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    Once upon a time, Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione (IS THAT EVEN A REAL NAME, J.K. ROWLING? I've heard bad fantasy rehashing of real names, but that's pretty bad if it is real, especially for such a skilled witch-in-training) headed on into the Dark Forest at the behest of Hagrid, who had a bunch of chores he needed to attend to around Hogwarts (he was groundskeeper, right? Oh, well, I don't care, I wasn't that into the franchise anyways). While the three young wizards were strolling along the woodlands, they came upon a crossroads in the footpath with a sign that pointed in off into the three cardinal directions. The first part of the sign was written an arcane script that even Hermione with her blatantly superior intellect could not decipher (it was in Japanese, and I'm going off the pretext that she doesn't know Japanese, but if there were crude translation it'd be on the lines of "Death Fang Road," since it's supposed to lead to the lair of this mythical wolf beast that's supposed to be the embodiment of death in my "Crusade of Dark Nostalgia" stories... He doesn't actually appear in this story, I'm just referencing him); the middle part was written in English, but was so weathered that it was basically unreadable by anyone; and, finally, the last part was engraved in ancient Celtic runes (which Hermione might understand, but I'm not into the series enough to actually know, so forgive me if I'm wrong).

    "Hermione, what do those say?" Ron asked in his quibbling British accent (I always found him hard to understand because of that).

    "I don't know, Ron. I've never seen such arcane calligraphy before," the girl replied in her sophisticated, crisp, and clear British voice (everyone else in the movies speaks so suavely; why does Ron sound like the village idiot?).

    "Well, I certainly cannot fathom what they could mean either, Granger," Harry said (he always needed better vocabulary, especially since he's the title character of the whole dang series!)

    "Allow me, then, travelers," the alluring voice of a young woman spoke softly into each of their ears.

    Silently, a robed figure came walking gracefully towards them from the eastward path (they were currently on the northward path heading south). The garb the woman wore was a lovely shade of rosy pink, with flowers embroidered onto the back of her cloak. She had her hood fully drawn over her head to hide her face as she stayed turned to her side. From what they could see, however, her figure wasn't exactly human; it was humanoid, but many features made her seem more animal than person. Six reddish tails dropped from under her cloak, and her slender legs had rust-red fur. Also, she seemed to have digitigrade (tip-toeing) paws instead of flat feet. Likewise, her arms were furry too with forepaws in the vague shape of hands (including opposable thumbs). Lastly, they noticed that her nose stuck out slightly from her hood.

    "Who are you?" the threesome said initially spooked, but they calmed down immediately when they sensed that she was no threat.

    "My name is Pyra. I am what you would arcanist..." she spoke softly, "I travel the world seeking new forms of magic, both dark and light. But I specialize in mild hexes. Good times! Good times!"

    "So then you are a dark wizard?" Harry blurted angrily.

    "No, I am an arcanist. Huge difference, love."

    "How is that different from a dark wizard?" Ron demanded.

    "Well, I don't KILL people. I just curse them, for fun! You understand that, right?"

    "But your guise...? Wouldn't you really be an animagus?" Hermione asked.

    "No, animaguses assume the form of animals. I was born this way," Pyra retorted, "Oh, I'm a Kitsune, by the way. Or rather, an anthropomorphic Vulpix, if that means anything to you?"

    "What the bleep is Vulpix?" Ron ask Hermione.

    "Wasn't that a Poke-E-Mon?" Harry asked her.

    "How the heck am I supposed to know? I know I'm the smart one, but that doesn't make me omniscient!"

    "Well, you're the one we always turn to because you have brains enough to look stuff up! That's all you ever do, on and off scene!" the boys argued.

    "Oh, geez, do you three always bicker like this?" Pyra huffed.

    "No, only when they CHOOSE to be stupid!" Hermione hollered.

    Pyra sighed, "Well, I was going to mess with your minds a little, but now you're basically wasting my time." The anthro Vulpix pulled down her hood to reveal her adorable red-furred vixen face with russet-red locks done up in a curly-cue style.

    With a glare from her burgundy-red eyes, she raised her hand and it started to glow. Suddenly the three humans found themselves starting to shrink down to a size of about one foot tall. They each started to change shape as their bodies began to stiffen. Hermine began to transform into a crude ungulate form, gaining hooves on her feet and hands and attaining white fur with wavering black stripes. Ron became vaguely canine with tan-colored fur growing on his skin and paws forming in place of his hands and feet. Harry's body, however, began to lengthen into the form of a mustelid and he received pure white fur with a black-tipped tail, in addition to the ferret-like paws for his feet and hands to.

    Baffled by their miniaturization and animalistic changes, the three friends suddenly grew scared when they realized their transformations weren't done yet. Slowly, they felt their innards began to change into cottony stuff. Their skin started to change into a felt-like fabric and phantasmal needles began stitching areas of their body along the arms, legs, parts of their abdomen, newly-formed tails, heads, eyes, noses, and mouths. Once the transformations were complete, they each flopped belly first onto the ground, getting a light coating of dust on their chests.

    Pyra picked up each of them in succession, brushing them lightly to get rid of the dirt. Afterwards, she grinned and cackled so loudly that it echoed throughout the forest. She'd been seeking "volunteers" to practice her new plushy transformation spells on, but she had no idea she'd come across them so easily just outside of Hogwarts. Now, however, she had to get her new Hermione the Zebra, Ron the Fox, and Harry the Ermine dolls home and make a potion to make the changes permanent before the effects wore off in ten hours...

    If this doesn't get closed, I willl be surprised. I just feel bad because I'm actually working on a real story that involves plushy transformation, and this wasn't a serious attempt.

    Happy April Fools, everybody!
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      good story and also happy april fool u also
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