
“As you may have guessed, that’s just a truth potion in pill form.”

“What? How did you obtain a potion that is forbidden?”

She puffed out her chest a little,
“Ha, I didn’t obtain it from anyone. I made it myself” she cleared her throat before continuing on,
“But enough of that, I’m going to be the one asking questions from now on.”

She pulled out the same scrap of paper from earlier, but this time it had a lot of things on it crossed off.

“First question, did you come to Mahora Acadamey alone?”

I found my mouth moving on its own,
“Yes, I came here alone.”

I guess I couldn’t resist this level of magic with my power sealed away. It felt kind of pathetic actually, seeing myself being reduced to this.

“Why did you come to Mahora Academy?” she continued.

“I came to find something in particular.”

“How did you move your arm while my talisman was in effect?”

“Your charms aren’t particularly powerful. Perhaps some practice will do you some good.”

“Hmm, for the final question, what do you think of me so far?”

Oh crap, here goes my mouth,
“Well to be frank I think you’re pretty foolish for “falling in love” with me so quickly. I’ve only known you for about half a day, how did you even draw conclusions from that? Though besides that, I also think that you look pretty c-“ I suddenly ripped the talisman off and ran out the door leaving her staring.

“Well, that last part was a bit… interesting. Perhaps I should look further into the matter.”

She wrote some more on the scrap of paper and stuck it into a nearby drawer. She looked at the talisman on the floor before ripping it up and throwing it in the trash can.

“He smells too, I should make him take a shower when he gets back.”

I climbed up the World Tree gasping for breath, it was hard to run that far that fast with my reduced athleticism. I sat down on a lower branch and looked up at the size of the tree. This thing had to be at least as tall as a small skyscraper. The trunk itself was certainly large enough to pass off as a building and it seemed to have a faint glow for a moment. I rubbed my eyes and cursed my lack of rest.

I spun around when I heard the leaves rustle and I saw Zazie Rainyday staring up at me. Judging by her behavior in class and from the notes on the roster, she was the quiet reserved type that didn’t really show emotion.

I pointed at myself,
“I’m in your spot?”

She nodded and I moved to a different branch nearby. Wait a moment, how did I understand her just by looking at her. She sat down on the branch that I was occupying just a few moments ago and pulled out a bag of food.

She rummaged around a bit and pulled out a pastry which she thrust in my direction.

“But… that’s your dinner isn’t it?”

She just held it a little closer to me and continued to stare at me.

“All right, all right, I’ll take it” I said as I took it out of her hand. I looked at her again to thank her but the branch she was on was empty.

“What a strange girl.”

I ate the pastry on the way back to the dormitory and was surprised that it contained jam. I hate jam. Buuut… it was free so I suppose it wasn’t that bad. As I walked into the room Anastasia suddenly slammed the door shut behind me and pointed directly at my face.

“You. Stink. Shower. Now!”

The next I found myself in the small white bathroom with some clothes in my hands. I guess she searched through my stuff to make sure I wasn’t hiding something potentially dangerous there. Good thing I didn’t bring most of my things in my bags. My luggage was mostly composed of clothing, teaching materials, and other assorted items needed in a school setting.

I stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water. I nearly fell in surprise when a steady stream cold water hit my body. Getting used to a non-magically enhanced facility would take some getting used to.

Outside the door Anastasia was listening through the door intently.

“интересный” she whispered to no one in particular and continued to listen. Suddenly the door swung inwards and she fell into the doorway.

I found myself just laying there with Anastasia laying on top of me, making me thankful that I always put on all of my clothing before exiting the bathroom. Well, it wasn’t like I was going to walk out the door with only a towel wrapped around my waist or something. That’d be weird and inappropriate.

She suddenly jerked upward with a blush starting to form and ran over to the bunk bed. Climbing up to the top, she buried her face into her pillow. Unfazed I got up and walked over to my bags. Rummaging through them, I looked for my sheets, blanket, and pillow.

I looked back up at her,
“Hey, do I just put my bags into that closet over there.”

She gave a muffled response that I just took as a yes so I shoved my bags in and spread my sheets onto the bottom bunk. I climbed into bed and pulled the blanket over me. As I drifted off to sleep I made a mental note to thank Zazie the following morning.

The next day passed by as uneventfully as the previous day. And by uneventful I mean it was nuts, most of my class was messing around all the time which frustrated me a little. Did they plan to work a menial job for the rest of their lives? I shook my head at the youth of today as I walked out of the building towards the forest deep in thought.

One of my students had been absent both days and I knew why. As I approached the edge of the forest I was snapped out of my own world as I saw Zazie walking down the stairs with another bag of food. She seemed fine as she walked down the stairs, but she managed to trip over nothing and started to plummet towards the ground.

“Damn” I thought to myself, I wouldn’t be able to reach her in time like this.

“Отпустите связывания” I whispered to myself. As soon as the words left my lips, I felt a portion of my power rush back into my body and I used a shunpo to instantly reach her. I reached out and caught her gently in my arms. Apparently she was still conscious and just lay in my arms staring at me blankly. Aw crap, I just accidentally revealed my secret, and so early on too. I walked over to a nearby bench and lay her down.

I looked her in the eye,
“Are you hurt?”

She just shook her head and opened her mouth.

“так что вы маг?”

I looked at her in surprise, was she just testing me? She sat up and turned to the left before giving a very low pitched whistle. A small girl who looked like her somewhere between 9 and 11 popped out of the bushes. She kind of resembled Zazie, but she expression was a little more indifferent than hers. The girl wore a nun’s habit and her black hair contrasted Zazie’s white.

Why did Zazie have white hair anyways? She didn’t seem like a human, though I wasn’t sure. Though I’m not really one to judge for that in the first place. The girl trotted over to Zazie and climbed onto her shoulders. She stared at me with what seemed to be curiosity and rested her head on Zazie’s.

After a while of awkward staring they both waved in sync and walked away. I watched them over my shoulder as I left and some thoughts crept into my mind. I drooled over them for a half second when I was snapped out of my reverie by the sound of my phone’s alarm going off.

“Oh dear” I said softly.

“It seems I’ve missed the time set for me today, I suppose I’ll come back tomorrow. I don’t have much of a desire to die an early and painful death.”

Zazie peeked out of a nearby bush as I left, watching me walk away.
“He’s an interesting person isn’t he Cocone?”

The girl just nodded,

“Sleep?” she asked in a soft voice.


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Random foreword:

Welp, I got impatient and decided to post the next chapter in reservoir less than 24 hours later >.<

Chapter 4

As I walked back into the room, I found Anastasia already snoring away. I looked at her for a few seconds before I turned away and headed into the closet. I grabbed some clothes and was just about to get into the shower when I heard her sleep talking,
“Отпусти мои мама и папа грязная вампира…”

In my surprise I almost fell into the toilet. Living with her just became that much more awkward… I sighed took a shower before going to bed.

The next morning I woke up with a strange feeling. I felt warmer than usual, Japan sure had some strange weather patterns. I groggily opened my eyes and looked down, I found Anastasia clinging to me and shivering. I could do was blush and attempt to shake her awake, it would be bad if someone knocked on the door right now.

She suddenly jumped up yelling,
“Fish cakes??... oowwww…”

She had hit her head on the bottom of the top bunk and sank back down onto me holding the back of her head in pain.
“Um, Anastasia?”

She looked up in surprise and jumped out of my bed waving her arms,
“Aah, I’m sorry! I used to sleep with my parents when I was a child and I guess I sleep walk sometimes.”

I waved her off,
“Hey, it’s no problem. But er, maybe you could try and control yourself?”

“And how would I do that if I was sleeping.”

“Er, I don’t know?”

She stared at me for a few seconds and walked into the kitchen,
“So what do you want for breakfast?”

“I’ll take anything really, I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

She thought for moment before grabbing various ingredients, pots, pans, and the like. Maybe I should take up cooking too, I do get bored quite often. Or maybe I could get into reading. I had copies of those books that were stolen from me all those years ago, but I hadn’t opened them again ever since I obtained them. There were a lot of bad memories were associated with them. Quite a shame really, I heard they were some particularly good resources for magic, maybe I’d ask Mistress if she could just tell me what were inside.

While in the midst of thought Anastasia walked in with a plate of butterbrots, fried eggs, and tvorog with two cups of black coffee.
“Hmm? A traditional Russian breakfast?”

“Yes, I’m not sure if you’ve ever had it before, but I hope you enjoy it.”

“Thank you, I’m sure I will.”

I took a bite or the fried eggs, but was slightly disappointed I didn’t fall over in surprise at the flavor. I do suppose that would have been unrealistic expectations for anyone with a professional level of skill. After a few thoughtful bites, I waved at her a little to get attention.


“I don’t mean to impose, but I think these eggs would taste better if you added a simple pinch of salt and pepper.”

She glared,
“So you cook do you?”

“N…no, I just think they’d taste better with some sort of seasoning.”

“Ah, well if you ever want to learn, Chao-san would be a good person to ask. She’s a pretty good cook in her own right. Actually, I think she owns a small restaurant near St. Ursula’s.”

I almost spit my coffee out when I heard that,
“What? A middle school student owning her own restaurant? I guess I’m still pretty far behind on the times.”

“You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you this, how old are you anyways?”

“Ha, well that’s a secret I cannot divulge to you right now, though I have to say I was 21 when I was turned”

“Oh? Would you prefer I drugged you up again?”

“No, no need, I’m… just still a bit uncomfortable discussing this sort of thing with you. I’m sure I’ll warm up eventually given time”

“Very well then, I’m holding you to that.”

Oops, though if I tell her, maybe she’d be more comfortable with telling me about what she had said last night.

After a long grueling week with what seemed to the craziest class on campus, I found myself laying in bed on Saturday. I was ready to pass out for the whole weekend but that wouldn’t do, I still had a person to see and things to find out.

As such, I decided to go camping in the forest for the weekend so I’d be able to communicate with her more easily. I was pulling camping gear out of one of my bags when Anastasia came out of the bathroom.

“What’s this stuff for? You going somewhere?”

“Oh, I just thought it’d be nice to go camping in the mountains this weekend, get some of that stress off of my chest you know.”

“Hmm, can I come with you?”

She winked at me causing me to blush,
“Um, that’s a bit inappropriate for a female student and a male teacher to go camping together, I only have the one tent you know. Besides, you have homework due on Monday, you didn’t even look at it last night.”

“I have my own tent silly, I go camping often for physical training. And I can finish the homework when we get back, I’m pretty quick about that sort of thing, English is a breeze for me.”

“Well, I guess if you have your own tent you can come. By the way, you do know of the girl who lives in the mountains right? The one that skipped class all week?”

“Oh yes, Evangeline-san, very shy that girl, barely even talks to the headmaster. She talks to me though.”

“Well I need to speak with her while we’re up there. Uh, would you mind introducing us? I’m not very good at that sort of thing, especially with someone of her reputation.”

“It’s no problem, easy peasy, I’ll just walk up to her cabin and knock on the door.”

“You sure seem well acquainted with her.”

“I’m not, I’m just more straightforward with Europeans I suppose, she speaks perfect English which helps.”

“I see, well thanks for telling me, I was afraid I’d have to dig through my memory for some sort of obscure dead language.”

I peered through the window and looked at the sky.
“We should leave soon so we can forage for food for lunch when we get there.”

“Yes, I know a nice campsite we can set up at.”

“Master, Anastasia-san and Hiro-sensei are coming to see us later today.”

The girl did not respond and continued to stare out of the window.
“Would you like me to put on a pot of tea?”

“…That would be nice.”
The man behind her bowed and left the room. The girl turned around and slouched onto her bed.
“I wonder if her fledgling is anything like her.”

As we arrived at the campsite, I noticed that the area seemed to be devoid of any animal life. I turned to Anastasia to ask her about it, but she was already setting up her tent. Pretty quickly too I’d add; I guess she was used to doing this often.

I pulled my tent out and started to set it up when suddenly a black dog trotted up to us. To my surprise it spoke in English,
“My Mistress will be available in one hour, please come by the cabin then.”

And just as suddenly as it had it appeared, it disappeared in a cloud purple smoke. That was weird. We set up our tents and hurried to gather, cook, and eat lunch within the hour so as to not be late.

As the end of the hour drew closer, we found ourselves standing at the front door of a cabin. Anastasia looked at her watch and knocked on the door and called out,
“Evangeline-san, it’s us.”

We could hear footsteps as a man around my age physically opened the door and bowed to us,
“Oh, Anastasia-san so good to see you again. And you must be Hiro-sensei correct?”


“Please head up those stairs.”

He waved at the back of the cabin,
“You will find my Mistress waiting for you in her room. And Anastasia shall wait for you downstairs.”

I nodded at him and brushed past him to get through the doorway.

Anastasia and the man sat down on the couch downstairs and the man seemed to produce a pot of tea out of nowhere.
“I’ll pour the both of us a cup before I take the whole thing upstairs to Mistress.”

He proceeded to produce two cups out of nowhere in the same fashion as he did with the pot and poured some tea into them. Anastasia watched in silence as he finished and took the pot upstairs.

I knocked on the door at the end of the hallway and entered the room. It seemed to be covered in dolls and plush toys which perplexed me, wasn’t she a powerful vampire? Suddenly I heard a sneeze come from a lump on the bed. A girl peeked out and looked at me closely before speaking,
“So you’re Anya’s fledgling then.”

“Yes, and you are Mistress Evangeline Mcdowell.”

I bowed to her,
“Mmm, how is she doing?”

“Just fine, she’s actually closer than you’d think right now, I plan to have her move in with me some time.”

“I see… in any case, why have you come to see me?”

“I’d like to take a look at your library.”

“Oh? Is that it?”

“For now yes, but if you would be so kind to spar with me?”

“Hmm, we’ll have to see about that one, please follow m-“

Suddenly someone knocked on the door and the man entered the room.

“I’ve brought tea Mistress.”

She waved him off,
“That won’t be necessary at the moment, we are heading to the resort.”

“I see, shall I bring Anya along?”

“Yes, it’d be nice to see how she’s progressed.”

She went down the stairs and beckoned me and Anastasia towards the back of the house. With the three of us following, led us to a small basement with a glass orb floating in the middle. I bent down to get a closer look,
“Is that a small building I see in there?”

“Yes, put your hand on it and it will teleport you to a pocket dimension of my own design.”

I did as she instructed and suddenly found myself at the top of a large building, did she call it a resort? It sure looked nice, with all that tropical forest aroun-

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted with a large ice missile skimming my cheek,

Suddenly Evangeline jumped out in front of me and knocked me back a few feet with a well placed punched underneath my ribs,
“I thought you wanted to spar? One must always be alert!”

She lunged at me baring her nails and prepared to rip my face off. I shivered at the sudden change in her aura and prepared a counter attack. As she drew closer she suddenly used a shunpo to get behind me and I spun around to block her attack by raising my arms. A bad move as I would soon discover. She kicked me in the knees and then punched me straight in my jaw when I stumbled. I quickly regained my balance and struck her in multiple places with small ki enhanced strikes. Surprised at my resilience she jumped back and struck me head on with a small blast of pure ki. I laughed it off and lunged at her, this time not holding back in any regard.

Unfortunately that was not enough and I found myself panting for breath lying on my stomach on the floor with Evangeline using my back as a chair.
“I was pretty foolish thinking I had a chance against you haha.”

She just giggled and shoved her foot into my check and crushed my face. Oh great, just what I needed, a closet sadist vampire that was more powerful than I am. Anastasia and the man watched from afar, surprised at how Evangeline was acting in the heat of battle. I wonder if I could use it to my advantage… I shuddered. No, that’s a bad idea, I didn’t plan to die anytime soon. I sighed to myself, the older I got, the more perverted I seemed to get. She got up and dragged me into the building,
“I’ll tend to his wounds and then show him to the library. You two behave yourselves now, you hear?”

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Only read the first post thus far, but I'll give a few general thoughts:

- Certainly has some overarching plot working there! Decently planned.

- Reads a... bit like an anime or manga. That's what I thought anyways, with the general setup and characters. Then again, I don't actually know much about it, but that's the vibe I got.

- One thing you'd want to do when posting fics is to use a line of spacing between each paragraph (including when someone else speaks) - like how I did with these bullet points. It's unlike how you'd do it in books, but necessary for forums as it's easier on the eyes and all.

- Sometimes you have run-on sentences. Take the beginning: 'I sighed and stared up at the sky, seemed like a nice day to have been assaulted and left for death in the snow.' This I would split into two sentences or reword around the comma (preferably the former).

- Dialogue was lacking a lot of punctuation at the end at times (namely full stops). If the sentence ends with someone finishing speaking (e.g. '“I…I guess, I mean, I mean, I’ve still got things I want to do”' - needs the full stop after 'do'.)
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Random foreword:

Thank you, that was actually really helpful to me >.< Also, I hate sitting on chapters I can post but I put a limit on. But at the same time I don't want to shove all of them into the thread at once D:

Chapter 5

I woke up with bandages all over me and with no clothes on. Alarmed I wrapped the blankets around me in looked around nervously. As soon as the door swung open I pulled the blankets closer to me as Evangeline walked in. Despite obviously being the one who had treated me she had a blank look on her face as if nothing had happened. I blushed as she got nearer to me and I tried to hide underneath the blankets, which only resulted in her pulling the whole thing off of me,
“C’mon I need to change your bandages”

“I’m fine! I’ll do it myself, just leave the room. Please.”

She looked at me for a few moments before spinning around and leaving through the doorway, closing it as she went. I quickly unbandaged myself, making careful note of how the original bandages were wrapped around me since I really didn’t have much of an idea of what I was doing.

As soon as I was finished, Evangeline walked back into the room,
“You should be done by no-“


I pulled the blanket back over me again and stretched my hand out to her,
“Can I have my clothes back now?”

“I suppose.”

She opened a box on the floor and pulled out my tattered clothing and handed it to me.
“I’d offer you your own clothes, but I suppose you left your stuff out in the forest before you came here.”

“Yeah, uh, is it possible I could take a look at your library now?”

“Certainly, you put up enough of a fight to make you worthy enough. It’s just down the hall, fifth door on the left. I’ve got a few things to attend to so make yourself comfortable in the library, there’s quite a few things you’d probably be interested in.”

She then briskly left without even waiting for a response.

“So you knew she was a vampire?”


“Why do you stay with her? You’re only a half demon, but historically vampires and demons don’t get along well.”

“I owe my life to her, that is why I will serve her with my life.

“…I see.”

“How about you Anastasia-san, are you surprised to be living with a vampire?”

“…I don’t mind it as much, but… it does disturb me a little. I’d like to find out some more information about them on my own sometime.”

“Mm, I see. Well, Mistress is coming towards us. I’d assume she wants to find out how you’ve been developing.”

“I suppose she’s going to attack me as soon as she gets here.”

“She always does, it’s to sharpen your wit-“

Evangeline suddenly burst out into the opening and swung her arm downwards.
“лед огневой вал!”

“молния огневой вал!”

The resulting explosion fogged up the area as they both quickly evaded each other’s spells and readied the next one,
“двадцать ракет лед, атаковать мой оппонент!”

“двадцать ракет молния, атаковать мой оппонент!”

The spells struck each head on and cancelled each other out causing even more dust to fly out.

I walked out into the clearing and Anastasia immediately slammed into me causing the both of us to fall to the floor into a very awkward position. She immediately jumped off of me and apologized profusely,
“I…I’m sorry”

She bowed to me slamming her head into mine making both of us lightheaded.
“Anastasia you’ll have to work on your sense of direction and awareness when you are blinded, it really helps as you can see.”

She waved in our general direction and spun around and left. Complete contrast to earlier, I guess fighting flips her switch? I had no idea and I was fairly sure I didn’t want to know anyways. I thought of our fight again and shuddered; she really was as powerful as the legends said.

I turned to Anastasia and waved towards the teleporting rune,
“I suppose it would be time for us to leave then?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

She walked off without even looking back at me, I wonder what crawled up her butt between now and when she ran into me. What a strange girl.

We teleported out of the resort and left the cabin soon after, however she walked faster than I did and soon disappeared into the forest towards the campsite. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was bipolar or something. Embarrassed one moment, completely stoic the other. I just didn’t get women at all. Maybe they have a book on that somewhere? But if there is isn’t, I’m probably screwed.

I arrived back at the campsite to discover her in her tent already. Guess she wasn’t in the mood for any sort of talking. I sat outside for a half an hour thinking about the texts I had read earlier before deciding to turn in too.

The next morning I woke up to find Anastasia gripping me tightly. Again. Dammit girl, what are you doing? Stop walking into bed with me! How did she get into my tent anyways? I sighed and gently shook her,
“Mmm, wait… just five more minutes.”

I shook her again and whispered into her ear,
“This is Hiro-sensei, please get out of my bed.”

She suddenly jerked up and shot of the tent like I had stabbed her.
“I…I’m so sorry! I promise it won’t happen again!”
I looked at her with a deadpan look on my face,

“Actually, I…I can’t guarantee that… I…I hope you don’t mind”

She looked down with a red tinge on her face and I scratched the back of my head,
“It’s quite all right, it’s not like you’re doing it on purpose right?”

“I would hope not”

I said it once, and I’ll say it again. I don’t get women at all, do you like it? Do you hate it? You’re all so confusing sometimes.

As I went off to forage for breakfast, Anastasia disappeared off into the forest. I presumed she was going back to Evangeline to spar or chat. Or perhaps she had a thing for the young man who served as a servant for her, who knows. I was just a guy getting breakfast for us. Speaking of which, those mushrooms look… decent… I guess?

I took them back to the camp and stuck them on a stick over the fire pit. I was about to light the pit when Anastasia reappeared, looking tired and dirty. Held her own against Evangeline I guessed, which meant she probably could defeat me at my current level. Maybe.


“Well I didn’t know what else we could eat for breakfast.”

“I guess they’ll do.”

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll just light the fire pit and get them roasted.”

I struck a match and threw it in amid the piles of logs and watch the flames gently lick the mushrooms. Shortly after that, I took them off the sticks and we dug in to them. Bleh, they had a poor flavor, I should do more research on the surrounding area next time.

Anastasia examined me for a few moments before speaking,

I looked up from my food,

“You’re… a vampire right?”

“Yes I am, I’m surprised you didn’t notice until recently. Someone of your caliber should have been able to tell easily.”

“…I guess I’ve just been ignorant of the facts.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s just… I’ve always viewed all vampires are horrible creatures that only exist to steal life and recklessly create more of themselves.”

“So you were… in denial?”

“Something like that”

“…I see.”

“But after learning from Kotaro-san that the two of you are vampires, I’ve been having second thoughts about my generalization of your kind.”

“That’s good, generalization is the first step to discrimination. Also, who’s Kotaro-san? Was he the man who serves Evangeline-dono?”

“Yes, I’ve known him a bit before I met Evangeline and it was through him that I met Evangeline.”

“I see.”

“Now I suppose we’d need to find some sort of thing to do to fill up the time between now and lunc-“

“Now hold on a moment, I’ve got a few more questions.”


“Yes, would you mind answering some of them?”

“I suppose I could.”

“What’s a person of your caliber doing at Mahora as a student anyhow?”

“My skills are most proficient in magic and combat. However s an academic student, my skills are still lacking in some areas.”

“English isn’t one of them is it?”

“Heh, guess I was getting a little verbose there wasn’t I?”

I gave her a small smile,
“Yes you certainly were. Now, on the my second question.”

I breathed before letting words past my lips,
“Why do you view vampires in the same way most other people do? Is it because of what the world has taught you? Or because of… personal experience?”

“…A little bit of both, but… mainly of the latter.”

“I… see. That is unfortunate, most higher ranking vampires aren’t blood thristy savages.”

I gulped and took a deep breath before asking the next question.
“I… heard you sleep talking one night. Something about a vampire attacking… your mom and da-“

She suddenly lept up and was standing in my face,
“I was sleep talking? Oh no, not again, even when I tried to not do it. The last time I started my roommate transferred schools”

She glanced at me and bowed,
“I apologize if I made you uncomfortable.”

I waved her off,
“It’s fine, you aren’t the first person I’ve met with this kind of past…”

I trailed off and looked into the distance and almost disappeared into my own world when I felt someone patting my head.

“It’s okay, it wasn’t you who did it right? Besides, you’re one of the people who’ve proved to me that vampires aren’t all that bad.”

Her voice wavered at the end and it made me wonder if she knew I could feel her unease of being near me. It was quite obvious she did not fully believe her own words.

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Taboooor. Cool! I'll read a chapter at a time or so and comment on things I think about :)

At least have some decency to leave a blanket over a dying guy, scumbag took my rare books. At least I don’t have to worry about hiding them in my coat all the time anymore.
Unless it's on purpose for style reasons, you probably don't want to start two sentences in a row with the same expression. Sounds strangely repetitive.

“Hey mister, you want a second lease on life?” I groaned a little and opened my mouth to speak, albeit very painfully,

“Excuse me?”
This looks a bit neater if you press enter at a different point and switch a comma to a full stop (or colon). Like this:

“Hey mister, you want a second lease on life?”

I groaned a little and opened my mouth to speak, albeit very painfully. “Excuse me?”

Ooh, the prologue is delightfully ominous 8)

“Oh crap, I’ll be late for the first day of school… and I’m the teacher!” I wailed to myself. I happened to be on a subway full of female students who were all eyeing me with vigour. I wished someone would have told me I was going to go work at an all-female school. Sheesh, what was a single physically 21 year old guy to do? They’re all jailbait for crying out loud.

My train of thought was interrupted when the subway stopped and the door opened. I tried to leave but I only ended up being run over by a mass of students trying to get to class on time. I got up and dusted myself off as I set off with a sigh, somehow it felt like today would be a long day.
I agree with billabong, this feels a bit like an adaptation of an anime scene. Which doesn't have to be bad, if that's what you're actually going for! An active and somewhat humorous style, in a way.

A paper airplane sailed through the air and hit a girl on the head.
“Ow! Who the hell threw that?”

“Nyah, take that you ape.”

“What did you call me?!”

“Pfft, an ape, cuz that’s what you are.”

“Bring it on you little hussy.” The class proceeded to gather around the two fighting girls. With money in hand, they started placing bets on the two girls.
Took me a little while to realize that they weren't at the station anymore but in the classroom. Maybe state that a bit earlier? Or state it at all, actually :) Or at least indicate it a bit more apparently.

As I'm reading, I find that I would have liked a bit more description of the setting. Just a bit more. For example, when the protagonist enters the office, it almost sounds like it's the room that is the size of a small city. We get no mention of what the room or even the person he's speaking to is like. Just something to think about as it helps the reader form a picture :3

All in all it's an interesting setting! After one chapter, I'm fairly sure he's a vampire and the mistress is the little girl who turned him. The setting with a lot of girls and the male teacher is anime-like to say the least, haha, but I'm curious to see if there's a plan at work, a reason for the protagonist to be where he is. I'll keep reading and likely comment on more chapters soon! Remember I'm not nearly an expert in English or anything, I'm just commenting on stuff I notice. Nice work so far, Tabor~

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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
Taboooor. Cool! I'll read a chapter at a time or so and comment on things I think about :)

Unless it's on purpose for style reasons, you probably don't want to start two sentences in a row with the same expression. Sounds strangely repetitive.
I didn't even notice this despite rereading this at least 3 times D:

This looks a bit neater if you press enter at a different point and switch a comma to a full stop (or colon). Like this:

“Hey mister, you want a second lease on life?”

I groaned a little and opened my mouth to speak, albeit very painfully. “Excuse me?”

Ooh, the prologue is delightfully ominous 8)
I agree with the full stop, but I always hit enter when dialogue starts. Habit of mine I guess, but it just seems better on my eyes personally.

And is it? Didn't seem all that ominous to me D:

I agree with billabong, this feels a bit like an adaptation of an anime scene. Which doesn't have to be bad, if that's what you're actually going for! An active and somewhat humorous style, in a way.
Yup, exactly what I'm going for :D

Took me a little while to realize that they weren't at the station anymore but in the classroom. Maybe state that a bit earlier? Or state it at all, actually :) Or at least indicate it a bit more apparently.
Hmm, I was afraid I was too heavy on my dialogue and didn't pay enough attention to description and the like. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I'm planning to go through my story and picking up some more details for it.

As I'm reading, I find that I would have liked a bit more description of the setting. Just a bit more. For example, when the protagonist enters the office, it almost sounds like it's the room that is the size of a small city. We get no mention of what the room or even the person he's speaking to is like. Just something to think about as it helps the reader form a picture :3

All in all it's an interesting setting! After one chapter, I'm fairly sure he's a vampire and the mistress is the little girl who turned him. The setting with a lot of girls and the male teacher is anime-like to say the least, haha, but I'm curious to see if there's a plan at work, a reason for the protagonist to be where he is. I'll keep reading and likely comment on more chapters soon! Remember I'm not nearly an expert in English or anything, I'm just commenting on stuff I notice. Nice work so far, Tabor~
Thanks for taking the time to review (you too Marcin if you didn't see what I said earlier) in any case I still feel like I develop the story a bit too quickly from what I already have D: We'll see I suppose >.<
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Random unrelated thing

Help me...

It hurts.


It creeps up.


It swallows me.


Is the truth of the world.

False acceptance,

Is everything.


Is not.


Is the way to go.

Looking towards the future,

So I must believe all of this.

What they really teach is backwards...

So I must believe all of this.

Looking towards the future,

Is the way to go.


Is not.


Is everything.

False acceptance,

Is the truth of the world.


It swallows me.


It creeps up.


It hurts.

Help me...

Random Foreword:

Boing. That is all.

Chapter 6

When we got back from our trip I was exhausted, can you guess why? If fighting one of the most powerful beings in existence was not your answer then you have worse memory than a senile old man.

I shoved all my gear back into my bag and collapsed onto my bed. I suddenly noticed Anastasia towering over me,
“Nu uh, no sleep until you take a shower you smelly man.”

Once again she placed clothing in my hands and shoved me into the bathroom.

As soon as the door closed, Anastasia curled up on the bed and teared up a little. She was so confused; she hated vampires for killing her parents, yet was living with a seemingly benign one and was being trained by another. Were there really some that lived without a hidden agenda? She sighed to herself and drifted off into sleep.

As I exited the bathroom I noticed that Anastasia had already fallen asleep, but without a blanket over her. I climbed up to the top bunk and pulled the blanket over her when she suddenly let out a whimper. Surprised by this I nearly fell off of the ladder but I managed to hang on to one of the rungs.

She started to whimper again as I watched her leading me to believe that she was reliving the nightmarish scenario in her mind again. I hesitantly stretched my hand out and pushed her hair out of her face and rubbed her forehead a little. I have no idea why I did that, seemed silly to me but I kept on doing it.

It didn’t seem to help all that much so I climbed onto her loft and pulled her into a hug, that always seemed to work for Mistress if she was feeling down about something. After she had seemingly calmed down I climbed back down and into the bottom bunk. Being a teacher was more exhausting then I thought, I’m still naive concerning modern times.

As I drifted off into sleep I made plans for the next day,
“Mm, I need to get to know my other students better, can’t be showering Anastasia with all my attention.”

The next morning I woke up to Anastasia griping me tightly again. I sighed and looked at my alarm clock, 30 minutes earlier than we normally got up so I let her sleep.

Wait, when did it become we? I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and nearly drifted back into sleep when she got up and looked around.

“Uhh, how did I get onto the bottom bun-“

She cut herself off and looked at me staring at her with a blank face. She immediately jumped out of the bed and apologized profusely,
“I…I’m sorry, I can’t believe I did it again. I’ll lash myself to my bunk next tim-“

“You know I don’t really mind if you climb into my bunk. If you need comfort or someone to talk to, I’m here you know. I’m not some heartless or uncaring person that belittles everyone for their problems.”

She stopped talking and just looked at me quizzically,
“I…I can? I’m not making you uncomfortable?”

“Not really, I’m a teacher as well as your roommate, isn’t that what I should be? Supportive? Besides, I would have expected you to be uncomfortable, not me.”

I stuck my face closer to hers,
“Do you like crawling into my bed?”

With that I winked at her causing her to blush and flail her arms into my face,

She then grabbed her bag and ran out of the room without even eating breakfast.

As class was ending, I calmed the students down my slamming my hands down onto my desk,
“Hey! Listen up everyone! The midterm is coming up in a week and I’d like remind you all to study hard. I’m going to have study sessions afterschool during this week to help all of you prepare. As if right on cue, the bell rang and the majority of the students ran out of the room.

The only remaining students all seemed to emit a good amount of magical energy or ki. Not staying for help I’d assume, they were a smart class anyways; though some of the students’ work ethics were questionable at times. I waved my arm at the door and cast an unspoken deterrence spell over the room.

“Now then, I take you are all interested in who I am no?”

I looked through the room and named off all five of them mentally. Hmm; Mana Tatsumiya, Ku Fei, Chao Lingshen, Asuna Kaguraka, and Kaede Nagase. Man, some of them look too tall and mature to be in middle school, what was with this school?


“Yes Ku-san?”

“Do you practice martial arts?”

“Yes I do, why do you ask?”

“I like to spar, do you think you’d have the time to spar sometime?”

“Mm, I suppose I could make some time to battle you. I’d suppose most of you would like to spar with me as well?”

A nearly unanimous agreement went through the remaining four girls. However Asuna didn’t seem to be here for that,
“I came to ask why a vampire is teaching at our school, it’s enough with Evangeline-san living on campus.”

“…Is there an issue?”

Asuna jabbed a finger at my face,
“Yes, I descended from the Entheofushia line of vampire slayers. I know your kind, the only reason Evangeline isn’t out causing a ruckus is because the headmaster keeps her in check.”

Now if only she knew the legends about her power weren’t lying. She could single-handedly blow away this entire school, but obviously she had no desire to do so.

“Ahem, that is unfair generalization. Have you ever had any interactions with Evangeline-dono outside of school? Or me for that matter? Even if the majority of vampires are as you say, would it not be unfair to judge the rest, the minority, based on that view? Yo-”

Ku Fei raised her hand and interrupted me,
“Sensei, she’s already left”

I furrowed my brow and sat down. I had a bad feeling about her, I needed to do research on her family. Well, actually it seemed that asking Mistress would be the easiest way, she was old enou-
I paused to collect my thoughts, I couldn’t call her “that”, I’d be murdered in my sleep. I shivered at the memory. I focused my attention away from the remaining girls for a moment,
*Mistress, does the surname Entehofushia mean anything to you?*

*It does, but why do you want to know?*

*Apparently one of my students is a descendent or something like that.*

*Way to be vague, they are a line of vampire hunters that I’ve encountered in the past. I can’t recall what kind of power their family line inherits.*

*I see…*

*Are you sure she’s not lying? What color is her hair?*


*Does she have Heterochromia iridum?*

*Yeah, her left eye is blue and her right eye is green.*

*Hmm, I can’t seem to recall how they were in combat. I’ll have to consult my journals, just be careful and keep close watch on her behavior. She’s young and probably unexperienced so her unconscious movements should still give away what she’s thinking.*

*Sure thing Mistress, I’ll be careful*

Anya Cocalova sat back in her chair and played with the frills on her black dress for a few moments. She looked into the distance and thought of conversation that just happened,
“I wonder if my journals are still downstairs. I don’t remember if I moved them into the library or not.”

She got up and yawned,
“I guess I better get looking, I can’t have my servant dying on me because of faulty information.”

“Now then, the rest of you, any other questions?”

The four remaining girls looked at me and shook their heads before they left. As I left the room, I spotted Mana waiting for me at the hallway.

“Sensei, may I walk with you and discuss a few things with you?”

“Sure, I don’t see why not.”

I hesitating for a moment,
“Actually I need to be back by 5pm for dinner otherwise Anastasia-san will be very cross.”

“It’s fine, I’ll have you back to your wife by 5pm.”

I blushed bright red at this,
“Whah? It’s not like that!”

She smirked at me,
“Mmm, we’ll see about that.”

I gave an exasperated sigh as we walked,
“So what exactly do you want to talk about?”

“About you and me.”

“Uhhh, I don’t follow.”

“Obviously your power is mostly sealed off because you can’t even tell can you?”

“Uhhh, once again I don’t follow you.”

“I’m a half royal demon.”

I stopped walking and looked at her,
“…Come again?”

“I’m a half royal demon sensei, do you know what that means?”

Alarmed I suddenly raised my arms into a defensive stance,
“Oh hell no, you plan to fight with me in the middle of Mahora-“

“It means I could have attacked you but I haven’t because I believe we should be making peace instead.”

“Oh, uh, that’s a much better alternative to fighting.”

I lowered my arms and we returned to strolling at a moderate pace.

“Sparring sometime would be nice, though I’d prefer you if you released that seal of yours. It’s never any fun fighting someone who’s holding back.”

“I see, well, I don’t plan to unseal myself anytime soon; but if I do I’ll be sure to let you know I guess.”

“Any ways we could have a more in depth conversation some other time, don’t want to be out too late now do we?

“Unfortunately now I have even less time to complete my errands before 5.”

“Well then, off you go to finish your work and see your wife” She smirked at me again as I blushed and ran off.

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Random foreword:

Only about a weel to two weeks until I run out of reserve chapters. Until then I'm going to keep writing and also post in one day intervals. Also, I feel like I'm introducing the characters and developing the story too fast somehow. But I really don't want to go back and insert in chapters and what not.

Chapter 7

Several errands later I burst into our dorm room and looked at my phone; uh oh, it was 5:08. The door suddenly shut behind me and I slowly turned around.

“Your late”

“You mean ‘You’re late’, your English is slipping in your anger.”

I realized my mistake too late and she just glared at me when I said that. Probably wasn’t in my best interest to correct her at the moment.

“Well that’s sealed the deal then, half of dinner now and the rest for your breakfast!”

I sweatdropped at this,
“Er, aren’t you overreacting a little?”

She glared at me again,
“You swore you’d be home by 5.”

“I’m sorry, I had school related errands to run.”

I sighed inwardly as I recalled Mana’s words. She thought for a moment and then shoved another pill into my mouth,

“There, have another one! Now, what were you doing earlier?”

“I stayed behind to help students with work and ended up talking to Mana-san about the reconciliation of centuries old feud between vampires and demons.”

“Hmph, that would have been a valid reason, but you chose to lie instead.”

Damn, she looked so cute when she was grumping like thi- no, no, no, you’re a teacher and she is a student. No bad thoughts, no bad thoughts, no bad thoughts.

I sighed,
“All right whatever, I’ll eat half tonight the other half in the morning okay?”

She looked at me for a moment,
“The pill should be still in effect right now. So let me ask you, would you… mind me sleeping in your bunk?”

I gave her a strange look as I responded,
“No I would not mind, but can I ask why?”

“I want to be able to try and bridge the gap us and clear my slight distrust of you… that and I’ve been having nightmares again.”

She put her two index fingers together,
“I’ve… just want someone to hug.”

I exhaled a little and hugged Anastasia. Guess I’m kind of a softie for a vampire huh? Probably comes from my Mistress, after all, she was a pacifist and a sympathizer too. Why else would she have saved my life? Though now that I think about it, my Mistress probably knows Evangeline-dono well because they were both pacifists since they were few and far inbetween. Or at least, Evangeline-dono seemed to be one.

She looked up at me with a slightly exasperated look and furrowed her brow,
“Our dinners are going cold… I suppose you could eat all of it tonight.”

I looked at her with a confused look, I don’t think I’ll ever understand her thought process.

That night I held her in my arms as we slept, I felt a bit awkward as I still had my mind on that teacher student obligation thing and I felt like I was crossing the line way too many times. But whatever, I’ll think about that in the morning. Course if the headmaster walked in right now he’d give me the sack; literally too. I should unseal myself soon for the problems that are bound to crop up later.

That Saturday I awoke at 5am and quietly exited the dorms and walked into the forest.

*Mistress, I think I’m ready to be unsealed now*

*Are you sure? I’m not going to seal you again anytime soon since it’s a real pain to do so.*

*I’m sure, you can teleport to my location now.*

There was a pause before she spoke again,
*Very well then.*

There was a dull flash of light and suddenly I found myself looking at my mistress face to face.

“Well then, start by taking off your shirt.”

I took my shirt off and started to help my mistress draw out runes in the dirt. As I lay on the dirt she placed her hands on my chest and started muttering something in a language I didn’t recognize. The runes started to glow a bright aqua as the ritual started; however we were too focused at that moment to notice movement in the bushes nearby.

Anastasia peeked through the bushes at the scene unfolding in front of her. She noticed Hiro shirtless and nearly had a nose bleed.

“No, you have to control yourself.”

She muttered to herself as she watched intently as the light from the runes enveloped the two people in the middle of the circle.

As the light died down I got up and brushed my back off.

“Well then I’m going back to my convent, let me know when you are ready for me to move in.”

I bowed to her,
“Yes Mistress, I hope you are well.”

“Yes I am, goodbye young one.”

There was another dull flash of light as she disappeared.

I turned around and looked at the bushes,
“Hey, you can come out now Anastasia.”

She stuck her head out and walked out of the bushes,
“Eh? How did you know I was there?”

“Well, you aren’t very good at concealing your aura it seems.”

“But I’m suppressing it as much as I can!”

“No no, down to zero. Like this.”

I suppressed my power momentarily to demonstrate this she stared in surprise,
“What? How did you do it so easily? And with the amount of power you have?”

“Training, lots and lots of training.”

I visibly shuddered when I awoke memories better left untouched.

I walked over to her and patted her on the back,
“Don’t worry, with your talent and diligence I believe you will reach that point someday in the near future; certainly much quicker than me anyway.”

Man, talk about people who completely change when they are in the midst of training and battle. Normally she’d be going nuts that she was woken up so early.

She muttered something to me,
“…ou teach…?”


“I said can you teach me!”

“Woah, calm down. Sure, why not? But I thought Evangeline was your teacher?”

“Never hurts to have more people impart their wisdom to you right?”

“Mm, I suppose. Well we should eat breakfast before we get started. We need the energy you know.”

“Guess I’ll just make whatever then.”

“Okay… I suppose. Just make sure it’s not too sugary or something.”

“Sure, whatever.”

I sweatdropped at this remark. Guess her personality was back to normal again.

After a short breakfast we went back into the forest behind the dorms again.

“Okay, so to be able to conceal your aura completely, you’re going to need a lot of focus-“

“But how can I focus like that and be aware of my surroundings at the same time?”

“Let me finish. You will need a lot of it at first, but eventually you can move on into being able to use it anytime you want. By the time I’m done with you, it’ll be as natural as breathing.”

“…That sounds really hard.”

“Not to worry, you don’t have to be able to get it in a few seconds you know.”

I gestured at her to sit down on the grass with me,
“Okay, so you’ll want to focus, but focus on a mental image of a dot. Just a single black dot.”

Anastasia closed her eyes and grunted in frustration.

“So how long does this take?”

“Quite some time actually.”
She sighed and went back to “concentrating”.

“Now then focus on that dot, but pretend you and that dot are the only things that existanc-“

“If there’s no air how am I alive in my imagination?”

“It’s purely conceptual thinking, just accept it and focus!”

Several hours of reclining later, her aura suddenly disappeared. Impossible, it takes most humans several weeks to get to this point.


There was no response so I shook her a little to snap her out of it,
“Woah there, you seemed like you were drifting off for a second there.”

“Er, sorry about that.”

“It’s fine, we’ll move right along to the next step since we have time. Now I want you to focus on that dot again, but I need you to be able to maintain that level of focus while thinking about the world around you at the same time.”

“Uh, you mean like this?”

…Impossible, by this point it’s obvious she’s not a human. At least, not a normal one. Perhaps I should stop being so careless and check her a out little.

“Anastasia come over here.”


“Just come here for a moment, I need to ask you some questions.”

She trotted over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me,
“You got that down pretty quickly you know?”

“I did? It took several hours to do this.”

“Normally a person takes several years to get the second part down. Compared to that you got it almost instantaneously.”

“Oh, so I did”

She beamed at me,
“Haha, guess that makes me a genius or something right?”



“Anastasia… are… are you really just a human or not? Because sometimes I get the feeling that you aren’t. And today only further supports my theory.”



She fidgeted nervously,
“…Well to be more precise, I’m… only half human.”

The moment she said that, realization hit me. I had never really touched her head. I reached over and ruffled her hair. I delicately grabbed both of her ears with both hands and made them stand up,
“So you’re a cat hanyou.”

She jerked away from me and looked away,
“…Yes, that is why my parents…”

She hesitated for a moment before continuing,
“…That’s why a vampire killed them when I was 10.”

I gave her a sad look as she continued,
“My mom; she was the demon; she used her magic to increase my physical capabilities beyond my norm so that I could get away… and when I came back several hours later… they… they were both dead.”

She looked up at me and whispered something barely audible,
“…Honestly I still don’t even know if I trust you sometimes.”

I patted her on the head but pulled her into a full hug when she started sobbing quietly,
“It’s okay, it’s understandable. Everything will be all right, focus on the present and not the past right?... Or something like that?”

She didn’t give me an answer and continued to sob onto my clothing for several minutes or so until she fell asleep on the spot. I gave her a small sigh and carried her back to our room and laid her on her bed. What kind of person her age fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon? I thought about it for a moment before coming to the conclusion that lazy people did. Guess I was going to take an early shower today.

The next morning I woke up… with Anastasia clinging to me again. I gave a small sigh again and tweaked her ears.

She suddenly jerked awake,
“Fish cakes??... oowwww…”

She had hit her head on the bottom of the top bunk and sank back down onto me holding the back of her head in pain.

“Looks like your back in my bunk again.”

She looked down,
“…I guess I am.”

I grabbed her arm pulled her into a hug,
“You baka, didn’t I say it would be okay?”

“…Is it really okay after what I said last night?”

I sighed,
“Of course it’s fine. All right, how about this. If it will help, we’ll spend some time after breakfast talking about me okay?”


She gave me a small smile and hopped out of my bunk,
“Guess that means I should get started then.”

Alternate ending by EV's request

Suddenly a large meteorite collided with Hiro's face, he died instantly. The End.

(This short blurb should be ignored, as it is pure folly spouting from a horse's mouth.)

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I liked better how Chapter 2 and 3 were written, maybe because I've started to understand what style you're going for and it's working well. However, don't kill me if I don't read on because everyone can't enjoy every story and this might just not be my taste of fiction ^^ Hope you'll keep up the writing and continue to improve though!

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Random foreword:

It's all good Rika, I appreciate you just reading it that far and for giving me the pointers :)

Chapter 8

“Well now, before I start talking myself, do you have any question-“

Anastasia jerked her hand up and patiently waited,
“-s for me?”

I looked over at her curiously,
“Um, we aren’t in class so there really is no need to raise your hand you know.”

“Oh, okay, uh, just how old are you?”

“Well, while I’m physically 21, my real age is 574”

“…So you’re a geezer then.”

I glared at her when she said this,
“Er, sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You’re a pacifist it seems.”

“Yes, I am.”

“Why? You could be ruling over weaker vampires or terrorizing people like most do.”

“I choose not to because I view that as wrong. My mistress taught me my morals and I don’t plan to deviate from them.”

“That’s what sets you apart then.”

“Well, yes and no.”

“Yes and no?”

“Well yes, I’m different from most vampires as a pacifist, but at the same time no because I’m also considered as part of the higher class of vampires.”

“Vampires are divided into classes?”

“Yes, it’s a hierarchy of sorts. We have Normal Vampires at the very bottom. They are usually the ones that are turned from humans, though some people that are born as vampires are weak enough to be considered as such.”

“That’s… a bit harsh.”

“Yeah well the vampire race isn’t exactly known for being kind and gentle for the most part, kids are put through intense combat training from an early age and all that. But enough about that for the time being, back to our social hierarchy. Onto the next level, the nobles. They are the descendants of Pure Bloods, or the original vampires and the level above the Nobles. No one really knows how they came to be and we don’t disturb that topic because no one really wants to know. Well, no vampires at least.”

“Wait, two questions.”

“Go ahead.”

“So vampires can have children and stuff?”

“Yes. But at the same time, it’s… almost impossible for a half vampire to exist, so if a human had a child with a vampire, the child will always be a full vampire. There is no diluting the blood of a vampire past 100%, at least, by birth.”

“So which level are you then?”

“Ah, I haven’t gotten to my level just yet. Pure Bloods are extremely powerful and pretty much have absolute power as the ruling class of vampires. Most are bored since all remaining ones have been around for quite some time, but there are a few that like to go on rampages every couple hundred years.”

“I… I see”

“Yeah, even at the highest level there are some pretty uncivilized people.”

“So you’re a whole level above Pure Bloods?”

“Yes, me, my mistress, and Evangeline-dono all are what we call High Daylight Walkers.”

“Uh.., that means you can go out like a normal person can right?”


“I don’t get it, how does that put you above Pure Bloods?”

“Now now, I’m getting to it, slow down a bit. See, the thing that sets us apart is that while they were born with their strength, us High Daylight Walkers trained to get to their level of strength, some of us beyond them. None of us listen to any Pure Bloods and most of us don’t owe any sort of allegiance to anyone either. However most of us keep very low profiles for the most part.”

“For the most part?”

“Well for one thing my mistress is somewhat well known and so is Evangeline-dono.”

“Oh, that was something I’ve been wanting to ask, why are you so formal about her?”

“She’s currently the most powerful High Daylight Walker in existence, so paying her respect is something most vampires do. Of course, there are always those rebellious ones that respect her power but talk about her behind her back.”

“I… I see, all this hierarchy stuff sounds annoying.”

“I spent most of my life in this system so I can see how it confuses you. There’s other little random stuff but I’ll hold off on it for the time being.”

“Aww. Why?”

“…Some of it isn’t very pleasant and all that.”

“I see.”

She looked off into space for a moment looking back at me,
“I suppose it’s only fair if I let you ask a few questions about me too.”

“Well if you’re comfortable with it.”

“So, what do you want to know?”

“Well I want to ask, why did you hide the fact that you are a hanyou from me if you claimed to be completely comfortable around me?”

“I… I guess I still didn’t truly believe what I had said myself.”

I reached over and patted her on the head,
“It’s understandable… especially what my brethren have done to you.”

I stood up and bowed to her,
“On behalf of my race I apologize.”

“It’s okay. I have a better outlook on you now I guess… and I can still go to you for comfort right?”

“Of course? Why should anything change between us?”

“Well, I guess it’s already comforting knowing that I can go to you.”

I smiled and ruffled her hair,
“There you go! One step towards coexistence right?”

She smiled back and me,

“So uh, we kind of missed lunch haha. What should we have for dinner?”

She suddenly leaned in and gave me a kiss on the check before running out the door yelling,
“I’ll go buy some stuff for dinner, you just set up the kitchen table y’hear?”

I put my hand on my cheek in surprise. Wow, didn’t expect that at all. Wait a minute, I was just over 40 times her age… Oh crap, did that make me a pedophile or something?
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Random foreword:

So I decided to remove all the Table of Contents from all posts but the first once because I was far too lazy to go and edit every single one as I update o3 o

Chapter 9

“Fried rice? Trying out new things are we?”

“Well if I’m going to learn how to cook I have to learn a wide variety of dishes right? Can’t do the same things every single night.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“Besides, it’s essential to being a good wi- I mean good living.”

“Uh, what was that?”


It was obvious she was lying. You can’t hide from me girl, I’m a High Daylight Walker. I probably shouldn’t pry though, it’d be kinda rude. Plus I was getting a little too cocky in my own head.

“Hey! You still there? You’re staring off into space!”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m here. What’s up?”

That’s when she slammed her fist onto my head,
“Pay more attention and stop spacing out all the time baka!”

“Ow! Is that any way to treat a teacher?”

“It sure is okay if said teacher is a roommate and is supposed to be listening!”

“All right, fair enough. What were you talking about?”

“I was talking about some other students in class. We’re not the only people who know about magic in our class right? I mean come on, I already have a vampire as a teacher and a classmate, there must be more right?”

“Well I already know about some of them.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, some of them stayed after class the other day to ask me a question.”

“All of them had one question?”

“Well, 4 out of 5 did, 1 of them seems to want me dead.”

“Uh, come again?”

“Asuna Kagurakaza descended from a famous family of vampire slayers.”

“That sounds dangerous, why is she doing here at this school?”

“Well, she IS a 13 year old right? She’s entitled to an education just like any other youth in Japan.”

“I… I guess. What about the other four?”

“Let’s see… there was Mana Tatsumiya, Ku Fei, Chao Lingshen, and also Kaede Nagase.”

“And they all know about magic?”


“So what they did want?”

“Not much, just to spar. Of course Mana was a different story.”


“Well from what I could tell the latter three practice some sort of form or forms of martial arts. I have no idea about Mana though, she’s a strange one. In any case, I was thinking we could go see them after school tomorrow?”

“Well I can’t really go, I’ll probably have homework you know.”

“Staying to do homework? Probably why you’re getting straight A’s haha.”

“You don’t say? Now go shower! I ain’t sleeping with a smelly guy!”

She placed clothing into my hands and shoved me into the bathroom. Suddenly sleeping in my bunk is completely normal for her, and it bothered me a bit again; so many different strikes and arguments against me.

Later as we sat around the table waiting for our hair to completely dry and moved closer to her. She didn’t notice me since she was reading a book but I put my arm around her when I got there.

She immediately looked up at me,
“Hey! What are you doing?”

I rested my arm back on my side,
“Oh nothing, just testing out a theory of mine.”

She turned back to her book and muttered,

A few minutes passed by before she spoke up again,
“ You know, I… I don’t really mind all that much.”

Heh, I knew she’d like it. Not that I mind, even with lots of people around, you get lonely, especially if you’ve been alive for over 500 years. Well there was always mistress, but let’s face it; I’d probably get my arm severed if I tried putting it around her. Well then, time for phase two.

“Say Anastasia, what do you think about dating?”

She suddenly blushed at my question,
“H…huh? What brought that on?”

“Well we seem to get along fairly well…”

“That just means we’re good friends you baka!”

I sweatdropped at her outburst,
“Haha, I guess.”

I ruffled her hair and grinned at her,
“Well then, how about making me your older brother?”

She blushed again and mumbled,
“H…hai… Nii-san.”

My grin grew larger as I looked at her intently,
“Hmm? I didn’t hear you, what was that?”

“Hai pervert-san!”

I glared at her for half a moment before softening my expression and gave a small chuckle,
“You’re so adorable sometimes.”

She blushed for the third time in ten minutes,

“Hohoho, time for bed.”

I climbed into my bunk and pulled my covers up and smiled at her again,
“So will you be joining me tonight?”

She turned red and climbed into my bunk. I smiled to inwardly to myself, it was so fun to tease her.

The next morning I woke up with her clinging to me as usual. I laughed to myself and tweaked her ears again, waking her up.

“Whuh, is it morning already?”

“Yup, better get up and get ready for school. We can’t be late you know, especially me.”

We dragged ourselves out of bed, got dressed, ate breakfast, and staggered out the door. As usual my class threw stuff everywhere and Asuna and Setsuna got into another fight. All this stress wouldn’t be good for me, so sparring with some people this afternoon would do me some good. The bell rang, startling me out of my thoughts as students started to run out.

*Mana Tatsumiya, Ku Fei, Chao Lingshen, and Kaede Nagase*

The four girls stayed in their seats as I spoke to them,
*I suppose you all still would like to spar?*

There was no response save Mana who raised her hand halfway up,
*Count me in. Ah, but I’m not available for sparring on weekdays. I’m a shrine maiden so I have duties to attend to.*

*Understandable, I hope I can catch you sometime this weekend then.*

He turned towards the other girls,
*Well, just think of your response, I can hear you just fine.*

*Well in that case I’m in.*
*So am I.*
*As am I-ne.*

*Now then girls, where do you usually train and all that?*

The three girls got up and beckoned me to follow them rather than answer me as Mana went off in her own direction. Well then off we go hmm?

“Wow, the martial arts clubs uses this area to practice?”

“Yup, though there are no clubs today so we can spar without interruption.”

I pointed at the door and cast another deterrence spell for good measure before taking off my jacket,
“Right then, who’s first?”

Chao and Ku both lept towards me at once,
“We are!”

I suddenly put up my hand,
“Now hold on, it’s not very fair on the two of you.”

They gave each other confused looks as they skid to a stop,
“Uh, come again?”

I pulled a red bandana out of my pocket, tied it around my eyes and smiled,
“There we go, slightly more fair now.”

“Now we have to warn you, we are both quite adept at kung fu you know-yo.”

“Mm, in that case I should I enjoy myself then.”

They lunged at me again, both aiming multiple parts of my body at once. I should applaud their teamwork, most people who do not communicate verbally tend to go for the same weak point… buuut as I thought, they still weren’t very powerful.

“Ho, that’s some good speed for your age.”

I grabbed Ku’s arm and Chao’s leg and gracefully threw them only the mats nearby.

“Sorry girls, but I can feel the individual air particles that you push towards me as you rush me. If you are going to take a head on approach against someone like me you’ll have to be a whoooole lot faster than that.”

“Aww, that’s no fun.”

“Can’t go all out against the two of you y’know. Kaede-san, if you are up to it, we can spar now.”

“Mm, is it okay if we spar outside in the nearby forest de gozaru?”

“Sure, just give me a second and brace yourselves.”


I suddenly teleported the four of us into a clearing behind the dorms and catching the three of them off-guard,
“Er, whoops, a bit too soon?”

Ku scratched her head and laughed,
“Haha, a bit of a new experience for me but I’m fine.”

Chao smiled at me,
“Do not worry, I’m also fine”

“Mm, I’m already used to this kind of sensation de gozaru.”

“Oh? Now I’m really curious.”

“Mm, prepare yourself Hiro-sensei de gozaru.”

Suddenly what appeared to be four Kaedes appeared right next to me with their fists already flashing towards me. Hoh, very good for a middle school student. But unfortunately, still not good enough. I grinned appeared behind her real body and grabbed the back of her neck.

“A very very good strategy, but still not fast enough, you should have already made physical contact approximately 2 seconds ago.”

“Haha, I suppose I won’t be able to come close to someone of your caliber at my level de gozaru.”

“Oh, but we are curious, what is your full power like?”

“Well I ain’t going to go all out but-“

Suddenly a tree at the edge of the clearing was sliced in half,
“-I can still do something like that while holding back.”

“Whah? What was that?”

“Nothing much, I just hit it with a razor edged vacuum wave.”

“I… I didn’t even see you move-yo.”

“Well, I am at that level I suppose.”

All they could do was stand there amazed,
“Mmm, perhaps with enough training you’ll be able to catch up someday hm?”

“Well then sensei, perhaps you could teach us a few tricks?”

“We’ll have to see about that, my techniques aren’t really suited for people who purely spar.”

Ku sheepishly scratched her head,
“Haha, that true”

“Ah, but don’t forget that you have homework due in my class tomorrow. Pages 16 and 17 remember? Now get back to your rooms and get working hm? Oh! And also page 18 is extra credit, and I have to say; Ku and Kaede, you both might need it to get a better passing grade.”

“Urk. We’d better go then. Thank for your time Hiro-sensei!”

“Yes, arigato-ne.”

“Mm, that was enjoyable… but only for the few minutes I thought I had you de gozaru.”

“Heh, I’m sure the three of you can only improve.”

I waved at them as I left,
“I will see the three of you in class tomorrow.”

As I headed back to my room I quickly checked my phone. Good, it wasn’t past 5 yet. So I wouldn’t get an earful. I think.

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Random Foreward

I got nothing this time :D

Chapter 10

I opened the door and was surprised to find Anastasia sleeping at the table. At least her homework seemed to be done, maybe other classes assigned somethings more exhausting than mine?

I sat down next to her and absentmindedly stroked her hair a bit before pulling out my own work. Assignments to grade and essays to read, teachers have to work just as hard as students you know. As I was finishing up assignments to grade, Anastasia started to stir and looked up at me.

“Whuh, what time is it right now?”

I pulled out my phone and took a quick look,
“About 8:30, why?”

She jerked up and pulled me up with her,
“You baka we haven’t even had dinner yet! Good thing there is a convenience store that’s around 10 mintues from here.”

“You do know we’re not supposed to go out past 8 right?”

“Who cares, it’s not like we can’t defend ourselves.”

My stomach gave a pathetic growl and I sighed,
“All right, let’s go.”

“You’re paying for me too, got it?”

“Sheesh, just because I draw a salary. How did you survive without an income anyways?”

“The headmaster provided basic needs for me. But only basic things, which is why all I have is school uniform and plain clothing to wear.”

“All right I get it, I’m paying, can we just get going?”

“Yeah, hurry up Nii-san”

“Whatever little sister”

As we left the dorm we had to walk quietly to make sure no one else in the dorms could hear us leaving. But I was careless, someone heard us and never noticed.

“Hey what do they sell at that store anyways.”

“Oh, they have stuff like bento boxes, onigiri, sweets, and the like.”

“Sounds convenient.”

“Duh, that’s why it’s called a convenience store you bak-“

She was suddenly interrupted by a dark figure swooping in on me.

“What the?-“

I instinctively raised my arm to cast a spell and was surprised to find that I could not,
“Ah cr-“

The dark figure swung a large sword at me just as I looked up. But before it could reach me, Anastasia threw herself in front of me and took the fatal slash meant for me.

The dark figure turned around and quickly left,
“Tch, I’ll try again some other time”.

That voice… it belonged to Asuna?… and that sword looked awfully familiar too. Was it really her? How dare she take a crack shot at me while I was trying to get dinner!

“Crap! Anastasia!”

I pat her cheeks a few times and put my ear over her heart,
“Hey, c’mon now, don’t you die on me.”

Dammit, no response and her breathing was starting to get more and more shallow. I took a look at the cut and damn, calling the wound a deep cut was an understatement, she was literally being held together by her spine. And all the blood on the pavement right now, I wondered how she was even still alive. Geh, I still can’t use magic properly; not that healing magic was my forte in the first place; what the hell did Asuna do to me? I can’t heal her using Ki either, that only works if the person is conscious and receptive. Herbs and potions? No that wouldn’t work, I don’t have anything on me and I can’t whip something up that quickly.

Damn, I’m not going to let her die, especially since it was my fault. I considered contacting the headmaster, but that would take too long and it would put me under scrutiny. I guess… desperate times calls for desperate measures… Yes, she was a half demon, but I had to try anyways. I brushed the hair away from her neck,
“Please don’t hate me for this Anastasia.”

I protracted my fangs and brought them down on her neck.

Several hours later she woke up in my bunk as I was reading an old tome about turning someone,
“Ugh, what happened?”

She nearly fell over as she sat up and I reached out my hand to steady her,
“Well let’s see, uh you saved my life, almost died, and have been out for almost 3 hours. And uh, oh yeah! It turns out you’re one of the few demons that can be turned.”

She grabbed my arm and pulled me closer.


“I said you are now the only demon/vampire hybrid that I know of.”

She sat down and looked at me blankly,

I patted her on the head,
“Don’t worry, we actually don’t have as many weakness as legends paint us out to be like.”

“That’s not my problem…”

“Don’t worry it can be a good way to bridge the gap between demons and vampires right?”

“…That’s not what I had in mind either.”

“Oh don’t worry about overcoming the real weaknesses, I can help you get over them pretty easily.”

My next sentence was greeted with silence.
“Er, not the problem either?”

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes with an angry expression,
“No you baka… I’m worried you’ll start looking at me differently because of what I am now.”

“Oh come now, you know I’m not like that.”

“I…I guess you aren’t.”

I sighed and hugged her tightly,
“Now who’s the baka, I still see you as the same sassy little sister.”

She looked up at me, with tears still in her eyes,

I gave her a small smile,
“Of course, why would I view you any differently?”

“I guess you do have a point”

“…I feel kind of weird though… I don’t really like it.”

She frowned and clenched her fist a few times,
“Would you rather have died?”

“…I guess not. I just don’t feel right… everything suddenly feels so wrong.”

“Well you’d better get over it, the only other hybrid I ever met committed suicide out of self-hatred. Well, that was around… oh 300 years ago.”

She looked at her hand and started to breath heavily,
“…I just don’t kno-“

I put my arm around her,
“Don’t even think about it got it? We’re going to bridge the gap between demons and vampires right?”

“…I, um, yeah; I…I guess we are.”

I smiled,
“Good! That’s the spirit! Now I assume you are thirsty.”

“I am, I’ll go get the water jug.”

As she tried to get out of bed I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her back down,
“That won’t help your thirst right now, trust me.”


“Let me now explain to you a few things. For one thing, like Normal vampires, you will have a weakness towards sunlight and running water because they will burn you.”

“What? How am I supposed to-“

“Now hold on a moment, I’m not finished. As a vampire you will also have a seemingly insatiable thirst for blood. There are two ways to overcome all of these. You can either go through intense training-“

“I don’t have time for-!”

“Anastasia, let me finish. The only other known way is to drink my blood.”

“What!? I can’t-“

“You want to know why most Normal vampires are doomed to hide in the shadows and prey on humans without being able to travel far for of eternity? Because most masters and mistresses abandon their… spawn let us say and therefore they are never guided nor cured. They end up living with their weaknesses for the rest of their lives and giving in to the animal inside of them.”

I looked Anastasia in the eyes,
“Now are you going to drink my blood or not?”

She thought for a moment before giving an exasperated sigh,
“All right, if it means so much to you I’ll do it.”

I rolled my sleeve up and stuck my arm out in front of her,
“You should be able to protract and retract your fangs according to your will from now on, so… go on. Give it a go and drink deeply.”

She gritted her teeth and squirmed a little before biting down on my arm. Having blood sucked out of you felt kind of weird. I let her drink for a few minutes before shaking her a little,
“Hey hey, that’s enough. You’re enjoying yourself a little bit too much.”

“Ah? Er, sorry, I…I guess I was really thirsty and got carried away.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll go away in the morning and you’ll be able to eat normally rather than needing blood to satisfy your hunger.”

“A…all right.”

She paused and sniffed the air,
“Wait a minute, you reek. Go take a shower now!”

She grabbed more of my clothes seemingly out of nowhere and shoved me into the restroom again. I smiled. She doesn’t take all that long to bounce back does she? Heh, maybe she deserves a little cuddling later tonight then… Oh dear, when in the world did I start thinking like a pervert? Whatever, let’s just see what happens later.

“…Oy, why are you trying to wrap your arms around me?”

“Mm, just a little thing I’m trying.”

“Whatever, I’m going to sleep.”

“Heh, all right then.”

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Random Foreward

Yup, ran out of things to say. I'm thinking about adding in a translation guide at the end of chapters with foreign text but... I'm a bit lazy >.>

Chapter 11

Asuna was absent as expected, made me wonder what she was planning next. The bell rang and almost everyone leapt up and ran out of the room.

*Hey Anastasia, can you stay after class? I want to take you to meet my Mistress.*

*Uh sure, but why?*

*Haha, it’s kind of my obligation as her fledgling. Plus I need to report what happened to her, Asuna has a strange ability I can’t put my finger on.*

*Okay, should we just leave now?*

*Goodness no, what if someone walked in during the process?*

*Good point… then the forest behind the dorms as usual?*

*Yup, let’s get going*

As we walked back to the dorms, we were stopped by Setsuna,
“Hiro-sensei, can I speak to you and Anastasia-san?”

“Uh, sure. What was it that you needed?”

She jabbed her thumb behind her,
“We can talk in the forest behind the dorms, it’s more secluded there.”

We continued walking towards the forest this time following Setsuna, wondering what she wanted. As we arrived at the forest she suddenly spun around and stuck two talismans on our foreheads.

“Hey! What gives? I can’t move any of my limbs!”

I reached up ripped off my own talisman with no effort and walked over to Anastasia,
“Calm down Anastasia, I’ll remove it right now. Care to explain yourself Setsuna-san?”

“Just testing your power levels, it’s quite obvious you have a great amount while Anastasia-san… not so much.”

I ripped the talisman off Anastasia’s head and she ran up to Setsuna.

“Hey! You calling me weak?”

Setsuna’s blank expression did not change,
“No I am merely calling you normal like most other magic and ki users on campus.”

Anastasia jabbed a finger at her,
“Well you know what, you’re-“

I stuck my arm in front of her cutting her off,
“There is no point in bickering Anastasia. Setsuna-san, for what reason did you bring us out here. Oh, and you might want to put your nodachi on the ground.”

“As expected you can sense it without even seeing it, very well.”

She suddenly produced a nodachi in its sheath out of thin air and tossed it over to me,
“You can hang onto it for now. In any case, I asked to speak to you concerning Asuna. She has been acting out of place ever since you came to this school Hiro-sensei, just who are you?”

“A vampire.”

“Oh a vamp- wait, a vampire?”

I shrugged,
“Yes a vampire, nothing more, nothing less. Whoopdedoo right?”

“But why would the headmaster allow you on campus? Er, no offense, you seem like a much better person than most vampires, but, you know…”

“None taken, and that’s mostly the reason why he allowed to be on campus.”

“I see. I understand that…. Asuna… attacked you. Is that right?”

“…Yes, just last night she attempted to kill me.”

Setsuna sighed,
“Always doing things without thinking that girl.”

“That pretty much applies to you too, the two of you get in fights constantly. And during class too. You’re lucky I’m not extra strict otherwise I’d penalize your grades.”

“Ehehe, I guess I get hot headed around her, I’ve known her since we were children. The same goes for our roommate, Konaka-san. She’s a lot calmer than we are though haha.”

“Mm, people are pretty tight around here despite the huge campus size hm?”

“Yes, but back to the point. The headmaster doesn’t know about this attack yet right?”


“I want to ask how? Anastasia was… hit pretty hard and yet here she is, completely fine.”

“I had to turn her.”

“…You what?”

“I turned her, well, unless you’d prefer she had bleed to death.”

“No no no, I appreciate that you saved the life of my classmate, but couldn’t you ha-“

“There was no other option at the moment.”

“…I see.”

“Any other questions?”


“Okay, in that case I have a question for you. This nodachi”

I hefted it up and partially unsheathed it,
“What do you do with it? After looking at the club registry I now know there is a kendo club here. But obviously you aren’t allowed to use a real blade.”

“I am the kendo club captain, but that is just extra training for me. I am also a practitioner of the Shinmei-Ryu school.”

“…Demon slaying and sealing then.”

“Yes, and Anastasia. I can tell you are a hanyou just by looking at your aura.”

She furrowed her brow,
“It seems different from most though, for good reason. Whatever, there’s really no need to hide your ears and tail around me.”

Anastasia looked visibly alarmed and hid behind me,
“There is no need to hide, I don’t attack demons all wily nily; only those who deserve it.”

I pulled Anastasia out from behind me and patted her on the head,
“It’s okay, I can easily take her if she tries anything.”

She stood close and clung to me. Heh, how cute.

Setsuna looked at us quizzically, before continuing,
“Really, I want to work with the two of you with dealing with Asuna. I don’t like the way she differentiates between vampires.”

“But she doesn’t.”

“Exactly, it’s discriminatory towards vampires.”
Hmm, having a human to help us bridge this other gap would really help, seems the choice is pretty obvious.

“All right then” I took her hand and shook it,
“Uh, what are you doing?”

“Well it’s kind of like a partnership right? Might as well shake on it.”

“Ah, we don’t really shake hands in Japan, but that’s still fine I suppose.”

“In any case, me and Anastasia have to go see someone now.”

I bowed to her,
“Good day to you too sensei” I handed her nodachi back and bowed to me before she trudged off back towards the dorms.

“Well then, are you ready? Teleporting is a lot like entering Evanegline-dono’s resort, but a little different since we aren’t entering some sort of sub-space.”

Anastasia took a deep breath,
“Okay, I think I’m ready.”

“All right then, hang on to me.”

She clung to me tighter and I laughed on the inside. What were these kinds of people called again? Tsunderes or something? Maybe reading all that manga did me some good after all. I teleported and we found ourselves outside the gates of a large castle.

I waved my arm at the wooden gate,
“Welcome to my mistress’ convent”

I walked up to the door and knocked at it and a woman suddenly appeared from the shadows,
“Who dares trespass on this convent?”

I moved my hair to the side before speaking,
“It’s me Minerva.”

“Oh, hello Hiro-”

She saw Anastasia and narrowed her eyes,
“Are you bringing outsiders to our convent?”

I crossed my arms,
“She’s my fledgling Minerva, it’s fine. I need to go see mistress so I can discuss some ongoing problems.”

“…Very well then, I’ll take your word for it and let her in with you. The Mistress is currently in her room.”

The gate opened and we stepped inside,
“Thank you Minerva.”

“T’was my pleasure.”

After that she disappeared back into the shadows.

“C’mon Anastasia, my mistress’ room is on the third floor.”

As we climbed up the stairs Anastasia poked my back,
“Carry me on your back.”

“Uh, come again?”

“I said carry me on your back. You’re supposed to be my…my nii-san right?”

“Um, right. Okay then, climb on I guess.”

She scrambled onto my back and clung onto me again. I sighed, such a lazy girl sometimes, how did she even manage to get so motivated about school work?

When we reached the previously mentioned room, I knocked on the door and entered the room.

“Mistress, I need to speak with you.”

A girl with the body of a ten year old sat reclining on a chair,
“…Lemme make a guess first, that girl on your back is your fledgling and is a demon/vampire hybrid.”

I smiled at her,
“You’re sharp as ever mistress.”

“You have my permission to keep her around you, but that’s obviously not the only thing you came here for.”

“The Entheofushia girl in my class surprise attacked us. Young or not, she’s obviously much more skilled than she looks.”

“Hm… I see. Any idea what her power is? I looked through my journals and it seems it varies from person to person.”

“It seems she can cancel out my magic for a period of time… and she also seems to wield the Ashura blade.”

The girl’s expression suddenly took a turn for the worse,
“Did you just say the Ashura blade?”

“I didn’t get an extremely good look, but there is a very good chance it is one of the legendary anti-freak weapons.”

“Considering this girl descended from the Entheofushias, I have to assume it is in fact, the genuine article. You can stay for as long as you want without interfering in your schedule, but be extra careful when you get back.”

“Yes mistress.”

As I left the room I patted her Anastasia on the head,
“Would you like to go back or take a quick look around?”

Her eyes glinted with excitement as she grinned at me and pumped her fist into the air,
“Look around of course! I wanna know more about this place!”

“Heh, I knew you’d say that. Right now most of convent that I know personally should be training.”

I strode in the direction of the training room at a brisk pace and arrived to the sight of a vampire flying out two double doors.

I raised my hand up to my mouth,
“Hey! Still up to your old habits huh Veronica?”

A young woman in hard leather clothing came walking out,
“Of course, I have to show my superiority as the third most powerful vampire in the convent.”

“No one has come close to you yet?”

The woman grinned and pretended to flex,
“Nope! Ain’t nobody touching this. My record for not getting hit in a sparring match is at 16 today.”

I gave her a smile,
“Oh? Would you like to spar then?”

“Hah, I’m not stupid you know.”

“No, of course you aren’t. Ah yes, I haven’t introduced you to my fledgling yet have I? Veronica this is Anastasia. Anastasia this is Veronica.”


“Hm, so you’re Hiro’s fledgling then.”

She reached over and patted Anastasia’s head,
“I’m sure you’ll do well in that case haha.”

I suddenly clapped my hands together,
“I’m afraid we’ll have to leave further formalities to another date, it’s almost 5 and we need to get home for dinner. Good day to you Veronica.”

She bowed to me,
“Good day to you too Hiro, you too Anastasia.”

“G…good day.”

“Hmm, a shy one?”

I scooped her up in my arms bridal style causing her to blush and hide her face. She was a really strange one wasn’t she?

I bowed to Veronica,
“Well then we’d best be on our way.” I teleported us back to our room and put Anastasia back on the ground.

“We’d better get started on dinner hm? Oh, and call me ‘lord’ or some crap and I will be pissed off okay? We don’t currently have any formalities between us and I don’t want that changing, got it?”

“Hai… n…nii-san.”

I smiled and ruffled her hair,
“That’s my girl! Now let’s get cooking”

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Random Foreward

I almost forgot to upload this one >.> If any of y'all read this far, feel free to let me know what you think; post, PM, or VM is fine. I know it's definitely not the best, but hey, nice to know if someone decided to read this whole thing.

Chapter 12

“Well then, now that we’re done with dinner, perhaps you can get started with your homework?”

Anastasia gasped,
“Aah! I almost forgot!”

She grabbed her book bag and started to pull things out of it,
“Don’t worry, I’ll help you out since I’m the reason you couldn’t finish it earlier.”

“Thank you nii-san.”
She was so cute when she said that, I just wanted to hug her. Of course that’d be a bad idea considering she had work to do. Gah, she was really getting to me.

“Okay so you just take the square root of 16 and you should be done.”

“T…thank you nii-san.”

“Heh, getting used to calling me that?”

“I…I guess.”
She put her index fingers together,
“I mean… you are like a big brother to me in a sense right?”

“Of course.”

I patted her on the head,
“Like I’ve said, if you ever need anything, just let me know and I’ll try to help you out.”

She suddenly hugged me and buried her face in my shirt… and promptly pulled back,
“Shower time for you!” She thrust clothing into my hands and shoved me back into the restroom. I laughed to myself and started to undress before climbing into the shower.

After we both showered we sat down at the table drinking water. Didn’t want to get hyper before bed you know.

She hugged me again and buried her face back into my shirt,
“Do I smell this time?”


She didn’t pull back in disgust this time, so I assume all was well.

I put my head on hers and inhaled deeply,
“Mm, your hair smells good.”

She suddenly pulled away blushing and hit me,
“Hey now, I was complimenting you.”

“I…I know, I’m just not really used to that sort of thing.”

I smiled at her,
“In that case I shall compliment you as much as I can when it’s appropriate. Would you like that?”

She hit me again,
“H…hai n…nii-san.”

Aaah, she was so cute sometimes. I pulled her back into a hug and stroked her ears a bit. Actually, now that I thought about it, the only thing holding me back was the fact that we were teacher and student. I mean, we’re already pretty close and ages don’t hold all that much meaning in love for vampires; seeing as how we pretty much live forever so it was quite a convenient set up. I stroked my chin in thought.


I ruffled her hair,
“Anastasia, we have to go to bed soon you know.”

She lifted her head up,
“Okay nii-san.”

I looked at her for a moment and sighed to myself,
“You want me to carry you there don’t you.”


“Well fine then.”

I picked her up bridal style and laid her in my bunk,
“How was that?”

“Eh, it was okay.”

Haha, back to her meaner side I see,
“Ha, that’s the sassy little sister I know.”

I climbed into the bed and she wrapped her arms around me,
“It… it feels good to have someone here for you… Especially since I’m still so confused about everything.”

“Well it’s only natural for you to feel this way, you were only turned recently. I felt the same way, but that’s a story for another time. Besides, you’re also a hanyou, which makes things a little more complicated.”

I patted her on the head,
“But don’t worry, I will be by your side as much as I can okay?”

She buried her face in my shirt again,

“Let’s just get some sleep, we still have school tomorrow you know.”

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Chapter 13

The next morning I woke up with Anastasia still gripping me tightly.

I looked down and frantically shook her awake,
“Oy, wake up, c’mon!”

She blinked and stared at me,

I pointed downwards,
“…Your pajamas are coming off.”

She gasped and pulling her pajamas back on and smacking me,

“Oh hey now, how is it my fault?”

“It just is, you’re the guy in the girl’s dorm.”

“Must I remind you I was placed here for a reason?”

“Yeah yeah, I know. I’ll just blame you anyways okay? Oh! That reminds me, I haven’t made a report to the Headmaster in a while. I uh, may have forgotten…”

“I can’t imagine he’ll be very happy much that has transpired recently.”

“Probably not.”

“However, if he decides to try and suppress us I will be defending us accordingly. I’d rather not, but I’m perfectly capable of leveling the entire building in a few moments. Though I doubt someone like the Headmaster would try something like that, he’s more levelheaded than most.”

“Probably not, c’mon, we should go see him before class starts.”

“But what about breakfast?”

“No time for that, just grab some slices of bread or something and let’s get going.”

Anastasia hurriedly changed into her school uniform; with no regard for the man who was in the same room I might add; and ran out the door. I quickly threw a suit on and grabbed some bread before dashing out the door after her.

I found myself standing next to Anastasia in front of a stern old man. Well I say old, but I was probably older than him. Probably. How old was this guy anyways?

He gave a drawn out sigh,
“I hope you know what you have done Hiro.”

“I do sir.”

“I hope you are prepared for the consequences.”

I furrowed my brow when he said this,
“I saved her life and I saw that as the only option at the moment. I will take no such crap-“

He cleared his throat,
“Ahem, I mean looking after her.”

“-I can take care of- huh? Oh, uh, yeah, I can definitely do that. I’ve got a much better handle on what’s to come now anyhow haha.”

I scratched my head sheepishly.

“In any case, we will be keeping a closer eye on Asuna-san for the time being. I assume you’ll be doing the same.”

“Yes headmaster.”

He nodded,
“I see. The two of you may go to class now, just don’t drag anymore students into this problem. It would be nice to restrict this to staff only.”

Oh dear, a bit too late for that. The headmaster waved us off as he sat down and closed his eyes. By the time we left the room, he looked like he was in deep thought.

Class was boring as usual. And by boring I mean most of the class did a collaboration and threw paper airplanes at me all at once and then proceeded to drop their textbooks all at once. It was a deafening noise and they soon regretted doing the latter part, seeing as how I scolded them afterwards.

Soon after Setsuna and Asuna got into a fight as usual, what a great class I had. After the bell rang and most of the students stampeded out the door I sat down on my chair and looked down at the class register.

Asuna was suddenly back as if nothing had happened but I didn’t like it. She didn’t just disappear and reappear like it was some magic show for no reason. Was she planning something? And that anti-freak weapon would be difficult to fight against with Anastasia by my side. I wonder how she would feel riding on my back. I can’t shield her without magic and she can’t defend herself without magic either. Maybe my ki could keep her anchored on my bac-

“Oy, Hiro, are you just going to stare into space for the rest of the day?”

“Whuh? Oh, hey Anastasia what’s up?”

“What’s up? You’re just staring into space! Go grade some papers or something you old man!”

Oh dear, must be time of month? But wait, do demons even have that time of month? Tatsumiya-san never seemed to be angry. Or were royal demons different? Well mayb-


She slapped me,
“Pay attention!”

I tenderly rubbed my cheek and looked up at her,
“Ow, you didn’t have to slap me so hard.”

She just stuck her tongue out at me,
“Anyhow, what are we going to do about Asuna?”

“I dunno, ask Setsuna?”

I got up and dusted my pants off,
“I suppose we could go look for her right now. C’mon, I can sense her aura down near the dorms. She’s probably practicing her swordsmanship.”

“Oy, if you could sense auras how come you couldn’t tell Asuna was there that night?”

“I was distracted okay? I need some degree of focus to do with people I don’t know all that well. Though in hindsight I probably should have gotten to know her aura better beforehand.”

“Nii-san you’re such a baka.”
“Yeah yeah whatever. I’m negligent, so sue me.”

As we approached the clearing we could see Setsuna sweating as she swung her nodachi around gracefully with wrist weights. Never hurts to be freakishly strong in a place like this I suppose. Ki will definitely come in handy against Asuna, though who knows what else she has up her sleeve. Hopefully no more anti-freak weapons.

“Hey! Setsuna-san, can we talk about Asuna-san?”

She sheathed her nodachi and sat down on a nearby rock panting,
“Y…yeah, sure.”

She continued to pant and sweat as we watched. She really trained hard didn’t she, reminds me of when I was trying to claw my way up in the convent. Wasn’t very easy considering I was the only male. Wonder what she was training for, surely the demons she faced were only random aggressive stragglers.

“Did Asuna-san say anything to you at all?”

“No, she seemed to be completely nor-“

Suddenly a singsong voice rang out in,
“Found you~”

I spun around just as a large hilt smashed straight into my face.

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Chapter 14

I lost my footing and almost toppled over as it into my face. I reached out to grab the offending article only to have the user seemingly turn into fleeting shadows just. as I put my hand around the hilt.


“Gehehehe, you’re juuust as negligent as Asuna said. Quite a fast reaction despite being hit in the face though. Perhaps next time you can avoid it instead.”

“Who the hell are you? And that weapon of yours…”

A man in a frayed cloak with a pitch black combat uniform stood tall.

I made a mental note of the blackened crest on the man’s shoulder,
“Gehehehe, you mean the Jakaal? This thing’s been in my family’s possession for ages. It’s no big deal really, just allows me to manipulate shadows and my own body as if it were a shadow. Shouldn’t be too big a deal for a guy like you riiight?”

This guy was pissing me off,
“It’d be nice to know who you are mister.”

The man spun around once and then bowed to me as if he were a servant,
“Gehehehe, my name is Leon, Leon Belmont~”

I stared at him with a deadpan expression,
“Yeah, and I’m the emperor of the Demon Realm. Leon Belmont has been dead for several hundred years.”

“Never said I was THE Leon Belmont now did I? I meeerely stated my birth name. I’m actually Leon Belmont VII.”

He seemed to think for a moment before continuing on,
“Now then, would you care to take the both of us on?~”

I panicked for a split second. What? Was Asuna here too? How could I not have noticed? As I spun around, I suddenly found a nodachi quickly descending upon my face. I quickly took a half step back and stopped the blade between my index finger and thumb.

I looked over at the face of the user and was shocked,
“What? Setsuna! What do you think you’re you doing?!”

She glared at me and growled,
“My name is Setsuna Sakurazaki IV and I one day soon I shall have my revenge and slit your throat with the Aegis.”

Well darn, two legendary weapons in the possession of two vampire hunters. Well that’s just all fine and dandy. Some luck I had, but I can’t fight them all out with Anastasia still here. She definitely needs a lot of training to be able to keep up with me. However Asuna didn’t seem to be here though so magic was definitely still an option.

I turned to look and Anastasia and I found her standing there staring agape as I grabbed her arm tightly and pulled her close,
“Anastasia, hang on to me, we’re getting out of here!”

I immediately teleported us back to my mistress’ convent as they both swung their swords in our direction.

“Gehehehe, seems like they got away.”

Setsuna put her hands on her hips,
“No kidding you idiot, you know how annoying it was playing the role of a ‘good girl’? It. Was. Annoying.”

She clenched her fist,
“I wanted to cut them to pieces the entire time. I demand you repay me with an ice cream soda.”

“All right all right I get it, it was annoying. You’ll have your soda, but if we want to be able to kill him we’re going to need Asuna, otherwise they’ll just keep ruuunning away. Gehehehe c’mon, we need to go talk to her right now anyways.”

“No! I want my soda first!”

Leon sighed,
“All right, c’mon, we’d better hurry then.”


As we materialized in front of the gate, Minerva again stepped out of the shadows,
“Who dares trespass on this- oh hello again Hiro. Ah, your fledgling, we’ve never properly been introduced have we? Though I suppose the first time around was a fault on my part.”

She extended her hand towards Anastasia,
“My name is Minerva the gate keeper. I have no use for a surname for I serve the Mistress with my life.”

Anastasia took her hand and shook it before speaking up,
“My name’s Anastasia Zykov. I guess I’m Hiro’s fledgling.”

I held my arm up,
“Unfortunately we’ll have to cut the formalities short for today, I need to speak to mistress again and Veronica as well. Do you have any idea where they might be?”

“The mistress should be in her room at the moment while Veronica is probably training non-stop as usual. You may enter.”

She waved her hand at the door and it opened on its own. As we continued inside and up the stairs to my mistress’ room, I considered the repercussions of removing the top three combatants from the convent.

However with the situation on hand, now might be a good time for her to make that move to Mahora Campus. While I say she’d be a great help, that really depends on her. I’m allowed a lot of free reign, but obviously I can’t order her around, I’ll get my head cut off. Plus Veronica was an entirely different matter and… might be a little more difficult to convince.

As always, I knocked on the door before entering the room,
“Mistress, I think we should expedite your move to Mahora.”

Anya looked up from her book,
“Oh? Why so soon? Didn’t you say you had to make arrangements first?”

“While that’s true, it’s better to do it as soon as possible, there are two other immortal hunters currently at Mahora… and they wield anti-freak weapons.”

Anya’s expression darkened,
“…This is worrying, which ones have they got?”

“A man calling himself Leon Belmont currently wields the Jakaal and another member of my class Setsuna Sakurazaki. She currently wields the Aegis. Though at this point it would be wise to assume the possibility of more weapons and abilities as well as other allies on and off campus. Considering mistress Evangeline was already on campus, it’s safe to assume we are not their original target.”

“…Hmm, I see. I suppose I should make that transition soon anyhow. Are you going to bring Veronica too?”

“Reading me like a book as usual mistress, but yes; I plan to bring her with us. Her support would be most welcome.”

“The absence of the three of us will be quite crippling to my convent’s defense.”

I sighed,
“It… can’t really be helped. This threatens more than just the convent.”

She sighed in return and got up,
“All right then, I’ll start getting ready. You should go get Veronica early too, you know how she is. Now off with you kids, I need to change.”

She waved her arm and sent us flying out the room before the door slammed shut.

We both groaned and picked ourselves up of the floor.

“Better go find Veronica, knowing her she’s probably sparring with other vampires in the training room.”

As we made our way over, it was as if she knew that we were approaching (which she did), a vampire once again flew out the doors of the training room as she walked out and bowed to us,
“Hello Hiro, hello to you too Anastasia. What brings you back so soon?”

“I have a favor to ask.”

“Oh? What kind of favor?”

She winked at me seductively as she said this making me blush,
“No no no, nothing of that sort, we need you to come act as support at Mahora.”

“Hmm, what’s in it for me?”

“You’ll have some strong opponents to face off against?”

“Mm hm hm, sparring here already satisfies me for the moment, tell me more.”

“Er, they wield three anti-freak weapons?”

She leaned on the wall and looked bored,
“Not enough to entice me really.”

“Um, it’ll probably be to the death?”

Hoo boy, this wasn’t going to be easy for me,
“Fine then, I’ll uh… I’ll give you that kiss you’ve always wanted.”

I blushed again and looked away,
“Heeheehee, that’s more like it boy.”

She bent down slightly and suddenly grabbed my head. Turning me towards her she smiled,
“D…don’t hurt me please.”

She just looked straight into my eyes, licked her lips, and kissed me. Urk, was that her tongue? Oh no, this was getting awkward, please end soon. How long has it been anyways? It’s been like forever.

After a moment she pulled away and licked her lips again,
“Now that wasn’t so bad now was it? I’ll meet you at the front gate.”

She walked off as Anastasia punched me in the jaw,

“You baka! Why the hell are you selling your body?”

“I didn’t have much of a choice you know, life and death and all that jazz.”

She just sighed and shook her head at me,
“Let’s just head back to your mistress’ room. She’s bound to be ready now right?”

“I suppose.”

As we walked off I noticed the other vampires staring at me from the door frame causing me to blush again and pick up my pace.

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Random Foreward

So, I've been really busy with trading and breeding a ton so I haven't had time to really write. I do have several chapters that I wrote a long while back and I'll be uploading these periodically (a.k.a. if I remember). So if you like my story, I apologize. If you don't like it, I question why you decided to read this far. Also if my story looks and sounds like crap, it probably is :3

Also there's no longer a way to make a different default font in your settings so I have to manually make it all Courier New now just to match the rest of my story >:(

Chapter 15

I knocked on my mistress’ door but didn’t enter like I usually did,
“Mistress, are you ready to leave for Mahora?”

“I’ve been waiting for 9 minutes and 42 seconds, what took you so long?”

I sweatdropped as I continued,
“Well uh, Veronica took a bit of uh, bribing let’s say, to convince her to leave with us.”

“Hoh, finally making your move boy?”

I blushed bright red again when she said that,
“N…no! I’m just trying to… you know what, nevermind.”

Teasing people was fun, but it wasn’t as fun being on the receiving end.

“I suppose it’s time to head out.”

“Yes, Veronica should be at the front gate alrea-”

But before I could finish my sentence, me and Anastasia suddenly found us both floating in the air,
“You two are slow, I’ll provide the transportation this time.”

As she said this we suddenly found ourselves at the front gate.

“Oy, what took you two so lon- Ah! It’s good to see you Mistress.”

She quickly bowed,
“Now then are we all ready to go?”

“Yes, oh, and I’ve already got an idea of where you and Veronica can stay.”


“Yup, we have an ally that is a… well, see the thing is, she’s a demon from the royal family. Well, half at least.”

“…I see.”

“So uh, I think it might be better if mistress stayed with her and Veronica stayed with me and Anastasia. You know, just in case.”

“Hmm? Why is that?”

She gave me a death glare,
“You calling me weak? You think I can’t handle myself?”

I held my hands up defensively,
“No no, of course not.”

“Then what is it?”

“Well mistress is more experienced right? It might be better if she stayed with them for diplomatic purposes.”

She glared at me again,
“…You calling me old boy?”

“No no no no no no, of course not.” S

he just continued to glare at me,
“P…please don’t kill me?”

She walked up to me and slapped me before teleporting to the school ahead of us. Aw man, she really was angry. I’m really going to pay for this later.

I suddenly felt my clothes being yanked on,
“Hu- mmpf??”

I suddenly found Veronica kissing me again,
“That’s payment for your earlier comment.”

Immediately afterwards Anastasia slapped the other side of my face,
“That’s it! You really are the enemy of all women!”

She then grabbed onto Veronica’s arm as she teleported to Mahora leaving me standing with my mouth agape. What did I do? I merely suggested a logical course of action!

I heard someone clearing their throat behind me and turned around to see Minerva standing behind me frowning,

“You really need to watch your mouth sometimes. Sometimes other people perceive what you’re saying differently. Especially those of the female gender in this case”

“M…my apologies. I had no idea”

I bowed to her as if I had wronged her receiving a sigh in return,
“I’m not really the one you should be apologizing to. You’d think only living with females for most of your life would teach you something. Besides, don’t you have to go and make arrangements?”

“Ack! I really should get going. Thanks for the advice Minerva!”

I patted her on the head before teleporting himself back to Mahora. She blushed and touched her head,

“I haven’t been touched by a man that young for ages…”

She stood there for a moment,
“Come to think of it, when was the last time I touched a man at all? I suppose it does get a bit lonely at an all-female convent. Well, almost all-female, there’s Hiro.”

“H…hey, mistress… Veronica, and uh, Anastasia too.”

I bowed to them,
“I’m sorry for earlier, I should have thought harder about what I was saying”

Veronica and Anastasia both sighed,
“It’s okay, I guess what you were saying kind of make’s sense anyways.”

“I should be sorry, I shouldn’t have slapped you in the face.”

I looked over at my mistress who was quite stoic. Ooh dear, I really was in for it later.

I nervously waved in the direction of the school,
“Anastasia, can you bring mistress and Veronica over to the headmaster’s office while I go and get Mana-san?”

“Yeah sure. Come on, this office is this way.”

I watched them walk off into the distance before walking over to the dorms. Uh, I’m pretty sure I can feel Mana’s aura coming from this room, however there was also someone I did not recognize.

I knocked on the door and waited a moment before Zazie opened the door,
“Oh hello Zazie-san, you’re Mana’s roommate?”


“I see, may I speak to her?”

She just opened the door wider and let me in before shutting the door behind me.

“Hey Mana-san, can I speak to you and Zazie about something?”

“Hm? Oh, yes. What is it?”

“Would you be open to taking on another roommate if the headmaster is okay with it?”

“Hm? And why is that?”

“See the thing is,”

I scratched my head sheepishly,
“I’ve hit a bit of a bump during my time here at Mahora hehe, I just thought I’d bring in someone as a bit of help and she needs a place to stay since we’re already having someone else stay with us in my and Anastasia’s dorm.”

“I see, I suppose we’re going to talk to the headmaster then?”


“Bringing quite a few vampires onto campus aren’t you.”

“It’s kind of necessary at this point.”

“Hmm, I see. I’ll allow it for the time being. After all, it could help achieve our goals.”

“It could be a good start.”

I looked over at the silent girl,
“Zazie-san, are you okay with this too?”


“Uh, I’ll take that as a yes”

Ten minutes later, we found ourselves in front of the headmaster’s office, but before I could knock on the door Anastasia opened the door.

“What took you so long?”

She noticed Zazie and waved at her prompting her to wave back,
“What’s Zazie-san doing here?”

“Well she’s Mana-san’s roommate so we’ll have to tell her too. Besides, I can’t get here instantly, I can’t risk teleporting to a place like this you know.”

She sighed,
“Whatever, just get in here.”

“Uh hey there mister headmaster hehe, see we’ve got a tiny problem-“

“No need to explain, these three have already gone into detail.”

“Er, so are we clear to let them stay?”

“Well there’s really nothing for them to do on campus is there?”

“Well uh, Veronica can be part of security and mistress can join my class as a student?”

“Then I’m fine with that. As long as you keep tight rein on yourselves.”

“I’ll play along for the time being. In the meantime I’ll make all the necessary arrangements notify you later.”

I sighed in relief and looked over at the headmaster and then at Mana and Zazie,
“That’s fine right? They can stay?”

“…Very well, I see nothing wrong with it.”

“I’m fine with it as well, who’s staying with us?”

“Mistress will be.”

I indicated her with a slight bow,
“Ah, I see, Zazie? Are you fine with this?”


I opened the doors again and started to wave them outside,
“All right then, we’re all set. Let’s get back to the dorms so I can explain the situation to Mana-san and Zazie-san.”

“No need, Zazie already figured it out and explained to me.”

“What? How did you-“


“Er, ah, I see. It’s quite impressive that you got past my layered mental barriers then.” She’s also a lot more intelligent than she lets on.

“She’s a demon too you know.”



“What do you mean it was obvious- oh, yeah. In the end I guess I’m pretty negligent after all hehe”

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