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I heard from Slayr that this place doesn't get much attention. I don't normally like to post my stories here because I never finish them. I have ADHD, so I don't get a chance to do it like I want to. :/ This story is a work in progress though, and I really like it so far too.

This story is based on me and my boyfriend.

Summary: Kaitlin has never been in love. When she meets a boy for the first time, she has no idea what to think about the idea. The worst part is that her new crush fears being alone yet doesn't want another broken heart. Can she show him she's not like other girls? How will her mom react to her daughter's new crush?

Edit: I hope I didn't post this twice by accident. >< I accidentally hit the back button instead of hitting edit. I think I stopped the page from loading it, but just in case... yeah. Sorry about that.


Chapter One

Today was a school day, which I dreaded more than anything. It was hard to enjoy a place even I referred to as a living hell all the time. I can imagine anyone actually enjoying school because they were crazy if they did. What kind of a nutcase likes going every day? It was complete and total madness if you asked me.

I made my way to class as I looked around the halls. Not long did I accidentally bump into someone when I fell on my butt. I looked up to see a cute boy staring down at me with a huge frown.

"I'm sorry. Are you okay?" the boy asked after holding out his hand.

I grabbed it as I nodded and let him help me up. I looked away from him while blushing only slightly. I remember seeing him around the school before, but he wasn't in any of my classes.

"My name's Azuka, and yours?" I smiled at me after getting me on my feet.

"K-K-Kaitlin..." I stuttered as I continued to glance away from him.

"You must be shy," he chuckled softly. "If you want, we can sit together at lunch. I feel it's my way of saying sorry for bumping into you," he offered when I nodded and smiled back.

"Alright. I'll see you then," he said as he kept smiling at me.

I made my way to class and watched where I was going this time. I met up with my aide in math as I let out a sigh. This had to be my worst subject of all. Numbers were just not my strongest suit ever. I just couldn't bare to make sense of pre-algebra no matter what. I hardly ever did homework since I couldn't achieve my school routine into my home routine anymore.

"Do you need help with your homework?" Emily, my aide asked me.

I nodded as I took my seat and pulled out my work. Emily started helping me with the problems I had trouble doing. The bell wouldn't ring for another half an hour or so. There was plenty of time to get most of it done if we worked hard enough.

"So, in order to get this...I have to do that?" I asked when she smiled at me.

"That's how you have to add fractions," she told me with a nod.

"Okay. I think it's all starting to make sense now," I said while grinning reassuringly.

Emily continued to make sure I fully understood what I had to do. I hated pre-algebra so much and wished I didn't have to do math. How the hell did any of this apply to us in real life? I doubt any of this was even useable after high school. It didn't make sense that we had to learn so much math, yet only use a few things we learned from it.

I was able to do the rest of the problems just before the bell finally rang. I got lucky to have finished everything. I placed my work at the edge of my desk as students slowly started coming into class. Each one of them had already done their homework at home before I did.

"You did a good job on it, Kaitlin," she said with a smile.

I started to think about Azuka again and how we would eat together. I thought of telling Emily so she would know, but I felt embarrassed. It was the first time I'd be eating lunch with a really cute boy. That's when I panicked over what I would say to him. I wasn't the most talkative person ever, yet he was.

"Is something wrong?" Emily asked out of concern.

"Huh? Oh, of course nothing is up!" I nodded and beamed brightly at her.

"Are you sure about that?" she raised her eyebrow when I looked down and sighed.

"Well, I bumped into this cute boy today. He promised to have lunch with me as an apology, but I'm really nervous..." I finally said to her after the teacher entered her class.

"I'm sure you'll do fine. You are such an amazing, unique girl," she chuckled softly.

I could only hope things would go well. The teacher came around and collected our homework before starting today's lesson. I wasn't looking forward to more confusion over math and numbers right now. This is why I simply couldn't understand anything at all. I just wanted math to get over as soon as possible.

"Today, we are going to discuss how to subtract fractions," the teacher told us as I sighed.

I mean, I'm just now getting the hang of adding them. Now we had to subtract them? What is this world coming to? I couldn't believe I would have to understand this slower than everyone else did. I wasn't as quick to get math like the others did, and it caused me to fall behind them.

The teacher did her best to help us get it. I knew others were, but I just couldn't make any sense of it. This is why I hated dealing with math because it was so overwhelming. I was lucky I didn't lash out from frustration. I was about ready to when Emily calmed me down and got me to listen to the teacher.

"Will you help me in study hall later?" I asked in a whisper when she nodded and smiled.

Figuring this stuff out was so nerve-wracking to me. I just couldn't get the concept of math without Emily's help. I was really glad to have her with me or I'd be in big trouble. I took deep breaths as I tried to understand what the teacher was saying. I wondered if I did that maybe I wouldn't need any help after all.

Yeah, wouldn't that be a miracle for me. I thought to myself with a sigh.

The bell finally rang as I stuffed tonight's assignment into my bag. Emily followed me to my next class since she was with me in every single one of them. Her job was to make sure I paid attention, stayed organized and didn't get too worked up over little things.

I had hoped to see Azuka again, but he didn't show up. I was careful not to bump into anyone when I finally reached my English class. I had forgotten that he wasn't in any of my classes, so I would have to wait until lunch.

You drive my crazy... I just can't sleep. I'm so excited, I'm in too deep.
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