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Pokemon Pearl Playthrough!

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Old June 3rd, 2014 (10:21 AM).
nathan488 nathan488 is offline
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    Hi everyone, firstly let me just say that it's great to be on the Poke community forums! I'm looking forward to learning more about competitive battling and in general just brush up on my knowlege of pokemon throughout the various topics. There is something else though I would like to show you and offer you which I hope many of you do.

    I recently started a simple and classic series named "Pokemon Pearl Playthrough!" and as the name suggests, it's a classic playthrough of the game as I feel for me especially, this game was one of the best and I thought it'd be cool to just play through it with everybody with no nuzlocke, randomizer etc

    I'm trying to make it as community involved with you guys who watch the video's as possible and I've tried to do this by making my own pokemon layout such as the team so you can see who I have, badges and in general made it around the theme of the game (Space-Pokemon Pearl). Furthermore, I'm making specialised unique thumbnails for each episode.

    To me it would mean the world if you guy's who are reading this would just click on the link to the playlist below, watch an episode (not episode 1 as it's the intro), if you like it then just subscribe to be informed of the new uploads and if not then just close the tab. I really feel that this series could give me the growth I've been waiting for to really boost myself up into the stage where I could get around 10+ views per video. I'm an established channel and currently have 451 subscribers which is a fair amount but if this series could just gain a bit of support to be more well known, I honestly feel inside that it could be the thing I need to become more known and have at least 10+ views a video and growing.

    So all I say to you guy's is please if you are reading this, share it with your friends if they are die hard pokemon fans like you and I and just give it a chance. I do friendly things to involve you guys such as a QOTD each episode etc and it'd be great to see comments which I can reply, views to show it's growth and I've repeated numerous times but just to really hopefully set my channel into becoming more well known.

    Anyway, I look forward to posting and discussing in many of these forums, I say a big thank you to anyone who has checked out my video's and subscribed and I hope many of you do the same!

    Pokemon Pearl Playthrough Playlist:

    My channel (Howtodostuffmyway):

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    Old June 3rd, 2014 (7:51 PM).
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    Hey Nathan, pleasure to see you contributing to the Let's Play section of PC! However, when posting in this section you must have your videos embedded instead of linking to them. To do so, the code is [*youtube]the code after v= in the Youtube URL[*/youtube] (without the *'s.) Furthermore, it is against the rules of the Let's Play section to advertise your own Youtube channel. It is for videos and text based Let's Plays only. To see the full list of Let's Play Rules, see the quote below made directly from the Let's Play Rules & Guidelines!
    Originally Posted by Rules for Let's Plays
    • First and foremost, if you are posting a video Let's Play you are starting. You may NOT advertise your YouTube channel. You must post your videos as they are uploaded to YouTube and I will be dilligent on checking whether this is the case. You may not simply post in your thread to announce a new video is up. Post the video here. Don't link it! You may ask for people to "thumbs up" the video, but if the majority of your posting is asking for more thumbs ups or views, it may be subject to closing.
    • If your written/screenshot Let's Play consists of very short updates constantly, it may be considered spamming to get +1 to your post count! Avoid posting these small updates frequently, if possible.
    • ONLY thread creators are permitted to revive their threads if it is past the expiration date of two months. Everyone else must abide by the general community rules.
    • If your images/videos contain violent-natured things, add a rating to your thread title! Ratings should be what the game being played is rated. Games with Adults Only [AO] ratings are not allowed!
      - [Rated M]
      - [Rated T]
    • You may post Let's Plays of console games, computer games or hacks you've downloaded! We encourage any and all types of gaming to be showcased here! (This doesn't include games like Minesweeper or Solitaire)
    • Excessive swearing is not allowed. I understand if it slips here and there which is fine, but pointless and crude language is not allowed and will result in your video being removed and your thread possible being locked.
    If you have any further questions, feel free to VM/PM me! (: For now though, this thread will be locked.

    Locked ~

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