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What do you miss about Generation V?

Fifth Generation Black, White, Black 2, White 2

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And PLEASE, no posts saying stuff like "nothing because I still play it". That doesn't add to discussion, because while you might still play it, you can at least still say what you like it for. But don't just post saying you don't miss it because you still play it!

Since there was a thread like this in the 4th gen forum, figured it’d be an interesting idea to make one for 5th gen, as well.

Do you miss playing Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 or do you much prefer to leave these amazing (imo) games behind and put all your effort into playing the newest Pokémon generation?

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So many things to answer, here i go:

Do you miss playing Black, White, Black 2 and White 2
I did have a great playing playing Black2 and i will keep playing it, but mostly for challenges (:

By having N and Ghetsis instead of a Champion battle and do you hope for them to do more like that?
Hmm i did enjoy the ending of BW, it made for a nice change and an epic conclusion. Getting to fight it out with N and his legendary and then Ghetsis was a nice feature, although at the same time i kinda missed the typical "beating the champion, getting into the Hall of Fame" bit. Still a nice alternative though

How do you feel about BW only having new Pokémon to utilize?
This is probably the thing i least enjoyed about BW, the lack of old Pokemon. I can see what they were going for, but it would be nice to have at least some of the older mons make a return, not only in the post-game. Although i really enjoyed most of the Pokemon introduced in Gen5, i would have loved to have a little bit more diversity. The huge National Dex in Black2 was actually what made me love the sequel in the first place!

Do you like the concept of sequel games that they went with BW2
I really did enjoy the concept tbh, maybe even more than a thrid game a la Emerald/Platinum. I thought it was fun to see how Unova had changed, and adding new places and Gyms to the ones we already new made for interesting gameplay. I kinda felt like when i played HG/SS and could travel back to Kanto, so id love to see more of sequels in the future.

A feature i really enjoyed in Black2 was the PWT, i would love to see it make a come-back!

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I won't miss a thing as I hated gen V tbh. I did like the Pokemon World Tournament, but it was more of a glorified Battle Tower/Factory than a full fat Battle Frontier.
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Old March 20th, 2014 (1:02 PM).
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Do you miss playing Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 or do you much prefer to leave these amazing (imo) games behind and put all your effort into playing the newest Pokémon generation?

I leapt right into X and Y, but am intending to go back to Gen 5 very soon.

Do you think Game Freak did good averting the typical “get all eight badges and become the Champion” storyline with BW by having N and Ghetsis instead of a Champion battle and do you hope for them to do more like that?

My mind was pretty much blown, and for me? I like both the aversion and playing it straight that I think they should do one in one version and one in the other from now on!

How do you feel about BW only having new Pokémon to utilize? Do you prefer that or would you rather have BW2 and XY's variety and why?

Do you like the concept of sequel games that they went with BW2 and wish to see that in future generations instead of a simple remake ala Emerald/Platinum?

Can we have sequels AND a third installation?

What else will you remember this generation for? Are there any features of BW(2) that you miss from XY and hope to see a return of in the future?

Gosh, I miss the PWT and wish they'd bring that back. Hidden grottoes were nice too. And the fact that (at least in the original Black and White) I had an enemy team that made me go..." this really right?". N looking rather nice was a bonus, however I'm not really one of those nutty fangirls of his.
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Too lazy to repost the questions

Sadly, I am broke and cannot purchase a 3DS, I still love my DS lite :D I'm sticking with Gen V all the way because Gen VI really made nerfed changes to some of the old behemoths we all used to know, and instead put overpowered things onto Pokémon I would never think of using in my life.

Next question then. You spoilers! I haven't even gotten past Drayden yet ;~; Just kidding, I thought it was great to see the new format, play some sick weather teams, and get the DNA jacked up Kyurem fusion Pokémon :D

GameFreak stepped up its competitive side when many friendly faces got buffed powers. I really enjoyed deploying some of the gifts that BW and BW2 provided. This really changed the face of the meta, though I was skeptical at first.

In my opinion, A Gen III remake would have absolutely flooded the selling prices. So many players have grown up on Gen III, and the HG/SS release showed the newer players what the game was all about back in the day. Still, the sequel sold really well, great plotline, great ingame additions, great side-quests that make the game impossible to beat.

I will remember this Gen for all of the shiny new toys the world got in a game, and how strategy became its finest with solid cores, great juggernauts, and excellent moves. I miss the fact that most moves got nerfed down in damage. I also miss the reign of the Dragons in pretty much every single tier; as they now face extinction from the newest, mostly defensive type in the game. Finally, I miss being able to get games on my DS Lite and actually being able to play with them ;~;

Yeah, sure, call me hipster. But honestly, where would we be today without Gen V? We'd still be laughing at Stall Sableye, Rough Skin Sharpedo, and Rivalry Nidoqueen. Gen V not only got me into competitive battling, but allowed me to see new forms of strategy, combinations, and Pokémon
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I don't miss playing Gen V. I think the only game I miss playing is my Soulsilver, because the random ticket battles in the PWT wasn't as fun as the Battle Factory's, where you get to claim your opponent's rental pokemon as a prize. (I didn't own Platinum, or else I'd also miss its Battle Factory.)

I think Black/White 1 had an excellent plot, and I liked how you ended up facing N as a champion as opposed to just some prestigious person (Diantha, Alder, etc.) because it was a little bit reminiscent of a rival being the final champion. I didn't like how Alder automatically takes the champion spot from you after you beat N, though because that just doesn't make sense.

I believe that Black/White 1 having only new pokemon was a very nice idea for Gamefreak to experiment with. When I look at Kalos only having a small number of new pokemon, it's easy to think that Gamefreak is running out of ideas. But looking just at the previous generation introducing the most shows that's not the case.

I would really like it if every generation alternated with this approach: 7th gen having just new pokemon, 8th gen having an assortment from all generations with only a few new pokemon added. I feel like this gave both 5th and 6th gen very unique feels to them. (Although I doubt this is likely, as Game Freak will probably want to dish out new mega evos every generation.)

I prefer the idea of sequels, but I believe that a sequel can easily be accomplished through a single game. In Gen V, the aesthetical differences (nature vs techonlogy) and the legendary which N has are the only significant differences between Black 2 and White 2. X/Y doesn't really have these issues to be consistent with, and are otherwise identical.

I miss move tutors and some form of battle frontier (or in BW2's case, PWT.) I miss gems, and items like Custap Berry.
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I actually do miss playing Black, it was one of my favorite Pokemon games. When I played the sequel I was more focused on just getting through it, and waiting impatiently for X and Y.. I need to go back and give it a proper playthrough where I focus on it more.

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There's one thing I miss about the 5th Gen games: Join Avenue. I liked running my own little piece of capitalism in that area, opening shops, recommending people, utilizing the shops' goods and services. It was a nice way to get rare items or hatch eggs really fast. it had more stuff to do in the game than Pokemon X and Y.
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Well I'm playing Black at the minute, so I'm not really missing anything.....even then hardly enough time has past to really miss the 5th gen.

If I had to say one thing I miss, it would probably be the feeling I had first playing was only new pokemon and I remember feeling excited at the possibilities. There was a fresh feeling I hadn't felt since the 1st gen. I would also miss the region itself, the layout of the routes was pretty bland....but the atmosphere more than made up for it.

It helped that I loved so many pokemon introduced in the 5th gen, I had no problem making up a Unova only team.
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I don't miss them, unfortunately. I mean, they were okay, but compared to other games, they just weren't memorable enough for me; they've failed to leave any sort of a mark. Though, generation five did have a lot of good points, and one of them would have to be their Pokémon; Pokémon that were introduced in Black and White were, in my opinion, very unique. :] One of my personal favorite would be Whimsicott; that thing is just adorable.
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I don't miss a thing about it because I still play it Lately I've been playing it more often than I play Pokemon Y.
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The only real thing i miss about gen 5 as a whole, is the PWT (Pokemon World Tournement). That was really fun.
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Originally Posted by Sopheria View Post
I don't miss a thing about it because I still play it Lately I've been playing it more often than I play Pokemon Y.
Okay, THIS kind of post i'm not gonna flack someone for, because it answers my first question decently enough. And yeah, even today I still juggle between if I like White 2 or X more, oh man.

I guess all things considered, Generation V's lifespan before XY (2.5 years, 3 if you count Japanese) compared to DPPt's (6.5, 7 if you count Japanese) was considerably shorter, and XY haven't even been out for half a full year yet, so maybe it hasn't been completely freed from people's memories yet.
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The 2Dish graphics, the infinite weather, and the free transfer system all come to mind when remembering Gen V and below. That and regarding Black and White in particular I thought the Unova only Pokemon being utilized during the story was a rather nice feature if you ask me.
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I miss the join avenue and the musicals
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Oh dear I miss a lot.

1. Collecting props. Yes, yes, tons of people hated the mere thought of the Musicals, but I LOVED collecting stuff for them. <3

2. Join Avenue. Nothing gets my inner businessman going more like it. >u< The whole introducing potential clientele to new stores/attractions and getting the recognition of all my visitors is epic. I hope to own m own salon, so this gave me a decent feel as to how to introduce clients to stylists. >u<

3. White Forest v.1. White's version of White Forest was amazing. DOZENS of cute lil' bbys all for the taking = a very happy me. Plus the fact that they also had wild Happiny for the taking was awesome.

4. Undella Town. Honestly, it is still my favorite location in any game, and that's saying a hell of a lot. Plus the fact that I get the chance to battle Cynthia makes it even more awesome.

5. PWT. Who didn't like this? I mean really. I LOVE th thought of being able to battle Gym Leaders via rematches and stuff. When I played Emerald the favorite thing for me was when a Gym Leader wanted a rematch, and then the PWT brought ALL of the Leaders and Champs for rematches.

Also, while I do like all of the other questions you've posted in the OP, why don't we keep it to just the topic of the actual thread, please. If you'd like, you're more than welcome to make other threads with those questions to delve into them even further, but doing so here would just turn this thread into a general chat sort of thing, and that isn't what we're going for here.
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No I'm just kidding. There's not many things I miss from this generation, though, but if there is one thing that I really miss from this gen is the tournaments after the Elite Four in B/W2. I don't know in what city it is, much less what it's called, but it was near a Volcarona. It was really fun playing all these tournaments, and I don't know, maybe X and Y has something like this, but I don't have them yet so... Anyways it was really fun, and I wanna play in them again.
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It's funny how you guys don't listen to what he said.
"(Don't say) I don't miss it because I still play it"

But anyway, White was the game I played most before X/Y. I had about 170 hours on it. It was my favourite game before X and Y. It was the game I started WiFi, I got my first shiny legend. (SR Cobalion) The after-game wasn't the best imo, but It was really long, which was good. I felt the same way about Black 2.
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What I miss the most is the challenge this game has, It's the far most chalenging pokemon game I know
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I don't hate gen 5 but it's one of my least favourite games. None of the events in the game really "wowed" me. x3 But! This was the game where I got into competitive battling so it has that for me!

I do remember battling N and beating him so easily but having SUCH A TOUGH TIME against Ghetsis.

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I LOVED Black and White. Except for Leaf Green, which I am attached out of a sense of nostalgia, Black and White were my favorite Pokemon games. I thought they were extremely innovative. The graphics were so much better than any generation that had come before; I loved the new Pokemon; I was taken in by the originality and cleverness of the plot; and I loved all the new game mechanics. Also, Game Freak did a wonderful job with Unova, and I loved the message they wanted to communicate: even though people have different viewpoints about Pokemon, Pokemon are what unite us all.

Some people complained about not having access to non-Unova Pokemon until after the Elite Four, but I actually thought that was a good idea. I liked having fresh, new Pokemon to explore and get to know. Samurott is now my favorite of all Pokemon, so lots of good stuff came out of Generation 5. I liked the idea of a sequel, and I would like to see that theme continued in Generation 6, but I think the sequel could be accomplished in a single game rather than two.

As for Black 2 and White 2, I thought it was cool that there were tons of new cities and lots of legendary Pokemon you could get, but I thought the plot did not have quite as much substance as in Black and White. Also, it would have been more realistic if Game Freak said Black 2 and White 2 took place 10 years in the future, not 2. Also, I did not like some of the redesigns and music remix in Black 2 and White 2. Nevertheless, those were also quality games.

Regardless of any criticisms I have, I think Generation 5 is the best generation so far.
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The characters, the Pokemon, the region, characters, Team Plasma, everything.

I miss the sprites and the battle sounds, the fast-paced battles and the adventure~ I miss dreamy 'ol N saving me from his adopted father... it was an amazing experience. <3

I really want more generations like that... new, interesting, strange but utterly unique. c:
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I miss Skyla, the nurses, and Elesa.
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I miss Join Avenue, the beautiful scenery of Unova, Team Plasma, the musicals, the badass Gym Leaders and Elite Four, and of course the starter trio I always loved so much. So many reasons why 5th Generation was so awesome in my eyes.

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I miss Join Avenue and the Pokemon World Tournament. Some variant of these need to appear in the next Gen 6 game. I also miss the White Treehollow. I like this better than the Battle Subway, maybe because I can actually use my Soul Dew Latias on unsuspecting NPCs. xD

Also, PokeStar Studios. That was fun.
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